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Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/elon-musks-twitter-is-still-us-state-affiliated-media ❖ A couple of months into Elon Musk's control of Twitter, it's fair to say that from an anti-censorship, pro-transparency perspective there have been a few positive results of the platform coming under new management. The revelations from the Twitter

Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/psychological-tyranny-is-still ❖ Western “liberal democracies” are just totalitarian regimes with more money and better narrative management. The US-centralized empire controls the global south with bombs, bullets and blockades and controls the rest of us with mass-scale psychological manipulation.Sure it's more pleasant to

Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/cnn-recruits-washingtons-worst-warmonger-the-instant-he-leaves-congress ❖ CNN has shattered the speed of light in its haste to recruit former representative Adam Kinzinger to its punditry lineup the millisecond he left congress.Kinzinger, who prior to being redistricted out of his House seat received handsome campaign contributions from arms

Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/growing-up-means-extracting-the-beliefs-that-were-placed-in-your-head-by-others ❖ Most people never grow up. Not really.Growing up means maturing. It means becoming independent. It means developing into your own person and standing on your own two feet.Few people really do this. Because few people ever get around to

Listen to a reading of this article.https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/western-governments-keep ❖ Depending on what political echo chamber you've been viewing it from, the ongoing release of information about the inner workings of pre-Musk Twitter known as "the Twitter Files" might look like the bombshell news story of the century, or