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Vladimir Putin has signed documents finalizing the Russian annexation of four regions in eastern Ukraine, meaning there’s now a western-backed Ukrainian counteroffensive underway to recapture what Russia officially considers parts of its homeland.

Moscow has made it clear that it will use all weapons systems at its disposal to defend against attacks on territories it claims as its own, which could include nuclear weapons. Depending on if and how that happens and what kind of day all the relevant decision makers are having when it does, there is a distinct possibility that a chain of events could follow which leads to the end of the world.

This happens as Ukraine’s President Zelensky signs a decree officially ruling out the possibility of any peace talks with Putin, who recently publicly requested such talks. The US empire, which has been driving this proxy war from the beginning, is also not currently engaged in peace talks with Moscow. Things are accelerating faster and faster toward the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen, and as far as we know nobody’s got a foot anywhere near the brake pedal.

Meanwhile, everyone has gone insane. The propaganda blanket has been laid on so thick since this war started that it has become the mainstream position that only continual escalation is acceptable. Public calls for de-escalation and detente are met with accusations of Kremlin loyalty, as we just saw with the vitriolic responses to Elon Musk’s online proposal of possible terms to end the war.

There’s a popular post going around Twitter right now by a pro-Kyiv pundit named Thomas Theiner which sums up the delusional sentiments we’ve been seeing on this front.

“I grew up during the Cold War. I studied the Cold War,” Theiner writes. “When the russians/Soviets say: ‘We will use nuclear weapons!’, the only answer must be: ‘Try and die.’ All else is seen as weakness by the kremlin and will lead to the russians using nukes.”

Theiner is wrong, and has made no serious study of the cold war (or to be more precise the last cold war, since we’re in another one now). The only reason we survived the most dangerous part of that era was because of compromise and a sincere commitment to de-escalation, not because anyone was yelling “Try and die” at Moscow.

Back in 2013 The Atlantic published a solid article titled “The Real Cuban Missile Crisis,” subtitled “Everything you think you know about those 13 days is wrong.” Its author Benjamin Schwartz details how the crisis was peacefully resolved not because JFK was on the phone yelling “Try and die” at Nikita Khrushchev, but because he secretly cut a deal to remove the Jupiter missiles the US had stationed in Italy and Turkey which provoked the 1962 incident in the first place.

Moscow perceived that the only reason why that type of midrange weapon would be placed in such a way would be if the US was planning a nuclear first strike to disarm Russia, and Schwartz writes that that suspicion was entirely well-founded: the Kennedy administration had indeed strongly contemplated such a strike during the Berlin crisis of 1961. In response to this threat, as well as the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, Khrushchev moved ballistic missiles to Cuba, whose discovery led to the tense standoff which brought us far closer to nuclear annihilation than most of us care to contemplate. A secret deal was struck whose nature wouldn’t become public knowledge until decades later, resulting in both sides removing their offending missile placements.

You and I are alive today because Kennedy backed down from the brink and struck a compromise (as well as our sheer dumb luck at having one cool-headed Soviet officer on a nuclear-armed submarine refuse to deploy the weapon while being bombarded by the US navy during the standoff between JFK and Khrushchev). Kennedy conditioned his acquiescence to Moscow’s demands on assurances that his doing so would be kept secret, because then, as now, there were tremendous political pressures not to be seen as “backing down” and “looking weak” before the enemy.

But as history tells us, it’s not caveman chest-thumping that has allowed us to remain alive on a planet full of stockpiled armageddon weapons. It’s the sensibility to know when to compromise and relent rather than pushing continuously toward the edge.

Detente used to be a household term. It was a routine subject of mainstream political discourse; mainstream politicians were expected to have a clear and articulate position on the diplomatic easing of tensions with the USSR. Now people don’t even know detente is a thing. I say that word to people and it’s clearly the first time they’ve ever encountered it, and the concept itself is completely alien to them. People I talk to tend to believe the only options on the table are either (A) continuing to escalate this insane game of nuclear chicken with Russia, or (B) giving Putin everything he wants. They’re completely unaware that a third option of negotiation, compromise and de-escalation exists, much less that it has historically been viable and successful.

This is entirely by design. People don’t know that detente is an option because the political/media class virtually never mentions it anymore. The news media are supposedly responsible for helping to create an informed populace, but because their real job is propaganda they generally end up doing the exact opposite. If the public were permitted to become widely aware that these games of nuclear brinkmanship are not a necessity but a choice that is being made on their behalf, and that their leaders are rolling the dice on their lives and the lives of everyone they know and love for no other reason than to work toward securing unipolar planetary hegemony, they would no longer consent to this madness.

If people really understood how much is being risked here, and how little it benefits them, Washington DC would be on fire right now. That’s why their understanding is continually manipulated and obscured by the managers of empire.


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Feature image via the JFK Library and Museum.

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77 responses to “We Survived The Last Nuclear Standoff Through Compromise And De-Escalation”

  1. Excellent article. Everyone please share this widely.

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  4. The problem here is that in the Cuban Missile crisis did not happen while either Russia or the US was actually invading Cuba with the explicit intention of ending its existence as an independent country (the US tried, farcically, but failed).

    The difference this time round is those pesky Ukrainians – who clearly, especially now they seem to be making gains, will not be prepared to settle for any resolution of this war that results in Russia continuing to have the power to annihilate them as a country or to continue harassing them and taking chunks out of their territory.

    You don’t have to be a Nuke nut to realise that the situation has changed. Firstly, even Putin must be impressed by the fact that it’s Ukraine (with the support of its allies: but this is not a ‘proxy war’, it is Russia, which has blown the support of most of its potential allies, versus Ukraine) that is prevailing, even though it has no nukes and its supporters show not the slightest intention of threatening to use them. This is a war being won with conventional arms.

    Secondly, the response from Ukraine’s allies, even if Putin uses nukes, is not going to be nuke-led; we’re not talking about nuking Kiev from Russia’s side, nor Moscow from Ukraine’s side. If Putin were to use tactical nukes to blow a hole in some already blown town like Mariupol he’s be shelling his own side. If he dropped one on Lviv at the very least all Russian positions in Ukraine would be comprehensively bombed.
    Then there would be the inevitable escalations to ICBMs, you say. Of course there’s a risk. But I think by that time, were Putin even included to go that far (and I don’t think he is), he would be replaced.

    What’s the alternative? Well, the problem with an alternative of detente and compromise is that it rewards Russia and at very least condemns Ukraine to an endless war of attrition until Putin is proven right and a country that was attempting to become a modern liberal democracy is destroyed. At which point Russia will just move on to Georgia and the Baltic States.

    I’m sure there is already back-channel talk going in between the US and Russia. This time, however, the situation is a lot more complex than two countries just agreeing to withdraw missile positions. This time round, it’s about the continued existence of the country in the middle.

    1. Take a chill pill. Ukraine is not pushing back Russia. The US and EU are running out of munitions to waste in Ukraine. When Ukraine collapses it will be all at once. As Putin said, they havent even got started. The EU and US will sit and watch.

      1. best case scenario, bb

        for the young people i pray you are correct

    2. “ a country that was attempting to become a modern liberal democracy “

      the cache to that descriptor is past it’s use by date after the philadelphia satanic sermon

      otherwise a pretty good observation

      one main question for you, after vlad the impaler gets replaced – who replaces him ?

      it isn’t going to be general ben dover

      it would likely be general push the button

      and my guess is you or i will never know vlad was deposed

      But isn’t it IRONIC that the people who run this country have effectively erased our southern border are ready to risk nuclear annihilation for the sacred sanctity of Ukraine’s border

      Like I said, Satanic.

    3. i think you read and watch a little too much msm.

  5. I thoroughly agree with your opinions. I always have. Only one point: It. Was the Pentagon’s plan for a first strike. A plan that JFK abhord, and immediatly turned down. To paraphrase him : ” I will not be America’s Tojo”. The JFK administration was in a constant war with the generals.

    Keep up the fight.

    1. it sure is nice having a senile demented president who doesn’t tweet mean things

  6. I think much of this binary thinking – escalate or capitulate, started with the inane message from the US to other countries at the start of the so-called War on Terror after 9/11 of “you’re either with us or against us”. It said, in effect, that negotiation and compromise were no longer going to be considered. That message didn’t allow for any grey areas in between, and fast-forwarding to today, no middle ground of compromise, negotiation and real détente.
    Removing the only peaceful option, leaving only a hostile one, is in itself an escalation, becoming a threat to the enemy, telling him I won’t negotiate at all. If I can’t win, then I won’t let you either!
    Such thinking and behaviour is a sign of a desperate and deranged government, like a cornered animal that has no way out other than fighting for its life.
    It means that WWIII is inevitable. Nobody will win, everyone will lose. The two remaining questions are when will it happen and will the human race survive.

  7. In the ‘logic’ of the zio-americ hegeomons self-styled elites, escalation = peace.

  8. One of my favorite photos of JFK—was my digital “wallpaper” for a year or so. Always reminded of what he faced up against, and of his willingness to do so.

  9. The difference is that back then they really tried to avoid a war. But this time, when diplomacy has been ruled out from the very start, they even stopped a peace deal in April, when they are looking way further than Ukraine and want to defeat Russia itself, replacing Putin with some US controlled puppet and what not, it is hard to believe the situation is the same. Anybody can think anything about Biden’s mental state, but they have an army of analysts and experts and such, so they must be more than aware that these goals cannot be reached without a very huge and nasty conflict. It looks like they are looking for this war on purpose.

  10. The US has always known how to cut their losses. Zelensky is reaching the end of his usefulness. Not sure when but I see assasination in his future.

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  12. John Bolton with a serious face and not speaking anything at all can pass for a wise man. He is one of those useful idiots hired to talk about what no one can talk without being mocked. Regime change in Russia, Mr. Bolton, already happened whit US support to put Boris Yeltsin as Russian president. The Time magazine has in the first page of that election “WE STOLE THE RUSSIAN ELECTION!!!”.
    Today Bolton wrote:
    “There is no long-term prospect for peace and security in Europe without regime change in Russia,” Bolton argued in an article titled “Putin Must Go,” which was published by the online journal 1945. Change “must involve far more than simply replacing Putin,” according to Bolton. “The whole regime must go.”
    He proposed funding Russian “dissidents” who could team up with mid-level officers to overthrow President Vladimir Putin in a coup.
    “Carefully assisting Russian dissidents to pursue regime change might just be the answer,” Bolton argued, in a twist to Peskov’s logic. “The key is for Russians themselves to exacerbate divisions among those with real authority, the siloviki… Once regime coherence and solidarity shatter, change is possible.”

    But today, John Botton is growing on me. He just might have the answer not for Russia, of course but for the USA. I can vouch for Bolton that this is exactly what the world needs to get rid of the US terrorist threat worldwide sabotaging elections, blowing up stuff and the usual unthinkable things done only possible to happen in sci-fi novel but sadly is home made by the US to the world.

    1. Ah yes but… they are the good guys (TM)! That makes all the difference! If you’re the good guys (TM), you can incinerate a whole village, it doesn’t even make the news but if you’re the bad guys (TM), you’d better make sure you don’t run over a snail while driving!

      1. PS: Imagine if some Russian hot shot, like Medvedev, said the same thing: ““There is no long-term prospect for peace and security in Europe without regime change in the US,” which “must involve far more than simply replacing Biden. The whole regime must go.” You’d hear about it from galaxies billions of light years away!

  13. Let the Russians win this one there so we don’t have to let them win the next one here.

  14. How Squishy Math Is Revealing Doughnuts in the Brain

    Maybe it’s not us, but the way evolution designed our brains and hense how we think.

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    1. Exorcism: George Carlin, get out of this algorithm!
      “The month comes from this interest at home. I am currently interacting briefly during this interest and making a lot of money online using the usable useful resource of by using the balance” gave you away :o)

  16. How can we discuss nuclear disarmament when our kids have school assignments to learn about why 9/11 changed security in airports even if officially no terrorist was never caught in any airport worldwide after 9/11? Somehow we will see new school assignments in the coming year about why the Ukrainian war is important to justify NATO. Perhaps with some personal effort Nord Stream explosion will be included too.
    CIA black ops define what will be learned at schools.

    1. Ah yes but it helped some people make money! Wikipedia tells us laconically that Michael Chertoff [former Secretary of Homeland Security] “has been an advocate of enhanced technologies, such as full body scanners” and that “his lobbying firm Chertoff Group (founded 2009) represents manufacturers of the scanners.” Can’t make that stuff up! :o)

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    a) TV shows,
    b) Public demonstrations supporting NATO,
    c) to shake sanitized hands with politicians (it can be a virtual shaking too).
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    Rewards – We will provide 5% discount in your monthly gas bill (only if you don’t have due bills to be paid). Depending on your personal performance you will be included in our “emergency gathering” list to attend last minute events.

  18. The angry, screaming, belligerent, haughty voices screaming “Back Down, We’re America” are not America. They are the parasitic demons which have beset this nation and are eating it out and poisoning it like wormwood.
    Modern economic theories have been developed in the past 300 years, a period of exponential growth of industrial capitalist economy, and more lately global financial capitalism, which is not the same, but assumes exponential-growth, while being st to maximally parasitize real-economy, which shrinks real-economy, independent of other physical limits to economic growth, like resource depletion and pollution.
    With “Parasitism” being the-name-of-the-game, there are also many covert parasitic draws speeding collapse of the financial system. The financial system is the guide for the physical economy, and it has lately placed almost all decision-making in the hands of short-term-extraction specialists, maximizing quarterly profits.
    The real-economy is fundamentally the life support system for humans on earth, but it has a lot of optional attachments, too. The optional economic sectors will suffer from a widespread fall in “discretionary spending” as people are forced to focus on core needs of food, fuel and shelter.
    Globalism has been “deflationary”, reducing costs and prices, but at the cost of poor foreign workers in high-pollution countries. That is like a one-time strip-mining of those people and countries, and it appears to be mostly over.
    The current inflation in the world is not due to economic overheating, as was arguably a big part of the case in the years around 1980, when Paul Volcker stopped $US inflation with extremely high interest rates, which mainly hurt working-people and industry.
    This inflation is due to a fall in production of goods and services, superimposed upon a chronically and acutely increased supply of money. The world was accustomed to the increase of cheap money, but real-economic-production has fallen-and-can’t-get-up. The starved, bled and overloaded mule has given more than it can sustain and needs the bloodletting to stop, more feed, and the load reduced.
    Raising interest rates to reduce inflation hurts the poor mule. Raising interest rates extracts more blood from industry and workers, at the same time that the industrial mule is being starved by oil and natural gas shortages and price-increases.
    What’s a central-planner to do? Wage-Price controls, last implemented under Richard Nixon, in a time when real economic growth still persisted, but prices had shot up from the American default on gold, and the oil-price-wars, left a bad-taste in every mouth. Such measures pick some businesses to bankrupt, and reward sly manipulation of financial loopholes by parasites extracting value. They are a form of central-economic-planning without much “planning”, a short-term move.

  19. “If people really understood how much is being risked here, and how little it benefits them, Washington DC would be on fire right now”.

    No, The American People are not politically aware and awareness would have to increase by an order of magnitude before American people think there is anything wrong with American Foreign policy.

    The moral bankruptcy of a nation that thinks American Football games are the model which should be used to solve all problems is complete. In America the world is divided into ‘winners’ and ‘losers’. Losers get screwed. People in America are fine with class differences and hegemony. Catlin, you assume everyone has moral sensibilities like you do. This is not true.

    People here would rather let their grandmother die than get a Covid vax or follow rules. There is no sense of duty in America. Community died here and everyone is an insular cretin now. ‘Everyone’ being something like the percentage of Eastern Ukrainians who voted to return to Russia.

    Sorry to say it like it is everybody.

    1. Maybe Grandma died FROM an mRNa COVID-19 “vaccination”.

      1. Pfizer made him an offer he couldn’t understand :o)

        1. That’s just as crazy as calling someone a Russian bot.

        2. you don’t hearses with a luggage rack

        3. you don’t see hearses with a luggage rack

      2. Maybe she wasn’t vaccinated with bleach.

        You know that’s what saved Trump when he was airlifted to Walter Reed Military Hospital.

        1. You obey-freaks are incredible! A vaccine is not supposed to protect other people, it’s supposed to protect you! You don’t get the polio vaccine to protect other people from polio but to protect yourself! So why would you get vaccinated to protect your grandmother? Doesn’t even begin to make sense!

    2. “People here would rather let their grandmother die than get a Covid vax .”
      Grandmothers were left to die, alone & without proper treatment, in hospitals and nursing homes all across the country. The ineffective & dangerous “vax” (along with other horrific public health policies & protocols) put profits for Pfizer and hospitals through the roof while hanging our elderly and infirm out to dry. Blaming those who didn’t take an experimental “emergency-use” “treatment” that didn’t stop infection or transmission is seriously wrong.

      1. Jimmy Dore had a good take about the whole shebang yesterday:

        1. “I wonder why Americans who are constantly being lied to by politicians & receive substandard, overpriced healthcare would have a different level of trust in those institutions than a guy who pays politicians to do his bidding & gets the best medical treatment money can buy.”
          Of course Jimmy doesn’t really have to wonder, and the explanation is right on….
          The lies are legion and that sonofabitch Gates should just keep squirming till he gets his due.

    3. K-dog, hope you got your covid booster. Winter is coming soon.

  20. Thanks, Caitlin, this might be your best piece so far. It should be front page above the fold in the Times, it’s that important. Scrolling through your comment section, I see references to Jesus, Trump and other right wing and conspiracy nonsense (no, the US is not a failed state populated by street gangs). It saddens me that the comment section isn’t populated by clear eyed leftist thought, also, that sane commentary isn’t coming from Bernie Sanders or others with reach, but from Australian hippies.

    1. Does Trump Derangement Syndrome now equate with “clear eyed leftist thought”? A simple mention of the guy willing to have an “entente” relationship with Russia – which he did – before being Russiagated into sanctions – which he was – drives you up the wall? And you call that a sane commentary? How can one get more entitled and delusional?

      1. The McCarthyite Democrats provoked Trump’s abandonment of entente with Russia as surely as they provoked Putin into escalation into from the American bad faith encroachment.

  21. The MSM is massively doing this dirty job to manipulate through lies because they know they don’t have support to nominate a superintendent for a small condo when the topic is nuclear war. Look at Joe Biden. Since he took power his ratings are flat as flat goes. Can someone remember the last US president who “privately” announced he was running for reelection? None did this. The dam holding US lies, war, CIA black ops, US political-economic-military terrorism, narco-traffic is full and cracking.
    Try to make a public protest against the US policies about Ukraine on Times Square today. FBI, SWAT, choppers, snippers will be there to make sure everyone is happy with no dissent about what is going on. We are hostages of the US terrorism. Fox News has a headline about 3 teenagers who stole a Maserati in Florida. Do you really believe the police acted calmly? Would hire the SWAT and FBI to train your country’s police? You are not training police officers but terrorists to do whatever it takes to kill your people.

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  23. The first time I went to Morocco was as a backpacker. Normally, if you go to Morocco these days, you take a plane and you land in a modern airport that looks like any airport, take a taxi that looks like any taxi and end up in a hotel that looks like any hotel in the world.

    As a backpacker then, it was different. After a night spent in the luggage net of a Spanish train, you crossed the strait of Gibraltar on a ferry, and you ended up in Tangiers where guys would try to sell you hashish as you got out of the boat and walked toward the first café to consider your next move.

    Most of them had their faces barred by a moustache that gave them a ferocious air.

    I went into a dive, asked for a mint tea and as I was sipping it, a dude started to talk loud at another who talked back louder. Their exchange was in Arabic, which I didn’t understand, but you didn’t have to know the language to surmise that their tone of voice was not moving their horoscopes toward any cosy resolution.

    They shouted louder and louder with ominous expressions and suddenly, just as I was expecting a knife to come out of a pocket and a throat to get slit, one of them said something which made the other laugh and before you could say Osama bin Laden, the whole café was roaring with laughter.

    That’s when I learnt to take brinkmanship with a grain of salt. Like everything else in life, it is not linear but cyclical.

    The US is poking the bear. So far, it hasn’t affected it but shown the extent of its patience. It took eight years of Nato-Kievian shelling of the Donbass and 14,000 ethnic Russian deaths for Putin to finally step in. And they say he wasn’t really ready to invade even then until leaks – probably organized by Washington which wanted him in to sell weepins, as Jacinda says – showed that Kiev was going to launch the mother of all attacks, which would have led to a bloodshed beyond previous proportions. Donetsk and Lugansk declared independence and Putin stepped in as R2P. Now they’ve voted to be part of Russia.

    Vis-a-vis the international community – beyond the Western Orwellian hive that everybody knows is clinically insane -, Putin is the good guy and the craven assassination of poor Darya Dugina could only reinforce that feeling. The US has blown up his pipeline but it only functioned marginally and was doomed anyway as Biden and Vicky “Fuck the EU” had asserted.

    With the price of gas going up, Putin will only make more money and gas only accounts for 5% of Russian GDP anyway.

    The only one that’s in trouble is Germany. Fortunately, Fill-the-blank has promised to help them.

    Don’t laugh…

    1. i wonder what joke biden is gonna tell putin to de-escalate.

      1. Let’s hope he won’t forget it…

        1. i bet the joke would be something about the europeans. imagine that all this is a great conspiracy between two capitalist societies to screw over the europeans … 🙂

  24. See Gambling with Armageddon by Martin J. Sherwin.

    The two time presidential candidate, Adlai Stevenson II, was the sole advocate of negotiation in Kennedy’s meetings with his Chiefs of Staff. Robert Kennedy was in agreement with the Chiefs of Staff.

    Fortunately, the Stevenson position prevailed, though he was not given credit for his initiative in the book Kennedy speech writer Ted Sorensen wrote flattering his boss.

    John Kennedy ran on the missile gap with the Soviet Union which, at the time, did not exist.

    The US had intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of hitting the USSR, as well as Jupiter missiles in Turkey which, due to their lengthy preparation time, could only be used as first strike weapons were scheduled to be replaced.

    The military chiefs all wanted to do a first strike against the Cuban missiles, which unknown to the US, were already installed and launch capable.

    The military wanted to do a preemptive launch against the USSR before their ICBMs were launch capable, not knowing that at that time the USSR missiles from Cuba could have hit all states but Washington (state) and Oregon.

    1. I don’t mean to disparage John Kennedy, because ultimately it was his choice to get off the path to MAD, and he took the hit for it.

  25. I believe that when elements of government and corporate America, the ones we don’t really know about, suspected that Trump was not just a proponent of detente with Russia, but actually of entente, they were sufficiently alarmed that when Hillary came up with her election claims, they happily jumped on board. The result was two-fold: 1) Russiagate weakened Trump’s Presidency and limited or eliminated any chance for better relations with Russia; 2) Russiagate reinforced the Russia-hating trope of many years of propaganda and enhanced nativist Russophobia.
    Concerning the Cuban Missile Crisis, both the Cubans and the Soviets were convinced that the US was preparing a full-scale invasion of the island; thus, the Soviets placed missiles as a deterrent. Part of the settlement that included missile removal in Turkey was a pledge by the US to not invade Cuba.

    1. Madame-Romney-in-a-Pantsuit insisted on a US no-fly zone over Syria in her 2016 campaign. This would have meant a direct military confrontation with Russia, whose forces were there at the invitation of the elected government, guarding their vital national interests. Trump’s place in history may be as the egomaniac who in spite of himself delayed mankind’s final war by four years.

  26. Much, maybe even all that you say is true, but there is no government here we are as the US loves to say, a failed State, nothing but gangsters and thugs run what was once a country, even Biden’s own son is a Mafia Don, our three branches of a former nation are less legitimate than say the Vice Lords, the Gay Lords, the Latin Kings, the Hells Angels, and hundreds of other Mom & Pop gangsters who at least care about their neighborhood, and this land mass called America. These gangsters in DC even assassinate singers who dare to tell the truth, as just a single case in point, King Von, from the south side of Chicago, gunned down in the middle of an Atlanta street, in the middle of the night by two Mafia cops on the order of a father of a Mafia son. All is not as it seems in the USA, with pedophile Supreme Court Justices, raping and killing our most vulnerable among us, but between just you and me, ans wirh geaceKing Von, just like Jesus, has risen from the grave, and with the grace of God, we shall defeat these Luciferians.

  27. Richard Simpson Avatar
    Richard Simpson

    Victoria Nuland will cackle over the smoking radioactive ruins of Moscow like the horrific demon she is. The deaths of millions mean absolutely nothing to her, whatsoever, so long as her name is placed in the history books, as the destroyer of worlds.

  28. Richard Simpson Avatar
    Richard Simpson

    Collin Powell correctly called the rabid neo-cons pushing for endless wars, the “crazies” and he was spot-on in his assessment of them. Victoria Nuland is totally ok with the slaughter of hundreds of thousands Ukrainian soldiers and the freezing to death of hundreds of thousands of old and infirm in Europe. Crazy might be an understatement as the likes of Nuland are sociopaths, too.

    1. Colin Powell is a RINO traitor

      1. Richard Simpson Avatar
        Richard Simpson

        That very well may be, but he correctly identified the “crazies”

        1. And he’s still dead anyway.

      2. Colin Powell sold the baseless war against Iraq, with his fake white powder “anthrax” in a bottle.

        That is as Republican as possible.

        Except for the baseless wars of the Democrats, who also bought what Colin Powell was selling, and who are also “Republican”.

  29. This is my blog I don’t have to write. The second to last sentence needs to be on t-shirts.
    Along with detente, the word peace has also been written out of the mainstream vocabulary as well. Word search any government/politician/MSM site and see if you find it.

    1. I thought this was Caitlan Johnstone’s website, not Ted Christian’s blog. How did I confuse this?

      1. Subtitle: on dick-swinging considered as one of the fine arts :o)

      2. Maybe if I had written “This is -like- my blog I don’t have to write”. The connotation is that Caitlin writes what I would write if I had a blog, which I feel better about not having since Caitlin is putting it out there anyway. Just as well, since I’m apparently too subtle. Anyway, yeah, “peace” is just written out of the lexicon. So that’s bad.

        1. I wouldn’t try to wriggle my way out of this one if I were you. Only a few days ago, you already wrote: “Thank you Caitlin for writing this. It saves me doing it”. If you don’t see the obscene egocentrism and brazen arrogance of this kind of pronouncement, rest assured everybody else does.

          1. Sorry did I mention condescending smugness?

            1. Um .. yeah.

  30. peter mcloughlin Avatar
    peter mcloughlin

    Then they compromised because they could – because they had to. Today they can’t compromise – but have to. The nuclear powers are still not heeding the warnings of history.

  31. “Monarchies, aristocracies, and religions are all based upon that large defect in your race — the individual’s distrust of his neighbour, and his desire, for safety’s or comfort’s sake, to stand well in his neighbour’s eye. These institutions will always remain, and always flourish, and always oppress you, affront you, and degrade you, because you will always be and remain slaves of minorities. There was never a country where the majority of the people were in their secret hearts loyal to any of these institutions.”
    I did not like to hear our race called sheep, and said I did not think they were.
    “Still, it is true, lamb,” said Satan. “Look at you in war — what mutton you are, and how ridiculous!”
    “In war? How?”
    “There has never been a just one, never an honourable one — on the part of the instigator of the war. I can see a million years ahead, and this rule will never change in so many as half a dozen instances. The loud little handful — as usual — will shout for the war. The pulpit will — warily and cautiously — object — at first; the great, big, dull bulk of the nation will rub its sleepy eyes and try to make out why there should be a war, and will say, earnestly and indignantly, “It is unjust and dishonourable, and there is no necessity for it.” Then the handful will shout louder. A few fair men on the other side will argue and reason against the war with speech and pen, and at first will have a hearing and be applauded; but it will not last long; those others will outshout them, and presently the anti-war audiences will thin out and lose popularity. Before long you will see this curious thing: the speakers stoned from the platform, and free speech strangled by hordes of furious men who in their secret hearts are still at one with those stoned speakers — as earlier — but do not dare to say so. And now the whole nation — pulpit and all — will take up the war-cry, and shout itself hoarse, and mob any honest man who ventures to open his mouth; and presently such mouths will cease to open. Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.”
    Mark Twain

    Circumstances change.
    The “enemy” changes.
    But people don’t change.
    The vast majority are blind, dumb and stupid.
    Expecting anything else is an exercise in frustration.
    The world does not want to be saved (ask Jesus for details of outcomes) so just sit back and watch the show.

  32. Caitlin,
    No doubt the most important thing he ever accomplished, RFK–not JFK–was the true architect behind resolving the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    S.A. Hogan, author of THE DEATH TAX

  33. Kennedy backed out, and got assassinated.
    Biden is in his last years of life and he does not have much to lose.

    People’s actions can be explained by their beliefs and the context they are in. If you show people images of dollars, they start acting selfishly and antisocially (learned from a Nobel Laureate in economics).
    Since Biden’s handlers announced he is running for another term “in office” (job description: ruining entire nations), they are literally seeing lots of campaign dollars before their dim eyes, and their decision quality will suffer.
    And we will suffer too.
    There has to be a tribunal for every US President after their “term in office”.

    1. Not only did Kennedy not pursue the war agenda in the Cuban Missile Crisis, he also refused to expand the Bay of Pigs invasion/disaster. Sources say he was also reluctant to continue the Vietnam adventure. In addition, he was at war with the CIA. Now, the CIA is only the visible part of the Deep State, so we cannot simply say the CIA killed Kennedy, but the Deep State surely did.

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        1. Ah Gloria… I thought you’d gone to bomb a pipeline. Changed your icon again eh? Pity, I liked the pink one better but you’re a big girl now and it’s your life… And by the way, you’re right: “online victimization the usable helpful resource of by using the balance”. Couldn’t have said it better meself!

        2. Gloria… pet… sweetheart.
          The online English language courses aren’t working. Try going back to Latin and then work your way forward through the Millenia.
          If you are beginning with Ancient Greek I commend your diligence and of course interact with honest interest balance, but without the victimization if you please.
          Can I get a fiver on number 6, race three? Thanks mate.

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