Listen to a reading of this article:

Vladimir Putin has announced that referenda will be held in four regions of the eastern part of Ukraine whose populations will now vote on whether to join the Russian Federation, much like the Crimea referendum of 2014 which resulted in Russia’s annexation of that territory. Putin announced that 300,000 additional troops will be mobilized for the war to help facilitate this action, which is a major escalation in the conflict by any measure.

Putin also issued a stern nuclear warning that’s being hysterically spun by empire managers as a shocking and unprecedentedly bellicose threat, but if you read what he actually said it’s clear that he’s really reminding the west of the same principles of Mutually Assured Destruction that have been in place for generations, and isn’t expressing any position that western nuclear powers don’t also hold:

Nuclear blackmail was also launched. We are talking not only about the shelling of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, which is encouraged by the West, which threatens a nuclear catastrophe, but also about the statements of some high-ranking representatives of the leading NATO states about the possibility and admissibility of using weapons of mass destruction against Russia – nuclear weapons.


To those who allow themselves to make such statements about Russia, I would like to remind you that our country also has various means of destruction, and for some components more modern than those of the NATO countries. And if the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will certainly use all the means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people. It’s not a bluff.


The citizens of Russia can be sure that the territorial integrity of our Motherland, our independence and freedom will be ensured, I emphasize this again, with all the means at our disposal. And those who are trying to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the wind can also turn in their direction.

So while this war is indeed insanely dangerous, it’s not because of any of the words coming out of Vladimir Putin’s mouth.

Westerners who are expressing shock and astonishment at Putin’s frank acknowledgement of what’s at stake in Russia’s increasingly direct confrontation with the US empire are really just admitting that they haven’t been paying attention. The risk of nuclear war is why sensible people have spent years calling for de-escalation and detente between the US and Russia while tensions have been steadily building since long before the invasion of Ukraine. Now there are western officials who say the world is actually at greater risk of nuclear war than it ever was during the last cold war.

A nuclear conflict could be sparked by either side making a calculated decision to use nuclear weapons (and you’re fooling yourself if you believe the US is any less trigger happy in that regard than Russia), but it can also be sparked by either side due to a mistake resulting from a technological malfunction, miscommunication, misunderstanding or miscalculation, as nearly happened many times during the last cold war. The more things escalate, the more likely both such possibilities become.

And, clearly, things are escalating.

And that’s just Russia; tensions are rapidly escalating between the US-centralized empire and China as well. In an article for titled “There’s Little More Washington Can Do To Convince China To Invade Taiwan,” Andrew Corbley describes the frighteningly extensive provocations the US has been pouring into another massive geopolitical powderkeg just in the past few weeks.

“In the last 50 days, the executive and legislative branches in Washington have done more than in the last 50 years to convince China that America’s imperial policy is simply relentless, and must be met with force,” Corbley writes. “That’s not to say it’s by any means a given that the People’s Republic of China will invade its cross-straits neighbor of Taiwan, but that is to say that if strategic planners in Washington sat down and created a bulleted list of how to facilitate such an invasion, they would have probably gone through all the bullets by now.”

Corbley notes the incendiary visit to Taiwan by Nancy Pelosi (which has since been followed by a deluge of additional US officials), President Biden’s repeated and increasingly explicit commitment to plunge the US into direct hot war with China if there’s an attack on Taiwan, and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s insanely escalatory Taiwan Policy Act. When you look at the brazenness, ferocity and aggression of these provocations between two nations who logically should never go to war with each other, it really does look as though the empire is putting the pedal to the metal in acceleration toward global conflict.

On paper it looks completely irrational for the US empire to be ramping up aggressions against two powerful military and economic forces simultaneously, but it’s undeniable at this point that that is what’s happening. Clearly our rulers have some kind of strategy for how they’re going to see this through, though it remains to be seen whether that strategy is the desperate Hail Mary pass of a dying empire or a potentially highly effective plan using tools that aren’t currently visible to the public.

Either way, it looks like it’s probably a good time to relish human life on this planet while it’s here to be relished.


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73 responses to “The US Empire Is Accelerating Toward Global Conflict On Two Fronts”

  1. Gosh, yet again we see the Moscow’s narrative to be spread as if it was reality.
    It’s like Kremlin said that Bucha was a fake, it was a horror to dig up those corpses that the Russian had dug down, I still see nightmares of the scenes we found when we as the first Ukrainian forces entered Bucha.

    I’m not defending all that the USA has done, but the last years USA has mainly been using peaceful measures, while Russia has been using weapons to gain their goals, together with loads of fake news (I think you all are familiar with it, as you read it at a daily base). If Russia had been the righteous, why are all it’s neighbors, except Communist China, distancing from Russia. We also see how Russia has become weak with the Azerbaijan-Armenian war lit up again, then the Kyrgys-Tajik too fight.

    China has the same ambition as Russia, to take control of land that ain’t in their control, we have the South Chinese Sea and Taiwan as the main targets, but there are some border changes that the Chinese wants regarding Laos and Vietnam. Had Russia’s escalated war in Ukraine gone well and the Western world had been reluctant to help Ukraine, then China would have dared to try to take control of Taiwan, but with the Russian failure, the Communists has been more reluctant to roll out their plans. They do at the same time fortify themselves in territorial waters that are part of Vietnam and the Philippines and plans on moving into areas under Malaysian and Brunei territorial waters.

    Neither Russia or Communist China do understand the idea of having good friends, this the USA has understood from the early days, when France was the main friend who made it possible for USA to become an independent state. You should be happy that you don’t live in Russia nor China, but if you think USA is so fucking wrong, there is a fucking simple solution, just book a ticket to Moscow and you can live with your “hero”, but then do not come back when you are forced to go to Ukraine without pay and the only way for you to survive is to steal washing machines and sell those in the Russian black market, till the day an Ukrainian bullet ends your life.

    Just a reminder what happen almost a hundred years ago, a fascistic country made a deal with a communistic country and they started world war 2, now we see the same with the twist that the former communist is now the fascist Russia.

  2. We’re actually beyond MAD and into SAD (Self-Assured Destruction) now. Meaning that even if one side launches only a portion of its nukes and the other side launches zero, the domino / flow on effects from the destruction would mean that the originator region would for all intents and purposes cease to exist as a nation/country, given as within a few years most (higher-order somewhat intelligent) surface life would cease to exist completely. Longer term the only life that would continue, would be that which managed to shelter either deep underground or deep under the ocean, relying on life-support systems which are completely separated from the surface.

    There have been multiple studies gaming this out but I can’t provide references. From memory, even with something like 1000 average nukes (10% of total current arsenal), the initial blasts only kill about 2 billion, but it’s the domino effects that kill the rest over 1-5 yrs and it’s pretty horrific. You’re basically better of dying in the initial blasts.

    1. The United States’ misdeeds have absolutely fostered its decline. Consider just a few: institutionalized slavery: shanghaiing, murder, whipping, maiming, sadism, commodification of slaves, etc.; Manifest Destiny: genocide, murder, forced relocation, expunged culture, repression, oppression, etc. These offenses contributed to the behavioral evolution you are familiar with in the U.S.A. And now, the ruling class seems perfectly willing to sacrifice its citizens (who they have never given a shit about), and much of the world’s population to forcibly maintain its rules-based world order. The donor class and dynastic money are egotistic, perfidious dictators (as are the (2) perverted political parties and their venal psychopathic members). They are adamant about cooperating and empathizing with the East.; and the warmongering provocations with Russia and China may be the death of us all. Where did you think predatory capitalism would take us? Professor Richard Wolff was absolutely correct when he said, “the system is the sickness!” Your choice is Socialism or Barbarism.

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  4. Why must we have these wars? You often hear: why don’t we have the leaders of the countries fight each other? You know, like a boxing match, MMA, Karate, or Chinese-Checkers, etc. Whoever wins has, by prior agreement, a level of negotiating advantage. In fact, instead of the “Thrilla n Manilla,” we might call it the: Ruckus n Cyprus, Frenzy n Malawi, or Rancor n El Salvador…Why can’t we do this? Well, capitalism demands an endless need for commodities and resources. Capitalism must fabricate a demand for: bullets, helmets, Humvees, technical equipment, knives, guns, bombs, tanks, fighter planes, tools, ships, submarines, food, and people. (2) or more leaders fighting simply won’t generate the profit required by predatory capitalism. Lastly, you’ll be pleased to know that the ruling class has agreed to provide beverages for this evening’s event: the Fury n Turkey; the working-class will receive a “punch for lunch.”

  5. Another example of predatory capitalism: this fact may surprise you (it doesn’t surprise me). The U.S. has meddled in China’s internal affairs for far too long. THEY MUST STOP AND FOCUS ON THEIR OWN NEGLECTED HOMELAND…
    Delano’s Dealings: The Opium Trade and the Making of a Presidential Legacy ( by Claire Lingham and Helen Rolfe)
    The “Mr. Dillino” Cornelius Gold refers to in the “Saturday, June 7” entry of his Journal was not called Dillino at all (Gold 39-40). The man who invited Gold to “dinner at the Hermitage of Mess. Russell + Co,” was Warren Delano II, grandfather of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Ibid.). Thanks to the spoils he amassed in the opium trade, Delano earned the beginnings of an immense family fortune.

    Warren Delano II was born in 1809 in New Bedford, MA to one of America’s oldest families (Ward 66). His ancestor, French Huguenot Philippe de la Noye, arrived at Plymouth Colony in 1621 (Ward 66). Once settled, the Delanos prospered as sea captains, whalers and shipbuilders; thus “it was probably inevitable that Warren II would first seek to make his fortune from the sea” (Ward 66-67). In 1833, young Warren sailed to Canton, where he became junior partner in Russell, Sturgis & Co. of Boston & Manila (Ward 67). By 1840 he was senior partner at America’s largest firm in China, Russell & Co., where he rose among Canton’s foreign traders from the 1830s through 1860s (Ward 67).

    The family legacy is indebted to Warren’s business success in nineteenth-century Canton, which relied on opium. While the Opium War raged, Delano’s American firm continued trading the potent drug, which did not seem to weigh heavily on its traders’ conscience (Ward 74); Delano, too, saw no reason not to profit (Ward 71). Under his and Robert Forbes’s leadership, Russell and Co. “became the third-most important single firm in the opium trade, British or American” (Ward 71). Opium enabled Delano’s wealth; a fact which his family does not support (Ward 77).

  6. The U.S. is behaving recklessly and unreasonably. It is beyond time for the United States to abandon its hegemonic and imperialistic propensities. The U.S.A., and its perverted military apparatus, has arbitrarily and selfishly moved in a direction that jeopardizes the world, and its own citizens; they have willfully chosen the role of antagonist and villain. Where are the cautious, lucid, rational thinkers? Washington, and cronies, have insulted my father’s courageous accomplishments during WWII (by advocating neo-Nazis in an illegal Ukrainian proxy-war); he was a Full-Bird Colonel and Bombardier on a B-26 Martin Marauder (European Theater fighting Nazis)! But you (venal politicians, donor class, dynastic bastards) are not in the least bit concerned that I suffered through his post WWII world-of-demons (HIS PTSD)! Goddamn you fucking cowardous shills and your pathetically vain egotism…
    Here is a Protagonist attempting to send you (the US’ Antagonist) a message, are you listening (you power intoxicated imbeciles)?
    (Excerpt- by State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi):
    If two fine orchestras are to work together harmoniously, their conductors must first set the same tone, and all the players must follow the same music score. However, what has happened is that the U.S. team seems to have two different sets of music score. Their leader’s political will of a stable bilateral relationship has yet to be translated into logical policies. The Chinese people and people from other countries find this confusing, and would naturally raise questions:
    How will the U.S. deliver on its promise of not aiming to change China’s system, when it has framed a false narrative of “democracy versus authoritarianism”, a narrative that deliberately amplifies an ideological confrontation with China and takes aim at China’s political system, development path and governing party?

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    1. Return to sender. The person you’re talking to has moved to the moon last spring and doesn’t plan to come back any time soon.

  9. btw, everyone seems to be an accelerationist, because accelerationists are winning.

  10. Never surrender to the US.

    Surrender to the US will not protect from a nuclear attack.

    The US does not want Russia to surrender.

    It wants Russia dead.

    Truman nuclear bombed Japan after it surrendered.

    1. With all due respect, nope. Hirohito gave the order to surrender after the bombing of Nagasaki on August 9 and Japan effectively surrendered on August 15. Hiroshima had been bombed on August 6.

      1. With all due respect, nope.

        The surrender was tendered but not accepted until after the bombing.

      2. With all due respect, the USA is the only country that has ever murdered civilians with nuclear weapons in order to win a war or get better terms.

        1. With all due respect, it’s actually the only country that’s ever dropped nuclear weapons on anyone for any reason. Why? Because God bless America. Yet I’ve heard God save the Queen for 70 years and look what happened. Can’t trust anybody these days…

  11. No one is paying attention to the huge check mate unfolding not just in Ukraine.
    The new territories added to Russia will make Poland and Romania with ballistic NATO missiles too close to Russia borders and so goes to NATO bases in other countries close. Odessa will become a part of Russia like Transnistria as which will stir up Moldova. Russia did not forgot the EU blockade around Kaliningrad. Serbia is besieged by NATO and this time Russia has the means to provide full assistance to protect. The evil Clinton legacy on the Balkans will make many CIA offices to withdraw from there. Hungary is on the verge to be kicked out from the EU. Many countries are afraid to fell prey of the US swift system to force loyalty and they are moving away from it. The EU will not survive the winter not just because of gas to warm up but industries will be relocated to the US like Volkswagen and many others. They can’t be competitive while China and India can produce more cheaper than before with Russia gas supplies. Europe is faded to be just a touristic place name as peninsula of the Great Eurasia. A lot of things will change the course of history. I hope to be alive to see the end of the evil Harry Truman legacy post ww2. The end of IMF and world bank as US economic army. America is the new nazi. The new pandemic from which the rest must avoid contact to not get infected.

    1. The way I see it, America is the same old General Custer while Russia and China are the new Indians.

      1. Succinctly appropriate metaphor, and insightful comment…

  12. During the runup to WW2, the US embargoed oil to Japan and joined a proxy war against Germany with arms on the Lusitania which Germany told them to stop or they would sink it. Thr US caused war on two fronts before and are doing it again.

    1. Lusitania was WWI related.

      Still relevant.

      1. Yep, same MO, different war. The US has one playbook. When all else fails attack ourselves and blame others.

  13. I think that almost everyone has seen a cockroach at least once in their life, but how many have actually had a cockroach as both a soul mate and as a sexmate? That’s why I feel as though I am eminently qualified to speak about’ foreplay as it involves cohabitation with cockroach/ human intimate relationships.

  14. Here’s one example of many, of the coups carried out by the U.S. The U.S.A. has been doing this for decades. The United States must STOP the unwanted interference in sovereign countries (such as Russia, China, Iran, Ukraine…). Countries that explore socialist ideologies, such as Venezuela, are constantly antagonized by the United States. The U.S. projects its hegemony/imperialism on to weaker countries with the intent of crushing any fledgling rise of anti-capitalistic political ideologies. Any country that rejects Washington’s world-order is a target for regime-change, political-assassination, or invasion…
    Mapped: The 7 Governments the U.S. Has Overthrown ( J. Dana Stuster):
    Excerpt: Brazil, 1964: Fearing that the government of Brazilian President Joao Goulart would, in the words of U.S. Ambassador Lincoln Gordon, “make Brazil the China of the 1960s,” the United States backed a 1964 coup led by Humberto Castello Branco, then chief of staff of the Brazilian army. In the days leading up to the coup, the CIA encouraged street rallies against the government and provide fuel and “arms of non-US origin” to those backing the military. “I think we ought to take every step that we can, be prepared to do everything that we need to do,” President Lyndon Johnson told his advisors planning the coup, according to declassified government records obtained by the National Security Archive. The Brazilian military went on to govern the country until 1985.

  15. This has concerned me. Is it just ideological hyperbole or are there people in the US state that believe that it is better to fight a global war now than wait until ‘the enemy’ (China and its allies) is stronger? A recent article in the Washington Post talked about ‘winning’ a limited nuclar war. Creating the propaganda that sees Russia and China and their ‘friends’ as dystopian hells is widespread. Demonising the enemy as part of ‘softening up’ propaganda is now a tried and tested way of preparing for war.

    1. Yea, a limited nuclear war to the US is nukes falling everywhere but US soil.

      1. Isn’t that amazing? And if/when they do fall on US soil, you’ll have to hear all the public figures scream their indignation! How could them otherfuckers do that to the sanctuary of God on Earth who was awarded a Green Card just last Fall? These barbarians don’t respect anything and if you don’t respect America’s God given sovereignty, all hell breaks loose! Katrina was already a treacherous blow from Putin who will have to pay for it as soon as… What? They’ve now destroyed all our silos? Bastards! And what about fair play? Ever heard of fair play? That’s when WE bomb people fur Christ’s sake! Because God orders us, just like he did Joshua… That’s logic and common sense for you! Not this goddamn Russian disinformation!

  16. zbigniew dzwonkowski Avatar
    zbigniew dzwonkowski

    By the collective karmic memories, The USA-Western Dream to own and dominate the Russian Siberia , is strong and over 100 years old …. The only solution to prevent it , is to kill that karmic persistent Dream … on the surface of Human consciousness ….

    1. Its never permanent. Napoleon had to get the lesson, then Hitler and now Nato and the US.

  17. There’s a plan,but it’s a plan devised by ideological nutters who believe two things, first that despite the evidence to the contrary graphically demonstrated by the flight from Afghanistan that the US is “the mightiest armed forces thecworld has ever known”. Second, these pathological extremists have convinced themselves that the US can survive “best” from a nuclear war. I live in Townsville Australia,which has both an army base with Army aviation and an airforce base conveniently attached to Townsville airport. This means that in a hot war there’s a good chance my home will become a smouldering ruin. China and Russia represent the sensible adults here because they have resisted all provocations( in the case of Russia till Zelensky talking about acquiring nuclear weapons and not slapped down by his NATO handlers) but clearly there will come a point of no return.

    1. Already there is pressure on the US from Ukraine (and Israel) to test some of its latest weapons out in a ‘real war’. These wars will be highly technological and not involve infantry in the traditional way. A ground war between the US and China on Chinese turf would result in a massive US defeat – BUT using surgical strikes against key facilities and military installations is the way war will proceed in the future.
      The US is determined to maintain its dominance and that means destoring those countries lead by China and Russia which aim to set up a trading and finace block that is an alternative to the west and the dollar.
      A problem is that people do not seem to realise that NO MATTER who is elected in the US and in the UK, it doesn’t make any difference in terms of foreign policy. That is deeply embedded in the state and in national all embracing propaganda.
      Slavery today in the West is slavery of the mind – and alternative ideas are being snuffed out by censorship and pernicous and deliberately confusing interventions and distortions. ‘They’ blame Russia for doing it. Russia is crude. The US is more sophisticated and the BBC the MOST sophisticated because many of its reporters seriously believe in what they are doing. They can’t see the wood for the trees. So people tend to accept its gentle criticisms of the most barbaric of US actions as being ‘civilised’ and to be supported. In reality, it is an apologist for increasing US brutality.

      1. There is a plan, but negotiation, at least from the Western side, is not inclusive. The West (US) is declining and behaves recklessly and desperate. Time is not on their side, and their option’s toolbox (at least from a psychopath’s perspective) is limited and waning. The US ruling class is surrounded by cowardous-venal-sycophants (fearful of ouster from one word of dissent). It seems like the lucid, cautious, rational thinkers are few and far between (too many profiting warhawks). I agree: Russia, China, and Ilk, are the cautious, reasonable protagonists (they don’t want war, and their responses have demonstrated this; but they’re prepared to retaliate). The US, and Vassals (they are coerced), are unreasonable antagonists. The U.S. has stockpiled weapons on your homeland; yes…you are definitely targeted (why not encourage some of your leaders to take a relaxing swim in a nice dark billabong, it’s what they deserve)? It’s too late for Zelensky; he took the money and now must act out the part to the end (they made him an offer he can’t refuse). Good luck…

        1. @John: “The US is more sophisticated and the BBC the MOST sophisticated because many of its reporters seriously believe in what they are doing”.
          Less and less viewers do though, about 50% of the Brits even in the full blast of the Covid propaganda and Trusted News Initiative scam. And its journalists are bound to know it and join in the general Western choir: “Don’t tell my mum I’m a journalist. She thinks I’m a pianist in a brothel” :o)

      2. This technology is everything approach is arguably exactly what is increasingly called into question.

        This idea that one can win a war with a few precise strikes without boots in the ground has been disproven in practice for decades now, and that isn’t going to change.

        To the contrary, even the US is increasingly recognizing that actual troops will continue to be decisive.

        The trinkets of the Defense grifters are increasingly making the US less, not more effective at waging war.

      3. As soon as the US starts dropping non nuclear munitions on Russia and China infrastructure cruise missles will start reigning down on US infrastructure.

  18. My concern is that Biden is a doddering sociopath manipulated by neocon handlers who want nuclear weapons used so that Israel’s nuclear arsenal can be brought out into the open and used, principally against Iran. The neocon base are fanatics willing to risk everything for Israel, including civilization. Come up with another explanation for their relentless provocation of heavily armed nuclear powers. The US has no hope of either ejecting Russia from Ukraine or stopping a Chinese invasion of Taiwan without resort to nuclear weapons. By this point it may be that the only thing that can save us is the US military refusing a nuclear launch order, and I wouldn’t count on it.

    1. Lets face it, we need a president that gets stoned and plays the guitar.

      1. Blinken, who plays the guitar, is only one joint away then. Conversely, Hunter Biden might take guitar lessons. I don’ think there’s much hope on the other side though as I can’t imagine any of the Trumps, DeSantis, Cruz or Rubio doing any of this…

  19. “Clearly our rulers have some kind of strategy for how they’re going to see this through, though it remains to be seen whether that strategy is the desperate Hail Mary pass of a dying empire or a potentially highly effective plan using tools that aren’t currently visible to the public”.
    It’s probably the same strategy that they used in Vietnam and Afghanistan. It’s called tucking one’s tail between one’s legs and getting the fuck out. The strategy in Vietnam required a few helicopters and an embassy roof but was perfected over the last 47 years and upgraded to a few planes in an airport in Kabul.
    After respectively ten and twenty years of occupation, it can be admired that there was no formal parting with tears in everybody’s eyes and wishes for a safe journey.
    The people left behind were likely promptly shot – so there were no complaints really – except for those who discovered themselves a passion for seafaring and became boat people. That was only for Vietnam though. Afghanistan being a landlocked country, the boat option was off the table.
    Now one might think that the US had the means in this last case at least, especially after spending twenty years and millions of dollars trying to form a professional army in a country where people have been successfully fighting empires all the way back to Alexander the Great, to retreat in good order with bands playing the Stars Spangled Banner but no. Like in Irak, they left billions of equipment behind.
    Why did they leave billions of equipment behind? Because they didn’t have the money to send reinforcement to make a clean exit with the family jewels instead of leaving Bagram airport in the middle of the night?
    Nope. Because that equipment had already been paid for to Boeing, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman & Co by the American taxpayers. And so it could, like in Iraq, now have a second life as an investment to be used by new-born terrorists still on the bottle – in that case ISIL – to raise hell and then you’ve got yourself a proxy war on a platter for which you can ask funds from Congress to grease the palms of military contractors – as well as in this case Toyota. Left behind equipment is the left behind key to perpetual motion.
    Ukraine in that sense is a wet dream since US equipment has been sold on the black market there even before the end of the war. Since the very beginning actually. Perhaps even before the war began… The present agitation in nearby Kosovo, which has been a CIA playground for two decades, might not be totally alien to this state of affairs at a time when Serbia is questioning its relationship with Nato in view of its cost in terms of Russian energy.

  20. “So while this war is indeed insanely dangerous, it’s not because of any of the words coming out of Vladimir Putin’s mouth.” Mr. Putin seems to be operating through good-faith decision making. His previous and current demeanor suggests a sincere concern for maintaining his country’s sovereignty and security. The Nato countries seem to be under the influence of egotism, fictionalism, and incongruity. Russia is an extant, and will be prepared: ask the Mongols, Napolean, and the Nazis.

  21. It’s embarrassing to think the United States (corporation/colony?), is maneuvered by what seems to be an exceptionally selfish group of adolescents. They (politicians/dynastic money) remind me of middle-school bullies who have deluded themselves into a state of hubris/egotism. In their cliques, they frequently arrange fights on the school yard that they prefer to avoid (they are actually fearful or jealous, but intimidate with superior size or strength, and can be defeated); and then unjustifiably take credit for success, but project, deny, or displace-responsibility when events don’t go their way (to save self-perceived dignity). I suspect the antagonist in this play is precariously close to an ass-whipping (middle-school slang); the alternative is much worse.

    1. There’s a clear tendency to autism too in DC, leaking into Virginia in Langley and Arlington. I wonder if cocaine has anything to do with it… And of course, there’s always alcohol and the million pills without which American mass shootings would forever remain a Clockwork Orange or Léon the Professional fantasy.

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    1. Why didn’t I think of it?

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  24. “On paper it looks completely irrational for the US empire ……………………………….”

    No, on paper the balance sheets of Raytheon, General Dynamics and Boeing look fine. So do the balance sheets of oil companies. War is good for bizzness!

    Our leaders are boot-lickers for capitalist excess and inequality. They are without morality because that is what our social machinery selects for. We all know it and we all do NOT A DAMN THING about it.

    A satan sees nothing wrong with what American Government does. Stupidity and insouciance guide ships of state without a moral compass. Commerce is king in late stage empire, virtue dies, and now America needs another war to save the American Economy for a few more months or years. No longer than that. America rhymes with dozens of fallen civilizations in the past. Our ten generation run is done.

  25. weren’t there 2 earthquakes near taiwan recently?

  26. All the corruption within “the Empire” now runs on the Clinton Foundation being a SLUSH FUND OF FOREIGN POLICY BRIBE MONEY. THAT is why the Democrats now talk like George W. Bush (while blind to the social-safetynet infrastructure collapsing) and the two-faced Republicans will *never* touch Hillary (they get campaign kickbacks, too, from War contractors constantly doing the bidding of client state proxies’ strategic goals).

    The end of the Cold War scared the sh*t out of the Washington bureaucrat machine. They use Israel in the Middle East to drag Russia into an Arab conflict and, they intend on using Australia in the South Pacific to provoke China. The Pentagon, however, will care less about which number of lives are wasted in the endgame pursuit of dystopic U.S. imperialism. It is all either the foundation of a pathological country trying to rehash its 20th-century “greatness”…or, in the antagonism with China: it truly is U.S. stupidity; considering how America sold-out its manufacturing to China, did nothing about the blatant espionage of Charlie Tree in the ’90s, and then let China into the WTO in 2001 (when there were Bush/Cheney accolytes at the time actually saying that anyone opposing it and calling for tariffs was, somehow: “not patriotic” or “not a good-enough Christian”!). We are DOOMED. The End couldn’t happen soon enough.

  27. We are the closest we’ve been to nuclear Armageddon since the Cuba missile crises. I don’t think that people have caught on to that yet.

  28. The Fifth Element Avatar
    The Fifth Element

    A little correction – 3 fronts. Ukraine to fight Russia, Taiwan to fight China, Syria to fight Iran. Take a look on Tik Tok. In the last 5 days a huge wave of supposed Iranian refugees – using strange numerical accounts as users – uploading videos criticizing the Iranian government and inciting people worldwide to support insurgence inside of Iran to backup Israel, US-UK. It is not by chance Israel has increased bombings in Syria trying to neutralize military positions who could cripple Israeli maneuver using Syrian airspace to bomb Iran strategic military positions. It is surreal because they will have to clash with Turkey, Russia and Iran at the same time and so far they don’t have the numbers and military projection to fight Iran unless they will use nukes to destroy Iran. Same goes for Russian positions in Ukraine and Chinese positions around Taiwan. It is good to keep an eye around. Only a huge Russian maneuver in Ukraine forcing NATO to call for reinforcements from the Pacific and. Mediterranean can ruin US and Israel plans for Iran. A clash in Europe can spare China and Iran. it is up to the European people to make a stand against their own governments dragging and all of them into the dark ages to please the US empire.

    1. The Fifth Element Avatar
      The Fifth Element

      There is another option to neutralize all of them without using armies and bombs but it’s a shoot in the moon. Saudi Arabia decoupling from the US economic currency to sell oil will drastically cripple the US-UK and Israel power to make wars. Not mentioning a 5% decrease in oil exports.

    2. Don’t know what “substances” you may be using but you are so widely off the mark it’s just funny. Syria’s most reliable partners in the NATO/Gulf/Israeli proxy war using fanatical terrorists(including those transported from Xinjiang) are Iran and Hezbollah. There’s more chance I’ll fly into space than there is of war between Iran and Syria.

    3. The US is wanting to stir it up in Syria and Armenia in order to try and distract Russia from Ukraine. They will promote chaos in Iran and have been for years. The problem is this: there IS a US strategy at play around the world. It’s aimed at those countries that REFUSE to accept the groundrules imposed by the US.


    Novorussia is not Taiwan, but China cannot openly support a separatist referendum.
    ​ ​Various countries around the globe were quick to react (to Putin’s speech), most especially China, which issued a statement within hours after the speech calling for “ceasefire through dialogue”. China has throughout the war defended in various statements Russia’s ‘legitimate’ security concerns about NATO expansion while continuing to tout close, positive ties with Moscow.
    ​ ​But this is perhaps the first time Beijing has so clearly and publicly pushed for a ceasefire after such a key Moscow announcement, with Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin calling for “a cease-fire through negotiations and solutions that answer all parties’ security concerns,” according to state-run Global Times.

    ​ ​Ukraine vows to solve ‘Russian question’ by force
    Ukraine has dismissed upcoming referendums on the Donbass republics joining Russia as “manipulation” and “fear of defeat”

    ​It was up to 12 years in prison. This is a reduced penalty. (The plural of “referendum” is “referenda”.):​
    Ukraine Threatens 5-Year Prison Sentence For Anyone Voting In “Sham Referendums”

    1. According to Alexander Mercouris that’s not at all what Wang Wenbin actually said.

      Zerohedge pulling the classic, dishonest taking things out of context maneuver.

      Quite brazen too, in fact, turning things completely on their head.

  30. “Clearly our rulers have some kind of strategy for how they’re going to see this through, though it remains to be seen whether that strategy is the desperate Hail Mary pass of a dying empire or a potentially highly effective plan using tools that aren’t currently visible to the public.”

    I’ll say that the US will be using “tools that aren’t currently visible to the public”, the same way that the US put Ukraine into the meat grinder by provoking Russia into defensive actions.

    These tools “that aren’t currently visible to the American public (the “Not-Sees”) will be a deal to supply weapons and other support to Taiwan, if Taiwan will supply the bodies and blood of their own people into provoking China into defensive actions.

    Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

    1. Except that Taiwan is not Ukraine. If China decides to take over, it will be done in 24 hours. The weapons the US sells Taipei will fall in their possession before the Taiwanese separatists have time to finish their cup of tea, the Taiwanese population doesn’t really care in spite of Pelosi’s speech (“In our earliest days, of our founding of our country, Benjamin Franklin presidency said, ‘freedom and democracy – freedom and democracy are one thing. Security here. We can’t have either if we don’t have both. So… security, economic – security, economy, and, again… they’re all related and we want Taiwan to always have freedom with security and we’re not backing away from that”) and good luck to the US if they try and set foot on a Chinese island 6,784 miles from home and 112 miles from a mainland with a 2,5 million strong military, 1,4 billion potential reserves – minus admittedly sucklings and toddlers – and nuclear weapons. It looks more like those little dogs always barking at everybody in a shrill tone while being only one kick away from shooting through the windowpane.

      1. You write this with great confidence, but I’m guessing you don’t really know and are talking out your bum. Ritter and the boys thought Russia would roll over Ukraine in a couple of weeks. War is unpredictable and horrifying, not a sporting match to follow and place bets on. To Caitlin’s point, I hope there is enough separation between the rhetoric of politicians and the actions of professional military to prevent nuclear war.

  31. “Westerners who are expressing shock and astonishment at Putin’s frank acknowledgement of what’s at stake in Russia’s increasingly direct confrontation with the US empire are really just admitting that they haven’t been paying attention.”

    Americans are very stupid, and it appears intentionally so.

    That’s why I have called these stupid Americans “Not-Sees” for decades, when the facts of America conflict with their propagandized understanding of who they (in the world) are.

    The majority of Americans are proponents of “Not-See-ism” a new collection of Know- Nothings, not in the sense of denying what they know, but actually consciously striving to know nothing.

  32. Ever since the days of Wild Woody Wilson, the first Southern United States president of his generation, a Virginian transplanted to New Jersey and thence back to the District of Columbia, a war mongering wolf in pacifist sheep’s clothing, the Democratic Party has sought to maintain the world in a perpetual state of war (poor Emmanuel Kant), thus it ought not to be a surprise that such political party’s race towards an apocalyptical Armageddon has now entered a sprint, with the insane Deep State, now under the “leadership of Hunter Biden’s ever so generous Dad purportedly in charge (at least in his imagination) urging us to each make whatever sacrifices are necessary for the “greater good”; the “greater good” being good for a tiny few and horrid for the rest. Unfortunately for us (us being almost everyone), we and the descendants we may never have appear destined to be the ultimate victims. Not only of inflation, scarcity, insecurity and polarization, but of good old mutually assured destruction. As Elphaba, the prescient purportedly wicked witch of the West once declaimed as she slowly melted, “what a world, what a world” to which Troy’s Casandra might have added “not for long”.

    1. While Woodrow Wilson accelerated U.S. imperialism, it’s hard to say his administration was a milestone. If one examines photos of Biden lately, he always has a backdrop of Teddy Roosevelt in a militaristic pose on a horse. That image is representative of imperialism and reminds viewers of Biden’s bent. He has never been anything less than a proponent of war, beginning as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Both parties, equally, are propelling us toward war. Any politician who doesn’t is politically neutralized by the ruling class. Their only difference is the pace at which they want to create open fascism at home. Despite the optics, it’s a relatively minor difference.

  33. The blood-thirsty demons in the State department need to be reined in before they destroy civilization entirely.

  34. For years the US has explicitly refused to rule out a No First Use policy for nuclear weapons. Small wonder that the US babbleteriat has its panties all knotted up over Putin’s statements that Russia might follow the same policy.

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      1. Couldn’t have said it better meself!

        1. The nice thing about a nuclear war is that it will get rid of all these clowns making a gazillion dollars working from home on the net! I can’t wait!

          Give ’em hell Pascal!

            1. That’s a good theory; I thought I might add to it: the intense heat from the thermo-nuclear blast will bring about premature drought through instant evaporation. This will result in insufficient hydration to replenish saliva. Diminished saliva will severely inhibit adequate dampening of envelopes and stamps, resulting in a significant business downturn. Therefore, their $33K income/minute will plunge to -$5/day! In short, the negative income should be sufficient to shut them down, or shut them up, whichever comes first. On the other hand, the -$5 may be deposited in their favorite bank. You see, banks thoroughly enjoy the negative interest because that’s what they pay their customers: negative interest!

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