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Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/proposal-just-run-all-western-news-media-directly-out-of-cia-headquarters ❖ I think it would be a lot more efficient and straightforward if all English-language news media were just run directly out of CIA headquarters by agency officials in Langley, Virginia. This way news reporters could eliminate the middleman and drop

Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/bloomberg-cia-apologia-accidentally-vindicates-chinas-strict-domestic-policies ❖ In a new article promoting the CIA's new mission center focused on China and the need to pour more resources into countering Beijing, Bloomberg also accidentally makes the case that many of the Chinese government's controversial domestic policies are

Back in April I said "China's gonna be so surprised when it finds out it interfered in the November election."Now three months ahead of schedule China is already getting its surprise, alongside fellow unabsorbed governments Iran and Russia.https://twitter.com/business/status/1291837134048038912Mass media throughout the western world are uncritically

The editorial board of the Washington Post, whose sole owner is a CIA contractor, has published a predictably fact-challenged op-ed arguing that congress must reauthorize the Orwellian surveillance program known as Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which is deliberately used to collect communications of US citizens. WaPo, which to this day