Damn. Democrats love losing more than Louise Mensch loves obsolete spy jargon.

Pyongyang has just announced that it is suspending intercontinental ballistic missile and nuclear tests, and is closing down a nuclear testing site as a sign of good faith. President Trump was of course quick to jump on Twitter to congratulate himself, and his supporters are all enthusiastically cheering him on.

As MIT professor Vipin Narang notes, the precise wording of the statement from the DPRK doesn’t necessarily preclude certain other types of testing. More importantly, this could all just be the first step toward Kim Jong Un winding up like another Gaddafi, who was destroyed by the western empire shortly after relinquishing Libya’s nuclear program. But neither of these things matter right now as far as public perception goes. It cannot be denied that Trump has secured major political points today.

Meanwhile what are Trump’s political opponents doing to gain momentum leading up to the 2018 midterms? Why, they’re suing WikiLeaks for telling the truth about them.

The Democratic party suing WikiLeaks for costing them the election is like an armed robbery convict suing a security camera company for getting him arrested. The emails it published are 100 percent authentic and entirely undisputed, and they consist of nothing other than Democratic party big wigs talking to one another.

The documents published by WikiLeaks in 2016 showed an unquestionable violation of the DNC’s Impartiality Clause in the “us vs them” tone of the conversations in the more egregious DNC leaks, the Podesta emails showing that the DNC and the Clinton camp were colluding as early as 2014 to schedule debates and primaries in a way that favored her, and then-DNC Vice Chairwoman Donna Brazile acting as a mole against the Sanders campaign and passing Clinton questions in advance to prep her for debates with Sanders. It also revealed more broadly incriminating facts about the Democratic party in general, including the Clintons taking bribes from Qatar and Morocco and knowingly accepting funds from political bodies that arm ISIS, an email showing how a CitiGroup executive was responsible for selecting Obama’s acceptable cabinet picks, and Clinton’s infamous “public position and a private position” statement.

Contrary to what their lawsuit claims, Democrats didn’t lose massively in 2016 because of a secret conspiracy between Russia, WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign to rob them of their rightful place on the throne, they lost massively in 2016 because people found out the truth about what the party is and how it operates. The fact that they are still masturbating this ridiculous delusion a year and a half later while Trump racks up a massive foreign policy win should concern everybody who understands that the Republican party is at least as evil and corrupt as the Democrats.

The Democratic party has proven beyond all doubt that it has no interest in serving the American people and at this point exists only to protect the tiny empires of its leaders. There has been far more than enough time for it to have conducted a sincere autopsy of the 2016 catastrophe, do some serious soul searching, and make the necessary changes. The fact that it has not done so by now means that it will never do so.

Leftwardly inclined Americans now have a decision to make: either (A) fully accept and support the Democratic party exactly as it is, corruption, warmongering and all so that they’ll have some small chance at beating the Republicans, or (B) let the party go the way of the Whigs and replace it with something completely different.

If there’s one thing we have learned from this administration, it’s that scandals and blunders roll off Donald Trump’s strange skin like water off a duck’s back. It is unlikely that this administration will suffer any setbacks between now and the 2018 midterms large enough to offset the political wins he’s been scoring, and if suing WikiLeaks for telling the truth is the best the Dems have to offer, America had better make sure it has a purse that looks good with red states.


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8 responses to “Trump Scores Major North Korea Points; Dems Sue WikiLeaks For Telling The Truth”

  1. Ah, hell, Trump had nothing to do with North Korea’s recent announcements. The credit must go entirely to Moon Jae-in, the president of South Korea, who has been working tirelessly to bring Kim Jong-un to reasonable terms. Moon and his staff are the ones who are making phone calls, holding talks and discussing terms, not the US.

    The US no longer has an ambassador to South Korea, since the guy Trump was expected to appoint (Victor Cha) was withdrawn because he disagreed with the idea of bombing the hell out of North Korea.

    Of course, we don’t have diplomatic relations with North Korea, so no ambassador there either. But now we don’t even have any acting consular staff at all. The consul staff is who would work with another government regarding citizens’ issues abroad.

    We do occasionally employ a “special representative for US/North Korea policy”, also called a “special envoy”, but the most recent one, Joseph Yun, left his post in March, saying it was for personal reasons. He probably objected to the preemptive bombing of N. Korea, too.

    Trump will get the credit, but it is completely underserved.

    1. Ok, the dang omnipotent spell-check corrected my post and I didn’t catch it. The last word in my comment was supposed to be “undeserved”, not “underserved”.

  2. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    ” they’re suing WikiLeaks for telling the truth about them.”

    Someone should tell the Democrats that this is not great Britain. There you CAN get sued and held liable for libel, even if what you publish is the truth. Not so in the U.S.
    As for the hacking, when will they give that up? It has already been scientifically proven that the emails could not have been hacked from Russia – the transmission speed would just be too slow. The needed speed is exactly that needed to download data to a flash drive. Thus, the emails were not hacked; they were leaked!

    And why do they not realize that the information in the emails is far more destructive than even if the emails had been hacked? Yet they continue to ignore the truths held in the emails.

  3. I hope North Korea gives its Nukes up if Israel does also! Dmockracy!

  4. It will take years to go to court if done at all. So now the Dems have a talking point till 2020, besides the stop killings/shootings by guns (accept protesters in Gaza and the West Bank, and bombing exotic places around the world). B D S

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more about the hopelessness of the Democratic Party. In fact, I’ve been voting either Green or Libertarian since 1976, except in very close races. The problem is, how to get any traction against the entrenched two-party paradigm? I don’t have any wisdom to offer, other than that long experience of frustration.

    Not so sure that the situation in North Korea is anything other than a momentary head-fake. This is happening against the background that international law, including the Non-Proliferation Treaty, has completely broken down. The Russians recently pointed out that there’s no reason for them to refrain from supplying their most advanced surface-to-air missiles to the Syrians, along with the implication that nuclear weapons would be fair game as well. The NPT included a promise that the nuclear weapons states would sincerely work towards disarmament, and we know how that turned out. My guess is that if North Korea gives up their own nuclear weapons program, it will be because of a deal with China to put North Korea under their umbrella.

  6. What do the Democrats hope to achieve by suing Wikileaks? Apart from making themselves look even more ridiculous. As for suing Russia, surely they can’t be serious. I can’t see the Russians taking the lawsuit at all seriously.

    Might be a bit tricky to get Julian Assange into a witness box from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, or Vladimir Putin from Moscow for that matter. Or even any of the remaining Russian diplomats in the USA, who will simply plead diplomatic immunity and refuse to show up. The US courts can’t force the Russians to testify, and can’t touch them without risking a huge diplomatic & international incident..

    There must be a lot of people having a really good laugh at the moment at the Democrats expense, and Hilary Clinton is going to have to do some very careful explaining if she is not to lose all credibility.

    1. Back in the 1970s. A businessman who lost everything to Russia communists. He sued the Soviet Union in a Canadian in court and won. Like you say the Russians paid little attention to the lawsuit until their hockey team arrived in Canada to play the Canadian hockey team. At which time all their equipment was seized by court order. Only after another businessman stepped forward and paid the court award and the equipment released. So as you can see it is possible to sue Russia and seize Russian assets in and by an American court. Remember in civil lawsuits it’s a preponderance of the evidence, not reasonable doubt as in a criminal trial. Which means Russians wouldn’t need to testify but ignoring a court action could cost them dearly.

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