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Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/political-false-dichotomies-notes-from-the-edge-of-the-narrative-matrix ❖ You may vote and debate freely on any issue which does not affect the functioning of the empire. When it comes to how money, weapons and resources move around the world, however, you suddenly find that your votes don't

Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/uk-to-swap-out-top-sociopath-for-a-different-sociopath ❖ Boris Johnson resigning would only be interesting in an alternate universe where there was some remote chance that he won't be replaced by another depraved sociopath. ❖ Remember when rich people were so worried about Jeremy Corbyn raising their taxes that

Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/ukraine-is-the-most-aggressively-trolled-war-of-all-time ❖ There's a lot going on in America and the people are very stressed out and frightened, but don't worry, there's nothing the US government won't do to make sure more High Mobility Artillery Rocket systems get to Ukraine.Rest assured

Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/the-world-is-ruled-by-a-backwards-puritanical-regime ❖ "China is a strange, backwards nation ruled by tyrants," said the nation founded by Puritans who used to execute women for witchcraft and just killed reproductive rights protections because they think Jesus told them to.The world is dominated culturally,

Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/lets-fight-ww3-over-lithuania ❖ The problem with anti-imperialists who spend all their time criticizing the evil US empire is that there aren't nearly enough of them. ❖ People who respond to criticisms of the US by babbling about the misdeeds of other governments are just

Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/msm-is-empire-fanfic-for-children ❖ April 2022: Zelensky speaks at the Grammy AwardsMay 2022: Zelensky speaks at Cannes Film FestivalJune 2022: Zelensky hosts SNLJuly 2022: Zelensky stars as himself in an action biopic co-starring The RockAugust 2022: Zelensky releases his own breakfast cereal and

Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/the-squad-doesnt-exist-outside-of-social-media ❖ The US House of Representatives has voted 368-57 to spend $40 billion on a world-threatening proxy war while ordinary Americans struggle to feed themselves and their children. All 57 "no" votes were Republicans. Every member of the small faction