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Avoiding nuclear war is the single most important agenda in the world. The single most important agenda in history. It is more important than your political faction. It is more important than how Vladimir Putin makes your feelings feel. It is more important than anything else.

Whenever I say this I always get some liberal saying “Some things are worth dying for” or some shit. Actually, no. Nothing, literally nothing, is worth the obliteration of all life on earth. It’s not worth gambling all terrestrial life to please your dopey egocentric fixations.

People who think nuclear brinkmanship is worth the risk either haven’t thought hard enough about what nuclear war is and what it would mean, or they just hate life and have some sick desire to see the end of everything. Either way they should be dismissed with extreme aggression.

If there’s one thing everyone should be able to come together on, it’s that every measure should be taken to avoid the end of everything. It is only because our civilization is awash with war propaganda that this isn’t glaringly obvious to everybody.

That necessarily means de-escalation and detente. It means compromise. It means change. It means acknowledging what your side did wrong to bring us this close to the edge and taking drastic measures to change that and make sure it never happens again. It’s not egoically pleasing, but it’s necessary. More so than anything has ever been. Risking the annihilation of all terrestrial life is not worth the egoic gratification we get from our narratives about “winning” and “losing” and “good guys” and “bad guys”. This is infinitely more important than that.

Our civilization is so backwards and insane that people will act like you’re the worst person in the world for saying we should try to avoid nuclear armageddon. I and many others have been screaming for years that US policy toward Russia is bringing us closer and closer to nuclear war; now we’re on the brink and the people we were screaming at are acting like we’re the assholes.

Two administrations ago the US had a president who mocked the idea that Russia was a primary rival and said Ukraine was a core interest to Russia but not the US, and liberals thought he was awesome. After four years of intelligence agency-driven narratives marrying Russia to Trump, liberals are now braying for World War III.

Before 2016 Democrats saw those who spent energy freaking out about Russia as weird, archaic cold warriors. Now they see anyone who doesn’t want war with Russia as a secret agent of the Kremlin. All because they were trained that Russia = Trump and therefore fighting Russia = fighting Trump.

Everyone’s anti-war until the war propaganda starts.

Real monsters don’t look the way we’re trained to expect. Those who’ll rape and hurt us are usually people we know and trust. The most murderous tyrants don’t look like Hollywood villains; they make jokes and praise freedom and democracy and shake your hand on the campaign trail.

Those who are causing the most death, oppression and misery in our world don’t resemble the Hitler-like monsters we’ve been trained to anticipate. They look friendly. They say things you agree with. Depending on their party, they might even ask you your pronouns. Meanwhile, Marvel supervillains have more depth and complexity than the one-dimensional characters the imperial spin machine concocts to represent its official enemies. Thanos was a more believable character with more understandable and nuanced motivations than the propaganda machine’s fictional representation of Putin.

Predators know that if they stand out and look overtly predatory they’re not likely to land any prey; that’s why polar bears are white. The same is true of human predators. The unskillful ones are overtly predatory. The ones who catch the seal are the ones who hide in the snow.

Real monsters don’t look how we’re trained to expect. Because the real monsters are the ones who’ve been training our expectations.

The US empire has not gotten any less murderous and tyrannical than it was during the Bush administration, it’s just gotten better at hiding its murderousness and tyranny through narrative management, alternate forms of warfare like starvation sanctions, and outsourcing its military violence to other nations and military forces.

I sometimes get people objecting to my description of the US as the head of an empire, but that’s silly; it’s an empire in all but name. It’s an unofficial, unacknowledged empire that lets most of its member states keep their own flags and set most of their own domestic policies, but they act as a unified whole on foreign policy. If they don’t, their government gets replaced.

You get a good vantage point on this dynamic from Australia, where every time we’ve tried to set foreign policy more in alignment with our own interests there’s been a coup driven by the US. That’s why we’re functionally just a US military and intelligence asset now; just a continent-sized military base with a good location in relation to China as far as the empire is concerned.

Virtually all major international conflicts can be understood through the lens of the US-centralized power structure working to convert more and more nations into imperial member states, and nations resisting this agenda with varying degrees of success. It’s not just an empire, it’s the most powerful empire that has ever existed. Not even the British were able to project this much power and influence around the world. No other power has come nearly as close to unipolar planetary hegemony, which is the US empire’s ultimate goal.

The really transformative insights and epiphanies aren’t the ones about how you should be or what you should change, but the ones which bring consciousness to something inside you that you weren’t aware of before. Those are the revelations that leave you changed for life.

People don’t keep their New Year’s resolutions. This is because we have a lot less free will than we think we do. The closest thing we have to real free will is the ability to bring awareness to the forces within us that drive our behavior, which can then be healed and released.

Your way of living doesn’t change because you made some mental noises in your head saying you will change, but because you gained awareness of where your way of living comes from.

Addictive behavior doesn’t change when you decide to change it, but when you bring consciousness to the dynamics within yourself which were compelling it.

True selflessness comes not from choosing to be selfless, but from seeing that the self is an illusion.

True presence comes not from choosing to be more present, but from deeply recognizing the newness of each instant that is always already the case.

Inner peace comes not from choosing to be more peaceful, but from realizing that our entire field of consciousness is painted upon an abyss of pure peace.

Happiness comes not from choosing to be happier, but from recognizing the exhaultant joy which already exists in everything.

That which can be obtained can be lost. That which you choose to change will tend to change right back. But a recognition of the gifts we are already swimming in every instant of our lives brings in a health and harmoniousness which stays with us, because they’ve never not been with us.

This is as true for humanity as a collective as it is for an individual. Changes in collective human behavior always arise from the spread of awareness, whether it’s to social injustices or scientific realities. So spreading awareness is what brings real change in the world.

That’s ultimately the answer to every problem born of human behavior of any scale: expand consciousness. Bring seeing and recognition to that which is unseen and unrecognized. You can’t always choose for things to change, but you can always choose to expand consciousness.

Expanding consciousness is what happens when we closely and honestly observe our inner processes: our belief systems, our habits of thinking and perceiving, how this experience is actually happening and what it’s being perceived by, etc. It’s also what happens when we engage in activism to spread awareness of important issues, when we engage in journalistic activity to spread information, or when we speak out against abusive power structures.

And there are forces which will resist this, both within and without. There are identity constructs within us whose existence depends on not being consciously seen, and they do everything they can to distract us from looking at them. There are forces in the world who do that too. Just as egoic structures try to avoid being seen because their existence depends on it, so too do power structures work to avoid being seen for the same reason. That’s the reason for government secrecy, propaganda, censorship, Silicon Valley algorithm manipulation, and the war on journalism. That’s also the reason psychedelics were made illegal. Obstructing vision is the goal of these forces whose existence depends upon remaining unseen, whether it’s inner or outer vision.

From my point of view that’s what all of life is about: bringing seeing to what’s unseen. The appearance of life on this planet made it possible for the universe to behold itself, and it’s beholding itself with greater and greater depth and complexity as life grows more advanced.

The path toward harmony in ourselves is the same as the path toward harmony in society is the same as the path toward harmony in the universe: bringing clear seeing to what is, in whatever way we can. That’s how we bring harmoniousness to what is, on every level.


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78 responses to “Nothing’s More Important Than Avoiding Nuclear War: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Just because I don’t like mosquitoes, that doesn’t mean that I think that they should go extinct, the same is true of psychopathic killers, unless, of course if there’s no other way; some people are just different and maybe even difficult. The girl that I was once engaged to, killed her first boy friend, I was her second. A friend that I met that was going through a rough time, cut off his best friend’s head in a moment of rage; he considered me his only friend, but boy was he quick to fly into fits of rage. Everybody needs understanding and maybe even love. Wouldn’t it be a shame if all these psychopaths were to just disappear from the earth? I think so, because they’re just trying like the rest of us. Don’t laugh, there is a reason why I wrote this, I just can’t say why at the moment.

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  3. ~
    There is a Buddhist meditation to think about and deal with everyone as if you have been their mother and they have been yours, because in some lifetime or another, both have happened.
    Maybe that is just Buddhist nonsense because otherwise no one would ever look at anyone the right way without it. Because the hardest and wisest thing to think about anyone else is that they aren’t so different at all, Republican, Democrat, asshole down the road, nice old lady down the road. All so much more similar than different. And that thought is the only one I know that would allow us to have the great war no one showed up for. It’s also the one thought all the war propaganda, be it doves, hawks, whatever, all tends to destroy first.
    That’s the core of “The first casualty of war is the Truth.”

  4. Read HIROSHIMA for free here:

    It still scares the hell out of me.
    Someone should read it to Biden and the State Department.

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  6. I am becoming more and more certain that US, Britain and Ukraine are preparing a dirty bomb or some other nuclear false flag attack in Ukraine to create a casus belli for attacking Russia. Petraeus just spelled out the wishes , the list of desired outcomes (bomb all the troops and destroy the Russian navy). There is a clear radical insane faction within the US establishment/The Blob/”They” that has been planning this for a very long time:

    1. IT HAS BEEN A PLAN. They developed “Marble” malware that redirected attribution of hack attacks (including on infrastructure) to Russia and China alongside the adjustment to the military doctrine stating that such attacks would be casus belli for a nuclear response. “Marble” was the 7th Vault leaks that made the CIA go insane and plan to assassinate Assange and ended up torturing him. However, nobody looked at the most obvious thing it meant: US genuinely planned a war with Russia and China and spent billions to create a plausible casus belli already years ago.
    2. IT IS ALREADY A USED TEXTBOOK. They have this textbook: declare your red lines (say, a chemical attack), then stage it (say, in Douma), then achieve your military objectives. False flags are made for the domestic and allied audience. How else to explain that you are taking the country to war? They’ve done this before several times recently. It worked (mostly).
    3. IT IS IN THE WORKS NOW They’ve been screaming about Putin using a nuclear threat for months now. It is never noted that Russia brings it up only in response to the nuclear blackmail by NATO. In fact, geography, history, context and chronology are rejected as Kremlin propaganda. They have been preparing the audience for it. They have brainwashed everyone to such a degree that they turned people into zombies who genuinely believe that Russia bombed its own pipelines.

    The stage is set. The spectators are ready and properly zombified. The end of days entertainment and the military doctrine are now one and real journalists are either in prison tortured or on the margins. The psychological magical thinking is behind the giddiness these morons feels about this war. Both born again christians and everyone else in United States think that the end of times comes for the enemy, not for them. That’s why they always loved the Revelations so much. Inflicting violence under the guise of vengeance is the most favorite plot of all American entertainment and a basic emotion allowing the genocide at the founding of this country. And Americans have been so insulated from the wars and devastation they visited on the world, that they literally think, no, they feel (!) they are immortal. Have you noticed how giddy the Blob, and media (which is now the same thing) have been since the end of February? I’ve never seen them smile so much.

    We are on the brink of omnicide. If this plan goes ahead Russia will not care what Western mainstream says, they will only care what the West does. They will respond as their military doctrine says. This means the end of civilization. Despite the self-serving hot summer night dreams of the Blob, the tardigrades will be the winners, if that.

    I fear we are at midnight even though it has been lovely and sunny outside.

    There is this one thing that makes me write it and send it out: the insult I feel that the world will be ended by morons.

    May I be wrong!

    1. A couple of years ago the USAF Secretary was asking for a budget increase to fight Russia, China, and Iran at the same time.
      So you bet that they got the budget and the plan.
      However, not everything can be predicted, so their plan is only as good as their paper dollars.
      These malicious minds are going to self destruct, I just wish we were not their human shields.

    2. I know, these foreign policy elites feel so intelligent in their abstract thinking, their abstract language, and applying rudimentary game theory to whole nations. But they literally are morons.
      What do you expect, Biden is a brainless idiot, so his cabinet must be staffed by brainless idiots as well, all the way down the chain of commands. Bcs nobody else will be able to stand their intelligence being insulted by their “superiors”.

    3. You’re definitely not wrong enough for comfort. There are for a certainty a lot of power crazed nitwits at the top of the government food chain and bent on destruction. It may come down to how far the military is willing to go along.

  7. Doctor Claims 50% of Children Who Suffer Myocarditis Due to COVID Vaccination Will be Dead Within 5 Years ( Expose):
    Excerpt: Shoemaker is a licensed physician with 45 years of experience and has worked in emergency medicine, family practice and on military bases. His works in direct patient care at the West Ottawa COVID Care Clinic and the Eastern Ontario Response Team to COVID-19, as well as his experience with the vaccines, have convinced him that the vaccine is more toxic than the virus. More toxic, more damaging and more lethal, especially in the long term as it damages the T-cells.

    1. who’s gonna keep the tabs?

      1. The master of disaster? Brewster with the booster? Calamity Jane? The sinister administer? Chester the manifester?

  8. MSM Ukraine war vs Reality

    MSM – Ukraine’s army icon, the ghost of Kiev shoot down several Russian fighter jets. Snake Island heroes threaten to sink the Russian Black Fleet. Russian soldiers desperately surrender to Ukrainian soldiers.
    Reality – Russian forces start shaping the battlefield fixing in place Ukrainian forces in Kiev and Odessa leaving the Ukrainian army in Donbas isolated and without logistic supply lines.
    MSM – Ukrainian army pushed the Russian army back to Russia. Russia in despair blow up Nord Stream pipelines. Anonymous CIA sources tell us that Putin is on the verge to be removed from power. Russian people are tired of losing battles.
    Reality – 20% of Ukraine’s territory is officially annexed to the Russian Federation. Ukraine’s army is on the brink to collapse.
    March 2023
    MSM – Zelensky is named the new Russian President. Russian people thanks NATO for saving them from Putin. No one knows the whereabouts of Putin.
    Reality – 97% of Ukraine’s territory is annexed to the Russian Federation. Zelensky is the President of Kiev region.
    April 2023
    MSM – Poland decides to have ago on Russia to teach them a lesson. Zelensky is indicated to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.
    Reality – Ukraine is totally absorbed by Russia. Romania and Poland start marching towards the new Russian borders.

  9. Americans Find Gangsters Suitable to Lead the Country ( Zuesse):
    Excerpt: On 10 August 2022, when that President’s successor was (and still is) in office, The Cradle news-site headlined “Washington steals over 80 percent of Syria’s oil output per day: The losses incurred by the trafficking campaign surpass $100bln, according to Syria’s oil ministry”, and they presented a stunning brief aerial-shot video (perhaps from Russian drones) showing the long strings of tanker-trucks hauling away that oil from Syria. Though the U.S. President now was from a different U.S. political Party, the U.S. foreign policy remained unchanged.

  10. Ratioed WordPress Avatar
    Ratioed WordPress

    I like this word RATIOED but somehow just a few know what it really means.

    According Merrian-Webster “A quantitative measure of how little they like your take.”

    According the Urban Dictionary:
    A) Being revealed as an idiot on twitter by having a high ratio of comments to likes and retweets;
    B) (In context for Instagram); When a user who comments on a post has a reply to that comment that gets more likes than the original comment. Any comment is “ratioed” when the likes on a reply to that comment outnumber it.
    C) Also spelled “ratio’d”, when the mob mentality of social media platforms like twitter back you up instead of the poor soul you responded to. Only dickheads think more likes will make your argument valid;
    D) When a reply on twitter gets more likes than the tweet it replied to;
    E) When a reply to a tweet gets more likes than the tweet it was replying to, usually indicating the unpopularity or stupidity of the original tweet;

  11. Hi CJ,
    You literally are talking to empire automations.
    If they are not simply DOD’s bots, then they could be working for DOD, or their family is – this what usually motivates them to stand with their omnipresent military.
    Public schools in US teach kids to give automatic answers, their tests to enter college only test for automatic responses. Their definition of ADHD is for children whose are slow in automatic actions – they want everybody to not think and just act automatically.
    Either way, it is empire automations bleating what have been programmed into them. GIGO.

    1. Actually, the way you set it out, Australia will become the center of the center of the New World Order, New Zealand will become the New City of London, a gated community of poor abused billionaires and Jews, forced to live in giant ghetto alongside of headhunters and other cannibals, and the mean old Americans, just like Nazi Germany will have to take the rap, and pay dearly for it, must be true otherwise why wouldn’t they have shut down Caitlin’s website? An unwitting pawn of the empire? The German people were no more in control of their country than US citizens are of theire’s. If you don’t believe that, then ask OJ Simpson why his exfather in law served in Nazi Germany, both before and during the war. He was a Rabbi after all; helping the Nazis? WTF? Yup the New World Order is in Australia.

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  14. There is more than just ending for now a nuclear conflict.
    The US does not have any conditions to win anything in conventional war with Russia neither China. All what they have are nukes and they are ones since always using the nuke option to blackmail everyone.
    They have been gambling since JFK murdered by Dulles gang and CIA.
    Any dialogue option without US nuclear disarmament will be fruitless. They will continue to play this fuck degenerate game as they want.
    Somehow letting them bomb Russia will make sure that we will be free forever from then US empire and from this world. Let’s start scratching some megalith stones telling this Storie about how the dumbest among US cannot hold nuclear weapons and power,.

  15. david outa bolelwang Avatar
    david outa bolelwang

    Whoever decided that one country in the entire world that is without historical depth,spirituality and culture, must have the right and power to print money for us all must be found and hanged. The world made the US what it is. Any country in any part of the world, would employ the same tyrannical rule the US is imposing on all of us. We all gave the US and its proxies hellish powers to rule over us just as our stupid rulers revered the British monarchy and prepared us all for takeover by the imperialist US hegemony. We must all look in the mirror and see who is worshiping at the feet of US domination and giving it the keys to imprison us all. The US is one big dangerous atheist thief in all the world. All of us across the globe cannot escape being poor as a result of the US stealing from us 24/7 with the connivance of our ‘Judas Iscariot’ rulers.If you thought a thief would keep your money safe for you, you are brain dead. The crooked US-induced illiteracy about what money and the economy and international relations should be about is the downfall of all humanity.

  16. the threat of nuclear war is indeed a very important foundation of the status quo. (after the cold war and dissolution of the ussr, there was a window to get rid of nukes, they closed it). this time nuclear brinkmanship revolves around the use of ‘tactical nukes’ and ‘low yield nukes’. just like they were calling for the ‘invasion’, they are now calling for the use of a ‘small’ nuke in ukraine (tremendous research opportunities). russian and western peoples imo should draw a line and demand that any use of nukes will be total, or else m.a.d. will be gutted / circumvented.

    1. The problem is that the peoples don’t have a say in this. It’s all in the hands of a handful of guys and we know these guys are totally insane in the strictest medical sense of the word.
      Think of all the anti-nukes protests of the 70s. Did they change anything? No. And handwringing doesn’t change anything to the fate of the guy on death row except for making his life miserable for the time he’s got left to live.

      1. well, in that case the peoples better stay out of the way and let the grownups handle it. :-). this time the peoples can refuse to protest (a protest strike) or protest in support of total annihilation.

        1. Actually, the protests did change something. One day we were in the flower power give peace a chance trip with lots of “no nukes” protests and before you could say Jack Robinson, you had kids realizing this wasn’t getting anywhere and starting the punk movement with the slogan “no future”. Well… they’ve had just as much as a future as the previous guy. They only achieved what Montaigne realized saying “I suffered a lot in my life of things that never happened :o)

          1. others will claim they stopped the deployment of cruise missiles and ss20 in europe …

      2. Just like it has always been since the first tribe formed.

  17. “People who think nuclear brinkmanship is worth the risk either haven’t thought hard enough about what nuclear war is and what it would mean, or they just hate life and have some sick desire to see the end of everything. Either way they should be dismissed with extreme aggression”.
    Of course, nuclear brinkmanship is not worth the risk! Yet, some people’s stoicism about it doesn’t mean that they “hate life and have some sick desire to see the end of everything”. Just that they’re not attached to it as the story below showcases.
    “One day a young man came to see Buddha and asked him: “O Lord, I’m so afraid for my life and that of my loved ones. Please tell me why I suffer so much and what I can do to put an end to that pain!”
    Buddha looked at him with compassion and replied, ”Do you have a son?”
    – Yes, I do.
    – Does your brother have a son?
    – Yes, he does.
    – Do your neighbors have a son?
    – Yes, they do.
    – Do other people you know have sons?
    – Yes, a lot of them do.
    – Well, then tell me if your son dies, how sad will you be?
    – Lord, I would be incredibly sad, I would not be able to bear that news. I would feel that my entire world has collapsed. I can’t even imagine that situation!
    – If your brother’s son dies, how sad will you feel?
    – Sir, I would feel extremely sad, but not as much as if my own son died.
    – If your neighbor’s son dies, how sad will you feel?
    – I would feel some sadness, but not as much as if my brother’s son died.
    – If the son of someone you know dies, how sad will you feel?
    – I probably wouldn’t feel very sad, just sorry for them…
    – Then what is the extent of your sadness relative to?
    After thinking for a while, the young man replied, ”Lord, the more I hold someone close to me, the more I will be sad to lose them.
    – Then the extent of your sadness is relative to your degree of attachment to them…
    – Yes, I suppose so…
    – Very well, now tell me one more thing: when you take your son to the beach, does he build sandcastles?
    – Yes, he does.
    – When the ocean waves break his sandcastle, does your son cry?
    – Yes, he does
    – Why does he cry?
    – Because he thinks his sandcastle is pretty and will last.
    – And he’s attached to it. But do you cry too?
    – No Lord, I don’t.
    – Why don’t you cry?
    – Because I know that sandcastle is not permanent, and it is not mine.
    – There is no difference between you and those kids who cry when their sandcastles are swept by the waves. The root of your sorrow is your attachment. If you attach yourself to something or someone, you also have to live with the consequences if they disappear. We suffer because we attach ourselves to external things or people which in reality are not ours and are beyond our control. We can only lead a happy life by not being attached to it and what it is made of”.
    True love is free of attachment, which is an overreach of the ego.

    1. Reagan and Gorbachev were attached to others and came to the conclusion that all would be less without the people we love, and so backed off from MAD.

      Those who would miss nothing are closer to nothing and can be indifferent to the terror of MAD.

      1. Also bleach IVs and horse dewormer.

          1. It would help if you could try and make some sense.

    2. the world could threaten not to stop them. that might rearrange their focus.

      1. I’m afraid they couldn’t give a fuck one way or the other.

        1. then why are they trying so hard to get consent. maybe they want to do evil sh*t and still want the world to like them.

  18. “The appearance of life on this planet made it possible for the universe to behold itself” … typical Terran centricity.
    Speaking of avoiding nuclear war, a percentage of the population actually seeks it as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, which raises the moral question of whether one could ethically use violence against such people, since they explicitly advocate violence against everyone, and we needn’t bother trying to reason with them. Maybe it’s a question of how seriously to take them, but it seems if we took them as seriously as they take themselves a case could be made for their mass extermination.

  19. Since the ’60s, folks have made claims that dropping LSD, eating brown rice, practicing aikido, chanting mantras, tantric sex, add your favorite to the list, would change consciousness and bring world peace. Maybe using plural pronouns for individuals might do it. To be conscious on the matter, there hasn’t been much raising of consciousness and definitely no world peace. Mr. Obama ruined hope as well. I was hoping if we were just hopey enough. Our overlords have even stamped out class consciousness. Now, we’re Randian individuals running around making contracts out of self interest. I’m not surprised that Mark Hamill is meeting Zelensky, but I’m surprised that I’m not surprised. I like the idea of expanding consciousness and the hope of peace, but it might be weak sauce against viciousness and greed and wheel barrows full of cash. Peace to everyone.

  20. Saving lives is awesome, that’s why we should all get vaccinated and avoid nuclear war.

  21. Before I get to what I want to say about the second half of Caitlin’s essay, Global Research, has some great articles today, and I don’t think that we have anything to worry about when it comes to a nuclear war, because our deaths where planned a long time ago. There’s a list of those who will live and those who will die. Our deaths will come at the hands of our own government. If there should actually be a nuclear war it will only be as a wiping up affair, almost everyone else will already be dead. Only countries with traitorous regimes ever really get invaded successfully; I don’t think that I have to beat a dead horse to make my point.
    As to Caitlin’s assertion that we should all try harder to appreciate life. Yes, well, that is the key to life, and why the empire strives so hard to not give us the chance to. As has been said many times before on the Star wars series, “Come Over to the Dark Side”. The Empire is first and foremost a battle for the heart and soul of every human that lives today and everyday thereafter. This is more than Armageddon, it is Judgement day, but the Judgement comes from each and every single one of us as individuals, and based on our own choices the natural order of the universe will prevail, and that will be your Judgement.

    1. Can you link to this list of who will live and die? That’s a bold assertion, maybe a crazy one, without evidence.

  22. Out of curiosity, how many Climate Change Deniers here are also Mutually Assured Destruction Deniers.

    I suspect there is a strong correlation.

    1. Also bleach IVs and horse dewormer.

      1. WTF does Ivermectin, called by CNN horse dewormer to trash Joe Rogan, which their own medical advisor Sanjay Gupta said was improper and inappropriate, have to do with climate change and mutually assured nuclear destruction?
        Asking for a friend.

        1. As I said, I suspect there is a strong correlation.

          Just my curiosity. Make of it what you will.

  23. Recovered addict Avatar
    Recovered addict

    Economic struggle is like a drug addict without the drugs.
    Faith struggle is like a drug addict without the drugs.
    Technological struggle is lie a drug addict without the drugs.
    Consumerism struggle is like a drug addict without the drugs.
    Patriotic struggle is like a drug addict without the drugs.
    Poor decisions will take place for a very long time before you can see clearly what the real world looks like.

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  25. Good news though! The Pope has just urged the Ukrainian and Russian presidents to declare an immediate ceasefire and sit down for talks.

    Some people might object that Putin and Zelensky are not even Catholics, so they won’t give a fuck about what the Pope has to say but this would be an etymological mistake.

    In early Christianity, all Christians were Catholics because “catholicos” means universal in Greek and Christianity was born in Antiochos and then, after its destruction, codified in Istanbul, then called Constantinople where people spoke Greek – because they were essentially Greeks – in spite of it being the capital of the Roman Empire. Logical.

    And then of course, as nothing can stay universal, there was a definitive schism in 1054 and the (Western) Holy Roman Empire, which was stronger militarily, nicked the term “catholicos” off the Eastern Roman Empire which was left with “orthodox”, from Greek “orthodoxia” (straight/correct opinion).

    As a matter of fact, the Catholic Pope thinks his opinion is just as correct as that of the Orthodox Patriarch if not more! And the Orthodox Patriarch is really the head of the Orthodox Catholic Church. Even though everybody has dropped the term catholic from the description of the Eastern church, the fact is that they haven’t, considering themselves just as universal as the other fuckers and their official name is Orthodox Catholic Church.

    The guys’ names even, although sounding different, mean the same thing. The Pope is officially the Bishop of Rome. Only the Italians, over time, took to affectionately call him Papa, which was kinda like the “Father” used for God, with some intimacy bonus. This was adopted by the Spanish and the French and the English, who can never do anything like everybody else like drive on the right side of the road, called him the Pope.

    Yet Patriarch has more or less the same etymology. There’s “pater” in it, the father and “arche” (rule, government).

    To complicate matters, the Latin “papa” comes from Greek “pappas” which means father and the various leaders of Orthodox Christianity (in Alexandria, Africa…) are indifferently called in English Popes and Patriarchs – and I won’t add that Orthodox priests in French are called “popes” or that the historical title of the Pope of Rome is Patriarch because that would be too much for one day.

    So one could say that the Catholic Pope of Rome and the Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople (or now by delegation Moscow) are the same dog with two different tags so to speak and yet they’ve never been able, in almost a millennium to fuse back into one universal Christian church. Each of them sticks to their guns, doing the sign of the cross respectively from left to right and right to left and all that kind of crucial stuff. Can’t even agree about that! After a millennium!

    Now if the news that Pope Francis has appealed to Putin and Zelensky to immediately sit down for talks over the ownership of four Ukrainian provinces after seven months of bitter war doesn’t make you laugh, there’s nothing I can do for you…

  26. Plans are usually foiled because most humans are operating with only one predominant hemisphere of the brain, according to Iain McGilchrist.
    “Iain McGilchrist has been outlining for many years that a fundamental problem in the way we are perceiving the world is likely to lead us into trouble. Now in 2022 he believes the situation is reaching a crucial turning point and we need to wake up urgently.
    In this conversation with Rebel Wisdom’s David Fuller he talks about how our current culture’s domination by a ‘left brain’, reductionistic, materialist and literalist perspective had reached crisis point.
    He explains how this is manifesting as a ‘war on reality’, and a series of attacks on free speech.”

  27. The problem is that a large contigent in worldwide leadership think that their first priority is winning at all cost. That puts nuclear weapons as not a priority but just another option to use to win. The world will finally wake up when the first nuke drops. Like the pipelines exploding, it will be out of the blue when least expected.

    1. Williams: “When it comes, I won’t even notice. I’ll be too busy looking good” :o)

  28. European Union leaders after 8. months of open war with Russia has made clear what they are in fact – common thugs waiting from orders while keeping millions of civilians hostages.

  29. “It’s an unofficial, unacknowledged empire that lets most of its member states keep their own flags and set most of their own domestic policies, but they act as a unified whole on foreign policy. If they don’t, their government gets replaced.”
    That’s EXACTLY like the Roman empire has done it… or the British empire… or just any big empire.
    After you conquer someone, just install a puppet government, station your troops and control the propaganda.

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  31. Using a nuclear weapon is attractive to the right lunatic in a certain time and place. An ultimate win they imagine. Perhaps from jaws of defeat?

    How does a person stop a madman in a mad world?

    I don’t know, but leaving comments on the interned won’t stop any.

  32. Caitlin, a centrist Facebook acquaintance of mine (a propaganda-brainwashed war-monger and empire apologist, after your definition) claims that your political views are those of a “tankie”. I’ve given up discussing with him, of course (after gainsaying him), but what would one say in response to such as allegation (if it were worthy of a response, which of course it isn’t)? Don’t respond unless you want to; I can’t quite figure out what a “tankie” even is, but it’s a term that’s bandied about a lot in radical left circles, mostly as an insult.

    1. If, like me, you believe that Afghanistan was better off under communism, you might be a tankie.

    2. what’s so ‘radical’ about those left circles you speak off?

  33. I am curious as to what direction all this talk about war would take if those fear mongers would reside in Europe. Just a reminder…Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs are still (after 70+ years) leaving problems with health, etc. The Yanx’s nose needs to be bloodied and good…The world has taken enough shit from this country.

  34. You don’t have to be all knowing to see the world as it is.
    The simple truth is, that no one is all knowing, not even Caitlin, so why pretend? You made your point, that’s all that matters in the end.

  35. Have the bean counters done ‘cost/benefit ratio analysis on using nuclear weapons? The cockroaches in my kitchen don’t mind a nuclear war. No fall out shelters for them – quite happy under the cupboard. Very optimistic on their chances of survival.
    What are the negatives of a nuclear war?
    I mean, all in… even with the littlies, Israel, Pakistan, India, maybe North Korea, there will be survivors – who knows? In later years two heads might be quite becoming. Three or more testicles is fine and perhaps we’ve been greedy with our multitude of limbs and phalanges.
    I opt for opting out – instant cremation if I’m lucky, or lingering death if I’m not.
    I’m happy to leave the fate of the world to my betters. Haven’t they argued all along that there is opportunity in chaos?
    Bring it on!
    (warning for our US comrades – the above was written in jest – irony if you wish)

  36. You would think that after Chernobyl and Fukushima, people would actually think about nuclear disasters and wars rationally and not in some hyperbolic insanity.
    The immediate blast areas where heat and direct force of explosion are relatively small, 10 km radius with even major bombs. Radiation immediate radius also 10s kms and 90% survivable.
    Fallout consists of radioactive particles with thousands of years half-life covering hundreds of Kilometres, but have no effect as far as radiation is concerned. They do great damage if ingested or enter the skin but washing with water, of food and skin gets rid of these particles quite effectively. Hundreds of people live within a few Kilometres of both Chernobyl and Fukushima for decades with no ill effects as they are aware of the importance of washing.
    This is why intelligent people in both the Kremlin and Pentagon can talk of Nuclear war.
    At Bagdad Airport a ‘tactical’ device was used when the Iraqi’s retook the airport from the Marines. Immediately after, bulldozers removed the rubble and the top layer (2″ -6″ ) of the surface, and no ill effects resulted from the re-opening a couple of weeks later.
    WTC 1 and 2, the debris was very quickly removed and now new buildings on the same spot are tourist attractions.
    Stop with the fear mongering. Changing climate, over population, pandemics and nuclear war are mere inconveniences that need, or will need, to be overcome.

    1. And don’t forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki…

    2. Thanks, I feel much better now. Not.

      But if you feel like nuclear war is an option, take a look at this:

    3. Link to a tactical device being used at the Baghdad airport. I’d trust you except I’ve read many of your posts and either you’re a fascist nutter or psyops stirring up trouble.

  37. Thank you, it’s unreal that people don’t know this on the deepest levels of their being. The indoctrination of today’s mass media has the masses under a trance.

  38. If we can barely agree on the other existential threat to our so-called ‘civilisation’ – climate change, then what hope do we have of dealing with the threat, or should I say – rapidly increasing likelihood, of nuclear war.
    We are not civilised – not at all. We can’t live with ourselves, other people, other species or the planet we call home. We do not deserve this planet. We have destroyed so much of it already, and now threaten to destroy all life on it permanently.
    I’ve come to the point where I think that a nuclear war is inevitable – terrifying as the though is. The deranged warmongers in the collective west think that it is winnable, and survivable. They have abandoned the MAD – mutually assured destruction doctrine that has held up reasonably well so far, in favour of this insane belief that they think gives them an advantage. Utter madness!
    Meanwhile, the cooler heads in the East, struggle to de-escalate the situation without submitting to the attempts of the west to subjugate them and absorb them into its evil empire. They know what we are up against.
    These cooler heads in Russia, China and elsewhere are our only hope now.

    1. If one is so brain-washed to believe that “Climate Change” is a threat to civilisation, then there is no possibility of discussing reality.
      Until people examine the basis of their beliefs, looking at facts and not childish screams or paid advertising, expanding consciousness consists of holding hands and chanting “Kum Baya”.
      1,500 years ago, the temperatures in Europe and UK were far warmer than today, vineyards in southern Scotland. 500 years ago the Thames was covered in 20ft of ice.
      Every single prediction has not occurred and quite honestly only a fool would believe anyone that has been wrong 100 times in the last 40 years.

      1. Yeah, that’s what ALL the Nazi-financed shills say!

        Tallying up each year’s losses or gains, reference network glaciers have lost the equivalent of nearly 25 meters (82 feet) water equivalent relative to 1970—roughly the same as slicing an average of 27.5 meters (90 feet) off the top of each glacier.

        In State of the Climate in 2019, glacier expert Mauri Pelto reported that the pace of glacier loss has accelerated from -171 millimeters (6.7 inches) per year in the 1980s, to -460 millimeters (11 inches) per year in the 1990s, to -500 millimeters (1.6 feet) per year in the 2000s, to -889 millimeters (2.9 feet) per year for the 2000s. In many parts of the world—including the western United States, South America, China, and India—glaciers are frozen reservoirs that provide a reliable water supply each summer to hundreds of millions of people and the natural ecosystems on which they depend. Their accelerating retreat poses major challenges for people and nature.

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    1. Half of what I say is meaningless
      But I say it just to reach you Julia.

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  41. Holy boxed wine you had on Sunday!
    I’ll drink tap water to get high.

    Notes from the subway bathroom
    1 – No matter how fucked up you are there is always room for more;
    2 – You are powerless and you will die working for alms;
    3 – You don’t have a special fate because you are just pretty ordinary;
    Notes from the cocaine room
    1 – You are powerful and the world needs your lead;
    2 – You can weather any storm;
    3 – You are the chosen one, take your saber light and fight evil;
    Notes from the hangover room
    1 – Your liver is not made of titanium;
    2 – It is good to fuck around but don’t fuck yourself;
    3 – The pain after taking one punch can last some hours but stupidity is forever.

    1. Bathrooms are the ultimate agora. Some additional bathroom graffiti:
      1/ Expecting the world to treat you well because you try to be a good person is like expecting a bull not to attack you because you’re a vegetarian.
      2/ The early bird catches the worm but it’s the second mouse that gets the cheese.
      3/ Seen in a London pub under a sign saying, “Don’t throw your cigarette butts in the urinals” the comment “It makes them soggy and difficult to smoke”.

  42. Yes, you would think avoiding nuclear war would be a top priority, like avoiding catastrophic climate change. Somehow, we can’t take steps to avoid, only to recover from a far worse position after the fact—and of course there will be no recovery from nuclear war. No one will be the first to speak out of the group-think that business as usual is just fine, since no one is speaking out against it…Our continued survival, at whatever level short of extinction, is going to be a miracle.

  43. Extraction and concentration of the wealth and power of the world into a few hands is the name-of-some-people’s-game. It requires a productive economy of people and industry, and natural resources to feed that economy, or there is no “wealth”. Meshing all of the parts of such a complex economy requires a secure financial system, but it is hard to create a secure and efficient financial system, because it is such a tempting spot to steal a little bit, then a little bit more.
    In the physical world be pirates. There used to be vast fleets of pirates, estimated at 40,000 pirates in one large Chinese pirate fleet. Paying to keep the piracy at bay is a cost that must be paid for any economic system.
    Keeping honest books, and paying for it, and keeping piracy at bay, by keeping honest armies, navies and police are large, serious and ongoing expenses. Those systems to enforce order and are prizes to steal from the inside, which corrupts the system, while rewarding the new thieves and pirates. The system declines until it fails, or is replaced by a better, less corrupt system.
    In the postwar Bretton-Woods system the US had a large manufacturing base, most of the world’s oil, and the majority of the world’s gold, and the atomic-bomb. The US was being an unusually decent victor. There was little choice but to trust the US to lead the financial side and the enforcement side of that “new world order”, replacing the decaying British Empire.
    Our lives have seen the corruption of that system in the financial side and in the piracy/military-enforcement side. The US lost gold and oil along the way, too. The “US” is not “really the US” now, due to parasitic players in the vast global financial regime, and in the CIA/NSA/Mossad/MI-5/MI-6/Pentagon/NATO, etc grouping. The humans who actually wield power through the bureaucratic halls-of-power are unseen, their best protection. They are often in power struggles with each other. The appearance is that they are all able to do a lot more harm than good. this is creating a downward spiral of the economic systems which support our lives.
    It seems that there is little hope for enough reform in the Bretton-Woods/NATO system, since it is so corrupted in every part, by competing corrupt interests. How could a quorum of honest people, in all of the critical arms of finance, government, military and covert-agencies be achieved to rid the vast system of pervasive corruption?
    The US went through the Revolutionary War, Civil War and Depression/WW-2 as crucibles. The Russians had a hell of a 20th century, but came out of it around Y2k. The Chinese had an equally exhausting and bloody 20th century, mostly turning around after their Cultural Revolution, the deal with Nixon-Kissinger, and the rise of Deng Xiaopeng.
    The Bretton-Woods alternative system was there for each of those regime collapses, and the Chinese got the better deal, since the Soviet-Threat was still there, and gave China a better bargaining position with the west.
    With Bretton-Woods on it’s last legs, to my analysis, I have to ask about the alternative system, which may be adopted, as the collective-west flounders in the most vast and globally pervasive economic system ever.
    The Wolfowitz Doctrine, upon which the US has relied for 30 years, is to murder any such nascent “threat” to US/NATO hegemony in the cradle.
    Hence, there ain’t one. Yet…

    The Chinese and Russians, and to various degrees the other BRICS countries, and Iran, with lots of interest from TROTW (the rest of the world), have been figuring something out since at least 2008, when it became clear that the western Bretton-Woods system was going to die, which it is spiraling into, now. They don’t have it working yet. It’s really complicated, and how many of the players are “honest” or “honest enough”?
    How do they deal with countries like Argentina, which is a productive enough country, but keeps defaulting on debt? Argentina is naturally interested in joining a new system and forgetting all the $US debt forever. These are times of deep suspicion, not trust, so any system has to have very short leashes for every country, either matching exports to imports, or transferring gold for the balance.
    The Wolfowitz Doctrine is the sort of doctrine which would lead to the destruction of the Nordstream pipelines as a threat to the current system. It is a doctrine that does not consider human suffering as a cost. Human suffering and death are an “externality” to the analysis of the Wolfowitz Doctrine. Which particular team or teams within NATOstan did the deed? Can we know? The German secret service reportedly got blind-sided. The Pentagon spokespeople say they didn’t know, and they’re probably convinced that nobody in the Pentagon knew…

    We can’t really know all of the secret-pathways into the military world of covert-operations, and cover-stories, but we can put some of it together, which the links today do.
    I remain hopeful that the nascent global trade order, the “Multipolar World”, supporting trade between sovereign nations, and respecting national sovereignty, will be able to get moving.
    The new system will need to be able to deliver.
    300,000 tons of free Russian fertilizer in European ports can’t get to Africa. 95% or more of the Ukrainian grain to prevent world famine is likewise remaining in Europe, apparently owned by Monsanto and friends, or as payment for all those weapons Ukraine has been getting from the US, but with the payment guarantied by Europe.
    We see that Russia having oil, gas, pipelines and tankers is not enough when covert attacks can prevent delivery. Italy is having trouble getting Russian gas through Austria for some reason, even though the pipelines are intact.
    This battle between the declining global economic regime, and one that is trying to stand and walk looks like it will drag on for a long time. If it ends quickly, it means the infant got killed, which almost certainly means a really long, drawn out bad period for the rest of my own life.
    In bad times, it helps to grow some food in a garden patch. That has been proven repeatedly by history. It helps to live in a smaller, but not-too-small community, with local industry, and low-overhead. Weather that won’t usually kill you is a big plus.

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    2. Sounds good except for the Bretton-Woods crap, because it doesn’t exist anymore, taken down by your very own aforementioned pirates. As a side note isn’t it interesting that for all the bitching that goes on about life in American, Americans and their 5 eyes allies keep producing more psychopaths than ever before? And, who said, “Knowledge is Power?” Why not Love? The nicest thing about powerful weapons is that after everyone else pays for their development only a very few individuals can blackmail the world to serve them or else. And, it never goes any where, just one big dossier.

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