Raytheon-manufactured action figure Mike Pence and deranged mutant death walrus John Bolton failed to tempt North Korea with their offer of “the Libya model”, and deep state swamp monster Mike Pompeo assured us that there is no deep state.

Article 1: Deep State Swamp Monster Says There Is No Deep State

Article 2: Brilliant Strategy Of Offering North Korea “The Libya Model” Somehow Falls Through

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2 responses to “Going Rogue, Episode 80: Deep State Denies Its Existence And North Korea Rejects Offer Of Libya Model”

  1. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn Zaremba

    The words you’re looking for regarding what the United States government did to Libya are “WAR CRIME”. Its perpetrators, Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton, should be in prison.

    1. Till I started analyzing
      And I brought on my old ways
      A thunderhead of judgment was
      Gathering in my gaze
      And it made most people nervous
      They just didn’t want to know
      What I was seeing in the refuge of the roads… JM – Hejira

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