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Adam Schiff Is An Evil Bug-Eyed Fascist

On an MSNBC interview about his involvement with human clickbait Roger Stone, comedian Randy Credico stated that he’d spoken with Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff to inform him that Julian Assange is willing to be interviewed and share information which will show that “there is no collusion”.

WikiLeaks has responded to this claim with its standard statement that Assange doesn’t communicate with the public via third parties and asserted that the publication’s editor-in-chief has not said what he would talk about if such a meeting occurred. Assange has repeatedly publicly marveled at the fact that nobody who is supposedly investigating Russia’s alleged involvement in the 2016 US election has ever reached out to him for an interview or information, seeing as he plays such a central role in the official narrative that Russia hacked Democratic Party emails and gave them to WikiLeaks.

In response to follow-up requests for information from MSNBC’s Ari Melber following Credico’s interview, Adam Schiff’s office responded that “Our committee would be willing to interview Julian Assange when he is in U.S. custody, not before.”

Adam Schiff is the ranking Democrat in the House Intelligence Committee, one of the numerous federal institutions which has investigated the alleged Russian election meddling and the possibility of the Trump campaign’s collusion therewith. Does he have inside information verifying some basis for the Trump administration’s stated agenda of arresting Julian Assange? Or is he just being his usual, bug-eyed fascist self?

It has been nearly two months since the Ecuadorian embassy cut Assange off from internet access, phone calls and visitors on the day he’d been scheduled to give evidence before the UK’s Digital Culture, Media and Sport committee as part of its inquiry into the Cambridge Analytica scandal and Russia. He has remained there effectively detained without charge for over seven years, and now he is reportedly in imminent danger of being forced out of the embassy where he is under political asylum. The British government has been consistently refusing to say whether it has an extradition request for Assange from the United States, and today we have one more US political insider giving us yet another reason to fear that Assange setting foot outside the embassy will put him directly into the hands of the same establishment which tortured Chelsea Manning.

And Adam Schiff wants that. Rather than possibly receiving free pertinent information from a central figure in a large-scale investigation right now, Schiff wants to at some point in the future imprison a journalist for publishing truthful, authentic documents about the United States government.

Adam Schiff is a virulent interventionist who has never met a war he didn’t like, receives large amounts of funding from the arms industry and votes in lockstep with the American supremacist neoconservatives on all foreign policy matters. He has dedicated the last year and a half to helping to advance longstanding neocon agendas against Russia with the aim of crippling America’s rivals. Adam Schiff would like nothing better than to see US soldiers goose-stepping victoriously into the capital of every nation on earth, switching out their flags, and throwing their dissident journalists into prison.

Adam Schiff is a fascist.

The American antifascism movement comes from the notion that if Americans aren’t very careful and don’t aggressively fight fascism wherever it rears its ugly head, at some point in the future it may become the norm and take over the United States. The problem with that perspective, of course, is that it assumes as its premise that fascism has not already been the norm since well before Trump. So you wind up seeing things like rank-and-file Trump supporters getting beaten by masked protesters for wearing a MAGA hat while Adam Schiff is free to advance the agenda of American supremacist world domination and push for the imprisonment of anti-establishment journalists.

The persecution of Julian Assange has proven him right about everything. The world is indeed being increasingly dominated by an oppressive one-party empire that is unaccountable to voters and built on lies, and the most threatening thing to that empire is indeed the light of truth. WikiLeaks has proved an absolutely devastating weapon against war and oligarchy and the lies that we are told to facilitate them, and that is why the fascist empire has silenced Assange and targeted him for destruction.

We must not let that happen. We must not let the Adam Schiffs win.


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  • I am 69 years old and have never voted because I believe in term limits.I am a college grad with professional service in customer service. I have registered to vote Republican across the board. I live in California and these idiots should be thrown out of office. Adam Shiff is the reason I am voting. This lying piece of crap should be indicted.

    William Doyal

  • they are actually Fascist, not Anti Fascist. beating someone up because they disagree with you makes you the definition of a Fascist.

  • The term “fascist” is being thrown about too loosely, although I agree with all CJ says about this jerk. I just got through a long debate on Consortium about all this, ended mostly because of DJ’s condition. But I wanted to use this comment to say I think St Clair made a mistake in giving Yoav Litvin an opportunity to slam you without allowing a response. YL’s challenge of your credentials is off point and discredits him. You are running a great blog here. On the other hand, I am opposed to your red-brown alliance concept and would argue against it relentlessly. Shiff is horrible, but those you are proposing for alliances are real fascists. We should not feel pressured to ally with either of them.

    • Screw bug-eyed Schiff and hook-nose Schumer and old-lady Feinstein, and crazy meshuggah Boynee.

  • You genetically deficient Trump followers seem proud to be associated with a three-time married, serial adulterer and confessed predator; a man whose election and business dealings and relationships are riddled with controversy and malfeasance. You’re perfectly fine supporting for this bullying, obnoxious, genitalia-grabbing, Tweet-ranting, Prime Minister-shoving charlatan who’s managed to offend all our allies in a few short months. And you’re okay with him putting on religious faith like a rented, dusty, ill-fitting tuxedo and immediately tossing it in the garbage when he’s finished with it. If so, you are just another one of Trump’s followers who are nothing but a motley crew of has-beens, racists, misogynists, neo-fascists, theocrats, pedophiles and idiots.

    • Given all that is happening in the world today, focusing on Trump’s personality or his adultery is ridiculous. You expose the bankruptcy of your ideas with this tack of argument.

  • Julian Assange days in the embassy are numbered. Ecuador will soon find itself under intolerable pressure from USA to expel the Julian.

  • I would like to know what we the disenfranchised can actually DO to stop this growing fascism?
    The so called “vote” is WORTHLESS! “They” select the candidates, “they” control the “vote” & vote “counting” & “they” control the corporate media that feeds us BS daily, especially Fox “news”.
    Try to “vote” for a potential progressive candidate & s/he will be shut up, cut out & their “votes” stolen or switched, they will NOT be allowed to “win” in our FAKE, RIGGED “ELECTIONS”.

    So where does that leave us?
    Up shit creek without a paddle & heading over the falls.
    Collapse of this fascist plutocracy is certain & we don’t have too much longer to wait.

    • Shoot them. Stop pretending that it won’t come to that. Stop thinking they’re not already killing you and your children. Stop thinking that this isn’t already a war of attrition.

  • I was going to say, “I don’t know about ‘bug eyed'” but, damn, Caitlin has a point.

  • Of course, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know the last thing they want is for JA to spill the beans. So the more they can keep it under raps the better.

  • The American Antifascist movement does NOT just beat up random MAGA hat wearing people.
    90+% of AntiFa is surveillance and intel gathering.
    Every video I have seen that claims to be such is, upon a few minutes of research, actually a video of someone who has been documented to be a White Nationalist, or at the very least, a documented associate of White Nationalist organizers.

    The Alt-Reich does post a lot of videos without context to make it look like they are victims, it is part of their modus operandi, so I understand your confusion here.

    Other than that, you are spot-on as always.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThInHdlC3dg

      Here is video of a Trump rally in Minnesota, that AntiFa was present at, and prevented White Nationalists (Identity Evorpa, etc) from entering, for which the organizers of the rally came out and thanked AntiFa for doing.

      This anti-Fascist thing has been going on in the US for a long time, I have personally known people involved in it since the mid-80s, when David Duke was running for office in Louisiana, and the KKK was organizing boneheads (the Skinheads of SHARP and RedSkins were leading the fight against the boneheads at the time.) At that point it was called Anti Racist Action Network.

      The same people are also involved in fighting Neo-Liberalism, which is understood to predictably lead to a rise on overt (classical) fascism. AntiFa is an ad-hoc coalition (something I know you are well aware of) to fight against the force of White Nationalism and other forms of open bigotry. When they are not punching Nazis, they are opening community gardens, community centers, co-ops, etc. In Madison, WI, they occupied the Capitol building and set off the Wisconsin Uprising. They were the same people behind Occupy. As it is an ad-hoc coalition, there are doubtless many who join with them who historically voted for Democrats and did not recognize that they were supporting the rise of Fascism by doing so, but they, as often as not, end up being radicalized by the core of AntiFa, who are well aware of the systemic bipartisan rise of Fascism.

      • I fully agree with this and the previous comment, that Antifa has been unfairly criticized for its tactics. It is a myth that they attack mainstream conservatives. They attack real fascists, those who attack the left, with weapons, advocating the ideas we hear from nazis, and have police support when they do. Antifa is part of our movement, and as such, I will support them and suggest Caitlin re-think her perspective on this.

  • My only critique of this piece is that you’re being far too kind to Schiff.

    He’s a Good Democrat so poisoned by his lust for power & willingness to do anything for it that he shimmers like a radioactive insect; he’s surpassed Hillary Clinton, Jeff Sessions, John Bolton and Chuck Schumer as the politician that most makes my skin crawl.

    Other than that, I’m sure he’s a nice guy… :+)

  • Sadly I don’t see this ending well Julian and do wish I’m wrong.

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