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We should probably talk more about the fact that the US empire is loudly promoting the goal of achieving peace in Ukraine by defeating Russia while quietly acknowledging that this goal is impossible. This is like accelerating toward a brick wall and pretending it’s an open road.

The narrative that Russia can be defeated by escalating against it makes sense if you believe Russia can be defeated, but the US empire does not believe that Russia can be defeated. It knows these escalations are only going to exponentially ramp up death and devastation.

“Beat Putin’s ass and make him withdraw” sounds cool and is egoically gratifying, and it’s become the mainstream answer to the problem of the war in Ukraine. But nobody promoting that answer can address the fact that the ones driving this proxy war believe it’s impossible. In fact, all evidence we’re seeing suggests that the US is not trying to deliver Putin a crushing defeat in Ukraine and force him to withdraw, but is rather trying to create another long and costly military quagmire for Moscow, as cold warriors have done repeatedly in instances like Afghanistan and Syria.

Wanting to weaken Russia and wanting to save lives and establish peace in Ukraine are two completely different goals, so different that in practice they wind up being largely contradictory. Drawing Moscow into a bloody quagmire means many more people dying in a war that lasts years.

The US does not want peace in Ukraine, it wants to overextend Russia, shore up military and energy dominance over Europe, expand its war machine and enrich the military-industrial complex. It’s posing as Ukraine’s savior while being clearly invested in Ukraine’s destruction.

It is not legitimate to support this proxy war without squarely addressing this massive contradiction using hard facts and robust argumentation. Nobody ever has.

The idea that the US and NATO have no special obligation to help negotiate a peace settlement in Ukraine only makes sense if you pretend the US and NATO played no role in causing the war in Ukraine. Which is to say it only makes sense if you believe a silly, infantile fiction. There are plenty of arguments to be made that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is immoral and illegal, but to claim it was unprovoked and exculpate the US-centralized power structure from any responsibility for provoking it is inexcusable fact-free bullshit.

Saying “Putin can end this war by withdrawing!” in response to discussions about what the west can do to bring peace to Ukraine is just interrupting serious adult conversations with childish prattle that only serves to cover up your desire for this war to last forever.

Westerners demand more nuanced and believable motives from their Marvel movie villains than from the propaganda narratives their media peddle about enemies of the US empire.

Imagine living on a dying world where people are brainwashed from birth into mindless consumerism and saturated in propaganda promoting war and status quo kleptocracy and exploitation, and deciding that the real sign of societal deterioration is teenagers using different pronouns. Like okay sure we’re being marched into armageddon and dystopia by mass-scale psychological manipulation that’s so ubiquitous and pervasive that hardly anyone ever notices it or talks about it, but the real sign our civilization is crumbling is my friend’s kid using “they/them”.

It is always right and good to criticize the most dangerous actions of the most powerful government in the world. It is always right and good to demand the west uphold the values it claims to uphold and play by the rules it claims to play by. This is self-evident and requires no defense.

I’ve long felt like a big part of my job here is just being the voice that says “You’re not crazy. I see it too.” Assuring people they’re not going mad when it looks like everything they were told about the world is a lie and everyone they were trained to trust is deceiving them.

Because that is the message you will receive when you start asking the important questions and getting the important answers about ruling power structures in our world: people will act like you’re a raving lunatic for talking about US empire malfeasance and western propaganda. Only by mass-scale propaganda brainwashing would it ever appear insane to criticize the most dangerous impulses of the most powerful and destructive government on earth. It’s the most normal, sane and rational thing in the world, but it’s made to look freakish by narrative spin.

To paraphrase Jiddu Krishnamurti, it is no measure of health to be deemed sane in a profoundly insane society.

Boss makes a dollar,
I make a dime,
boss’s overseas wage slave makes a penny,
the war victim gets death,
the factory farmed animal gets torture,
the biosphere gets mass extinction,
that’s why I endorse global communism
and the metamorphosis of human consciousness
on company time.

Okay it doesn’t rhyme like the original but I like it anyway.


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52 responses to “Pretending To Seek Peace In An Unwinnable Proxy War: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. “Life without liberty is not worth living.” Clem Attlee, London, 1940.

    “We would rather see London laid in ashes and ruins than abjectly enslaved.” Winston Churchill, 14/7/1940.

    1. “We would rather see London laid in ashes and ruins than abjectly enslaved.”

      Perhaps I too would have uttered brave noble words if I could’ve resided within the following:

      ‘’An air raid shelter was built in the No 10 gardens and construction began on an underground complex beneath the New Public Offices (NPO) at the junction of Horse Guards Road, Great George Street, Birdcage Walk and Storey’s Gate. These Cabinet War Rooms (CWR) were supplied with filtered air pumped from…’’
      Source: 14 October 1940 | 10 Downing Street | Bomb Incidents | West End at War

      The politically correct historians refer to WW I, part 2 as ”Hitler’s war” when in fact it was Churchill’s war.

      “Political correctness is America’s newest form of intolerance, and it is especially pernicious because it comes disguised as tolerance.”
      — George Carlin

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  4. I think we can dismiss “Western” whispers about an unwinnable war, by Spring 2023 Ukraine will no longer exist as a sovereign state,darkly amusing will be waiting for the outrage when Poland,Roumania mabe even Moldova carve chunks out ot Western Ukraine, where integrity of the sovereign state then.

  5. ” A worker in Kiev earns $918 / month. Not much. Fortunately it costs less to live in Kiev than Moscow. After taxes, a Kiev worker can live for 24 days in a 30 day month without going broke. A Moscow worker can live for 33 days before going broke. A Moscow worker is way better off. Extra money at the end of the month beats having to dumpster dive or go hungry for six days in a month by a mile. ”

    from the article I published on my website today titled” Nuland’s New Land.

    Enough self promotion. I am no troll. Caitlin’s article suggests what the current agenda is. My article is a Cliff’s Notes saying how we arrived to flip the Armageddon coin.


    A little bit more about what a quantum computer is about. This discussion is about an experiment that was done about 4 months previous to the experiment that I referenced in a previous post about attempting to screw China over with relatively ancient technology.

    1. Getting late and making dumb mistakes

  7. A little bit more about what a quantum computer is about. This discussion is about an experiment that was done about 4 months previous to the experiment that I referenced in a previous post about attempting to screw China over with relatively ancient technology.

  8. “Lots of people don’t know what happened yesterday. To put it simply, Biden has forced all Americans working in China to pick between quitting their jobs and losing American citizenship. Every American executive and engineer working in China’s semiconductor manufacturing industry resigned yesterday, paralyzing Chinese manufacturing overnight. One round of sanctions from Biden did more damage than all four years of performative sanctioning under Trump. Although American semiconductor exporters had to apply for licenses during the Trump years, licenses were approved within a month.

    With the new Biden sanctions, all American suppliers of IP blocks, components, and services departed overnight – thus cutting off all service [to China]. Long story short, every advanced node semiconductor company is currently facing comprehensive supply cut-off, resignations from all American staff, and immediate operations paralysis. This is what annihilation looks like: China’s semiconductor manufacturing industry was reduced to zero overnight. Complete collapse. No chance of survival.”

    1. It’s not like I keep up with this industry, but the issue I heard about the Chip Industry and China, was that we sold them all the machines we had to make chips, so now neither the Empire or China can make chips. LOL, nothing like totally destroying the US auto industry as well, or rescind all the EPA rules concerning vehicle emissions with the result of much higher health consequences. They really don’t give an F about us; do they?

      1. A few weeks ago, a very rudimentary quantum computer was stitched together, (a field of science that the Chinese are very up on) anyway, that old model T-Ford of a computer was able to solve a mathematical equation in a few minutes that a supercomputer would take more 5 million years to solve. LOL. People are going to storm the citadels, I truly believe that God has heard Caitlin’s prayers, and this must be the mouse trap that I spoke of the other day.

    2. This is only true if you believe Chinese staff at those facilities haven’t been closely observing and meticulously recording the work of the Western staff.

  9. Reality is more important than abstraction. The reality is, as you say, that Ukraine cannot win, period. It was never going to happen. So STFU about it. All the virtue signalers need it emphasized to them that stopping useless death and destruction, not to mention a potential nuclear war, is more important than what they wish would happen or what people think of them. And, OK, here’s something- when Ukraine really heads south like it’s about to maybe all the virtue signalers can switch to having been victimized as dupes of the warmongers. Maybe that would flip some of them. Just brainstorming.

  10. “Drawing Moscow into a bloody quagmire means many more people dying in a war that lasts years”.
    The problem here is that Ukraine is not Afghanistan, Syria or Vietnam. In Ukraine, you get very very cold – fucking freezing is the actual phrase!
    As Scott Ritter points out in this video with Judge Napoletano…
    … what will the Ukrainian soldiers do when they’ve got no gas, no heating, no oil while the Russian soldiers are well heated and well fed? Not even speaking of the population! Will they support the Zelensky regime to the bitter end or will they go after it with pitchforks?
    Even if there’s a fringe Nazi element in Western Ukraine that hates the Russians – most of them having actually been on the front and being now dead or prisoners from Mariupol (about 8,000) -, most people probably think that going through this hardship while Putin said he had no intention of invading their part is a bit much to ask…
    Same as the peoples in Europe are now in the streets by the hundreds of thousands to signify to their governments that they’ve had enough of that shit in spite of the daily propaganda that nobody believes, the people of Ukraine are likely to become the biggest clog in the Nato quagmire machine.
    Interestingly though, there are still folks, like this Jack Devine character, interviewed on Napoletano’s show, who are totally detached and believe Putin will lose. And he was a hot shot in the CIA! Then again he’s very old, despises Putin and everything Russian in the purest CIA tradition and probably gets his news from Langley as he always did…
    But he’s not the only one in the beltway, that’s the problem…

    1. It’ll be interesting to see what the spin machine does when Ukraine really hits the no spin zone. I suppose the Democrats will get a “stab in the back” myth going. The Republicans will blame Biden and Zelensky. Biden and Zelensky will blame the EU. Everybody will blame the media. And then we’ll all move on to the next blood soaked debacle, assuming this one doesn’t go nuclear.

  11. Cait, would have to push back a bit on the ‘they/them’ phenomenon. It’s not organic. Teenagers didn’t spontaneously decide to adopt plural pronouns. It’s part of the supposed liberal/conservative culture war dog and pony show. Yay, let’s all vote Democrat to support the oppressed non-binary people or vote Republican because these freaks are destroying the moral fabric. You’re correct, it’s not important up against war and ecocide and the suffering of poverty. It’s part of the illusion that masks the horror of capitalism and empire.

    The mafia in Washington, London, Brussels and Tel Aviv would do anything to keep their “Unipolar World Order” project in place, in fact, there are getting desperate to hold on to whatever remaining powers they have left even if it means collaborating with its worst enemies. There is a well-known ancient proverb “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” that rings true today especially since Washington, the CIA, the Military-Industrial Complex, along with Mossad and NATO have supported well-known terrorists including the Islamic State (ISIS), Al Qaeda, and other groups to overthrow governments they don’t approve of especially in the Middle East.

    However, their support of terrorists who were their enemies at one time or another did not start with their regime change wars against Syria or Libya, the idea of supporting its enemies began during and after World War II when the US government recruited Ukrainian Nazis to counter their new enemy, the Soviet Union. What a strange turn of events knowing that the Soviets who fought the Nazis with their American and European allies during the war were seen as a new threat. Washington and the rest of their mafia cohorts used the Nazis back then as they are now using jihadi terrorists today in their war for world domination no matter what the costs are in the long-term.

  13. I don’t know about all your followers, but at least the followers who regularly comment on your writings all be accomplished or at least acceptable writers, maybe if they all wrote to the NYT and asked the editor to please offer you a position as an independent writer for the opinion section of their paper; maybe they would? I personally don’t read the the NYT because as a rule they don’t have people like you either on their staff or as an occasional submitter, though some times I’m surprised when I hear that they let someone get read who goes against the common narrative, so maybe it’s not an entirely closed society and you could get in and we could all through you, be heard. I don’t have their address, but they do have email and I believe that they prefer email. I don’t know about the NYT but others prefer unbreakable code, etcetera, but that’ll let you know and how to do it if they want it that way. There will be a link called, “contact us”, that opens to another sort of world.

  14. Thank you so much for your hard work!!!!! I can’t even begin to put into words how much your writing helps me get healthier.

  15. People are generally exhausted. I don’t see many actual humans saying shit about beating Putin’s ass. A few Randroid Righties I know, and friends in Poland. I think the rest are like, “Oh, one more world-ending catastrophe? Okay, I’ll buy some MREs and Iodine tabs.”
    TL;DR: People are pretty exhausted at this point. And to go beyond Venkat’s article above, I think 2020 destroyed our faith that systems and society were going to hold in even the most mild of apocalyptic situations, let alone if the shit REALLY hits the fan. At that point, people turn inwards and shut down a lot, probably, because navigating a massively entwined world without any systemic help or solid leadership, as individuals, is crazy-making and just full-stop impossible for most people.

  16. This was a good post. So succinct and on-point. Thank you Caitlin for continuing to do what you do. More important now than ever. I’m a long-time subscriber and continue to appreciate your writing.

  17. Ethiopia Exposes Western Hypocrisy Over Ukraine
    “The United States and Europe talk about the sanctity of borders and sovereignty in regard to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. (Not mentioning of course that Russia’s actions were provoked by NATO’s weaponizing of an anti-Russian regime in Kiev since 2014.) Yet, Western governments have nothing to say when it comes to Eritrea colluding with Ethiopia to violate Tigray and massacre civilians there.
    The people of Tigray, already hungry from two years of siege, are being slaughtered in their homes by Ethiopian central government forces along with their Eritrean accomplices. Decapitations and rape are inflicted. The northern city of Shire was captured this week after days of air strikes on shanty dwellings that left several children dead. Unspeakable crimes are being committed and yet Western governments and media are turning a blind eye to the horror.
    That’s because it suits Washington to see Ethiopia being reduced to a failed state.”

    1. You might want to give the a shot, the editor is from Ethiopia, one of his ancestors was a ruler of Ethiopia he has inside dope of the sort of shit people who leave there, then come to the US etcetera and do the same shit things to people here, the US, and elsewhere.

  18. Oddly enough it is art that is our best weapon. Prose gets people a little upset but it is art that moves them. It was poetry long ago. Then it was protest songs. It was a movie about atomic war that moved Ronald Reagan to move toward disarmament. It is the difference between “too bad” and “we’ve go to do something about this.”

  19. When I read your words I don’t see them on a screen or a page, but on your heart, and therefore, on God’s lips as well, your words should reach the highest echelons of the Empire including the puppet masters who control its most highly placed minions, so that they can be heard and seen at least once; whether or not they can be heard and seen twice, so that their souls have received the message as well, only the judgement will tell, but you must be heard.

  20. The following message is affixed to a bronze plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty:

    “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    Keep in mind, Capitalism requires subordinate countries, such as Russia and China, and cheap labor, to make the capitalistic concept a reality. But with the signing of NAFTA, and subsequent unemployment, easy credit, leading to mass indebtedness, proved a suitable alternative to replenish wealth for the Capitalist (consider the advent of, and the eventual 44 million student loans).

    The message on the Statue of Liberty could be interpreted ambiguously. Firstly, it appears to send a magnanimous message. However, it also seems suitable as a subliminal enticement for cheap labor. That is, the “golden door” entices with suggested riches (the carrot on a stick motivator). “Your tired,” suggests a request for the oppressed (they are motivated for change). “Your poor,” are indebted and are willing to work for almost any wage (amenable to manipulation). “Yearning to breathe free,” suggests a candidate living under a previous dictatorship (almost any subsequent condition would be an improvement-easily leveraged). “Wretched refuse,” seems to suggest an unhappy societal outcast/rubbish (an ignorant laborer susceptible to duping). “Homeless,” (these unfortunate people have nothing to lose and are probably enthusiastic to be alive—easier to deceive). “Tempest-tossed,” seems to suggest a person previously subjected to violence, disturbance, abuse, or tumult (another unfortunate individual to be exploited). “I lift my lamp,” seems like an appeal for mutual trust and an offer to help those in need (could this be an insidious siren?).

    NOTE: an even more simplistic interpretation might consider the circumstantial timing. That is, the Statue of Liberty arrived in New York on June 17, 1885. This date is approximately 20-years after the US’ Civil War. Approximately 700,000 soldiers lost their lives in that horrendous war. The advent of the industrial age was at hand. Capitalism requires labor; therefore, it was absolutely imperative to replenish the labor pool to maintain competitiveness.
    In short, the Statue of Liberty message was a circumstantial marketing ploy to close thousands of new laborers to come to America!

  21. LOL, deleted twice in a row, either there’s a malfunction, your minions are censoring my comments, or you will never be heard by the powers that be and that might be a good thing because there was/is a group within the 5-eyes that was heard and was arrested for exercising free speech. So, maybe I join them now since they obviously get heard.

  22. LOL, censored again, everything deleted, like the song goes “tell it to a bubble in the sea”, because nobody wants to hear it. Your readers do, but will they change the world, or are they just going to the theatre to see another Kabuki show? I used to talk to George Soros when he owned Discus, or one of his minions or good friend and co-owner. It might take a week to get a reply but it does work, Why else all the spying on us unless “inquiring minds want to know”? Personally though, if someone at at the NYT writes an article and it gets read and commented on why not you?
    If someone at Veterans Today, (who ever heard of them?) writes an article about Trump and Trump responds(

    1. Count Meout
      The author uses Patreon for donations:
      Patreon has ‘suspended’ our page – OffGuardian (

      The author also uses Paypal:
      PayPal Still Threatens $2500 Fines for Promoting “Discriminatory” “Intolerance” (Even if Not “Misinformation”) (
      ‘One of the violations listed, according to the agreement, is that … “[users] may not use the PayPal service for activities that … involve the sending, posting, or publication of any messages, content, or materials that, in PayPal’s sole discretion … promote misinformation.” ‘
      ‘’If you choose bad companions, no one will believe that you are anything but bad yourself.’’
      — Aesop

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  23. An important fact that even the critics regularly forget, that this war didn’t start in February and it isn’t just about US and Russian geopolitical interests. There has been a bloody civil war going on in Ukraine for eight years, where the Ukrainian military is literally shelling its own Russian-speaking civilian population, killing them by the thousands. The ones like e.g. Faina Savenkova, if you heard about her. She is a little girl from Luhansk, who lived most of her life in war and under shelling, and even sent a video message about it to the UN last year, to get help to stop the war. She made it on the Ukrainian ‘Peacemaker’ killlist the next day as an enemy of Ukraine, and since then the war just gotten way-way worse as we know.

    So, we can argue that yeah, nobody is right in this proxy war and such, but it’s still better, if we have to pick a side, to pick our own “liberal and democratic” alliance and beating Putin is the most important thing of the century. Just with this, we also directly support ethnic cleansing and fascistic tendencies, which we don’t like to talk about or even recognise its existence.

    1. Yup. Even Caitlin shies away from the justness (as far as war can be just) of Russia’s cause; i.e., a valid application of the “responsibility to protect” (R2P) doctrine that the U.S. used invalidly to intervene in Yugoslavia. Those who condemn Putin should be required to articulate a viable option he had under the totality of circumstances he faced. Very hard to come up with one, isn’t it?

  24. >>> God Favours Russia <<<

    "For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power" – President Biden to the assembled in Warsaw, Poland early 2022, appealing to a vaporously higher authority about President Putin's future. As President Putin remains as president, we may assume, in accordance with Joe Biden's Cosmology, God determined this outcome. Biden was rebuffed. Of course Biden knows that line was for its politically opportunistic appeal. May well have appealed to many in Europe. Just didn't appeal to God.

    1. Biden’s own son is a mafia don, or at least he likens himself as one, so what else can we expect of him? Everyone knows he was an outspoken racist. Why would he ever stop being a racist for when all he had to do was shut up about it and get reelected?

    By Ben Norton, Multipolarista.
    October 20, 2022
    Resistance Report

  26. Capitalism can’t afford peace, just like it can’t afford full employment. Kind of like how if we all stopped using credit cards and paid them off it would be a huge shock to the economy. Sad.

    1. Capitalism can’t afford to be descent either.

  27. The USA, due to its egregious demeanor, has obliterated whatever honor they may have. For decades they have portrayed themselves in a Kabuki theater of charade and frame-up. They will fabricate a scheme (they claim peace as outcome) that they are sure the Russians cannot agree to, then showcase the Russians as obstinate and warmongering (more projection). In this way, they manufacture consent to escalate the conflict (justifying NATOs boots-on-the-ground). Be prepared for exceptional grandstanding.

  28. America is the greatest nation in the world because of its sense of justice and honor.

    This greatness, however, cannot stand alone undefended.

    Sometimes America must abandon its sense of justice and honor in order to remain great.

    The world awaits the end of Americas abandonment of what makes it great.

    And wonders if its greatness ever was.

    1. Very poetic. Who wrote that?
      I don’t wonder if its greatness ever was. I know it wasn’t. It was an idea, part of a visionary dream of what a nation could become, but it never materialised – at least not in reality.
      Perversely, this idea became instead a weapon to use against other nations, what people think of today as American exceptionalism.
      This so-called exceptionalism gave them the right to interfere and dominate, and the result ifs the corrupted twisted evil empire we see today.

      1. It resembles a quote attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville: “America is great because America is good. If America ever ceases to be good, it will cease to be great”.
        However it turns out that, even though this was often quoted, including by Eisenhower and Reagan, as having been written by Tocqueville, said Tocqueville never wrote anything even remotely similar.
        Besides, the sense of justice and honor being an exclusive feature of America which makes it great is embedded in the Hollywood caricature but has its detractors in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and a flurry of similarly wronged nations.
        America is great because it has Mark Twain and Bob Dylan.

        1. off topic, but wanted to offer a link to the press conference referenced in the Dore video you posted a couple of days ago:

          1. Thanks! This contempt of the EU parliament by Pfizer’s CEO is an absolute disgrace. If with this and her support to Nato’s Ukraine war after the US has bombed her own pipeline doesn’t lead to the ousting of Ursula von der Leyen, it means corruption in the EU is at mafia level with offers people can’t refuse!

          2. And now more from the YCMTS up Dept.: Apparently a lab in Boston, funded by guess who, has outdone the original production. Let’s make something that’s BOTH highly contagious and virulent! How the fuck is this happening?

            1. This is the outcome when corporate controls and directs the state. The US “Government” has been usurped by corporate. Do you remember Reagan saying, “government is the problem?” Good, honest government is a problem for organized crime. The Chinese have taken steps to keep this problem in somewhat of an equilibrium (with the state having the power). Both countries have corruption, but in the US, the corruption overwhelmingly dominates. I suppose an insane country (I say this due to US demeanor), produces insane products–speaking of the Boston’ product.

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