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Revolution Is An Inside Job

Do we have enough time? This is the question I keep coming back to.

There are many existential threats to our species looming on the horizon, and our current trajectory has us hurtling straight into all of them fairly soon. We’re flirting with an ever-increasing threat of nuclear holocaust if climate chaos doesn’t collapse industrial agriculture and cause an extinction-level famine event first, and if we dodge those we’ve still got the automation crisis and impending AI explosion to deal with, as well as the possibly permanent worldwide lockdown of human consciousness as oligarchic propaganda and censorship become too sophisticated to circumvent.

Do we have enough time to pull up and away from disaster? Current facts in evidence say no. Not enough humans are getting sane enough quickly enough for us to make the drastic changes necessary to pull up and out of this insane trajectory before one of the many impending disasters takes us out for good. 7.6 billion humans and counting is too many unpredictable moving parts to hope that everyone collaborates to keep us from going the way of the dinosaurs, and judging from our overall behavior we’re all more than happy to keep skating right into the abyss as fast as our legs can carry us.

Where we’re at right now.

From what I’m seeing, it will take not just a miracle to turn this thing around, but a whole stack of miracles. Luckily, in my experience one of the brightest secrets about this world is that miracles are not in short supply.

I’m not going to share my experiences here, or probably ever, because people won’t believe me and it will be used to attack the credibility of my work elsewhere. But I will say I have learned that humans are capable of transcending their old patterns by leaps and bounds with great spontaneity, and we are capable of amazing and inexplicable transformations from an unwholesome way of functioning to a wholesome way of functioning. Believe me or don’t, I don’t care; I will swear to this fact on everything I hold dear. Miraculous transformations in human consciousness can and do happen.

It is this fact and this fact alone which keeps me writing. It doesn’t make sense for our species to have such capabilities if we’re just going to keep marching along the same old conditioning patterns right into extinction. It just wouldn’t add up for the curtain to be drawn on us just as we begin to figure out what we’re capable of. If an individual is capable of a radical transformation from an unhealthy way of functioning to a healthy way of functioning, our whole species is capable of doing so as well.

If a future humanity exists on the other side of the major shifts and upheavals that are coming, it exists as a species which functions in a very different way from what we think of as normal now. We will have woken up from the egocentric consciousness which kept us locked in old conditioning patterns and moved into a natural and healthy operating system.

This means that when you get right down to the brass tacks of the matter, the real revolution is an inside job. If you want to help humanity pull itself up from its destructive trajectory, the most useful thing you can do toward that end is bring as much clarity as possible to your own internal processes.

This is something I always want to say to commenters on my work who read what I have to say about oligarchy and propaganda and all that junk and then ask “Okay, but what do we do?” I always want to say “Well, the most useful thing you can do is to get super clear on how your field of consciousness operates, find out what your sense of self really is at its core, question your basic assumptions about separation and the world, and effect some shifts so that your life ceases to be dictated and dominated by habitual thinking patterns,” but of course I don’t because I’d sound like an asshole. The last thing people want to hear when they ask how to defeat the sociopaths who are killing our species is “Try some rigorous and relentlessly honest self-enquiry!”

I don’t mind saying here that that is really the key, though. Bringing clarity to your inner processes with uncompromisingly honest self-examination serves two major functions: first, it takes that much insanity out of our species and turns our trajectory around by that much. Second, it gives you the clarity to see the obstacles and manipulations with clean lenses, free from the obfuscations of your own inner bullshit, and the wisdom to help navigate your fellow humans past them. The more clarity you bring to your own inner world the more clarity you can bring to the outer world as well, for the benefit of everyone.

It doesn’t take decades in the Himalayas or dozens of psychedelic trips to come to this clarity. All it takes is intense, burning honesty and an innocent curiosity about all your old assumptions about yourself and your world. You don’t need to be special or extraordinary in any way to make this shift happen.

So that’s my real answer to the “What should we do?” question. I’m not going to recommend any practices, teachers or paths in particular toward this end, because none of them have the key to the other side of this door. Some of them might be useful tools along the way, and they’ll come up as you require them. The only thing that will ultimately lead you to inner clarity is your own self-honesty and curiosity, and no practice, teacher or path can give that to you. You can only give that to yourself.

Place political ideologies and activism on the back burner a bit and invest your attention instead in figuring out your own true nature, and in my opinion your energy will be far more efficiently spent toward the same ends you currently seek. That way when the real changes start happening, you’ll be like a living portal through which all our much-needed miracles can flood into the world.

If you want revolution, be it.


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  • Nice piece. Ironic though. Obvious trends? Enough time? In 1999 I saw that 1984 was inevitable, left the halls of power, and disconnected from the matrix. Reality is just too perfect to save a matrix which refuses to join it. In 2016 Sanders, and the response to him, made me realize there’s a first time for everything, and that I may just have been wrong in 1999. 🙂 Before the DemConv I was arguing everywhere for a Sanders-led third party. So when Nick Brana appeared on my radar I jumped, not walked, to do anything I could to help DraftBernie. Worked tirelessly. Was invited to join the “inner sanctum”. And seriously considered rejoining the matrix and going all in on the “movement”. And, yes, the impossible only takes a little longer. Yes, “miracles out of nowhere” happen. Yes, strangers don’t share their personal proofs online, yet MANY things I’ve chosen to tackle I was adamantly told were impossible, and yet nothing I’ve gone all-in on has failed.

    Only one issue remained. Exactly the right answer at exactly the right moment began veering off course. The proof of history was explained –that the love, education and “from within” approach of Gandhi, MLK, et al always works, while the hate and fear and anti-intellectual us-vs-them separations always only “work” at leading to Trumps, Hitlers, Komenhis, Maos, et al. The proof of how over a million signatures can easily be obtained in twenty days was explained. The “spiritual”/scientific underpinnings of it all was explained. yet DraftBernie became increasingly intent on becoming a new DNC. Fanning the flames of hatred was seen to be drawing crowds of people who like to complain online. And that was mistaken for meaning a “movement” was catching on. I was told this was too important to fail, so it HAD TO be that way. Willful blindness fully set in, until continuing to argue for the alternative led to censorship and rewriting from history. (Again, full-blown Orwellian mini/new DNC.)

    I checked back in recently to take a look after a year and, sure enough, fanning the flames of hate killed it.

    The irony in it? Well, I’d never heard of Caitlin before I’d joined DraftBernie. But after reading a couple pieces I was stunned and just thinking, “By god, she reminds me of me.” She “gets” the matrix, and the soul. And UNLIKE me she’s a published writer that people will listen to. How wonderful. After each new article I began joking, “DraftCaitlin!”.

    Then as DraftBernie began its slide off the cliff, Caitlin became a LEADER in that doomed direction! Pieces began being MAXIMUM hate and fear and separation! DWELL on how evil “THEY” are. We’re surrounded by evil, ignorant inhuman zombies. Hunker down and hate.

    They listened. Hate won. They died.

    NOW is it too LATE to get back to truth? Probably. But you are right that you should look at self if you want to understand the full answer to why that’s probably so.

  • lovely wisdom .. the deep truth

  • au contraire — dozen of LSD trips helped me self-realize, tune in, turn on and most importantly, drop out. keep it up kiddo:)

  • I’m a regular reader and love your work. But I especially appreciate this one! I agree that the crisis we humans are facing is primarily one of consciousness. So glad to hear you put it out there.

  • Will share this piece when I’ve re-read and have some time to think about it. I really appreciate your writing voice – you’re your generation’s successor to Molly Ivins – whose distinctive voice and eloquence – speaking truth to power – was also often the lone clarity in a howling void.

  • Beautifully said. You describe exactly the “project” in which I have been engaged for at least five of my seven decades in this particular life. I appreciate the validation you have thus created for me. I thank you for your clarity and your very enjoyable style of writing. I’ll be passing this around. I trust that more and more people are hearing this message, in one form or another, and it’s always good to keep that discussion expanding in depth and breadth. Thank you.

  • Just so. Here’s to miracles and the “overnight success” of massive transformation that’s been worked for a long time! Thank you for your work, Caitlin.

  • Thank you! Having just discovered your Voice, I’m excited to read more.

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