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John: I’m worried about China.

Jane: Oh yeah? What about it?

John: Well more I’m worried about the example they’re setting, and that western governments will start implementing their technocratic oppression style to turn us all into a bunch of brainwashed, homogeneous obedience machines.

Jane: What makes you think Chinese people are all brainwashed and homogeneous?

John: Oh my God, don’t you watch the news? Have you not heard of their social credit score system? The state censorship and propaganda those people are subjected to? The CCP literally doesn’t let them have access to western social media platforms because our free thought and democratic values might interfere with their conformity policing. How have you not heard about this? It’s in the news constantly.

Jane: Constantly?

John: Oh yeah, it’s like a major news story all the time. All across the political spectrum, too. Fox News, CNN, The Washington Post. Alternative media too like Infowars and The Epoch Times; even lefty YouTubers like Vaush talk all the time about how bad it is in China.

Jane: So because you’re being given the same message by all the western media you consume, you’re worried about the enforcement of thought conformity in… China?

John: Yeah. Of course.

Jane: And this is why you’re worried that, at some point in the future, that kind of brainwashing and homogeneity might someday be inflicted upon us by powerful people in the west?

John: I mean yeah, if the CCP doesn’t do it to us first. Did you know they’re trying to take over the world?

Jane: They are?

John: Oh yeah! The Chinese want to take over the world and give us all a social credit score so we’ll all think the same. How do you not know about this? Don’t you ever watch TV?

Jane: How do you know it’s true though?

John: That they want to conquer us and give us a social credit score? Come on! Open your eyes! Have you seen how they treat their own population? They’re genociding the Uyghurs as we speak! Millions and millions of them in Nazi-style extermination camps! Plus they deliberately released the Covid virus to hurt us after cooking it up in a lab, they’re taking over Hollywood and infiltrating our political and academic institutions, and they’ve colonized the entire continent of Africa! Of course the CCP wants to rule us! Don’t you ever watch Tucker Carlson? They’re truly, deeply evil, and we’ve got to do something to stop them.

Jane: Sounds like you’ve got this China thing all figured out. You’re right, that sounds really scary. I can’t imagine what it would be like, living in a thought-controlled dystopia where your rulers are brainwashing everyone into obedience and making sure everybody thinks the same way about stuff.

John: Yeah! Finally you get it! I’m glad you’ve come around. Honestly you’re the first person I know who didn’t already understand these things about China.

Jane: I’ll bet.

John: So do you think it will happen? Do you think our government will implement a social credit score system to make us all believe lies and propaganda, like the Chinese?

Jane: You know, I wouldn’t worry about it.


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52 responses to ““I’m Worried We’re Becoming A Thought-Controlled Dystopia, Like China!””

  1. Are you smart enough to decline s.m.a.r.t. future?
    Have you figured yet that new-normal is an old-abnormal resold for higher profits?


    or better (for printing) quality:

    Our Maters have all bases covered.
    They control us, slaves, from conception on, into digitized infinity.

  2. Technocracy Cult is Doomed Avatar
    Technocracy Cult is Doomed

    By now, everyone should know who Patrick Wood is. He and Antony Sutton provided a library of information on the origins of Technocracy, which originated in the 1930’s at Columbia University, New York.
    The entire transition from Democracy to Technocracy was explained in Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book, Between Two Ages – America’s Role in the Technetronic Era. Written in 1969, Brzezinski’s “Between Two Ages” accurately future-casts the purposed evolution from sovereign nationism to supranational oligarchal technocracies.
    “The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”
    “Nation-state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.”
    And what exactly have the international banks and multinational corporations advanced so effectively?
    World poverty, peak private debt, evaporation of the public good, weather modification chaos, endless wars, desecration of soil nutrients, prison-style public education facilities, sexualizing children, loss of private property, medical tyranny, infrastructure dilapidation, erosion of basic rights and environmental protections… pretty much every dysfunctional aspect of life.
    Even Bill Gates once admitted that the private sector was generally inept if there is no fortune to be made.

    1. Amazingly prescient, that Brzezinski. Guess it helps to be part of the Rockefeller Club.
      As one not part of that club, Putin’s recent remarks provide contrast:
      “The situation in the world is changing dynamically and the outlines of a multipolar world order are taking shape. An increasing number of countries and peoples are choosing a path of free and sovereign development based on their own distinct identity, traditions and values.
      These objective processes are being opposed by the Western globalist elites, who provoke chaos, fanning long-standing and new conflicts and pursuing the so-called containment policy, which in fact amounts to the subversion of any alternative, sovereign development options. Thus, they are doing all they can to keep hold onto the hegemony and power that are slipping from their hands; they are attempting to retain countries and peoples in the grip of what is essentially a neocolonial order. Their hegemony means stagnation for the rest of the world and for the entire civilisation; it means obscurantism, cancellation of culture, and neoliberal totalitarianism…
      It is clear that by taking these actions the Western globalist elites are attempting, among other things, to divert the attention of their own citizens from pressing socioeconomic problems, such as plummeting living standards, unemployment, poverty, and deindustrialisation. They want to shift the blame for their own failures to other countries, namely Russia and China, which are defending their point of view and designing a sovereign development policy without submitting to the diktat of the supranational elites.“
      Should be read in its entirety for full context.

    No better antidote to “thought control” than the experience of “on-the-ground” reality. A heart-wrenching interview.

    1. Brilliant! Thanks for posting.

  4. Fantasic Stuff Caitlin. You are so productive and deepthinking with refreshing new angles on a a wide arrays of topics. Just supported you, buy a nice bottle, you deserve it. Love from Norway. Keep up the good work.

  5. Lets be clear that the US has more surveillance than China, and the social credit score was developed in the US. In fact, the beast that is being constructed is one of the few things being made in the USA. Check out and argusfest on youtube for details on the corporations involved, their history, and where they want to take things.
    Blessed be.

    1. Right, my ex-landlord spends half his time in China and half his time in the United States and he says that the surveillance in China is much more pervasive than in the United States.

      1. In a court of law, this testimony would be rejected as hearsay. Just saying…
        I’ve been to China five times between 1988 and 2001 and I never had a feeling of oppressive surveillance. Of course, since then, the means of surveillance have proliferated but please have a look at this to see what it’s like in the US:,with%2050%20CCTV%20cameras%20for%20every%201%2C000%20inhabitants.
        And we’re not even touching on NSA phone and computer monitoring which got Edward Snowden on the FBI wanted list for exposing them and forces him to live in exile.
        And we’re not even touching on the social media bans at government’s call and censorship of all descriptions.
        My ex-landlord finds that quite shocking actually…

      2. Well, that all began on September 11, 2001, didn’t with the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, the Military Commissions, Act, The National Defense Authorization Act, the expansion of the FISA court, etc., etc.
        Yes Americans were asleep at the switch and let there government take over every aspect of their lives.
        That doesn’t mean that China isn’t doing the same thing.
        I also had an ex-landlord that was a Chinese citizen, actually had dual Chinese and U.S. citizenship and he worked for the Chinese government. I experienced first had his fear of doing or saying something that might displease his employers.
        Hear say, I guess you can call it that but I was directly impacted and I went through the pain of having to deal with that.

        1. But millions of people live in fear of doing or saying something that might displease their employers. Millions of people live in fear of things that never happen actually. It’s called paranoia. Fears are sometimes justified and sometimes fantasies but you sure can’t pass judgements on a country 1,4 billion people strong based on what a couple of guys have said to you.
          I once spent a couple of hours in a bar in a small village in Yunnan in 1996 where the owner was ranting against the government saying that of all the dynasties China had known, this one was the most corrupt, according to my guide. He went on and on – I don’t know if it was for my benefit as a foreigner – and didn’t seem to fear anything. I actually felt I was in a village of my native France where this kind of rant is common in bars.

      3. Yeh, except he works for the government. I have to piece together what I can read and compare what I read to what people who grew in in the country have to say about what I have read and what they intimate to me after I have established a friendship with them, not always easy to do. We have to be in this for the benefit of all, not just China.
        So sorry that I don’t have the benefit of being able to afford to travel to China from time to time to keep tabs on what is going on over there.
        Sorry I don’t have access to X Jinping so that I can get it straight from the horses mouth.
        The point I am making is that Caitlin is painting China out to be this hero on a white horse riding into town to save the day, and I am just very skeptical of that notion.
        Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and that applies universally, including to China.

        1. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely ” very trite but nonsense.
          The best, most beneficial, form of government is and always has been a benevolent despotism.
          Of course not all despots are benevolent but any enterprise run by consensus or compromise is going to be a failure and certainly less than beneficial.

      4. But l MY ex landlord told me that YOUR ex landlord is full of shit and he owes her money

  6. But it’s just too hard to see. You have to look a bit more deeply. With a sense of irony. John doesn’t talk and speak like he does because he’s stupid. That’s where Heinlein’s words reminding us that man is not rational but rather rationalizing. John is being loyal to his tribe. He’s living like most of us in the lower chakras. Not that his critical mind will necessarily be engaged should he move the energy up the spine. But the probability increases.

  7. A social credit score in America would have to use negative numbers.

  8. LOL Right, the weaponized virus was created at Fort Dietrick then shipped to the Wuhan Lab to be released. It was/is all part of the demonizing of China. Oh yeah, its all going according to plan.

    1. That is plain wrong. It was collusion between China and the United States.

  9. Funny! We don’t have a social credit score, but that could happen, brought to you by Pfizer. That said, there seems to be a Taiwan is part of China frenzy on the left due to the Pelosi visit. I lived there in the ’90s and my unwelcome response is, not part of communist China, never. Those nice people didn’t want communism back then and don’t seem to want it now. I don’t think Americans would want to live under communism. If our democracy isn’t serving the people, which it absolutely isn’t, then it needs fixed. If China ever invades Taiwan, it won’t be unification, it’ll be subjugation of a fledgling democracy. I’d hate to see that. I’ll know we have our freedom, when the citizens have free health and dental, affordable housing, meaningful work and good pensions. Until then, as Adrian Belew said, talk, it’s all talk. Thanks, Caitlin!

    1. those nice people who took over Taiwan after the communists kicked their ass weren’t that worried about local democracy, love the description of them as a “fledgling democracy”.

  10. My ex landlord spent many years in China, his wife is from China. Whenever he was in China, even though he is married to a Chinese woman born in China, he is given an escort when traveling about the country and he is only allowed to visit places that the CCP deem accessible to foreigners.
    Compare that to a Chinese citizen traveling in the United States; hint, Xi Jinping’s daughter graduated from Harvard university..
    Since we the people of the United States were never able to hold the Bush administration accountable for 9/11, and all the so called wars against terrorism that followed, which were really just wars to shore up the sovereignty of Israel in the Middle East, the people of the United States lost nearly all of their freedoms and the United States lost all credibility in foreign affairs; and that continues to this day.
    To characterize China as this white horse here to save the day, however, is as equally myopic as giving the Bush administration a pass on 9/11.

  11. Very funny!
    As could be expected, some people don’t think so because most “know” that China is all that the male character says in your skit, having been told so unanimously for years by allegedly “independent” media.
    I wrote a satirical post along these lines the other day and someone commented that I shot myself in the foot several times. Of course a lot of people’s sense of humour is limited to the strict narcissistic necessities like “how am I going to impress on my contemporaries the notion that me and my family, neighbourhood, town, region, state, nation are the best?” which of course involves… no humour at all.
    Perhaps the following link might help the skeptics understand that China lags way behind as far as TV news brainwashing goes.
    And it’s only one of several mashups where “journalists” parrot talking points that they obviously get from a single source, probably having to do with the Associated Press and the CIA.
    We can get an idea of how that works with the Trusted News Initiative that the UK government-funded-BBC lashed out in 2020 in order to peddle the Covid propaganda – complete with mercenary “fact-checkers” – in the face of what they called “disinformation” and “fake news” (which often became official news a few months later :o) They sold the notion of a single “fact-checked” (that is reproducing Big Pharma’s press releases) news source to a vast number of media (including social) only too happy to jump on the bandwagon, including of course the press agencies whose stuff is reproduced uncritically by news outlets all over the Western world.
    Icing on the cake, a guy called Jim Smith, who made his career at one of these agencies, Thomson-Reuters, and ended up its chairman and CEO, had also been for several years on the board of Pfizer.
    “Brought to you by… Pfizer”. You bet!
    Surprise surprise, he was also “involved with initiatives such as the international business council of the World Economic Forum”:
    It’s a small world…
    We’ve also got the Digital News Initiative created by Google in 2018…
    … which delivers the same dog with different tags.
    And of course, the social media banners on everything concerning Covid: check with the WHO (which spreads just as many fake news, like the “no transmission” as everyone else, including the “global leaders” in every government). And naturally the censorship and bans.
    And let’s not forget that before that, we had Mockingbird which paid 400 top journalists in the top newspapers worldwide to peddle the views of the CIA – with which they generally agreed anyway. Or the New York Times, a CIA mouthpiece, which has a service exclusively dedicated to the licensing and republishing of their articles:
    Freedom of the press in the West is just one of those illusions and when people like the male character of your skit criticize China in that domain, it is strangely reminiscent of the parable of the mote and the beam.

    1. More about the TNI and a video:
      Excerpt: “As for who actually decides what the official narrative is supposed to be, your guess is as good as mine. What we do know is that wealthy and powerful interests control media worldwide.

      Two major media controllers are BlackRock and the Vanguard Group, which combined own a vast majority of the world’s assets, including media companies. Another is Bill Gates, whose self-serving “donations” ensure media treat him like a medical expert (or climate expert, or nutritional expert, or agricultural expert) when, in reality, he’s just promoting ideas that will make him a ton of money”.

  12. British-style sarcasm at its finest!

  13. Yep, that’s about it, too late for most, banging your head against a wall won’t change the world.
    I just blame the British for all the evils but, you know being Irish I’m unashamedly biased.

  14. Thanks CJ. It’s fun, and I’m pretty sure that a whole lot of people won’t get the point.

  15. The fact that 90% of the readers will respond like Deschutes and it will go way beyond their ability to understand is what is really scary.
    They don’t want to have to think they just want to be allowed to stand in a crowd and chant “USA< USA< USA< USA…." until they are so hoarse they need a beer.

  16. Who is more racist against people of African descent, China or the United States? Tough call I think, my country has made great strides on this “issue” in my lifetime, no doubt about it, whereas China is just at the beginning of an opening phase, but one that contains far less “baggage.” Either way, interesting interviews on the topic from the streets of Shanghai.
    My experience so far; the Chinese people can be remarkably candid, they are fully aware they are being bombarded by propaganda, but they happen to agree with most of it, and that which they disagree with, they will not hesitate to publicly criticize their government getting it … slightly wrong.
    All without crossing certain lines, of course.
    I have had only one really weird one, more like what I was expecting going in. It was a China state run TV interview of high line power workers, and they were asked, how do you do it? Tightrope 70 stories above the earth every day as part of your job ? Aren’t you scared? And four workers in a row recited the same scripted lines in respone to the question, something like, “yes, there is fear, but we must suppress it, because our duty to our country demands it, and super/city X across the river desperately needs this electricity.”
    Seriously, it was spooky shit.

    1. So Chinese are “Racist”, is that good or bad?
      Generalisation allows us to protect ourselves from harm. A large stripey, catlike animal may be the nicest animal ever created, but the odds are 99.99999% to 0.000001%
      that the Tiger will eat you. Racism is a protective response to danger. Only total fools oppose racism. Which says a lot about the current western society.
      You will notice that the anti-racists never demand that the other races behave like us.
      As for your comment on uniformity, I suggest you watch any political rally or the MSM for a day. Not a single instance of individuality anywhere to be found.

    2. China could care less about racism. All they want is conformity. If you think, believe or act differently, you are suppressed. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists all get equally suppressed. If you approach a critical mass, suppression consists of internment camps, torture, death, etc. Not everything is about race, just as everything is not about climate change.

      1. “China could care less about racism.”
        That’s a strange conclusion to arrive at after watching the 15 minute video.
        You did watch the street interviews before crafting a reply, I’m assuming? Otherwise said reply would lack all context, and completely confuse the recipient?
        Here are some street interviews coming at us from the flip side. What is like to be black in China?
        Feel free not to watch it, and learn nothing from it.

        1. You are confusing Chinese racism with China racism. The CCP want conformity. The average Chinese shun anything different as do most people. Racism is just a tool of multiculturism and global initiatives. If you dont want to encounter bias then conform. If you are white, live among white people, black among black people, rtc. Conform. However you will still meet bias if you are too fat among the healthy, too dark among the black, wrong faith, tribe etc. Racism is propaganda. The more I hear people spout racism, the more I see them as globalist, multiculturists etc which is a fools errand. Open your eyes, accept human nature and quit whining for Shangri-la.

    3. Reply to BB BENDERHAUS
      “Open your eyes, accept human nature and quit whining for Shangri-la.”
      Is that what I’m doing? Well, if it is, it’d better come quick, because I believe the odds that humans will be around in 2050 are so long they cannot be laid, but if I was to set a human extinction over/under, I’d make it the year 2035.
      ” … everything is not about climate change.”
      No it isn’t, one of the reasons I hardly ever bring it up on this blog. I just spent 10 years battling white Republican (racist? lmao …) climate change deniers in subreddits like r/collapse, and I got tired, so I’d thought I’d take a break.
      But climate climate IS in the news lately, for the simple reason our MSM still feels obligated to report on the weather,* and right now we have at least seven once in 100 year weather events going on, a couple of once in 500s, and now we have an “event” taking place that has never happened in all of recorded human history.
      The longest river in France, the Loire, is gone. All dried up.
      I’m thinking about moving my line, truth be told. I did not foresee the likes of something like this happening so early, I admit.
      *This won’t last much longer, is my prediction. No more than two years out, the MSM will make it almost impossible for an average person to piece together a global picture of what’s happening as far as “weather” related events are concerned.

      1. People like yourself see disaster because the models you cite only use data for the last 200 years. Go back to 1500 and you will find the conditions even worse than today in Europe long before the petro industrial age.

    4. I note that NASA has announced its targeted landing sites in 2025 near the Moon’s south pole. China, of course, has designs on the same area. It is where most of the precious water will be to sustain any Lunar base. With war fever such as it is in both America and China, one wonders how our intrepid explorers on both sides will be kitted out with all the weapons Weapons WEAPONS needed to confront the new modern day Huns. I can half visuallise jingoists at least from our side claiming that the entire Moon has been American territory since 1969 when Armstrong & Aldrin planted the flag. How many stingers and manpads do you think will be required to lug up there to maintain our “security?” In the low gravity, no atmosphere environment those suckers should move at hypersonic speed. (And human triggerman probably launched into deep Lunar orbit from the recoil.) Curly, Larry and Moe colonise the Moon. Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck! Just don’t break your face shields with the eye pokes.

      1. I wonder why no one ever takes photos of that original moon landing site to show us the flag and moon buggy used. Just to quash those rumors of it never happening.

        1. The Chinese had actually planned to land there but the US told them it was American ground and forbade it. Which of course doesn’t do much to boost the credibility of the alleged landing,

  17. We must ask ourselves, why we think as we think, and how we come to think it.

    From there we can connect dots and colour the spaces, to clarify dimensions in our thinking.

    1. Exactly. Unfortunately most skip that step.

  18. We might becoming ‘thought controlled’ like China but, unlike China, the West has this tendency of solving problems by way of violence and wars.

  19. This wasn’t very good to be honest.

  20. There is a substantial difference in the ways the United States and and China curate the content their medias produce.

    The United States, which has enshrined protections for journalists and the press against the power of the state, more frequently coerces private organizations vulnerable to state pressure (“Nice company you’ve got there. Sure would be a shame if it had an antitrust lawsuit brought against it.”) to silence dissenters. Think Facebook, Twitter, and payment processors deploying a targeted strike against a MintPress-type outlet.

    In China, the government as an entity does its own censorship. For example, Apple Daily got shut down under a provision of Chinese national security law in 2021.

    The difference is that, at least in theory, it is possible to create a dissenting outlet with wide readership in the United States if you can get enough third parties to play ball. If I had to choose between the two situations, I’d choose America’s every time.

    Don’t interpret this as a defense of the evil, murderous American regime or its actions, because it isn’t.

    1. They like to say “enshrined” a lot as they populate disinfo outlets with CIA agents and toss journalists and whistle blowers into prison.

      But aren’t you glad they taught you to say lofty words like “enshrined”?

    2. Perhaps you’ve missed the point that our government has, seemingly, watched the Chinese model, learned from it and improved upon it. Furthermore, the days of protecting journalists and whistleblowers are long gone. Where is Edward Snowden? Where is Chelsea Manning? What is happening with Julian Assange. I could cite numerous examples, but it all boils down to the government saying, ‘Play ball, or find yourself in a heap of trouble.’
      The government doesn’t like when the truth gets out, so it alters the narrative to discredit the truth. And, lest we forget, the same billionaire sociopaths who own the Congress, the presidency and the not-so-supreme court also own the mainstream media which they use to discredit the truth tellers in the minds of people who don’t watch commercials on TV, because they don’t like to think about anything but their own lives. How easily they’re mentally enslaved.
      Putting aside the individuals for a moment, even the large media entertainment manufacturers, almost exclusively present police and war programs (CBS) or what appears to be liberal entertainment and pays big money which they can then use to reinforce – and turn into law – their arch conservative personal views. After all, what’s wrong with entertaining the fools and giving them hope, when we can then drown them with their own money?

      1. “Perhaps you’ve missed the point that our government has, seemingly, watched the Chinese model, learned from it and improved upon it”.
        Actually there was no Chinese model – and especially not a “commie” one – when Spanish commander Valeriano Weyler invented the concentration camps in Cuba to fight the independence guerilla by preventing the locals to provide them with shelter and food in 1896.
        The second country to operate concentration camps was the United States in 1899 in the Philippines for the same reason.
        Then the Brits in South Africa during the Boer Wars, then the Italians in Libya, then the French for the Spanish refugees of the civil war there, then the Germans in… Germany, then the Russians in Russia, then the US again for their Japanese population during WWII.
        And then there was the totalitarian nazi model in Germany, the totalitarian fascist model in Italy, the totalitarian Francoist model in Spain, the totalitarian “colonels regime” in Greece and a flurry of totalitarian dictatorships (of both right and left) all over the world (Chile, Argentina, Cambodia, Laos…).
        Please give us a break with the “Chinese model” as if they had the paternity and exclusivity of authoritarian rule!

  21. You know you are being fed absolute bullshit when every last Western news outlet is accusing Russia of bombarding the very nuclear power plant that it is protecting from Ukrainian attacks and a nuclear catastrophe that could kill or sicken millions. Against all logic, Russia is warned by the West to cease and desist these horrible, potentially suicidal actions. Meanwhile, Zelensky, the actual perp, racks up more praise in the process. Truly, this is a world gone mad.
    Jimmy Dore recently pieced together a montage of the entire shitlib media spewing the same anti-Russia propaganda using not just the same ideas, but EXACTLY the very same hackneyed words. It would have been hilarious if not so outrageous watching all the usual warmongering propagandists adding their selected word or phrase to the absolutely verbatim sentence each of them had previously used to slander Putin and Russia in their own “news” shows. Jimmy seemed to have a bottomless supply of all this lock step group think just subsuming everything generated by purported Western “analysis.” Wish my search of his recent You Tube postings had turned it up, but it’s probably something that the establishment does not want anyone to see and was probably scrubbed. Jimmy was a maestro at using sarcasm to get the same point across as Caitlin does here. Suspect everything anyone representing any establishment dares you to believe before dissecting it down to its atomic structure yourself.

    1. Thanks for this note – supportive of Caitlin – and of my own observations!

    2. Is it this one?
      Matt Orfalea. Jimmy Dore uses his media mashups all the time. There is a whole bunch of em on RussiaGate that are as frightening as they are funny as hell.
      Off topic, but Jimmy used one today that was a classic. Cenk Uygar losing his shit over Jimmy. Again.
      Briahna Joy Gray. “I am not a ventriloquist dummy for Jimmy Dore.”

      1. The one you cited was even better in exposing basically the entire Democratic Party’s media face and insider elites as a pack of totally crazed warmongering psychopathic maniacs! It is really really hard to shield one’s psychological equilibrium from that barrage of absolute vicious insanity.
        Wow, according to at least two former SOS’s in that lineup of loonies the Ukrainians need enough armaments to single-handedly fight WWIII over the next several decades. Geez, they need everything off the top shelf and from within every locked cabinet. Obviously, we’d better start sending them B-1 and B-2 bombers, as many F-35’s as they can find high school dropouts to pilot, a full array of nuclear gravity bombs, nuclear-tipped ICBM’s, cruise missiles, stingers, manpads, roman candles and bottle rockets, plus the first run of hypersonic’s as soon as we design and produce them in our crash program I like to call Project Armageddon. Of course, they’ll be needing a lot more to rule all land, sea and air. Certainly a fleet of Ohio Class nuclear submarines and several Gerald R. Ford Class aircraft carriers, with an assortment of cruisers, destroyers and frigates to help them turn the Black Sea into a Ukrainian lily pond. And tell Big Zee that whatever he wants in terms of personal mansions and villas. Just ask our man Obomber who specialises in luxury housing. I understand that Mar-a-lago will soon become available. You know, lads, desperate times call for desperate thinking and depraved actions.

        1. Good stuff, man, good stuff. “I understand that Mar-a-lago will soon become available.” Lmao …
          So might the White House. Tit for tat! Trump running the country from prison, how perfect would that be?
          I don’t where I was, I get lost these days, but I heard or read this morning the Ukies had suffered 200,000 combat dead! And I starting seriously thinking about it, because I watch these Bitchute vids of the war’s progression every day, and the last three weeks, it’s been vid after vid of Russian artillery drone hunting groups of no more than 5 or 6 helpless men.
          There is nothing left to kill but flesh.
          I said in the beginning, if the Ukies don’t quit before the Russian’s line of no return, this sucker is going to turn into a rabbit hunt. And that’s what we got.
          ” … bottle rockets… ” Too funny. General Petraeus, can we stop the Russians?” “Yes we can Anderson. Have you ever heard of a Molotov Cocktail?”

          1. Is that cocktail properly stirred or shaken?

  22. It doesn’t take long to talk up a war. If I were China I would be very nervous.

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