My recent piece on the establishment’s floating of Oprah Winfrey as a possible challenger to Donald Trump in 2020 is already in January of 2018 getting some pushback from Democratic party loyalists who want to make sure that I will lend my voice to supporting whoever Trump’s opponent ends up being at the end of his first term, so allow me to clarify my position:

If the Democratic party tries to run a pro-establishment presidential candidate in 2020, I, Caitlin Johnstone, promise unequivocally and unconditionally that I will do every single thing in my power to sabotage their candidacy and make them lose the election. I do not care what Donald Trump has done by that time, I do not care how many establishment loyalists show up in my notifications trying to convince me to fall in line, and I do not care what special gender, race, ethnic background or sexual orientation that candidate happens to have. I don’t care if it’s a transgender Muslim eskimo with a Senate seat and their own talk show — I will do my very best to ruin them, and I will do my very best to recruit others like me to help.

My voice will be much larger and more influential by 2020. I’ve amassed a large and enthusiastic audience in a year and a quarter, and 2017 saw my Twitter following increase by over 1,000 percent. No matter how many smear campaigns get thrown at me, my output never falters and my audience never stops growing. I am unstoppable, and I am on my way up. I say this not to brag, but to threaten. For whatever it’s worth, to whomever happens to be listening: if the Democratic party doesn’t run a very solid anti-war, pro-environment, pro-economic justice candidate in the next presidential election, there is at least one very loud voice out here who will relentlessly dedicate all available resources to making sure that it hurts.

I will find every scrap of dirt I can find to help ruin your campaign. I will throw my support behind a third party candidate. I will shamelessly collaborate with conservatives. Everything legal and truthful that I can do to bring you down, I will do. You cannot manipulate me onto any other path. I will not compromise, and I will not stop. You have my most solemn word on that.

I encourage everyone to join me in making this threat whenever you feel ready. America has become the central nesting space for an unelected power establishment which is threatening the existence of our entire species with ecocidal neoliberal policies and a neoconservative new cold war, and the Democratic establishment has been actively facilitating both. It is every human being’s imperative to fight these things tooth and claw lest we go the way of the dinosaur, and that means making threats and making good on them if they try to call our bluff. No matter how they try to spin it, another four years of a president who says rude things on Twitter is not worse than human extinction. Especially when he’s advancing more or less the same policies as Obama.

The only way to get change is to force it, and the only way to force it is to make enforceable threats. This is a threat that I am happy to make, and will have plenty of fun enforcing if it comes to that. I’m fine either way.

I will be sharing this article on my social media platforms periodically just to keep everyone’s eye on the ball. I’m only one person, and the President of the United States is just one role in a vast power establishment, but I can do my part to shove as hard as I can on any loose gears that I see in the machine for the good of our planet and our species. Please join me.


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16 responses to “I Promise To Sabotage The 2020 Campaign Of Any Establishment Democrat”

  1. The US congress is inhabited by 1%ers, lobbytomized 1%ers. Voting for a “good” candidate amounts to throwing a fresh apple in a barrel of rotten ones. Good luck!

  2. I’ve been a vocal Green Party member for decades. I’ve watched people waste their votes on Democrats and Republicans for all that time. I gotta say, I’m pretty fucking excited that it seems people are FINALLY getting a clue that today’s Dems/Reps don’t give a damn about them. What’s led up to this awakening has been pretty shitty, but I guess that’s what it took. NOW, if we could get the generation that was so ‘anti establishment’ back in the 60’s to realize that they’ve BECOME ‘the man’ we might just have a chance to kick a little ass!

  3. If you think The Orange one and Barack Obama are the same, we are certainly doomed. You will “shamelessly collaborate with conservatives?” That is helpful. You sound selfish and privileged to utter such nonsense. The left once again is assembling a circular firing squad. We need allies to get progressive issues to the fore. Bernie told you what to do. You did not listen. I’m not a Hillary fan either and wanted Sanders to win. But it is a massive false equivalence to say that Cheeto, Obama and Clinton are all the same. No difference at all. It’s ridiculous actually. Bernie pushed her so far to the left she was beginning to sound like him. The point is we would have had a seat at the table. Now we have squat. And when you get a candidate in 2020 who’s ideology isn’t pure enough for you, you will sabotage them? Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

  4. The Russians may not have meddled in the 2016 election, but here we have an Australian promising to do just that in 2020. Smh

  5. I already won’t vote for another Democrat. Never again. They played me for 42 years. Not once more, no matter who they run. If a leftist party doesn’t replace the Democrats then I’m just going to stay home and not vote, at all. Voting for any Democrat is pointless.

  6. I thoroughly agree on Oprah or any other neoliberal.

    On the other hand, podcasts are nice for people who aren’t hearing impaired or deaf, but what about them? Transcripts, I hope?

  7. Explain why your war is better, and why YOU should have the power instead?

  8. Each to their own, but I am still very much pro-establishment. Depending, of course, how you choose to define “establishment.”

  9. I’ve already begun. I take the pledge, and I don’t mind being as dirty, underhanded and downright wicked as needed. It’s truly life or death at this stage of the game,

  10. Sign me up. I’m sure it really won’t be hard in the case of Oprah, what with those pics of her and Whinestein looking so chummy. Regardless, like you, I have had it with these fantastical phonies and I will expose them every single chance I get. Thank you for your amazing columns, don’t stop writing them!

  11. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn Zaremba

    Stop supporting the Democratic Party! Support socialist revolution, which means supporting and joining the Socialist Equality Party!! The two-party con game has gone on for far too long, but I stopped supporting it in 1996 (2nd Clinton) and became a Marxist.

    The Democratic party, just as the Republican party, represents the wealthy, the military, and imperialism. The Democrats support the same wars as the Republicans. The Democrats have assented to the slashing of all social safety nets and are doing nothing to stop the attacks on the working class. This is because they DO NOT support workers. They, along with the rabid Republicans, support the ruling elites. STOP SUPPORTING THEM!

    I always vote for the candidates of the Socialist Equality Party and will continue to do so forever. Capitalism can kiss my ass.

  12. I did it before and will do so again. No more legitimizing evil

  13. This article suggests you’re an American. If so, I have wrongly assumed you have only Australian citizenship. Trying to clear this up with a brief online search led to nothing conclusive.

    Many people who say things like what I just wrote are passive aggressive and sarcastic. Not so my case.

    I’m a European and my stances are similar to yours.

    You said: “It is every human being’s imperative to fight these things tooth and claw lest we go the way of the dinosaur, and that means making threats and making good on them if they try to call our bluff.”

    I see. And it IS a morally ambivalent situation: let’s speak just as if we’re American citizens, to influence their elections, to save the world.

    I’m NOT saying this is a serious issue.

    I’m saying it’s interesting.

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