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Caitlin is a happy chappy today. The sun is shining, the Skripal false flag is failing, Boris Johnson’s office is deleting tweets and Kurt Eichenwald went off his trolley again.

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One response to “Going Rogue Podcast, Episode 61: More Evidence That The UK’s Russia Narrative Is A Verdict In Search Of A Crime”

  1. Whereas it’s clear that Bojo and the Tin Lady are playing a weak hand badly–and have only been spared by the appalling complicity of virtually the entire panoply of Western media as information warfare adjuncts–which is in itself a stunning and sickening display of power–it’s not clear that Russia has played a stronger hand much more ably.

    In sum, the set of questions, criticisms and suggested avenues of response suggested here, as well as at the Off-Guardian, John Helmer’s blog, the Saker, MoA, and strategic culture.org (anyone who hasn’t seen Rob Slane’s 50 questions there really should), has been much richer and potentially more efficacious than Russia’s official demarches have so far been.

    At the very least, can a writ of habeus corpus be filed? It will be clear to most of the world by now that the UK does not want the Skripals to be heard from directly unless and until their statements will not be those of “tools of the Kremlin.” (But it may be that Russia is not so keen that they be heard from either, until what they will say can be determined.)

    I would have to think that this trial balloon to have the Skripals relocated with new identities would be recognized by them as a threat (since at that point they will have been disappeared). If Russia is hesitating about what they might say, and about having a writ of habeus corpus filed, the implied threat from the USUK might be enough to persuade the Skripals that if they have information embarrassing for the USUK (or for Russia, for that matter), they had better speak out now, before they are disappeared.

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