OMG you guys Putin hacked our coronavirus vaccine secrets!

Today mainstream media is reporting what is arguably the single dumbest Russiavape story of all time, against some very stiff competition.

“Russian hackers are targeting health care organizations in the West in an attempt to steal coronavirus vaccine research, the U.S. and Britain said,” reports The New York Times.

“Hackers backed by the Russian state are trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine and treatment research from academic and pharmaceutical institutions around the world, Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) said on Thursday,” Reuters reports.

“Russian news agency RIA cited spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying the Kremlin rejected London’s allegations, which he said were not backed by proper evidence,” adds Reuters.

I mean, there are just so many layers of stupid.

First of all, how many more completely unsubstantiated government agency allegations about Russian nefariousness are we the public going to accept from the corporate mass media? Since 2016 it’s been wall-to-wall narrative about evil things Russia is doing to the empire-like cluster of allies loosely centralized around the United States, and they all just happen to be things nobody can actually provide the public with hard verifiable evidence of.

Ever since the shady cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike admitted that it never actually saw hard proof of Russia hacking the DNC servers, the already shaky and always unsubstantiated narrative that Russian hackers interfered in the US presidential election in 2016 has been on thinner ice than ever. Yet because the mass media converged on this narrative and repeated it as fact over and over again they’ve been able to get the mainstream headline-skimming public to accept it as an established truth, priming them for an increasingly idiotic litany of completely unsubstantiated Russia scandals, culminating most recently in the entirely debunked claim that Russia paid Taliban-linked fighters to kill coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Secondly, the news story doesn’t even claim that these supposed Russian hackers even succeeded in doing whatever they were supposed to have been doing in this supposed cyberattack.

“Officials have not commented on whether the attacks were successful but also have not ruled out that this is the case,” Wired reports.

Thirdly, this is a “vaccine” which does not even exist at this point in time, and the research which was supposedly hacked may never lead to one. Meanwhile, Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University reports that it has “successfully completed tests on volunteers of the world’s first vaccine against coronavirus,” in Russia.

Fourthly, and perhaps most importantly, how obnoxious and idiotic is it that coronavirus vaccine “secrets” are a even a thing??? This is a global pandemic which is hurting all of us; scientists should be free to collaborate with other scientists anywhere in the world to find a solution to this problem. Nobody has any business keeping “secrets” from the world about this virus or any possible vaccine or treatment. If they do, anyone in the world is well within their rights to pry those secrets away from them.

This intensely stupid story comes out at the same time British media are blaring stories about Russian interference in the 2019 election, which if you actually listen carefully to the claims being advanced amounts to literally nothing more than the assertion that Russians talked about already leaked documents pertaining to the UK’s healthcare system on the internet.

“Russian actors ‘sought to interfere’ in last winter’s general election by amplifying an illicitly acquired NHS dossier that was seized upon by Labour during the campaign, the foreign secretary has said,” reports The Guardian.

“Amplifying”. That’s literally all there is to this story. As we learned with the ridiculous US Russiagate narrative, Russia “amplifying” something in such allegations can mean anything from RT reporting on a major news story to a Twitter account from St Petersburg sharing an article from The Washington Post. Even the foreign secretary’s claim itself explicitly admits that “there is no evidence of a broad spectrum Russian campaign against the General Election”.


“The statement is so foggy and contradictory that it is almost impossible to understand it,” responded Russia’s foreign ministry to the allegations. “If it’s inappropriate to say something then don’t say it. If you say it, produce the facts.”

Instead of producing facts you’ve got the Murdoch press pestering Jeremy Corbyn on his doorstep over this ridiculous non-story, and popular right-wing outlets like Guido Fawkes running the blatantly false headline “Government Confirms Corbyn Used Russian-Hacked Documents in 2019 Election”. The completely bogus allegation that the NHS documents came to Jeremy Corbyn by way of Russian hackers is not made anywhere in the article itself, but for the headline-skimming majority this makes no difference. And headline skimmers get as many votes as people who read and think critically.

All this new cold war Russia hysteria is turning people’s brains into guacamole. We’ve got to find a way to snap out of the propaganda trance so we can start creating a world that is based on truth and a desire for peace.


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104 responses to ““Putin Hacked Our Coronavirus Vaccine” Is The Dumbest Story Yet”

  1. I think you may be onto something. If the Russians do in fact come out first with an effective vaccine, EU and US pharma will sue the Russians for patent infringement to stop sales until they can come up with an expensive alternative. I have a feeling that many countries will say “eff you we want to live….bring on the Russian vaccine.”

  2. How appropriate that such a goober-grabber headline as that would be found in The New York Slimes, the second-largest purveyor of fake news on the planet.

    Unpeeling the onion a bit, one finds that Vlad Putin wants to create a China Flu vaccine for the ultimate gain of what? A Nobel Prize in Medicine, perhaps? And he’s going to try to steal secret formulae from across the globe to accomplish this?

    That’s as ridiculous as believing that Russia was involved in publishing the secret e-mails of Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit!

    When will this anti-Putin hysteria end?

    Perhaps it never will until after his passing. After all, almost half of the United States population still claims to associate with the Democrat Party.

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  4. Ya… near as I can tell she looks like a Russian Feud to me because the guys who run the MIC have not gotten over being thrown out of Russia for behaving Badly and it’s only 500 years ago already!!!

    3 Chords & The truth!

    The Griffinheart Project @ Patreon

    All Qs R Ad!

  5. “This is just too much”, I said out loud.
    Yesterday I was surprised when Reuters published an article debunking Vaccinegate.
    “Russia on Friday unveiled a deal with AstraZeneca to manufacture a COVID-19 vaccine being developed by the pharmaceuticals giant and Oxford University, a move its wealth fund head said showed Moscow had no need to steal vaccine data. ”
    “AstraZeneca already has an agreement…. with R-Pharm (an RDIF portfolio company) on the complete localisation and production of the Oxford vaccine in Russia,” said Dmitriev.
    ““There’s nothing that needs to be stolen,” Dmitriev, who is involved in coordinating Russia’s own pursuit of a vaccine, told Reuters. “It’s all going to be given to Russia.”
    That was two days ago.
    But today I was surprised and amazed when The Hill had an article on the above deal.
    Those propagandists at The Hill are just too much even for someone like myself that has seen it all – many times. Many times. They are just too much.
    On The Hill front page I spotted this headline title:
    “Russian ambassador says ‘there is no sense’ in claims of vaccine hacking ”
    I thought to myself, “wow, the propagandists are folding their cards and putting an end to the latest chapter in their McCarthyist propaganda.”
    Well, my optimism was soon deflated.
    I was hopeful way too soon.
    Nothing substantive in the first paragraph, just a rehash that the West accuses and Russia denies.
    Paragraph two is another denial but the substantive information about the deal between Oxford/Astrazeneca and Russia has been whited out.
    Paragraphs three, four and five tells us about all the high powered accusers that we are supposed to believe.
    Paragraph six reintroduces another accusation against Russia – Russia interfered in the UK general election.
    Paragraph seven is the Russian ambassador denying interference.
    Paragraph eight is a reiteration of the vaccine gate accusation.
    Paragraph nine is the Russian ambassador denying vaccine gate, no substantive argument from the ambassador was included by The Hill.
    Finally in the last paragraph The Hill tells us fleetingly about AstraZeneca (no mention of Oxford) in such a way that the typical reader – if they have even read all the way to the bottom of the article – is not likely to even get the Russian ambassador’s point.
    Here is the last paragraph:
    “Kelin also dismissed the idea that Russia would glean any advantage from stealing IP relating to Russia, saying Russian drugmaker R-Pharm was already partnering with AstraZeneca.”
    The Hill is crap.

  6. I would argue that the official 91 story is dumber. How anyone can watch the video of the towers collapsing and not see it was caused by explosives is frightening.

    1. And when you add up all the other ludicrous aspects of the fairy tale, yeah, hard to top.

  7. fuck THAT! Putin hacked my house and car keys! and took my 49er signed football and y fave coffee cup with the cartoon of the frantic writer on it.
    i’m pissed at my lack of security. i’m worse ‘n Tweetie Bird.
    i did see a crow hanging round outside those days before and after. dirty commie crow!
    Frisco’s new state bird. First we get CAlifornia to escape the Un-USA.
    Then we secede from CA and become PACIFICA.
    now i gotta change me locks.
    that damn Putin.

    why can’t people leave well enough alone? i hear Portland wants in with us. the US two best cities are leavin’ PUTIN! HATE THAT GUY. We’ll let ’em Twitter him to death and Face his friggin’ Book. i propped some nails pointed up under his tires. last laugh….!
    no cars alowed in our new nation. electric or walk. we’re closing our gas stations. and “putin’ in commie BMI. freeee doctors. viva portland! vive frisco.. no more capitals either. using small i’s then we get rid of vowels to save.
    the world.

  8. What do you expect from a bunch of mentally retarded spoilt brats, Makes the Lord of the Flies kids look mature responsible adults by comparison. I stopped reading/watching Murdoch Muppet media years ago. Over the years I have also added 98% or MSM as well. The only time I read it is when bored in a doctors or dentists surgery, with nothing else to read.

  9. Every flippin’ major news service today reported that American “intel” agencies say that Russia is again meddling in our presidential election in very blatant and major ways–no details or even a shred of evidence, of course, for the most cockamamie move Russia would never need or attempt to make against the exceptional ones. Talking cabbage Dopey Joe Bidden responds once again that Putin and Russia will pay when his election is formalized in November. Tough guy American pol hates him some Russians big time. So should you, if you’re a real Murcan. Probably words whispered in his ear by the Queen of Warmongers herself. Geez, I hope the fool does not choose her for his vice dictator, though any of the non-white female warmongers that he favors, such as Susan Rice, Kamal Harris or Tammy Duckworth, will be just as demonstrably bellicose when she gets to replace the damned imbecile. The Deep State, which is really calling the shots and just uses the presidential poseurs as sock puppets, better be careful about what it wishes for. It’s potentially got WW3 all lined up on multiple fronts. It seems to think that the South China Sea should be the latest showcase for American weapons of mass destruction as it pursues “freedom of navigation” and world peace, just as it does all along Russia’s western border and a stone’s throw offshore of Iran in the Persian Gulf. Should prove interesting to see what remains standing in Amerika and Zion when Russia, China, Iran and all the Islamists around the world (in places like Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, etc) unload on “the land of the free and the home of the brave” simultaneously. One day to take care of all family business… that’s all the world would need or get to completely quiet things down. Here’s to the Morelocks… or whoever replaces us.

  10. And so Donald Trump has sent in ” the troops ” to take control of the areas run by democrats.

  11. Ponder this:
    The 1% are terrified of the looming climate catastrophe (some of them must Love their children).
    How to avert the worst?
    Apply the brakes to rabid consumerism and international travel LUST.
    Mission accomplished.

  12. “Scientists Have Utterly Failed to Prove that the Coronavirus Fulfills Koch’s Postulates” by Amory Devereux and Rosemary Frei,

    There’s an urgent need for scientists to step up and do this conclusively with the novel coronavirus and COVID-19. But, strangely, the fire hose of scientific papers on the virus-disease dyad is only a sickly trickle on this tremendously important aspect of it.

    A very straightforward and inexpensive experiment is all that’s needed to prove that the first postulate has been met.

    Here’s how to do it. Test blood samples from a large number of people for the novel coronavirus using a test that’s been proven by several non-conflicted third parties to be accurate – i.e., to have very low rates of false positives and false negatives.

    Then, if all the people who are diagnosed with COVID-19 are the same ones who tested positive for the novel coronavirus, that would prove the virus causes COVID-19. (Note that COVID-19 would have to be diagnosed based on a well-defined and finite set of symptoms. The currently-used and excessively broad diagnostic criteria – such as pneumonia, or the combination of fever and cough – doesn’t cut it, because those are present in many other respiratory conditions.)

    But such an experiment has never been done, or if it has been done it hasn’t been made public.

    The real kicker, though, is that the third postulate – isolating and sequencing the virus and then showing it causes the disease in other organisms – has not been fulfilled either.

    1. Were you assigned to this website to spread disinformation? Do you have ANY evidence at all besides a website that has been clearly infiltrated by state intelligence agencies?

      1. Seems counterintuitive that the “intelligence” agencies would be working against “official” narratives. Particularly as those narratives seem to be working in favor of large “upwardly” transfers of wealth and authoritarian state controls.
        Just sayin’.

      2. McFuzzy –
        Can you refute anything in the article linked by GaryMensch59?
        You say has been “clearly” infiltrated by state intelligence agencies.
        Perhaps it has – many alt sites seem like they could be – but what is so clear about it?
        Can you present specific evidence that is or might be a state intelligence operation?
        Questioning narratives of the past is not good enough; it is a hardly evidence, much less proof.
        Even if it is, can you refute anything in the article?

      3. They seem to have all day to come here and try to get us to stop wearing masks.

  13. Potempkin Economy Avatar
    Potempkin Economy

    The state is in essence a product of the animal world and the vast majority of people alive today are so because of that predatory pack mentality.

    Government supporters are still functioning in the animal world and can only leave it behind when they die.

  14. Just surprised it didn’t say China hacked it.

    1. We live in a pathetic Third-World country, unable to protect its citizens from disease, blinded by delusions of a grandeur long past. I wonder how this period will end. I see some small thing cascading outwards and bringing almost everything down. It might have started already.

  15. Correct. my immediate reaction to the vaccine nonsense was, “Russia, Russia, Russia!’ Really. And then, like you, I said that scientists world wide ordinarily share information of a global nature – unless they are only in it or the money.
    Jonas Salk, on inventing the polio vaccine, gave it to the world. No monetary concern – a gift. how many lives have been saved since then and how much suffering prevented?
    And only an idiot would accept any new ‘revelation’ from the government and deep state without asking, ‘Where’s the beef.” I just find it unbelievable that so few people are questioning these thing, especially in the dumb-downed United States.

    1. In a similar vein, when I was a child, one of my doctors was Dr. Sauer, who at that time had an office in Evanston, Illinois. I later learned that he was instrumental in developing the whooping cough vaccine and refused to take a dime for his work in so doing. He was quoted in the newspaper as saying that one did something like that for humanity, that to take money for it would cheapen it. After all these years, I still have the article in a box in my basement. God almighty, where has that kind of value system gone, and how can we get it back?

  16. Treasury & APRA caught lying about DEPOSIT BAIL-IN
    Everyone should consider contacting their MP and tear strips off them, unless your ok about the BANKS stealing YOUR money!
    On top of this, please package a turd up nice and pretty, and send to LIBERAL PARTY attention Morrison! What a dead-shit he is!

  17. The famous “Russian Playbook” is nothing but projection onto Moscow of what Washington,D.C. actually does: projection is so common a feature of United States of American propaganda that one may be certain that when Washington,D.C. accuses somebody else of doing something, it is a guarantee that Washington,D.C. is doing it. This article can be read here:
    The Real “Russian Playbook” Is Written in English by Patrick Armstrong!

  18. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Putin Hacked Our Coronavirus Vaccine Is The Dumbest Story Yet”
    It is, but only until tomorrow’s headline in the Establishment Corporate Press. And then the day after that. And then the day after that. And then the day…
    “All this new cold war Russia hysteria is turning people’s brains into guacamole.”
    People’s brains were already guacamole long before this. But then too, it’s like that old American Country song used to say, “You can’t lose what you never had…”
    “We’ve got to find a way to snap out of the propaganda trance…”
    Groucho Marx used to say, “I’m fighting for your HONOR, which is MORE than YOU ever did!”. What are the odds that Trance Lovers want to be awakened? Not good. “Hey, TURN THAT LIGHT OFF! We’re TRYING TO SLEEP HERE!”

  19. oht-oh …! i over slept this morning. and now i know my Apt. was hacked. by Russians for sure.
    AND…yes. They stole my socks! those dirty bastards. my fave socks they snuck in while i was sleeping and stole my socks.
    damn them. we should blow them up!

    hummmm….ooops what’s that sticking out…oh. my socks are UNDER the bed! dammit to H…!
    the Russians pushed my fave socks under the bed!
    Now i have to reach down and under and see if i ….there ya go! got one. it’s dusty. it’s dirty. the other one i bet the Russians stole! yep. that’s it….
    ooops…no there it is under the chair. way over next to the chest of drawers. was a Russian plan to confuse me. they need to confound me from my wold changing attitudes that threaten to destroy them.
    Oh, maybe i just got tired of wearing the same socks every day and maybe i just threw them away like that.

    i had a little drink about a day ago, or so. last night. Russians love socks it’s so cold there. i don’t care what they say the Tundra is FREEZING.

    ooops…it’s over 100 in Siberia. Russian plot to scare the world into submission….evil is as evil does!

  20. “Oceania was at war with Eurasia; therefore Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia.”

    –George Orwell, 1984

  21. Some years ago I posted an article on my blog entitled “Was Admiral Lord Nelson Gay?”. Intended as a spoof to expose how the corporate media using such headlines as clickbait, it has been the biggest draw to my rarely visited site ever since. To put the description “biggest draw” in perspective, this week it tops my list with 20 views. There was a time I was tempted to remove it because the of the type of attention it drew. In the end I let it stay, not because of its “popularity, as I gain nothing from it – not even clicks to my other stuff – but because some people might understand what I was trying to do. Added to that, I don’t like self-censorship.

    The headline “Famous film star denies cocaine-fuelled sex-romp with prostitute” used to sell hundreds of thousands of tabloids. Most readers assumed that the famous film star must have had a cocaine-fuelled sex romp with a prostitute. In perverse logic the very denial is seen as proof of it. The fact that even media outlets that once could be trusted now employ similar headlines is yet another sign of a declining Anglo-American Empire. The dredging up of Russiagate yet again means that the corporate media no longer considers gaining our trust to be a worthwhile objective.

    For those intrigued by the headline: Spoiler alert there exists no evidence whatsovever of Nelson’s sexual leaning inthe article, so no need to bother looking.

    1. The corporate media has never had any interest in gaining our trust. It exists only to create and control the narrative that ensures that corporate crime can continue unhampered by anything resembling truth.

  22. The stinginess factor of this development makes the United States look like the man with a fire extinguisher responding with a firm and resolute “NO!!” to his next door neighbor, whose house is at the moment going up in flames.

    It causes one to seriously wonder if Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Jair Bolsonaro, the “Royals” and others at the pyramid’s top have already received the military vaccine for the covert biological weapon: COVID-19..

  23. Has anyone brought up the possibility that this “coronavirus vaccine hack” tale is a preemptive strike just in case Russia beats everyone else to the vaccine punch? That is, if by chance, Russia is first in producing an effective vaccine that would make our propagandists go ballistic. This recent tale gives the war machine the opportunity to say, “Russia stole the cure from us”.

    1. Well, well…

      I just read this (after posting the above).
      “Russia on Friday unveiled a deal with AstraZeneca to manufacture a COVID-19 vaccine being developed by the pharmaceuticals giant and Oxford University, a move its wealth fund head said showed Moscow had no need to steal vaccine data. ”
      ““There’s nothing that needs to be stolen,” Dmitriev, who is involved in coordinating Russia’s own pursuit of a vaccine, told Reuters. “It’s all going to be given to Russia.”
      “Dmitriev said Russia’s acquisition of the British-developed vaccine was designed to complement, not replace its own home-grown vaccine, the one that Moscow is focusing on developing. ”
      “Western allegations that Moscow was trying to steal vaccine secrets looked like an attempt to undermine the credibility of Russia’s own vaccine, he said, describing it as one of the world’s most promising, together with the Oxford vaccine and a Chinese-developed one.
      “Those attacks show that other countries are not having an open approach, they are not happy for the Russian vaccine to succeed, and they are jealous of the Russian vaccine possibly being the first one and possibly being more efficient than others,” he said.
      “It’s part of the global (vaccine) competition.”

      1. Interesting…was surprised that this article appeared at all on Reuters, let alone on their front page.
        Didn’t take long. It has fallen off their front page. But an article accusing Russia of the theft is still there, scroll down the front page to see it under the Technology section.
        You can still find article about the deal with AstraZeneca and Oxford if you click on the World heading in the page banner and then select Russia.
        Nonetheless, Reuters surprised me by publishing an article that debunks VaccineGate. Good one, Reuters.

    2. While anti-Russian propaganda is idiotic, it does serve a purpose when it comes out. I think you may be onto something. If the Russians do in fact come out first with an effective vaccine, EU and US pharma will sue the Russians for patent infringement to stop sales until they can come up with an expensive alternative. I have a feeling that many countries will say “eff you we want to live….bring on the Russian vaccine.”

  24. A worldwide contraction was already underway before Covid-19 stepped onstage. The contraction was sending a very loud and clear message: giantism went as far as it could go and now it’s up to the smaller and nimbler to carry on. Beware the promises of the sclerotic authorities asking you to remain in thrall to them — and dependent on them.
    Expect these authorities to screw up even the next big exercise in their own franchise: the 2020 election. It will be the climax to a season of political hysteria and will complete the chapter of our history that left us on that smoldering big bus in the ditch. The scramble away from that disaster scene will be frightful and desperate. No matter who ends up in control of the government — or pretends to be — the same forces of contraction and decomplexifying will actually rule and you will have to act accordingly.
    Many people will seek to escape the places they live now to find new homes and livelihoods elsewhere. These demographic movements are already underway. New York City is hemorrhaging much of its tax base as the wealthy flee, Chicago too, and the whole state of California. These places will be overwhelmed by functional bankruptcy, even if legal legerdemain allows them to avoid declaring it. Other states, counties and municipalities — including many suburban blobs — will also founder, meaning all the usual support systems and safety nets vanish. Many supply chains will break. Money may either be scarce or worthless, which are two ways of going broke. This article can be read here:
    A Bigger Picture by James Howard Kunstler

  25. Joe Van Steenbergen Avatar
    Joe Van Steenbergen

    Well, after finding that 60 percent of Americans believed the Russian bounty story, after the story only ran for a couple weeks (if that), why would any propaganda operation NOT continue to report bogus information to drive the narrative, given that it is so effective? We would perhaps be more surprised if they stopped the propaganda, given its effectiveness.

  26. I have been sitting alone in my house wearing a mask waiting for vaccine so I could go outside. Now you tell me Putin and the evil Russian Empire has stolen the vaccine formula for themselves. What am I going to do.

  27. More than a summary:
    The aide said that guys like me were ‘in what we call the reality-based community,’ which he defined as people who ‘believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.’ […] ‘That’s not the way the world really works anymore,’ he continued. ‘We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do’.

  28. Here’s another voice, quite different from Caitlin’s, coming from a seemingly-different spiritual tradition, which nevertheless harmonizes quite beautifully with Caitlin’s continual message about the necessity of personal and social transformation:

  29. The obvious answer to this headline is that Russia could obviously learned more about coronavirus by simply asking the Chinese than by hacking the Know-Nothings in America.

  30. On related news, there is clear evidence that the recent Twitter Hack to send Bitcoin adverts from high profile accounts did originate in America.
    A fake message from Kanye West included a phrase “feeling greatful”.
    The fact that ‘grateful’ is mis-spelled is uncontroversial evidence that the attack originated in America. This mis-spelling is a clear indication that the author was educated in America’s schools. In America, routine spelling errors are now quite common. It is especially telling that the mis-spelled word is ‘grateful’, which of course is a damn commie word which no real American would use and thus no real American would have prior experience with spelling ‘grateful’. Certainly no presidential candidate would run on a slogan such as “Make America Grateful Again.”
    On the other hand, it can also be deduced from this mistake that it did not come from fans of the rock band known as the “Grateful Dead.”

  31. Vladimir Putin has been the best thing to happen to Russia and the West in ages. He gave Russia back its sovereignty and national pride; and he has given the West a bogeyman par excellence on whom they can blame all their cock ups.

    1. If Putin did not exist, they would have had to invent him.

      1. Exactly !Mr Putin as viewed in the US and Britain is in fact a media creation?

    2. AGREED . For tyranny to prosper external enemies must be created and hyped constantly .

  32. I think the Russians will come up with a vaccine that works and doesn’t kill a lot of people. I’ll bet they sell it to the West and the rest of the world for a reasonable price or less. This is why the neoliberal heads of IC are really upset – it will ruin the latest Gates scheme to milk us with a not very safe and somewhat ineffective vaccine. OMG all that profit lost. Ho will Gates ever surpass that other parasite.

  33. How dare those evil Russians attempt to steal our vaccine to save their people’s lives. That is, if they did, which is ludicrous, and if there actually was a corona flu that was more dangerous than influenza, which there isn’t. Case count up like a rocket. Death count with a slight uptick in a few areas. Which means the REAL mortality rate is taking a nose dive. And that’s using the stats put forth by the “experts” with enormous potential profit to be made from a mandatory vax. Too bad public education has generated a people who can’t apply basic math and are incapable of critical thought.

    1. Case count up like a rocket. Death count with a slight uptick in a few areas. Which means the REAL mortality rate is taking a nose dive.

      True. The sad thing around here is that this truth will be dismissed as “BS”.

      Caitlin Johnstone concludes “We’ve got to find a way to snap out of the propaganda trance so we can start creating a world that is based on truth and a desire for peace.” Yet she seems to be as propagandized as the masses regarding the explosion of “cases” in this “pandemic”.

      1. Gee, I haven’t seen anyone state that while the infections go up, that the death rate isn’t going down. Nice strawman argument there. Not even sure how it is relevant.

        1. Just remember that the Trumpian logic does not obey any ordinary laws!

          1. Another TDS sufferer.
            So sorry.

            1. Is that all you have is ad hominem attacks and misinformation from an MI6/CIA infiltrated website?

        2. The more “cases” doesn’t translate into more deaths when there’s no gold standard to test for “cases”, i.e. how to weed out false positives from true positives and false negatives from true negatives.
          Without a gold standard, there’s no way to know even approximately how many “cases” of Covid there are.
          No straw man on my part, but a deflection on yours.
          Next time, try to come up with a correct logical fallacy — if you’re able.

          1. Nope, definitely a strawman argument. Now you are moving your own goalposts, prattling about “gold standards” and “false positives and true negatives” and on and on. But thank you for moving from “the virus doesn’t exist and nobody is sick or dying” to it does exist. Really, you are not very good at this.

  34. Last week it was the PRC spies/agents who were stealing this information, got caught and then deported. I guess the Ruskies have to “hack” online instead of physically steal the files because with their thick accents they don’t blend in with our research personnel quite so well? Right!

  35. Why now? The Russians have been making another effort to escape from the useless confrontation with the West:

    This could be the reason.

  36. The biggest shakeup to my world view came with Russiagate.

    I had previously believed that intelligence sat at the top of the hierarchy for how people process information and get their belief systems.

    Now I know that intelligence is a sub-layer in the hierarchy, and not even second.


    1) People identify with groups and get their beliefs from that group – herds.
    2) People mimic their herd.
    3) People apply intelligence to rationalize the beliefs that they already hold.

    Trying to deprogram a headline-reader or ingestor of the MSM (aka MIC-mouthpiece)
    by interacting with them at level #3 is like “spooning against the tide”. You are not even getting close to level #1. This is actually reinforcing people’s delusion that they are operating primarily from an intelligence level – a catch-22. You are telling them that their beliefs originate from intelligently gathered information. That isn’t helping them.

    Start paying attention to how often you trigger a mimic’s cliche function. It can be amusing. Then notice that you yourself were under the delusion that their beliefs originated intelligently. That is why you are interacting with them in intelligent conversation, isn’t it? You believe that something that was birthed from intelligence can be untangled with your intelligent argument. Think again.

    They have their beliefs that they mimic and then “confirmation bias” cements it, and cementing it is the function of the endlessly repeated lies of the MIC-mouthpieces. The repeated lies are kept fresh by putting them into new forms – Russiagate became Ukrainegate became Bountygate became Vaccinegate (with occasional side trips into such places as MH17-gate, Skripal-gate and Assange-gate, etc). You can spend your time showing them, for example, that the Skripal false-flag was a clown performance at best – the facts are out there for all to read. But then, even if successful with that one, “what about this-gate and that-gate” – you haven’t even scratched the surface of their collective McCarthyism and thus by informing them about Skripal-gate “you are defending Russia”. Good luck with that.

    People are mimics that let their herd do their thinking for them. They have various skill levels at rationalizing to themselves the beliefs that they already hold.

    Put the three-level hierarchy to the test by considering people’s religious beliefs. People are typically born into those religious groups – level 1. They will consistently mimic the same cliches, for example, “G-d will curse those that do not support the Jews”, “Jesus will throw you into a Lake of Fire”, “Have a Blessed Day”. Do you think they all independently discovered these identical “Truths”, and so, so many more, by their own study of the Bible? They are mimicking – level 2. Now go and approach them at level 3 – the intelligence level – but don’t neglect to carry a barf bag with you. Maybe you can succeed in reinforcing their delusion that their religious beliefs are intelligence based, but you will not even nudge them from their identity group – level 1. And you will only get for your trouble an ear full of mimicry.

    1. You are so right Levi. All us well meaning world saviors should read your exposition before engaging in one more session of futile debate with the self satisfied brain dead public. Deprograming your brain washed friends is an endless and frustrating waste of time. Just state your truth simply, and move on…. Getting relatively clear of cultural conditioning is a long and arduous process which most folks have zero interest in engaging.

    2. You and Caitlin have put your fingers on perhaps the biggest challenge we have to face and surmount. Herd thinking, based upon identity and constantly fed and reinforced by the MSM, is literally killing our species and the rest of Mother Nature. We talk about failed nations, but aren’t we actually dealing with a failed species? On the individual level, we can rise above this madness, but when it comes to the social level, we don’t yet have a clue about how to escape the suicide ward of the nuthouse. Caitlin is looking for some sort of spiritual evolution, consciousness-raising, on both the individual and social levels, which will flow from the unprecedented fact that, informationally-speaking, we are now intimately linked via the internet. She’s right to say that no one knows where this new intimacy will take us. So far, however, it seems to have taken us largely to immersion in pornography and other forms of mindless entertainment, and to a cacophony of conflicting narratives that create or reinforce antagonistic herd-based opinions. Not promising to say the least, but perhaps Caitlin, “psychic” as she is, sees something lurking behind the chaos that is about to coalesce, burst into being, and radically change the world. Has the global Covid pandemic/panic, in conjunction with other crises, set the stage for the emergence of this utterly new thing, neoliberal capitalism having been frozen in its tracks and like some sharks, needing to swim to breathe? We’ll soon find out. Meanwhile, let’s hope that Caitlin has truly picked up a vibe beneath the clamor, a faint but sublime melody destined to be sung by the collective human voice. The more she tries to hum it, the more it might help.

      1. Really new ways of thinking and being are hard to predict from where we stand now. Hence the need for hope and experimental faith in the possibility for “miracles”.

    3. LEVI TATE gets it, but since most of us are primates ourselves, it might be worth investigating (introspection) how much we are operating at levels 1 and 2 ourselves.

      Regarding: Putin Hacked our Corona Virus Vaccine

      Of course they did, that is the purpose of intelligence organizations. We do it to them. They do it to us. We do it to our “allies”. Our “allies” do it to us.

  37. Peter in Seattle Avatar
    Peter in Seattle

    Russian hackers are targeting health care organizations in the West in an attempt to steal coronavirus vaccine research . . . .

    Those BASTARDS! 😉

  38. Ms Johnstone I expected the MSM to claim today that the ” Russians hacked everyone’s twitter accounts “. In my humble estimation this is still the most ludicrous statement made this year about the Russians did it: “New evidence shows that Mr. Putin murdered Jesus!”

  39. Caitlin Johnstone writes “This is a global pandemic which is hurting all of us…”
    You’ve been conned, Caitlin.
    “There is no pandemic.” — Maxwell
    See and numerous OffGuardian articles and numerous dissenters to the official narrative.

    I’d supply more links, but why?

    1. to keep people busy? you can’t save the world, why don’t you just give up and see where it goes?

      1. Why imply that I want to save the world?
        “‎Civilization has been a continuous struggle of the individual or of groups of individuals against the State and even against “society,” that is, against the majority subdued and hypnotized by the State and State worship.” ― Emma Goldman
        I believe that “Civilization” itself — aka the anthroposphere/technosphere — is terminally ill. The best recent description of “Civilization” I’ve come across is “the perverted desire of the masses for a new pathological totalitarianism” (CJ Hopkins).
        It’s a fairly mature concept. “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

    2. Save your unsubstantiated BS Gary. Most commenters here do not fall for such crap.

      1. Your opinion is noted and rejected.

        1. You speak for yourself. Your false premises would be laugh worthy if they weren’t so ugly and a disservice to the dead and the ill.

          1. Silly virtue signaling on your part.

            1. What virtue? Not trying to present any “virtue”, just calling you out for being a liar and purposely spreading ever changing false information that you can’t even keep up with. Keep on ducking and weaving, changing your story, and contradicting yourself.

        2. From you Gary, that’s a compliment!

          1. Fools who have surrendered to TDS need all the compliments they can get.

            1. Once again, all you have is an ad hominem attack. You have about as much credibility at this point as a Western intelligence agency.

    3. Oh, so all those sick and dead people don’t exist? Sure, the official narrative gets manipulated by those in power, but to claim that all those sick and dead people just never existed because it doesn’t fit your narrative is just sick.

      1. You mean all those 80+ year olds with co-morbidities who would have passed away this flu season anyway?
        You’re welcome to cite the actual research which evidences that Covid killed an additional x percentage of the human population as measured against the background mortality rate.
        That’s how a pandemic is measured.
        Just because the sociopathic ruling class funded World Health Organization declares a “pandemic”, doesn’t make it so — unless you are a true believer in official narratives.
        “Check country after country and what you see is that the average age of those who died from this virus is around 80 years old. That tells you right away there never has been a pandemic. The vast majority of those elderly were nursing home/care center patients. The figures there are around 55-60% of the total death count- likely higher as the figures have been fudged by counting certain deaths as hospital deaths if they came from nursing homes but died in the hospital.” ~ Maxwell,

        See also
        “Median Age of Death
        Austria 80+ years Source EMS
        Canada 86 years Source HCSC
        England 80+ years Source NHS
        France 84 years Source SPF
        Germany 82 years Source RKI
        Italy 81 years Source ISS
        Spain 82 years Source MDS
        Sweden 86 years Source FOHM
        Switzerland 84 years Source BAG
        United States 80 years Source CDC”

        Don’t worry about it though. You don’t have the analytical skills to give evidence of a pandemic. You only have your belief/faith/confidence/trust in MSM reporting & government/public health propaganda.

        1. Um, no, I have first hand knowledge and experience of loved ones who have been ravaged by this illness. But thanks for more misinformation and lies, trying to make it all about the elderly and comorbidities (your own figures by your own admission leave almost half the cases outside of your argument) while it strikes down otherwise healthy adults. Hey, why don’t you go lick every doorknob in sight all day and see how you turn out? Got anything else?

  40. It’s got to be a conspiracy,
    All of the twichy, inbred, sortta-people, who keep coming up with this stuff are playing a crafty long game,
    They are angling for a collective, all for one, one for all, insanity plea,
    As a brilliant defence during their upcoming processions of international criminal court trials,
    Which will become unavoidable, if they don’t stop doing the dumbest fucking shit that they can think of, on purpose, all of the time…
    It is their uniquely, dazzling, awesomeful, plan to cleverly transform themselves into such an evolutionarily advanced form of pure blithering stupidity that they simply wink out of existance, all by themselves….
    What gets me is that they are doing all of this ridiculous stuff live, on their own broadcast stations and networks, it’s literally being broadcast to the whole world, in real time, and they’re doing the broadcast themselves, on purpose, with their own fancy equipment. They just keep making it worse for themselves. Every single time in a row. Over and over again.
    It’s weird, right?

  41. Yeah, kinda funny, because not that long ago a clearing house for all things cv-19 was supposedly setup to gather and redistribute to all researchers working toward a vaccine the world over, but when two highly esteemed researchers complained that was not the case that they were denied access, they were both killed on the same night in Philadelphia, the men apparently never met each other and other than that they were both DNA experts on viruses both working on the same virus and both complaining that the clearing house was in fact nothing but a giant theft of intellectual property on the scale of a Microsoft, Bill Gates theft of open source code, there was no other connection between the two men, both murdered on the same night. Of course MSM didn’t report that story.

    1. Roy, could you give some more details to facilitate further research?
      Thanks for your efforts.

      1. I’ll try to find it again.

  42. I find it all very serious. America and their allies are determined to go to direct or proxy war with Russia. I believe this will occur once they can get Trump out of office. If this happens Russia will definitely retaliate directly on US soil if sovereign Russian territory is bombed. Russia will take alot of crap from the US and their allies but will turn hostile the day the US actually attacks. People forget their response the last time they were attacked by Hitler. The US is playing with fire.

    1. The US is insanely playing with the instantaneous death of the planet. At some point, it will force Russia, and likely China with it, to call its bluff. My guess is that the cowardice of what America has become will be then be manifest to all. Either a mistake will be made and everything ends in a bang, or the hollow empire of the exceptional nation will go out with a whimper.

  43. Here’s an idea. Go find the novel SARS CoV-2 virus first. Fucktards.

    1. No kidding!!
      It’s simply mind-boggling how many (supposedly enlightened) individuals — including those who write about how necessary it is to question “narrative” — have swallowed this ruling class psychological warfare operation hook, line, and sinker.

      There is absolutely no science to back up the claim “This is a global pandemic”, but there’s plenty of fear-based political propaganda — complete with the face mask, the symbol of oppression.

      But credit given where credit due: the State pulled off a very convincing psyop.
      “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a mask covering up a human face — forever.” ~ apologies to George Orwell

      1. Must be nice not to have lost any loved ones to this virus yet.

    2. It has been found. It has been genetically sequenced for months now by scientists all around the world. This information they have readily shared with each other. Do try to keep up. Or, if you would like to prove us all wrong, please show us how the virus, and all those sickened by it, just do not exist.

      1. See my comment above titled “Scientists Have Utterly Failed to Prove that the Coronavirus Fulfills Koch’s Postulates” by Amory Devereux and Rosemary Frei

        1. Once again moving your goalposts. So lame.

          1. And more Off-Guardian drivel from a website that, once again, due to its questioning of official narratives in the past, has been thoroughly infiltrated by Western intelligence agencies. No credibility at all.

  44. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    Evil Russians, Chinese, Iranians, Venezuelans, etc… are trying to STEAL OUR PRECIOUS BODILY FLUIDS!!!!

    Only Bill Gates and/or Donald Trump and his can of Lysol Disinfectant save us!

  45. Point of Order: You can’t turn brains into guacamole.
    I know. I make guacamole regularly and I’m eating some.
    The ingredients are:
    Ripe avocado, fresh onion, fresh garlic, fresh tomatoes, Ghost Pepper, sea salt. All but sea salt and avocado are from my garden.
    No brains required…

    Here’s whodunnit…

    Virtual Vladimir Putin ( shuttling between Langley and London)

  46. Rick Merlotti Avatar
    Rick Merlotti

    Ever notice that it’s British “Intelligence” that’s behind all these fact-free Russiagate attempts? They and their credulous American geopolitical brethren will do anything, no matter how silly to gin up Cold War II, keep those $$$ flowing to the MIC. Trump should end the special relationship and ally with Russia and China to end this sick system. I would call it the neo-British Empire. It’ll get us all killed eventually.

  47. Great. Hopefully he will stockpile all the COVID19 vaccine and keep it out of the West.

  48. Ok…it just hit me what this means. The US and Big Pharma are afraid that “The Russians” will “communize” a Covid cure, and let the people of the world have it for free. That would mess up everything.

    1. Even if Russia did so , the very next day you would read that Russia’s plan to kill us all has finally succeeded with a tainted vaccine .This is how demented it has become.

  49. Putin must be really smart if he can do all they say he has been doing and run a country at the same time. Maybe we should hire him to run America!

    1. Putin IS smart, as is China’s Xi. THAT’S their chief advantage in this insane geopolitical game that the American Empire keeps forcing. And that wide disparity in intelligence between the leaders of our “adversaries” and our own may turn out to be the only thing that keeps humanity from self-destruction. At least, in my better moments, I hope so.

  50. Hahaha That is incredibly funny stuff.

    Isn’t there a saying “There’s a sucker born everyday”

    Well let me tell ya, the US TV Watching public do not need another one born. They are, as a group, the largest bunch of morons alive.

    Obviously not everyone mind you. But I work with a group of at least 6 Male humans all in their 40-55 age and every fucking one of them 100% believes everything that comes of of the fucking MM to the point where everyone that says its not true is insane. From New York to Colorado, Arizona to Georgia and one Brit.

    God forbid if they say this. They would want you arrested for even thinking Russia is not guilty if CNN says they are

    1. Six male humans, age 40-55, do not a world make. Nor do CNN and the rest of the MSM CIA-mouthpieces. The real action may be going on in other places, as Caitlin keeps reminding us. Or as Tennyson put it:

      “Ring out false pride in place and blood,
      The civic slander and the spite;
      Ring in the love of truth and right,
      Ring in the common love of good.”

      The whole famous poem (“In Memoriam”) is worth a read and a ponder.

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