When UN Ambassador Nikki Haley announced her upcoming resignation from the position, establishment loyalists spent the day awash with grief that the Trump administration was losing one of its remaining moderate Republican voices.

“Nikki Haley, ambassador to the United Nations, has resigned, leaving the administration with one less moderate Republican voice,” tweeted the New York Times, without defining what specifically is “moderate” about relentlessly pushing for war and starvation sanctions at every opportunity and adamantly defending the slaughter of unarmed Palestinian protesters with sniper fire.

“Too bad Nikki Haley has resigned,” tweeted law professor turned deranged Russia conspiracy theorist Laurence Tribe. “She was one of the last members of Trumplandia with even a smidgen of decency.”

Well I’ve got some good news for those who lamented the loss of a virulent psychopathic war whore as UN ambassador, and bad news for any anti-interventionist Trump voters who’ve been secretly hoping this administration would use Haley’s vacancy to move in a less hawkish direction: you’re getting another one just like her. According to multiple sources, Trump has confirmed early rumors and selected State Department Spokeswoman and former Fox News pundit Heather Nauert as Haley’s replacement.

Ever since rumors emerged of Nauert’s selection for the job last month, the dominant criticisms have been that she lacks “experience” and “qualifications” for the job of US Ambassador to the United Nations. These criticisms have picked up ever since these early rumors were confirmed, and they are illegitimate for two reasons. The first is that a position as Fox News propagandist is very much the sort of experience an American needs to be a UN Ambassador, especially for this administration. The second is that all the job requires is a willingness to sell one’s soul for the promotion of US war agendas, and to occasionally help kick Palestinian human rights further into the gutter than they already are. No experience is required for this, and these are things we already know Nauert could do in her sleep.

As State Department Spokeswoman, Nauert’s messaging has already been moving in lockstep with that of Haley anyway. She speaks about Syria as though it is the property of the United States, routinely warning the Syrian government not to re-take its own land from the western-backed terrorist factions that nearly overran the nation. She regularly promotes the unrest in Iran that the Trump administration has been deliberately attempting to foment with starvation sanctions and CIA covert ops, and helps sell the absolute lie that Iran is “the leading state sponsor of terrorism”. She promotes anti-Venezuela narratives, anti-Russia narratives, anti-North Korea narratives, anti-Houthi narratives, and anti-Palestinian narratives. She’s been at this job since April of last year, and her talking points have consistently mirrored Haley’s.

Nauert is perfectly qualified for the job of UN Ambassador, because all that job requires is being a sociopathic war pig. She’s already been doing that.

All this fuss about Nauert’s “experience” highlights perfectly why Trump’s ostensible opposition has been almost entirely worthless: they don’t focus on any of the evil foreign policy decisions that this administration is actually advancing, because they don’t actually oppose those decisions. They aren’t concerned that Nauert will promote senseless, psychotic acts of military mass murder, they are concerned that she lacks the necessary qualifications to promote it skillfully and professionally. On this matter, as with all matters, Trump’s self-proclaimed “resistance” is perfectly comfortable with the blood-spattered face of world-dominating imperialism. They just want it to go back to smiling and saying things politely.

The problem with most of the opposition to Trump is that they’re not interested in waking up, they’re interested in removing an annoying wrinkle in their bedsheets so that they can go back to sleep. They don’t care about the monstrous acts of violence that are inflicted upon human beings on the other side of the globe in their name, so they focus on irrelevant nonsense like whether or not Heather Nauert is qualified to read from the same imperialist script that was read by Haley, Samantha Power and Susan Rice.

Those who care about reality don’t care about who’s reading from that script. It is the script itself they seek to burn.


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27 responses to “Nikki Haley To Be Replaced By Blonde Version Of Nikki Haley”

  1. Heather smiles more and is more pleasnt than is Haley.

    What fascinates me most about such people (incl Bush jr.) is trying to colour in how much self-awareness they have about the gap between what they are hold themselves and what they are saying in the service of ambitions, the powers-that-be, or whatever it is. It is impossible to think they are simply being brutally instrumental about their public presentation. But it is also impossible to cast much of a glance at what they do hold as true and important, even though it is almost impossible to believe that they can dupe themselves so reliably. Figuring out just what is playing out in their self-consciousness remains challenging. You can’t get there by extrapolating normal human projections of similarity and empathy; and yet there is more to them than a prevarication knob dialed up to 100%.

  2. This was a good one! Horrible situation and we are going to Hell in a handbasket, but funny!

  3. Love your style Caitlin! Your voice is a breath of fresh air compared to MSM, to those who dance around the truth using polite and politically correct language, to the apologists, etc. Your essays are a sharp sword needed to cut through the layers of bullshit. If some readers feel your language is too sharp or offensive, and you change your style, other readers will encourage you to be more sharp and offensive. Be you. You can’t please everybody. I know I preach to the choir, but I first heard of you two weeks ago. Since then, I’ve devoured every article on your site and your book, “Woke.” I can easily foresee reading it many times to mine it for all the gold buried in so few words. I’m hooked by both your message and style. Keep on. And thanks! The world could use a few thousand more voices like yours. Not every voice needs to be pretty, socially acceptable (according to who’s rules?), or smooth as silk, but rather, like a choir, the combined symphony of voices for truth can be a clarion call to the many instead of the few.

  4. The Neocon choice for Haley’s replacement reflects their shared belief that blonde war whores have more fun

  5. America always managers to give the most important positions, to the biggest assholes on the planet! Nauert is one, Trump is another, as proved by this bimbo’s new position.

    And to think these scum are Australia’s allies, make’s me want to vomit!

  6. Please stop using “pig” as a derogatory expression, as in calling her a “war pig.” This is imputing human violent abusiveness onto innocent animals who are mercilessly slaughtered by the millions by violent humans every day! It is ridiculously dated (from the 1970s), overtly speciesist, and detracts from an otherwise cogent and helpful essay. Thanks!

    1. It appears that Caitlin’s guilty of five crimes against you, pigs, and your journalistic standards. I count the five judgments of Kalzang as: “derogatory expression,” “imputing human violent abusiveness onto innocent animals,” “ridiculously dated,” “overtly speciesist,” and that such misuse of the word “detracts from” something that is otherwise cogent and helpful.
      Questions for Kalzang: Who needs God with you here to set us straight? Aren’t you the one being derogatory? Aren’t you imputing your biased perception onto Caitlin? Aren’t you the one being ridiculous? Who’s really being overtly specieist in that you’re doing to Caitlin what you charge Caitlin is doing to pigs? And what’s really detracting you from Caitlin’s essay – her use of the English language, or your god-like claim that your perceptions (judgments) are the truth and that you know what’s best for Caitlin, pigs, and the rest of us readers? Just to be clear: wouldn’t it be intellectually honest to say that you do unto Caitlin the very five things you accuse Caitlin of doing unto you, pigs, and journalism?
      It’s certainly your life and up to you, but you might get more from Caitlin’s essays after doing a little self-inquiry.

  7. Caitlin, don’t fret about language. I’ve heard it all and maybe invented some, especially since
    riding the 2-horse schoolbus back in the 30’s with Old Fred Herrick coaxing the animals on
    with delicious words that we schoolkids never heard at home.

  8. Caitlin J. I’m sure glad you’re around grabbing the bull (S) by the horns.

    from an old 89 yr oldf–t in Maine, US

  9. I am very grateful for your commentary, Caitlin. And I question whether your voice would carry more weight if you used ‘fuck’ and many other ‘swear’ words less. IMHO this vocabulary dilutes and distracts, rendering entirely justifiable anger sound unreasoned.

    1. Excellent post. Agree 100%

  10. So Heather Nauert lacks “experience” and “qualifications” to serve as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. The same can be said of almost all the members of Trump’s cabinet for their positions and, above all, of Trump himself for President. Nauert fits the template to perfection. Why do people act surprised? Nothing has changed.

  11. Psychopathic war whore is a good description of the demented Haley.
    It seems the US elites love a warmongering lunatic woman.
    Don’t forget the empty headed Samantha Power.

    Put it together with all the rest we are seeing. It tells us what America is. It is not an aberration. We are seeing the madness of the elites in the late stage of Empire. Elections are not an antidote to what is emerging in the people. What is happening in France now against neoliberal austerity economics is coming to the US.

  12. “The problem with most of the opposition to Trump is that they’re not interested in waking up, they’re interested in removing an annoying wrinkle in their bedsheets so that they can go back to sleep. They don’t care about the monstrous acts of violence that are inflicted upon human beings on the other side of the globe in their name, so they focus on irrelevant nonsense like whether or not Heather Nauert is qualified to read from the same imperialist script that was read by Haley, Samantha Power and Susan Rice.”
    Yes, Caitlin, the enemy is us — people who incapable of even IMAGINING the details of a better world, let alone figuring out a way to bring it into being. Don’t worry though, near-future events will bring the fatal flaws of the present Matrix and our poltical impotence fully into the sunlight, because those fatal flaws are going to inevitably lead to either financial collapse or nuclear war. THEN you’ll see some futile scrambling around by our Elite Masters to keep the present system going.
    In the longer run, the present system’s vital need for perpetual economic/population/profit growth will inevitably force a sucked-dry Mother Earth to place her human-parasite children into her dustbin of failed species. (I wonder, will there be any remaining signs of the existence of the human race in a million years …. long after the Pyramids have been sand-blasted down to a nubbin?)
    Anyway, at some point the Haleys and Nauerts of the Ununited Nations will be replaced with even-better-looking androids. Then there won’t be any question about whether these beings have any input whatsoever about what comes out of their mouths/speakers.

  13. The opposition party in the US – the corporate controlled Mockingbird liberal media and the Democratic Resistance – reeks of a stage-managed controlled opposition that has no intentions whatsoever impeaching Trump or removing him from office. The media’s non-stop vitriolic criticism of everything Trump does is mostly manufactured lies or trifling exaggerations of trivial and insubstantial issues – they sound like they hate Trump but they speak about everything but the real scandals that would remove him from office. Why doesn’t the opposition party ever talk about how Trump was mentored by the notorious NYC mafia boss Roy Cohn or his friendship with convicted billionaire pedophile and ex-next door neighbor Jeffrey Epstein? Surely not because these notorious masters of CIA/Mossad sexual entrapment operations are known to have secretly videotaped many of the most powerful people in Washington and the media sexually abusing underage children for the purposes of blackmail by the deep state, right?

    Americans have a long way to go before a critical mass grows the fuck up and faces reality. Both Trump and the Opposition party are compromised and obedient one-dimensional puppets dangling from a string in a stage-managed theater of mass delusion brought to us by the Anglo-Zionist deep state crime mob. The Constitution has been suspended and there is no left, right, or center in American politics. What there is a non-ideological unelected and secretive deep state that exercises power for power’s sake, and a bunch of deluded people who follow a fake political puppet show in the propaganda media. Let the war criminals go. Let the war profiteers go. Let the charity fraudsters go. Let the banksters go. Let election fraud criminals go. Let the child traffickers go. Whistle blowers: INTO THE GOD DAM JAIL CELLS, you DIRT-BAGS.

  14. Find a dog to eat a dog – simple

  15. I can hardly wait til 2020 so we can elect another psycho for president. What ever you do don’t vote Green. You’ll just be “throwing your vote away”.

  16. Please consider signing petion in support of Mark Lamont Hill right to voice views in support of palestinians:


  17. We love our friends in the Commonwealth who won’t call out their own folks? Like the ones who fabricated and promoted the incident they used to take all your guns? Turn in your weapons. The government will take care of you. Seriously? You feel safer now?

  18. Sorry, Caitlin, but if you are in Australia you know well the complicity and profiteering of your own criminal caste state with this empire just as their ancestors did with the British Empire. Like Rupert Murdoch.

    1. Caitlin is well aware that Australia is complicit as a US puppet , and has often expressed her dismay at that sorry state of affairs. She’s also smart enough to know that her talents are better utilized by focusing on the the Empire’s dominant force – the US – rather than peripheral servant states like her own.
      If we citizens in the US can take back control of our government we will have the ability to make the entire world a much better place in one swell foop. On the other hand , if Australia’s citizens did the same , they might make that country a bit better , but the Empire wouldn’t miss a beat , and would probably end up grinding Australia under their jackboots for their impertinence.

    2. So, what’s your point?

  19. Dennis Riccetti Avatar
    Dennis Riccetti

    ” Are you in a bad place in your life? You have a right to say want you feel but so do they. Not everybody agrees but they do respect each other’s voice.”

    This quote is not about your post above (sure could be though) but is a reaction from one of my dear relatives after I posted this about mr. g.w. (doesn’t deserve caps . . )

    “hey maybe i’m in the minority here but the world is a MUCH better place today now that mr gw bush finally gave in and left us alone. Few people have existed in this world more vile than this guy and the media is going to fawn all over him, like they did with McCain. I worry that most of u don’t have a clue what i’m talking about but take my word for it – SCUMBAG was he. If there really is a god, then he has a shitload of ‘splaining to do when he meets up with mr st pete . .”

    The main reason for the reaction to my post is that i almost never speak my mind on FB because I’m an old guy, almost 70, who doesn’t want to lose his shit at this late date. And these days, that’s not paranoia anymore. A bad excuse yes but it’s all i got . . .

    My FB friend’s first reaction was one of pity ’cause wow i must be feeling real bad to say something like that about one of our beloved presidents who just croaked. (actually my first thought was “Sure took u long enough u fucker” or something along those lines.”)

    And why that reaction? Because most people in this country are clueless because first they only pay attention to the MSM and second they really don’t care as long as it doesn’t affect them directly. (hey, just because i live here and have all this wonderful stuff doesn’t make me responsible . . . right??)

    As for you, Ms Johnstone, you are the joy of my life since i discovered you. And you are fucking fearless ! ! You are the first blog i read everyday and you never disappoint. Almost crapped in my pants when you posted about clit orgasms !! NOBODY talks about that!! Violence yeah sure . . . but SEX?? (great post BTW, should give it to every young man i know)

    That said, please keep up the good work! I have no doubt that you will. And thanks for giving me the courage to at least stick my head out a little.

    haha !! See, I’m learning from you, the master of this shit. Please continue to make my day and make me laugh instead of wanting to walk in front of that bus. Since I woke a few months after 911, I have read a lot of the blogs, posts, etc. referred to as the “alternate media” and you are the one that seems to be reading my mind. Except you can write well and me, not so much.

    I mention the quote above to demonstrate the fact that most people, even the ones you love and respect, truly don’t have a clue what’s happening because

    1. Dennis Riccetti Avatar
      Dennis Riccetti

      oops – this was first comment i have ever posted anywhere cause i’m normally a chickenshit as explained above. Forgot to delete earlier thoughts – editing is not one of my best traits haha Pls cancel everything that follows after “stick my head out a little” or it doesn’t make sense . .

      oh, and how do i change my pic?? that is definitely not me . .

  20. Luz (Mama Wolf) Avatar
    Luz (Mama Wolf)

    You had me at the title.

  21. Once again, the words and the tone is particularly sharp, but right on!!!

  22. Thanks so much for saying it so well, Caitlin. If Hitler had won the War this is the kind of send-off he would have had from the Reich.

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