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Democrats Finally Deviate From “Let’s Start World War 3” Midterm Platform

Last night Rachel Maddow finally took a break from her relentless warmongering toward Russia, Syria and North Korea to have a pretend cry about the plight of immigrant children on her hit MSNBC show. It was arguably the climax of a loud nationwide outcry against a federal policy of separating parents from their children when they are arrested for illegally crossing the border from Mexico into the United States, and the following day President Trump signed an executive order suspending that policy while congress comes up with some less draconian legislation.

And of course the entire thing was phony from top to bottom. The policy Trump’s political opponents have been blaming on the current administration was actually bipartisan and several administrations in the making, and as with many US policies simply grew progressively more depraved with each new president. The executive order leaves the debate over many, many immigration issues still unresolved, including the fact that it just means families will now be imprisoned together under Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ new “zero tolerance policy”, and the fact that thousands of families will still remain separated. And of course the entire furor only became a mainstream issue because midterm elections are coming up and the “Russia, Russia, Russia” platform of the last year and a half hasn’t exactly energized the Democratic party’s base. And of course that soulless bitch Maddow, who will cheerfully help inflame tensions between nuclear powers in order to give her ratings a bump, was 100 percent acting throughout the entire scene.

But you know what? I’ll take it.

I don’t normally comment on US immigration policy. My haters are always whining that I, an Australian, focus so much on American politics, but believe it or not I do have a strict personal code for the sorts of things I do and do not write about. I focus on the US because it is clearly the focal point of the transnational power establishment which uses its military and economic might to bully the rest of the world into supporting omnicidal, ecocidal plutocratic agendas, but as a strong proponent of sovereignty I do try to stay in my area and only write about things which directly or indirectly impact my part of the world. I don’t write about local US politics, I stay out of the gun control debate, and I don’t tell people in another country what their immigration policy should be. Plus an Australian criticizing any other country for cruel immigration policy would be laughable.

That said, I think I can safely say from within my sovereign boundaries that if the Democratic Party were to spend spend June through November campaigning on immigrants’ rights rather than on starting World War 3, the rest of the world will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Trump-induced amnesia has erased much of the memory of this, but Democrats haven’t always been so goddamn terrifying. They’ve always been phony, and they’ve always been the other half of America’s oligarchic military-industrial complex problem, but before they lost their marbles in 2016 they did at least try to pretend to be vaguely progressive sometimes instead of basing their entire platform on attacking political opponents for trying to get along with Russia or North Korea. A reversion to the way things used to be, when Rachel Maddow was just a garden variety partisan hack instead of a psychotic amalgamation of all the worst aspects of Glenn Beck, Alex Jones and Joseph McCarthy, would be a welcome relief.

Immigration has been an on-again, off-again pet issue of the so-called “Resistance” since Trump took office, but only enough to score a few political points with a cutesy sound byte here and there. Never before has immigration policy reform been so aggressively and urgently shoved through with one voice as it was these last few days, in a way that couldn’t possibly be ignored. It was the most galvanized the Democrats have been since 2016, and this, unlike the moronic strategy of fanning the flames of Russia hysteria and warmongering, is something that could actually energize the Democrats’ progressive base. Getting Trump to cave to pressure and sign an executive order is arguably the very first useful thing the “Resistance” has ever accomplished. More advocacy for the human rights of immigrants and less for nuclear war flirtation could help dig the donkey party out of the hole it’s in.

Obviously this wouldn’t even begin to address the massive, glaring problems that are plaguing the Democratic Party, who just overwhelmingly voted in favor of increased military spending while denying Americans the same basic social services that are accorded to everyone else in every other major country in the world. But hell, if you have a kid who’s constantly beating up his sister and tormenting the dog, you want to give him a cuddle and some positive reinforcement when he does something nice for once. Encouraging the Dems to go back to their pre-Trump levels of immorality and focus on things that human beings can get behind would benefit everyone, and giving them credit where credit is due when they accomplish something decent is probably a good idea. Whatever lures these lunatics away from the war drums and places emphasis on human rights over military violence, I support.


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  • Heart touching post directly related to living people of the society and what are the effects will be happening on our country.

  • Nice article.. Keep it sharing..

    Australia is one of the top country to migrate. But the immigration process is quite tough now days!! you can get more details about Australian immigration news https://www.aptechvisa.com/latest-news?idaus=australia

  • So bloody… lovely! The more opaque to its citizens this country is becoming and the more obviously transparent its theater of the absurd is becoming to the rest of the world.

    By the time all is said and done, America will be in full bankruptcy, wretched, isolated, seriously deficient intellectually, impotent and ABSOLUTELY forced to start recreating itself from the bottoms up. Then (and only then) will the world breath a sigh of relief, watching what peace can really accomplish by simply allowing warmongering empires to commit suicide.

    Sad for the US as yet another failed Tower of Babel dream. Gospel for the rest of the world. Israel is next: it can’t survive without the trillions of dollars poured into it since 1948. Humanity and Planet Earth have hope.

    Icing on the cake: it will be recent history, fully documented as it unraveled and history books won’t be able to tweak facts.

  • Conditions in Central and South American have been largely influenced by the U.S. Monroe Doctrine since 1823.
    Refugees from Central America either want to live in a less dangerous place, or want to get a high paying job (by their home country standard) to send money back home and support their families. I get that.
    Residents who do not have legal status provide potential workers who will accept low wages and undesirable working conditions (without complaining). The majority of those who employ these workers probably also support the Republican Party.
    Residents who do not have legal status provide potential voters – after some future amnesty, – which may or may not occur. The majority of foreign born, low paid workers support the Democratic Party.
    Now rightly so, the Dems have kicked the butts of the Repubs with the ”snatching children away from refugees” issue.
    For the Dems, they finally get a success at energizing their base.
    For the Repubs, they get to blame Dems for caring more about refugees than for U.S. citizens who are in desperate situations (they don’t really care about poor people, but this is the political manipulation).
    For the empire, the ruling elite keeps the partisan divide going, and diverts attention away from other U.S. unjust activities.

    Does anyone want to bet that the Dems & Repubs really care about the 553,742 U.S. homeless population, or the 2.7 million U.S. children who have a parent in the prison system?

    • 553,742 homeless population in U.S., of which 40,799 are children and 192,875 live on sidewalks, parks, abandoned buildings and roof-tops.
    • 2.7 million children have a parent in the U.S. prison system.

  • Beyond the immediacy of the morally retrograde sociopath in the Oval Office in the Excited States is the continuing and increasing sociopathy of those who do the bidding of the Administration and its subservient DOJ. Building on the past, particularly since the mid 1970’s, and escalating into the present, this sociopathy does not auger well for the future around the world – what with U.S. troops in some 100+ countries already.
    And then there are the farmers all over the nation who need the cheap labour in order to get the fruits and vegetables to national and international markets. Even Mar-a-Lago needs workers other than natural born or naturalized American workers.
    Another hot summer ahead?!!

  • Excellent articles. You are my 2nd Australian author that I like. First is P.L. Travers ( Mary Poppins). I love the rebellion in you both.

  • CJ – I believe that most “illegals” were crossing at legal border crossing points. They were not crawling under fences or climbing walls. AU’s immigration laws are tough. AU benefits from no contiguous nations.

    I agree that our policy of caging people/children is brutal. Our immigration officials are overwhelmed trying to screen applicants for entry. What to do?

    From long experience, it is not the adults who cause immediate problems, because they typically go right to work and work hard. It is their children that become problematic in their late teens and older.

    Look on Wikipedia or elsewhere about the demographics of gangs in America. “The most recent figures provided by law enforcement are 46 percent Hispanic/Latino gang members, 35 percent African-American/black gang members, more than 11 percent white gang members, and 7 percent other race/ethnicity of gang members.” (NGC)

    I do not know the solution, especially now that our inner cities have become war zones.

    • gangs, or “social clubs”?


      potato, potahto. This might alter your demographics a bit.

      • I’ve lived in Detroit, Seattle, Boston, Buffalo, Indianapolis and have read too much about Chicago, Baltimore, LA, St. Louis, et al. Call them social clubs if you like and call American troops spreaders of peace. Semantics does not alter the reality of the consequences of subsidizing dangerous sub-cultures. Social clubs!? Seriously!? I was in a fraternity. The damage we did was to our brains and involved beer. And, we did not shoot members of other fraternities. In fact, if they ran out of suds, we invited them to share ours. Bill, you have succumbed to the prevalent PC philosophy of non-objective interpretations of reality.

        • Subculture indeed. You don’t need guns to do damage. Sharing beer is one thing–why do people join fraternities in the first place? Don’t fraternities elevate by networking and exclusiveness? You don’t have to shoot someone to game their existence. But that’s just healthy competition, right? Stepping on somebody’s face is fair, as long as they are from a different “fraternity”.

  • There is a profound hypocrisy here. See Megan Fox, “American Children Terrorized by CPS While Lawmakers Cry About Border Children”
    Americans are in an uproar about illegal immigrant parents and children separated at the border. The level of hysteria surrounding this topic has reached a fever pitch with senators like Chuck Schumer mugging distraught for the cameras at every opportunity.

    While the shrill voices shriek loudly about the rights of Mexicans and other assorted border jumpers, American parental rights are being stripped from them, unconstitutionally, every single day. (Chuck Schumer has yet to freak out about it on national television.)

    American parents have lost their due process and Fourth Amendment rights, and most of them don’t even know it. Most anyone who has been visited by Child Protective Services can testify to the absolute terror that the state can inflict on a family for very little or no reason at all.

    Families have been complaining about the outrageous racketeering abuses of CPS for at least a generation without anyone paying attention to us or crying about them at all. APS, too. This is a much bigger problem. Let’s first fix this problem.

  • I bow before your fearless honesty.
    And forwarded this one to Democrat dupes who look down on me for voting Green and standing up for Assange and Snowden. I always look for common ground.

  • I’m not used to seeing claims made without evidence in your work, Caitlin. But for all my admiration for your consistent stance and tireless effort, I don’t suspect you are any better than most at judging the pretense of another human being’s tears.

    • As a media critic, Caitlin has demonstrated remarkable b.s. detection, and considering the routine, convoluted dishonesty of Maddow’s reporting, I suspect Caitlin’s observation is very likely correct.

    • It would be nice to have a first hand report from someone who was in the studio with Maddow that night, but lacking that, we can only speculate on her true emotional state.

      • I should add that I wouldn’t put it past Maddow to fake being overcome by emotion. Even she must realize that her image as a warmongering bitch could use some softening.

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