Sedition #10 of my print-friendly treason zine is now available and ready for download.

As usual anyone is free to print, copy, republish, distribute, or use any and all of these materials in any way they choose, either digitally or out there in the analog world.

This month’s Treazine, “US Moral Authority Is Dead And Buried,” features articles like:

US Moral Authority Is Dead And Buried … page 3

The Single Dumbest Thing The Empire Asks Us To Believe … page 6

You’re Not Deficient, You’re Just Ruled By Assholes … page 8

Reminder: The Media Once Bashed Trump For Transgressing The One-China Policy The US Now Spits On … page 15

Australia Pays Washington Swamp Monsters For War Advice … page 19

Bono Is Doing Illustrations For The Atlantic Now, Because Everything’s Fake And Stupid … page 22

Biden DOJ Indicts Four Americans For “Weaponized” Free Speech … page 38

Free Those Who Expose Government Misdeeds, Jail Those Who Try To Conceal Them … page 42

The Totalitarian Dystopia Is Already Here … page 45

Multiple US Officials Confronted About US Assange Hypocrisy On World Press Freedom Day … page 47

New Defence Review Further Enslaves Australia To US War Agendas … page 53

The US Could Use Some Separation Of Media And State … page 57

Plus a special pull-out section called Today In Empire which features stories on RFK, NYPD copbots, Twitter dropping its state-affiliated labels, and Facebook’s blatant censorship of Seymour Hersh.

Plus more Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix, and much, much more.

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