Every few weeks I switch from being accused by pro-establishment Democrats of writing propaganda for Putin and Assad to being accused by pro-Trump Republicans of writing propaganda for the Iranian government, all because I am opposed to US-led regime change intervention in both Syria or Iran. Whichever country the US war machine is roaring loudest at on a given day, that’s the country I’m writing propaganda for, because somehow the social engineers have succeeded in turning regime change interventionism in Iran vs. regime change interventionism in Syria into a partisan wedge issue.

Couldn’t possibly just be that I know the US intelligence community lies constantly about such things.

Today there are reports being triumphantly bandied about by neoconservative pundits everywhere (often hilariously using pictures of the MEK terror cult) that some Iranian protesters have been recorded chanting “Death to Palestine” and “Death to the dictator” and carrying signs which admonish the Iranian government to pull its troops out of Syria. All of which just so happen to play nicely into the pro-regime change narratives of America’s defense and intelligence agencies.

“To reporters everywhere: Please pay attention to what is happening in Iran now,” said the Bush administration’s Press Secretary Ari Fleischer in a viral tweet about the new reports. “I know foreign bureaus are almost non-existent these days, but keep a close eye on this story – and report it.”

So naturally I am being accused by Trump supporters on social media of being a paid propagandist for the leaders of the Iranian government. This is primarily because I’ve been using my platform to circulate an article I wrote way back in January, which begins as follows:

Back in June the Wall Street Journal published a report saying that America’s Central Intelligence Agency had set up a new organization whose sole task would be to focus on Iran under the direction of “Ayatollah Mike” D’andrea, an aggressive Iran hawk.

“The Iran Mission Center will bring together analysts, operations personnel and specialists from across the CIA to bring to bear the range of the agency’s capabilities, including covert action,” says the report.

This alone is reason enough to be intensely skeptical of every single thing you hear about Iran. The CIA has been a consistent utilizer and developer of the science of psyops — psychological operations in which large groups of people are deceived and manipulated into thinking and feeling a certain way to advance a preferred agenda during war and during peacetime. Relatedly, the CIA also has an extensive and well-documented history of staging regime change coups to topple rival governments all around the world, including IranThese are not conspiracy theories. These are conspiracy facts.

It has now been a year since that Wall Street Journal report. Since that time, the Iran deal has been cancelled, sanctions have been implemented, and an effective regime change policy has been put into place. And now, lo and behold, there are Iranians being recorded chanting slogans that according to New York Post headline “prove Trump is getting it right”.

There is no doubt that approval of the Iranian government is far from unanimous among Iranians. There is no doubt that there is an authentic element of legitimate discontent to the current protests. There is also no doubt that the exact same thing could have been said about Libya and Syria, two countries which have been devastated by uprisings artificially provoked by psyops and manipulations from the US intelligence community.

Is it technically possible that these protests in Iran are completely, one hundred percent organic and not in any way the product of manipulations by America’s Central Intelligence Agency or any of its allied agencies? Sure. It’s technically possible the whole thing is exactly what neoconservative pundits like George W Bush’s press secretary want us to believe it is, and since ramping up covert operations in Iran the CIA has just been sitting there twiddling its thumbs the entire time wondering what all the fuss is about. But it’s not bloody likely, is it?

Of all the groups in the world who deserve the benefit of the doubt, the depravedlying, torturingpropagandizingdrug traffickingcoup-stagingwarmongering CIA ranks dead last, especially when it comes to issues of regime change. There is no reason whatsoever for any thinking person to assume the best of that malignant agency, nor that what we’re being told to believe about Iran is true.

It’s so goddamn stupid that regime change interventionism in Iran has become a partisan issue. The fact that establishment liberals are arguing for interventionism in Syria and blind faith Trump loyalists are arguing for interventionism in Iran is the most perfect illustration you could ask for of what Noam Chomsky was talking about when he said that “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”

It’s so degrading. Like the oligarchs who run the whole bipartisan scam were sitting around one day and decided to have the riff raff fight each other over which country the war machine will steamroll next.

We’re better than this. I don’t care who you are, you’re better than this. When pundits and politicians on either side of the aisle begin explaining to you why it’s good and desirable for the government of a rival nation to be overthrown, they are lying. Always. This isn’t the one time they’re telling you the truth after all those other times. Lucy’s never gonna let you kick that damn football, Charlie Brown.

It is the US intelligence community’s job to lie to you. I will say it again: it is the US intelligence community’s job to lie to you. The Trump supporters I’ve been arguing with about this on social media are swept up in the propaganda, apparently believing that every single person in Iran wants to overthrow their government, which is the only way a people’s uprising could possibly be peaceful. They don’t seem to think the government has any loyalists. They don’t seem to understand what happens in a country when one part of the population wants to force the overthrow their government and the rest of the population wants the government to stay, especially after the CIA gets involved. They don’t seem to understand the CIA’s extensive history of funneling arms to groups of mutual interest, who then go on to tear apart countries like Libya and Syria. It’s just “Yay CIA! Yay neocons! Free Iran!”

This should not be a partisan issue. We are all being lied to to advance a policy which will inflict an immense amount of death, destruction, destabilization, displacement, terror, rape and slavery upon a massive region, just like always happens with these interventions. This is not different. They are lying. Turn around. Go back. Wrong way.


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10 responses to “Why You Should Be Intensely Skeptical Of Everything You Hear About Iran Protests”

  1. John Allen aka Ol' Hippy Avatar
    John Allen aka Ol’ Hippy

    The American people are like fat hens being stalked by foxes and the foxes are the ones fattening them up. The CIA along with other criminal entities lead the way for all these illegal ‘regime change’ operations. The corporate media infuses the proper propaganda to keep the fat hens feeding on worthless food. Then when a shit breaks loose they are left with an empty feeling of WTF just happened. Or they think they were on the ‘right’ side of history and remain patriotic to support the troops and actions of the govt. I wish the fat hens would realize who’s been guarding and feeding them. A nice allegorical tale.

  2. The Qanon phenomenon becomes more mind-boggling by the day. The video here has gone viral :
    It’s very well done , balanced , and truthful in its analysis of our problems , but ultimately reverts back to “Trust the (Trump) Plan” as the solution. The Q cult is soaking it up , of course , and the internet is a wet , sticky mess as a result of all their crying , slobbering , ejaculating and so forth in response to watching it. This was to be expected , I suppose.
    Here’s the kicker though : The YouTuber who created it is named “Joe Masepoés ” , which , in Afrikaans , translates into a body part belonging to ” jo mama ” that , given the opportunity , Donald Trump would very likely “grab”. If that’s too cryptic for you , these links will help to clarify :
    Praying Medic , a top Qanon guru with a direct hotline to God via his nightly dreams , shared the link to the tweet from “Joe” with the embedded video. Could he have known the meaning of Joe’s name ? If not , it calls into question his widely-touted skills of decoding , investigating , and discernment. Is Joe punking or mocking the Q cult here ? If so , will they even care ? I’m only sure about the answer to the last question , which is ” No , definitely not ” , but I’m also pretty sure that someone’s chains are being yanked here.

  3. If I hear the term ‘regime change’ one more time, I’m going to puke. The reality, and the truth is, in the clearest term possible, it’s ‘overthrowing a government’, most always, a democratically elected government. Let’s not use the MSM’s watered down, socially acceptable, soft phrasing. Also, it’s ‘resistance’, not insurgents. Resistance to American global corporations and their elected government representatives (toadies) invading, occupying and destroying cultures around the world. Let’s speak truth to power using honest terminology.

    1. Absolutely correct! Working towards a country’s Regime Change means making war against another country – albeit undeclared. And if it is by the US – as almost always it is – certainly led by the propaganda – then it is CIA interference – no doubt!

  4. As I recall, the Iranian people are perfectly capable of having a revolution on their own.

    ”Humanitarian Wars” to help oppressed people bring down their corrupt, ruthless, criminal governments is a nice concept on paper, but hasn’t been working out too well for the oppressed people of the world.
    I can understand bleeding-heart liberals (like Amy Goodman) being seduced by this concept,
    especially when the psy-op teams shower the media with photo-shopped pictures and videos that tug at one’s heart;
    especially when the psy-op teams create stuff like ”Q-anon” to convince people that, yes, Iraq and Libya were BIG MISTAKES, but now, supporting the armed resistance movements in Syria, Iran, Ukraine, Nicaragua, Venezuela etc., are the real, just and worthwhile ”humanitarian wars.”
    When considering the history of U.S. interventions since the Monroe Doctrine of 1823, there is no way that anyone should consider the U.S. empire to be the fair and impartial judge as to which corrupt, ruthless, criminal governments should be brought down.

    1. The whole concept of a “humanitarian war” is bogus. The term is used to cover over the true motives of those advocating for war, which almost always boil down to wealth and power for a privileged class. With regard to American foreign policy, the U.S. government is on friendly terms with more than a few brutally oppressive regimes. You never hear chatter about overturning them.

    2. Amy Goodman is depressingly stupid. I stopped listening to Democracy Now when Goodman appeared to be supporting the Syrian “rebels.” Just because someone is called a rebel does not automatically make them an angel, but Goodman is so naïve, so clueless, so ill-educated, that she lacks discernment to a degree that is startling. My husband, who still occasionally listens to the show, tells me she has also been peddling anti-Russia propaganda. Ho hum. Perhaps the show should be renamed Democratic Party Now.

  5. Charles Totten Avatar
    Charles Totten

    The same thing is happening in Nicaragua. The NED has spent millions to create an “insurgency”. While people are leaving the other Central American countries in droves, the Nicaraguans are staying home.

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