I just wanted to give everyone a quick reminder of the fact that the MEK, an Iranian cult of highly suspicious funding which is beloved by Trump insiders like John Bolton and Rudolph Giuliani for its extremely vocal pro-regime change agenda, was removed from the US State Department’s list of designated terrorist organizations by none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I point this out because I’ve been butting heads with the pro-Trump faction of my readership quite a bit lately about this administration’s dangerous escalations against Iran, including starvation sanctions explicitly geared toward provoking unrest following America’s withdrawal from the Iran deal, as well as escalated CIA covert ops. There is no legitimate reason to believe that this administration can simultaneously (A) deliberately stir up chaos in Iran while also (B) maintaining so much control of the situation that it can keep things from getting out of hand, while also (C) making sure control of the situation remains in the hands of the Iranian people, as many faithful Trump supporters have confidently assured me. These are nonsensical, intrinsically contradictory beliefs, and I figure my best shot at getting people’s skepticism up to a sane level is to throw a monkey wrench in their partisan loyalties by pointing out that Hillary Clinton helped advance the same agendas.

So here it is. In 2012, despite its having actually killed Americans in acts of terrorism along with thousands of Kurds and Iranians, the bloodthirsty Mujahideen-e Khalq (MEK) were removed from the list of terrorist groups by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton following the recommendation of stalwart deep state lackeys like ex-CIA directors James Woolsey and Porter J Goss, former FBI director Louis J Freeh, former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean, Obama National Security Advisor James L Jones, and George W Bush’s homeland security secretary Tom Ridge, as well as current Trump administration employees John Bolton and Rudolph Giuliani.

Whenever I say that the pro-Trump, pro-regime change 8chan phenomenon known as QAnon is an establishment psyop designed to herd the populist right into supporting neoconservative establishment agendas, Q enthusiasts always come at me telling me it’s a purely beneficial and healthy thing.

“How can Q be bad, Caitlin?” they ask. “All he does is ask questions and encourage us to do our own research to expose the deep state for ourselves!”

Well, normally doing your own research and asking questions is a good thing, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with digging up information about the corrupt financial ties of Democrats and Never-Trumpers. But that’s all the anonymous 8chan user ever directs followers to look into: Trump’s political enemies and targets. If they were legitimately interested in exposing the mechanics of the unelected power alliance known as the deep state, it would be an entirely bipartisan ordeal since the deep state controls both parties. And the Trump administration’s ties to the MEK are just the sort of rabbit hole Q enthusiasts would be exploring.

But they don’t. The only rabbit holes they ever explore are ones which strengthen their conviction that all of Trump’s warmongering and his coziness with deep state swamp monsters like John Bolton are actually brilliant strategic maneuvering against the deep state. I’ve been sincerely informed many times by Trusting Q enthusiasts that Julian Assange is no longer at the Ecuadorian embassy, that Trump’s illegal Syria strikes actually took out a secret Iranian nuclear facility, that the deep state controls Iran currently, and that it used to control North Korea and Saudi Arabia as well until Trump liberated them.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Trump is advancing longstanding deep state agendas using longstanding deep state tactics. If I still have any readers left who are QAnon enthusiasts, I challenge you to put the MEK in your research crosshairs for a while and see what you find.


One year ago, the actual, literal psychopath who would soon be named Trump’s National Security Advisor appeared at an MEK rally and declared that the cult was a “a viable opposition to the rule of the ayatollahs.”

“I had said for over 10 years since coming to these events, that the declared policy of the United States of America should be the overthrow of the mullahs’ regime in Tehran,” Bolton proclaimed. “The behavior and the objectives of the regime are not going to change, and therefore the only solution is to change the regime itself. And that’s why, before 2019, we here will celebrate in Tehran!”

These sentiments were echoed with remarkable similarity this past weekend by Trump’s lawyer Rudolph Giuliani at another MEK event in Paris.

“The mullahs must go, the ayatollah must go, and they must be replaced by a democratic government which Madam Rajavi represents,” Giuliani said in reference to MEK cult leader Maryam Rajavi, adding, “Freedom is right around the corner … Next year I want to have this convention in Tehran!”

On the latest protests in Iran, his comments got even creepier:

“Those protests are not happening spontaneously,” Giuliani said. “They are happening because of many of our people in Albania and many of our people here and throughout out the world.”

Again, the lawyer for the President of the United States was addressing the MEK terror cult when he said this, and that terror cult has a training compound in Albania. If it had come out in a WikiLeaks document that this sort of thing had been said by an Obama lawyer to an audience of Al Nusra fighters in Syria, Trump supporters would have shaken the earth about it. But it was said out in the open by the lawyer for the current sitting president, and is going mostly ignored for purely partisan reasons.

In a 12-minute presentation titled “Meet the MEK: Washington’s Favorite Terror Cult”, the phenomenally lucid conspiracy analyst James Corbett said the following:

“Since the US occupation of Iraq in 2003, the strategic value of an Iranian group willing and capable of performing attacks and destabilization efforts has been seen as strategically important to the West, which has been desperate to curb Iran’s quest for Middle Eastern predominance in the post-Saddam power vacuum.”

That about sums it up right there.

As I’ve been saying all year, Plan A for the US-centralized empire is not to do to Iran what was done to Iraq; Plan A is to do to Iran what was done to Libya and Syria. It’s important to be clear on this so we know what to watch for. The modern approach to destroying a noncompliant government is to use sanctions, propaganda, covert ops and alliances with extremist factions to plunge the disobedient nation into chaos, all of which this administration is currently doing. This is far more efficient and media-friendly than a full-scale ground invasion and the regular deliveries of flag-draped coffins which necessarily come with it. The antiwar movement needs to adapt skillfully to opposing a form of warfare which relies more on drones and CIA ops than the traditional forms of conventional warfare, because they are just as deadly and devastating, as a swift glance at Libya and Syria makes evident.

You’d think for all their perfectly justified hatred of Obama’s warmongering, the populist right would do a better job of spotting those exact same patterns re-emerging in the current administration, especially when some of those patterns involve a group Hillary Clinton herself took off the US terrorist list.

What’s up with that, my MAGA brothers and sisters? You guys love Hillary all of a sudden? Is she “based” now?

Let’s get real. The two-headed one-party system has found yet another way to undermine humanity, and Trump is just as much a part of it as his predecessors. Look at the whole truth, so you can fight the whole machine. Half-truths are the same as lies.


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8 responses to “That Time Hillary Clinton Removed John Bolton’s Favorite Terror Cult From The Terrorist List”

  1. Butting heads with Trump supporters – LOL – that must hurt you, Caitlin. Cement is thick and hard.

  2. Thanks Caitlin
    Photo of Bolton and verbal shock therapy.

  3. You have a pro-Trump faction readership? Seriously? I’d have never imagined this to be true. To be pro-Trump means to be intensely stupid, racist and xenophobic. If they read you – they probably do so to send you hate mail and whatnot.

    I simply cannot believe what this country has come to – in just a couple of years. There must have been some long suppressed simmering hate among Republicans against well, virtually everybody else, planet-wide. They hate common sense, decency, democrats, liberals, progressives, anything non-white, anything non-American (which doesn’t leave much), and anything that “doesn’t support Trump” (the entire rest of the world).

    In other words, the United States appears to be filling up with brain-dead morons who hate everything. The environment, trade, foreign affairs, diplomacy, science, health care, children, freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Instead, it’s been replaced by hatred, bigotry, xenophobia, fascism, intolerance and non-dialogue. The United States is now a very, very ugly backwards place to live. The 12th century returned, except this time, it’s being supported by willfully ignorant morons preparing for civil war against their fellow Americans.

    I am a Class III firearms dealer and have found my fellow “compatriots” to be intensely stupid, fearful and paranoid. To them, being a “conservative” or a “Republican” means you are required to support Trump 100% no matter what this bumbling stupid fool does. And if you’re in the firearms industry, you’re also expected to blindly support the NRA and free access to all for any kind of weapons. Needless to say, they’re dead wrong on all these points, I neither belong or ever will to the corrupt, lying, deceitful NRA nor do I believe that every American should have unlimited access to deadly weapons. The crimes against humanity that are now being perpetrated upon innocents in this country needs to be stopped. Mandatory mental health examinations are my suggestion – for every gun owner.

    I read an old, stupid tweet by Tweeter himself that he would never oppose firearm ownership – no matter what. He doesn’t care how many innocents are slaughtered and neither does the ignorant NRA. Freedom to them, and to nearly all fake “conservatives” and Republicans comes at the barrel of a gun. They’re all much too damned stupid to perceive their own slavery, lack of health care, lack of domestic support and lack of attention to our crumbling economy and infrastructure to recognize their own indentured servitude to a government that is worse then ever. No swamp cleaning has been done, Trump exhibits the highest staff turnover of any Administration.

    The reality is – when people work for Trump, they can’t stand this asshole. He’s a real prick. So they leave, in droves (it’s nearly 50% turnover according to a recent report). Trump is a bigoted prick of the worst kind, he thinks he alone is the savior of America. But what he has done is ruin this country and it’s progress by taking us in the exact opposite direction we needed to go. And his fawning stupid fans are a part of this problem – they refuse to see the damage being inflicted by this crawling creep.

    So if you really do have a Trump readership – I sure as hell hope they read this comment. I’ve come to utterly despise and hate this ignorant morons that I’ve found myself rubbing shoulders with at gun shows and exhibits where I conduct my business. I refuse to sell to some of these wild-eyed fanatics too as is my right – they pose a clear and present danger to the safety and health of our country. They need to wake up and examine what Trump has actually done and whether or not any of this has been in our collective best interests. So far, I cannot identify a single thing that Trump has done or tried to do that I support, I’m 100% diametrically opposed to this complete moron. I’m deeply, deeply embarrassed for this country and what it has become.

    I won’t be “celebrating the 4th of July” and our so-called “independence” become in reality, we’re far more enslaved and worse off then ever. America is turning against itself under this demagogue of a man and his ignorant stupid followers and they’re now the #1 threat and problem to the future and freedom of this country.

    1. Hillary and Obama were also warmongering neocons. At least Trump is unpredictable and disobedient. (Not really a recommendation).

      He might yet be a catalyst for peace in Korea. That would never have happened with Hillary.

      Unfortunately though, Trump is not quite intelligent enough to understand the bloodlust of the likes of Bolton and Guiliani and oppose it.

  4. John Allen aka Ol' Hippy Avatar
    John Allen aka Ol’ Hippy

    I posted a piece on Caitlin’s Medium site. https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/latest. We have to find a way to stop these evil neocons from destroying the ME in the name of Empire and Israel. State after state is destroyed leaving death and destruction in the wake. failed states, millions of refugees, US soldiers coming home in flag draped boxes, countless murdered women and children; the legacy of the neocons. I just wish I knew how to woke America to the evil done in their name. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

  5. AriusArmenian Avatar

    Spot on analysis by Caitlin. The neocons and neolibs would love to bring down the Iranian government but can’t mount another Iraq type invasion and an invasion and occupation of Iran is beyond the capacity of the US, would bring economic chaos to the world (just consider the disruption of oil delivery from the Middle East), and would be an epic failure and catastrophic to the US Empire.

    That Trump has signed on to the anti-Iran crusade signaled by US withdrawing from the JCPOA should wake us up.

  6. Many thanks for reminding us of HRC’s role in this rotten-to-the-core business. But I want to know why the corporate media are completely ignoring the MEK story. Oh, I forgot. They’re total tools.

  7. Thanks for all the great info Caitlin. Have you and/or James mentioned the Special Activities Division?


    Seems like something there should be a greater awareness of …

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