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Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/if-you-havent-researched-arguments-disputing-a-western-narrative-you-dont-understand-the-issue ❖ Lately when people react with shock and indignation that I would dare to dispute a claim made by the western political/media class about an empire-targeted government, I've taken to simply asking them what reading they've done on the other

Listen to a reading of this article:https://soundcloud.com/going_rogue/from-press-freedom-to-prison-systems-everything-assange-touches-gets-illuminated ❖ The US appeal of a British court ruling on the Assange extradition case has concluded, and the judges will probably not have a decision ready until at least January—a full year after the extradition was denied by a lower