Listen to a reading of “Future Generations (If There Are Future Generations)”:

Future generations, if there are future generations,
will scarce believe that our species once stockpiled armageddon weapons on purpose,
once built our entire civilization around economic models that could only result in the destruction of our biosphere,
once permitted corporations who profit from war to successfully lobby policymakers to start more wars,
once warehoused living beings in factory farms where they were tortured and brutalized,
once starved children to death with sanctions because their rulers disobeyed our rulers,
once made policies which kept people poor so they’d be financially coerced into facilitating military mass murder,
once let people go hungry and homeless if they didn’t have enough imaginary numbers in their bank accounts,
once stripped this planet of biodiversity and old growth forests to turn the gears of an imaginary economy instead of collaborating with our ecosystem.

Future generations, if there are future generations,
will look back in perplexity at our omnicidal madness,
at our blind subservience to the very worst among us,
at our remarkable ingenuity in always finding groundbreaking new ways to hate each other,
at our fanatical devotion to competition and control when we knew that all we really wanted was to be loved,
at the way we’d marginalize and outcast those who thought differently from the rest of us even though we knew full well that our way of thinking wasn’t working,
at the way we’d spend our lives feeding insatiable hungry ghosts only to wind up on our deathbeds wondering why we feel dissatisfied,
at the amount of energy we’d pour into not experiencing the beauty which surrounds us in every moment and rejecting the gifts we were being showered with from every direction,
at the herculean effort we poured into keeping enlightenment from crashing in,
at our nonstop desperate flailing attempts to be anywhere but here and now,
at the amount of work we put into avoiding being at ease.

Future generations, if there are future generations,
I am so glad that you made it past all the many obstacles we put up between our present age and your birth.
Praise be to you and your parents
for cleaning up our mess,
for setting things right,
for becoming conscious,
for valuing a healthy world,
for getting humanity to where you’re at now
so that the real adventure of our species could begin.

Future generations, if there are future generations,
thank you for your kindness and compassion as you gaze back on us through the records we have left you.
It might not be immediately obvious,
but some of us here saw what you’re seeing from there.




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33 responses to “Future Generations (If There Are Future Generations)”

  1. My mother’s killer is my censor.

  2. Humanity must face up to power for what it is – an illusion. It is a precipice anyone can blindly walk over. We can never find a solution to continuous war by denying the source of the problem.

  3. While starving new generations in as much as one third of humanity to maintain dominance, as well as decimating plant and animal life to extract some form of profit, the US wastes 30-40% of food it produces, as stated by the USDA.
    Environmental, moral and and economic criminals.

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      Good girl…

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  6. Dear Caitlin, you stated the past/present/future human “drama” of events so poetically, and more importantly, wisely stated.

    Twenty-two years into the 21st Century has seen one war after another, and American and NATO plans to initiate WW3 to control the world, destroy populations and plunder Mother Earth for the insatiable greed of the oligarchs, the corporate bosses and their chief stockholders, and the international bankers, all who benefit from the “Death & Destruction, Misery & Suffering” industries, aka “defense spending,” an oxymoron for sure.

    Thank you for your no-nonsense, right to the point, and truthful, fact-filled journalism!

  7. Thanks for this blog.

    There is a darkness in the world … brought on by the sociopaths that dominate the world. Militarists and the world-wide financiers of militarism have put a dark cloud in place that will be hard to dissipate. Here we are back in the early 20th century, the mid 20th century, the late 20th century, etc. with even more deadly weapons, and worse insane world leaders and willing followers.

    After many decades challenging these sociopaths and their supporters, it is hard to find hope in the current world, but hope we need to continue.

    “Future generations, if there are future generations,
    thank you for your kindness and compassion as you gaze back on us through the records we have left you.
    It might not be immediately obvious,
    but some of us here saw what you’re seeing from there.”

  8. Hey lardass. The nazi Azov battalion started as a private military police working for the Ukrainian oligarchs. After the European maidan in 2014 it was absorbed in the Ukraine’s army. Since the post world war 2 CIA sponsored Stepan Bandera terrorism in Eastern Europe to accomplish the assassination of presidents, representatives, judges, police, civilians. CIA funded nazi summer camps in Ukraine over the last 78 years to prepare new generations of nazis to the promised new world.
    The nazi ideology is well accepted among many Americans since before ww2.
    America now in bringing Azov members from Ukraine to visit schools in New Jersey to lecture children about their achievements and how they can contribute.

    1. So it’s not Russian disinformation after all?

  9. Of course, when one considers that ruling dynasties were started by the most successful criminal gangs of their times whose leaders’ main talent was to be able to stick swords through their rivals’ bodies before ruthlessly plundering everything that wasn’t nailed down and that social success was conditioned to pleasing those bullies by making them richer and more powerful through self-serving laws, it’s hardly a surprise that we didn’t end up with enlightened, loving and peace-seeking societies.

    1. While on the highway to: enlightened, loving, and peace-seeking, we were detoured and fleeced by J.P. Morgan and The Federal Reserve; Ronnie Reagan unleashed the corporations through Deregulation (with no consequences for malfeasance); our careers were exported by B. Clinton (AKA-Slick Willy), through NAFTA (but he never inhaled, and didn’t have sex with that girl); we became aware of what “too much and never enough” meant, by D.J. Trump’s actions, and finally, introduced to “dog faced pony soldiers,” and “Corn Pop,” by J. Biden. What more could you possibly ask for?

      1. Do you want to do push ups with him?
        You’d better think twice :o)

        1. Well, I’ve ruled out the Klaus Schwab spokesperson ASSignment; however, Klaus has convinced me he is THE authority pertaining to the VAERS non-vaccine. In light of this, it is an honor to be the first to encourage Klaus to receive the “real” PMI (population-modification-inoculation). His behavior qualifies for a head-of-the-line position (no waiting required).

  10. Bankonomics has usurped real economics. Witness the results all around you! What’s the matter with you all? Use different money! Make it interest-free throughout its life from creation to cancellation. Any interest rate is usury. Forever a big *NO* to usury.

  11. Many years ago, it became apparent that the selfish United States’ ruling class had unfair economic advantages. They bribe legislators to create bills that favor them, or their corporate interests; or they acquire businesses through hostile takeovers, etc. Of course, these actions lead to monopoly and inequality. Unfair advantages also create unemployment, and cause family calamities in some cases. After soul searching, I decided to permanently boycott specific corporations, if an alternative was available. I was pleased to find that anticipated hardships, from my decision, didn’t manifest at all. You can do it too! I have boycotted Ebay and Amazon for years now; and I don’t miss them at all. Why not take a stand? You know what these corporations are doing to hard working people. They’ll attempt to take everything from you, and if they can, they will. That’s capitalism…
    War is being waged against you, a class war. I’ve included an excerpt from a cited article (independent media), below. This is probably our future, if we have one:
    Class Warfare Grinds On ( Eve Ottenberg):
    Excerpt: Overall, government priorities do not include worker pay or working conditions. That is to be expected in an oligarchy such as ours here in the U.S., but so are labor revolts. As the economy crumbles, because it serves only those Ubermenschen known as defense corporations, as the main American export becomes, steadily and more steadily, weapons, since we live under a military industrial corporate dictatorship dependent on bloody foreign wars for its monstrous profits, you should expect that other war to heat up, that other war that never makes headlines in major media, but that profoundly affects all ordinary people – the class war.

  12. A fine sentiment but future generations will not be learning from mistakes we make any more than we have learned from our ancestors.

    That is a good thing as we have no wisdom to pass on to the future. Our ignorance dies with us.

    Future generations will cultivate their own brand of ignorance.

    How is it reasonable to expect future generations to be more wise when relative to our own people they will have less education, less news and less contact with others.

    The future is medieval not cosmopolitan.

    How many people now know about the the great famine of 1315? What lessons were learned?

    in the coming dark age people will be far too brutalized to learn a damn thing.

    “kindness and compassion as you gaze back on us through the records we have left you.”

    Records are digital. Digital records die as soon as power goes out. While we have power we can do what future generations can’t. We have something to read, they won’t.

    here is part of it:

    Thomas Malthus (1766-1834), an English political economist, wrote a powerful treatise called An Essay on Population. In it, Malthus stated that, since production increased arithmetically (2, 4, 6, 8, 10) and population increased geometrically (2, 4, 8, 16, 32), the population of a region or a world will eventually increase until there are not sufficient resources to support it. From 800 to 1300, the total production of Europe had increased steadily. Although there had been local food shortages in which many people died of starvation, the standard of living in Western Europe as a whole had risen even while the population had steadily increased.

    By the beginning of the 14th century, however, the population had grown to such an extent that the land could provide enough resources to support it only under the best of conditions. There was no longer any margin for crop failures or even harvest shortfalls. At the same time, however, the Western European climate was undergoing a slight change, with cooler and wetter summers and earlier autumn storms. Conditions were no longer optimum for agriculture.

    1. We are overdue for a culling of the herd. Be it by war, starvation or pestilence. The current guesstimate will be 2 to 5 billion in the next generation.

      1. So you’ve finally signed for the Klaus Schwab spokesman job?
        Or are you just volunteering for being in the first culled batch?

    2. Well, thank God they had the plague to fall back on, and that was no accident either. The poor innocent well poisoners cried foul, when they were caught.

    3. Malthus, as in Malthian?

  13. Desierto: Memories of the Future.
    By Charles Bowden

  14. John Isaacs-Young Avatar
    John Isaacs-Young

    Hopefully a future generation will be so enjoying the active present they will not care to look back at all.

  15. Dear Cassandra, the trouble (still) is that no-one’s listening to what you say.

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