The last few days have been truly amazing. I didn’t even write an article yesterday; I’ve just been staring transfixed by my social media feeds watching liberal Americans completely lose their minds. I can’t look away. It’s like watching a slow motion train wreck, and everyone on the train is being really homophobic.

I’ve been writing about Russiagate since it started, and I can honestly say this is the worst it’s ever been, by far. The most hysterical, the most shrill, the most emotional, the most cartoonishly over-the-top and hyperbolic. The fact that Trump met with Putin in private and then publicly expressed doubt about the establishment Russia narrative has sent some political factions of America into an emotional state that is indistinguishable from what you’d expect if Russia had bombed New York City. This despite the fact that the establishment Russia narrative consists of no actual, visible events whatsoever. It is made of pure narrative.

I don’t even know where to start. Everyone has been completely mad across the entire spectrum of what passes for America’s political “left” today, from the usual suspects like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and their indistinguishable Never-Trump Republican allies, all the way to supposedly progressive commentators like Cenk Uygur and Shaun King. Comparing this pure narrative non-event to Pearl Harbor is now commonplace and mainstream. I just watched a United States Senator named Richard Blumenthal stare right into the camera refer to the hypothetical possibility of future Russian cyber intrusions as “this 9/11 moment.”

“We are in a 9/11 national emergency because our country is under attack, literally,” Blumenthal told CNN while demanding a record of Trump’s meeting with Putin at the Helsinki summit. “That attack is ongoing and pervasive, verified by objective and verifiable evidence. Those words are, again, from the director of National Security. And this 9/11 moment demands that we do come together.”

Nothing about the establishment Russia narrative is in any way verifiable, and the only thing it has in common with 9/11 is the media coverage and widespread emotional response.

September 11 had actual video footage of falling towers. You could go visit New York City, look at the spot where those towers used to be, and see them not being there anymore. You could learn the names of the people who died and visit their graves and talk to their family members. Exactly how it happened is a matter of some debate in many circles, but there is no question that it happened. There was an actual event that did happen in the real world, completely independent of any stories people tell about that event.

Russiagate is like 9/11, but with none of those things. It’s like if 9/11 had all the same widespread emotional responses, all the same nonstop mass media coverage, all the same punditry screaming war, war, war, except no actual event occurred. The towers were still there, everyone was still alive, and nothing actually happened apart from the narrative and the emotional responses to that narrative.

Russiagate is 9/11 minus 9/11.

This is what I’m talking about when I say that whoever controls the narrative controls the world. Whoever controls the stories that westerners are telling each other has the power to advance concrete agendas which reshape global geopolitics without any actual thing even happening. Simply by getting a few hand-picked intelligence agents to say something happened in a relatively confident way, you can get the entire media and political body advancing that narrative as unquestionable fact, and from there advance sanctions, new military operations, a far more aggressive Nuclear Posture Review, the casting out of diplomats, the arming of Ukraine, and ultimately shove Russia further and further off the world stage.

As we discussed last time, the current administration has actually been far more aggressive against Russia than the previous administration was, and has worked against Russian interests to a far greater extent. If they wanted to, the international alliance of plutocrats and intelligence/defense agencies could just as easily use their near-total control of the narrative to advance the story that Trump is a dangerous Russia hawk who is imperiling the entire world by inflicting insane escalations against a nuclear superpower. They could elicit the exact same panicked emotional response that they are eliciting right now using the exact same media and the exact same factual situation. They wouldn’t have to change a single thing except where they place their emphasis in telling the story. The known facts would all remain exactly as they are; all that would have to change is the narrative.

Public support for Russiagate depends on the fact that most people don’t recognize how pervasively their day-to-day experience is dominated by narrative. If you are intellectually honest with yourself, you will acknowledge that you think about Russia a lot more now than you did in 2015. Russia hasn’t changed any since 2015; all that has changed is the narrative that is being told about it. And yet now the mass media and a huge chunk of rank-and-file America now view it as a major threat and think about it constantly. All they had to do was talk about Russia constantly in a fearful and urgent way, and now US liberals are convinced that Vladimir Putin is an omnipotent world-dominating supervillain who has infiltrated the highest levels of the US government.

If humanity is to pull up and away from its current path toward either ecological disaster, nuclear armageddon or Orwellian dystopia, we are necessarily going to have to change our relationship with narrative. As long as the way we think, vote and organize can be controlled by the mere verbiage of the servants of power, our species will never be able to begin operating in a sane and wholesome way. If all it takes to make us act against our own interest is a few establishment lackeys speaking a few words in a confident tone of voice, if mere authoritative language can hypnotize us like a sorcerer casting spells, we are doomed to slavery and destruction.

So stop staring transfixed by the narratives, and begin looking at the behavior and motives of the people advancing them instead. Stop staring at the movie screen they’re constantly drawing your attention to, turn around in your theater seat, and look at the people who are running the projector. The way out of this mess is to begin ignoring the stories we’re being hypnotized with and start critically examining the people who are conducting the hypnosis. Ignore the stories and stare with piercing eyes at the storytellers. The difference between the official narrative and the actual reality of this world is the difference between fiction and fact. Evolve beyond.


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65 responses to “Russiagate Is Like 9/11, Except It’s Made Of Pure Narrative”

  1. If you want to see an example of how intellectually dishonest our society has become we are and how miserably callow we are, just look at the latest editorial from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists of all people and their lock-step stance following the Russia-gate hysteria of the MSM that Trump is controlled by Putin, a Putin-Puppet for meeting with him to try to call off the next nuclear war:

    Two minutes to midnight my ass! What is wrong with these people? You would think that they of all group would welcome detente. And they don’t like dissenting views either. I posted something critical of the author of this fishwrap and it got deleted right quick.

    1. geoffreyskoll Avatar

      Yes, I saw it too and thought the same, but I didn’t bother to comment. Unless my memory has been so distorted y the massive propaganda, I seem to recall when the Bulletin was composed of scientists who thought war and nukes were bad.

  2. I’m sick of bloggers glibly making reference to Russia bombing New York City. Wasn’t 9-11 enough to satisfy your prurience?

    Next time you want to refer to destruction of a U.S. target, make it your own town instead.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. geoffreyskoll Avatar

      I consulted Brennan and Clapper. They assured me that the Russians are targeting Shorewood, WI where I live, population of over 13,000. It’s because of its geostrategic importance.

      1. Your comment providing supportive reason for targeting NYC rather than Shorewood WI is telling.

  3. If 24 Russians beat the CIA, FBI, NSA, and hacked the election when in March of 2016 supposedly we were warned, and July supposedly was the first big step and they are still a threat, then why are we spending more on espionage and counter espionage than the Russian defense budget and employing over 300,00 people to protect us. How could Comey and Brennan still be credible having lost with all their resources to 24 Russians. If this narrative is true we have far bigger problems than meddling.

  4. It’s as Noam Chomsky argues in Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance: “Those who want to face their responsibilities with a genuine commitment to democracy and freedom—even to decent survival—should recognise the barriers that stand in the way. In violent states these are not concealed. In more democratic societies barriers are more subtle. While methods differ sharply from more brutal to more free societies, the goals are in many ways similar: to ensure the ‘great beast,’ as Alexander Hamilton called the people, does not stray from its proper confines. Controlling the general population has always been a dominant concern of power and privilege…Problems of domestic control become particularly severe when the governing authorities carry out policies that are opposed by the general population. In those cases, the political leadership may…manufacture consent for its murderous policies.”

    Or, as George Carlin more succinctly stated: “It’s all bullshit; and it’s bad for ya!”

  5. Richard Wicks Avatar
    Richard Wicks

    I had a good laugh with Kurt Eichenwald’s:

    “Bottom line: You either support the patriots in our intelligence community and law enforcement who work endlessly for our national security, and all of the intelligence agencies of our allies, or you support Putin. You’re either a patriot, a traitor or an idiot. Choose”

    There’s patriots in our intelligence agencies? Why isn’t Clinton arrested then? When has whitewashing an investigation for a person who appears to have been selling information intelligence as she was secretary of state, been patriotic?

    I love how these idiots, who think they are so smart, think we’re this dumb.

    When I think of “intelligence community”, I think of King-FBI suicide letters, Operation MKUltra, Operation PBSuccess, Operation Ajax, CoIntelPro, the Church Committee findings.. These are a few of the operations we know about, do they think we’re so naive that they magically reformed at some point?

    It’s increasingly obvious that we live in an Orwellian world, where everything every single stinking criminal scumbag in DC literally says the opposite of what they mean. Waiting for the Ministry of Truth to show up as an official government agency.

    1. That guy’s a parody of himself. “Kurt Eichenwald”? His hingebungsvolle Eltern couldn’t have come up with a more ridiculously Nazi-ass name if they had tried…

  6. More coverage of 9/11,
    Less of Russiagate, please?!

    Everyone knows it’s BS.

    1. Richard Wicks Avatar
      Richard Wicks

      Why? Both are official government lies. One is just way more obviously a lie than another.

  7. There is a desperation in all this in recent years, and I don’t know if it based in having to write 911 history, or the collapse of the petro-dollar, or the accumulation of debt that we have no intention of paying back or all three. But apparently we can’t allow Russia, China, or Iran compromise our plans of taking over 7 countries in 5 years and allowing our corporations and banks run the world for the stock market. Everyone talks cold war, but this baby will soon turn hot. That’s why we are seeing so many videos of Russia’s new weapon systems – to deter. Scariest is that the elite think there are too many people living on the earth and environmentally song term, 500 million would be about right.

  8. Susan Mercurio Avatar
    Susan Mercurio

    Thank you, Caitlin, the voice of reason and sanity!

    This is why I don’t watch MSM. If I get it at second-hand from you, it’s easier for me to take. I don’t want to participate in the frenzy that’s going on in American political discourse, and if I have to choose between the only three choices that Eichenwald gave us, I guess I’ll take “idiot.”

    “If you’re not for us, you’re against us”? That’s what he’s saying. In that case, I will be an idiot, because I’m neither.

  9. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    Sorry, for the typos in my original comment. ‘face’ should have been ‘fast as I could.’ and ‘it’ was missing the ‘i.’

  10. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    I can’t paste the meme to this comment, but received an email from my Representative to the House. In the meme, it said:

    “Trump sided with a dictator over the American Intelligence agency. ” My immediate thought was maybe he’s actually smarter than I ever thought he was.

    Then, below the meme, it offered a list of those intelligence agencies:

    Central Intelligence Agency
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    National Security Agency
    Justice Department
    Office of the Director of
    National Intelligence.

    Below that t said, “Based on what we saw Monday, we
    Know how important this investigation is. MUELLER MUST

    Below that was a box to click on that said ADD YOUR NAME.

    My immediate response was to delete it as face as I possibly could.

    In light of this article, Caity, I recovered the message, just to share it with you. The complete lack of evidence made me think at the time, “These people are nuts.”

    Just thought I’d share it. it’s in writing, not verbal, where they can say their words were misconstrued.
    My other, mental, response, was. ‘Boy, these people are even nuttier than I thought. To cite a TV commercial from a few decades age, what I want to know – and so should any thinking person – “Where’s The Beef?”

  11. Nailed it again Caitlin.

  12. Joseph Mirzoeff Avatar
    Joseph Mirzoeff

    donald trump on the day 9/11:

    There is another Youtube video from the same interviewer two days later. In that one Trump left out the part about the bombs; apparently he got the word

    They are both short, about 4 minutes each.

    You’ve drawn out what those who have paid attention know about narratives and 9/11

    Check Wikipedia on Mueller and Comey, Mueller hired as FBI director 9/4/2001
    Global Research claims Mueller had other prior cover-up service for the Bush family bank-robbing business

  13. There can be little doubt, at least amongst sensible people, that the timing of the indictments against 12 Russians was politically motivated. The goal was to make Trump’s meeting with Putin as uncomfortable and embarrassing as possible. Trump, being an idiot who is incapable of controlling what comes out of his mouth, could hardly have fulfilled his assigned role better if the Deep State had written a script for him to read in public. And that was all that the political and media establishment needed to pounce like hungry wolves on a wounded sheep. Evidence and facts no longer matter. We are living in a post-truth world.

    1. Richard Wicks Avatar
      Richard Wicks

      Quite the “Trump is an idiot” garbage. You don’t build a business worth over a billion dollars by being stupid, especially in real estate in NYC and Las Vegas.

      Trump has obviously dealt with the mafia his entire life. That’s why he’s so good at his job, taking on the mafia, that calls itself “the US Federal Government”.

      Putin started his early career in the KGB working in East Germany for the USSR. He knows PRECISELY how a corrupt, criminal, government works, and how it’s propaganda works. All the United States Federal government is doing, is revealing how criminal it is, to you, and you can thank Trump for doing that. He maneuvered them into doing this.

      We wouldn’t be having this national hysteria if the Butcher of Libya was prezdident meat puppet, would we? Why the panic? Because Trump isn’t part of this mafia, and he has both the intelligence, and the power, to put 1/2 of DC in prison, for life. Let’s see if he does…

  14. I didn’t read all the comments so please forgive any repetitiveness… WTF are you saying? Like anything from DC is even worth a comment? Are you pundits rolling in your own shit? We (and I mean Americans) are standing on a precipice and waiting for the 2020 election to be cancelled (Bill Maher) and then what do we do besides be drop-jawed and stupid-looking?

  15. MoA posted a compreehensive explanation of what’s behind the mass media hysteria about this:

  16. Yannis Legakis Avatar
    Yannis Legakis

    Blumenthal… the lying phony who kept up the facade that he went to Vietnam, when he didn’t, got caught, and wept like a baby begging forgiveness. Eichenwald… the guy that surfs the web for Japanese tentacle porn with his kids. Yeah, let’s listen to those guys…

  17. This is all the result of when reporters in the U.S. media decided to stop becoming journalists and decided that they were just so much more intelligent than the average person they just had to give their own personal “spin” on the subject instead of doing what reporters for hundreds of years had done. Giving the public the facts without any varnish and the let the public decide for themselves. I’d like to dig up the corpse of the first guy who did this and smack him around a little.

    1. Susan Mercurio Avatar
      Susan Mercurio

      It was when the media outlets started running “entertainment” as news, instead of news. I think it was in the 1980’s.

      Which fits, since America had a lousy actor for president.

  18. Crime shows on TV establish this myth that justice is a methodical collection of data that leads to perps and convictions, with ever diligent investigators, astute lawyers and wise judges guaranteeing the proper outcome.

    Yet we go to war again and again on the propaganda from false flag events. Those trusted to testify are the very example of vested interest. Like assigning Dulles to investigate the JFK assassination. Kennedy had Dulles fired from his position as director of the CIA!

    However lately it’s getting away from them, the pretext of honest government is being replaced with the more straight forward pitch of common thugs, do what we want or else. As in Syria groups are forming and saying bring it on thug! The Russians, Chinese and others say lets do business, the US says pay us or get a knife up your ass. More and more the world is saying, Oh yeah?

    If a person is still watching US TV and film here is my take. You are paying someone to brainwash you. As a minimum their should be no cost, you are financing our demise. As to your sacred democracy. How is it that two people despised by the majority of citizens of the US wind up as candidates? It’s statistically impossible in a democracy.

  19. Crime shows on TV establish this myth that justice is a methodical collection of data that leads to perps and convictions, with ever diligent investigators, astute lawyers and wise judges guaranteeing the proper outcome.

    Yet we go to war again and again on the propaganda from false flag events. Those trusted to testify are the very example of vested interest. Like assigning Dulles to investigate the JFK assassination. Kennedy had Dulles fired from his position as director of the CIA!

    However lately it’s getting away from them, the pretext of honest government is being replaced with the more straight forward pitch of common thugs, do what we want or else. As in Syria groups are forming and saying bring it on thug! The Russians, Chinese and others say lets do business, the US says pay us or get a knife up your ass. More and more the world is saying, Oh yeah?

    If a person is still watching US TV and film here is my take. You are paying someone to brainwash you. As a minimum their should be no cost, you are financing our demise. As to your sacred democracy. How is it that two people despised by the majority of citizens of the US wind up as candidates? It’s statistically impossible in a democracy.

  20. I guess I’m different because I’ve always looked behind the narrative. It’s why I can’t stand people wearing Disney character suits, etc. I don’t see Minnie Mouse I see some poor fuck making minimum wage nearly dieing of heatstroke in 40 degree weather. And, wonder Is that person male or female? Nearly naked?
    Anyway, I agree totally that America has gone insane. I have an interesting perspective. I’m American but I’ve lived in Japan for 25 years.
    I don’t know if you’ve read John Rob (Global Guerrilla Report) but you might want to read his latest post
    The Engine of Collapse
    “Open source political networks are manufacturing disruptions that create brief episodes
    of social chaos. This chaos is being used to engineer a mass reset of societal
    assumptions, relationships, and behaviors. It is also destroying our traditional sources
    of social cohesion, making it impossible for the US to function as a cohesive whole.”
    His theses is that there are 2 groups, the pro-Trump group #insurgency and the anti-Trump group #resistance are using social media to create chaos -> then rapid change. This present Russia hysteria after
    Trumps summit is a perfect example of this. Famous people like Arnold Schwarzenegger saying on Twitter that Trump is a traitor.

  21. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn Zaremba

    Right on (again) Caitlin! The only other ppeople I know telling the truth about this madness is the World Socialist Web Site and also Chris Hedges. At least, that I’ve seen so far. I’m a member of the SEP so of course I am not surprised by what you say. I’m just happy that you are saying it!

  22. You know, though we’re continents apart and both continents away from the good old USA, we really should meet. Great article. I’ve wanted to publish something but first, am busy dealing with the recent disastrous presidential election in Colombia and second, feel I really need to reflect on the nature of the absolute stupidity surrounding us in a manner that will really make a difference and not just vent.

  23. donna k denham Avatar
    donna k denham

    Thank you so much for the voice of reason and truth you bring to the internet. And you do it with humor as well. Americans are in such a state of cognitive dissonance, it frightens me. After taking Sociology courses on
    propaganda, consumerism and the history making assassinations during the 1960’s, I had any sense of cognitive dissonance scared out of me. I would not want to go back to ignorance, but I have to admit there are times I wish I didn’t know. The last US president I voted for was Obama. When I found out what a neoliberal war hawk he really is, I lost all faith in my country’s government, the democratic party, all politicians and my belief in a god. The most heart
    breaking part of this mess is the millions and millions of children that have been slaughtered in our names using taxes Americans are obligated to pay. I keep telling my self not to read so much, but I can’t help it. I have to know what’s going on. So thanks again Caitlin for your writing, I look forward to the emails I get.

    1. ” The last US president I voted for was Obama. When I found out what a neoliberal war hawk he really is, I lost all faith in my country’s government…”
      It was amazing, wasn’t it- a clear renunciation of Bush’s warmongering and carrying the can for the MIC- people expected diversion of war spending to direly needed domestic priorities, and were suckered: defense contractors continued to gorge themselves (as they do with Trump), DOD spending went up and up, and the national deficit soared. The people got Anything-but-Affordable-Healthcare rammed down their throats by Obama and Pelosi who told us we had to pass the 2500 page bill NOW, and maybe read it later.
      The rottenness of the press is everywhere- to give a most innocent example, the MSM uniformly reported that none of the trapped Thai boys could swim- it turns out they could all swim. The hair-pulling over Russia is equally absurd: has anyone seen one reporter ask “Of all the dual-citizens in Congress, how many of them are Russian?” (Gee, do you think that might involve meddling in our national affairs?) Which political party fielded a presidential candidate who made six-figure speeches to Russians and then greased the skids for them to mine uranium on federal lands? (!!!!). Is jacking up drug prices 1000% in ten years a national security issue? he list goes on and on.

    2. Susan Mercurio Avatar
      Susan Mercurio

      Please, I like everything you said except for the statement that all of this madness is being paid for by taxes that Americans are obligated to pay.
      Yes, it’s true that we (and all citizens of countries that make their own currency, which means everyone) are obligated to pay taxes, but not for the reasons you think.
      First, the government creates its currency. Then, it has to find a way to get its citizens to want to use that currency, rather than bartering their corn for the neighbors’ firewood. It does this by requiring taxes in its own coin. You want to get your hands on some of the currency if you know that the sheriff will take your house or put you in jail.
      Since Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1971, our taxes don’t fund spending at the Federal level any more. So we can’t refuse to support the government’s military adventures by refusing to pay our taxes.
      We now have what is called a “fiat” (by decree) currency. Congress can create whatever money it wants simply by passing an appropriations bill. Presto! Money goes into circulation.
      Since Congress creates money with appropriations bills, it gets to decide what the money will be spent on when it writes the bill. That’s why the military-industrial complex pays huge sums for the Congressperson’s re-election campaign.
      They are buying our government’s loyalty. Princeton University printed a study which showed that Congress does 0% of what the American people want, and 100% of what the oligarchy wants.
      There is a lot more information about this out there. I started learning this by watching Steve Grumbine on Real Progressives on Facebook (or YouTube).
      This is called Modern Monetary Theory, or MMT. It’s taught at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. The economists who talk about it aren’t boring; they’re very funny and understandable.
      Don’t mind Steve; he gets worked up about things. His heart’s in the right place.

      1. Richard Wicks Avatar
        Richard Wicks

        Look up the invention of money and currency.

        The government doesn’t print US currency, the Federal Reserve does, and it’s NOT A GOVERNMENT INSTITUTION. It’s a private, central, bank.

        1. Susan Mercurio Avatar
          Susan Mercurio

          Dear Sir:
          While I appreciate that your interest in what I said was enough for you to write a reply, please educate yourself before you repeat the myths you have been taught.
          Otherwise, you’re talking about something that you know nothing about, and making yourself look like a fool in the process.
          I did provide resources for anyone *interested* to look up if they wanted to know more about what I was saying.
          I guess that wasn’t good enough. So I can conclude that you want me to do the work for you, and feed it to you in a pre-digested form. Or, even more likely, you don’t want to know, and anything I say will be rejected out of hand by you, with weary arrogance and scorn.

          I know how Caitlin feels when someone who doesn’t know half of what she knows tries to tell her where to get off. Or how Steve Grumbine feels when trolls (and these are people who call themselves “progressives” [!] ) call him names.
          When you have a chance to look at the information to which I have directed you, and realize that I know what I am talking about, I will be happy to accept your apology. You can post it in this forum.

          In case you missed the resources, here they are again:
          -The University of Missouri, Kansas City
          -Dr. Bill Mitchell
          -Dr. Ellis Winningham
          -Dr. L. Randall Wray
          -Dr. Stephanie Kelton
          -Dr. Pavlina Tcherneva
          -Dr. Joe Firestone
          -Steve Grumbine on Real Progressives (Facebook and YouTube)
          -blog: New Economic Perspectives
          -Youtube: the videos of Stephanie Kelton/Pavlina Tcherneva

          Is this enough?

  24. One of the few things that gives me hope these days is reading the comments to this most recent post of yours, Caitlin. You have some readers that are “switched on” as they say in So Africa, and knowing that we’re not alone gives me hope that we can influence others. It’s an uphill battle… as most are distracted and willing to believe everything they hear on mainstream media.
    The dichotomous thinking is beyond the pale! If you speak out against the dnc’s fabricated nonsense you MUST be a trump supporter! There is no recognition that both parties and the media are designed to get us fighting with each other when we all basically want the same thing.
    Your posts are a step in the right direction… and I try and share them with any and all who are willing to be enlightened.

  25. The Alamo gave us the war against Mexico.
    ”Remember the Maine” gave us the war against Spain.
    ”Making the world safe for democracy” gave us WW-I.
    WW-I gave us Mussolini, Hitler and Franco.
    Mussolini, Hitler, Franco and Imperial Japan gave us WW-II.
    A civil-war between a communist dictator and a capitalist dictator
    gave us the war against Korea.
    The Gulf of Tonkin ”incident” gave us the war against Viet-Nam.
    One of our dictators gone wild gave us the war against Panama.
    etc., etc., etc.,
    The WMD’s gave us the war against Iraq.
    etc., etc., etc.
    9/11 gave us the ”Patriot” Act, NDAA, Secret Courts, black sites,
    an official torture policy, the war against muslims, and a suspension of
    all our Constitutional rights.
    Now WHAT ARE those rascals in DC and their ”intelligence” community
    going to give us with Russiagate–??
    A Wonderful Life–?? –OR– Let the games begin:
    The entire status-quo, new-world-order establishment
    vs. the anti-establishment billionaire bozo, Trump.
    And for an encore–?? the Doomsday Machine, don’t ya know.
    ”carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.”

    1. Richard Wicks Avatar
      Richard Wicks

      “Russia-gate” isn’t planned – would we be having this conversation if Clinton was president?

      Do you think, that Trump, was secretly placed into office by vote fraud, by our intelligence agencies, in order to do this?

      “Russia-gate” is a reaction to a plan being upset. Not a plan working smoothly.

      You know what I think happened? I think Putin gave Trump a dump on all the dirt that he knows about in Washington DC, and you’re seeing absolute panic over this. Sure is fun to watch the cockroaches scatter!

      1. Salsibury Expert Avatar
        Salsibury Expert

        I actually think that some form of “Russiagate” would’ve happened even if the “intelligence community” didn’t get too self-confident and/or too sloppy in their efforts and managed to install Hillary as the new President.
        She took 400 million in campaign donations from Bill Browder whom Putin has been trying to get to pay taxes on $1,5 Billion (that we know of) that Brawder illegally made in Russia. That attempt to collect taxes turned Browder into Putin’s most vocal enemy. $400 mil is 1/3 of all Hillary’s war chest.
        Another similarly huge sum came from the Saudis who, I imagine, are pretty upset about not getting their way in turning Syria into a new Wahhabist haven. Who interfered on Syria’s behalf? Putin again.
        Politicians work for their donors, especially politicians like Hillary, and anti-Russia hysteria would’ve been just as loud even without Trump.

  26. Have you ever noticed how social ‘activists’ never wonder about JFK or 9/11 ?? And are the darlings of the Ministry of Truth ?! Their causes are racism, sexism, caged children, election fraud, blah blah….

    While ‘conspiracy theorists’ – asking legit questions, providing irrefutable evidence – are blacked out, smeared, accident prone, suicidal and dying early deaths ??

    Activists provide loud, dramatic, colorful distraction away from the criminals & their crimes. And they have zero interest in justice…

  27. This is what all the False Flags have led up to. The perpetrators are certain Americans will believe whatever they are told or shown by the MSM. Now they can go full-throttle with their evil plans. What does the rest of the world think? Are they buying it, has the entire world gone insane? I keep wondering where are the rational, the sane, the critical thinkers? Can these people be so hypnotized they no longer fear nuclear destruction?

  28. I too have been astounded by the hysterics over a mere press conference. From the language we’re hearing (“treason”, “surrender”), you’d think Trump had invited Russia to annex the US.

  29. Your comparison to the 911 event is appropriate, Caitlin, as this is yet another PSYOP just like the 911 event. It worked 17 years ago and the population has become so dumbed down that the democrats have doubled down on this.
    Remember the use of subliminal advertising back in the 60’s? I’ve suspected for years that there are far more sophisticated mind control methods at play given the use of MK Ultra and other studies in the past 50 years.
    It was during this research that I found talks by Investigative Journalist Nick Begich regarding how television is the mind programming tool being used and that by altering the “flicker rate” the mind of the viewer is put in a very relaxed and receptive state… upon which the message is delivered.
    I haven’t owned a TV since shortly after the 911 event as I immediately recognized the Psyop being foisted on the viewer. I have two younger brothers who are glued to the TV and I can’t discuss anything with them as they regard me as a conspiracy theorist, thanks to the research I’ve done and my efforts to show them how they’ve been played.
    The enigma here is that the more you research and learn, the more isolated you become as no one wants to hear the reality of how we’re being played.
    An interesting talk by Nick Begich is here:

    1. Lawrence Beck, ‘The enigma here is that the more you research and learn, the more isolated you become as no one wants to hear the reality of how we’re being played.’

      Exactly my experience.

    2. It is a matter of people being so twisted from reality that it looks like a horror show. I recall a Greek lady blogger who got out of it because she could no longer bear to carry the burden of being conscious in a world of programmed belief. I quipped it seemed much like the reaction of those who had lived under the glamour of faerie to tawdry and vicious immediate sensation.
      Some notes I made a while back on the disruption of sensible evaluation ;:


    3. Richard Wicks Avatar
      Richard Wicks

      I’m an electrical engineer. The flicker rate of televisions during the analog era, which we only left 15 years ago (less than that) was determined by the frequency of the main line, which in the United States is about 60 Hz, and in most of the world is 50 Hz.

      We still use 60 Hz mostly for digital television, and in fact, that’s used in Europe now. 50Hz is quite noticeable if you’ve ever been in a nation that uses it. It wasn’t uncommon in the late 1990s to do an up conversion to 100 Hz in some nations when this was affordable to do, to basically eliminate all flicker.

      Your lighting is still at 60Hz in the United States, because it still is powered off from the mains. If your monitor was at 50Hz, a beat frequency may become visible.

      There’s no conspiracy with flicker rates. People are just lazy and willingly ignorant. You want to know what is going on in the world? Well in front of you is a device in which you can contact a person in any country you want. Use it.

  30. I always try to ask where a narrative could lead, not necessarily will, but could. In this case, I fear that it could lead to a coup in which the military-‘intelligence’ apparatus would overthrow Trump, maybe to install Pence (yes, he would be a worse president) or do away with the current government and install a military junta. Despite current restrictions on democracy, there is still room to maneuver, small, but some. An overthrow of the president would end all of it. US domestic space is already subject to a police state. It could get worse. Under a junta, any real resistance would be crushed with overwhelming force immediately. Again, the preceding is but a possibility, not a probability, but still . . .

    1. Such coups have happened in the US before – take JFK for starters. His erstwhile VP did a great job massively increasing US troop presence and bombing in Vietnam. And where do we think immigration cages for children will lead? And where do we think the Eichenwald “you are a traitor if you do not support the intelligence community” line takes us? Not to a pretty place.

    2. ” I fear that it could lead to a coup in which the military-‘intelligence’ apparatus would overthrow Trump, maybe to install Pence.” Why would they?- Trump talked big about reining in the greed of defense contractors(with whom Congress as a whole are in bed with, too), but then did absolutely nothing- defense spending up and up, and now he browbeats the U.K. and the E.U., also in debt up to their eyeballs to spend more and more against the Russian threat (and why would he do that if he were in bed with Russia, instead of the pigs at the DOD trough.
      The saddest fact, which may be sinking in to the women who do the grocery shopping, is that BOTH Trump and Hillary Clinton were fully acceptable alternatives in perpetuating the dozens of undeclared wars we have been involved in: more and more women are making their way into office, and when a decision comes to spend a billion on one B-2 bomber vs. 1000 schools, the real mad-bombers may finally take one on the chin.

  31. “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” Winston Churchill.

    But – report facts Caitlin. Facts are the bedrock of truth. Not opinion. Address the indictments. And detail your claim that under Trump Russia has been more aggressive against Russia – that is what the public needs to know. Not just your opinion.

    Keep up the great work though, your heart really is in the right place….

    1. We already have the facts. The DNC computers were not hacked. The data was downloaded at the computers themselves, probably by a disgruntled DNC staffer. The Podesta emails were taken from his mobile phone, which he lost (!!!), and which was protected by a kindergarten password. The rest was all invented before our eyes. Or, as the old saying goes, you don’t need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows.

      1. Exactly – that is what needs to be reported, persistently, persistently. Opinions alone do not persuade. Facts do, steadily honed by repetition.

        1. The Borg media is a fact-free zone these days. I don’t know how we get to critical mass of a “woke” movement, but we need to get there soon.

      2. And you know this how?

        1. geoffreyskoll Avatar

          By paying attention.

            1. geoffreyskoll Avatar

              Well, to start, To Veteran Intelligence Professionals organization, even the BSM (bullshit Media) on Podesta emails. Pay attention to your own reasoning. Pay attention to what makes sense. The only people who want war are the Clintonites, war whore politicians like John McCain, media stooges of the ruling class, and the list goes on. Time to wake up .

              1. Maybe your echo chamber is no better.

    2. I’ve addressed the indictments in a previous article and the claim that Trump has been more hawkish toward Russia tan Obama is substantiated in a hyperlink within the text I said it.

      1. I don’t know how you think your armchair punditry is any more believable than anything else. I wonder about your motivation.

      2. Depends on what you call “hawkish”. I would look into the Magnitsky Act (Obama) and why Putin wants Bill Browder.

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