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The president and first lady of Ukraine have posed for a romantic photoshoot with Vogue magazine, wherein President Volodymyr Zelensky waxes poetical about his love for his darling wife.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: how is Zelensky making time for a Vogue photoshoot amidst his busy schedule of PR appearances for other major western institutions?

I mean this is after all the same Volodymyr Zelensky who has been so busy making video appearances for the Grammy Awards, the Cannes Film Festival, the World Economic Forum and probably the Bilderberg group as well, and having meetings with celebrities like Ben Stiller, Sean Penn, and Bono and the Edge from U2. It’s as busy a PR tour as he could possibly have without having a discussion about the strategic importance of long-range artillery with Elmo on Sesame Street.

Oh yeah, and also isn’t there like a war or something happening in Ukraine? You’d think he’d probably be somewhat busy with that too.

Call me crazy, but I’m beginning to suspect that there might be a concerted effort to manipulate the way we think about the war in Ukraine. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say it’s the most aggressively perception-managed war we’ve ever experienced.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February we have not only been smashed with mass media propaganda unlike anything we’ve ever seen while Russian media are purged from the airwaves, we’re also seeing the new media element of unprecedented amounts of online censorship, algorithm-boosted propaganda, and social media trolling.

So we’ve literally never seen this much overall effort put into manipulating the way the public thinks about a war. Which makes sense, given that it’s a profoundly dangerous proxy war which stands to benefit ordinary people in no way, shape or form.

I mean, can you imagine if people were allowed to just think their own thoughts about their government’s economic warfare against Russia which is hurting them financially and pushing millions toward starvation with the full awareness and approval of the US government? Or if Americans were allowed to wonder if the billions they are pouring into this proxy conflict could be better spent at home? Or if people started objecting to a needless conflict for geostrategic domination threatening their lives and the lives of everyone they know with the risk of nuclear annihilation?

Can’t have that.

There is a night-and-day difference between wanting to tell people the truth about something and wanting to manipulate their perception of something. There are times when true facts can be used to influence people’s perception one way or the other, but if your agenda is to manipulate perception rather than tell the truth you will necessarily be forced to rely on lies, half-truths, distortion, and lies by omission wherever the truth doesn’t serve that agenda.

If they were telling us the truth about this war, they wouldn’t be censoring Russian media. They wouldn’t be censoring online voices who disagree with the official narratives about Ukraine. They wouldn’t be continually blasting us in the face with mass media perception management, and they sure as hell wouldn’t be putting Ukraine’s celebrity-in-chief on the cover of Vogue magazine.

We are being manipulated, and we are being deceived. And we are being manipulated and deceived because our perceiving clearly on our own would go against the interests of the empire. They are lying to us because the interests of the people and the interests of the empire are, as usual, squarely at odds.


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83 responses to “The Phoniest, Most PR-Intensive War Of All Time”

    HUBRIS: In classical Greek tragedy, hubris was often a fatal shortcoming that brought about the fall of the tragic hero. Typically, overconfidence led the hero to attempt to overstep the boundaries of human limitations and assume a godlike status.

    1. Perception Management is absolutely what we’re being programmed with.
      This Armstrong Economics article soft peddles the issues. They are a commercial concern.

      The US-NATO-UK Leadership are very, very concerned. Russia absolutely prevails – militarily, economically and emerges with China with the greatest trading block of all time – Greater Eurasia, absent The West, the latter’s choice.

      These are the real issues.
      To those dedicated followers of fashion magazines. This one’s for them.

      Photographic warning for the weak minded.

  2. We’re all being subjected to Cognitive Warfare, from NATO. If you read this report from NATO’s Allied Command Transformation, it all starts to make sense. Of course, there are those who would say that this report is just discussing what the “enemy” is doing to us. But of course it is the tip of the iceberg of NATO’s Cognitive War. Goebbels would be proud…

  3. Measured against the shoulders upon which the current inflationary standards of publicity and propaganda are standing, since the daze of Joseph Goebbels, he was nothing more than a novice.

  4. Ted Christian Avatar
    Ted Christian

    She should have been in a matching green t-shirt. With a Che Guevara beret. Do I have to think of everything? We’re losing the light, people!

  5. Good post. TY.

  6. This immediately reminded me of the alamy photo story about Eva, Adolf and the dogs at the Obersalzberg.

  7. Anyone remember when the delightful [i am only joking] Saddam Hussein and Mr Gaddafi used to refer to the USA as the great Satan ? . Play do join our little music youtube channel as we attempt to shine some light using our original compositions .

    1. I do believe that the Ayatollah Khomeini, the rallying figure for the Islamic Revolution in Iran, originated the term. Perceptive fellow. Decades later, even Hugo Chavez claimed he could smell sulphur fumes in the air around American President Dubya Shrub after following him at the podium in the UN general assembly.

      1. Yeah, it was definitely Khomeini – and he’d only seen Jimmy Carter yet! And admittedly his national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski who was busy creating al Qaeda at the time (1979) to screw the Russkies in Afghanistan. Zbig was definitely Great Satan on steroids! Saddam and Gaddafi were not religious.

  8. The World Economic Forum is not as scary and nefarious as we thought it was!
    Russell Brand interviews author and Davos expert Peter S. Goodman.
    Either that, or the folks that run this show are diabolical tricksters who have us all fooled!
    As Glenn pointed out below:
    “Misdirection is the essence of Magic.”

    1. “Either that, or the folks that run this show are diabolical tricksters who have us all fooled!”
      They’re competing in a wolves in sheep’s clothing contest organized by the Guinness Book of Records if you ask me.
      The fact is that a corporation CEO has only ONE duty: to increase the price of his company’s shares. And he can get fired if he doesn’t. Climate change, world hunger, gender equality and other tear-jerking societal mottos are the tune these pied pipers play to mask their very real depredations because they’ve shaped over the years through their media the ears that will get that shit in and react to it on knee-jerk mode.
      However it’s amazing to see how the whole world, including presstitutes, polititutes but even physicians, nurses and even the mesmerized public can act as one to obey the propaganda of the Pfizer controlled Trusted News Initiative and get their fix or, as soon as Putin invaded Ukraine, money boxes appear magically like a rabbit out of a hat in every shop (at least in Spain where I live and which usually has a low profile in foreign policy) and Ukraine flags in your newsfeed to feed you the same CIA propaganda about the war. Imagine the logistics this requires! Millions of boxes, flags and even fashion shops selling yellow and blue outfits… This is not organic. There is definitely a one world government with a powerful network of shills in cascades like Etienne de la Boétie described in his XVIth century Discourse on Voluntary Servitude. We don’t know who’s in it. They’re probably hiding in plain sight but Davos (and especially Schwab, Harari and his friend Kurzweil) definitely are the shop window and show where they’re goading us like our forefathers goaded their cows with dogs and sticks to the slaughterhouse: in this case, total control via chip tracking, carbon footprints (for the poor only of course), total censorship, vaccine passports, digital currency, depopulation, abolition of private property, personal liberties and human rights…
      The traumatized McCarthyites on the right call that communism. I call it feudalism with a super-rich elite class living in luxury and ruling with impunity a totally submitted mass of serfs.
      We don’t even have to imagine it because history is full of it.
      This guy says they want more democracy and it’s true but as it’s spoken, you can’t see the spelling. What they mean is “deimocracy”, the reign of terror (from Greek deimos, terror) of which the war ON terror is the cornerstone with its Patriot Act mafias all over the joint that can jail you for life without even a judgement (did you say Julian Assange?), extra-territoriality, economic piracy and of course billions of dollars injected in unwinnable wars just to sell weapons and satisfy the shareholders of the MIC companies that will in turn line the pockets of the people who vote the military budgets. Corrupto-deimocracy. And soon on our screens the genes and virus wars!
      What a bunch of freaks! But as Barnum famously said, a sucker is born every minute :o)

      1. “I call it feudalism with a super-rich elite class living in luxury and ruling with impunity a totally submitted mass of serfs.”
        That’s what it is, feudalism (or neo-feudalism if you like), and the neo-liberal politicians and their lackeys in the media are the gatekeepers.
        So the way I see it, the neo-liberals must be crushed first, if we are to have any chance of storming the Lord’s in the castle.
        One of the reasons I’ve focused so much of my attention on China the last 15 years, they seem to have, by an incredibly wide margin, the least amount of neo-liberals per capita in their political superstructure.
        Yves Smith had a good post today.
        “It boggles the mind that the US is now upset that turning China into its factory and seeking to enrich 1.4 billion citizens so we could sell them Disney movies and deodorant had led to China becoming a dominant economic and increasingly important military power.”
        China was the neo-liberal’s great mistake. They thought they could turn them into mirror images of themselves and they couldn’t.
        Never underestimate a nation-state that functions as a nation-state, especially a large, proud and experienced one who thinks nothing of making 100 year plans, with every expectation of carrying them out in full.
        Foolishly driving Russia into China’s camp was the second mistake, and let’s hope that’s the one that proves fatal.
        Then we storm we storm the castle!
        I call first dibs on Bill Gates. :–)

        1. He’s probably got bodyguards though, also known as Gates-keepers… :o)

    2. Thanks for an enlightening video. When Davos Man says “WE will own nothing and be happy,” rather than “YOU will own nothing and be happy,” and explains how this communal social order will function (like Edward Bellamy took a real stab at), then and only then will they merit our attention as opposed to our derision.

  9. Oh my god! Makes me want to go masturbate in the shower. OK. I’m back. That didn’t take long. Cheaper than dinner and a movie. Why can’t Joe and Jill do that? But what really keeps me awake at night is the possibility that Trump might die unexpectedly (Joe’s already knocking on Heavens door. “Take this badge off of me, I don’t need it anymore”, but if Trump dies …
    Can you imagine If Trump suddenly died? The Dems would be totally screwed. Nobody to blame for the way things are but themselves. Nobody to vote against except Biden.Trump is all the Dems got. By the way, is Melania putting on weight? Uh oh!
    (Yeah, Ive had a few.)

    1. Check the photos at the conclusion of this essay.

      Several photos including President Zelensky and what he and the US-NATO-UK are responsible for.

      Warning – The bits and the pieces . . .

  10. Misdirection is the essence of Magic.

    Few outside of the pro’s take the time and effort to prove that the rabbit was in the hat before magically coming out of the hat.

    Magicians are not the only perception management experts.

  11. “It’s as busy a PR tour as he could possibly have without having a discussion about the strategic importance of long-range artillery with Elmo on Sesame Street.”
    Lmao … Got me again.
    “Elmo think HIMARS make biiiggg difference!”

    1. Just in case anyone thinks that old Max424 is a China bot, who only pushes the China narrative, well, here’s a classic anti-China narrative, one that I’ve longed called, The Tofu Excuse.
      The infrastructure of the country is actually made out of tofu, you see, and here I’ve been claiming that the Chinese are the all-time masters of concrete workmanship, even better than the Romans at their Pantheon peek.
      I have also claimed that in my 200 plus plus hours of virtual travels throughout China, by foot, car, and drone, that I have yet to see a pothole (which was true), well I can no longer make this claim, as clearly there is a pothole in this vid, one so large in fact it almost swallows a small truck.
      If I try to make this pothole claim again, I deserve to be suspended, erased, demonitized, censored and/or sent to a Uyghur detention facility in Cuba.
      I should also be denounced as a puppet of Emperor Xi Jinping.
      Note: And here I was bragging about My Algo just yesterday, how it was serving me so well, almost it seemed with a kind of filial devotion!
      So much for that shit. My Algo is a treacherous, untrustworthy son-of-a-bitch, and I will never forgive him … or her, not sure which.

      1. “Them”, I think, has become traditional in the post-binary world where other aberrations spoil the purist’s daily reading like “media” being used in the singular while it is the Latin plural of neutral noun “medium” and euro being given an “s” in the plural (even in Europe) while it is invariable because not all European languages make their plurals the same way (it would be Euroen in German, euri in Italian, not even mentioning Greek…) and the same notes circulate in all of ’em eurozone countries. No “s” on those euro banknotes though, no matter how many there are and the European Constitution definitely says the word is invariable – I once checked. But one journalist one day put an “s” to it and everybody followed suit. Even the dictionary, which is not here to set the rules, as most people believe, but to ratify usage, puts an “s” to euro’s plural! I’m asking you… That’s how mistakes and lies are perpetuated and become truth and tradition and you are sternly corrected if you do the right thing. Quite fascinating when you think of it on the scale of a civilization – especially in connection to 9/11 and of course Covid, the Ukraine war and the staple daily discourse of the Empire of Lies. And then some wonder why we’re doomed… :o)

  12. Caitlin, thank you for another excellent observation on the perverse extent to which we are being manipulated to support yet another illegal US war of aggression. From the viewpoint of the neocon warmongers who control “our”government, Ukraine is just another country to be destroyed, another war in which mass murder of civilians is “necessary”, all in service to the Empire. They don’t care about any of that. Nor do they care that the people in the US are being impoverished by the war, with half the people struggling to pay for outrageously expensive housing and to feed and care for their families, thanks to the waste of a huge part of our resources to pay for these illegal wars and to sustain the wholly unnecessary military bases throughout the world. One would think that the people would rise up and resist such outrageous policies. But no, the usual amnesia of the “American people” has, once again, shown that they can be easily manipulated to support these wars – time and time and time again, this time by waving their damn Ukrainian flags around and naming streets after Ukraine. I have given up on ability of the ignorant and foolish people of this Country to think at all. Thank you for helping inform the few who are willing to learn and listen.

  13. Christopher Hall Avatar
    Christopher Hall

    I liked the front cover of Vogue with the sand bags in between the thighs…I mean, in between the pillars. Nice squishy vulva.

  14. Richard Simpson Avatar
    Richard Simpson

    A real Hollywood operation, it is.

    1. I agree. No doubt at all. The masses have made it clear they will suck up any BS ,and so here we are. Please do join our little music youtube channel as we attempt to shine some light using our original creations.

  15. For every appearance that Z Leader of Ukraine makes, the oligarchs who control him get more weapons and US dollars.
    So the show must go on.

  16. Seems like the Kardashians producer or director is now running the Zelenskis show.

  17. Of course it may be that Zelensky has outlived his usefulness & is now merely being prepared for heavy duty emotional stuff in the western media like, “Sources say they saw a **Russian** missile assassinate Zelensky!”, to big up the stakes yet again.

      1. As Kissinger famously pointed out, “to be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be its friend is fatal”, which can also be spelt as “with friends like America, who needs enemies?”
        Talk about Nietzsche’s “coldest of cold monsters”… :o)

    1. You most definitely have a point. The beast system has a cookie cutting proven plan it has used many times before , just ask Mr Oswald , oh sorry you can’t he’s dead lol. Do join our little music youtube channel where we do our bit to shine some light through our music creations.

  18. “I mean, can you imagine if people were allowed to just think their own thoughts about their government’s economic warfare against Russia which is hurting them financially and pushing millions toward starvation with the full awareness and approval of the US government?”

    Then there is the thought embraced by the enlightened throughout history and by others who have a website that does not come up on Google anymore.

    Thou shall not kill.

    1. Yes indeed , whatever happened to that simple little teaching ‘THOU SHALT NOT KILL ‘ in all these countries that once upon a time were supposedly Christian based lol. Please do join our little youtube music channel as we attempt to shine some light using our original music creations.

        1. One self-serving ad in a comment section might look a little uncouth. Two in a row is definitely bad taste. And counter-productive if you ask me.

  19. Question:

    Imagine you are the leader of a country. Another country invades you, setting out to destroy everything that your people hold dear – their towns and cities, their homes, their livelihood, their culture and traditions, even their basic right to exist and determine their future.

    To do this they allow, even encourage, their soldiers to indiscriminately kill, torture, rape and murder the citizens of your country.

    Would you not do everything within your power to gain the international support you need to stop this happening, even if that meant doing things like appearing in magazines like Vogue ?

    I certainly would.

    1. BB Benderhaus Avatar
      BB Benderhaus

      Answer: To become the leader of said country I would have to be ruthless and care only about myself. Thus I would stash away millions and buy property to flee to when the time is right. After all I ran on making peace with said enemy andvthen did everything I could to antagonize them when I took power. Vogue was just for fun.

    2. Bob, the troubles in Ukraine result from a decade of trouble-making by the CIA. Donbass has been under attack by Ukrainian Nationalists for a decade.

      Perhaps you should learn some history. Putin responded some say because the Ukrainians were preparing to invade the Crimea.

      Regardless. Putin’s invasion was another turn of a decade long screw. If you want to split hairs. Eight years is more accurate. The CIA sponsored Maidan Revolution, took place in Ukraine in February of 2014.

      But don’t let your employer who paid you to make your comment here know what you are doing.

      And save yourself some embarrassment. Most Americans prefer to be entertained by Kardashian antics, but some of us do strive to be informed.

      Enough of us to call bullshit on your dumb ass.

      1. I’ll never understand how people who feed on corporate propaganda end up on this site. Unless of course they’re trolls as you suggest. But then they should study the terrain a bit before posting statements instead of making fools of themselves and being driven out without having achieved anything.

        1. pretzelattack Avatar

          I suspect a good number of them are paid to say what they say, so they don’t care if they make fools of themselves or not. kinda like Zelensky.

      2. Dear K-Dog, thank you for saving me the time to respond to “Bob”, most likely a filthy troll planted here by the empire, as they certainly have the $$$ to buy the services of thousands of disinfo pests to pollute every attempt at conveying the truth to deeply brainwashed publics.

    3. You mean Iraq?

      Or do you mean Syria?

    4. Is this ironic or ?

  20. pretzelattack Avatar

    how about a Zelensky cartoon where he has superpowers and a cape and a faithful sidekick, maybe a dimwitted Azov goon. that could sell. or maybe insert him into the next Star Wars movie, or the next Marvel Universe blockbuster.

    1. Speedy Gonzales on a HIMARS rocket sent orbiting around the Moon with Crazy Nancy and Pom Pompeo as faithful sidekicks – shot on location in Taiwan? :o)

      1. pretzelattack Avatar

        directed by some hack fresh off the latest Hollywood offering. i probably don’t agree with this guy politically a whole lot but he’s funny and eviscerates the trash Hollywood is selling these days.

        the Critical Drinker

    2. An Azov goon. Like Master Blaster strolling the methane power plant under barter Town in Mad Max.

      If Zelensky lost a bit of weight this could work.

    3. He and Guaido could become a pop duo.

  21. All Cults Lie Avatar
    All Cults Lie

    Twitter permanently suspended by account today. Might have been because of a tweet about Russia being the biggest organic produce exporter, Monsanto’s recent land grab in Ukraine and this proxy war possibly being because Monsanto wants their rich soil for GMO patent profits as well. OR it could’ve been due to tweets about this:
    The only way you can control people is to lie to them. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them.
L. Ron Hubbard
    All cults operate basically in the same way… the lying, the super paranoia/surveillance fixation, the financial control, the micro-managing, the oath to conformity/submission, the “world is the enemy” mantra, the physical/mental/emotional terror tactics.
    Fascism is a cult, Technocracy is a cult, Rockefeller medicine is a cult, finance capitalism, “green new deal”, Big Ag, Common Core, Corporate Media, etc. They all run on NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), critical thinking is banned. In other words, cults seek to cast the human out of you. Creativity, intuition and all that right-hemispheric brain stuff just gets in the way of Grey World. The problem with building a world on a foundation of lies is that lies are self-destructive, reliably unsustainable.
    A man who lies to himself, and believes his own lies becomes unable to recognize truth, either in himself or in anyone else, and he ends up losing respect for himself and for others. When he has no respect for anyone, he can no longer love, and, in order to divert himself, having no love in him, he yields to his impulses, indulges in the lowest forms of pleasure, and behaves in the end like an animal. And it all comes from lying – lying to others and to yourself.
Fyodor Dostoevsky

    1. pretzelattack Avatar

      You have my sympathy. I got banned from Youtube and Google (I think Google owns it, or maybe it’s the other way around), and the Hill, a wretched neoliberal online magazine. they never explain why, but I’m sure it was either complaints or more like site mods who hated my views on Ukraine.

      1. Yesterday I tried to find my own website in Google.

        Long story short because it took a long time. Nothing was recognized. I even put in ‘chasingthesquirrel’ and that did not hit.

        Only hit. But if you knew that you would not need to Google at all.

        Google is also finding a lot more ‘K-Dogs’ than it used to.

    2. WOW. What a great post. Thank you for sharing. Please do check out [and join if you can relate] our little music youtube channel where we attempt to shine some light using our original compositions.

  22. It’s funny how this guy is virtually everywhere on earth BUT on the frontline, but he keeps on wearing this military clothes.

    Also interesting question: Was there ever a democratic leader running around in military stuff?

    1. Okay, maybe de Gaulle, but at least he was an actual general…

      1. … and as president, he only wore a uniform on very rare occasions having to do with the military, like July 14th parades. The rest of the time, he wore civilian suits. With Volo, it’s the contrary. He’s the anti-De Gaulle in a way. In many ways come to think of it (De Gaulle was tall :o)

        1. pretzelattack Avatar

          I don’t even remember Ike wearing a uniform.

    2. pretzelattack Avatar

      Bush Jr pretended to land an airplane on a carrier, had his flightsuit on and everything.

      1. BB Benderhaus Avatar
        BB Benderhaus

        Mission Accomplished. PR guy who thought that stunt up was same guy who put a helmet on Dukakis and had him ride around in a tank.

    3. Ted Christian Avatar
      Ted Christian

      Churchill quite commonly. And you could say Hitler, since the Nazis were the largest democratically elected party in Germany in 1933.

  23. So what’s next? Zelensky live at the Hammersmith odeon ? or perhaps he will team up with f…… Bono and do an album of Ukrainian folk songs, what weird times we live in

    1. He can play the piano with his dick though, a real class act that f… Bono… Sorry I’m getting mixed up in the grammar here…

    2. Well, apparently Zelensky has friends who can get posts critical of him removed from this blog, as once again I’ve been erased. Probably due to the crowd he really represents because it sure ain’t the Ukrainian people–unless every Ukie is getting a nice cut of the multibillions of dollars being plucked from American taxpayers’ pockets, which is simply not the way this scam works. And, it’s not Zelensky per se they are protecting, it’s his puppet masters. You know who they are, they are the nameless ones. As I originally said (in different words), Mr. Zee is disposable, a useful idiot. Just like in Orwell’s 1984, even readers’ posts in this blog are scrubbed. Always disappoints me, though it shouldn’t surprise me.
      Next they will try to gaslight me by briefly putting my original post back up… and then later again taking it down…maybe for several cycles. I’m not saying these are people associated with Caitlin. They are more likely hackers with a worldwide agenda.

      1. Aha! They just did it. Put the original back up as soon as I posted my objection to being deleted. Don’t expect it to last though.

      2. Ah, now gone again…and the game continues. Lemme just put it back.

      3. How clever. They immediately posted a duplicate.

        1. Happens to me every time I mention them too or link to an article that does, like former CIA analyst Philip Giraldi’s. I can’t believe actual people are monitoring this comment section 24/7 though and certainly not Caitlin since this happens also while the time zone suggests she’s asleep. So it must be the algos. I’m surprised they restored yours after you mentioned it though. This looks rather more up close and personal…

          1. And now it’s gone again. Both what they restored and what I restored. This is deliberate tampering, not accidental. It was so innocuous too, merely identifying the “Norwegian” ethnicity of the oligarchs in Ukraine. Okay, now we know those Norwegians watch us every moment of every day and jack with us out of paranoia.

        2. Let’s try it this way:
          That POS is not long for this world. Lavrov formally announced that one of Russia’s important objectives is now to remove Zelensky and his despicable Nazi regime from power.
          Well, now this grasping “Pharmacist” has the audacity to announce to the American banking cartel that he is charging them with war crimes for not putting their hands up and forking over all their cash to him and his posse of “Norwegian” Ukrainian oligarchs. Actually, more specifically for allowing EU members to fudge on American sanctions against Russian oil purchases. I have no more use for the banksters than Zee’s Ukrainian Nazi Party, but our funny little puppet is about to get JFKO’ed for threatening the House of Red Shield (Rothschild). Time for the MI5 to crack open another vial of designer Novichok and schmear some on Zee’s underpants. Maybe the stuff will finally work this time after the Skripal and Navalny fails.
          See, all in conformance with ShitLib Wokeistry.

    3. Love it ,and yes that is the insanity of the times we live in. Amazed at Bono really , but here we are, heads full of sweets mice. Do check out our little youtube music channel where we attempt to shine some light using our original compositions.

      1. What music channel again?

  24. The lying and perception management aren’t new. Only that they have increased in the wake of the Ukraine conflict because for the West, all the proverbial ‘eggs’ are in one basket in the Ukraine. There is much more in the West’s throw of the dice in the Ukraine than meets the eye. The globalist cabal is gambling big and the lying and the blanking out of other sources of information, for them it is an ages old weapon. The apartheid regime barred access to information to keep the oppressed in the dark. Nothing is new under the sun as the Bible exhorts.

  25. NATO expansion is the root cause of Russian war on Ukraine. USA started this war when we funded Kosovo rebels thus destroying Yugoslavia. I love your work ! –Tim

    1. Yes, and there was a tidal wave of propaganda for that one too. Bin Laden was our buddy back then.

  26. I heard that Elmo’s calendar was already full.

  27. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    As an avid reader of Vogue, I can say it was the best piece since Prince Charles and Princess Diane. Just as the love of Charles and Diane shone through so does the love of a rich oligarch and his trophy wife come through in this wonderful article in Vogue. We are so lucky to have the wealthy elite take time to allow us a peek into their wonderful lives.

    1. “Trophy wife” may be stretching it a bit… She was his college sweetheart (and she’ll never make Playboy central anyway :o)

      1. BB Benderhaus Avatar
        BB Benderhaus

        I thought I would makecit up as I go along. They sure do.

      2. BB Benderhaus Avatar
        BB Benderhaus

        I thought I would make it up as I go along. They sure do.

  28. Well, Joseph Borell was complaining just about that. Not a single headline to reinforce NATO and Ukraine in his official trip to Africa but for Lavrov the media outlets attending the events published everything what he said. It is a sign. MSM is publishing everything to reinforce western backup to Ukraine because who can turn down billions of dollars in propaganda but recently they decided to let both ways to flow. It is more like that billionaire with an ugly daughter no one wants to see but daddy has all MSM under his. thumb to make them to see and interview it anyways.

    1. Borell is a clown and clowns never get mentioned in the news, with the notable exception of Boris Johnson and Dubya Arbusto. But they were one peg higher in the food chain.

      1. I cannot see myself using “notable” to describe Johnson but you got a valid point. He is indeed a notable clown.

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