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Nation Horrified To Learn Child-Killing Death Merchants Have Racist Employee

“A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.”
~ Major General Smedley Butler, War Is A Racket

Imagine if someone became immensely wealthy by slaughtering hundreds of thousands of human beings and selling their skins for money. Would they not be remembered for generations as one of the most evil monsters ever to walk the face of the earth?

Now imagine if someone became immensely wealthy by killing the exact same number of people, but instead of selling their hides, they simply sold the weapons which killed them after using legalized government bribery to ensure their use. Would you expect to see similar levels of revulsion? Or would you expect them to be treated as respectable members of society and elevated to a position of king-like power and influence?

Northrop Grumman, one of the largest weapons manufacturers on the planet, was trending on Twitter yesterday. People are furious at the war profiteering death merchants, and are demanding an immediate change in its behavior. Not because it is an immensely powerful corporation which uses its influence to promote the consumption of machinery that tears apart human bodies. Not because people were horrified by its reported $25.8 billion in revenue last year. Not because Northrop Grumman often spends more money lobbying Washington to advance its interests than any other publicly traded entity. Not because the corporation once gave one of its lobbyists a $500,000 bonus right before he left to become a congressional staffer responsible for shaping US military policy, a position to which he was appointed by a legislator who just so happened to be the recipient of large amounts of Northrop Grumman campaign cash.

No, the widespread outrage at Northrop Grumman was because the prolific lobbyists for an industry which facilitates the slaughter of innocent civilians every single day had hired a man who is a white supremacist.

It is not my intention here to be dismissive of America’s ongoing, centuries-spanning struggle with the racism upon which the nation was built. Northrop Grumman systems engineer Michael Miselis is reported by ProPublica and FRONTLINE to be affiliated with the violent white supremacist Rise Above Movement and was reportedly seen attacking counter-protesters at two RAM gatherings last year, including Charlottesville. This is no minor thing. Neo-Nazis are evil and their ideology should be forcefully rejected.

That said, it is also true that employing a violent bigot probably ranks among the least detestable things that Northrop Grumman has ever done.

A 2014 study by Princeton University found that due to legalized bribery in the form of campaign donations and corporate lobbying, the wealthiest Americans wield an immense amount of influence over US government policy and behavior, while ordinary voting Americans have effectively zero influence whatsoever. Northrop Grumman spends tremendous amounts of money on campaign donations, the recipients of which include virulent warmongers like John “Bomb Iran” McCain, Hillary “We came, we saw, he died” Clinton, Ted “carpet bomb” Cruz, and Donald “bomb the shit out of ’em” Trump, whose administration is currently averaging a bomb dropped every twelve minutes. The company also spends millions of dollars a year lobbying politicians, and with good reason: a 2009 study found that for every dollar spent on lobbying, a corporation can make a return in excess of $220. That’s 22,000%. And time after time we see those lobbying campaigns pay huge dividends for Northrop Grumman, like when it earned a $21 billion Pentagon nuclear bomber contract after spending five years courting 200 members of congress.

Lobbying in Washington typically means cultivating long-term positive relationships with legislators on Capitol Hill, often by arranging fundraisers and assembling PACs to ensure their re-election, so as to secure influence with them. This is bad enough when you’ve got a corporation spending big bucks to persuade a legislator to enact policy in the interests of the corporation instead of the legislator’s constituents, but it becomes infinitely worse when that corporation’s sole means of profit depends on the endless expansion of the tentacles of the US war machine around the world. Ultimately, what you have is an extremely influential force shoving the entire world away from peace by ensuring that the US government is full of people who are highly motivated to promote the continually increasing consumption of large amounts of expensive weaponry. By pushing continued military expansionism and escalation, they are acting as an effective barrier blocking humanity from moving into health and harmony.

And it just so happens that most of the nations into which Northrop Grumman is actively incentivizing the US government to extend its military tendrils are full of people whose skin is not white. When Northrop Grumman-sponsored politicians stand at podiums telling America about the need to spread “freedom and democracy” into regions of brown-skinned people, they are being exactly as honest as the colonialists and conquistadors who grabbed land, gold and slaves under the false pretense of spreading Christianity. This corporation which is currently being hounded by self-righteous liberals because it employs a white supremacist has, in fact, built its entire industry upon the foundation of white supremacy.

So forgive me if I am a bit dismissive of Northrop Grumman’s statement that it is “absolutely committed to the highest levels of ethics and integrity in all that we do,” and that the alleged actions of Michael Miselis are “counter to our values”. There are no ethics or integrity in anything Northrop Grumman does, and the actions of a violent white supremacist are the purest embodiment of its values.

I hope we soon see a day when the public turns on corporations like Northrop Grumman. Not for employing a racist individual who can be easily and conveniently sacrificed as the source and summit of all the world’s evils, but for what they are and what they do. May the enemies of humanity be defeated. May all obstacles to health be torn down.


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  • I enjoy reading a lot of what you write. That said, I know that it is the usual way of writers to write about the ills of BIG government and the bad sides of same. What I would like to see is a writer writing about how it is the responsibility of the masses, i.e. normal day-to-day people, to stand up against bad BIG government and all things related.

    Northrup doesn’t have to do anything different than they are doing because there is no one to actually stand up to them. Certainly not BIG government. I know it’s really difficult to make changes in our world. BUT, people make changes every day and those changes make a difference.

    What you write only makes a difference if people ACT as a result. If they just sit around and bitch, . . . not so much. I know it’s not your “job” to tell people how to respond. But, it IS your job to encourage people to take action in response to your opinions. Otherwise, what is the purpose of your opinions?

    • Weapons contractors, the War-Profiteering Merchants of Death, not only own most of Congress, but they have sub-contractors in nearly every Congressional District in the U.S., employing millions of people who are all part of the huge assembly line making these weapons which provide the motivation for the many endless wars the U.S. illegally wages on so many countries.

      That employment connection makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the average conscientious, anti-war USian to do much to get people to change their minds about working for the War Profiteers when these jobs provide a steady, middle-class income. As Upton Sinclair wisely said: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

      The entire corporate capitalist system which undergirds all U.S. politics has been deliberately and cleverly designed to make many millions of struggling U.S. workers depend on working for the Merchants of Death so that, even if they had the consciousness to stop working in the War Racket, they could not afford to.

      So, what actions could a limited number of conscientious anti-war USians realistically take at all of these tens of thousands of sub-contracting workplaces to try to raise the workers’ awareness of the harm their work is inflicting all over the planet?

      I would love these workers as well as our war-dependent corporate media and politicians to develop the consciences necessary to end the mass murders of people via U.S. weapons, as I have been actively trying to do since 1967 when I first protested the U.S. war on Vietnam, but I do not see how this can happen in the current morally corrupt political-economic system we are saddled with.

  • Nailed it. Sadly I don’t see the sheeple changing for the better any time soon.

  • It’s not hard to find hypocrisy within American society, but Caitlin has done well to spot this particular example. Weapons manufacturers who lobby aggressively for more war so that they can sell more weapons are, in my opinion, mass murderers. I feel the same way about tobacco companies.

  • Quite possibly your best article yet. The very definition of ‘corporation,’ as practiced in the U.S. is ‘a legalized entity that has zero responsibility to anyone or anything, except to those who have provided the money which they may use to grow, become increasingly irresponsible and gain control over our political system.’
    While I have no illusions that a new and radically different U.S. elector system, the concept of which I created, will ever become reality, if it should, the actions of lobbyists would be greatly curtailed. Corporations and regular citizens would stand on common ground, each with the equal right to access the time of their legislative representatives. Further, a corporation (which Republicans such as Mitt Romney insist are people) would have to get in line and would be permitted, under penalty of law if caught doing otherwise, to lobby only those congressional officials who represent the state and/or congressional district which is the single home of that corporation’s headquarters. In other words, professional lobbying would be permitted only of the senators of the state in which the company is headquartered and the single congressman where the company is geographically located. Such lobbyists would need to be licensed and would not only lose that license if caught approaching any other elected official than above, but he or she – and the corporation the represent – would also be subject to huge fines and criminal prosecution, followed by incarceration if found guilty.
    We have to take the money out of American government. That’s just one way in which it could, theoretically, be done.

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