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Once upon a time there was born a baby universe.

Like most babies, it didn’t have a lot going on for itself at first. It existed as nothing but a plasmic ocean of energy roaring outward from its point of origin, as simple as could be.

As the universe matured and cooled down a bit, things got a bit more complex. Atomic systems began to emerge. Stars started to form. Matter as we know it began to coalesce.

The emergence of stars allowed for the birth of heavier elements, which in turn allowed for the birth of planets. But while there was matter and light, the universe was still “dark” in a sense, because, like a newborn baby, it lacked self-awareness. There did not yet exist any perception in it.

That all changed as the universe continued cooling and complexifying. Just as the stars gave birth to planets, a planet gave birth to living organisms.

Just as was the case with the birth of the universe, when life first arrived it was as simple as could be. It remained in that state of radical simplicity for a very long time, like a kind of incubation period, before hatching and exploding into organisms of greater and greater complexity.

As evolution took its course, the baby universe gradually became more and more capable of experiencing itself. It opened its eyes. Sensory systems were evolved. And nervous systems. And brains.

The dawn of life brought the universe into a new stage of rapidly telescoping complexity. Matter was suddenly complexifying not over the course of billions of years but millions, and brains were emerging as the most complex form of matter.

As organisms and their brains became more and more advanced, the universe became capable of consciously perceiving itself in greater and greater depth. Colors. Sounds. Smells. Tastes.

And, eventually, thought.

The human brain is the most complex matter in the known universe, and once it arrived on the scene the telescoping of complexity went from happening on the scale of millions of years to thousands of years, to hundreds of years, to tens of years. Humanity’s ability to perceive and understand the universe with unprecedented depth and complexity allowed for more and more rapid leaps of innovation which have shaped the very face of this earth.

The arrival of the human brain gave the universe the ability to experience itself through not only sensory organs and nervous systems but through thought and through science. Suddenly the stardust was able to not just look at itself but to think about itself. To philosophize about itself. To meditate on itself. To explore itself. To run experiments on itself. To know itself with greater and greater intimacy.

Telescopes and microscopes of greater and greater sophistication emerged, giving the universe the ability to peer inward and outward with greater and greater depth. Instruments enhancing perception and measurement exploded in advancement. The arrival of computers augmented the human brain’s ability to think and understand, and the internet connected those augmented human brains across the planet.

And that’s where we now find ourselves: in the midst of the highest and most complex point of self-perception the universe has ever achieved, which is only continuing to telescopically elevate. We ourselves as individuals participate in this unfolding of universal self-perception when we learn things, when we share ideas and information, when we explore our own inner worlds and bring consciousness to our inner processes, when we contribute to collective understanding, when we help humanity move out of its evolutionary animal conditioning and become a more conscious and sane species.

The story of the universe is a story of expanding perception. The story of beingness getting better and better at perceiving itself. We collaborate with that unfolding when we expand our own awareness both inwardly and outwardly, and when we help the rest of humanity expand its awareness both inwardly and outwardly. Expanding awareness is what life is about.

We can know this is true because expanding awareness, perception and understanding is the only thing that has ever made things better. It’s what has made scientific innovations possible which have enabled us to live longer and better lives. It’s what has made societal changes possible which have caused us to treat each other more kindly and fairly. It’s what causes personal transformations which allow us to move through life with greater skill and harmony. The more aware the universe becomes on any level and at any scale, the more pleasant human life becomes on that level and at that scale.

We are not separate from the stardust of this universe. We are one with its continual adventure of self-discovery, as surely as a wave is one with the ocean. That’s why we only feel truly satisfied in life when we are consciously participating in that movement of discovery: when we are continually growing in self-knowledge, when we are learning, when we are helping others understand this life and this world. When learning, growth, exploration and expression stops, dissatisfaction sets in and life feels awkward, for the same reason it would look awkward to see a wave frozen and unmoving offshore.

We participate in the unfolding of universal awareness with any activity that helps anyone become aware of any aspect of beingness they weren’t aware of before. Bringing awareness to our own psychological habits. Exploring the nature of our own consciousness. Engaging in journalistic activity. Bringing attention to injustices and abuses. Creating art which helps people see and experience differently. Learning. Teaching. Exploring. Discovering.

That’s how we feel like we’re at harmony with the universe, and that’s how we bring harmony to the universe. For however long this adventure continues to unfold, the key to happiness and harmony is participation in the expansion of universal consciousness.


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61 responses to “Once Upon A Time”

  1. Ahh, the human brain.. The pinnacle of evolution, the most complex object in the universe.. And yet most people just want to go home and watch TV after working their 9-5 jobs.

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  6. Mathematics: The Beautiful Language of the Universe
    Mathematics is the language of the universe, and in learning this language, you are opening yourself up the core mechanisms by which the cosmos operates.

    (Mathematics: The Beautiful Language of the Carroll)

    1. Exactly right. Maths is behind everything.

      1. Mathematics is between us and everything.

    2. Mathematics is a metaphor invented by us to represent to us what the world is like.

      Reality is not constrained by mathematics. Mathematics is constrained by reality.

      When reality exceeds the limits of mathematics, it is mathematics that must change to reflect reality.

      The General Theory of Relativity was invented to overcome the shortcomings of Newtonian mechanics.

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  8. Well written, but you persist in your Earth/human centered conception of the universe. In reality it is exceedingly improbable life either first originated on Earth or has thus far achieved its most advanced form there. Just trying to help you become aware of an aspect of beingness you may be unaware of.

    1. Life is a process, and the process is a property of matter and energy.

      There is no substance or element exclusive or unique to living things.

  9. Just another rehash of Philisophiocal Idealism and there have been countless. Unfortunately for the author, this claptrap was rendered obsolete by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels 175 years ago. It isn´t the consciousness of men or women that determines their being, but their material being, i.e., their class status, income, and life possibilities, that determines their consciousness.
    Dialectical Materialism as worked out by Marx and Engels rendered all forms of Philosophical Idealism – in the sense of mind or brain being the determining factor in human development – out-of-date. Mind or brain is just another form of matter in a world of matter, albeit a highly advanced form of matter which has ascended all the rungs of historical development over many centuries in the course of the history of society which has fallen into definite stages : barbarism; primitive communism; ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Mayan, Aztec, and other civilisations; feudalism, and then the conquest of the world by capitalism and imperialism from the 16th Century onwards which is the phase we are living in today, and it is in its death throes, in more senses than one.
    Either capitalism and imperialism, especially US imperialism, is overthrown by a world uprising of the working class and the building of a higher form of human development is commenced, namely, Socialism, or humanity faces extinction in a nuclear holocaust.
    Johnstone is just the latest in a very long line of middle class prattlers who deliberately close their eyes to the class nature of capitalist society, and ignore class conflict as the critical factor in historical development over the centuries and the definite and decisive change from one mode of production, distribution, and exchange to another, higher form upon which arises a State superstructure of violence and coercion to enforce the rule of the ruling class.
    The only progressive class and social force in modern capitalist society, which is racked by crisis and the threat of World War III, is the working class because it has a material, social, and political interest in fighting for a Socialist Revolution that will make it the “ruling class,” but solely as a prelude to the creation of a classless, Stateless, Communist society over a period of decades, once the working class has seized State power all over the world.
    Middle class types are caught between the two decisive classes in capitalist society : the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. They can either side with one of these major classes or the other. Usually in “stable” periods they choose their masters, the bourgeoisie.
    But in revolutionary times, like those we are moving into in 2022, the best elements of the middle class can be won over to the side of the proletariat but only by the leadership, inspiration, implacable resolve, and example of a Revolutionary Socialist Party, modelled on the Bolsheviks of Lenin and Trotsky.
    This is the ONLY template for overthrowing capitalism and embarking on the building of a new Socialist world, free of poverty, ignorance, religion, exploitation, and War.
    Stalinism was the counter-revolutionary NEGATION of Socialism and Marxism, and, as Trotsky predicted, it was a transitional phase that would either lead to a new Socialist Revolution to overthrow the parasitic bureaucracy, or the restoration of capitalism. Sadly, the latter is what has happened in the former Soviet bloc and in capitalist China, presided over by billionaire “Stalinists” paying lip-service only to “Communism.”

    1. men or women seem to need at least some consciousness to become class conscious.
      i don’t really recall that johnstone deliberately closes her eyes to the class nature of capitalist society. maybe a concrete example would help.
      i don’t think marx, engels, lenin and trotsky would agree with the assertion that the russian revolution is the only template (box, if you will), revolutionary movements need to adapt to new material conditions, imo. i think one would be surprised at how much the ruling bourgeoisie classes have studied the template. maybe it’s a bit naive to presume they have not developed any counter strategies to the template since it was successfully used.

      1. It is the only template precisely because it resulted in the greatest upheaval in human history, namely, the Russian Socialist Revolution of October, 1917, that turned one sixth of the globe into a Workers State.
        The only other historic example that inspires, educates, and guides the advanced working class is the Paris Commune of 1871, drowned in blood by the French bourgeoisie. It provided the embryo of a Workers State for its brief life, but was overwhelmed precisely because IT DID NOT FOLLOW THE BOLSHEVIK TEMPLATE of having a disciplined, resolute, and Marxist leadership in the form of Lenin´s Revolutionary Socialist Party to secure victory with organisation, direction, and a political appeal to the rest of the toilers in France.
        ALL political and social history since the October 1917 Socialist Revolution has confirmed that without a Revolutionary Socialist Party there can be NO successful Revolution. Spain from 1936-39 is a classic example of how the working class had power in its hands, but allowed it to slip out of them, due to the absence of a Revolutionary central command – plus the criminal, murderous. disruptive role played by Stalin and his butchers.

        1. very well, i’ll be checking here and on wsws for the sign and orders of the disciplined, resolute, and marxist leadership of the revolutionary socialist party when the historical material circumstances have arisen.

          1. If you are serious about wanting to see a Socialist transformation of society, comrade, get involved in the struggle. Don’t stand on the sidelines waiting for others to make the world a better place for you.

            1. consider the quest for strong marxist leadership begun.

              1. Well, if you’re looking for Stalinistic stuff, try the WEF. They don’t care how many lesser beings they kill & subjugate for their own private socialist planet.

                1. ‘you shall own the means of production and be happy’

  10. The universe itself keeps on expanding and expanding,
    In all of the directions it can whiz;
    As fast as it can go, the speed of light, you know,
    Twelve million miles a minute and that’s the fastest speed there is.
    So remember, when you’re feeling very small and insecure,
    How amazingly unlikely is your birth;
    And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space,
    ‘Cause there’s bugger all down here on Earth!

    1. But for the greedy power-mad warmongering hatemongering fearmongering manipulating deceitful devious duplicitous and totally corrupt breed who run the show, our reality – and our history – would be completely different.

  11. Thank superstition for Australian hippies! Like Life of Pi, which story would you rather believe, the universe becoming conscious or a vengeful fear inducing deity from the Levant? We always want what we cannot have, and Cait, your comment section is brimming with science denying right wingers who would like to get with you on some level. It is nice to be loved. I’ll go with the Australian hippie story because Real Estate Jesus is an ecocidal maniac.

  12. “There was once a time when all people believed in God and the church ruled.

    This time was known as the Dark Ages.”

    Richard Lederer

    1. “There was once a time when all people believed in God and the church ruled. This time was known as the Dark Ages.”
      How true! Don’t forget though that back then there was no such thing as inflation. Usury was completely forbidden on pain of excommunication. The penny kept its value for centuries. Oh, and there’s Merrie England with a calendar positively heaving with festival after festival! I prefer it here in these times where we are though, the music’s better!

  13. Caity – I love your work XOXOXO

    BUT – – Evolution – for me – is TOTAL BULLSHIT,

      1. Pleaee do not cite wikipedia. It is nothing but subtle propaganda disguised as facts.

        1. sorry, i assumed everyone knows that and is smart enough to distinguish between the general info and propaganda.

          1. So how do you determine the difference. Even general information placed in wikipedia has an agenda by someone.

  14. End Central Banks Avatar
    End Central Banks

    Beautiful. In other words, life is an open system. So when people say strange things like “we’ve reached the end of history”, (Francis Fukuyama was insinuating that the world order has reached its zenith and will forever be thus) or “we own the science” (, it sounds like they’ve lost their minds.

    In fact, all neo-Malthusian eugenicists believe in closed system theory. “Is the oligarchy capable of changing course from their doomed dystopic New World Order script?”

  15. And all this to give us Pom Pompeo who’s only concerned about lying, stealing and cheating so he can win the pissing contest leading to the Rapture.

    Cuz that’s what their Satanic Majesties (to link an old Rolling Stones album to a recent Putin pronouncement), aka swamp monsters, are apparently concerned about.

    When you add the Christian Zionists to the born-again, you’ve got a sizeable chunk of the US population that believes in that shit! And they think they’re aware too! When Dubya, whose code name at the Skull & Bones was Magog, called French president Chirac to ask him to join in the Iraq invasion in 2003, he told him: “It will be the battle of Gog and Magog”.

    Chirac, who came from an atheistic family, didn’t have a clue what Dubya was talking about, except from the vague resemblance of Gog with French slang word “gogue” which means craphouse but it couldn’t be that…

    Bush must have given some indication that it was Bible stuff because Chirac called his ambassador at the Vatican to try and find out what that shit was about. Then he decided not to join Magog in the invasion, which led the latter, who wasn’t quite on the level to turn water into wine, to turn French fries into Freedom fries for practice.

    Now what’s the Rapture? will you ask…

    According to Wikipedia, it is “an eschatological theological position held by a few Christians, particularly those of American evangelicalism, consisting of an end-time event when all Christian believers who are alive, along with resurrected believers, will rise ‘in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air.’ The origin of the term extends from Paul the Apostle’s First Epistle to the Thessalonians in the Bible, in which he uses the Greek word harpazo (Ancient Greek: ἁρπάζω), meaning “to snatch away” or “to seize,” and explains that believers in Jesus Christ would be snatched away from earth into the air”.

    Can’t make that stuff up! There’s not even any evidence that Paul actually existed! No historical figure ever met him in spite of his (allegedly) explosive prophecies. You’d think the local Elon Musk in one place or other would have lent an ear!

    Nope… And graphologists think that half of what he (allegedly) wrote is apocryphal. They’ve managed to separate the wheat from the chaff in the writings of a man whose very existence is uncertain. Can’t beat that!

    Now Pom Pompeo is persuaded that this Rapture shit will happen and he’s quite capable, with his friend the walrus and other similarly insane swamp monsters, to blow the planet just to “rise in the clouds and meet” his “Lord in the air”.

    Some people have ended up in a straitjacket for less than that! Anyway, that’s how far the political leaders of our species have evolved and now Biden tells us that said species might not evolve any further because he’s playing with the idea of launching these damn ICBMs the taxpayer has financed anyway, so he might as well enjoy the fireworks in the name of freedom and democracy. I’m asking you…

    1. Please stop quoting wikipedia. It is nothing but propaganda disguised as facts.

  16. peter mcloughlin Avatar
    peter mcloughlin

    The closer nations get to the war they need to avoid, the more they deny. Every empire in history has eventually faced the plight of its own destruction. If that cannot be accepted nothing will change – we face the ultimate destruction.

  17. I’m out of marijuana.

    1. aie, that doesn’t bode very well for the world …

    2. As the EU is telling everyone, learn to ration your food, energy and of course your marajuana and alcohol intake.

  18. I have been of the opinion that Mother Nature, or whoever created the human being, made a big mistake by giving us ‘brains and intelligence’. We have to be the most destructive creature on this planet. My heart goes out to the Animal Kingdom suffering because of us.

    1. Rest assured that they do their best to provide their own sufferings to one another!

  19. Broadly speaking I agree with you. However, I also tend to agree with the mystics throughout history who have declared, “All is Illusion”, but it’s certainly an amazing illusion. Just to add balance to views of our extraordinary home, Earth, don’t forget that despite how utterly beautiful & entrancing it is on all sorts of levels, huge numbers of living things are eaten alive every day. Does the illusion have to be that way?

    1. What about the illusion that it could be otherwise? :o)

      1. Maybe that’s a minor sideshow in the Major Illusion. There’s probably nothing furnished there at all except a rather deep rabbit-type hole equipped with a non-return valve just round the bend…

        1. Seriously, what they mean by all is illusion is that we learn of things through our own perceptions and those perceptions are illusions because they go through the prisms of our own cultural backgrounds and personal fantasies, so that two persons will recall the same scene differently. It’s called the Rashomon effect.
          When we add a judgement on the fact that a “huge numbers of living things are eaten alive every day”, it’s an illusion because that’s just the way nature works. It is justice in the sense that it just is.
          We can project on it our personal Christian values and think this is un-Christian but this is an illusion.
          The beetle that gets gobbled up by a chameleon doesn’t think it’s un-Christian. Neither does the chameleon.
          As Bob Dylan puts it in It’s Alright Ma, “It’s life and life only”.

          1. Illusion, yes! The mystics may well see things in the way you suggest & what they say is perfectly valid. I see it from a different viewpoint deep into the sub-atomic world where curious things happen down there in that strange architecture. In meditations upon atoms that comprise the entire physical universe we inhabit, I’ve encountered & developed what I feel to be is a robust & hopefully clear resolution of the famous EPR paradox. There are extraordinary theoretical implications of this wide-ranging profound topic including its implication for cosmology. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to produce a short video on this. Watch this… …space! Lol!!

  20. Children do love fairy tales.
    If the current batch of humans are the pinnacle of 14 billion years of progress then …..
    The “Big Bang Hypothesis” total nonsense drawn from taking a small section of a sine curve and extrapolating it as a hyperbola. Could just as easily have extrapolated a flat line.
    Evolution, total nonsense. Yes many species have physiological correlations but no evidence that this resulted in or was a result of causation. Cars look very similar, but Fords do not give birth to Cadillacs or Hondas. No evidence of even a single new evolved species in recorded history.
    !!! “Pastafarianism” !!!
    Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster:
    In the mid 2000s, a singular serving of spaghetti rose to popularity, becoming the most popular noodle figure on earth. The suspended heap of noodly spaghetti with two meatballs and a pair of eyes appeared all over the internet, digitally added to stock photographs, printed on shirts, and even crudely drawn on walls. This particular heap of pasta is the representation of the deity held most high by the followers of Pastafarianism, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    According to Pastafarianism, the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the Supreme Being, the creator of the heaven and the earth, and all the beer volcanoes and stripper factories found in it. The spaghetti monster is powerful and undetectable, only seen by people whom He wishes to reveal Himself to.
    PS :
    All couch potatoes, dough-nutters and ricicles are our enemies and will die a horrible death (or at least have a lousy day or something).
    Only we will ascend to Pastaradise.

    1. there was a time when most of the aware would recognise these comments as humor … alas, that time is gone.

      1. “Why Religion is Natural and Science is Not”, Robert N. McCauley

        Every living thing begins its life without the ability for abstract thought.

        Not every non abstract thinking being develops this ability, and when one does it is not immune to falling into its own personal Dark Age.

        1. sorry, i’m prejudiced: i immediately read the book title as ‘why an oppressive system is natural and science is not’. maybe the ability for abstract thought can be taught or stimulated or impeded?

          1. A big problem, as I see it, is the prevalence Dark Age minds using products from science for the purpose of playing God.

            1. well, maybe that’s mostly god’s fault for not existing. if it would exist, the dark age minds wouldn’t be so compelled to play god.

      2. Actually, comments on Evolution and Big Bang are not humour but reality.
        Climate Change, Aids, Ozone depletion, Cancer and countless other deceptions are also implemented just to make billions by deceiving the fools into fearing nonsense.
        As Einstein famously stated : “There are only two things that are infinite. The Universe and human stupidity and I am not sure about the Universe.”

        1. do you support your church financially

  21. And, the bicycles, yeah, I remember bicycling to Kentucky to pick up my birth certificate, but I don’t remember having actually picked up the birth certificate, so if you took some offense at my not bicycling around the Chicago metropolitan area any more you should have said something, because my mind tends to drop things like some people drop spoons, and it never goes back there. I have another job to go to as soon as I get out of this human costume, so you enjoy your scummy little species, and whatever little filthy thoughts that pass through that filthy little mind yours and all that ignorant God gave you all the animals, ignorant ego bitch that you are, you want to talk about my ego? That’s all that your filthy little mind can see? You and that filthy log in your eye, if you’d prefer hell to heaven, then as my father, Allen, would say, “it’s all urine”.

    1. Gloria, get out of this body! And take your meds!

  22. You know Mr. Censor, I really feel sorry for you and people like you, you know you were abused, but you either don’t know how it affected you, or you don’t know how it affects others through you. Like I said the other day, the laws of the universe are essentially the laws of physics that govern how the universe behaves, so if you were to say, step off a cliff, the probability that you’d lose altitude would be greater than the probability that obtain escape velocity and go into orbit or beyond.
    So, if the only thing that you can see is dog poop. Than than dod poop is the only thing that the universe will give you. And, you, will, as it says, will inherit your just reward either love God’s creation or forsake it. Why the F would God want you, if you don’t want to have an F ing thing to do with God? You’re better than God? I know! Enjoy your pigeons

  23. zbigniew dzwonkowski Avatar
    zbigniew dzwonkowski

    Hi Caitlin , so true, so real your description of Baby Universe is … in the point of view of the real mystics…. The Universal Mind does not have the consciousness of its own… it must be supplied by Absolute for Creation to begin and must be supplied by me and you and others for Creation to continue… Universal Mind releases an intelligent energies which are able to organize themselves into Life when some energies are “frozen” into matter…

  24. Morgan Escherly Avatar
    Morgan Escherly

    The universe is my home, and all Life is my brother/sister!

    We all come from the same acorn, no matter what we look like!

    I feel the pain of Life, and it motivates me,
    as it is my pain also.

    Let’s put our arms around this beautiful Earth,
    caress it, heal it, love it, respect it.

    Thank you Caitlin. Wonderful!

  25. One comment before this one? On my other phone twenty minutes ago there were eight comments before me. So, you were forced to take down your posting? And, this one here is just for comic relief? Doesn’t matter really, the last coffee I had on Saturday a whole flock of dead pigeons were laying in the street, some what odd I thought, and not a very good omen at all. Poisoned by what the birds thought was a treat? Wasn’t it in the Gospel according to Putin where Jesus said, ” What goes around, comes around”? So, I understand if that’s how it goes Caitlin, or maybe I’m just being limited to what I can see. Actually, I know more than I say and if someone else wants the credit let them grab the gusto as planned, because as the one fellow stated that he knew zilch about particle physics, know this, “not everything can be known”. Good night Caitlin, maybe I’ll try the mathematical proof of the existence of God.

  26. Then Covid came along and shrunk everyone’s brains while our egos just kept on expanding.

    1. Yup, you noticed that even Caitlin, made the egotistical statement, “the most intelligent mind ever created”? Or something of the sort, so we write up IQ tests that test our minds, but if dogs or cats wrote up their own IQ tests measuring what they knew, how many humans would score higher on their tests than they would? Enjoy, Mr. Henniger.

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