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The best western journalists are overwhelmingly despised while the worst are acclaimed millionaires. Western civilization is built on lies, dependent on lies, powered by lies. Don’t seek widespread approval. It’s worthless.

Live long enough and you’ll learn that the people who’ll really hurt you and screw you over aren’t the obvious, overt monsters but the sly manipulators who smile to your face. The US empire is a sly manipulator smiling and posturing as the good guy by contrasting itself with overt monsters.

As our consciousness has expanded it’s become unacceptable to be seen as an overt tyrant by the public, but that just meant the emergence of a sneakier form of tyranny. The age of the brute gave way to the age of the manipulative bitch. This manipulative bitch of an empire has been instigating and orchestrating violence at mass scale and then using its unrivaled narrative control machine to blame the violence on other powers. And its provocations are only getting more and more aggressive and more and more dangerous.

If humanity meets its end, it will come not at the hands of the overt monsters but the sly manipulators. The trajectory toward the horrifying global conflict we appear to be fast approaching was set by the manipulative bitch of the US-centralized empire.

If there’s one thing sly manipulators hate, it’s people who continuously highlight whenever they are being manipulative. That’s what drives the ongoing push to silence, censor and marginalize critics of empire. Julian Assange is in prison because he spotlighted the manipulative bitch.

Manipulators can only manipulate when their manipulations are invisible to their subjects. A grassroots push to bring public awareness to the empire’s manipulations would hamstring the empire. The empire knows this, hence the push to neutralize empire critics in myriad ways.

Friendly reminder to the English-speaking world that Iran is none of your fucking business and any kind of intervention from your government literally always makes things worse.

Remember, it’s crazy and conspiratorial to say the CIA likely is involved or will soon become involved in domestic uprisings in a US-targeted nation. The sane position is to believe that the CIA never does anything, and its officers are all sitting in their Langley offices watching Netflix. The responsible, correct view is that the CIA’s extensively documented role in fomenting domestic uprisings around the world is strictly a thing of the past, and that the agency now receives billions and billions of dollars each year to do nothing whatsoever.

If you lived with someone who always steals things you’d suspect them anytime one of your valuables goes missing, but you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist if you think domestic uprisings in a US-targeted nation might involve the CIA. We learned the CIA was literally plotting to assassinate Julian Assange five years ago and people still act like it’s crazy and outlandish to suggest that they’re doing evil things in the world currently.

If you don’t want people speculating about CIA involvement whenever there’s unrest in a nation the US government doesn’t like, you should be calling for the dismantling of the CIA. Otherwise you’re just supporting the CIA as it works to foment those kinds of uprisings and yelling at people who don’t like it.

People don’t “serve” in the military, they work in the military. It’s a job. And if it’s a job with the US or any of its imperial member states, it is one of the most unethical jobs that anyone can possibly have.


People who defend the US empire from criticism aren’t actually defending the empire, they’re defending their worldview. They’re staving off the flood of cognitive dissonance they’d experience if they saw that everything they believe about the world is a propaganda-induced lie.

That’s why so many of them say things like “Of course our government does bad things BUT-” and then make up some nonsensical gibberish like “you think Putin is an innocent little flower” or whatever. They don’t love the empire, they’re just flailing around protecting their worldview. Their arguments consistently lack robustness because they’re not invested in defending some globe-spanning power structure (people don’t usually do that unless they’re paid to), they’re just throwing up any walls they can that will protect their worldview.


Still, though. Imagine being such an embarrassing, sycophantic bootlicker that you’re emotionally incapable of handling the fact that there are a few fringe people on the internet who spend their time criticizing the most powerful and destructive government on earth. Imagine actually seeing that as a problem. There are actual people who sincerely see the existence of empire critics anywhere online as a problem that needs to be solved. How far gone do you have to be to live like that? How much bullshit must you have poured over your mind and heart for that to seem sensible?

Most people get that you can’t win a nuclear war, but not enough people understand that you also can’t even remain fully in control in a nuclear standoff. There are too many small moving parts, too many things that can go wrong. Google “nuclear close calls” if you doubt this.

Our rulers are ushering us into a nuclear standoff of steadily increasing escalation, and they cannot, cannot, cannot control its outcome. They’re gambling everyone’s life hoping to win the prize of planetary domination, and their game is getting more dangerous by the day.


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48 responses to “The Best Journalists Are Persecuted And Despised: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. The United States thought their free lunch would last forever (their Capitalist/Imperialist institution of thievery). They revere the Romans, don’t they? Maybe they should convene with the Romans, and get their opinion on the: Ostrogoths, Franks, Vandals, and the Gauls, etc. That group might knock some sense into those American craniums. Nowhere is it written that the U.S. will be exist forever! Hey United States, why don’t you try thinking “in the box” for a change; you absolutely don’t appear to have the capacity to think “out of the box!” BTW: FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW AND STOP YOUR WARMONGERING! YOU ARE DEFINITELY NOT EXCEPTIONAL.

  2. FREE JULIAN NOW, you fracking turd blossoms! Who do you think you are, the illustrious potentate? Why don’t you (US) try a little tenderness? Hell, you might (I doubt it) salvage some dignity and prestige from a positive change in your behavior. Just think, if you had resolved the issue with Ed Snowden, Russia wouldn’t have granted him citizenship. But now, Russia will use that kind gesture as positive propaganda against you! Shit, you (US) haven’t seen the ball since the kick-off (that goes for you too Biden; and I haven’t forgotten the Retoxicants).


  3. FREE JULIAN NOW! Just look at the US and its projections? They are trying with all of their might to maintain their dominance and pseudo-values. The US hasn’t learned how to cope with a dynamically changing world. Instead of cooperating with the world, they take out their “big stick”, forget to talk softly, knock you on the head and steal your resources (e.g.- oil and Syria). WAR…what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again…W…

  4. The EU relies in 4 dark lords. The French bank, the Italian bank, the German bank, the Vatican bank. It takes just one out of the equation to make the EU disappear.
    Three dark lords respond to the US empire. Vatican has its own agenda.
    So there are 5 elements involved in Europe. What do they have in common? They don’t care about what people think or say. Take a look at the German FM – “We will support Ukraine till the bitter end no matter what our people say about our current poor living conditions”.
    They don’t give a fuck to the likes as Assange as well.

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  6. One could read the MSM all day long and never encounter a phrase as apt and visceral as “manipulative bitch of the US-centralized empire”. Their very tone is a lie. And I’ll reiterate my agreement with your repeated warning that the bigger danger of nuclear war isn’t that one will be started, it’s that one will start itself. We’re spinning ever more frantically, and we’re eventually going to hit a loaded chamber.

  7. Blatantly obvious when we are paying attention.

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    1. Gloria… Gloria… What a disappointment… Yesterday you were almost making sense and sounded capable of fooling a sucker or two in a few weeks and here you are, herring again (earring, erring?)… What are “very sincere and simple online sports activities” for Christ’s sake? Of course “sincere” strikes an emotion but that’s only for AI algorithms… For humans, you’ll have to be a bit more sophisticated! And “I am currently interacting briefly during this interest”? WTF does that mean?
      Get your shit together honey cuz you ain’t getting nowhere here, I tell you that 4 nuffin’!

      1. Please leave Gloria alone. We are getting married soon – I’m helping out at the moment by paying her mum’s medical expenses which are considerable. And her pets need special diet.
        Gloria is a hardworking go-getter who has foundered ethical interest in which she is interacting and balancing within.
        And she is interested in sports.

        1. Sincere sports too!

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    3. “I am currently raising an additional $33,000 or several months from home.” Gloria, I would prefer the “several months from home.” Is that available? I need a vacation!
      BTW, do you have egg on your face? It looks like you have an over easy, sunny side egg right in the middle of your noggin! Also, is that a “fracking gusher” coming out of your head? It’s either that, or you need to consider a more sustainable hair stylist!

  9. The psychotic American whore has signed her own death warrant, the more she stretches herself the more she resembles Nancy pelosi’s face fucking ugly.

  10. I got the following from a Brown University website.

    Absent the wars, the U.S. would have spent some money on the areas we now identify as homeland security, but nowhere near as much. Between Fiscal Years 2001 and 2021, the Office of Management and Budget reports that outlays for the Department of Homeland Security totaled over $1 trillion. In the 20-year period from 2001 through 2020, homeland security expenditures were more than six times as high as they were in the previous 20 years. The percentage of the federal budget that was allocated to homeland security post-9/11 was twice the percentage in the preceding two decades.

    Yeahhh. There is enough money in that budget to make sure comments here remain light and fluffy forever. Enough to make sure loading my own website (click my name) always takes longer than a minute.

    Now the US is the cyclops of the 5 eyes no doubt. But Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand do play their role. Britain is essential to surveilling American Citizens in ways that are constitutionally sensitive. Thank your lucky stars the Israelis are not part of the 5 eyes or Catlin, myself and a few others reading this would already be snuffed.

    Check this out. “Who Controls Those who Control Us? Why a Lone man at the top is the Most Dangerous Thing in the World ” A whole article involving treachery and America was not even involved. It has happened.

    Catlin, most of your audience is American. In a hundreds year war the abused children of millions of dysfunctional families settled American land and pushed American natives off our west coast. The dysfunction came from Europe and America learned empire from the British.

    Most evil is not fair. I don’t like what my Government does. I don’t like the narcissism that now pervades the American personality. The celebration of ignorance is disgusting. Calling America evil does not bother me. Many people here hate and are cruel. America is evil yes. But how does droning on about most evil accomplish our goal? The goal of reaching people and getting them to think? Turning people off is not a way to do that.

    1. Yes, everybody stop thinking.

      That’s the only way to make all the carry things go back into the closet.

      And stop seeing.

      Not seeing things as they are is the first step toward making them go away.

      Be a good Not-See.

    2. “Give me the money that has been spent in war, and I will purchase every foot of land upon the globe. I will clothe every man, woman, and child in an attire that kings and queens would be proud of; I will build a school-house upon every valley over the whole habitable earth; I will supply that school house with a competent teacher; I will build an academy in every town, and endow it; a college in every state, and fill it with able Professors; I will crown every hill with a church consecrated to the promulgation of the gospel of peace; I will support in its pulpit an able teacher of righteousness, so that on every Sabbath morning the chime on one hill should answer to the chime on another, around the earth’s broad circumference; and the voice of prayer and the song of praise should ascend like a universal holocaust to heaven. “~Charles Sumner, c.1840

  11. Hey, you got some sly manipulator in my overt monster, what a combination. It’s a scary Halloween treat. For the others. Here in the heart of the empire, we get multi-millionaires in suits and ties, or weird pastel pantsuits for the ladies, with smooth personalities nudging us into what to think and consume. I did see an armored vehicle with an officer in full camo with a machine gun, so domestic overt monster is always waiting in the wings, but why? we’re on the winning team, just watch your football and order some yummy corporate food to be delivered by the gig economy as they honor those who served at half time, and they do ‘serve’ – the rich. We all kind of serve the rich in some way. Even dissident fringe voices show the benevolence of our rulers, allowing a modicum of free speech from the wilderness amid the soothing roar of conformity.

    1. Talking about Halloween, I find it the perfect illustration of the incapacity of the Western man to live in the here and now. It struck me yesterday when I turned on my computer and the image that appeared was a pumpkin field, with suggestions to play quizzes about Halloween and shit. I thought “For Christ’s sake!” Halloween will be on October 31! That’s in over one month! Let’s take advantage of the last warm sunrays of summer as it moves into fall, the grapes, the mushrooms, the figs, the leaves turning all shades of red and brown, the light more radiant and far-reaching, the shadows getting longer… Let’s enjoy the present! The way things are going, we might all be dead for Halloween anyway!
      Yet I suppose there’s nothing here that makes real money. Mammon has already moved on. Bye bye summer, buy buy Halloween! A whole month to spend the money you’ll have left after paying for your food and energy bills. Might be scarce! Will Halloween sound the alarm for the Western autistic economy when nobody can sell anything because people are broke and couldn’t face a $500 unexpected bill when this is what they’ll have to face every winter month?
      Yeah, let’s talk about Halloween. And then Mammon’s next stage, Christmas…
      For Halloween buy her a trumpet
      And for Christmas get her a gun!
      (I know the lyrics say “drum” but you can distinctly hear “gun”, so WTF?)

      1. What Halloween? The stores are already selling Christmas theme merchandise, but it is still kind of summery outside. Total make-belief.
        Ironically, It is becoming more like Russia inside the USA: the worse the economics, the more days for celebration. And Biden issuing new decrees to keep prices down.
        I do not know where else I can move and not find deranged old people ruling the country or empire.

  12. “The responsible, correct view is that the CIA’s extensively documented role in fomenting domestic uprisings around the world is strictly a thing of the past, and that the agency now receives billions and billions of dollars each year to do nothing whatsoever”.

    Peer reviewed studies show that the funds they get from Congress are exclusively used to help old ladies cross streets. Their black funds being used to help the blind cross streets.

    “People who defend the US empire from criticism aren’t actually defending the empire, they’re defending their worldview”.

    Or, as Mark Twain put it, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”.

    It’s actually a misattribution apparently but never mind. Mark Twain deserves to have said that. It’s like all those things attributed to Jesus. I personally don’t believe Jesus existed. David Icke, for all his flaws, has this interesting theory that the original Gospel, which all the others plagiarized, was written by Stoic philosopher Seneca and his nephew, poet Lucan, for an aristocrat named Piso who planned a coup against unhinged Nero (which would explain why the latter had them suicided) the way Constantine came up with Christianity as the ideological background for his uprooting of the incumbent Sol Invictus worshipping Maxentius. But never mind. It doesn’t matter who actually said what. The thought that Pharisees are “wolves in sheep’s clothing” deserves an attribution, even if it’s a misattribution, like for Mark Twain, because it is still pertinent today, inter alia about the US government and the name Jesus is just as good as any.

    Which brings us to another topic. I personally couldn’t care less whether Jesus existed or not. I like most things he allegedly said and whether the guy who said it was tall, small, white, brown, black, male, female, real or fictitious doesn’t make a bit of difference to me – except that his non-existence takes away all this gore stuff with everybody, including his father, letting him down on his cross to fulfil God knows what deranged sadistic prophecy.
    It’s the ideas I like, just like for Shakespeare whose physical existence is also questioned.

    Prove to me that Jesus existed and I’ll say “Alright then… So what?”

    The reason why people generally clutch to the beliefs suggested by the alpha wave-box pushed propaganda is that they identify with them because they’ve been sledge-hammered into their brains at subconscious level – MK-Ultra like – and they’ve become part of their egos, defended by the survival instinct. They identify, as physical individuals, with the propaganda that the CIA is a force for good. If you say the contrary, you threaten their integrity, like if you shot them in the leg. So they’ll fight tooth and nail and if push comes to shove, they might physically hurt you.

    We leave the domain of ideas here to enter that of existential threat and personal security which will then masquerade as national security if the stakes get high enough.

    Behind it is the whole concept of neurosis, which is really clutches to go by in life. Kick those clutches away and people fall.

    1. Of course I meant crutches…

    2. I know men, and I tell you Jesus Christ was not a man.

      Superficial minds see a resemblance between Christ and the founders of empires and the gods of other religions. That resemblance does not exist.

      There is between Christianity and other religions the distance of infinity.

      Alexander, Cæsar, Charlemagne and myself founded empires. But on what did we rest the creations of our genius? Upon sheer force. Jesus Christ alone founded His empire upon love; and at this hour millions of men will die for Him. In every other existence but that of Christ how many imperfections!

      From the first day to the last He is the same; majestic and simple; infinitely firm and infinitely gentle. He proposes to our faith a series of mysteries and commands with authority that we should believe them, giving no other reason than those tremendous words, ‘I am God.’”

      Napoleon Bonaparte

      1. This goes to show that butchering people in endless wars all over the joint won’t stop a man from having a soft spot for Jesus. I’m sure the crusaders, especially Saint Louis (the name alone makes me laugh :o) felt the same. Imagine the overall carnage if Jesus had not told them specifically, “Love thy neighbour like thyself”!

        1. PS: “Jesus Christ alone founded His empire upon love; and at this hour millions of men will die for Him”.
          Isn’t that a weird notion that millions of men would die for a man who said, “I am the life”? Isn’t that kinda typical of a guy like Napoleon who could only think of power in terms of men dying for him?
          The relationship of power with religion is the strangest thing.
          When everything is said and done though, the most loving beings on Earth are dogs and… they’ve never heard of Jesus! :o)

          1. On a slightly different twist, isn’t it amazing that Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed all received most of their funding from wealthy women?

  13. Everything is about controlling the Narrative. I learned this from Caitlin and, yes, America obviously has the best Narrative Control Machine. Our “journalists” are the worst as well. I write about all this in my first Substack post.

  14. zbigniew dzwonkowski Avatar
    zbigniew dzwonkowski

    Why do only Russians understand the Word-phrase , the Mir-A-cle , soon ? Do you perceive its multi-meanings ?….

    1. I know that in Russian, Mir means both “peace” and “world” but I still don’t get your comment. Could you explain?

      1. it’s also russia’s replacement for visa.

  15. “To stand up for truth is nothing. For truth, you must sit in jail.”
    ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    “In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”
    ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

  16. Actually, J.F. Kennedy, promised to shred the CIA into a thousand pieces, the result of that was his death. Before his death on live television he spoke of the conspiracy that we see unfolding before us now. Some of those conspirators actually served as U.S. presidents.

  17. Just re-watched James Cameron’s “AVATAR” – the world of “Pandora” and the clearly US mining giant destroying the interconnectedness of living things for profits. A perfect metaphor for the US/CIA activities on THIS world!

  18. Depends on which side you are on – hard end of the stick or the propaganda end

    1. Propaganda is just the shield on the stick. If it doesnt work, the shield comes off.

  19. How come you didn’t include these three letters, Caitlin? F B (fuckin”) I ???
    Otherwise, a superb piece of an alysis, as always!!!

  20. Iran is literally business of the English speaking world, because they used to steal oil there and give nothing to the Iranians for their oil. Imperial business as usual.

    1. INNA, Your comment is HALF correct. The business of stealing Iran’s oil was going smoothly as long as the U.S. and U.K.’ appointed DICTATOR had control of their country.
      But, when he was overthrown, and the Iranians finaly took control of their country back, and then KICKED the Americans OUT, locking up their Embassy staff and disallowing them to leave. That was an issue, and TREMENDOUS loss of face to the Americans, who vowed then and there, to never ever let the Iranians forget who’s boss of this planet, and payback for them will be severe. That’s why the furphy of nuclear weapons they have been harping on about ever since, is just that, a Furphy. Consider, when the U.S./U.K. had control of Iran thru the Shah, the U.S. Company, WESTINGHOUSE sold them a nuclear reactor, easy as. No one was worried about them having such a thing then, as long as it was U.S. made, and the U.S. stood to profit. Amazing, that Iran;s actions for self Government has caused so much smarting to the Americans. Other nations need to take a good look, andrecognise this is what happens to you, if you reject U.S./U.K. dictates.

      1. That sounds like a threat, how would you like it if I threatened you and whatever world army that backs up your words, with the Arch Angel Gabriel and her terrible swift, flaming sword? You don’t even have to answer that question, because when your saviour comes to lay down his rule, God’s Holy Bitch Gabriel will cut off his head.

        1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
          Carolyn L Zaremba

          Nonsense. The final sentence in Eddy’s comment is true. Factually true.

          1. That’s why most rapes go unreported, they were only meant to serve the upper classes and even then, only women of certain ethnic backgrounds. But, honesty and truthfulness? No way in hell; my phone was hacked for hours afterwards, definitely a domestic spy of some sort, might even be the guy behind my mother’s murder, more like than not it is, and a serial child rapist and murderer.

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      1. “using balancing within the given stats system”: “Balancing?” Gloria, are you employing acrobatics now? What do you think you’re doing, auditioning for Cirque du Soleil? Come on, let’s get back on task; we need to generate sizable incomes with legal, at home, internet use!
        If you repeat this, I’ll have no alternative but to convene with Avy about an intervention for you! I understand, please don’t cry…
        Reply for details: 1-800-CON-TENT, operators are not standing by, they are on strike! The only time your call is important to us is if you have your credit card handy!

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