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You hardly ever hear about Russiagate anymore. The last time it made a blip in the radar was when disgraced Collusion author Luke Harding published a very thinly-sourced story in The Guardian claiming to have proof that Donald Trump was a Kremlin asset, but other mass media outlets barely touched it and it vanished as quickly as it came.

Looking at mainstream news outlets in 2021, you’d hardly know they’d recently spent years hammering the story into public consciousness that Vladimir Putin had infiltrated the highest levels of the US government, day after day after day after day after day.

But they did. Vast fortunes were raked in off the public interest generated by click-friendly stories about the latest BOMBSHELL revelation involving some peripheral member of Trump’s associates perhaps maybe having some kind of contact with a Russian national at some point. Entire careers were built on this.

Then the Mueller investigation invalidated the entire claim by failing to indict a single American for conspiring with the Russian government, and the mass media who’d spent the previous few years bashing everyone in the face with that story just kind of slowly sidled away from it.

And now they act like it never happened.

Now I’m going to ask you to put yourself in the shoes of someone you might not normally be inclined to.

Imagine you’re someone on the political right watching this whole thing unfold. Imagine that from late 2016 to mid-2019 you were watching the mass media aggressively shove this story down everyone’s throat that a US president, whom you support, is secretly working for a hostile foreign government with the goal of subverting the United States of America. The media you consume have been highlighting all the massive, glaring plot holes in this narrative the entire time, so you know it’s not true, yet you’ve still got friends, coworkers and family members who believe it is.

Can you imagine how disgusted you’d get with the media watching this happen day after day? How outraged? How resentful? If you’re really putting yourself there, I think you probably can.

Now imagine a year later these exact same media institutions start telling you there’s a novel coronavirus which we’re all going to have to sacrifice some personal liberties in order to stop. We might have to stay in our homes, wear a mask, get injected with new drugs we’re not sure about, possibly while watching our bank account drain and our business go under, and all these media institutions you just watched lie to everyone’s face for years on end are aggressively saying you need to do this and support this or you’re a dangerous monster whose voice should be banned from social media.

How well do you imagine that would go over with you?

And yet now we’re seeing article after article after article and news segment after news segment after news segment from these very same institutions freaking out about “the unvaccinated”, a new label for a new category of human we’re all meant to have very strong opinions about. The very media institutions which actively cultivated the distrust of these populations are now whipping up public outrage at the people they alienated.

And of course it’s not just right-wingers; people of color across the political spectrum have relatively low vaccination rates as well. What do those groups have in common? Distrust for institutions which in their experience have an extensive history of being untrustworthy. People on the left who saw through the Russiagate madness would be skeptical as well.

The sane way to counteract the public distrust that’s been caused by generations of lies, wars and depravity would be a tremendous increase in transparency, accountability and contrition on the part of those institutions, showing the public that they have changed and are working to become more trustworthy. So naturally what we are seeing is vaccine mandates in New York City, pundits calling for forced injections, and soldiers policing the streets of Sydney.

The way people are acting like trust in media-sanctioned narratives should be a given after those institutions literally just discredited themselves in front of everyone is insane. You don’t have to believe anything odd about the virus or the vaccine to understand the distrust. It was entirely predictable that this trust crisis would occur, and surely there were people in positions of influence who did predict it. And now this entirely predictable thing is being used to ban people from social media, justify vaccine passports, etc. I find that immoral.

I don’t know what’s going on with this virus; my brain just doesn’t work in a way that lends itself to science. One of the most annoying things about the indie media scene in the age of Covid has been gaining an audience because I’m good at logic and writing and then being told by lots of people “Oh you’re good at writing? Cool. Now you have to be good at science or I hate you.” People expect me to either understand things I don’t understand or pretend that I do, and maybe that’s good enough for them but it isn’t for me.

What I do know is that things are getting increasingly ugly and authoritarian as global capitalism looks more and more like the end of a Monopoly game, and that media institutions have no business complaining that people don’t trust them after spending years actively alienating their trust. The sooner humanity wakes up from its unwholesome relationship with mental narrative, the better.


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178 responses to “After Russiagate, Why WOULDN’T People Be Skeptical About Covid?”

  1. I’m not a scientist and you don’t have to be one to CARE. Caring means knowing. There’s no Sars CoV 2 virus, which may not be an interesting subject (a strange reaction to a mention of this pandemic), which just happens to be the FOUNDATION of the covid 19 pandemic hoax that is ushering in the global biosecurity police State. Come out of your tiny bubble Caitlin.

    When you put your head up and look around, then you see. If you are a normal parent, then you want to see because, besides possessing natural curiosity (that can lead to things like, you know, LEARNING), you want to know if there are dangers to your family lurking. When you see, then you know. Do you see dead bodies everywhere? No. You hear lies. All cause mortality (which tv addicts won’t think to examine) for 2020, for example, shows NORMALITY. Where’s the spike from a pandemic there? It’s not there. Pharma-funded tv (which all of it, as Del Bigtree notes) has to hammer on cases because there aren’t bodies piling up because there’s NO disease. They’ve never produced (isolated) an actual virus. They can’t. Viruses (part of crumbling germ theory) don’t exist. The only thing that exists is the scam of virology within the greater scam of Rockefeller health care science (ideology actually, as Dawn Lester and David Parker explain). The corrupt (vaccine company) WHO changed the definition of pandemic in 2009. Deaths and severe illness are no longer required. Can you say Kaching? WHO recently changed the definition of ‘herd immunity’ to mean a condition that can only come about by vaccination, which we’ll see much more of now that they’ve switched to making vaccines in hours instead of decades.

    Enjoy your bubble, Caitlin, before it’s vaporized in Armageddon.

    1. Michael P Goldenberg Avatar
      Michael P Goldenberg

      I’m curious as to how you, admittedly a non-scientist, comes to all these rather extreme conclusions, all of which would need to be grounded in reliable scientific research to hold water at all. Dismissing viruses and claiming that germ theory is “crumbling” is bold. Providing actual research support for such claims is being minimally responsible. Unless I missed something, you provide exactly zero references with citations in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

      What you did provide, however, is some sneering put-downs of Caitlin Johnson. And some absolute pronouncements that might be true, but sadly you don’t back up a single one. I’m guessing you’re too young to remember the heady days of polio. I am not. That and quite a few other viral illnesses that vaccines helped to wipe out in countries where the vaccines were given, at least until phony studies showed up linking autism to vaccines and the internet helped paranoia spread like wildfire among people who were desperate for some clear-cut cause of their child’s condition. Jenny McCarthy is the star example. If there’s an actual hell, she and Andrew Wakefield will be prize residents. Sounds like you’re auditioning for a spot as well.

      1. That’s just hostility. Buzz off. I have over 170 blog posts just on covid. I’ve been blogging for 11 years. I notice that you didn’t ask me any specific questions. Why would you? I might educate onlookers.

        “The Covid 19 Pandemic Hoax INDEX” /

        1. Michael P Goldenberg Avatar
          Michael P Goldenberg

          “Just hostility”? But your snide comments to Caitlin were the milk of human kindness? I think you’re a tiny bit confused on the matter of tone. And that’s the least of your confusion.

          As for your prodigious blogging, Caitlin has you beat. I blogged for about five years. But I didn’t think we were having a peeing contest so I didn’t mention it.

          The question isn’t number of posts, but rather the quality, reliability, and relevance of the content. I think if yours were those things, you’d be drooling to cite them. Better yet, citing your expert sources and those peer reviewed research publications I mentioned (was that the hostile part?)

          I guess I couldn’t decide which particular claim of yours needed its own special questions, but I clearly pointed to your main claim about viruses and the germ theory. Was I supposed to beg for your sources? I figured mentioning them would elicit some specifics. Guess not.

  2. Boy have I waded through a sea of feces since the last time I found a comment worth reading: Thanks!

  3. Just want to provide the latest REAL scientific findings on Covid & the vaxxes, all in 6 compact minutes, with links to the heavy-duty studies just below it. As the inventor of mRNA technology said he feared a month or so ago, it’s the vaxxes that are causing a summer epidemic. It’s the best 6 mns you can spend and it’s actually school boards pause, at last:

    Another simple tool: look at the official stats on “Deaths” on Covid Tracker (for any country) vs “New Cases” and compare these to the norms for almost any year. There is no rise. Or to the deaths & other “adverse effects” reported to the US Dept of Health on

  4. What a difference a week makes? I’d several pertinent, VERY well documented links from highly regarded clinicians AND renowned epidemiologists removed from a reply on masking for line-cooks, servers, bussers, etc, on GrubStreet suddenly reappear as a “aggregated” article on it’s parent publication, since the cited facts and figures were actually getting scarier, than Israel’s well documented findings, the large numbers of breakthrough spike clusters, CDC was FINALLY telling us about (after LYING blatantly for a few months!) But, at the Farmer’s Market, stores and PACKED indoor brunch scenes, yesterday: DENIAL, is the single most valuable commodity, diligently defended attribute of our maskless Creative Class™ & yuppie boomers, kvetching at uppity essentials.

    1. Just posted THIS to NY Mag’s Intelligencer article “Too Many People Are Dying” it was immediately tagged as, “off topic” So, NU?

      It’s NOT the mRNA vaccines, it’s silly propaganda; hubris, cherry-picked strawmen & obfuscatory peonalism that TOLD everyone, “if you’re still wearing a mask in the bar, restaurant, church, gym, club or amidst coworkers and commuters, you’re obviously a RooskiBot?” So, if you try to cite any of the substantive, double-blind, peer reviewed studies CDC simply LIED about since early spring, we’ll ban you from comment threads, until our “moderation algorithms” will block others from citing any factual mass studies, now common knowledge. And if you persist on linking to actual journalists, clinicians, victims or renowned epidemiologists we’ve blocked; you’ll be “cancelled” from our own publications, for trying to warn the victims of your lying censorship

  5. 1. Commons Travel Pass (Covid Psyop), 2. CBDC 3. Social Impact\Digital Twining Economy replaces Real World Consumption Economy

    Serfs managed like the livestock they are by their feudal overlords…no longer encouraged\allowed to deplete\defile their lords resources.

    1. Michael P Goldenberg Avatar
      Michael P Goldenberg

      If by “on the money” you mean completely and utterly wrongheaded, I agree.

    2. Counterpunch used to be such a good source of useful information but more and more they are running absurd pseudo-leftist drivel as contained in the URL above. The shrill hysterical authors they publish remind me of the Trotskyites and the Maoists and all the other over-educated riffraff who constantly screwed things up back in the Sixties with their rigid doctrinaire attitudes and contempt for ordinary working people. This endless drivel about our disaffected fellow citizens being racists and storm troopers and god knows what is simply disgusting. It serves only the ruling class these chumps pretend to be bravely resisting. I wonder how many are on the CIA payroll. There were, apparently, lots, back in the day. In post-Trump, crumbling Imperium America, right and left have become obvious for what they are, artificial labels imposed on us to keep us from standing together to fight our real enemy. We are all locked in a cage with a hungry wolf and we all taste the same to him.
      PS. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the Democrats did sabotage the last election. I can just picture Trump and his minions gloating over the ten million fraudulent votes they got from their operatives’ machines, and, damn, the do-nothing Dems for once got off their asses and faked seven million more votes than that! No wonder the evil SOB went so batshit. Doing whatever it takes to seize control of the most powerful empire in history was the prize . . . but it would be wrong (if anyone else remembers these words on the doctored Nixon White House tape.)

  6. The first really interesting COVID/ ploitics story, of Perez, Bustos, Tanden… closing all but one polling place in Black, LatinX & poor white cities to feed lifelong loyal mostly older, vulnerable folks (shuffling about in icy rain, maskless during exponential COVID spread) was ONLY covered by two writers, from ONE publication? Remember, SuperSpreader Tuesday, when Bernie was equated with a virus and Erwin Rommel?

  7. “The media you consume have been highlighting all the massive, glaring plot holes in this narrative the entire time, so you know it’s not true, yet you’ve still got friends, coworkers and family members who believe it is.

    Can you imagine how disgusted you’d get with the media watching this happen day after day? How outraged? How resentful? If you’re really putting yourself there, I think you probably can.”

    I have no trouble understanding this. I also have no trouble understanding why you are dead wrong.

    People don’t go to war mostly because they hate the enemy. They go to war mostly because they love their families and want to protect them from their enemy.

    Similarly, people don’t distrust the vaccines because they distrust the people who try to persuade them about vaccines. They distrust the vaccines because they trust the people who tell them to distrust the vaccines.

    Really cynical, distrustful people vaccinate. I would know, I’m terribly cynical. I’m so cynical that I sincerely believe it’s Big Pharma mostly behind the anti-vax movement. After all, they are the ones with the most to win from anti-vaxers. The last thing Big Pharma want is to eradicate the virus. It would be terrible for sales. Big Pharma are clearly pro-virus.

    1. Covid, like the flu and the common cold, cannot be eradicated because it has animal reservoirs to see it through the warm weather. Smallpox was eradicated because it lived only in humans. Big Pharma is all about selling vaccines to every last man, woman and child on the planet.

  8. Thanks for this article, Caitlin. The disagreement and disappointment I’ve had with you on Covid is that it is not just a science thing; it is very much a propaganda, narrative control, and psychological operation thing. And since you specialize in those types of things, it has been disappointing that you have not written more about how we are all being propagandized and fear-mongered, and narrative controlled to the extreme to follow this whole psyop. We in the resistance to this whole game would have appreciated your whimsical writing style to help awaken people. But this article is appreciated; better late than never. And I hope you will write more about this Orwellian Brave New World we are living in and heading towards.

    1. The claim that “we are all being propagandized and fear-mongered, and narrative controlled to the extreme to follow this whole psyop” is indisputably a scientific claim, because that claim is only true if the mainstream scientific consensus is false. How is this not the most obvious thing in the world?

      1. Wow. You truly do not understand science. Science is truth in our world and it has nothing to do with consensus. Consensus is religion not necessarily truth. Laws of Thermodynamics … Law of Gravity… anything that can be proven to be true is science.

        1. Not sure what point you think you’re making here.

      2. Janet Zampieri Avatar
        Janet Zampieri

        It does not take any knowledge of science to see that precisely because there is so much consensus and repeated talking points and censorship that is going on, it is obviously a big psyop of biblical proportions. Even the pro-vax scientists/doctors are speaking up now – Peter McCullough ad Robert Malone to name a couple – in opposition to this push to stick a needle in every arm and vilifying anyone who does not go along.

        1. Saying something is “obvious” is not an argument. You’re asking me to make an argument you yourself cannot make. I’ve been publicly opposing mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports.

        2. And surely you can understand that citing some experts who disagree with the consensus is no more logically sound than citing the experts who agree with it. There are other possible explanations for why they’re pushing this thing so hard besides a global conspiracy, and I’m not going to pretend I know those explanations are wrong when I don’t.

      3. The point I am making is that science does not have anything to do with consensus. Truth of our world is based on the “Scientific Method of Proof.”

        At the core of biology and other sciences lies a problem-solving approach called the scientific method. The scientific method has five basic steps, plus one feedback step:
        1. Make an observation.
        2. Ask a question.
        3. Form a hypothesis, or testable explanation.
        4. Make a prediction based on the hypothesis.
        5. Test the prediction.
        6. Iterate: use the results to make new hypotheses or predictions.
        The scientific method is used in all sciences—including chemistry, physics, geology, and psychology. The scientists in these fields ask different questions and perform different tests. However, they use the same core approach to find answers that are logical and supported by evidence.

        If a narrative has not been determined by the Scientific Method then it is likely not true no matter how many people believe it and can ONLY be proven by the scientific method. We know this.
        Climate change caused by humans burning “fossil fuels” has never been proven by science. “Fossil fuels” has never been proven true. “Abiotic” oil may be the truth although it has not been proven either.

        The sky is not falling… the narratives… put out there by people who print money out of nothing… (counterfeiters)… use fear not science.

        The only way to fix the false narratives is to take away their printing press… just like the founding fathers told us to do in the Coinage Act of 1792.

        Geoengineering is science. and we should try and stop their shenanigans, but our Earth is too powerful even for their evil deeds. The sky is not falling even though it is being manipulated.

        Think about this. A lie is deliberately telling a narrative that is not true while knowing it is not true. Why do they lie? In a capitalist world lies would not pay. Nobody would pay to be lied to. Lies would not be profitable.

        In our world, counterfeiters lie to hide their dirty deeds. Counterfeiters pay big bucks to liars… they own the liars. Yet, we have the scientific method of proof to counter their lies. We can know the truth.

        If the sky was truly falling then industrial hemp would be legal and nobody would be buying ocean front property.

        Know your enemy. Money monopoly counterfeiters are the enemy of humankind. America’s founding fathers told us that fact.

      4. The anything-but-lab origin psyop has been pretty thoroughly exposed at this point: Nicolas Wade’s article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, numerous articles in Independent Science News and GM Watch, and now the recent piece in Deutsche Welle. However, the terrain becomes murky when one mentally migrates from there to a belief in far larger psyops. Life is shades of gray, not binary. I think of it as the con trail fallacy. It demands belief in an operation that requires obedience and silence from too damn many people. Generally, people try to do the right thing. Think of Marshall’s study that showed only 15-20% of soldiers actually fired their rifles in WWII.

        The health care industry is not the army. Most people in the health industry, even those fairly high up on the chain, are not there because they want to participate in a massive deception. What convinced me to get vaccinated is the work on excess mortality.

        1. Um, perhaps the “excess deaths” can be attributed to the supposed novel aspect of the virus.
          It is new they say, so a subset of the population does not have natural immunity, but being it supposedly is a coronavirus (part of the family so to speak) most folks already have immune response.
          I expect the curve to bounce around for awhile as the virus searches for the “sweet spot” – its ongoing.
          Anyhow, at the end of the day, eventually it will just be another common cold. No big deal. No vaccinations needed – in fact, they are not helpful for the sake of public health.
          I’m not getting jabbed for a common cold.
          The opinions expressed above are just my opinions.

        2. Excess deaths seems like a relatively solid data set, since most people can tell a live person from a dead one even without a medical degree. Where it gets really messy is estimating how many excess deaths were from a particular virus directly, and how many were from other diseases, unintended consequences of lockdown type policies (excess suicides, drug overdoses, lack of access to critical services, evictions, poverty related crises), how many from vaccines, and how many could have been caused by an unidentified increase in any of the million other things that kill us to death.

      5. Logic and rational thinking function the exact same way in any part of our human experience on this planet. Whether it is about something that some people have labelled “politics” or about something that some people have labelled “science”. If you look at these words and say: “Oh, that category of narratives labelled with a P word seems like something I might understand, but the category of narratives labelled with an S word is going to be something I probably won’t understand”, your brain clearly is already not functioning.

        Either you can take a narrative, search for the facts and see where it comes from, what it does and who benefits from it, or you can’t. What the specific narrative is about, is totally irrelevant.
        The only thing that can make a difference is our emotional attachment to some of the narratives and our unwillingness to see them proven wrong.

        “The mainstream scientific consensus” is already a clue to be on your guard: what exactly is science? Has it ever had anything to do with a “consensus”? Isn’t a group of people who claim authority over the understanding of live and who debate and then publicly announce what they have decided to be the only acceptable truth exactly what the Catholic Church was all about, from it’s start almost 2 millennia ago? Wasn’t “science” exactly the reaction to that complete nonsense? Isn’t what we call “science” today not the total opposite of what it originally was and the exact same thing as religion: a claim to authority that tells people they are too stupid for life and thus need to give all their power to the self-proclaimed authority?

        How on earth is this not the most obvious thing in the world since about 18 months?

  9. I’ve had a second thought after reading this and I think that you ignore how much of this “Vaccine Hesitancy” is being caused by Trump and Murdoch and their minions.

    You have one of two major political parties and the major news media outlets taking the position that Covid is fake and the vaccine is dangerous. Do not underestimate the power of advertising.

    1. Fake news. Trump and FOX are pro-vaccine!

      1. Within the last few weeks after months of taking the opposite position.

      2. Correct. Operation Warp Speed (Trump) is ‘not’ pro vaccine? The entire political class is in on this evil. Governments are glorified police forces, there to control and tax the population. And worse. They are police States. The real executive lies with the transnational capitalist class (as Peter Phillips makes clear in his book, “Giants”) Peter Phillips is, however, a faker. It’s amazing how much we can learn from fakers. People for a long time kind of knew that their political leadership didn’t pay much attention to them. It wasn’t until the careful research by Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page that it was official. Governments take their ‘direction’ (the word used by Phillips) from powerful special interests. Check out page 59 of Phillips’s book to see what interests them today. They are targetting for areas to invest in: vaccines, war, war preparation, fast food. Do the hoaxsters pulling off the covid 19 pandemic hoax care about our health?

    2. “weird new drug” hesitancy (it isn’t a vaccine) – is caused by people with enough functioning brain cells doing their own research and figuring out a couple of very simple facts. First – 99.98% of people who get covid recover fine. Second – this is an experimental medical trial that won’t finish stage 3 testing until 2023. The public are allowing themselves to be lab rats.
      As for your other statements, they are nonsensical. Which mainstream media outlet is saying covid is fake? There is barely anyone even in alternative media saying it is fake! And the vaccine IS dangerous. Check out the VAERS and the Yellow Card reporting system in the UK. Tens of thousands of deaths and millions of adverse reactions.

      Trump? That’s so 2020. Get back in the real world ffs.

      1. According to Rockefeller health care science (which dominates the planet), pathogens and diseases come in pairs (which is profitable, as long as you ramp up the ‘pandemic’ reports). If there’s no Sars CoV 2 virus, and there isn’t, then there can’t be a disease. That’s ‘their’ science. Christine Massey (Canadian activist) and her colleagues and others queried some 90 medical bodies in a number of countries with a carefully worded question about the isolation (proof of existence) of the Sars CoV 2 virus. NONE of those who responded answered in the positive. Only in the field of virology does ‘isolation’ mean the opposite. When you look at how virologists ‘discover’ viruses (in silico, they say; in silico refers to computer chips), you’ll start to understand the incredible fraud that virology is. They discover viruses by mixing a tissue sample from someone sick with all kinds of other stuff, creating a tissue culture that includes vero (monkey kidney) cells, bovine calf serum and sometimes human fetal tissue, destroying it with nephrotoxins (poisonous to kidney cells) and antibiotics, causing it all to die and disintegrate and then they look at it under a microscope and see all these little particles (Remember the part about disintegration?) and go “See, the virus killed the cells in the tissue culture!” Then the enter data about it into a computer that has this library of supposed gene sequences of viruses (which they ‘isolated’ previously in the same manner). That scam was bad enough. They’ve now modernized the whole pandemic-making operation. They will discover viruses everywhere all the time and make vaccines for ALL of them in hours.

  10. “the term is ‘assholes’. Maybe it’s time to start treating them as such.” Ah, yes. Within each teacher’s pet hall monitor is a person ready to assault anyone who’s different from them, or violate their rights, with the excuse that, “It’s ok for ME to be an asshole because I’m one of the ‘good guys’!”

    1. ……it’s ok!….we were all assholes and now the evolutionary process continues….alas….homo assollus….the shit has been hitting the fan for eons….we duck, swerve, weave, jump, back up….and now there’s designer hazmat suits we’ve created to try and shield our egos…..but they’re all made in china….and are leaking!…..the fan is picking up speed, it’s intake is overwhelming….gasping for air…it stinks…holy shit?…….

  11. So, lots of desperate, angry, beat-down people no longer BELIEVE everything we’re told. But, Google, FB, Twitter, podcasts, aggregators all preclude due diligence, trying to access accurate information, fact-checked journalism or astute input from independent epidemiologists, nurses, clinicians and apocryphal stories, evaluated by trustworthy sources devoid autocratic agendas.

    Where do we go from here? Making shit UP, on comment threads that “cancel” all posters who post carefully sourced pertinent citations?

  12. The media quite often lies: Vietnam, Iraq, marijuana dangers, Russiagate to name just four that have been around. However they sometimes tell the truth. The goal is to figure out which is which and that ain’t always easy.

    Most anti-vaxxers seem to believe that there are no excess deaths from Covid and there are hundreds of thousands (at least) from the vaccine. You’ve got to work to know the reality of what is out there, but it is always just the opposite of what is in the media.

  13. …..everyday i find a lot of intelligent commentary/opinions/analysis here and i’m inspired/informed s a result….the problems i see with all that is taking place come from the commodification/fetishization of just about everything we create and destroy……solutions quickly become the problems as a result of this way of dealing with homo assollus’ predicament…..hence the “show” (narrative)…..take religion….in the multitude of spiritual perspectives there is this mystery…..much of which has been interpreted and explained through scientific investigation…..we still can’t prove exactly why concentric movement of everything from toilet flushes to galaxies occur yet the search for an answer continues….on the other hand we have one of the oldest tricks in the book of bullshit…bait and switch….used to build the most genocidal empire in history…christianity…the new kid on the block are the atheist state capitalists(china) competing for that opportunity….at least they have mao, the prophet’s body in state….as mohammed is and some remains of siddhartha are somewhere in india….thus the myths abound….the same with politics…liberties, freedom, the right of choice, class conscience, even scientific endeavors are all constantly repackaged in presentations that are gobbled up by billions of consumers…meaning is lost in the process of consumption….thus homo assollus is constipated with our own destiny….i do have a spiritual perspective, but that has to do with me, and i will add that it is helpful in understanding the natural world….i, like everyone, consume something that makes me happy to some extent…..but i am regular…. everyday……

  14. Michael P Goldenberga Avatar
    Michael P Goldenberga

    This may come as a shock to many of those who’ve been weighing in on this article (or some version of it they imagine Caitlin wrote), but it’s not about whether COVID-19 is real and/or whether any and every sane, decent human being should get vaccinated, whether the vaccines are safe, or anything of the kind.

    It’s an argument with two main premises and a conclusion. Either you accept the premises and believe the logic used to link them to the conclusion is well-founded and sound, respectively, or you take issue with some or all of them. But if you’re squawking about the actual questions surrounding COVID, vaccine resistance, etc., you’re arguing about an article that isn’t here.

    The premises are: 1) Russiagate was a big media fiasco that ramped up skepticism about legacy media in many quarters (I find this premise unarguably correct); 2) COVID-19 was reported by that same media and in ways that carried a lot of (contradictory) demands that people abandon all skepticism and accede to anything and everything the government and media told them to do (also impossible to deny).

    The conclusion: give #1, it’s rather easy to understand why a lot of people, particularly but hardly exclusively those who support(ed) Donald Trump, would be very suspicious of #2.

    Please note: the conclusion isn’t whether COVID-19 is real, fake, misunderstood, or anything of the kind, and it’s not whether people SHOULD be skeptical. It’s simply a claim that given #1 and #2, it’s EASY TO UNDERSTAND the skepticism that arose.

    Now, before some number of righteously indignant people on any side of these issues starts calling me names, let me add that I am 71 and have multiple co-morbidities. I was VERY cautious during the first six months of the pandemic and barely left home during that period. I masked up religiously and observed social distancing, etc. I got both doses of the Pfizer vaccine in March of this year. I’ve continued to exercise caution and continue to mask in public. I’m not now and never have been anti-Vax.

    All that said, I agree with Catilin’s argument in this piece. I do find it easy to understand public skepticism and in many cases orneriness. Further, I have my doubts about how lockdowns were handled, though those mostly surround economic issues and the fact that the US once again managed to be less than a cutting-edge world leader on an issue of health-care where it intersected the interests of capitalism: that is, the various financial payments given to the general public were too little and for the most part too late. Other industrialized nations did far better, as a rule. So taken in the context of our political economy, it’s rather easy to understand the anger of many working people at being told they couldn’t work (while their bills mounted and they weren’t getting a reliable monthly or biweekly check to feed their families and keep bodies and souls together during an extended lockdown). I was/am lucky: I haven’t lost a penny of income due to COVID. Millions of others are less lucky. And I actually do understand their rage.

    So if you’re here arguing with Caitlin over vaccines, you’re barking up the wrong article. Try re-reading it. Or in many cases, try reading it for the first time. And if you wanted to argue in favor of or in opposition to vaccines, or about whether COVID-19 is a gigantic plot of some sort, take it where it belongs: Facebook, Twitter, your kitchen table, etc.

    p.s.: Full disclosure: my youngest brother, 65 years old and living in Berkeley, CA, also had both Pfizer vaccinations. And he currently has COVID-19. Fortunately, he’s not suffering overly much and he was already working from home. Make of that what you will. Or don’t.

    1. Yep! I’m with the side that has given up on “the system”…and any benefits, vaccine or otherwise, it purports to provide. Like many born and dropped into this Faustian system, we used to believe…naively. I’m not sure what those still believing are holding onto…nothing is making sense…and hasn’t for a long time. Obviously, the system is under great pressure everywhere. Desperate times call for desperate measures and those with the most to lose have the most control and they are desperate…you have to see that. Most of us used to believe in the system…as we were indoctrinated to do. Those in this camp must be prepared that “the system” may indeed offer “protection”, much like the racketeers they are, and do something to harm the non-compliant. You have to be willing to accept those consequences. Good luck to everyone trying to make it to the other side of all this.

      1. Alternative source for this who prefer not to finance billionaire jaunts into the upper atmosphere:

    1. President Donald Trump gets credit for exposing the lying media… “fake news”.
      Many people lost faith in main stream media when 9/11 truthers were quashed. Those buildings did not violate the laws of physics when they came down in spite of the official lying reports. All media, Hollywood, education, government agencies all of them perpetuate lies as if it is a profitable endeavor.
      Faith in government is lost. What is the truth about Covid-19? Governments claim to be able to legally kill people, classify it, and keep their actions secret from the people. Governments are the thugs.

  15. laurie de marco Avatar
    laurie de marco

    The best data or information about covid to be found find anywhere would have to be on the web site by global research .ca in fact if you want real information to feed your mind then this is the place odjectively speaking of course subjectively then caitlin is the perfect balance .On global research l would say professor michel chossudovsky has the most detailed account of covid and has a free ebook with all you need to know about the so called virus please enlighten you minds ..

    1. As a service to the community, here is a link.
      I have no idea if this place is what it has been marketed as by Laurie De Marco, but at least I provided a link so as to make it easier for you to decide for yourself.
      It is easy to say somebody else knows.
      It is not easy to decide for yourself.
      That is why so many want others to make decisions for themselves,
      but I advise against that these days – cause the times are precarious.
      Study up and lets talk again later if you don’t mind.

      1. Laurie de marco Avatar
        Laurie de marco

        Tnanks for your comments but l am not marknig simply trying to help the discussion along..

        1. Remarkable exposé by Michel Chossudovsky indeed. Sums up the whole scam a treat. Excellent article also by Pascal Sacré about vaccine fundamentalism. Spot on!
          Thanks for the tip :o)

          1. People here should take a look at Michel’s interview with Christine Massey. She’s the Canadian who, with others, queried health bodies all over the world (FOIAs) and learned that (of those who responded; I forget how many did) they have never produced the actual Sars CoV 2 virus. Andrew Kaufman and Tom Cowan (whose speaking style can be annoying) are go-to sources for information about what the proper ‘isolation’ of a pathogen entails. I have many excerpts of their many videos on my Bitchute channel, titled “Arby.”

        2. Here is another article there I found interesting.
          That ole “covid” sure is elusive ain’t it?

          Thanks Laurie De Marco,
          8521 922 est

          1. Lol. I hadn’t read down this far before posting the same right above you. Very good!

      2. Here’s the actual article for any others who may want to join the discussion:

  16. Although I don’t agree with them, I must commend those social media heroes pushing forced vaccinations while America is on the verge of social and economic collapse. I must assume that your radicalized opponents could soon be paying you a visit with shots of their own.

    In the meanwhile, inspiration comes from everywhere. “Higher! Mistakes illuminate the way.”

  17. So, ever ask yourself why people including yourself believe the things you do? If you’ve read Yuval Noah Harari you know that Homo Sapiens is the story believing animal. You could never convince a monkey to give you her banana today for a promise of infinite bananas in monkey heaven after you die, monkeys aren’t that dumb, people are. The mechanics of how this works only came out a few years ago. When testing humans on fMRI machines, they found that the pre frontal cortex shuts down when you are exposed to communication with an authority figure of any kind. Could be a parent, a politician, a celebrity (why do you think that they pay some athlete to advertise shoes she knows nothing about?), a religious figure etc. With the PFC down you are vulnerable to the suggestions from the person influencing you. Of course, some more than others and someone with Asperger’s like Greta, it doesn’t work which is good but you could never build a large society of Greta’s. This has been well known to the ruling classes since the dawn of agriculture. The first modern huckster to understand how to influence people scientifically was the amerikan, Edward Bernays early in the 20th century. One Joseph Goebbels learned a lot from Bernays. Of course, the hucksters are much more sophisticated now. Social media hires the best psychologists, psychiatrist’s and other masters of human persuasion along with AI; they literally know more about you than you do yourself. Human minds are incredibly easy to manipulate which is why the much less educated pharma salesperson can put one over on your MD every day. Same with used car salespeople and amazon; they don’t have to sell every time, just enough. Of course, the easiest person to bamboozle is the one who doesn’t believe they can be. Decent people don’t use these techniques, at least on friends but the ruling classes are mostly sociopaths and they only care about themselves. Look how easy and fast it was to get the trans agenda omnipresent in society; it’s no different than how they sell wars and unhealthy food’s. Unfortunately we now have the technology that our Paleo minds can’t control responsibly and it’s gonna be the end of us.

    1. OK, Bob – so as you say Edward Bernays figured it all out by his lonesome, and others took command of the idea, and the rest of us now are just effed?
      That makes no sense Bob. Really.
      If somebody can figure something out can’t somebody else figure something else out that maybe contradicts what the aforementioned somebody figured? That is called “science in action” and I wonder really why you and so many of your ilk are so determined to be fatalistic. Perhaps you all are just a bunch of Calvinist who gave up thinking in the 16th century or thereabout – or was it earlier than that? Probably so, but who give a flip about a poorly informed sentiment that is not based on logic – just fatalistic and even that idea got taken advantage of….and guess what – you will be left behind if you can’t let your mind consider better ideas.
      Jeesh bob – go watch a horror movie or something. Your misery is boring bob.
      Better times on the way.

  18. Know who never believed in Russiagate or covid conspiracies? Vladimir Putin. And me. And a lot of other people who know how to think critically. Don’t be stupid. Listen to real doctors instead of internet crackpots. Be like Putin. Get vaccinated.

    1. After I had knocked Putin the the ground the other day, after he had knocked me down of course, I said to him – “Don’t want to be like you”.
      I’m saying the same to you John Knox – buzz off.
      Your marketing sucks.
      Yours truly,

    2. No. Not getting injected with an experimental drug that doesn’t stop me catching the shit and doesn’t stop me transmitting the shit, especially when my natural immune system has a proven 99.98% chance of letting me recover fully.
      Good luck with your blood clots and cytokine storm when you next get hit by a coronavirus. This experiment has just begun. I’m staying in the control group, I know, I’m amazing, but somebody has to do it.

      1. There is mixed information about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. But when you are weighing the pros and cons, be accurate about the dangers of Covid as well as the dangers of the vaccine.

        It is true that most healthy adults survive Covid, but it is also true that a large number of people NEVER recover. It probably won’t kill you, but there is a very good chance that you will never be healthy again. You will live out your life with serious disability. You will never be capable of working. You might not be capable of getting out of your bed.

        Long Covid is real. And it is forever. There is no cure. There is no FDA approved treatment. It is just a new name for an old syndrome (ME/CFS, Chronic fatigue, yuppie flu). The minimal research on it has gotten to the point of verifying what millions of sufferers have been describing. It is about as common as MS, but there is almost no research done on it.

        I have had ME/CFS for a couple of decades. You do NOT want to find out what that is like.

        1. “There is mixed information about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.”


  19. …..i’ve been following your very astute, and quite objective analysis on the predicament of homo assollus in these times…some deep shit to tread indeed…..historically we have used cruel, brutal, and lethal methods to “mitigate” challenges to any threats to any hierarchy… is the time for another “mitigation”…..control of the narrative is the most important tool …weapons are the other tool….in amerikkka violence is this sacred “tool” used so often to counter any challenges to the corporate capitalist narrative….on the right there are a lot of weapons that are “god given”, and would be used most assuredly against those who would be deemed leftist, or even different in any view other than theirs…..i do think the left has always been committed to changing the status quo, but they to have been absorbed into the narrative….placated….part of the “show” (narrative)……raising consciences is the ultimate way out of this shit storm….the raising of weapons is sure to come first…those who do have conscience should consider that very seriously….to survive…..

    1. Brian – care to define “homo assollus”… it a play on words sort of like this…
      “assault all us”……..or simpler….”assault us”.
      I only ask cause I did a search on the term and I couldn’t find anything on it on the internet besides where you just said it above, but it was a quick search. I could dig deeper, but I figured maybe you are the best one to answer that question if you care.
      thanks in advance.

      1. Or does it suggest….”ass all us”….
        To keep it simple – this is why we need recognized definitions and sometimes that requires precision.
        Why not use the tools already available to make this happen. It will help improve communication the engineering part of my brain thinks Brian.
        What do you think if you don’t mind me asking – besides what you said above.

      2. ….ken…homo asshole(us)…

        1. ha, ha, ha.
          Good one!
          ps – just had probably my “worst” reCAPTCHA experience in awhile – I’m taking notes on them. I know their code and they better back off.

  20. Caitlin,
    You have hit the nail right on the head, and you’re the only person (with an audience) that I’m aware of that is saying something about this. Thanks for saying it.

  21. Hi Caitlin! I’ve been your fan for some time. I’m libertarian/ancap leaning in my views, and I love your work. I know how serious you are about your views which is why I respect so much your commitment to seeing those you may disagree with (all across the spectrum of beliefs) as human, and giving them fair consideration. It is very admirable. Views aside, I also really like your writing style & enjoy reading your articles. I share them often with friends & family! Thanks for always bringing a thoughtful perspective to the field, and for being human and a light for others who may be very troubled by the intensifying polarization and authoritarianism.

  22. Caitlin

    I’m one of those people who wear the shoes into which you ask your readers to step. I’m a proud capitalist and libertarian, so our politics are quite different. Notwithstanding, you have an essential integrity and some keen insights and I’ve put many of your articles on my website, I’ll post this one as well. It’s heartening to see that you understand the distrust factor of so-called vaccine hesitancy, but that’s only one factor. While science may not be your forte, I think you’re quite capable of conducting a fair-minded study of both the mainstream and alternative media, and their Covid information and disinformation. You would find that the mainstream is playing the same games as it did with Russiagate; alternative views and worthwhile questions from well-qualified people are being censored, and that there are serious issues with both the Covid response and the vaccines. For your sake I hope you haven’t been vaccinated; read up on antibody dependent enhancement. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand it. Start with the articles and videos from Dr. Robert Malone, who invented mRNA technology. It’s not just Trumpists and the marginalized questioning the vaccine narrative; there are serious issues that should have been addressed before they were released and need to be addressed before another vaccination is administered. I’ve used my platform to address these issues, and I hope this article isn’t the only article we see about them from yours. Keep up the good work.

    Robert Gore

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Being a capitalist is nothing to be proud of, in my book. I am a proud Marxist and work for the day when capitalism is overthrown and thrown into the dustbin of history, where it belongs. I trust the science because I respect science and know scientists. I never, ever, listen to mainstream media because I believe it to be propaganda directly from the government and the Pentagon. Capitalism and libertarianism elevate the individual above the society in which they live, to the detriment of that society. That is why we have people worshipping individual wealth (not considering how it was acquired) at the expense of the working class and people like me. I could go on, but you get my drift. What I like about Caitlin is that she sees things clearly. I sometimes disagree with her but not often. My main source of information is the World Socialist Web Site, followed by the Grayzone, Consortium News and occasionally Counterpunch. Everything else makes me quite ill.

      1. You know what is bizarre. I seriously appreciate both of the posts above this (the ones by Robert Gore followed by an initial comment by Carolyn L Zaremba). So, seriously, I want to say that up front. Plus, Robert, if you I may call you that, I will check out your site in a bit more depth.
        You know what is kind of amazing… me. In my mind, I believe I could reconcile the views above both of which I respect and believe have wisdom. I could reconcile them. Its just, it can’t be done online. It requires better sensory connection.
        OK, it is August 4th 1:20 pm est.

      2. OK, what the hell. Here is where I’m gonna point out some of my nit-picks with the sentiment expressed Carolyn.
        You use the term “libertarianism” above, but eff me – what does that mean to you? That is the problem now ain’t it?
        Myself, I am a huge proponent of “Liberty” – I try to define it even, even though I know that is precarious. Liberty, and liberal, and libertarianism are three words that seems to mean the same to some, but they don’t to me. Of those words, 2 of them are basically useless in any internet discourse. My hopes, literally “my hopes”, are that the 3rd word, that being “Liberty” has not been compromised completely in the minds of the citizens and those who reside in any give country at any moment in time.
        As for capital, I support local commerce.
        I have a fig tree and it has many figs in different stages of ripening.
        I’ll sell them figs to you for a fair price, I prefer “coin”, and you can pick the ones you want.
        Now tell me – what is wrong with that?

      3. Where ‘Capitalism’ is whatever you think it is and not the thing that gives you fresh vegetables in the middle of winter or creates every new thing we enjoy whether recorded music, transport etc.

    2. If I may, but I will. From the link above (Robert Gore):
      “We were totally fed up with this and were all set to tell them Blokes and Sheilas to right buzz off, but then we remembered that we let the government have all our guns already,” Croc continued somberly.
      Now that made me laugh! Thank-you sir……….
      Made me think about the 2nd Amendment as well.
      Sort of shifted my perspective a bit, but I think
      my perspective has been shifting a lot
      Nothing wrong with that is there?
      We all get to think what we want to think don’t we?
      I hope the Australians get some Kahunas!

    3. I can’t really take any issue with what you say. It all seems very sensible (logical as well) to me. Still, I’ve read what Carolyn has said so much these past 18 months or so and I respect her. When I respect somebody I try sometimes to read between the lines. Anyhow, I might change my mind, but I doubt it.
      Thanks for your comment Robert Gore – don’t remember seeing you here before, but don’t mean you weren’t. I just didn’t remember your face.
      Whatever – I’m meandering.
      I think at least two of the US runners, and maybe three, qualified for the finals in the Olympic 5K.
      I know there are good scientist out there and I believe those trying to stifle good science are fixing to learn a basic lesson in math. If the numbers don’t add up, then eventually everyone figures this out.
      Peace is easy,
      8421 1527

      1. The guy I liked finished in 3rd in the men’s 5k olympic event in Tokyo. I thought it might be more dramatic, but it wadn’t. Just another day at the office for Chelimo – an Olympic victor. I liked his attitude and his disposition. He is an Olympic bronze metal recipient. Something to be proud of…a real accomplishment of merit. I salute you sir.
        Peace is easy,

    4. Carol D Sullivan Avatar
      Carol D Sullivan

      So glad you mentioned Dr. Malone. For an in depth look at Covid, this podcast is great.

  23. Perhaps the links below are on subject enough that the broad and diverse base of commenters will be capable of putting the arguments offered, for and against, in their pipes and smoking them.

    1. OK, it is literally 1:33 pm est.
      I’m gonna take this as a challenge.
      I looked at the first one and I disagree.
      I saved to MY hard drive the second one and thank-you.
      I like the title of the third one but it took “too long” to load, so I had to dismiss it before I even got a chance to see it – maybe I’ll try again later.
      OK, it is literally 1:35 pm est
      Now let me go prove once an effing again that I am not a robot – still 135

      1. Just to give the facts of it as only I know (I hope so at least). I had clicked the first link, and then started typing. It was 1:33 pm est.
        I then checked the second and thirds links. At the end of my message and even after I said I won’t no effing “robot” it was 1:35 pm est.
        In high school I was a quick typer and the teacher of the class also taught the cheerleaders at school – as in she was the cheerleader coach.
        Needless to say, I think this teacher inspired me to type fast!
        I’ve only gotten faster since that!
        Ha, ha
        – follow the science, but not necessarily the scientist……it is hard to get a good science story these days – one that is unbiased by grants and such…..real hard.

    2. OK, gracious. I opened the third link. It was dated October 8, 2020.
      Is the supposition put forth there still the case in the minds of any serious scientists?
      If so, please provide links.
      If not, I think maybe it is just a “tricky” virus – one that is hard to contain. Fear is sort of the same in a way. I’ve always considered this a “virus of fear”, but in reality, I think it is nothing more than a common cold. I had it, a time or two I think, I take Vitamin D but I also get out in the sun when I can, I took a Zinc lozenge after I puked the other day. I have no idea if it helped. I have no idea whether I got the covid. I refuse to be tested for a virus of fear.
      8421 400

      1. OK, I’m gonna do this because I can.
        The supposition put forth in the article linked above by EM, the third one down, and entitled as such:
        The Smoking Gun: Where is the coronavirus? The CDC says it isn’t available. Oct 8 by Jon Rappoport
        October 8, 2020

        What I read, if I read it correct was the “actual” virus (whatever it may be), the “real” thing, the pure virus in its most pure form had NOT been isolated. Now that “begs” the question, how one can create a “test” for something if they don’t really know what it is on a precise level? That is a fair question.
        However, any virus worth its salt will mutate as need be or change its form for the sake of future survival. In most instances, if the “virus” wants to live collectively, it works best when it is less lethal. Way more hosts that way. So, really is there ever just “one” virus that can be isolated and deemed “representative”? I don’t think so, but still sounds like they didn’t do a good job and were “our of their league” so to speak and that is why we come to find the tests suck with regard to accuracy, if one is to believe what gets published these days.
        So, in Sweden, I think somebody whispered “herd immunity” into the ears of decision makers, and I think the evidence is in that Sweden responded the best. So Gold Metal for Sweden. In fact, unless convinced otherwise, I think it is a sweep for Sweden – Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Just like the mountain biking team from Switzerland got a sweep and the track runners from Jamaica got one as well. Them ladies can run quick.
        If “good” science, whatever the hell that is, doesn’t assert itself soon we all will be completely in the hands of and under the jurisdiction of bureaucrats. I just cant stand for that. I won’t.
        I hope wiser minds prevail but it ought be evident – precarious times for sure when those out of DC will never admit a mistake.
        If you can’t admit you are wrong, then the evidence will be placed upon the table and justice will be served in the end. With or without “us”.
        8421 1653 – plus the “400” from before needs another 12…
        one day at a time….

    3. Yes, Jon Rappoport is an awesome resource in this emerging global biosecurity police State (Giorgio Agamben).

  24. Many of use have been where you just arrive at for over a year and a half. It’s okay, and we’re glad that you’re at least throwing the questions upon the wall that many can see and hopefully ponder for themselves.

    Let’s hope that we all begin to see the possible horrific future instore for us & act on it now to stop it.


  25. For those of you pushing the scientific method, I have a question for you: Why do you fear a control group more than an experimental vaccine that offers no legal recourse due to side effects as well as unknown long-term results?

  26. The reason no one talks about ‘Russiagate’ anymore is rather straight forward. The evil Ogre is ‘gone’, and the Russiagate hysteria and related fabrications have served their purpose. So yea, they dropped that op as soon as trump left office. Besides, there is new fabrication in town called covid 1984 and it is way scarier than the Evil Ogre (aka trump). Best of all, unlike trump, it doesn’t have to go away after 4 years. Covid 1984 can, and will, last as long as it needs to, Which means, you can expect to hear about it for many years to come.
    Call it the ‘Forever Virus’ if you will. A far more accurate name for it. Also like trump, any actions by the ‘state’, will be acceptable as means of dealing with it. And by the state, I am not just referring to the amerikan one either.

    Now the covid 1984 op, does share some superficial similarities to trump. Like trump, and anyone that supported him, ‘covid’ is responsible for everything bad going in the world. The twist is, instead of trump followers, it is now the ‘unvaxxed’ that are being held co-responsible for the alleged ravages of ‘covid’. You might have seen this already. Some regime officials in various countries, now openly accuse the ‘unvaxxed’ of ‘killing people’. If that kind of incendiary, and blatantly false accusations dont worry people well…then they deserve what they have coming I guess.

    But back to ‘Russiagate’ for a moment. While it may be gone(for now), have no doubt it could be dusted off and re-used in the future, should some(thing), like trump come along. The only other way to never see ‘Russiagate’ again, is if the globalists wet dream of replacing President Putin with a Yeltsin 2.0 ever come about. Myself, I’m sure the PTB will make triply sure no one outside the ‘club’ gets near their figured head ‘president-of-the-uS position’ ever again. Still, expect the generalized term of Kremlin, or possibly Beijing? asset, or operative, to see continued use into the future as ‘needed’.

    1. Covid 19 will merge with Climate Crisis. Look at the climate lockdowns that they are talking about. They are exactly the same as the police State lockdown measures we are being subjected to (in Australia as well, even if Caitlin chooses to ignore it). (Don’t use cars. Don’t eat real meat. Live online. No physical cash.) The covid 19 pandemic hoax incorporates the Green New Deal that impact investors and other scammers are slavering for. I don’t like Alison McDowell (who attacked me) but she is the go-to source on impact investors. Cory Morningstar is good as well. Cory was my first detailed look at the scam that is the Green New Deal. (And be sure to watch Jeff Gibb’s “Planet Of The Humans” which reveals what a lot of those pushing the Green New Deal are really about).

  27. But wait! There is more. Media duplicity did not end with the Mueller Report – of course. Deutsche Welle has just given us a fine piece on the COVID origin MSM / mainstream science duplicity. It is somewhat pasteurized, but still excellent. No science brain needed.

  28. …ah yes, the same cla$$ of apparatchik$/puppet$ who have poisoned our soil, thus our food, thus our health/immune systems, now want ‘help’ us with some forced experimental gene therapy injections….what could go wrong?….

  29. It’s bigger than virus\vax. Watch Alison McDowell talk about global financial ties and the social impact investment game coming for all us

    1. Impressive personal strength to create that thing without a smart focus.
      But if you don’t know where you are going anything is better than nothing.

    2. There’s a number of interrelated and overlapping agendas unfolding in this covid hoax. As Whitney Webb explains, in detail (Operation Polygon), they plan to crash the grid. That will accelerate Augustin Carsten’s plans for central bank digital currency. Listen to Augustin and Bill Gates talk about that. You won’t just have digital cash (and everything). It will be conditional, as Catherine Austin Fitts explains. It will be credit on the company store. If they want to release credit to you, you’ll get it. But they don’t have to and won’t – if you ‘misbehave’ (don’t get jabbed, talk about the jabs, say anything that the police State government dislikes or try to influence others with your views). That’s what they do in China. It’s called social credit score. It’s evil. If you take a stand, on principle, and speak the truth to whoever will hear it, and pay a price for it (no leaving your home, no gas for your car, if you have one, no groceries, etc), and your friends and family try to help you deal with that, that lowers their score! Elon Musk, Klaus Schwab, Ray Kurzweil are transhumanists who want to merge people – us – with machines. Gates and a lot of others in his superclass want to cull the population (so yes, let’s let him ‘vaccinate’ us). Governments like the bankers move to cbdc because when they marry that to Chinese style social credit, that will make their jobs of controlling the (remaining) population easier. Big Pharma will be at the center of this emerging biosecurity police State in which all your rights are being taken away, leaving you with only obligations framed in biomedical terms unrelated to reality (which means related to germ theory). Jeffrey A. Tucker calls it the new feudalism. The WEF’s (Klaus Schwab) own ad (removed but still floating around in cyberspace) has a smiling young man telling us that we’ll own nothing and be happy. The predator / parasite class will definitely be happy because they’ll own everything. Look at Bill Gates, the largest farmland owner in the US. He’s heavily invested in fake meat. It’s good for the climate don’t you know. Mikki Willis (“Plandemic Indoctornation”) nailed it when he pointed out that they’ve flipped things around. What was mainstream (homeopathy and naturopathy is now ‘alternative’ and what was ‘alternative’, namely expensive pharmaceuticals made from petroleum, is now ‘mainstream’. As Jon Rappoport notes, the ‘virus’ is the cover story for ‘environmental degradation and toxic chemicals (including vaccines) that make us sick. He should know. He’s being investigating ‘pandemics’ for over 30 years.

  30. I think you’re getting somewhere. Now apply that to everything. The news (and government) lie about everything.
    And I’ve also stopped using the -ism words to describe situations — capitalism, socialism, fascism, communism, etc. Everyone comes to the convo with different impressions of what these words mean and examples of them.

    1. Good points. It’s inevitable that people who aspire to get power over others — in other words, leaders, politicians, corporate bigdeals — will lie or obfuscate, because knowledge is power and they don’t want to give any power away. One result of this is that the words which represent almost any political, economic, or social idea have been misused and deformed into meaninglessness. Long ago an anarchist-libertarian sort advised me, ”Don’t call yourself names. Just tell people what you want to do and the way you want things to be, and let other people call you names.”

  31. Good overview of the covid fiasco.
    “If the media hadn’t been in a frenzy the last 18 months, would those of us who aren’t frontline medical workers have any idea Covid even exited?”

  32. Do you NOT want More Of The Same? If so, here’s what you’ve got to do.

    1. No “representative” reads the bills they pass into laws. They never have. Is this third party Jimmy is promoting promising to pass laws that they understand? If not, then your vote still won’t matter. What is the point?

  33. “You don’t have to believe anything odd about the virus or the vaccine to understand the distrust.” And, “You don’t have to believe anything [they say] about the virus or the vaccine to understand [their history]. Karl Rove (fulfilled): The aide said that guys like me were ‘in what we call the reality-based community,’ which he defined as people who ‘believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.’ […] ‘That’s not the way the world really works anymore,’ he continued. ‘We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.’

  34. I don’t think you are a good writer. Wading through word salad and incomplete thoughts that need more explanation to make sense is what I experience when I read you. I generally don’t read you, a friend just emailed this latest blog, which I have never read before, I’ve merely accidentally followed you on fb, but no more. One can’t simply keep throwing darts at the politics of the masses who choose to either not pay attention to what Pelosi or Moscow Mitch et al are doing, or those who take strong sides and hate the other side. What is the solution. You diss progressives, trumpeters, and do nothing dems, so what are you doing besides pointing out the fault of politics that has existed for forever? You sound an awful lot like my schizophrenic sister who is paranoid of everything and is not able to be anything but someone who fosters and shares her paranoia in life. No one is doing anything about Russian infiltration, but remember that we bombed Japan AFTER the war was over, and no one gives a fuck about that, so why would they EVER stand up to any other strange injustices or illegal political acts. The past offers many more horrific acts that no one gave a shit about, so that is our history. Your vaccination commentary is nothing but strange, as you conveniently have erased the memory of vaccinations changing the lifespan of humans since they have been introduced. They have been scientifically excellent and effective. Did you get the MMR vaccinations when you were an infant, or are you one of those students whose parents wrote a special religious letter giving excuse for not being vaccinated, and endangering us all. Vaccinations have been horrific for certain populations, like native Alaskans and Blacks, for experimental purposes. This was awful, it should never have happened. That was horrific science, but there is no evidence that this is happening in our country any longer. Big Pharma is evil and you could research the correlation between the lies Pharma companies tell us and how vaccinations are tested and delivered to us. Pharmaceuticals kill more people every year than probably anything else, and here you are blathering about a vaccination designed to help us through an obvious global pandemic. You seem to be leaning toward the side of being a trumpeter, in your disbelief that any of this is even happening, which is just entirely insane. You non-science brain has done nothing with science, and a lot with the psychology of paranoia and spin. At any rate, you remain unclear and incohesive at best, and who knows what you stand for except complaining and pointing out the vast weakness of our government which is nothing new. So what’s the solution, pray tell? What are you actually doing to make the world a better place? Team Caitlen, a legend in her own mind.

    1. Thomas Scherrer Avatar
      Thomas Scherrer

      Nothing like trotting out the “red-brown” alliance to justify a weak response over an obvious concern have over taking the vaccine.

      For decades, perhaps even centuries, people of color have disproportionately been marginalized, attacked, exploited, even killed for the sake of things such as “progress”, “profit”, and “ratings”. Their hesitancy to be injected with an unknown substance from a virus that has been weaponized by the same media to continue to push NCW narratives is to be not just an expected outcome, but a disturbing one.

      Not once, at any time, did Caity alluded to denying the authenticity of the virus; merely, she wanted you to assume the role of an American citizen that saw Trump as a symptom of nearly 4 decades of failed economic policy and said, ” eh…fuck it. What do see have to lose”? Instead, the media, who propped up this charlatan for their own profit, decided to conjure up a story that had no hard evidence, whatsoever, yet disseminated it as verified, thus invalidating the consent of the governed.

      She wanted you to conjure a sense of empathy towards a portion of Trump’s voting block (not the rabid, neo-Nazi types; but those that might have voted for Obama TWICE), which is the soul of Caity’s writing. That the things that separate people are mostly synthetic, propogandized by the mass conglomerate media. The real fight amongst people should not be focused around culture (left vs right), but power (top vs bottom). If you observe the world as the former, you’ll consume news the way you do. The latter? You’ll be able to relate to Caity’s work as a template for moving forward and challenging the power structure that exists.

      How would one do this? After all, you did ask her for a solution…you clearly missed the point of why your friend sent you this very article to read. The solution is to keep your mind open to new voices and share them and support them if they spark your interest. Perhaps you didn’t like her stance on this, but I suggest reading some of her past work, her poems, her art work, her books, and so on. MY solution to YOU is to read something else from her and not give in to lazy “red-brown” alliance tropes that serve no purpose other than to end an argument with no substance.

      1. Michael P Goldenberg Avatar
        Michael P Goldenberg

        Sums up the situation nicely.

      2. My friend sent me this because she disses progressives, which in our view, favors trying to make the world a real place, in a real way. She sent me the article because what does Caitlin stand for? This is what I am talking about, what you mention, that some trumpeters may have voted for Obama twice! What this means to me is that they ignored the reality of politics and switched from a do nothing status quo guy who promised “change” to a vengeful reality t.v. host asshole who does nothing but lie and steal. Is this supposed to convince me that these people need my empathy for being completely stupid? There is no solution here, just bouncing around from bad politics to bad politics. And I did acknowledge the past evils of our country’s history with vaccination, but also saying that we are pretty sure that this is not happening NOW, so we need to move past that. If we kept not moving forward because of our country’s evils, we would be stuck, just as we are. Which we appear to be. Listen, I’m no pro when it comes to politics, I’m just saying that it angers me that there is no side here that Caitlin will take, which to me is the progressive side, which she has repeatedly dissed, just like everything else. There is no evil in Bernie Sanders, and no hidden agenda but to help the people. He is the only politician that truly challenges the power structure that exists. If she can’t support him and his agenda, what’s the point? It’s just blathering and yada yada yada.

        1. Russiagate and the attendant McCarthyism really ruined all that you seem to think is still viable.

      3. Also, it’s very irritating that you suggest the purpose in which my friend sent me the article and that I just don’t get it. Please.

      4. Media is for, by and exclusively ABOUT smug petit-bourgoise nincompoops; solely from a Creative Class™ largely yuppie boomer point of view. And lots of us untermenschen really don’t see all that much difference in ‘baggers & libruls (Stateside, CNBC & MSNBC are just dopplegangster, mirror-image lie-spewing TV selling our betters, comforting dopamine hits). We just SAW what happens to ANY purported “left” candidate, in Cleveland (she was stomped down by PhARMA, AIPAC, CAP). So, millions of brainwashed yuppies, aren’t about to stop kvetching COVID 3.0, directly into essentials’ faces, as long as our “disruptive” NASDAQ gig-serfdom portfolios keep mysteriously shooting up 70-80% & 34K rent-stabilized apartments serendipitously got flipped, neighborhoods gentrified & chains replaced mom & pop bodegas?

      5. Red-brown, krasno-korichnevye & beefsteak Nazi charges invariably come from tag-team kleptocrats, in attempt to distract speciously oblivious, reactionaries “affluent liberals” or retired yuppies, living off equities from WHY Chuck, Hillary, Rahm, Nancy & Debbie = TRUMP? A Wyoming zionist oilgarch getting Republicans to vote in another corrupt thug, to ensure all the other dead-eyed criminals can feed more poor “essentials” to Delta, to flip homes, harvest equity, indenture peons, is “Progressive!” But, letting real Democrats actually REPRESENT working voters would harsh Liberal boomers’ NASDAQ buzz? DCCC is a wholly-owned Koch Industries subsidiary, but having a foreign power choose a corrupt Cleveland Congresswoman, is NOT going to help former Democrats in ’22 or ’24. Wonder, WHERE they’re gonna turn, for protection?–her-loss-is-the-oligarchys-gain/

    2. Jacques, I don’t want to be rude (like you) but your writing is all over the place, and not particularly coherent. Maybe you should cogitate a bit more before writing long complaints that jump from one subject to the next incoherently. It is pretty obvious you don’t get what Caitlin is saying. So maybe figure that out before going on and on about it?

      1. Funny, that is exactly how I see Caitlin’s writing. I think we are probably prone to think about writing in this way when we don’t agree with what is being said. But yes, I am bouncing around a lot, mostly venting. It’s more for me than you.

        1. I also take offense to the fact that YOU TOO do not admit that there is an alternative to Obama and trump. Empathy for those who turned from Obama to Trump when there was one person who would make everything that Caitlin complains about BETTER, or at least a massive effort to make it better. Bernie. It’s funny how Caitlin and all her fans dismiss this very fact. Please tell me why not to be empathetic to those who were dumb enough to vote for Obama, and then voted for Bernie, but got ripped off by the system. I can tell where your true nationality lies, somewhere between the “house” democrats and the “conservative” republicans. Otherwise, you would be touting the progressive agenda, which is everything about challenging the existing and the past power struggle. So I may be rude, but at least I am honest.

          1. I suspect many people feel that if Sanders could be offed as a candidate by the Democratic Party in favor of corrupt opportunist rightwingers like Biden, that would happen as well if he were to be elected. Besides which he gave in.

            Apparently our ruling class is completely unbridled in its contempt for the desires and intentions of the American public. And is incompetent as well. The end game looks pretty grim at the moment.

  35. Power is always looking for more power and will grab it whenever it comes near. This is now being seen in the talk of Vaccine passports to go to events and bars in England, Military on the streets in Australia, shutting down free speech on the internet in the US. We can see the pandemic being used as an excuse and that the US imperial complex has learnt from China and are moving to enact Authoritarian Capitalism. That one last global push for self destruction, where dissent from the people is shut down and capitalists can extract everything from the dying planet and escape to space, leaving behind a Bladerunner style husk of a planet for those to poor to flee. Its important to cut through the noise, it doesn’t matter what you believe or know about the science of Covid, we can all still see how power is using it. I can certainly see the UK government using the shock of Covid to bring in new authoritarian laws on protest, police powers and remove accountability for the military. The media are fully on board and are unwilling to report the naked corruption seen at the heart of the Johnson government, which has cost tens of thousands of lives, instead choosing to promote fear and distrust of fellow citizens as the reason the virus has spread as it has. The fact that it is so obvious, even to those surrounded by the propaganda gives me hope of avoiding the darkest timeline. Because now people can see it, they’ll want to do something about it.

  36. The Obama-Clinton orchestrated Russiagate fraud and follow up politization of the Covid 19 crisis not only destroyed the integrity (whatever was left) of the corporate media and American democracy, but the ability of anyone to discern the truth about anything that they did not personally experience, to everyone’s detriment but then, the common good was irrelevant, only power mattered (and matters). The only positive consequence was that the Deep State, as a bipartisan phenomenon, was forced to disclose itself perhaps someday making possible a left-right populist alliance and anticorruption revolution.

    1. This is true. And they (the O-C coalition) threw in corrupt elections for good measure, twisting the knife into whatever was left of the corpse of democracy. Now it seems the most apt description of our system of government is “lunacy.”

  37. If the MSM were an honest broker instead of a bunch of paid shills for Oligarchy, we “unscientific” types would be hearing an in-depth debate from both sides. When censorship is applied instead of open debate, anyone with two working brain cells and a firing synapse should skeptical.
    Do HCQ and Ivermectin work or not? If they work, who would want an experimental jab or two instead of drugs with a long history that are already proven safe and effective? If they don’t work, what is the motive of the doctors and pathologists promoting them on the internet? Are the evil Rooskies paying them to spread falsehoods? Kinda doubt it. This debate is entirely missing from the MSM.

  38. It’s all so fascinating to watch…the lemmings scrambling to and fro. I’m just glad somebody changed the channel from Hallmark\HGTV to the History channel, I was about to put a fork in my eye…but now it’s getting interesting. Popcorn is ready…this is going to be good.

  39. I’m an Australian living in Indonesia ( thank God) and NOBODY is dying over here !

    The hospitals are at normal occupancy levels !

    You are being fed complete BS by the media !

    Think for yourselves – do you think there are men that work the streets at night – picking up the thousands of dead and decomposing bodies – before the horror is witnessed by the general public in the morning ???

    Remember the first HOAX ?

    EBOLA was going to kill us all before RUSSIA came up with a – well – for want of a better word – ‘vaccine’ – gave it to Africa for FREE and now you never hear a thing about EBOLA !

    Remember the MERS ( Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome ) coronavirus in 2012 ??

    Well MERS targeted and affected ONLY Middle Eastern people – like this latest version – labelled by the Chinese scientists the ‘novel’ Coronavirus – MERS was also ‘novel’ – meaning never had been seen before !

    So this brings me to an interview with Putin in 2017 when he was asked by a reporter if he was aware the US was collecting Russian DNA !

    Putin stated that he was aware of that and just said ‘let them do their thing we will do our thing’ !

    Now – initially – China – Russia and Iran were hardest hit by this man made killer flu ( because THAT is what it is ) and had to respond quickly to develop an effective – safe – FLU shot – which they have !

    Like MERS – Russia – China and Iran’s ‘ethnicity’ is being targeted !

    This is being done by the same people that placed depleted uranium in bombs and dropped them on IRAQ poisoning the water supply and causing death – cancer and generational birth defects to MILLIONS !

    I mean – the ZIO/US OWNS and finances EVERY military BIO LAB around the world and what purpose do they serve ??

    A lot of people here in Indonesia ( not me ) have taken the Chinese SinoVac FLU shot and it appears perfectly safe !

    There is a BIG difference between a SputnikV/SinoVac FLU shot and an experimental mRNA GENE therapy which will change your God given immune system FOREVER !

    If you are not part of the 140 nations that has signed up to the BRI ( Indonesia has ) – well – frankly – this Orwellian nightmare is never going to end for you !

  40. Caitlin erroneously believes it’s all a matter of an “unwholesome relationship with mental narrative”. If the mental narrative changes, if the establishment would disseminate a truthful narrative, than all will be fine.

    The reality is that most humans by nature prefer a fake narrative no matter what the nature of the establishment’s narrative is. Why do you think most people remain asleep even if you shove the truth up their noses? Read “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” by Rolf Hefti at www dot CovidTruthBeKnown dot com or search for it by title and author.

    She has been promoting this misleading angle for years as living in some blind stupor incapable of overcoming this mental block..

    Not unrelated, she puts the blame on, or hides behind, her lack of “science” mind in her alleged incapability to see the obvious reality about Covid-19. All one needs is a working moral compass. See above article…

    1. That’s not at all what I’m saying. Click the hyperlink in the bit about waking up from our unwholesome relationship with mental narrative for more info.

  41. Also,
    Some people think that it is somehow impolite to use naughty words on the internet to call these obvious criminals out.
    It isn’t.
    Doing so is much much less impolite than making viruses and releasing them on the public to fuck them out of more money and more liberty than they are already being fucked out of, and that by the ‘people’ who allegedly ‘represent’ them, no less.

  42. Michael P Goldenberg Avatar
    Michael P Goldenberg

    CJ wrote: “Can you imagine how disgusted you’d get with the media watching this happen day after day? How outraged? How resentful? If you’re really putting yourself there, I think you probably can.”

    Sure, I can. Any clear-thinking, fair-minded person can. Unfortunately, there are virtually zero ShitLibyans who are either clear-thinking or fair-minded when it has to do with Trump and those who either support him or don’t 100% swallow the latest Democratic spin on reality. And so, no, such people absolutely can’t and won’t put themselves into the shoes of a Trump supporter – not even hypothetically and regardless of how fleetingly. They are constitutionally unable to empathize with their “mortal enemies” in that way. And won’t.

  43. Mme. Caitlin, It was excruciatingly clear that – just before the magic bugge arrived – something was going to be needed to cover the impending crash of the banksters’ financial structure. And now we know what this response is (possibly among others to come!).
    Please, please keep your focus on the monsters that are the authors of these atrocities!
    there are 3 overriding priorities:
    The people of Oz and – beyond – need to evaluate three questions to orient themselves to take action – so that we can envision the dismantling of the banksters’ cartel in our own lifetimes:

    1) People must understand who their real (offstage) rulers are: not the clowns in their capital cities who they see on TV.

    2) People must concede that the ruling monsters hate – or, at best, are indifferent to the fate of – the peasantry (those with assets of less than 1 B U$D). The Georgia Guidestones are a good reminder.

    3) People need to accept that to.survive/prosper they must resolve to personally do something in their own defense to make it so.

  44. Good article, I like it.
    What if there were government funded labs that made viruses?
    There are.
    What if there were government funded organisations that made vaccines?
    There are.
    What if there were government funded asshats that ran all of the television stations that are screaming that you have to get a vaccine?
    There are.

    1. Ref my item above – it is horrifying, but totally consistent with their actions, that these offstage monsters hate the people of the Earth – and this seems to be merely coordinated with their bank accounts … that give them the right to dispose of the rest of us!
      I would like to imagine that as motivating!

  45. Dear Caitlin,
    I arrived at approximately your same position on pandemic stuff, and I do have a “science brain”. Also a science degree, and 30 years experience as a data analyst. Like you say, there is no earthly reason to take the word of entities who have demonstrated shameless lying with no consequences, including media, drug companies, and politicians.
    Media literacy on reporting statistics is appalling. Numbers without context are garbage. Comparing numbers from different data collection methods, non-comparable time periods, or countries with important
    undisclosed variables is garbage. Conflating causation with correlation is grade school level illiterate. I’ve been to the CDC’s website, also the WHO, my state and county, and I can’t find what proof of vaccine safety people think they have seen.
    Experts disagree on things. People who think there is no debate have only seen one side of the story.
    I don’t know for sure what’s true, but I know what’s being illegitimately censored. You can’t just say “the science” to make people believe you. That’s not an argument, or evidence. I’m seeing a lot of people saying things are an established fact with complete confidence, which they could not possibly know, just like Russiagate. And also like Bush era weapons of mass destruction – people actually thought all TV channels and newspapers could not possibly be wrong together.
    If anyone knows anything for sure, they are unwilling or unable to communicate it.
    I often think of your advice to hold opinions lightly, and I think that is important and useful.

  46. I’m liking COVID Caitlin. She’s on the money and hopefully continues to explore this topic.

  47. I am probably from what most people call the extreme right and I would agree 100% with your words here Caitlin

    1. I am probably from what most people call the extreme left, and me too.

  48. 2019 – Coronavirus just arrived in your country; implementation of social distance, facial masks; CDC says if you have symptoms of covid, don’t go to the hospital but CDC does not delivery any directions for treatment at home neither for hospitals to follow;
    2020 – 1st six months – Facial masks still the ultimate answer till a vaccine is available; Rules for social distance and reinforcement about the necessity of lockdowns still on; schools and work are only available on line; No more cases of flu; last sixth months – experimental vacines are available; global campaign for massive vaccination in course; unvaccinated people became a threat for public health;
    2021 – 1st six months – After billions of covid shots the truth is crystal clear – vaccinated people are now covid vectors and unvaccinated people are more safe now than before but the government and media still tracking them down. Facial masks for vaccinated people still the ultimate answer according to experts; Covid ID’s are the ultimate judicial proof you are a victim and the perpetrator at the same time; You were inducted to compromise your health by a premature scientific evaluation; Government and media working together in public health is a disaster worst than wars.
    2022 – Unknown.

    P.s. After 40 years of research the big pharmaceuticals released the first HIV vaccine. After all, if they can promise a safe and effective vaccine against covid why not HIV? But still, condom and facial masks still the ultimate weapon against these diseases.

  49. We are well down the path to complete ” martial law ” within the ” United States Empire “!! The FEMA camps will soon be filling up with the people that do not follow the ” orders of governmental officials “! No mask – no vaccine – no freedom for you; no job, no going indoors, no nothing! You may end up being ” shot on sight ” you are a ” menace to our society “!

    1. Thus should we all arm ourselves to military parity+
      I see no softer regime coming – this being the “final push” towards a USSA.

      1. You mean the U$$A. Okay, parity, but where do I get an intercontinental guided missile with multiple nuclear warheads? I’ve got quite a list here…. And I don’t have a lot of closet space, either.

        1. U$$A works. The Taliban and Viet Cong have illustrated how effective ~lightly armed but focused guerilla forces can be.
          ICBMs and/or WMDs have not figured into a ~guerrilla conflict – yet. Wait for asymmetrical replies from containers (fit in your yard).

  50. Let’s call it what it is.
    It’s not history or herstory.
    Religion, the born to rule royals and dynasties, patriotism, enemies, empires, synthetic chemicals, nuclear weapons, industrial toxins, tobacco, wonder drugs like Thalidomide, Vioxx, Celebrex and the barbiturates, DDT, Glyphosate, asbestos, the monetary system, space exploration _ _ _ _ _ Holy SHIT! It’s endless.
    Who and why?

    1. By now we a l l know that these genres of “Authorties” are ReichsPropagandaMinisterium scripts!

  51. Dear Caitlin,
    You make a very good point that those who distrust the media regarding the Covid pandemic have plenty of reason to feel that way. I agree. It’s why I am very interested in talking to conservatives these days–many of them have indeed gone through an eye opening experience, and may be ready for a real conversation about what is going on.

    As for your comment “I don’t know what’s going on with this virus; my brain just doesn’t work in a way that lends itself to science”… In my opinion you don’t need to have an overtly scientific bent to understand what is going on with the pandemic. Logic and intellectual honesty will do. The official story of the virus and how it is supposed to work has so many gaping logical holes in it, that even the “scientifically challenged” should have no difficulty recognizing the outrageous lies that are being pushed. And there are plenty of scientific types who are willing to explain the basics of how epidemiology works and the like–I have certainly benefited from their writing. I’m no scientist, but just a guy who can read and research for myself. If I can gain some understanding of our current predicament, you surely can.

    1. Nope. If you feel like you know what’s going on you’ve either got a more scientific mind than I do or you’re less honest with yourself about what you do and do not know than I am.

      1. Caitlin, in a sense we can see what is going on by watching current trends. As you said it is a move towards less freedom. As far as Covid is concerned it is simply the agent being used to forward an agenda. Fear is a powerful motivator. Less movement, less social interaction and eventually total control. We see calls for covid passports with hints they will be used to exert total submission. Add the digitalization of all money and your ability to survive will be severely threatened. We can all see dark clouds on the horizon. Keep up the good work.

      2. Caitlin, I read, enjoy, and appreciate almost everything you write. But I’d like to push back on this “science mind” notion because it is a kind of trap that you seem to be setting for yourself. The scientific method, like all methods of testing truth or falsehood (like the rules of logic) is a branch of critical thinking, at which you are very adept. You have, in short, a first-rate BS detector. As a critical thinker you have all the intellectual tools necessary to test many scientific claims, or at lease to sense that some claims are shakier than others. You exercise healthy skepticism, which is a key requirement for all good science—and one of the ingredients that is sorely lacking in the “scientific” debate about COVID. You don’t have to understand calculus to know when things don’t add up. What worries me is that when you say you don’t have a “science brain” you are opening yourself up to a fundamental logic error, which is appeal to authority. If you really believe you don’t have a “science brain,” then your main alternative with regard to scientific claims is to place your trust in the “experts” who have letters like Ph.D and M.D. after their names—people who apparently have “science brains”—and you willingly exclude yourself from making valid criticisms of their thinking and their conclusions, even when those methods violate other well known logic rules (and common sense) and even though the scientists who make such claims push a nefarious and authoritarian agenda. Please don’t underestimate your ability to spot a con when you see one, even when that con is couched in scientific language and espoused by scientists.

      3. I appreciate your honesty about your limitations. However, you can educate yourself on the Covid issue, just as I have. You have a great BS detector and an ability to grow and change. That’s really all you need.

        Here is a book that may be helpful:

        Covid: Why Most of what you Know Is Wrong by Sebastian Rushworth, M.D.

        Rushworth is a Swedish doctor with a knack for explaining things. The most valuable part of his book, in my opinion, is the opening section where he shows us laypeople how to read and evaluate scientific studies. That part alone is worth the price.

      4. There is a wonderful book by Albarelli: A Secret Order – and it is about the multiple roles and situations LHO was put into to exhaust and deflect investigations of the JFK assassination. One begins to see this kind of layering in the attempts to obscure the origins of the bug.
        Watching the 911 anthrax farce disintegrate was sheer comic relief by comparison!

  52. Notifiwanttokeepmyjob Avatar

    Right there with you. I saw the liars – NYT, MSNBC, various US GOV orgs, and the WHO (seriously beholden to its corporate donors) promoting this new virus. Instant take – must be bullshit. Haven’t trusted any of them sense Iraq, and the WHO sense the “zika” scam.

    Wasn’t until Cuba started working on vaccines that i took it seriously.

  53. This is what I discovered, and this goes back to people Plato and the Xunzi. Ethics play a key role in our motivation. If I am looking to only virtue signal rather than acquire and truly display that virtue, I have cheapened its value, not only for me, but for others. Now we know virtue signaling is a big thing in Woke issues etc.. but examine it in the field of medicine. If I care about true drug discovery, imagine the time, integrity issues and constant disappointment one must grapple with. Now, if I were to twist some facts, make some smartly placed gifts, look at how easy it becomes. You look like a genius and who cares if the shit works, we’ll twist some more facts later on. Well it’s precisely this mentality that got us lost. We head into projects with ethics contaminated by personal gain and come out holding even less. Do that for a long, long time especially in an environment where you can control the global reserve currency and this era with no ethics ends up exceeding its organic limitations. How long? I have no clue because people are getting dumber and computers are getting smarter. And the bullshitters control the latter so this can last a while

  54. what we really have is this: [not going too far]
    India, Indonesia, Brazil, and Africa are all kinda half assesly going the “herd immunity” route.
    that is a non-clinical experiment.
    the rest of us humans are going the so-called science route with vaccines @ pretty near stop-spread levels…as advertised…
    what we see here in US by CDC commentary, is non-vaccinated are the almost ONLY new cases coming to hospitals. i heard 100%. but nothing is 100% of anything, so call it 97%…which is what pfizer used to be. remember?
    now, if we could get accurate reporting on lt all from the above mentioned winging-it nations….they are winging it because they cannot count right. they are having an impossible time of it.
    we might find out that Sweden was right all the time.
    they did not close anything…and as it stands now, are right in the middle of the EU pack. of course, they actually like each other.

  55. I have five friends who died from Covid, and about the same amount who recovered. I don’t understand how you can compare a media lie about Russia hacking the DNC computer with a virus that is very real.

    1. That is very unusual, to know that many people who died from Covid. In fact, it is almost unheard of, outside of certain nursing homes that had multiple deaths.

      The virus is indeed real, but the overall death toll during the pandemic has barely put a dent in normal all-cause mortality. For the vast majority of us, it is rare to personally know someone who died of Covid, and somewhat less rare to have heard of someone known by others that you know, who died of Covid. The amount of people, world-wide, who have been infected by the SARS-CoV2 virus, is about 1 percent of the population. And the amount who have died of Covid is about 0.15 percent of those infected. So, as I said, your experience strikes me as very unusual. I have no way of checking the veracity of your statement, so I’ll leave it at that.

      1. The real danger of Covid is not that it might kill you. It is that you might never recover.

        The “long haulers” who probably really have ME/CFS, formerly known as Chronic Fatigue, survived Covid, but never recovered. Some of them only had very mild Covid symptoms. I recently saw a statistic that claimed half of the children who survived Covid have this.

        I don’t know if the vaccine is any good, or if it is harmful. Masks and isolation are the only reliable protection that I know of. But please stop saying that Covid is no big deal because not many people die. The dead ones are the lucky ones.

        I’ve had ME/CFS for decades. It is hell.

        1. Well, it’s been 17 months. I’ve had one mRNA, she’s had both (I was 5X higher on spike protein & IgG). I believe, you’d warned me not to GRADUALLY, work my blood O2 back up, but I’m glad I did. With anti-inflammatory diet, lots of phyto-polyphenols nitric-oxide precursors, that NRPT/ Quercetin, bromaline & Rooibos, nettle, ginger, mint, yerba mate type tea? It’s more like a sporadic, auto-immune, NO/ONOO cycle stuff, where I’m suddenly allergic to shit, only my partner used to be drowning in snot or coughing up, brain fog, joint & muscle pains, odd ass sweats and subcutaneous popped capillaries. BUT all our medical folks who’d dared stay in NYC got it, so NO pity, no PASC imaging and diagnostics: blood work, urine, vital signs are like 3 million other fucked up survivors, stumbling about like a George Romero movie?

          1. My warning has always been about exercise. Post Exertion Malaise is a common part of ME/CFS. If you also have this, exercise can be very dangerous, and do permanent harm.

            I have to be extremely careful about pacing myself. And never do as much as I feel like I can. Otherwise I am in a major crash, and probably have a new, even worse, normal. It’s hell to live like this.

            Mast Cell Activation Syndrome is another common co-morbidity. I’ve never been tested for it, but I have decided that I must be allergic to air. My nose is ALWAYS stopped, running, or both.

            My severe fatigue forces almost total isolation on me. I rarely leave home. Since my risk of exposure is so low, I’ve decided that my precarious health may not be able to handle the vaccine. The effort of leaving my home is a danger to me. Leaving twice for a vaccine that might leave me bedridden, doesn’t seem worth the risk.

        2. I wasn’t kidding, OR lying: inflammatory side effects from my first Moderna were worse than either active infection or my pro-inflammatory cytokine period. One of the blog’s had troll feeding frenzy over saying anything like that. It did however help both of us with LPR, sinusitis type PASC, though diverticulosis was a side-effect for me and calf pains, COVID toe, for her. Our clinicians, Dr, nurse & research friends all seem to agree, so why can’t the trolls STFU? We’ve lost several folks; more than a year later, mostly (from conditions aggravated by PASC? I’m no Dr, so I do NOT know!)

    2. What are you, 95? I have many friends and family who have had Covid (or something, anyway – the tests are pretty worthless) and it was basically on a spectrum from symptomless to a seasonal flu (except for my 103 yr. old great aunt, who died. Of something). And overall mortality stats are pretty much within statistical norms. I knew (literally) nine people who died is 2019, two who died in 2020. Apparently, Covid can reach back into time.

    3. Doesn’t sound like you’re reading with the intention of understanding. Nobody said they’re the same.

      1. Let’s put some factual evidence/ proof on the table. The NHS, CDC have both stated that 94-95% of the fatalities from Covid-19 did not die from it as a primary cause of death. In other words about 5_6% died solely from it according to their own data.

        Secondly, the vast majority of deaths occurred in the 80 years + age group again according to the data from the various North American, European health authorities. The average life span is about 80 in these countries.

        Thirdly, the test used to diagnose for SARS-COV-2 virus which causes Covid-19 according to the CDC and other countries health authorities has been admitted to be both Inaccurate and unreliable by the W.H.O. In other words it’s not fit for purpose

        In addition, the Covid-19 vaccines are experimental gene therapy drugs which have no independent scientifically peer reviewed papers, no medium or long trials ( the estimated final trials for them are 2023 according to the F.D.A) and they have a legal indemnity clause.

        Moreover, they have caused 11,000+ deaths in the US, 1,500+ deaths in the UK and 18,000 + deaths in Europe. Besides the 1,000,000s of adverse reactions some very serious such as blood clots, blindness, paralysis, strokes, heart attacks and pregnant women having miscarriages. Again this is all documented on the countries health authorities websites.

        Many many distinguished world renowned virologists such as Professors Sucharit Bhakdi, Wolfgang Wodarg, Peter Mccollough, Dolores Cahill, John Ioannidis and the American frontline doctors association have produced numerous videos and information pamphlets about the scamdemic.

        1. “I don’t know what’s going on with this virus; my brain just doesn’t work in a way that lends itself to science.”

          I wonder how many good Germans were intimidated by the Nazi’s “science” of eugenics.

    4. It’s instructive, that folks are simply making up shit, about how the government lies, nonstop? NYC was told, “just go on about your life, like normal!” Right before ~34K “essential workers” loved-ones, coworkers & commuters died in our private equity ravaged “medical system” and ~40% of these were dying at home, on icy streets or in idling ambulances; terrified of dying alone, of cursory intubation? The virus & it’s Cytokine storm attacks the circulatory system, so they were being called for coronary, stroke, pneumonia or multi organ failure. We’d got it in March, most clinicians who didn’t skedaddle had it lots worse than us, from greater viral load. It’s no hoax, the PASC symptoms linger. Cuomo, Trump, de Blasio, medical establishment, much of academia LIED non-stop. Media had a field day. April 6th ’20 was hilarious: Smiling, perky morons, happy news, innocuous stories; right as our phone alarms, computer and TV alerts shrieked for “all available, certified medical staff, report IMMEDIATELY to the nearest medical center!” Think we’d 790 PCR’d and ~325 “arrest” dead overnight, and lots of the Drs, nurses, staff & temps from all over were going through the (very SCARY) days 7-12, where you simply get no oxygen and you feel your hijacked immune system attack your lungs, head, heart… too terrified to call ANY Dr., while happy Jimmy Kimmel & Steven Colbert interviews famous, rich celebrities in their “vacation cottages.” It’s kinda science-fictiony, to watch the same maskless yuppie morons, who brought it here, striding through airports unchecked (being rich & white) now lecture the poor, mostly Black, LatinX folks here and poir white folks, 100mi west, who FED us, brought us shit and tried to save us in caked, week old masks and taped-together bags, that they’re “safe” as ~75% of new cases are vectored by inoculated, hive-minded imbeciles, brainwashed by 40 Rock?

  56. We live under a oligarchic controlled amoral Uber-violent neoliberal political and economic shit-show system that doesn’t care if we are homeless, living under a freeway overpass in LA and eating out of a dumpster – BUT – we’re supposed to believe that the uber-wealthy criminal cabal at the helm of this monstrosity care so very very much about us that they just couldn’t live with themselves if we don’t line up and get their “vaccine” and on the double. A little cognitive-dissonance anyone?

    It all somehow brings to mind the old George Carlin line where he asks the question, “why will god send you to suffer for all eternity in a lake of fire when you die? BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU!” Yeah, right.

    1. So true. “You are allowed to die of anything, particularly of lack of resources because we stole every damn thing, but we just couldn’t live with ourselves if you died of Covid.

  57. sheeesh, rob.
    ya gotta mandate India @ 1.5 y’knows. plus Indonesia.
    then mandate Africa…etc….and while yer at it hold the antarctic 3 mile deep ice sheet from slipping into the sea.

  58. If a government wants to forcibly vaccinate its population then it might as well suspend elections, dismiss its parliament, and revoke all civil and human rights. Why continue the pretence of democracy?

  59. Aww, Caitlin, you missed the boat on this one. I, for one, never believed a single word of the Russiagate hoax. I knew that the Dems and their media tools were lying from the start. But that did not cloud my thinking when COVID-19 came along. I knew that it was frighteningly real right from the start. So how could I distinguish media lies from truth? In both cases I looked for evidence. With Russiagate, there was none, with Covid, there was an abundance. Anyone can do that, even whack job Republicans.

    For the record, I favor mandatory vaccination for Covid-19. When tens of millions of lives could be lost, it’s the right thing to do. Mandating vaccinations is nothing new. In most western countrIes, children are required to get a variety of vaccines, if they wish to attend public schools. I don’t understand the fuss over protecting the health of the public.

    1. Yeah – I looked for evidence, too, and found piles of bullshit. You claim that ‘you knew it was frighteningly real from the start’ … really? Nobody ‘knows’ anything other than that they’re hungry, horney or tired (you know – entirely subjective facts). As for mandatory vaccinations – good luck with that. But I’ve got no problem with a bunch of folks volunteering to be guinea pigs in a vaccine trial to save themselves from a virus with a .15 to .2 percent IFR. mRNA vaccines have never been approved because they have never gotten beyond animal trials (but somehow, with your stellar research skills, you’ve missed that). We’ll see if people do any better (hint: so far, it doesn’t look like it).

      1. You say there was no evidence. How about hospitals and morgues filled to bursting with Covid-19 patients? How about horrifying reports from frontline healthcare workers? How about the extremely rapid genetic sequencing of the SARS Cov-2 virus? I could go on, but you would probably not understand.

    2. If the Covid “vaccines” acted like normal vaccines–that is, if they gave you real immunity to the disease–and if they were as safe as other vaccines, and if Covid was a threat to kill tens of millions of people, then yes, make them mandatory. But none of these things are true.

      It is becoming clear that the efficacy of the Covid shots is about the same as for typical flu vaccines, on the order of 40 percent or so, which is not very much protection from infection at all. And they don’t stop transmission of the virus either. Which means that mandating everybody get the vaccine will not stop the pandemic. You can have a group of people, all of them fully vaccinated, and you will still have cases pop up among them. There have already been several public instances of this happening.

      Further, the Covid vaccines are not safe. Many people have suffered severe reactions to them–neurological damage, blood clots, even death. How many is not precisely known, but official figures that almost certainly greatly under-report the problem indicate that over 11,000 people have died in the U.S. alone. No other vaccine has ever done this. The amount of people injured or killed by these vaccines is unprecedented. This raises the moral question, how many people is it OK to kill in pursuit of safety for the general population? This question is not even being discussed.

      Finally, Covid is nowhere near as dangerous as the media would have you believe. We know now that it has about the same mortality rate as common flu, and that most people who die from it are elderly, and almost always have other serious health issues. For healthy younger people and children, the risk of dying from Covid is statistically about zero. That is what the data tell us.

      1. Regarding the effectiveness and safety of existing Covid-19 vaccine, you are a veritable fountain if misinformation and ignorance. The same is true regarding the seriousness of Covid-19 vs the common flu. Folks, the data on these subjects are readily available from many public sources. If you have doubts or questions, look it up for yourselves.

        And by all means, blot anything written by R.A. from your minds. It could get you killed.

    3. Many people have good reasons for avoiding vaccinations, like a history of severe allergies. Furthermore, in the present case it seems the vaccinations don’t prevent the vaccinated from spreading the virus. It is also a fundamental invasion of physical privacy. So it is not the right thing to do.

  60. The problem is, the lamebrains who believe the nonsensical covid narrative still believe the insane Russian meddling narrative. Glad to know you’re seeing the sick reality of what’s going on Caitlin.

    Ilargi at The Automatic Earth, The Vaccines Don’t Work (see: emperor, unclothed)
    ​ ​On Thursday, an internal CDC slide deck was “leaked”. On Friday, an “official” document was presented. The first is more interesting, because it contains things that are ostensibly not meant for public consumption (how to present…). The second is made up of a lot of official looking terminology. What else? But both largely say the same thing: there is no difference between the infection rates of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people. Of course that is then dressed up again in calls to get vaccinated, they can’t help themselves…
    ​ ​In colorful language such as “the war has changed” and “Delta spreads as easily as chickenpox”, the CDC tries very hard to undermine -even deny- its own findings.
    …Pfizer wants to give everyone a booster shot this fall. I was thinking they must have made some improved version against Delta, but no, it’ll be a third shot of the same “vaccine”. But wait, we just found it doesn’t work against Delta. The Israelis give it a 39% efficacy, which is not even enough to get an emergency authorization. Get it off the market then.
    ​ ​Why would I get such a shot at this point in time? The only reason I can think of is that if I don’t, you’ll take my job away, and/or severely screw with my life, and rights, and freedoms, in other ways

    CDC releases study showing 3/4 Delta cases are among the vaccinated, says masks are the answer

    Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals have similar viral loads in communities with a high prevalence of the SARS-CoV-2 delta variant

    CDC Says Vaccinated May Be as Likely to Spread COVID as Unvaxxed, as Reports of Serious Injuries After Vaccines Surge

    1. A couple of us, here, were discussing how everybody worth reading on lefty blogs like CommonDreams were thrown off comment threads for citing the links Ilargi posts, here. CDC simply lied throughout, as well as getting most of the rest entirely wrong. We’d known, before it hit NY: it was a circulatory, clotting disease; spread almost entirely by aerosols, that KF-94 or better masks were needed indoors & in conveyances and you could get it through your eyes, asymptomatic vectors (including kids) were most infectuous by day 3; that ARDS could happen early in the 2nd week, but Vit D, C, zinc, several iso-flavonoid phyto-polyphenols acted as immuno-modulators & the case-fatality rate ~2.7-14% here, was meaningless, since no accurate testing was being performed and our media, government, bosses, Medical talking-heads were basically making shit up, to force the powerless back to work, SICK or dying, to save their crashing equities, businesses, funding sources… PhARMA equities, whatever? If you posted ANY truth online, about the vaccines you were dumped, ignominiously (as I’d mentioned happening to me at GrubStreet, while their parent publication aggregated my links into a SCOOP).


  62. David B. Gosselin Avatar
    David B. Gosselin

    To quote from a recent piece on Strategic Culture, “Beijing, the Five Eyes or Something Else? Who’s to Blame for the COVID Pandemic?”:

    “Ever since the earliest days of the Coronavirus pandemic, evidence began to emerge that the virus was not a naturally occurring evolutionary phenomenon as asserted by the WHO, Nature Magazine, and editors at the Lancet, but had other origins.

    Among the earliest of those who found themselves supporting this theory were the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lijian Zhou who made international waves by sharing two articles by Larry Romanov on the possibility of “gene targeting” of the virus which was having a disproportionately bad effect on Iranians, Italians and various Asian genotypes. Zhou was soon joined by bioweapons experts like Francis Boyle, prominent virologists Luc Montagnier and Judy Mikovits, followed by a growing array of scholars, scientists and academics from around the world who all assessed that the virus’ apparent gene sequencing implied human handiwork. While all agreed that COVID appeared to have originated from a lab, it was still unclear whether that lab was Chinese or controlled by the USA.

    Another obvious question arose with this lab theory: Was it an accidental leak or was it consciously deployed?

    Since pandemic war game operations had become a normalized part of western geopolitical life from the early days of Dark Winter in 2000 to the Rockefeller Foundation’s 2011 Lock Step to the World Economic Forum’s Event 201 (and dozens more in between), the likelihood of conscious deployment was a very serious possibility.

    Who had the motive, means and modus operandi to carry out such a global operation?”

    –Beijing, the Five Eyes or Something Else? Who’s to Blame for the COVID Pandemic?

    China had nothing to gain from unleashing a virus to “hurt” the US and its allies. The US and EU have been on a steady decline and destroying themselves quite well, without the help of China. The minute one talks about the idea of a “lab leak,” the only question becomes was it accidental or intentional? Were it to have been accidental, then the media coverage makes zero sense, regardless of how much people try to explain things away and find some “rational” reason. The whole response of the CDC and health officials makes zero sense, from the PCR testing protocols to the treatment protocols i.e. if people test positive for covid, don’t treat them, send them home, and wait for them to become deathly sick to the point of requiring intensive care hospitalization and breathing assistance.

    No, one doesn’t have to be an “expert” to know that’s insane, and plenty of physicians have pointed out that it’s actually criminally negligent, at best.

    If one entertains the idea that the virus was intentionally released, all the evidence in terms of geo-strategic and economic reasons suggests the US and European oligarchy had worlds more to lose, and this was their last hail Mary, since you know, their whole banking system is one giant house of cards…

    1. excuse me…NO ONE ever found a connection to the Wuhan biowarfare lab. the virus was found in the bats’ batty box @ the market place.
      how far is the market from the lab? can viruses crawl or fly that far? who knows? and if China was gonna release it, it would not be in China no again. so…what? It was NOT on purpose if china released it.
      accidents happen.
      so that.
      but also crimes happen. and Conspiracies become actions… sometimes. the Wuhan lab was managed by Harvard for 20 years. verify on your own time. and NIH invested a ton of money in it to do some lab work on something in there about viruses. not nerve gas or mustard gas, also.
      and the int’l convention of micro biological warfare labs was held in Wuhan, named COVID 19 for the date, not the place. the US contingency had 300 people–it would be logical that some few or evn only one CIA agent…or Gates/WEF agent @ billionaire prices, could have dropped something into the batty box. OK? maybe. cuz i’m sure i got one sleeping under my bed…and 911 was demolition. see #7.
      oh nevermind…that only started WWIII, which is over now. we tied i guess.
      And then we dropped it in Iran. EASY. take the new jet train . and then we dropped it in Italy for joining the Asia free trade thing. and then the UK so they could blame INDIA OR WHATEVER…
      and then it kinda took off on it’s own…
      China suspects y’know that the USA is or has designed a covid jewel that only infects chinese people. that is why they were so fast in stifling the virus’ action. OK?

  63. William Conklin Avatar
    William Conklin


  64. I tend to agree with you Caitlin.
    However, my only thought this time, is that the ‘Bad Guys’ – Russia, China Iran, etc etc are pushing the vaccinations as well.
    This gives me some level of trust that it may just be a true story.
    Isn’t that bizarre?

    1. That is the only thing that makes me pause in my skepticism. But then, Phama multinationals also operate in Russia, China, Iran, etc. so though this is a good point, it’s not really a game-changer.

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