Sedition #8 of my print-friendly treason zine is now available and ready for download.

As usual anyone is free to print, copy, republish, distribute, or use any and all of these materials in any way they choose, either digitally or in the meat world.

This month’s TreaZine, “We’re Losing Our Anti-War Heroes Right When We Need Them Most,” Sedition 8 is dedicated to Daniel Ellsberg, and features articles like:

We’re Losing Our Anti-War Heroes Right When We Need Them Most ….. page 28

There Has Never In History Been A Greater Need For A Large Anti-War Movement ….. page 55

The Power-Serving Myth That Anti-War Protests Make No Difference ….. page 6

US Ambassador To China: “We’re The Leader” Of The Indo-Pacific ….. page 17

What We Know About The US Air Force’s Balloon Party So Far ….. page 40

Imagine If China Did To The US What The US Is Doing To China ….. page 43

Democrats Praise Bush, Want More Small-Business War Profiteers ….. page 50

It Is The Mass Media’s Job To Help Suppress Anti-War Movements ….. page 62

…and heaps more.

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