Both CNN and the Washington Post are reporting that Robert Mueller’s investigation into a possible conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government will be wrapping up as soon as next week. This report comes without a single American having been charged with any such conspiracy during the investigation up to this point, and we’re seeing a very revealing uptick in narrative management from the people who have been making a name for themselves promoting the Russiagate conspiracy theory.

A Washington Post article titled “Mueller’s ‘winding down’ may be less than it appears” by Jennifer Rubin (a member of WaPo’s large lineup of neoconservative empire loyalists) argues that while it is very possible there won’t necessarily be anything earth-shattering in the report itself, “the host of other investigations will continue while the focus moves to Congress.” A New York Times article titled “The Mueller Report Is Coming. Here’s What to Expect.” argues much the same thing. Both articles effectively tell the reader that they should brace themselves for disappointment, but definitely still keep their tinfoil pussyhats on.

“I’VE EXPRESSED SKEPTICISM ON #MUELLER FROM DAY ONE,” tweeted the totally calm and unbothered former Hillary Clinton advisor Peter Daou. “Trump obstructed justice in plain sight and bragged about it to Russian operatives in the Oval Office. THAT’S UNQUESTIONABLY AN INDICTABLE/IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE. If he remains in office, it is an abject failure of our system.”

“As you await the Mueller report, please remember how many of Trump’s worst offenses against American democracy have taken place in full public view,” tweeted David Frum, author of George W Bush’s infamous ‘Axis of Evil’ narrative. “Inciting violence against political opponents? It’s not some clandestine plot pierced by investigators. Trump … tweeted it out.”

“From what I understand about the complexities, opaqueness and length of counterintelligence investigations, I’d be surprised if Mueller was able to uncover the breadth of this conspiracy,” tweeted Hollywood’s most prolific Russiagater Rob Reiner, who once went so far as to collaborate with neoconservatives and intelligence community insiders to make a blatant propaganda video starring Morgan Freeman.

“What makes you so confident this report is on Mueller’s terms and timetable?” asked Congressman Eric Swalwell, easily the most virulent and conspiratorial Russiagater on Capitol Hill after Adam Schiff (who for his own part has already started moving the goalposts and accusing Mueller of timidity in his investigation). Advancing the baseless claim that Mueller was being secretly forced to wrap up his investigation by outside forces, and also forced to remain silent about it, is about par for Swalwell’s contributions to the Russiagate narrative.

“The best possible result would be if Robert Mueller found Donald Trump completely innocent because I don’t want our president to have engaged in collusion with a foreign power, I just don’t want that,” said Congressman Ted Lieu, pretending that he hasn’t been circulating incendiary Russia conspiracy theories for months.

Over and over again we’re seeing the gears shifting, the goalposts moving, and the herd being paced out of its belief that Trump is about to be dragged out of the White House in chains any minute now, and into a narrative about how if Mueller turns up with nothing it will actually be fine, and certainly not an indication that they’ve spent two years obsessing over a fact-free conspiracy theory.

Others, like Russiagate pundit and Bill Kristol coworker Molly Jong-Fast, are just plain doing it wrong.

“I am incredibly stressed about the mueller report,” tweeted Jong-Fast. “If it’s damning then Alex Jones will try to start Civil War 2.0 and if by some weird possibility it exonerates trump then trump will go full banana republican kleptocrat and turn what’s left of our democracy in North Korea.”

Rank-and-file Russiagaters have been worshipping at the altar of Saint Mueller this entire time out of the sincere hope that Trump will be proven guilty of conspiring with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election, but those who have been building and maintaining this narrative have long known that no such thing is going to happen. The mainstream conspiracy theory which has duped mainstream liberals into supporting the US intelligence community and longtime neoconservative agendas against Russia, Syria and WikiLeaks has done its job beautifully, and when “It’s Mueller Time!” has outworn its usefulness they’ll simply be paced into something else. Meanwhile Trump’s term is more than halfway over, and we’re not one iota closer to seeing the Russiagaters vindicated than we were in 2017.

People tend to believe things not because of facts and evidence, but because the people around them believe it. There’s a whole sub-sect of Left Twitter that still believes I’m a fascist simply because a few influential manipulators in their circle started saying so in an assertive tone, and now if I run into one of them online and deny the things they tell me about my own worldview I get accused of “gaslighting” them. Because that clique has isolated itself from any outside perspectives, the consensus within that echo chamber gets taken for reality, despite the fact that anyone who regularly reads me knows that I’m as far from a fascist as it gets.

Russiagate works the same way, as do other fact-free establishment-serving narratives like QAnon. People are so isolated into their echo chambers that you can run into a Russiagater who will stare at you mouth agape in genuine shock if you tell them you don’t believe Trump colluded with the Russian government. Russiagaters so rarely encounter intelligent arguments against their pet conspiracy theory that you have to get past a huge wall of “Everyone knows this is true!” objections before you can begin showing them that claims they’re making are entirely baseless.

Since narrative control is the source of real power in this world, you can understand why this ability to isolate people and then get them believing whatever you want is being so carefully cultivated and protected by the social engineers. Which is why we’re now seeing all the narrative control agents of the political/media class working together to steer the mainstream herd in a direction which will keep them plugged into the official narrative and isolated in their carefully constructed echo chambers as the situation moves around them. Keep everyone herded into their respective echo chambers, and you can get them supporting any agenda you want.


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44 responses to “Russiagaters Ramp Up Narrative Management As Mueller Report Nears”

  1. I’m of the opinion Rob Reiner talked to more Russians/Soviets during his “Meathead” days from “All in the Family” than did any member of the Trump campaign team.

    I will say that I made that statement slightly jokingly, but there is no evidence of any kind of illegal activity that has occurred between candidate Trump and any Russian. And to believe this all started because some dolt within the FBI believed Trump was encouraging Russia to hack Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit’s e-mail, when all he did was encourage them to release what they already had (note future tense used by FBI hoodlum vs. past tense used by Trump).

    And then the firing of the contemptible Comey raised a red flag? Why didn’t Comey’s actions in the Clinton case raise a red flag?

    I know…I’m asking too many questions for a novice. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    As for the other doofi quoted in the article, I don’t need to waste time or words commenting on what passes for ideas; you already did, to save the space.

  2. A sideline has been the hagiographies of the Noble and Honorable Mueller. Since he’s so obviously beyond reproach, I’m sure he will take the opportunity to plead guilty to lying to Congress once his latest service to the nation is complete. Or perhaps the Statute of Limitations has run out on his help in lying us into Iraq?

  3. Crickets.
    Cuban crickets.

  4. “There’s a whole sub-sect of Left Twitter that still believes I’m a fascist simply because a few influential manipulators in their circle started saying …”

    Liberals are not the Left. They may have some socially-progressive bents but they are no friends to those that aspire for a more socialistic society.

  5. Caitlin, please don’t feel like you need to defend yourself from the brainwashed left. The evidence is on your side. I am a progressive socialist and have arguments with my liberal family members on the anti Russian prop all the time. The MSM has such control of the narrative (since the MSM revenue comes from the corporate warmongers), that people believe it, it is hard for us to refute the tsunami of lies. People think I’m crazy when I tell them the MSM propagates falsehoods all the time, and that’s why I get my news from alternative sources like The Real News, Truthdig, Counterpunch, etc. Keep up your very witty take on the kibuki theater that is our system.

  6. Rob Reiner reminds me of George Bush saying that ‘we’ll find the WMD in Iraq”.

    Reiner makes a movie critical of the Bush admin for using false intel to get the US into Iraq then Reiner uses false intel on himself to keep his Russophobic hysteria going.

    Reiner Bush-wacked himself.

    1. The argument from ignorance is a favorite tactic of conspiracy theorists in general, and russiagaters in particular.

      “Just because we have no evidence that Trump is in fact Mickey Mouse just means we need to look harder! In the meantime, we can safely assume that Trump has round black ears and also a tail.”

  7. We all knew that hard-core Russiagaters would never accept a conclusion that there was no collusion or meaningful Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Such are the minds of conspiracy theorists. They see layers of conspiracies, all designed to conceal what they are 100% certain is the truth. And without a doubt, some of the thought leaders have cynically pushed the Russiagate narrative for their own enrichment. (Rachel Maddow comes to mind.)

    Meanwhile, we should all wait and see what Mueller’s report actually says.

  8. So we’re told on the day it happened that Bin Laden was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, but it takes two years to come up with nothing proving Russian Collusion.

  9. “What’s Up With Australia’s 80 Tonnes Of Gold At The Bank Of England?”
    Even MORE reason to own it!

  10. The Australian dollar fall in value, and the coming financial AND social reset, is going to devastate ALL the ignorant people out there, those that go along with MSM and never question or seek the truth! But, for regular readers of this blog, taking the time to educate yourselves and do your homework, it may be possible to soften the landing, and survive. War will more than likely arrive alongside the reset, going by man’s past history, so you would do well to give serious consideration to this brief article, that offers to the seekers of the truth, some monetary defense, against what’s now on our own doorstep!

  11. Another fact-free establishment-serving narrative is the one that says that all vaccines are safe and effective for everyone and have been proven to have absolutely nothing to do with autism.

    1. The assertion that vaccines are safe and unrelated autism is not fact free. Rather, it is supported by tons of solid evidence that you refuse to accept. To deny this is equivalent to denying that the earth’s climate is warming. Please take your anti-vac nonsense and post it on a forum of like-minded idiots.

      1. P.S. I am a real M.D.

  12. Never mistake plain old garden variety stupidity and incompetency for conspiracy!

  13. Alexander Legault Avatar
    Alexander Legault

    “Let me control the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pigs.”
    Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.

  14. Clive S. Multrum Avatar
    Clive S. Multrum

    “Because that clique has isolated itself from any outside perspectives, the consensus within that echo chamber gets taken for reality, despite the fact that anyone who regularly reads me knows that I’m as far from a fascist as it gets.”

    Not exactly true. You claim to be a socialist, and fascists are just a variety of socialist (national socialists, rather than international socialists as was the USSR.) Socialists and fascists both believe in a powerful state dominating society. In the former, the government owns the means of production, and in the latter the government merely directs the ostensibly privately held businesses to focus on serving the state.

    Effectively no difference, and very different than what businesses in free market economies do, which is work hard to deliver what their customers want, not what the pols in charge care to give them.

    That said, you see with great clarity the flaws of an evil state when it comes to projecting its power overseas, but haven’t yet made the next step toward realizing that that is the nature of governments, and they are just as evil when they do the same thing internally. All forms of socialism lead to tyranny; fascism is just one variant, no better or worse than all the other forms of socialism.

    I wish you would recognize this, and become libertarian, or classical liberal, or something other than a socialist.

    1. The ‘free market’ god, the answer to stopping war, famine, and unequal treatment of people of color under the colour of law.

      If we only let capitalist be, they could own all the air and water and they always have all the best intentions for everyone else how can anyone not see how great these folks are.

      Until we all worship at the altar of the “Free Market” peace will not be possible. /s

    2. You’re pedaling the standard “socialism is like fascism” troup. If you want to promote capitalism that’s bad enough, but it’s disingenuous to do so by quoting falsehoods as fact and equating socialism with fascism. Are you just sincerely unaware of forms of government? If so don’t speak about what you don’t know about. If you’re just a fanboy of capitalism willing to ignore its wealth and power conglomerations, its endless war and oppression you’d do well to realize that corporations controlling every facet of society for self interest is “government”. Actually it’s the ideology of cancer. If you sincerely don’t like authoritarianism and government control, look up Anarcho Communism and read The Conquest of Bread. True freedom isn’t had when there’s have and have not, which is a fundamental tenant of capitalism.

      1. Joseph, ” Are you just sincerely unaware of forms of government? If so don’t speak about what you don’t know about.”

        If one is sincerely aware of the various forms of government one would know that the current system is not capitalism but rather corporatism. The difference is the use of coercion/violence. Capitalism requires individual freedom not state interference (all of state interference is violence based) whereas corporatism (the system operating now) requires state violence. Individual freedom is not evil. Violence is evil.

    3. Socialists want the state to work for the workers and to help them free themselves from the domination of the business owners in order to live well. Fascists want the state to maintain military-style order and discipline in society (including the business owners’ domination over the workers) and attack racial, ethnic and other minorities and/or foreign nations in order to further the interests of the race or the spirit of the nation, whatever those are supposed to mean. But yeah, both of them do want the state to do *something* – that much they do have in common with each other. They also have that in common with French Gaullists, German ordoliberals, traditional European conservatives, moderate nationalists, US New Deal liberals, social-democrats and pretty much every other political movement ever besides libertarians. But yeah, from the libertarian point of view, they are all more or less the same; thus, basically, everybody who is not a libertarian is a fascist – certainly a rhetorically convenient position. The message is that there is no difference of principle between taking a dollar from you and murdering a million children in gas chambers. I’m sure it feels that way to you, poor souls. Similarly, bombing children in the Middle East and providing American children with free healthcare and education are both equally evil activities of the US state: after all, in both cases it’s taking your precious money in order to do *something*. A wonderful ideology expressing some of the most noble human impulses, no doubt about it.
      What capitalist businesses do is try to earn a maximum profit, including by hurting workers or other people and tricking their customers if they can get away with it. Systems differ in the extent to which the state allows them do that. And they are also perfectly fine with cooperating with the state, as long as that contributes to their making profit.

      1. FF, “Similarly, bombing children in the Middle East and providing American children with free healthcare and education are both equally evil activities of the US state: after all, in both cases it’s taking your precious money…”

        So because murder is wrong it is ok to say stealing is not wrong?! Supporting state violence in one area (war) is wrong but supporting state violence to steal is ok?

        Demanding that healthcare workers and teachers work for free is slavery. Sorry but I cannot support that.

        And you are damn right it is MY precious money. And it is indeed precious to me because I earned it through my precious time and effort. It is not for anyone who has not earned it to decide how it should be spent. But if your money is not precious to you then give me your checking account number and I will be more than happy to decide for you how your meaningless money is spent.

        But let me ask: In a socialist country who will run it?

        1. To believe it’s stealing to provide healthcare or decent wages misses the fundamental fact of living in a society. The money from anyone comes from everyone. No one exists in an independent bubble. You did not get your money without using the products of everyone else’s labor. Anyone who believes they earned their own dollars didn’t mine and forge the steel to make their car and pave the roads to drive on to earn that dollar. Society is a collective whole of which everyone depends on, the theft occurs when one component of it uses more than their fair share. Nutrients and oxygen are distributed to all my organs evenly, when an organ uses more than their fair share without regard to the whole that’s the ideology of cancer.

          1. Joseph, “…the theft occurs when one component of it uses more than their fair share.”

            Define “fair share” and name exactly who gets to decide what is a “fair share”.

            “To believe it’s stealing to provide healthcare or decent wages misses the fundamental fact of living in a society.”

            Actually you are correct. Stealing is taking something that does not belong to you without violence while robbery is taking something through violence that does not belong to you. So yes, robbing someone is still wrong. But if you think it is someone else’s responsibility to provide for you then it is ok?! If so then please pay my medical bills for me. After all you did not earn all of your own money, right?I am entitled to it simply because I live in the same society as you. Send me a signed blank personal check and I will thank you for your marvelous virtue, Comrade.

    4. Clive, a most superb take. All forms of collectivism whether fascist, socialist, or communist all have as their core philosophy the utterly evil idea that the individual is subservient to the collective. This is the basis of how mass murders – murders at levels only The State can accomplish – can take place.
      One small quibble though. I would like to see Caitlin go full NAP instead of just being a libertarian or classic liberal. It is the only moral philosophy a truly peaceful person embraces. Otherwise you nailed it.

    5. This commentary is shallow, one-dimensional, predicated upon false presuppositions, and betrays an utter lack of understanding of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky. When you, for example, conflate National Socialism with scientific socialism and, from that conflation, draw the conclusion “socialism=Nazism”, you’re mistaking the name given to something for the thing named. This is where actually reading and studying Socialist writings—Marx’s “Capital”, say—might be useful. Secondly, your supposed critique of socialism as based upon a tyrannical centralized government bureaucracy could be applied to Stalinism—yes, that’s true—but Stalinism wasn’t socialism either (again you conflate the name with the thing).
      Moreover, your failure to acknowledge the brutality and tyranny of neoliberal capitalism—in both theory and practice—fatally prejudices your conclusions.

      1. Adam, what is the core philosophical difference between Marx and Stalinism?

        1. Marx envisions a political reality formed by the will of the people reflecting the inner truth of dialectical materialism and historical necessity; whereas Stalin envisions a political union imposed by the state regardless of the mandates of the people and their historical search for economic and political liberation.
          Put another way: Stalin betrays Marx’s critique of Capitalism and substitutes the existence and priority of the Communist Party for the political liberation of the working class.
          When Stalin elevated the CP to superior status from the people, he instituted a political hierarchy antithetical to socialism properly understood.
          Obviously, this is a short-hand and ad hoc response, but there is a ton of interesting literature on the internet about this (from which your commentary would have greatly benefited).

          1. Adam, you did not answer my question. What is the core philosophical difference between Marxism and Stalinism? I am not asking for Stalin’s actions. I am asking for the principle that separates Marxism from Stalinism.
            What exactly is “the will of the people” and who can claim to know it? Based on what? What constitutes “the people” let alone their collective “will”? How do we know Stalin’s actions were not “the will of the people”?
            FTR I have read Marx’s nonsense. That is how I know it is nonsense.

            1. Your response is that of a petulant child unwilling to accept obvious truths.
              Millennia of peoples’ suffering under the boot heel of monarchism and capitalism forms the historical fact of the will of the people as much as their own inherent worth and value.
              As Monty Python put it: just because you can automatically and reflexively contradict what another says or asserts doesn’t mean you’re expressing a coherent point of view. On the contrary, you’re actually dependent on the very thing you claim to oppose.
              Grok that and then you’ll have something to say. Meanwhile, you’re just a tool for establishment narratives while posing as a liberated thinker.

              1. Adam, an ad homenim attack is not a logical response to logical questions. But it does help make my point. I think it is safe to say that you are a part of “the people” and I am also a part of “the people”. Yet we both have two separate, opposing and irreconcilable “wills”. That is just two of us out of tens of millions of people who do not agree with each other so how can Marx or anyone else claim to know what “the people” want? There is no one size fits all “the people” so there is no one size fits all solution to government because mankind is not and never has been of one mind. If you want to live under socialism then you should be free to do so. However, you have no authority to force others to live under it. I will gladly let you and your fellow socialists live and let live but will the socialists reciprocate and let others live their lives as they see fit?

            2. You might find this discussion illuminating of the socialist perspective:


              1. Adam, I am very much aware of the socialist perspective; that is why I oppose it. Like Christians who think the only reason someone does not believe as they do is because they are ignorant of what the gospel teaches, lefties often assume that the only reason someone could disagree with leftism is because they do not understand it. But leftism is very easy to understand. As such it is also easy to reject.

    6. Labels, labels, labels, labels, labels. Unless and until “We, the People” stop using labels to categorize each others BEHAVIOR, we will never be able to change whatever you want to label the present arrangement into something “better”.
      As the replies and sub-replies on this particular post IMO absolutely prove, “we” argue incessantly about the specific “meanings” or “definitions” of those labels. For example, no assembly of people in an auditorium or in an online commentary/discussion such as this can, or ever will, agree upon just exactly WHAT the words “socialism” or “capitalism” or “fascism” or, for that matter, “terrorism” “mean”.
      Even further, what does the word “mean” mean for those particular words? We’re not talking words like “cat”, “dog”, “paper”, “stone” or “scissors” — where those “words” can be written on a post-it and stuck to the physical items they “name” or “represent” (something you might do to household items when learning a new “language” – the new language in reality being the “words” the people in other, once isolated, nations “use” when referring to those same physical things).
      Human beings require certain so-called necessities of life – food, water, shelter, a warm place to sleep, a place to defecate. The people commenting here are probably able to acquire those necessities relatively easily compared to their ancestors who lived 10,000 years ago – ancestors who probably had to really struggle hard to acquire them.
      We, the People of today live in a whatever-you-want-to-call-it “arrangement” in which we acquire those necessities of life. We notice that some people dig ditches, plow fields, harvest crops by hand under a blazing sun, go to sea on boats in perhaps terrible weather, work very long hours in restaurants for very little “remuneration”, sit at the controls of a subway or surface train for very long hours, greet customers entering Walmart, wear reflective suits to operate machinery to pour liquid steel, drive a truck down a circuitous route at a pit mine, work in a hot gold mine miles below the surface of the earth, clean toilets and marble desks in office towers for very little money, wash the bodies and change the diapers of elderly people living in nursing homes for very little money, install asphalt shingles on residential roofs under a blazing late-July sun for very little money, sew thousands of pieces of cloth together for 12 hours straight in a hot factory for very little money, etc. etc. etc.
      We also notice that the above hard-laboring people “voluntarily” pay literally millions of people to, for lack of a better expression, “push paper” back and forth in “government” office buildings. They also “voluntarily” pay millions of people to design, manufacture so-called “weapons” and “weapon systems” and pay other people to USE them to kill other people living on other parts of the surface of the earth. They also buy things from very large businesses such as Amazon, Microsoft, etc. – businesses that are “owned” by people who are paid literally hundreds of millions of dollars; people whose hands never get dirty or blistered; people whose bodies never get burned under the sun; people who spend much of their waking lives dressed in extremely expensive suits that are manufactured by poor people who are paid very little money.
      That’s the “arrangement” we live in, fellow commenters. The small number of people whose hands never get dirty and are paid hundreds of millions of dollars absolutely love this arrangement and will pay other people called “politicians” (millionaires whose hands also never get dirty) millions of dollars to keep it exactly as it is. Do we who are commenting here want to change that arrangement? If so, what would the nitty gritty details, details, DETAILS be of that better arrangement? Do we really give a shit what the word is that is printed on the post-it that we “place on” that new “arrangement”?

  15. “Putin to Russians: “Have Kids, Build Houses, Read Books.”
    Wonder if Russia takes in Australians?

    1. Russia has been taking in, or, at least, soliciting farmers with some capital from South Africa so if you know which end the cow to milk and have some capital, give the Russian embassy a shout.
      78 Canberra Avenue, Griffith, ACT 2603
      Telephone: +61(2) 6295 9033

  16. Without the division of us and them we’d have to realize that the progress to ever greater levels of plutocracy is happening by the march of both the left and right feet. The main difference between conservative and liberal is overt vs covert. Conservatives say straight up who they are, and what they’re doing. Liberals hide behind any veil they can.

    1. I believe it is Kleptocracy you mean? The .01% are calling the shots, not government. Junkter, Soros, Amazon, Google, Visa, Master Card, Pay-Pal, Gates, Apple and the rest of the greedy criminal sacks of shit and whores (Atlantic Council, Club Of Rome) and their little whoring side-kicks such as the IMF and ICC plus many many others! This is about domination and control through digital currency, yet to be introduced, and a credit based score system for ALL services!
      This WILL be achieved through PROFILING of ALL people across the globe, by use of their phones and internet. ALL dissenters or threat made to the new system WILL and ARE being targeted to bring their Agenda forward…..Global Government and a uni-polar world! That means good-bye to your privacy, your freedom, AND your rights. Welcome to the world of slavery!

  17. I regard peoples’ “belief in” Russiagate close to the way I regard peoples’ “belief in” a Supreme Being. Once people are brainwashed into believing in a Sky Fairy, it is almost impossible to change that belief, regardless of evidence or logical argument to the contrary. The difference with Russiagate is that I think some “preachers” of this religion in do not in fact believe that Agent Orange is Putin’s puppet. But they preach the story because, even though they do not believe it themselves, they think that their stupid listeners WILL. They’re just trying to maintain TDS until the next election.
    I understand that Mad Max(ine) is going to do her part to maintain the syndrome:
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Mad Max got exactly what she wished so hard and long for — the impeachment and removal of the Golden Golem of Greatness …. say by the end of this year? I’m sure this smooth process would go a long way in helping to heal all the wounds in The Greatest Nation On Earth, and then, hopefully, it could continue God’s mission to bring freedom and democracy to ALL the nations of the world.
    Of course a slight hitch might be that accusing that particular TBTF bank of being the biggest illegal money-laundering bank in the world could be a very unhealthy thing to do. Maxine is 80 years old and could suddenly drop dead at any time. But I sincerely wish Mad Max the best of luck in her quest. Lately I’m getting a little bored with coups and staring over the precipice of nuclear war. The US congress taking Germany’s DB to task will spice things up very nicely and I’m sure that Angela will really appreciate it!

    1. “Lately I’m getting a little bored with coups and staring over the precipice of nuclear war.”

      Don’t worry Ish,
      The ‘Great Impeachment Show’ will start soon enough probably right when s(e)lection season madness is in high gear and grips the US collective conscience or late into Agent Orange’s second term if he makes it that far. And just like his time in the WWE, Trump will get the ‘heat’ like any other good well paid ‘heel’ should.

      The “Great Impeachment Show” of 1998 was a great ride. Cigars, semen stained dresses, oral sex, the meaning of the word ‘is’ and how can anyone forget a random aspirin factory being blown up in Sudan.

      Since Billy boy and The Don are such good friends, I am sure Bill will give him some advice on how to perform his best during the Impeachment show. Also since they are both good friends with Jeff Epstein and Alan Dershowitz , all legal issues will be resolved pretty easily as well.

  18. Yet hardly any one wants to talk about the obvious influence the zionist and israel has over trump and the vast majority of the US government down to the state level government., or call out the Anglo-Zionist empire by its proper name.

    Furthermore you have Rothschild toadie Macron in France trying to make it illegal to be Anti-Zionist by equating it to anti-semitism.

    I see why the MSM is silent or obfuscates what is going but much of the so called alternative media is just as complicit.

    1. Caitlin’s best line:

      “The mainstream conspiracy theory which has duped mainstream liberals into supporting the US intelligence community and longtime neoconservative agendas against Russia, Syria and WikiLeaks has done its job beautifully…”

    2. I think it is inarguable that Israel has delved into U.S. politics more than any other nation, and they have done it out in the open. That said, the Russiagate narrative is the work of Team Clinton, which needed a scapegoat on which to blame Hillary’s embarrassing loss to the odious Trump. Also, it fit with Hillary’s long-standing animosity towards Russia and Putin. Seymour Hersh has opined that Russiagate was John Brennan’s show. Most of the time, Hersh has been proven correct in his assertions. He has great sources.

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