I happened upon some pictures from Trump’s UK visit with Queen Elizabeth yesterday, which isn’t something I’d normally care about. The British royals are basically just oligarchs who rub your face in it, and the fluffy media publicity around a monarch of one murderous kleptocratic  imperialist regime meeting the leader of another murderous kleptocratic imperialist regime is something I’d usually try to avoid looking at or commenting on.

I’ve paid exactly zero attention to the stories about the visit itself, so if you want to know what kind of tea they drank or how Trump got along with Lord Hothalbotham and the Duchess of Yorksquire or whatever you’ve come to the wrong place. But I saw one photo from the visit that made me stop and realize something that is definitely worth noting: Donald Trump is the most honest US president of all time.

To be clear, I am not saying that Trump actually tells the truth with his words; he obviously does not. Trump is so comfortable with lying that he once tweeted the claim that he’d never urged House Republicans to vote for a particular immigration bill, three days after posting a tweet explicitly urging House Republicans to vote for that bill. He left both tweets up. I mean, that’s like one click away from literally looking someone in the eye while urinating on their leg and telling them it must be the rain.

No, when I say that Trump is the most honest US president of all time, what I mean is that he has a unique gift for exposing the face of the empire for exactly what it is, in all its depravity, all its deceitfulness, all its corruption, and in this case, all its jaw-dropping ridiculousness. I mean, look at this photo:

Really look at it. Have you ever seen anything so ridiculous? Who the fuck dressed him? And what’s going on with that freak in the red dress? And why are these rich assholes all walking in formation? Is it some kind of weird parade for people who’ve never bought their own groceries?

Obama could have made this look normal. Bush would have looked a little bit goofy, but nothing that would make you spit your coffee on your screen. Hell, Bill Clinton would have looked downright at home, like he was born in Buckingham Palace and spent his whole life sipping champagne and groping the maids while he waited for this photo to be taken. It took the badly-dressed awkward posture and golf bod of a reality TV star who became president via 4chan prank to expose that whole absurd royalty display for the risible self-parody that it deserves to be seen as.

Trump’s entire presidency has been like this. Blatant, tactless, and completely unmasked.

Journalist gets literally butchered in an embassy by the Saudi government? Yeah well we don’t want to do anything about that because they’ve got an arms deal with us worth billions of dollars. He just comes right out and says it. When they want to stage a coup in Venezuela, they don’t limit it to CIA covert ops and behind-the-scenes manipulations; the whole administration is on Twitter saying they’re going to keep starving everyone with sanctions until the nation’s president is replaced with the guy they prefer. It’s all right there, right in your face, as closeted and secret as Flavor Flav’s fondness for clocks.

His whole cabinet is basically human versions of the departments they represent. His Secretary Treasurer was a Goldman Sachs executive. His CIA Director literally tortured people. His National Security Advisor is an Iraq-raping Bush-era neocon. His Secretary of Commerce is a former Rothschild executive. His EPA Administrator is a former coal lobbyist. His Secretary of State came straight out of the CIA. It’s like he designed a convenient labeling system for everyone who’s unsure of what it is that each department in the executive branch of the US government actually does.

Trump has been continuing and expanding all of the depravities of his predecessors, but he’s been doing so openly, making it look exactly as ugly and disgusting as it is. His supporters try to justify this by claiming he’s making brilliant 4-D chess maneuvers against the Deep State, but Trump isn’t playing chess. He isn’t even playing checkers. He’s playing Uno, and he’s playing it with his hand fully exposed on the table, with his only defense being to point at a red card and say “This one’s green” and point at an eight and say “That’s a two. It’s the best two, absolutely terrific two.”

Even his dishonesty is honesty, in a way. He lies constantly, brazenly and unapologetically, while his predecessors have lied sneakily, subtly and usually only by distortions, omissions and half-truths. Trump is a walking public service announcement that US presidents are liars. Which is the truth.

And I for one think that’s great. It’s entirely possible that Trump will be ousted in 2020 by Joe Biden or by one of Joe Biden’s 397 ideological clones who are also in the race, and that will make a lot of people very happy. It will make them happy because they won’t have to look at the ugly face of Orwellian dystopia anymore, because an infinitely smoother and more charismatic leader will go back to hiding it for them. And then things will at long last go back to normal, the way they always were: no partisan divisiveness, no corrupt politicians, no racism in America, and brunch all day, every day.

The most aggressive anti-Trumpists have no interest in real change, they just want things to go back to the way they were before Trump, which is actually just wanting to go back to the conditions which gave rise to Trump. They’re not interested in waking up, they’re interested in smoothing an uncomfortable wrinkle in their bedsheets so that they can go back to sleep.

And if that happens, fine, whatever; it’s not like they were taking any meaningful action against the ugly face of empire anyway. But at least things got shaken up with a little honesty for a while. A little corrupt, blood-spattered, button-popping honesty.


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154 responses to “Donald Trump Is The Most Honest US President Of All Time”


    1. You are making him look better than he really is!


  3. This is a joke right? Trump is probably the most dishonest president ever… and I am a Republican! Where on earth did the writer of this article get that bogus idea? You have to question almost everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth!

    1. Did you read the article? Read the article.

      1. You know what scares me? That I think she DID read the article.

    2. She means that Trump does not know the difference between when its advantageous for him to lie or to tell the truth so he not only lies at the wrong time, he also tells the truth at the wrong time. Where more nuanced politicians would know to lie to cover for their actual intentions Trump will not know to lie, he will be inadvertently honest.

      1. Greg Christensen Avatar
        Greg Christensen

        What the hell? All people lie. The difference between Trump and the politicians is that he doesn’t lie about policies and promises. He has the best track record of attempting wholeheartedly or delivering on his promises. Actions, not words.

  4. There are 2 aspects of any piece of writing that separate the wannabes from the truly remarkable – content and style. This piece is spot-on in content and brilliantly stylish! It’s the first article I have read of Caitlin’s and I will definitely be coming back for more.

  5. Another hard hitting expose by Caitlin.

    Trump’s a dick. Wow that sent shivers down my spine.

    Amazingly enough the Great Cait and I are in complete agreement. Well, at least the part about going back to what was normal…..like the time in the distant past where Julian wasn’t whoring himself out to the Russians.

  6. the Queen tried very hard not to meet that bag of poop , when she did she wore a broach given her by the Obamas , as for how you speak about my relations , if i was to insult your family the way you insulted mine , i do not care how you think she is fare game because she is famous , you are rude and you are wrong too, as for TRUMP THE TRAMP , HE IS A LIAR , NEARLY EVERYTHING HE SAYS IS A LIE , you going to fly that old flag , colonial bs , look i am part Native from the Americas and frankly even i think its pathetic your still roasting that old chestnut

  7. Well, Caitlyn, you nearly did make me ruin my laptop with this one.

    “Really look at it. Have you ever seen anything so ridiculous? Who the fuck dressed him? And what’s going on with that freak in the red dress? And why are these rich assholes all walking in formation? Is it some kind of weird parade for people who’ve never bought their own groceries?

    “Obama could have made this look normal. Bush would have looked a little bit goofy, but nothing that would make you spit your coffee on your screen. Hell, Bill Clinton would have looked downright at home, like he was born in Buckingham Palace and spent his whole life sipping champagne and groping the maids while he waited for this photo to be taken. It took the badly-dressed awkward posture and golf bod of a reality TV star who became president via 4chan prank to expose that whole absurd royalty display for the risible self-parody that it deserves to be seen as.”

    And there went my morning coffee, narrowly missing my keyboard I was laughing so hard!

    What a description … of a meeting between “representatives” of a long-failed empire & one that is failing before our eyes!

    Part of me isn’t totally cynical, though, & hopes something better can be built, that a “remnant” (see Albert Jay Nock, “Isaiah’s Job” or Isaiah 1:9) will begin using technology to create abundance instead of systems based on preserving scarcity, start building bridges instead of walls, & recover some meaningful conceptions of truth & morality.

    The next phase or stage of civilization.

    If I didn’t believe this was possible, I’d move to somewhere like Uruguay, get off the grid now & be done with it.

    1. What technology can be used to create abundance? Just curious.

      1. Condoms,/Birth Control.

  8. Hello to all the high & mighty Dems
    who villainize everyone , , , except the Dem ruling elite:

    DNC announced that it will not host a climate-specific presidential primary debate and will punish candidates who attend a debate hosted by any other organization.

    Citing Fears of Americans Getting ‘Screwed,’ Progressive Democrats Call Out Pelosi for Crafting Pharma-Friendly Drug Pricing Bill in Secret:

    1. They are not Dems, and we know it! True Dems will not be voting for DINOs.. I think you
      are about to see some major changes in party politics.. Trump has destroyed the GOP and
      the DNC has revealed their true colors.. Contrary to the opinions of both sides of the establishment, People are smarter than given credit for and the deadwood is about to be cleared away… remember, the polls had the last election entirely wrong last time and I got
      dollars to donuts, they are wrong again.. seriously, can you trust any thing said by the main stream media? Not me!

      1. DeusExMachina Avatar

        The polls did NOT have the election totally wrong. In fact, the polls got it mostly right. What they didn’t get is the electoral college math at the margins.

        1. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand genades.

          1. First of all, that you think a phrase you learned in third grade has any value as a maxim is… precious.
            Close counts in any number of things, from nuclear war to darts.
            And getting it close to right in a poll is essentially getting it right, especially when that poll is measuring public sentiment.
            But most importantly, since the electoral college math acts as an amplifier, since most states employ a winner take all strategy to assign electors, “close” means that VERY small changes in electoral college strategy can have HUGE effects on the outcomes of elections. And since that “close” came in the context of a 3 MILLION vote win by Clinton of the popular vote (one of the largest vote margins in modern American history) and since Trump’s base has not grown AT ALL, and since Republicans only represent less than 24% of the total electorate in the first place, small tactical changes can elicit totally different electoral college results.
            But most importantly, being that my post was in response to the claims that “the polls had the last election entirely wrong last time”, getting it “close” most certainly matters here. The most assuredly did NOT get it “entirely wrong”. They made a few mistakes on the margins in three of fifty states.

            And all that doesn’t even touch on the lame, tired, baseless claims about “the main stream media”.

  9. Tomonthebeach Avatar

    Caitlin, this is one of your best essays ever – cynical as heck, but hilarious and sadly too true.

  10. I posted this to my LinkedIn account. I have never seen such confusion! Finally I had to edit the post with the preface “This post could be a textbook case for people not reading an article before commenting.”Another great article Caitlin and I continue to be a fan!

  11. Agree that Trump pulled the curtain open exposing the Wizard for all to see. That is his greatest accomplishment IMO. He is not a “slick” liar like the recent master, Obama. He enjoys being the center of attention and is a bit like a man who has tossed back a few and whatever he is thinking at the moment just comes out. Regarding the mentioned tweets, while the detail is indeed funny, I doubt Trump cares for the interpretation, and I would likely agree with him. His tweet logically meant that he did not push the Repubs with all the tools at his disposal because he viewed it as futile. Just because he sent out a feeble tweet out does not mean he really fought for it.

  12. Elisabeth Gambrell Avatar
    Elisabeth Gambrell

    Tradition! Red guy = guard. President Trump as a gentleman may have been behooved by being alert to the woman walking with him. Either you know you are elite (as the USA is) or you ignore manners to prove it.

  13. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but the article below states that Trump is having second thoughts about letting Bolton & Isr*** take him to war against Iran. If attacked, Tehran can block the Strait of Hormuz, sending the price of oil soaring, and causing a global recession, – in which case Trump will lose 40% of his wealth. Perhaps this billionaire’s love for money will prevent another stupid war. On the other hand, I’m sure Bolton is trying to get Trump to convert his wealth from real estate to weapons manufacturing, – that way, instead of losing money in the next war, the Trumpster will see a profit. We’re talking an estimated $1.2 QUADRILLION in oil derivatives folks.

  14. Don’t mistake inadvertent transparency for honesty.

    1. She’s not. Did you not read the short piece? Apparently you’re too deep in denial to grasp it.

    2. She’s not. Did you not read this short piece? Apparently you’re too deep in denial to grasp it.

      1. “Denial”? Of what? What are you blathering about?

        Here, let me clarify; –

        The writer is using the word ‘honesty’, but the definition she’s using is a description of someone who is hopelessly bad at bluffing. A liar is still a liar, even when he doesn’t realise that he isn’t fooling anybody, so the use of the word ‘honesty’ is completely inappropriate.

        That is the only point I was making.

        1. those with severe resting dumb face should avoid headshot avatars and thinking out loud. she writes this great analysis and you get “not true- trump is a liar.” at least read the fucking lede skippy.

          1. DeusExMachina Avatar

            Yeah, um, that’s not even remotely what he said.

        2. Greg Christensen Avatar
          Greg Christensen

          Look, Son of Lou Ferigno, wrestle with your member and stay out of discussions meant for those with IQ’s over 80.

  15. Entertaining article, although it is also as empty of any substance as the ceremonial hike down the hallway.

    ,Many of us like the way Trump confounds his opponents and enemies, and his dgaf attitude towards the hand wringing nannies who worry about “our” image. So far, so good. I hope he gets re-elected and replaces Pence as VP with former Rep Gresham Barrett from South Carolina.

    1. I want him re-elected and to really pull a knockout punch by appointing Tulsi as VP.

  16. Everything written above has been revealing to one degree or another, always good to have a diversity of opinions. Insights, answers ??? …….
    Does anyone know why “The Queen” always carries a purse … ALWAYS … it’s hardly a fashion statement. Clues ?? Anyone ?? …..

    1. It’s where she carries her .357 magnum.

    2. It’s where she carries her pepper spray in case The Orange Lump tries to grab her pussy.

  17. Dear Caity..first off, many, many thanks 4 all the enlightenment that u do 4 your huge admiring public! Thanks 2 PCR 4 his intro. Of u. Regarding your article, Trump, queen, state dinner., etc., 2 the gent who inquired about the “red dress”, please allow me to enlighten..That “red dress” was the official English uniform 4 all of the “Tower Warders”who not only guarded, but also executed those who were “bad cats”!Please tune in U tube, and see Gilbert/Sullivans magnificent operetta “Yeoman Of The Guard” which my Boulder H.S., Colo.senior choir performed, April, 1947.I can still “hear the incredible, thunderous applause, whistling, foot stompin’, 72 yrs.later. It was my great pleasure to sing/play the role of “Sergeant Merrill”, & obviously I truly treasured it….Still do.O Medieval England!!!
    Expat tom

  18. i often wondered if people outside of new york would ever get trump, obviously caitlin does. trump is the archetype of a businessman bully. the boss who gets shit done and figures the end justifies the means. he honestly doesn’t think lying matters because lying is something that only counts when you do it to your friends. his whole attitude says fuck ’em and believe it or not that’s what people like about him. i’m not saying that i like him or his policies but it is refreshing after years of snake oil salesmen.

    1. Interestingly, George Washington’s family coat of arms, which he used in his bookplates and numerous decorations at Mount Vernon, includes a Latin phrase quoted from the poet Ovid, “Exitus Acta Probat”, which translates “the end justifies the means.”

      I suspect this is the sort of thing the author here wishes to point out. “Honest” George W was the master of a slave labor plantation and committed deliberate acts of genocide against the Iroquois in the French and Indian War, but history has if not forgiven him these atrocities certainly forgotten them

      1. Greg Christensen Avatar
        Greg Christensen

        Ok, cancel culture pajama boy.

  19. Good piece, but did you really need to see a photo of Trump and the Queen to see the nonsense of his buffoonery? The honesty of his blatant hypocrisy? Trump is an American Republican who adores the British Royal Family; he adores the pomp and ceremony of monarchy despite representing the ‘American Everyman,’ the ordinary voter. It is actually shameful Trump thought Meghan Markle a ‘great American princess.’ That epithet should have been an oxymoron in his thinking, not an homage. I think it is more surreal to listen to farmers say Trump represents them as he kills their markets and visits the Queen at her home..The Pilgrims fled the same home to BECOME farmers in the new world. Poor America, Trump is a descent into chaos as his narcissism is mistaken for deliberate thinking, and everyone attempts to justify what he is doing. I think people have lost their sense of history under him, so are doomed to repeat it. Despite the war hawks dominating the agenda, Ms Johnstone, Trump is just a bankrupt, a blatant one. The Depression came before the WWII because the rich elite imploded and the weather hit farmers hard and Trump has set it up to happen all over again. You’re right, he is quite obviously honest grasping for more money, power, weapons as he advocates ‘America First’ and lets it fail.

    1. The problem I see is that The Orange Lump is SO STUPID that he defies people’s belief that anyone can be that stupid and still remember to breathe and to blink let alone become POTURD in Fantasyland. If anyone thinks I’m wrong, I urge them to watch him on any one-on-one interview where he has nowhere to hide.

      He is probably batting down around an 85 or 90 IQ, suffers from “word salad”, is functionally illiterate and is demonstrably the MOST UNINFORMED person in public life that I have ever seen – and that includes a lot of celebrity actors, musicians, and athletes far too stupid to realise just how stupid they are. Drumpf is so uninformed that he had to be told that Puerto Rico was part of the USA and not another “shithole nation” before help was sent.

  20. “Trump’s using tarrifs as a political weapon is dangerous to the economy” MSM blares this morning.

    always remember, their “economy” and our economy are two opposing, adversarial entities, and thus they desperately and repeatedly try to erase that critical distinction.

    1. redundant. sorry.

  21. “Trump’s using tarrifs as a political weapon is dangerous to the economy” MSM blares this morning.

    always remember, their “economy” and our economy are two opposing, adversarial entities, and thus they desperately and repeatedly try to erase that critical distinction.

    1. Joris Vander Cammen Avatar
      Joris Vander Cammen

      Well, it did work, didn’t it?
      He got a deal with Mexico to counter illegal immigration.

      Strange that people depict Trump as a buffoon, yet he is a very successful buffoon.

      I wonder what people will say about him after this summer.
      I got a suspicion that the summer of 2019 will launch the 2020 election like we have never seen before.

      1. Yeah, well, bullies on the playground of your local school look successful too, but their behavior usually gets turned around and bites them in the ass.. and really, is this how you want your children play? It was an unnecessary belligerent ostentatious show of immature force.. and unworthy of a great country or leader…

      2. No, it didn’t “work”. You are exactly the uninformed, and worse, not even remotely interested in being informed, voter Trump relies on. The “deal” he got with Mexico is essentially no different that agreements already in place, along with policies the Mexicans were already implementing. For instance, they “agreed” to send 6,000 troops to their southern border to try to staunch the flow of migrants into their country. But they had already committed 5,400 troops so EXACTLY this mission, and had been debating internally about increasing that number slightly after it became clear that even 10,000 troops would have NO significant effect on the number of people crossing their border, as this border is essentially unguardable.
        And it is not “strange that people depict Trump as a buffoon”, because he IS a buffoon. He speaks like a drunk fourth grader, and acts even worse. Nor is he “very successful”. Not surprisingly, yet again, you simply have no idea what you’re talking about. His business “success” was built on the back of billions of dollars of his father’s money, which he burned through and lost before he hit on a winning strategy, using that money to bludgeon people, and swindle them, using the courts to stiff them from the money he owed them, knowing in our court system they would not be able to defend themselves. And even then he lost billions, by his own admission! His success involves leaving a string of bankruptcies and destroyed lives in his wake.
        Nor do “I wonder what people will say about him after this summer”. The same thing they are saying now. Because the people who form their opinions based on facts, truth, and data, will still think he’s s blundering idiot, and the people, like you, who base their beliefs on dogma and BS will still be just as dumb and blind.
        “I got a suspicion that the summer of 2019 will launch the 2020 election like we have never seen before.”
        That’s the only accurate and true thing you said.

        1. Greg Christensen Avatar
          Greg Christensen

          Still listening to your dem media tech school driven propaganda every hour … still????? How is that circle jerk of a dopamine loop in your brain serving you in real life important issues like income, family, friends, happiness, peace of mind? You’re so woke!!!

  22. “looking someone in the eye while urinating on their leg and telling them it must be the rain.”

    Well, this kind of sums up what the general public is exposed to across the whole spectrum of world-wide politics and what currently passes as the news/commentary segment of the (pardon the expression) Lizard People’s social engineering specialists, AKA the whole entertainment industry. Are we feeling “entertained” yet?

    One can tell how entertaining and yet efficacious this article is by reading through the various comments which follow. I of course loved both and one has to love all people who actually read the same things you do – or read anything at all.

    Yes, things appear to getting more (as described here) “honest” all the time. The only thing missing in the selected photo is their scaly tails dragging behind each of them, at least according to David Ike who is also very entertaining. On the other hand, one should never underestimate the power of images, ceremony, pomp and circumstance to convey power and attitude. It may comes across to many these days as quite ridiculous, but the most important thing it conveys is that traditions (such as maintaining an elite Royalty) do hold regardless. Besides, have you seen the uniforms the Vatican’s Swiss Guard?

  23. There have probably been hundreds of similar photos taken over the years , and every single time , the most ridiculous thing in the photo was the guy wearing a red dress over red tights with a goofy hat and holding a javelin. Not this time , however. For Javelin Man , this must’ve felt like winning the lottery.

  24. Fair enough analysis, but this: “who became president via 4chan prank” could not be more wrong.

    1. no matter, that’s the whole point…

    2. Joris Vander Cammen Avatar
      Joris Vander Cammen

      As I was thinking too.

      I’m interested to see how this whole FISA thing is going to pan out.

  25. This is what I’ve been saying for ages. Trump is what’s been going on forever in Washington; it’s just he does it XXL.
    Mark my words, he’ll have a reality TV show on his presidency on air the minute he leaves office. And he’ll be taking a piss at all the “resistors”‘ I’ll be there with my popcorn.

  26. This is f….. bl…. totally fabulous. You nailed it. I hope he gets reelected as we need more of this madness well enough of it to wake up enough of the populations of western world from their slumbering sleep walk to disaster.

    1. disaster to the NWO is the blessing to humanity. people are already woke and egging the criminal system on. with Trump’s help, intentional or not.

    2. While a “slumbering sleep walk to disaster” is calamitous, The Orange Lump has sped up the walk rather than waking up the walkers. This “analogy” reminds me of the George Carlin lines, “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” and “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”

  27. sandra johnson Avatar
    sandra johnson

    Thank you for the link to Wayne Jett.Extremely insightful.

    1. sandra johnson Avatar
      sandra johnson

      Thank you GARYS re Wayne Jett-Classicalcapital.com

  28. Great, simply great.. your writing excels !!

  29. Unfortunately this is not a bad dream nor any wild fantasy; this is the United States of America. We kill more people than anyone else; we are number one at it. This is who we are and this is what we do. Our evil empire is going to last forever. Bombs Away!

    1. not if you refuse to participate in the business of the empire.

  30. Klaus von Berlin Avatar
    Klaus von Berlin

    Speaking in 1996 in Istanbul Fidel Castro noted: Those who have almost destroyed the planet and poisoned the air, the seas, the rivers and the earth are those who are least interested in saving humanity.

  31. Genius! You have eloquently expressed what I’ve always understood about the Trump presidency but haven’t had the chops to properly put into words.

    It’s a clown with oversized shoes running between crashed cars with his hair on fire. Meanwhile our trusted political commentators are taking sides and proclaiming their nuanced views of the insanity.

    You’ve nailed it! This article is a treasure. Thanks, Caitlin!

    1. richard le sarcophage Avatar
      richard le sarcophage

      It’s why the elites hate him, but loved Obama. Trump is an open, undisguised, psychopathic thug, while Obama was also a psychopathic thug who enjoyed the weekly drone missile Kill List meetings, but was a master at false presentation, confidence-trickery and ‘charming’ hypocrisy.

      1. Nailed it !

      2. How Americanly disingenuous of you! Defending The Orange Lump by deflecting the attention of critics to someone, anyone, “on the Left” is the post-2016 variation of the old adage “The best defence is a good offense!”

      3. Paradigm Shift Avatar
        Paradigm Shift

        The elite don’t hate Trump, which is exactly why they chose him to be President. His undying dedication to Israel is a giant red flag. They loved O-bomber and they love Trump too. A few reasons are given below by Daizies.

  32. So many comments.. so I thought I’d weigh in. The old chook in the wrinkled dress looks like she’s been to the op shop.. not wearing the worlds biggest ruby they stole from India. Everything.. bar nothing in that house is stolen.
    Charlies medals.. what a joke.. and all those hangers on up the back with medals. They all just appoint each other with medals, trophies and titles. Not a single one of these leeches is a hero.. or any of those in the paintings.
    Leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy to know that their shit don’t stink.
    I actually really like the freak in the red dress.. definitely first prize for costume..

    1. Steve Rauworth Avatar
      Steve Rauworth

      Oh, but the best part is your second to last paragraph. Liberal Democrats, because they mask the truth to fellow hypocrites, are a bigger obstacle to change than Trump et al.

      1. Joe T Wallace Avatar
        Joe T Wallace

        Steve Rauworth:

        “Liberal Democrats, because they mask the truth to fellow hypocrites, are a bigger obstacle to change than Trump et al.” Ah, yes, that’s why Glen Ford at Black Agenda Report referred to Obama as “the more effective evil.”


        “Liberal Democrats, because they mask the truth to fellow hypocrites, are a bigger obstacle to change than Trump et al.” Ah, yes, that’s why Glen Ford at Black Agenda Report referred to Obama as “the more effective evil.”

  33. Steve Rauworth Avatar
    Steve Rauworth

    Could you be more exactly right?

  34. Oh yeah, what you say is the silver lining I’ve been talking about. Sadly though the typical Dem. Party voter (privileged, older and white ) still believes tRump is a blip on their sleepy lazy comfortable and familiar radar screen, so the Establishment Dem. may win but the MSM doesn’t care either way and tRump knows how to draw a crowd- plus his fringe base is stronger than ever.

    1. if he gets relected or steals elections again based on what happened with Phakbook and Analytica concerning no less than 85,000,000 Phakbook members, that would only mean that the US is even stupider and more oblivious that previously thought.
      The guy is a Big League Fraud. It’s now out in the open for all to see. NO MORE MYSTERIES or BLIND ANGLES!!!

      I mean what kind of scumbag would refer to Mohamad bone saw as “he gets things done” in regard to what this other thug did to his OWN relatives so he can steal the office of king and rob them of their wealth in order to centralize power?!?!? IN CASE YOU DON’T KNOW, HE KILLED, EMPRISONED AND ROBBED MANY OF THEM if not all. And he is not the legitimate heir. From what I read his dad and not him comes in 5th or 6th position. That means chances are he will never see the light of day where he will legitimately sit on that throne. NEVER. And this scumbag thinks he quite al right. Poor Gaddafi!!!
      2/- what kind of scumbag would tell hill-the-bitch “if I was president, you’d be in jail” on National televion during the a debate, then right after election, he switches to “the clintons are ‘good’ people, i don’t want to hurt them!”
      3/- what kind of scumbag would do nothing after bone saw kidnaps kashoggi, tortures him, cuts his body in blocks, poor acid on them to make ’em disappear, kashoggi being a journalist who ONLY spoke his mind about having real debates in Saudi scumbagia in reaction to the fraud claiming to be “progressist who helps women”, He never committed a violent crime, much less do to anyone what’s been done unto him by this vile criminal ganster?
      …whatever happened to “we are a democracy so we don’t tolerate human rights abuse or illegal murders.” etc.?!?!
      4/- what kind of scumbag would finance saudi war against Yemeni civilian population, that even the UN referred to its dire consequences as the greatest humanitarian disaster in the history of man” considering the starvation disease and distruction that his thuginess generated for people who don’t give f about his crap (the tramp’s crap), one way or the other?
      5/-what kind of scumbag conventiently brags about Wikileaks saying “…I luuuv weakeay leaks, weakeay leaks weaky leaks, I luuuv weaky leaks” during campain. But once he gets elected, the poor guy gets arrested, they ask him about it and now his attitude is “I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WIKILEAKS, IT’S NOT MY THING!!!!!!”?!?!?!?!? The Guy phaking put that low life scumbag in office!!!!! He handed him the white house!!!! and now he apparently have amnisia problem about him.
      6/-what kind of scumbag marries the most beautiful girl in the planet, displays her at home but goes out and rents himself a whore or 2 for a fee, but pays her hush money not to say anything about it to no one?!?!!? one would think the point of marrying a beatiful model is that way he would not have to go run after vulgar prostitutes. I guess this does not apply to that classless pig.
      7/-he just ILLEGALLY HANDED THE Saudi ganster high precision weapons that only the West has against the will of Congress as he didn’t even bother to consult with them!!!

      etc, etc, etc.
      I personally cannot wait to drink that cup of champagne….

      1. i bet my bottom dollar that Trump will get re-elected, landslide.

  35. Great article, Caitlin! but I am sure this one, the one cleverly depicted on the following cartoon would have made a great alternative!!! we are all fools, in one way or the other. No one is exempt there…. so….

  36. the queen seems be saying …. “shit. did he just fart?”

    1. his fart smells much better than hers, i becha.

  37. Caitlin, I love your writing and you have opened my eyes to many things but I have to say it does no one any good to assault the “people who hate Trump the most” and put us all in the same boat. The assumption that we are ignorant about the lameness of the Democratic Party and don’t want to do anything about it is really defeatist. There are a few candidates that stand out in their desire to change s very corrupt system.

    1. That would be very nice but the clown bus is designed to touch all the hot feelie buttons to keep you ultimately Dem. party. The only real chance for hope and change are Tulsie and Bernie and the system is built to keep them off your ballot- without them, I vote Green or not at all.

  38. I’m not sure if Trump ever lied. You use the same perverted logic that the rest of the loony Trump haters use. Your prime example reveals that you don’t know the difference between “pushing” for a legislative bill and supporting one. Americans understand plain English unless they are Trump haters.
    Trump did not build the wall yet either. If I tell you that I am on my way to the hospital but don’t get there because I have an accident, then I guess I am a liar.
    You use the “liar” label for your intro and then segue into everything bad about Trump (and there are many), but a liar -I don’t think so.

    1. Your standards are way too low. Lying for a purpose is, ya know, lying. Just because they all do it and no one calls them out doesn’t mean we should gobble up the daily dramas.

    2. “not sure” STFU … Seriously, weak argument at best.

  39. Caitlin, You are honest to dog one of the biggest lights in my life. You are a voice of reason and a sword of truth. Thank you for once again bringing a smile to my face whilst eloquently exposing the absurdity. You rock sister!

  40. Woman, you hit this one straight out of the ball park! You rule in my humble opinion! Ever since the Penguin in Chief all dressed up in fancy clothes took the oath of office as President of the United States, he has clearly shown the corrupt empire in all its horrendous, (yes, nasty!) clarity! Still not sure if on purpose or by accident, but nonetheless, he has opened many eyes and minds to what a horrible country we live in! Even the Senate and the House of Representatives act like they haven’t noticed what destructive, life destroying shits they all are, but, instead act like Trump is some kind of abomination they’ve never seen before! I know, and you know also, that this government has the largest group of criminals rounded up in the world and the poor taxpayers STILL pay their salaries and listen to them like robots! One thing Trump did that I consider good is that he is illuminating that fact in all its disgusting glory! Magnificent writing!

  41. Ms Johnstone when I first saw that photo on the internet my first thought was that Queen Elizabeth was holding her gut real tight to keep from laughing at ” Dingleberry Donald the Twitter Twit “. President Trump is the ” Head Ornament for the Evil Empire “; he is the real deal, the ” Ugly American “. Hopefully enough of the United States population will come to realize that our government are not composed of the guys in the white hats, but the arrogant agents of hell.

    1. youwant the Queen in his place? boy you’re smart.

    2. you want the Queen in his place? boy you’re smart.

  42. I have noticed exactly the same thing. In school if you got into a fight they always took the most beat up kid to the principals office which was usually the kid who was attacked, so you were taken to the principal not for fighting like they said, but for LOSING the fight.
    Americans want to be lied to every day in every way, they want a continuous stream of fantasy but they need to believe in the fantasy, they have become like aristocrats who hate anyone who tells them the truth, they have media to carter to their every illusion fact free and they like it like that, in the past only aristocrats could divorce reality and live in a scripted fantasy assisted by servants on all sides, now everyone can live in fantasy 24/7 thanks to the media.
    People are not upset with Trump because he lies, they adore lies, but they want quality lies not incompetent lies, they want lies that actually do create wars and hatred, they want lies that effectively crush the American undercalss and this desire includes most of that underclass who want to be marginalized and fight hard against their own rights, they are codependent abusees and they like it that way, acting much like house slaves.
    The public just wants an EFFECTIVE cover story to justify their own deprivation, they hate Trump for his emotional honesty which is very real as compared to they who can hide their real motivations and pull off a patronizing attitude so loved by the people, as in the much adored “Giper”, they want to be lead by a MASTER MANIPULATOR and not an AMATEUR MANIPULATOR. Trump has an excuse, he is mentally Ill, it looks like borderline personality disorder and narcissistic disorder but he is not skilled enough to gaslight effectively, unlike Joe Biden an absolute master of misrepresentation and manipulation, Americans want to be abused by an abject expert and will not settle for any less.
    Its the majority of the citizenry who are revolting and not Trump, he is their proxy excuse for being lame human beings, they can blame their own negligence and artifice on him, or pin their hopes if they are good revisionists.

    1. Given infinite time and extra schooling, couldn’t have said it better or nearly as well myself. As long as we think we’re better off than those we see in cardboard huts or carrying water or rummaging through trash dumps, we will accept our crumbs “and be thankful”.

    2. richard le sarcophage Avatar
      richard le sarcophage

      Let’s face it, the USA is finished. Half the population under median intelligence, many way, way, below. Pig ignorance a national virtue. Morbid obesity and metabolic derangement secondary to a junk food diet stalk the land. Pollution infects everybody, with no sign of any relief. Dementia rife, worsening and affecting younger victims. CO2 begins to affect cognition c. 400 ppm, and the atmosphere is 415 ppm. But that is atop a volcano in Hawaii. In cities it is often 500-1000ppm, plus CO and nitrous oxide. In buildings, particularly the poorly ventilated, the levels are way higher. And the populace is relentlessly brainwashed every single second by fakestream media, PR, think-tanks and advertising psychological molestation. And, believe me, the situation in Austfailia is every bit as catastrophic. Our coming extinction will be almost a mercy killing.

    3. Another, well said !

  43. American cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn … in a tux.

    1. More often likened to former South Carolina Senator Fritz Hollings, who even sounded like him.

  44. This picture says sooo much. The ego of Agent Orange is so large that it doesn’t fit in the palace. He is strutting like he owns the place, saying “Someone made a grave error and I am the real King (of the world).” He is walking next to a frail woman who is over 90 yrs and doesn’t offer her his arm. Who ever chose to release this pic has totally blocked out his wife which says volumes on how important she is. And the headlines going around are stating that Brexit will go through because he says it will.
    I had to laugh at one headline that says “Trump supporter viciously attacked and doused in milkshake by anti-trump supporter!” The press is blaming Corbyn’s Mob of Gangsters. And then if you read a bit further … “The vicious attack came hours after Jeremy Corbyn delivered a firebrand speech to anti-Trump protesters in the capital this afternoon – obliquely accusing the President of ‘creating a sense of hate’ and fostering racism.”
    MILKSHAKE! If only people here in the US were this violent.

  45. The links below should give you all a good view of what the underlying agenda is. The elites [foul humans] have had it with democracy and representative government [have you noticed] and need to practice the most coveted of all human practices: Human Husbandry. It seems that they are preparing for the cull–with what mechanism–who is that ended up with Tesla’s paper’s–who’s got the Death Ray–my guess is Israel.

    https://beforeitsnews.com/v3/opinion-conservative/2019/3462705.html This fellow is a lawyer and economist who has written a book “The fruits of Graft” and essentially discusses a plan for the elimination of the middle class world wide–with so-called elite–hearkening back to the days of the serf.

    https://beforeitsnews.com/v3/alternative/2019/3685787.html A physician recalls a meeting he attended in 1969– hosted by a Dr. Day [a consummate insider–National Chair of Planned Parenthood, College Professor Columbia University and Mount Sinai, etc.] where the various plans [since implemented] for population control which included: “It means control of every endeavor of an entire…of the entire world population.” [16 min mark of video]: Can you say, “Social Media”?

    1. richard le sarcophage Avatar
      richard le sarcophage

      Neoliberalism inevitably leads to neofeudalism, and once the plebs resist, resorts to neofascism to clear the way.

      1. all those have already happened.

  46. that’s the spirit, caitlin! let’s enjoy the show while it lasts.

    BDS in the meantime!

  47. And, nearly two centuries after his death, Napoleon’s character is still debated: “Sure, he showed up the Pope by crowning himself, and kicked the asses of Europe’s aristocracy, but was he a force for good?”

    Trump showing his ass to the queen in a velvet promenade is no accident; he did the same thing the last time he was in a line-up with her. It’s a message, like Bonaparte’s, and it says, “I’m what counts now!”

    Is that a good thing? Ask in two hundred years.

  48. I look at it this way: Obama represented the “beauty of our lies, while Trump represents the “ugliness of our truth”.

    1. well the first made it worse, so the second may shake things a bit. if neither makes our lot better, we probably deserve no better.

    2. Perfect comment, utterly succinct, captures the essentials with the fewest words possible. Notice , perfect language, no reply comment. People like imperfect clumsy comments that seem to be poorly worded because that is what they are capable of, insight is only read by the insightful, a tiny tiny minority.

    3. SWT wrote: “Obama represented the beauty of our lies”

      Well, it’s fair to say he did it with a great presidential style (Oct. 17, 2016):

      Obama: American elections can’t be rigged

    4. Absolutely agree !

  49. And what about the incredibly narcissistic job he is doing of escorting the queen!

    1. who cares about the parasites, big and small, younger or older, that have been sucking the blood of the rest of the world????????

  50. As we are turning over stones, I am still waiting for Trump to exercise executive order to place term limits on all elected officials retroactive immediately. … Waiting for Trump to do what he said he would do. As well as find jobs for all true blue Americans.

    1. you’re gonna be waiting for a very long time i’m afriad….

  51. Thanks, Caitlin for your delicious description of the hilarious scene captured in the accompanying photo. I have not laughed like this in weeks. It temporarily assuaged the grief and terror I feel when I read here and elsewhere of the crimes and atrocities the corporate state and its psychopaths in Washington are delivering every minute of the day. .

  52. The pomposity of the whole thing in the 21st Century–it’s ludicrous with that tiny little old lady–with more money than the little g-d [Lucifer] and the brain of a 3 year old. The whole bunch of them nothing more than human compost.
    I think one of the issues with Donald–given his age and his purported dining habits of cheese burgers–and his poor physical condition–the guy looks constipated to me. I am sure a good enema would set him free and he would become a much happier person–and a better negotiator.
    As far as his “honesty” is concerned–in a way–I think the in your face–is a way of conveying to the American people just how hideous the Empire has become–and he is exposing it for all to see–it is his kind of transparency.
    We have to remember that he is stranded in the middle of the swamp–where the dry land is disappearing beneath his feet–and his capacity to function diminished at every turn. He is perhaps the loneliest man in America–there is no one he can go to–his family are all at risk–and only one who can intercede is the American citizen.
    That’s where the responsibility lies–is America the Beautiful just a fairly tale story–as is depicted in the Royal menagerie–or is there substance to the claim of this creed nation–Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Trump has the card–it’s up to us to play the game–or not–in which case–we get what we engendered–with a big assist from our Ashkenazi friends.

    1. The Queen is quite intelligent actually.

      1. Oh. Him. I see. Phew. Thought you meant QE2 had brain of a 3 yr old.

      2. “intelligent” parasite is a worse parasite. wait, you must be one of them.

  53. Spot on. Been reading the series MURDER INCORPORATED by Mumia Abu Jamal and Stephen Vittoria, published by Prison Radio. It’s the history of Empire and I think you’d dig it. Gets right into the programming, the propaganda, the manufactured consent. And does so with your kind of humor. Here’s the link:


    There are three books. Imagine writing three full length historical tomes from solitary confinement! Nothing will stop MAJ.

  54. There are quite a number of family dynasties quibbling over control and domination for… the greater good.
    The “beast of burden” will remain useful until complete assimilation into hive-minded trans humanists.
    IMHO I believe Trump is one of the few lesser dynasties that wishes an intact US survives into the New World Order.
    If he didn’t support the goals of the NWO…he would NEVER have been allowed to get this far alive.

    1. He’s been allowed to get this far because he is so easily manipulated. He only cares about his own personal agenda and enrichment, not political ones. The elite get their way no matter who is president.

  55. Right. This guy (Trump) lack of all political background (meaning knowing when to smile/cry when you lie) makes him perfect to expose all the shit.

    [Anti-Trump] ‘They’re not interested in waking up, they’re interested in smoothing an uncomfortable wrinkle in their bedsheets so that they can go back to sleep.’

    That’s exactly the thing. That’s why we hear/read so many comments of people being at lost with Trump: ‘how could this be?’ ‘he is a disgrace for our “great” Nation, our “values”, our “democracy”!!’…
    Wake-up guys…you never had any of that, all you had were people pretending to be good, democratic and nice while killing millions abroad, waterboarding, instigating and financing terrorism, caring nothing for the regular american folk….and Trump is just showing you that!…This did not happen overnight, this is not a nightmare distortion that can be change back to “normal”…cause your “normal” was never “normal”….they just pretended it was….That ‘normal’ was the fertile land where the Trump seed grew….

    1. Obama represents the “beauty of our lies, while Trump represents the “ugliness of our truth”.

  56. Bill Reynolds Avatar
    Bill Reynolds

    Oh, you were in rare form with this one. Tragic and hilarious at the same time. The two extremes of which our age is made.

    1. agreed, LOLOL.

  57. Yes, it continues to be an embarrassment and danger to the evolution of democracy for the Brits to keep the royals.

    However, here’s a pic you may never get to see:


    Liz at14

  58. Yeah but that’s because he believes he’s king of the world. No honesty in his realm to come forward even in a picture. And I’ve seen so many pictures long before this to lead me to the same conclusion about the “monarchy” yet people are still interested in this stupid stuff. And what you said about urinating, Trump would do that.

    So this one I’m not aligned with you Caitlin

    1. he thinks he’s the king? what ever makes you think that?????

  59. absolutely straight on. well done. so then, will those wishing to go back to sleep after Trump departs get their wish? if the symptom disappears, it’s easier to deny the disease. will his memory become a simple bad dream, with the same easy exit into deeper sleep?

  60. Catlin: The guy in red is a Beefeater, the official palace guard troop. You’re the Aussie, part of the Empire, you should know that!

    Donald Trump is nothing you illuminated or described. He is, first and foremost: American, New Yorker, Real Estate mogul, and entertainer. None of this falls into the traditional political hack categories of behavior. Ronald Reagan was the closest to Trump in background, and his entertainment days were long over when he betrayed his fellows to the CIA then became a political tool for the GOP.

    As such, Trump is doing the job he was hired to do. He’s been shunned by all the political hacks and their hangers-on, with the exception of some truly sick Right Wing Fundies and Zionists (Betsy DeVos, Mike Pence among others), who still are not the boss of Trump. So he’s going it pretty much alone. He has tremendous grassroots support, and grassroot activists with in-the-weeds profiles that neither catch the limelight, nor seek it. They just want their country back from the globalist cabals (and there are more than one).Trump is a one-man show by default, and considering that limitation, he’s doing pretty well for his nation. Better than Obama, for sure!

    If you haven’t lived in the US, especially an urban setting, and never visited New York, or even paid much attention to films set in New York which expose the workings of that culture, you won’t have a clue what’s going on, how it’s working out, and how it plays.

    Stick to writing about what you do know.

    1. . . . right over your head

    2. First and foremost, Trump is a sociopath, a traditional category of behavior for all successful politicians..

      1. Trump isn’t a politician.

        1. He is a politician now. And he’s unquestionably a sociopath. He wouldn’t have run for office and gotten elected if he wasn’t a sociopath.

    3. Well said but too naive and unsophisticated for the people who post here. For them you need more vitriol directed at Trump.

    4. Demeter:
      Thank you soooo much for taking the time to explain what is actually going on. I have been worried about the state of the world but I feel much better now. What a relief to know that we are in such capable hands!

    5. richard le sarcophage Avatar
      richard le sarcophage

      You left the N out of your name, Dementer.

  61. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    The picture reminds me of the documentary “Le temps des bouffons” by famous French-Canadian filmmaker Pierre Falardeau.

    And remember that those people have all, without exception, clearly seen wreckages of airplanes in the pentagone and in a field in Pennsylvania on 9-11.

    I pray the end is near. I have really seen enough. Keeping my Rosary close.

      1. richard le sarcophage Avatar
        richard le sarcophage

        Comment of the week! I applaud-with one hand!

  62. “Have you ever seen anything so ridiculous? Who the fuck dressed him? And what’s going on with that freak in the red dress? And why are these rich assholes all walking in formation? Is it some kind of weird parade for people who’ve never bought their own groceries?”

    Ha-ha-ha … your attire comment took me back to my parochial school days, going to church, watching processions go by in full regalia while Gregorian chants were resonating throughout the wasted-spaced cathedrals.
    At the time I was so enthralled by it all.

    The US is not really a Xian Nation, it’s kleptocrats who hide behind the statues of a guy spiked hands & feet to a cross to serve as a reminder what we’ll do to you if you don’t do as we wish.
    We will crucify you … and then some.

    Please be impressed.

  63. The Emperor has no clothes.

  64. As honest as any four-year-old standing in the middle of the kitchen floor surrounded by the shards of a broken cookie bowl saying, “I dunno.”

    Maybe it’s honest to lie so unconvincingly that no one will believe it. No, being intoxicated by enough Kool-Aid can make anything believable.

  65. I would argue that it wasn’t a “4chan prank,” but a complex, multilayered, A_-enabled psyop produced via Bannon’s Cambridge Analytica and Mossad.

  66. That picture proves the Trump is a traitor to America and all that it stood far. Lets ask the veterans of Valley Forge what they think of that pompous rear-end strutting around Buckingham Palace and see what they would think of it?

    1. If anything, i’m disappointed that more people still haven’t noticed how truthful Trump has been with his actions. He truly is exposing the psychopathy that’s integral to our political discourse, and yet people still think that he’s an aberration. You have to be a sociopath to rise through the ranks in politics.

      1. Again, he didn’t “rise through the ranks” of anything. He had never held public office so therefore he was not a politician.

      2. AH
        everybody is talking about Trump – the person – what they don’t realize that he is just showing in a very obvious and ruthless way – whether we like it or not – how politics are functioning. The demolition of democracy is happening in front of our eyes – that’s what we have to focus on, that’s where we have to react, not to the person Trump.

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