Listen to a reading of “Planting Angel Eggs On A Dying World”:

Planting angel eggs on a dying world,
at the feet of billboards,
in the clearcut wastelands,
by the rivers of tears from Yemeni mothers,
under highway overpasses where defective gear-turners sleep,
shambling from crater to crater on tree stump legs
wailing whale songs and praying to unprofitable gods,
planting them in the ashes whispering
“May there be kindness,
may there be seeing,
may there be artist lovers who are each other’s muse.”

Dancing a doomed dance,
a dance of holy futility,
the dance of madmen,
the dance of heretics,
the dance of censored saints,
of banished buddhas,
singing a song of hopeless hope,
irrational hope,
unscientific hope,
the hope of lovers and lunatics,
a lunatic’s song sung to the moon.

Dance with us, gentle stranger,
through this world of Disney deforestation and unexplored abysses
with unauthorized choreography and wondermented eyes.
Let us hold the line against the empire of Earth eaters
for no other reason than that we’re the only ones left
who are crazy enough to try.

There may be a hatching yet, gentle stranger.
Humanity is not broken
anymore than an egg
is a broken bird.




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46 responses to “Planting Angel Eggs On A Dying World”

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  2. The only thing you can do is, literally, nothing. If enough people do nothing, the whole thing shuts down.
    “Eat, sleep, breathe,crap”.

    1. If you have enough people boycott these mogul corps., you can affect some change. Most Americans are too busy fighting each other, like telling each other to STFU, to force change. Stop using corporations that enable the military machine (such as Amazon and Ebay). And get away from those two corrupt organizations (what a waste of time). We’ll be lucky if the USA can decline with some honor and not participate in the world’s obliteration–not easily carried out with the US profligates.

  3. We need, like, a twelve step plan for peace. Being against war is currently illegal, I tried it. Lying to get people to go to war is an age old tactic. It’s been officially labeled, It’s Cognitive Warfare. That’s right folks, Red is Green. Again , and again and again. There’s a zen koan that asks ” What is mu? I think the simple answer is “you”.

    1. A good first step would be to get the money out of politics. Then it would be good to have some honest, courageous adults in the room. All the US has now is a den of thieving pirates. They never evolved beyond the Iberian world order. We need a fresh new start–you know, where people are generally happy, not incredibly in debt, and are proud of the society they live in.

  4. Sister traveler
    Kindred farmer
    Maker of words
    I hug you from West Virginia

  5. I’m proud of you Caitlin Johnstone (and staff). Thank you for the formidable courage that you exemplify, especially in light of the forceful winds of opposition. Also, thank you for the diversity of pertinent articles that help to enlighten the consciousness of readers. Lastly, thank you for your great effort in providing a platform for expression.

  6. Goose FloraFauna Avatar
    Goose FloraFauna

    Hey Caitlin! Beautiful poem. Genuinely heartfelt and Wisdom to boot. I have a recommendation of a great read that really falls into much of what you’ve been saying for some years now. The book is “Columbus and Other Cannibals” by Jack Forbes, a mixed indigenous (Lenape) man. Take a look, It’s terrific!…Much wisdom here (something very much lacking in our world) and from a perspective on life not known very much (especially in the Euro-west).

  7. @John Knox (continued of exchange below): See what happens when you don’t move up for space? You get jammed. Apparently, this “game over” is not inconvenient to you either. Maybe it was getting a bit hot? Maybe there’s things that you don’t want talked about in this thread, like European MPs raising hell because Pfizer won’t answer their questions like “why are the most excess deaths observed these days in the countries where people have been the most vaccinated?”.
    I thought that after months of repeating in this column “Get vaccinated” over and over again in and out of context, you would be interested in this lively video, so I post it just for you. Ain’t that nice? You won’t be wasting your time watching it either. It’s gripping! We’re talking life and death here!

    1. And if you liked that, you’re gonna love this!

    2. You asked me “Don’t you think you two guys are exposing a bit too clearly what you’re doing here and for whom?” So why don’t you fill us in, just what are we doing, and for whom are we doing it? You also said I was being paid by big Pharma, how much?

      1. I hope you enjoyed the show!

        1. The show where you keep accusing strangers of conspiring against you? It’s freakin’ hilarious!

          1. Yawn… Sorry, bedtime… Gotta go.

            1. I hope the imaginary conspiracies don’t trouble your slumber.

  8. “Humanity is not broken.” No, but the Usury Surreptitious of Agitation is trying its damnedest to break it!
    It’s time for a rational, reasonable change (based on facts, not fiction).

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  10. “The dance of madmen.” Speaking of capitalism, and when things are not booming to the expectations of the Oligarchs, here’s more of what you can expect: Farmers protest ‘cow fart tax.’ New Zealand’s largest industry is rising up against the government’s latest ‘green’ initiative. (Farmers protest cow fart
    Is this manufacturing consent to tax human farts (don’t laugh, it’s methane)? Do you really think the New Zealand ruling class is the least bit sincere about a ‘green’ initiative—other than a convenient pretext for profiting opportunities?
    BTW: If you’ve heard of methane, you probably read about burping cows. Unlike most other animals, ruminants like cows, sheep, and goats produce methane in their stomachs in the process of digestion. Enteric methane production is then released through flatulence, excrement, but mostly belching. Cows produce 250 to 500 L of methane per day. Collectively, the earth’s 1.5 billion cows emit 120 million metric tons per year, responsible for roughly 2% of climate change. That’s just a small part of how cattle propagation contributes to climate change (setting aside land use, water use, and nutrient efficiency).
    Humans contribute 60% of annual methane emissions, contributing to 25% of annual global warming. One-third results from processing fossil fuels, another third from agricultural practices, and a final third from decomposing waste and biomass burning. (Do Humans Fart More Methane than Cows? Ronan Cray).

  11. Reply to James’ post down below: the answer to your problem is iodine. All the studies about cretinism point out to a deficit in iodine. Plus the Finns said the other day that it was good against nuclear radiations. So you’ll kill two birds with one stone.
    More details here:

    1. There’s plenty of room for your overlong kookbabble under his post, you don’t need to keep starting new ones on the same thread.

      1. And what about minding your own business?

        1. What about starting your own lonely blog? You write here more than she does!

          1. And what about addressing the points?
            1/ We’ve got an 80% lethal new Covid strain on our hands
            2/ Top cardiologists say “if a healthy person suddenly dies, and there’s no antecedent disease, it’s the vaccine until proven otherwise”.
            3/ Moderna’s CEO says only vulnerable people should get vaxxed, so why are government pushing for it?
            Don’t you think you two guys are exposing a bit too clearly what you’re doing here and for whom?

            1. So it’s a conspiracy against you personally? No, that’s not paranoia, it’s perfectly sane.

              1. No against whoever questions the Pharma narrative

                1. Its all about population reduction.

                2. Do tell, when did I become part of this conspiracy?

        2. I tried to mind my own business, but the capitalist bastards, through vain agency, abolished it. Apparently, the trickle-down effect didn’t float all boats (WTF). Actually, it seems that the boats of most folks were scuttled. Betsy Devos says, “hello, I’m enjoying my $40mm yacht. It was acquired through a small FEE (Fuck Everyone Else).”

  12. Censored saints and banished buddhas. So beautiful on a clear day of pine and yellow leaves in the American southwest. A tear for the beauty and the loss. Thank you.

  13. Thank you, Ms. Johnstone; well said, well read.

    Aye; so mote it be.

    (Would dearly love to hear it accompanied by harp and flute and drum.)

  14. Caitlan, Is there an address to where I can send a donation?

  15. All things cycle. The world is not dying but simply reaching a dire point in its cycle. The world is getting ready to reduce world population. Less people, less burden on the planet which will allow it to recover. Climate change has nothing to do with humanity but happens nonetheless. Droughts, cold, heat, upsetting established patterns of food production adding to political insanity making it worse. The world is not dying just resetting and it wont be pretty for humanity.

  16. peter mcloughlin Avatar
    peter mcloughlin

    A moving piece of poetry. A more prosaic comment: to survive humans must decide what they have in common. That is the desire for power – cause of all war.

  17. Talking of planting angel eggs on a dying world, you gotta laugh here! I wonder how the insane pushers of a leaky vaccine that stops neither infection nor transmission and causes more problems than it solves – especially now with Omicron that hardly poses any risk to healthy people – will react to this one: researchers at Boston University have worked on the Covid virus ever since it appeared in 2020 and have now produced a variety that proved 80% deadly in mice, according to the Daily Mail. What???

    But of course, you know those British tabloids, directly inspired by Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst’s philosophy that you’ve got to sensationalize the news!

    “Experts” promptly set themselves to task and explained that it’s not like that at all!

    Wow, that’s a relief! What happened is that researchers at Boston University worked on the virus, trying to find out why the first strain, Alpha, was “so deadly” (?) and the last one, Omicron, even though more contagious, is not.

    And so they came up with a new strain, as anybody would – to try to find vaccines and all – and when they inoculated ten mice with it, eight of them died. Some people might think that this amounts to 80% but it’s not like that. And also, the fact that these mice died doesn’t mean that humans would die in the same proportion!

    How many mice died when injected with the Alpha strain? 100%. And with the Omicron strain? 0%.

    So we’ve only got a new variant that has killed eight mice out of ten so far. It’s interesting that they tested it on ten mice because we learnt the other day that they only tested the latest booster on eight mice. So there’s progress! And that they hadn’t tested the original vaccine for transmission at all to bring it to market at the “speed of $cience”. So there’s considerable progress!

    Anyway don’t panic, we’ve only got a new strain of Covid that has killed eight mice out of ten in a lab in Boston and there’s absolutely no risk that there’s a leak because it’s in Boston, you see… Nothing like Wuhan, where it came from a bat anyway, everybody knows that! And there are no bats in Boston – outside the baseball field and a few thugs’ hands…

    This kind of research is prohibited in the US and NIAID complains that they were not told it was going on, but Boston University didn’t have to because they did it on their own funds. Ah alright then…

    Do we have a vaccine for this new artificial strain that killed eight mice out of ten by the way? Of course not! Asking researchers to find both the killer strain and the vaccine at the same time is a bit of a stretch! What do you think it is, Christmas? Anyway, good luck, Brave New World!

    1. Yeah, saw that and was just about to post the link, well they wanted 200 million dead Americans by 2015 looks like they’re going to get it. I guess the other 133 million survivors must all be Mafia and Mossad.

        1. According to two top cardiologists, “if a healthy person suddenly dies, and there’s no antecedent disease, it’s the vaccine until proven otherwise”.

          Meanwhile Moderna’s CEO says that Covid now is basically like a seasonal flu and only people at risk need to get jabbed:

          So why do governments insist everybody must get stoned – sorry jabbed?

          1. Did you read the poem, crazy person? How did it make you feel? Did you pause for a moment before the rant in your head went full steam ahead? Everyone here already knows about big pharma and the leaky vaccine. We don’t need your education. Where is your heart when you hit the mental pause button?

            1. Reply up there for space

  18. Yes. Om. Yes!
    thank you

  19. Only three comments so far? Yes, I still feel rather empty from your previous post so I can definitely feel this one, I may even take a break, unless we can put a stop to this intergenerational hatred, it’s really a hopeless cause, if it’s not nuclear annihilation, germ warfare, etcetera it’ll be something else, ‘ tribe’, is the crime, that faith must die, or we all will perish, the Catholic Church is also a Jewish Synagogue, a few loving words of Christ is crouched in a nest of hatred” child abuse, murder and mayhem; I am by the way a confirmed Roman Catholic, but to be true Christians and bad Jews we must relegate the hatred and abuse to the history books of ancient hell and bring forth a better human being that honors a God that loves us dearly adores our happiness and spreads its love for all throughout the entire universe and not just to one tiny tribe to prey upon all of God’s creation. Let it begin today before all the days of our lives go up in a momentary puff of smoke.

  20. Morgan Escherly Avatar
    Morgan Escherly

    My mind is a sacrifice zone!

  21. Marie-Louise Murville Avatar
    Marie-Louise Murville

    Love Love Love
    Your poem

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