In response to a statement during the Democratic primary debates by presidential candidate Andrew Yang that both Russia and the United States have engaged in election interference, liberal pundit Molly McKew tweeted, “I now retract any vaguely nice thing I ever said about Yang knowing technology things because he answered the question on Putin with moral equivalency and a Kremlin talking point.”

If you’re in the mood for some depressing amusement, just type the words “Kremlin talking point” without quotation marks into Twitter’s search engine and scroll through all the results which come up. Just keep on scrolling and observe how this label, “Kremlin talking point”, gets bleated by mainstream empire loyalists to dismiss subjects ranging from the rigging of Democratic primaries to criticism of US regime change wars to endless US warmongering to concerns about new cold war escalations to disliking John McCain to criticism of Nancy Pelosi. Any criticism of the status quo which cannot be labeled false or misleading gets labeled a “talking point” of Russia/Putin/the Kremlin by those who support and defend the status quo of US-centralized imperialist world hegemony.

Yang’s statement about US intervention in foreign elections is indisputably true, of course. Both alternative and mainstream media outlets have thoroughly documented the fact that the US government’s own data shows them to have interfered in scores of foreign elections, far more than any other nation on earth. This includes an interference in Russia’s elections in the nineties that was so brazen they made a Hollywood movie about it. Former CIA Director James Woolsey openly admitted on Fox News last year that the US still interferes in foreign elections to this very day.

These are not conspiracy theories. These are not even secrets. These are facts. But because they are inconvenient facts, they get labeled “Kremlin talking points” by those whose job it is to defend the status quo.

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard was also branded with the accusation of voicing “Kremlin talking points” for remarks she made during last night’s debate. In her case those “talking points” consisted of the indisputable fact that the bloodshed in Syria can be blamed on US politicians from both parties, and the indisputable fact that the US has armed extremist militias in that nation with the goal of effecting regime change.

“Literally a Kremlin talking point, but whatever,” tweeted #Resistance pundit Leah McElrath in response to Gabbard’s debate comments.

“It is a fact that the Russian talking point for years has been that the United States arms al-Qaeda in Syria. Tulsi Gabbard just said it on national television,” tweeted journalist Scott Stedman.

“How odd to listen to Tulsi Gabbard mouthing Syrian and Russian talking points on the Democratic debate stage…sorry but no one thinks US troops withdrawn by Trump were there as part of a ‘regime change war’ by the US,” tweeted Susan Glasser of CNN and The New Yorker.

So the establishment narrative managers now have an official three-word debunk of any criticism of the establishment which employs them, which applies even when that criticism is fully based in facts and reality. Facts are a Kremlin talking point, and anyone who believes them is Russian. Facts are Russian. Truth is Russian. Skepticism is Russian. Asking questions is Russian. Dissent is Russian. Revolution is Russian.

So let’s all get Russian then, baby. Let’s all fill our heads with objectively true Kremlin talking points and Cossack dance our way to a fact-based relationship with reality. Get as Russian as possible. Get aggressively Russian. Get offensively Russian. Get so Russian it hurts. Get so Russian it curls Louise Mensch’s hair. If they are going to start telling us that truth is Russian, then the only appropriate thing to say in response is dasvidaniya.


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65 responses to “Truth Is A Kremlin Talking Point”

  1. ‘How odd to listen to Tulsi Gabbard mouthing Syrian and Russian talking points on the Democratic debate stage…sorry but no one thinks US troops withdrawn by Trump were there as part of a ‘regime change war’ by the US,” tweeted Susan Glasser of CNN and The New Yorker.”’
    Well, ‘no one’ (among the people you deign to count as ‘someone’) has any brains then. The pretext of ISIS is long gone. And now that the hawks have convinced Trump to keep the troops in southern Syria with the express intent of starving the population of Assad’s territory by not letting it have access to the oil and wheat that it is entitled to according to international law … that siege is still not about regime change, not at all! Not if you are among the brainless or lying people that Glasser acknowledges as the only
    *real* people, that is.

  2. Johnstone is definitely onto something.

    Just how is it that truth IS a Russian talking point? I mean, it just hands them the propaganda war on a silver plate.

  3. I would be less surprised than Caitlin that truth is not a cherished value in our media in general, and political commentary in particular. To understand their mentality better it is worthwhile to search the web for “deranged sorority email” and read it — there are also many rendition of it on YouTube. This is the passage I found most relevant:

    … I’ve gotten texts about people [other sisters of the same sorority as the writer] actually cheering for the opposing team. The opposing. Fucking. Team. ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID?!! I don’t give a SHIT about sportsmanship, YOU CHEER FOR OUR GODDAMN TEAM AND NOT THE OTHER ONE, HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN TO A SPORTS GAME? ARE YOU FUCKING BLIND?

    And to paraphrase another passage

    …and now Caitlin looks at the screen and asks in her whining bitchy voice “But Julia, wasn’t Putin right when he said it? Doesn’t it count for something?” NO IT DOESN’T YOU STUPID [this expletive shall be deleted].

  4. For Caitlin.

    “Shakespeare,” in Russian

    So I’m a “Putin Puppet”
    A “Kremlin Talking Point”
    Or, “Truth,” denying Democrats
    The one they would anoint:
    The other half of Husband Bill,
    Her nose wrenched out of joint
    From losing to an orange Macbeth
    Who told the witch: aroint!”

    Michael Murry, “The Misfortune Teller,” Copyright © 2019

    I hope the stanza formatting comes out OK.

  5. I guess the western media missed the simple fact that the Kremlin is a building, and that buildings don’t talk. #drinkingonthejob?

  6. Ms. Clinton is getting on the action again:

    “(CNN)Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Friday the Russians are currently ‘grooming’ a Democrat running in the presidential primary to run as a third-party candidate and champion their interests.

    The comment appears to be directed at Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who has been accused of being cozy with Russia in the past. ‘I’m not making any predictions, but I think they’ve got their eye on somebody who is currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate,’ Clinton said, speaking on a podcast with former Obama adviser David Plouffe. ‘She’s the favorite of the Russians.’”

    And Ms. Clinton’s smear is being amplified over at the Democratic Blog Daily Kos:

  7. “So let’s all get Russian then, baby. Let’s all fill our heads with objectively true Kremlin talking points and Cossack dance our way to a fact-based relationship with reality. Get as Russian as possible. Get aggressively Russian. Get offensively Russian. Get so Russian it hurts. Get so Russian it curls Louise Mensch’s hair. If they are going to start telling us that truth is Russian, then the only appropriate thing to say in response is dasvidaniya…” so cool…so right on…so brave…so Tulsi.

    Thank you, Caitlin, for spelling out the truth! We need yours and Tulsi’s voice to saturate the world! Women are leading the way…and always have! LISTEN TO THEM!! They are leading us out of despair! Read: THE END OF PATRIARCHY: RADICAL FEMINISM FOR MEN, by Robert Jensen (professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin), whose critique of patriarchy resides within radical feminism! Indeed, he argues that the only way to overcome dominate patriarchal structures requires no less than the efforts of radical feminism!! Your two powerful female voices are the light at the end of our long, dark tunnel of patriarchal chaos and pathological war mongering. We need your truth and light to lead the way out of this perpetual, ugly climate of political spin.

  8. Brian Frederick Avatar
    Brian Frederick

    The willful blindness, stupid ignorance, or deliberate untruth of Glasser, McElrath, Tracey staggers the mind.

  9. Omg I love it. At this point you don’t even have to be smart or know what’s going on in the world to still be able to sniff out and lampoon this hilarious nonsense. A big media topic recently has been cults. Shows about Scientology, the Amish, and even a rogue cult leader terrorizing the fine people at General Hospital. And what have we learned about cult followers? That they repeat mantras, defend their cult leader against all facts and logic, and no amount of reason is going to get them to leave the cult. Because it fills some dark empty space inside them.

    I now turn your attention to the Democratic debates. Where a fake Indian and a fake democrat promise to dig deep into our $20+trillion debt and find the money to pay for everyone’s college. How you say? Kremlin Talking Point, that’s how! All we need to do is inclusively and politically correctly bomb another few countries full of African-Africans! Duh. Then we can have our perfect world where there are no boys, girls, racists, thoughts or standards for anything. Because boys and girls are Kremlin Talking Points. Just like the Constitution is.

    Omg, how can you not laugh until you pass out. I mean it’s not like they have a chance of winning. Just sit back and enjoy the comedy of it all. Mix up some Kalhua and Vodka ( an ‘African American Russian’!) and laugh your Russian ass off. You still have 54 more weeks of it in front of you. Make the best of it.

  10. Sorry to be posting links, I don’t know is that’s acceptable behavior on a blog.
    But is so apropos. Anyway, here’s some truth:

    and some more (be careful, somewhat moving): (Syrian Girl)

  11. Mindless media parasites feeding off each other. Remember “gravitas”?

  12. “Get as Russian as possible. Get aggressively Russian. Get offensively Russian. Get so Russian it hurts.”

    And TPTB may get the last laugh, once they start prosecuting us for treason … and winning. Julian Assange, anyone?

    1. Assange is not an American. He probably can’t be saved. He’s gonna have to take one for the team. That’s the sad catch 22. Note that by contrast they’re not even trying to find Snowden. He’s doing interviews, running a website, publishing books etc. There might be no saving Assange. He’s a sacrificial lamb, a martyr, and a distraction. He’s maybe more valuable that way now. But he’ll be the last one. They already know that if or when they try this with Snowden, Binney, etc they’ll meet the business end of the pitchforks. Because when it’s America vs Americans people will take a side. And thanks to all those Jewish-themed movies they’ve showed us our whole lives, we’ll all choose the underdog. Sadly even the winning side has losses in a war. They may do their worst to him but ultimately Assange will be a paltry consolation prize. Trump has passed the inflection point. He’s been taken for a bit of a ride, but he’s self aware now. We’re gonna leave the middle East. GB is gonna leave the EU. Probably Spain, Italy and Greece too. It’s manifest at this point and the main reason they literally have nothing to say or do but cry in their very little echo chamber that it’s all a Kremlin Conspiracy. Rather than face that the house of cards fell years ago and this is just the cleanup. Don’t lose hope. It’s all 2 inches in front of your face. You’ll see it soon enough. Comrade! Lol. Get ready to get Russian!!

  13. God…. These identity politics addled, lobotomised, zombified, groupthink groupies are just so…. Predictable. This is the result of decades of Neoliberalist brainwashing. Anyone that goes against the narrative of the Empire is branded a conspiracy theorist, a kook, asked if they’re ‘okay’ or as is usually the case, branded a Russian troll. It’s downright Orwellian. Fascism gets ever more closer. Thanks for your common sense Caitlin.

  14. Please sell yellow “Putin Asset” t-shirts

  15. Mr. Brandon Smith has written an article that confirms my very unease about this whole ” Syria ” debacle. You can peruse it here:

    1. total waste of time. completely pointless.

      1. just anpther attempt to garble critical narratives that counter the Deep State narratives.

  16. If you want a very recent example of blatant hypocrisy when it comes to US claims of Russia or China meddling in US elections, yesterday O’bomb’em endorsed Trustin Judeau to continue to be PM of the US’s loyal, lap-dog vassal state “Canada”:
    Part of the above:
    “Former president Barack Obama has tweeted an endorsement of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and says he hopes Canadians give Trudeau “another term” in office.

    “I was proud to work with Justin Trudeau as President,” Obama wrote on Wednesday afternoon. “He’s a hard-working, effective leader who takes on big issues like climate change. The world needs his progressive leadership now, and I hope our neighbors to the north support him for another term.”

    The endorsement of a former American president is a rare — and possibly unprecedented — event in Canadian politics. But this is the second time Obama has spoken up to endorse an international leader since he left office. In May of 2017, Obama recorded a video in which he endorsed Emmanuel Macron for the French presidency.” Etc.
    Because I point out this blatant, bald-faced hypocrisy, I guess I must be another of Putin’s billions of puppets around the world.

    1. Honestly, Obama may be innocent here. A lesser reason is that the impact of his tweet was marginal at best. A major reason is that even if we resort to prima facie argument: assume that Canadians, enamored in Obama, voted to Liberals in droves even though before that tween they were dead set on the Conservatives. How different would Canada be? Trudeau is in power, so is Trump, and our northern neighbor could be as well renamed “New Trumpland”.

  17. Ha Ha. Very good. So I guess that means all untruth, falsehood, fibs, fabrications, deceptions, falsifications half-truths are USA talking points?

  18. On a lighter note, have you seen these fake Russian men from Mullumbimby?

  19. Yes, “a Kremlin talking point” is war profiteers’ current talking point. This includes war profiteers on a large (military–industrial complex) and small (propagandists) scale. They just need an enemy. Nothing personal, just business.

  20. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    Information warfare “expert” Molly McKew should be called for what she is: an Information warfare peddler.

    And Americans like her don’t realize how hilariously idiotic they look when they deny that the United States has massively not only interfered but overthrown (or “regime changed”) many, many nations around the world that far surpasses anything that Russia is accused of doing.

    To wit, what were America’s invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, bombing of Libya and Serbia, or dirty wars in Latin America in the 1980s or in Syria today about?

    Mythical Iraqi WMDs, fighting terrorism, or (giggle) Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights™?

    They were the American Empire’s regime change wars.

    And then there are the “non-violent” Color Revolution-style regime change operations that America has engaged in for over a CENTURY no less.

    Even former NY Times correspondent Stephen Kinzer (i.e. someone who used to work for the USA’s preeminent mainstream media outlet) wrote a book about this history of American regime change. Kinzer’s list of US regime change targets is not even comprehensive.

    Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq

    And then there is the work of former US State Department employee, William Blum, and his work that covers similar territory.

  21. “sorry but no one thinks US troops withdrawn by Trump were there as part of a ‘regime change war’ by the US,” tweeted Susan Glasser of CNN and The New Yorker.”

    Sorry, imperialist asshole, Susan, you are also no one to me.

  22. Paraphrasing: “No Russian. No Russian. You’re the Russian.”

  23. Russia catches more flies with honey these days…

    Pepe Escobar, who was also at that New Horizon conference in Beirut with Professor Hall (lead article) has a complimentary update on Syria, discord in US politics, and the Iraqi rumor that the snipers were US/Israeli actors.
    ​ ​In the annals of bombastic Trump tweets, this one is simply astonishing: here we have a President of the United States, on the record, unmasking the whole $8-trillion intervention in the Middle East as an endless war based on a “false premise.” No wonder the Pentagon is not amused.​..​
    ​ ​ What’s happening is a quadruple win. The US performs a face saving withdrawal, which Trump can sell as avoiding a conflict with NATO alley Turkey. Turkey has the guarantee – by the Russians – that the Syrian Army will be in control of the Turkish-Syrian border. Russia prevents a war escalation and keeps the Russia-Iran-Turkey peace process alive. And Syria will eventually regain control of its oilfields and the entire northeast.

    More of that: The Russian Masterpiece in Syria: Everyone Wins​
    ​ ​The agreement between the Kurds (SDF) and Damascus is the only natural conclusion to events that are heavily orchestrated by Moscow. The deployment of Syrian and Russian troops on the border with Turkey is the prelude to the reconquest of the entirety of Syrian territory — the outcome the Kremlin was wishing for at the beginning of this diplomatic masterpiece.
    ​ ​Washington and Ankara have never had any opportunities to prevent Damascus from reunifying the country. It was assumed by Moscow that Washington and Ankara would sooner or later seek the correct exit strategy, even as they proclaimed victory to their respective bases in the face of defeat in Syria. This is exactly what Putin and Lavrov came up with over the last few weeks, offering Trump and Erdogan the solution to their Syrian problems​.
    ​ An agreement that rewards Damascus and Moscow saves the Kurds while leaving Erdogan and Trump with a semblance of dignity in a situation that is difficult to explain to a domestic or international audience.
    ​ ​Moscow has started joint patrols with the Syrian Arab Army on the borders with Turkey for the purposes of preventing any military clashes between Ankara and Damascus. If Ankara halts its military operation in the coming days, Damascus will regain control of the oil fields.

    ​Unproductive White House meeting over Syria policy results in mutual name-calling and Democratic walk-out. Republicans stayed to do some stuff, but they didn’t say what.​
    Later, in remarks to reporters on Capitol Hill, Pelosi said that Trump actually called her a “third-grade” politician.

  24. Thanks Caitlin. Article was a great Russian Talking Point. 🙂

  25. Welcome to the Psychopathic Oligarchic Police States of America. This “Russia Bad” nonsense would be hysterical, if they didn’t have nuclear weapons pointed at each other. This has got to be wearing thin, even among the “prefer not to think” majority. How can anyone with two or more brain cells that get along not see that it’s the POPSA that’s running all over the world killing people, not Russians? In the last election, I voted for Trump for this single reason, I don’t want to see mushroom clouds in person. Since He didn’t effectively diffuse the situation, I had decided to stop participating in a suicidal political system, and stop voting. I may change my mind and vote for Tulsi, if she accidentally gets the nomination, for the same reason I voted for Trump. Unfortunately, with psychopaths in charge, little is likely to change without a complete collapse.

    1. Would you consider voting for the Green Party?

      I would boycott the election before I would vote for a Democrat or a Republican, but I think voting third party or write-in is a more effective protest. They can’t just dismiss you as too lazy to vote.

      1. I would not. As long as the Ds and Rs are in power, there is no hope for a third party. Not voting removes their authority. Voting for a third party gives them victory. The problem is not who to vote for. The problem is the system under which we live. I was a large “L” Libertarian for many years. Then I realized they were trying to work a flawed system. The Constitution’s major flaw is it does not provide for enforcement, leaving the fox in charge of the hen house. I have since been a small “l” libertarian, closely following Murray Rothbards’ writings.

  26. Bingo! (3—used to express endorsement of a correct assertion)

  27. Truthiness

    “Truthiness is the belief or assertion that a particular statement is true based on the intuition or perceptions of some individual or individuals, without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or facts. Truthiness can range from ignorant assertions of falsehoods to deliberate duplicity or propaganda intended to sway opinions.”

  28. Thanks Caitlin. I posted your first four paragraphs, with link back to this page, on my own blogsite at steel city scribblings.

  29. I love the Russian culture it’s history, arts, people, spirit. I am a big fan of China too. The USA? Not so much. Our egotism is off the scale. When are we going to learn to get along with others?

    1. Nothing wrong with Americans, Mike. You gave us the three great music genres of the twentieth century and on my visits (cheifly Massachusetts, NYC and more recently a fabulous trip to New Orleans) I’ve been treated with great kindness.

      The problem is the American ruling class – that and its junior partners. For instance “my” British ruling class.

  30. Literally, literally the only fit democrat candidate to even run against Trump is Congresswoman Gabbard. The rest of the them all belong in prison doing some serious time.

  31. Russophobia is the new anti-semitism. The liberals are committed to political corectness by the spin cycle of the machine and not of their human choosing. Imagine all that caring for nothing else but their own ass bottled up under pressure. They crave a way to blow off a lot of steam. The obvious hatred for everything and everyone Russian is just a safety valve to release that heavy burden off their humane little chest. Adopting and expressing biggotry and racism ( the old American pastime ), literally banned in the US, benefits both their tortured souls and the US agenda. It’s a winwin. Let’s not forget about the great nation they serve. They, too, have some steam to share.

    1. No, in fact, it’s the same old anti-semitism excreted by the same old Tel Aviv shills. What you are seeing here is not merely projection, not just the desire to keep their racket here and over there going, not only the defense of their stolen bourgeois lifestyles on the backs of others. It is the absolute terror that, under a real Medicare-for-All system, not only will neoliberals have no excuse not to get the mental health care they need, but that they might be forced to get it for the public good. As much as they look forward to their private bougie S&M parties, actual treatment is a bit too real for them.

  32. The sick soap opera of United States politics will get another tangent when Bernie Sanders and A.O.C. take the stage in New York this weekend. ” Socialism ” will move all of the other negative labels to the back burners of the ten minute hate and ” our new war will be with the dreaded Socialism “!

    1. I should have included the links to these two articles about Russia today and in past times. The second articles true facts are not taught is schools in the United States which is very sad.

  33. Quote, “Twitter’s search engine” Unquote. I was under the impression “TWITTER” is an American company, so how can anyone ever think any information obtained from such a source is reliable or the truth ??????????? Amazes me that people actually BELIEVE the stuff they read on such sites.

  34. Bruce Hitchcock Avatar
    Bruce Hitchcock

    Don’t watch RT it’s Russian propaganda except for all the American shows and most of the other shows

    1. On the contrary, I read RT all the time and used to make many comments on the site, however of late most of my comments get deleted because of infringing on rules for posting. YES ! the majority of my pasts do not align with the Western World’s views on many issues. So why they get deleted if it’s Russian propaganda does not compute. They should be welcoming my posts with open arms.

    2. Can’t agree Bruce. On October 7 – after Trump announced a withdrawal (believe it when you see it) but before the deal struck by YPG with Damascus – RT online said this:

      “What happened in August 2016 should have … been a clue – and offers a possible way out of the present conundrum. Back then, Turkey invaded from the north in ‘Operation Euphrates Shield’, attacking the Kurds from the rear just as [they were] launching a major push against Raqqa. The US did nothing to stop this. Only when the Syrian Arab Army – accompanied by Russian observers – stepped in to create a buffer zone between the Turks and the [Kurdish led] SDF, did the invasion stop.

      “While Ankara thinks nothing of attacking the Kurds, it is hard to imagine it would dare open fire on Syrian troops or the Russians fighting alongside them. The obvious solution for the Kurds is to make a deal with Damascus and secure the protection of the Syrian government that the US could never provide. This would keep them safe, while keeping Damascus happy and Ankara without grounds to object.

      “The only ones displeased by this would be regime-change advocates in Washington – but that’s their problem.”

      I cited the above in a longer piece on my blogsite – a piece also run by OffGuardian – about the Kurds in Syria:

      Prescient or what? And no, I don’t uphold Putin or Xi or for that matter Assad as virtue incarnate. I’m just glad there’s now an effective counterweight – even if it does make the world that little bit more dangerous than ever – to America’s decades as the world’s most lawlessly violent state.

      Would you challenge the logic of what RT is saying?

      1. i wouldn’t take “Bruce” seriously. he’s not sincere at all. just a troll.

  35. anti-rouge empire talking point
    anti-unlawful war talking point
    anti-unjust war talking point
    anti-so-called ‘ ‘humanitarian’ ‘ war talking point
    anti-economic sanctions talking point
    pro-rule of international law talking point

    gosh, I didn’t know these are the Kremlin talking points.
    (my bad)

  36. I was reminded of the stop-motion Cossack dancers in one of my favorite videos, a homemade video for a demo version of The Skids “A Woman in Winter”:

    The last time someone responded to a point I made by telling me Trump thought the same thing, I told them I don’t check what Trump thinks when I’m evaluating facts. I hoped they would consider the truth is not always the opposite of whatever Trump says. Or Putin. Now I think Caitlin’s idea is better. Just embrace the Russia.

    1. More Russia in my play list – from 2010, back when the cold war was over.

      Ramona Falls “Russia”

      (I don’t get the video, but the song is pretty.)

      Ok, I’ll stop now.

      1. Ok, one more.
        Sting’s “Russians” is still aging well:

        1. Ok, now I’m down a You tube rabbit hole, but this is such a good song.

          The Police “Wrapped Around Your Finger”

          In the 80’s when it was new, I heard a rumor that Sting was inspired to write it after meeting Adnan Koshoggi, richest man in the world at the time, and uncle of murdered journalist Jamal Koshoggi.

          “I will turn your face to alabaster,
          when you find your servant is your master.”

          1. Nice historical context tidbit!

  37. Kremlin Talking Point Avatar
    Kremlin Talking Point

    You left out “Anti-Fascism is Russian”.
    I grew up soon enough after WW2 that anti-fascism was an almost universal belief in America. It is very noticeable to someone of my age that this is no longer true. Yet, it is obvious that Russia is still anti-fascist and is rightfully proud of its huge role in defeating Adolf Hitler.
    I am still anti-fascist.
    I am still a proud anti-fascist.
    Some musicians I like once wrote a song titled “Sometimes I feel like I was born on the wrong planet.”

  38. Da!

    I would much rather watch the calm and measured Putin than anything emanating from the US – Bernie excepted. And we can do something about the so-called billionaires here – most in mining – force them to hand over all their assets money and equipment to the Indigenous peoples of the land/countries from which they have stolen profits and stripped resources and destroyed sacred dreaming/songlines sites!

    And China – given the way it was treated by Britain/The US/The French from the early-19th-century onwards for a century or so – the response to the US/UK/Australian bullying of these days makes sense – and our incompetents seem to have NO UNDERSTANDING of History. Our copy book has been well-blotted with illegal wars into Kalimantan – atrocious treatment of Timor L’Este, bullying of Nauru – PNG – Pacific Island countries – a mini-US/Deputy-bully – makes one so proud – NOT! Australia? Beware!

    1. Spot on, Jim, every time I hear our spineless politicians bad mouth China I cringe. Without their masters in the U.S. and U.K. telling them what to do, these pathetic cowards would be totally rudderless. BUT, I lay the blame at the feet of the Australian electorate who put these S.O.B.’s into power in the first place.

    Elizabeth Warren comported herself deftly and “won”​ the debate last night​, I think.
    Bernie Sanders ​is​ setting the ​popular agenda​, and AOC will endorse him.​
    Tulsi Gabbard is not noticed in the American media. She was there.​ Nobody really agreed with her. Sanders, sorta’.
    ​ “The slaughter of the Kurds being done by Turkey is yet another negative consequence of the regime-change war that we’ve been waging in Syria. Donald Trump has the blood of the Kurds on his hand — but so do many of the politicians in our country from both parties who have supported this ongoing regime-change war in Syria that started in 2011, along with many in the mainstream media, who have been championing and cheerleading this regime-change war,” she said.

    The CIA has had a heart-attack gun since the 1960s…
    ​B​ernie Sanders released a proposal today that would gradually shift 20 percent of corporate equity into funds owned and controlled by the workers in each company. The plan, which would apply to all publicly-traded companies and large closely-held companies, would move 2 percent of corporate stock into worker funds each year for a decade. Once the shares are transferred into the funds, workers would begin receiving dividends and have the ability to exercise the voting rights of the shares, including the right to vote on corporate board elections and on shareholder resolutions.
    ​ ​Sanders’s plan is by far the most radical worker ownership proposal put forward by a presidential candidate in recent memory.

    ​The only thing keeping Bernie alive is having been robbed by the DNC…
    ​Billionaires could be slapped with an effective tax rate of 97.5% if Bernie Sanders wins the 2020 presidential elections, reported Bloomberg, who spoke with two economists advising both the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Presidential Campaigns.
    Sanders’ effective tax rate of 97.5%, includes an income tax, but also a wealth tax that is aimed at breaking up family fortunes over time.
    “With the wealth tax, you get directly at the stock instead of hitting the flow of income, making it a much more powerful de-concentration tool than income taxes,” University of California, Berkeley professor Emmanuel Saez wrote in an email.
    Saez said Sanders’ wealth tax would slash the number of billionaires in the country by at least half by 2030.

    1. Wow, all the news I have no intention of reading all in one place.

      1. Happy to be of service, Ma’am. Posting more now.

  40. Thanks Caitlin for this excellent piece! Russian talking points are certainly more grounded in truth than Washington’s talking points. Time to wake up!

  41. just started following Trump on twitter, LOLOL, out of disgust over the neoliberal war criminals (Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer) criticizing Trump for withdrawing the US-Israhell military from Syria. Read “Trump unchained” at RT. the best analysis of the fallout over this move between Trump.and the Deep State. Genie is out of the bottle, and the Deep State can’t put her back no matter how hard the goons try, LOLOL

  42. The Kinks may be going Japanese but the world is going Chinese and Russian. It’s going Chinese because China offers infrastructure support without political conditions or onerous debt as well as first class technology. It’s going Russian because Russia builds the best weapons systems in the world that have proven they can neutralize the Axis of Kindness, and because Russia has a track record of supporting international law, unlike the Axis of Kindness. The US and its allies are slowly imploding due to their own chronic, untreatable excesses.

  43. I have a t-shirt with Putin and the Russian bear. I wear it openly and describe myself as a “proud Putin puppet”. It’s a good conversation starter.

    1. Excellent! For Halloween, I think I’m going to try to get a Vladimir Putin plush doll and sew one arm into the seat of my pants.

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