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Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/who-benefits-from-us-government-claims-that-the-ufo-threat-is-increasing-exponentially ❖ A US senate report which is an addendum to the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023 has people talking due to the surprising statements it includes about the US government's current position on UFOs.I mean Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.I mean Unidentified

Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/the-us-military-was-just-used-to-help-a-dementia-patient-try-to-start-ww3 ❖ House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has left Taiwan after a brief but diplomatically corrosive visit, the aftereffects from which may be felt for years to come.Toward the end of her speech alongside Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen, Pelosi's brain underwent one of its

Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/china-is-issuing-the-same-red-line-warnings-about-taiwan-that-russia-issued-about-ukraine ❖ House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has continued to pour gasoline on the foreign policy dumpster fire that is her planned visit to Taiwan next month, now reportedly encouraging other members of congress to come along for the ride."Speaker Nancy Pelosi,

Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/they-plan-to-keep-repeating-putins-price-hike-until-people-believe-it ❖ President Biden used the phrase "Putin's price hike" again in a reaction to Friday's Consumer Price Index report revealing continued high inflation, showing once again that the US government believes Americans are idiots.“Make no mistake about it: I understand inflation

Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/the-huge-gap-between-how-serious-nuclear-war-is-and-how-seriously-its-being-taken ❖ Sometimes I'm not sure what presents a greater threat to humanity, nuclear war or the colossal stupidity that has made it possible.Due to the skyrocketing risk of a world-ending confrontation between the United States and Russia, World Socialist Website

Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/the-big-threats-are-the-ones-we-cant-come-back-from ❖ NATO expansionism and provocations in Ukraine have caused Russia to issue warnings that it will begin creating counter-threats to those escalations if they are not scaled back, which can easily lead to another Cuban Missile Crisis-like standoff (which we

Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/erm-i-know-youre-busy-but-nuclear-war-is-getting-increasingly-likely ❖ While mainstream western media have been spending their time concern trolling about a "missing" Chinese tennis player who is not actually missing, hardly any coverage has gone toward NATO's announcement that if the new German government does not continue