Influential US Senator and 2016 presidential candidate Marco Rubio has tweeted a blatant death threat and incitement of violence against Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro. As of this writing the post has 13 thousand shares and counting.

The tweet consists of a “before” and “after” photo of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who in 2011 was mutilated to death in the streets following a US-led NATO intervention in Libya which was launched on false humanitarian pretexts. The first photo depicts Gaddafi alive and confident with a smile on his face, the second depicts him covered in blood following his capture by a militia group minutes before his death.

Senator Rubio has been Capitol Hill’s single most virulent advocate of US interventionism in Venezuela, and has been tweeting about it constantly. Since Washington’s bogus “humanitarian aid” delivery sparked violence on the borders of Colombia and Brazil, as it was intended to, Rubio has cranked his interventionist cheerleading up to eleven. The fact that Maduro would not allow a government that is openly staging a coup in Venezuela to hand a large unchecked delivery over to opposition factions within that very nation has been used to sell a narrative that Venezuela’s Evil Dictator is deliberately cutting off aid to a needy populace, which was of course planned. This narrative has been helped along by highly suspicious photo-friendly fires, and has been injected into mainstream consciousness with hysterical urgency by the likes of Rubio, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Dianne FeinsteinBernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and the entire Trump administration. And it is completely false.

Firstly, Maduro is not refusing humanitarian aid for his people. Only an idiot would believe that the latest Official Bad Guy (who coincidentally happens to be sitting on top of the largest oil reserves on earth) is intentionally starving and depriving his people, and anyone who makes such claims should have to explain how they make that work in their minds. What’s the idea behind that, exactly? Is he starving them all and cutting them off from medical supplies because he hates them? Is he trying to kill everyone in Venezuela so that he can have the entire country to himself? Does he have some strange sexual fetish for the slow starvation of an entire citizenry? How specifically does this work?

In reality, Maduro has been accepting aid from everywhere except from the government that is openly staging a coup in his country in gross violation of its national sovereignty. Just last week Caracas accepted 933 tons of food and medical supplies from China, Cuba, India and Turkey, and Russia has shipped in 300 tons of aid on its own.

Secondly, the paltry $20 million in food, medical and hygiene supplies sent via USAID pales in comparison to the $30 million per day the new US oil embargo will be costing Venezuelans this year. If the US wanted to help the Venezuelan people, the best thing it could do is end its crushing economic warfare upon them, which experts say has made economic recovery all but impossible. Believing the CIA/CNN narrative that US sanctions only impact a nation’s leadership is dumber than believing that US bombs only kill bad guys; former UN special rapporteur Alfred de Zayas has said that US-led sanctions are killing Venezuelans and could be tried under international law as crimes against humanity. The best way for the US to help Venezuelans would be to cease all interventionism and end its economic warfare upon them.

Thirdly, there’s not actually anything stopping the US from giving the aid shipment it claims it wants to deliver to Russia, China, Turkey or India, for example, and having them deliver it. It could do the same with the UN or the Red Cross. There are many ways in which the US government which claims to care so much about the Venezuelan people could get its “humanitarian aid” to them which does not include highly provocative deliveries via military craft and aggressive stand-offs at Venezuelan border towns. The fact that Washington refuses to take those routes is an admission that the goal was always provocation and never humanitarianism.

Marco Rubio does not give a shit about the Venezuelan people. Like all Capitol Hill war whores, he only cares about advancing the hegemony of the US-centralized empire. Rubio endorsed the overthrow of both Gaddafi and Syria’s Bashar al-Assad in 2011; now half a million are dead in Syria as a result of the empire’s failed regime change intervention there, and the “humanitarian intervention” in Libya created a humanitarian catastrophe where people are openly sold as slaves.

“I was just in Venezuela where I heard many people voice fears that the US wants to turn their country into another Libya,” journalist Aaron Maté reported in response to Rubio’s tweet. “I’d say their concerns are well-founded.”

This is the face of the US regime change intervention in Venezuela, everyone. Donald Trump, John Bolton, Elliott Abrams, and a war pig senator who calls for the torturous lynching of the leader of a sovereign nation. Whenever someone supports any part of this coup agenda, this is the side that they are standing on. This is the flag that they are flying.

Everyone knows on some level that the US government has a consistent and indisputable track record of lying about the leaders of nations in geopolitically crucial strategic locations when they refuse to bow to the demands of US interests. No matter how many Venezuelans you tell me you’ve talked to, how evil you tell me Maduro is, how awesome you tell me Trump is, or how bad you tell me socialism is, this will still be true. And you know that it is true. Stop compartmentalizing away from facts you know to be true and turn and face the reality of what’s going on here.


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49 responses to “Psychopathic US Senator Openly Calls For Maduro To Suffer Gaddafi’s Fate”

  1. “What goes around comes around, and as you shall sow so shall you reap” are old sayings consisting of all human experience and moral wisdom.

    Folks in may countries have started “envisioning” the embargo and sanctions visiting the US. When ? It’s only a question of time.

    “Revealed: US And Colombia Conspiring To Intervene In Venezuela”

  3. Venezuela for well over 10 years, even after Bush sanctions, was widely recognized as a tremendous success in GDP per capita growth, and human development measures – and it was hated by the USA for that

    it was not “doomed to fail”

  4. Rubio, et. al., have company in … the Bernie Sanders campaign. Check this out:

    Incredibly depressing.

  5. Rubio is a bloodthirsty lunatic. He is not fit to serve in government or any other responsible job. He should be kicked out of office immediately.

  6. Please notify Twitter to cancel his account due to him inciting hate and violence.

  7. JACKIEBASS recently commented the following.
    “Not that long ago a congress person, president, or other government officials may support something like this but wouldn’t publicly state their views. Now they blatantly say our government should kill anyone that doesn’t bow down and do what we command. Rubeo, Bolton and others like them should be prosecuted and thrown in jail. Their behavior is the real threat to our safety and security.”
    Yes, Jackie, but should “they” be thrown in jail for declaring/revealing/”whistleblowing” the REAL US “foreign policy” to the masses, or should they be hung by the neck until dead for breaking their oaths to uphold the US Constitution by CARRYING OUT that REAL US foreign policy — to maintain USD hegemony AT ALL COST, including killing any person who lives INSIDE or OUTSIDE of the US border who refuses to ACCEPT printed-out-of-thin-air USD in payment for their REAL resources or products, or refuses to follow US diktat to the US’s satisfaction?
    WHAT IF every person in the US fully realized the no-longer-possible-to-ignore-or-rationalize TRUE US foreign policy, as I just stated it? AND, and it’s a big AND, they ALSO realized that that same “foreign policy” was the one and the only way to MAINTAIN the present whatever-you-want-to-call-it “system” (in which a microscopic percentage of the human population owns or controls the vast majority of land, wealth and LARGE-SCALE- capital equipment for its own astronomical profit) or US citizens would suffer a massive reduction in their “standard of living” and the resulting political/social chaos, as well as certain, quite-justified punishment from the nations and peoples of the world that had suffered under US exploitation, repression and downright genocide for at least the past 70 years?
    WHAT IF all US persons realized that they would perhaps be subjected to a modern-day Treaty of Versailles with its onerous restrictions and “reparations”, or even worse, if “their” government/leaders” and “their” military did not continue a never-ending Global War oF Terror to what will ALMOST certainly be a very bitter end? (Do you think “we didn’t know” is going to cut it this time?) Are the voters of the US willing to risk nuclear war for an “almost”, in order to avoid atoning for historic atrocities? So far, the answer to that question is, quite obviously, “yes”.
    IMO, we’ll soon know how the victims of that “War” respond to that answer. I’m instantly reminded of the sign over the wall-safe in the warden’s office in the movie “Shawshank Redemption”:
    “His Judgement Cometh
    and that Right Soon”

    1. Glad to see someone posting here, is right on the ball. Everyone needs to read this wonderful post, as it explains clearly why there is ALWAYS an increase of numbers in Polls conducted in the U.S. supporting their President for bombing some country some where. Many Americans usually then claim, “Oh, I don’t support my Government’s action in that”. BUT the POLLS say differently.
      Clearly, the MAJORITY of Americans are quiet content bombing and starving others to support their own lavish lifestyles without batting an eye.
      BUT seriously, how lavish are those livestyles ? Ask the libiyans what their lifestyles were like before the ILLEGAL war waged upon them, subsidised housing, FREE EDUCATION to University levels, FREE HEALTH CARE just to name a few. Something the richest country on earth cannot provide for their people unless it’s by STEALING from others.

  8. Marco Rubio is a small-minded, warmongering whore who long ago sold his soul to AIPAC. His obsequious support of Israel and its genocidal policies made him a favorite U.S. Senate lackey for powerful Zionist patrons such as Sheldon Adelson and Norman Braman. Rubio collaborated with the perfidious cast of dual US/Israeli citizens and American Zionist serving at the highest levels of the Obama administration when they conspired to deliver the record $38.5 billion gift to Netanyahu, some of which being used to finance Israel’s illegal settlements in the occupied territories. Rubio’s Zionist allies in the U.S. foreign policy and national security establishment, including the coward Elliot Abrams, are now collaborating with Trump to destroy the government of Nicolas Maduro. The Lobby despised Hugo Chavez for speaking up for Palestinian rights and denouncing Israel’s genocide against those forgotten and desperate people. Trump and virtually the entire Washington establishment, left and right, has joined their fellow traveler Bibi Netanyahu and his murderous Likud political machine to support the treasonous Guiado in Venezuela. It is the U.S. central bank and the AIPAC controlled U.S. foreign policy swamp that has orchestrated the economic sabotage and political subversion of Venezuela’s financial system. It is the central bank inflicted debt-based hyperinflation and unilateral blockade of Venezuela’s access to capital markets that is starving the Venezuelan people, not Maduro. The U.S. central bank and its Anglo-Mercantile commercial appendages have placed Venezuela’s economy in a complete choke-hold, and maliciously rendered the Bolivar useless. It is of little comfort to those of us who despair for the suffering people of Venezuela that they must rely on the leadership of Nicolas Maduro and his corrupt inner circle of socialist elites who have attempted to rob the country blind through their management of PDVSA, the national oil company. But, alas, he is their democratically elected leader and should remain so until the Venezuelan people decide otherwise. And what they decide is none of America’s damned business, all of the Exceptional Nation’s imperialist bellowing, notwithstanding. Since the discovery of oil in Venezuela in 1918, the country’s economic system has been in play by the international central bank cartels and their petroleum industry investments. The nationalization of Venezuela’s oil industry by Carlos Perez in 1976 was nothing more than an elaborate hoax staged by the financial institutions that have controlled the global petro-markets and most of the free world’s refining capacity for the past 75 years. For decades the major transnational oil conglomerates, all controlled by Wall Street, have facilitated the financial rape of Venezuela and its people. The murderous fingerprints of the U.S. central bank and its deep state operations remain on the throats of Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, and Peru. If the people of Venezuela can’t somehow find the wisdom and courage to break the imperial grip, they will soon experience the same fate. All we can do at this point is speak truth to power in their behalf, and pray for them.

    1. Great comment!

    2. The U.S.’s horrible policy towards Venezuela has nothing to do with Israel, zionism or AIPAC. Trump, Bolton and Pompeo would be doing the same thing if Israel did not exist. Israel has many sins of its own, but attempting to overthrow Maduro is not one of them. Its compulsory support of the coup is strictly a pro forma exercise, a kissing of Trump’s hand.

      Stop scapegoating Jews for all the bad things in the world.

      1. Rob, I’ll generously assume that you are just ignorant, and there is still hope for you. Otherwise, you can’t fix stupid. There was no negative reference in my post to Jews, and no such offense was intended. You should know that it is intellectually arrogant and dishonest to conflate Zionism with being Jewish. To do so paints the honest, compassionate, and courageous person who happens to be Jewish with the Zionist brush of racist brutality. The global Jewish population overwhelmingly subscribes to the Zionist ideology, but a growing percentage of Jews, in America at least, are disavowing any allegiance to the corrupt, malignant, racist Israeli state and its destructive geopolitical agenda. It is no secret that AIPAC has a highly disproportionate and corrupting influence on U.S. domestic and foreign policy, even if that truth makes you uncomfortable. A growing percentage of young Israeli Jews are also breaking free of the cognitive dissonance. They understand that hate and truth cannot coexist. So, if you value the truth, allow to take you where it will–no matter the discomfort. The comments in my post are supported by hard facts, most of which I have experienced first-hand. So, as the old saying goes, if the shoe fits….

        1. I’m trying to think of a word I would change, Charlie, but I haven’t found it yet. :>)

          Two thumbs up!

  9. 100% private carbon dividends means 0% for corporations, NGOs and governments.
    Emissions went up 60% since corporations, NGOs and governments been ‘fixing’ climate, so fuck them losers.
    *VooDoo Pedo Donut Bernie w/ Child Coffin = Hillary’s Bitch*

  10. Wrong again about Venezuela.

    Right about Rubio, Bolton, and the rest.They’re like bullies threatening a sick woman thinking it makes them look tough.

    Russia, China, Turkey, and Cuba are obviously protecting their sunk costs in loan money to Maduro’s regime. Maduro is quite literally starving “his” people, following the example of his predecessor Chavez.

    Now that the USA is a net oil exporter, it doesn’t need Venezuela’s oil. The supply of oil went up and the demand went down. Any third-grader knows what that does to the price.

    Unfortunately, Chavez had nationalized the oil industry and looted its capital reserves to pay for free goodies. When the price dropped, Venezuela was fucked just like an unemployed worker who spent her nest egg on a big-screen TV and designer shoes. Its currency is rapidly being replaced by Dash cryptocurrency and the state is powerless to prevent it.

    That is the “economic warfare” that crushed Venezuela long before Maduro took over. It’s just the laws of supply and demand, as inevitable as gravity—and as the collapse of socialism.

    1. Kool-Aide drinker on the loose.

    2. Oil was nationalized in Venezuela long before Chavez. What Chavez did was use the profits to pay for public goods and social supports (no one says they are “free stuff” and they shouldnt) that the mass majority of Venezuelans sorely needed

    3. So according to you, all the ILLEGAL sanctions placed on Venezuela have had no effect whatever on their economy ?????????? The FACT the U.S. has stolen their assets, and disallow the profits from Venezuelan investments to return to the Venezuelans. The FACT, that the Brits too, have refused to return to Venezuela their gold that they hold in reserve, (allegedly) would not be of any use to them either in their dire economic position, right ????
      NONE of these FACTS would have anything do to with their plight, according to your wisdom.
      Well then, you need to explain to us all, WHY place sanctions on them in the first place if they won’t have any effect ?

  11. Not that long ago a congress person, president, or other government officials may support something like this but wouldn’t publicly state their views. Now they blatantly say our government should kill anyone that doesn’t bow down and do what we command.. Rubeo, Bolton and others like them should be prosecuted and thrown in jail. Their behavior is the real threat to our safety and security.

  12. Marco Rubio is a closeted homosexual so perhaps he has some deviant S&M fantasy about Maduro. This deviancy of confusing violence with intimacy is common among head case closet cases like Rubio. Sometime Caitlin should do a piece on the women who marry obvious closet cases like Rubio since there is something deeply psychologically disturbed about them to enable homosexual men, like Rubio, to live a charade.

  13. And yet the US is still confused by N Korea’s Kim Jong-un stubborn refusal to give up his nukes.

  14. Worth a read. And his analysis of Libya is quite compelling. Search his Site.

  15. This article should be shared far and wide. It provides a lot of important information succinctly written to expose the lies and hate belched by these US war mongers. Thanks Caitlyn for the work that must have gone into this excellent piece of journalism. I only hope that many will read it with the consideration it deserves.

  16. “Psychopathy” is a term reserved for a human condition. I’d suggest that we need a term that applies to subhumans in order to describe Rubio. On a related note , I saw this quote in an article at ZeroHedge on the coming effects of AI and automation on the already-horrendous class divide in the West :
    “A society can be said to be decadent,” wrote the Czech philosopher Jan Patočka, “if it so functions as to encourage a decadent life, a life addicted to what is inhuman by its very nature.”
    By this definition , given our society’s obvious addiction to inhuman regime-change and imperialist war-making , not to mention the continuing and purposefully-imposed ( and tolerated ) domestic class divisions noted above , “decadent US society” fits us to a tee.

  17. I understand the game plan.

    Still, I marvel and am appalled at the bankrupting and self-defeating shortsightedness of it all, for the US.

    Populist autocracies, dictatorships, confiscatory socialism, communism, and a host of other social-political schemes (including our present Darwinist capitalism) have not worked out in the long run. So, it seems hardly necessary for the US to inflame an already doomed-to-fail situation.

    All we accomplish is to drive such faltering regimes into the camps our enemie, precipitate untold citizen suffering and death, and, at the last, leave the surviving populace hating the US, ….. at least until we go still deeper into debt, bribing their good-will.

    Seems like maintaining our hegemonic relationship while extolling the merits of constructive evolution in their political system would be easier and less hazardous for US. Even a dictator is bright enough to see the merits of a LESS abused and restive populace, that are more productive, thereby generating MORE wealth, with less hazard, for the dictator and his cronies.

    But, if one’s REALLY just leading a religious crusade for Darwinist capitalism under THEIR world preeminence, ….. I guess constructive evolution of economic and governance systems isn’t a priority.

    by: Pollyanna of Sunnybrook Farms

    1. Venezuela for well over 10 years, even after Bush sanctions, was widely recognized as a tremendous success – and it was hated by the USA for that

      1. As was Ghaddafi’s Libya.
        Imagine what Venezuela would be without the ILLEGAL sanctions and the constant meddling of the U.S. within it’s borders.
        IHMO, that’s what the U.S. fears the most, that there IS an alternative to the capitalism practiced in the U.S. today and the Western World.
        Why else would they now be targeting CUBA as well ??????

  18. Klaus von Berlin Avatar
    Klaus von Berlin

    Orwell linked the continuous war between world powers to the manipulation of reality– the most palpable facts can be denied or disregarded –almost any perversion of thought can be safely practiced –the rulers of such a state are absolute, as the Pharaohs or the Caesars could not be–, they can twist reality into whatever shape they choose. There are indeed, few things are that are more frightening than the steadily decline of people that do not think the unthinkable that western government have demonize non Western others.–In the present context , many groups around the world seeking to assert self-determination in a way that potentially threatens U.S. economic{for the oligarch} interest or of its allies are branded with predictable labels by heads of state :Terrorist and now we are back to socialist. When will we get back to the rule of law ? We will have to get rid of rulers –rule by the people for the people.

    1. “When will we get back to the rule of law ? We will have to get rid of rulers –rule by the people for the people.”
      Today in Cuba they voted on a new Constitution , one that was initially drafted by the “rulers” – the National Assembly – but then presented to the public for revision over several months of consultation. The people-revised Constitution is the one the voters will decide on today. I’d give my left arm for that kind of democracy in the US , which is precisely why Cuba is on Bolton’s “Troika of Tyranny” list of countries that the US will destroy. Mustn’t let that “people-power” stuff catch hold.

      1. Spot on Marko. Good observation.

  19. Joe Van Steenbergen Avatar
    Joe Van Steenbergen

    It’s hard to imagine a more tasteless, provocative and shameful tweet than this was. Rubio has forever been a fervent MIC-controlled regime-change political hack, often willing to fuel the flames of Deep State actors in an effort to keep his warmongering creds in public view. But this is beyond the pale, though you would never get him to admit how shameful this is. Any respect I ever felt toward Marco has been forever lost after this reprehensible display.

    1. All true Joe, but what does it say for the U.S. Administration and Congress, that they sit on their fat arses and turn a blind eye to such provocative statements by an ALLEGED statesman ??????????
      Wasn’t too long ago, a poster on these boards posted a comment saying “CIVILITY” should not be abandoned when posting comment on here, or in Caitlan’s articles.
      Yet here we have a Statesman of the U.S. openly threatening the murder and torture of another Statesman of a foreign country with impunity.
      How’s that for “civility” ? L.O.L.

    2. Well, no doubt he wants to be president…………

  20. Per the people of Cuba, who this 3rdGen Bay of Pigster will try to conquer next, Rubio = “gusano” = worm.
    We humans will continue to treat him as human, not because he warrants it, but because we are not him or Abrams.
    Send him this: ” NEWremberg – unfinished business – See you in Court”

  21. Caitlin,
    the Cuban term for Rubio and his gangsta ilk is “gusano” – worm.
    Like the Corporation he personifies, he will continue to be accorded treatment as a human. This not because he merits it, but because we will not lower ourselves to the level of a Rubio or an Abrams.

  22. Maduro got a greater percentage of the voting population than Trump.

    1. The rot runs very deep in America. It’s not JUST our leadership.

  23. During the Vietnam invasion of the ’60s and early 70s, and the bombing of Vietnam’s and other closeby nations’ cities by B52 bombers that caused the deaths of literally millions, I was shocked to observe one US Liar and Murderer in Chief after another get elected or re-elected, even in the face of large anti-war protests and thosands of body bags coming home.
    We’ll see how many wonderful, peace-loving Americans vote for any potential anti-war candidates in 2020. I’m too old and too experienced to get my hopes up. Again, I believe that the US is politically incapable of stopping itself and this latest attempt at regime change IMO proves it. The US will have to BE stopped by either financial collapse due to the USD no longer being the de facto world reserve currency, or by a big war that it not only loses, but from which it suffers major damage. Up until today its Global War on (oF) Terror has been great for business. I believe that that is going to change in the near future. The historic warning signs of an upcoming war are everywhere.

    1. “I believe that the US is politically incapable of stopping itself and this latest attempt at regime change IMO proves it. The US will have to BE stopped by either financial collapse due to the USD no longer being the de facto world reserve currency, or by a big war that it not only loses, but from which it suffers major damage.”

      Mr. Ishk A. Bibble, I’m afraid you’re right. It’s becoming more and more difficult to know what to wish for without engaging in pure fantasy.

    2. A sad, but true statement on the current state of our affairs…
      We will have to suffer a total collapse to change the course of our history. Arrived at the same conclusion about thirty years ago, after being told by an older woman with whom I was attempting to have an “informed” political discussion:
      “Young man, if it was important it would be on TV.”

    3. When virtually the entire political establishment and Big Media are fully onboard with regime-changing actions, it’s difficult for ordinary citizens to understand what is being done in their name. As it is, there is no significant anti-war movement in the United States at this time, which makes it easy for the War Machine to go anywhere and kill anyone they want. I do not foresee any resistance developing until the American people themselves feel some pain.

  24. Greeks Beware of a Silent Operation Mercury II

    “We are the audience instead of the actors, in a diabolical production where U.S. National Security Advisors come from Internews, where UNESCO World Heritage spokespersons rub elbows with counterinsurgency warfare specialists, and where a vast stable of globalist puppets work to secure the Academy Award for world control. We live in a world where the generals have been put in charge of peace, and where media professionals become the world’s best liars. The world stage’s director is still the unseen hand though; I am sorry to say. Maybe it’s Lord Rothschild, or the King of Denmark, perhaps the Queen Mother still holds that much sway? But rest assured, there is a chairman of the board of evil directors, there is a director, this is the way their minds work. I just wish the one calling the shots had the courage to stand up like Hitler or Mussolini or Satan even, to take the credit”.

  25. Rubio needs to be hung from a lamp post as well deserved punishment for his crimes against humanity. He sounds like a shrill, hysterical, desperate character, on his way to total humiliation.

  26. Ron Paul Institute released a report today agreeing with you in total. Don’t think that it mentioned Rubio per se, because it was written before his latest obscenity.

    1. Libertarians (small “L”) and progressives are in nearly perfect agreement regarding foreign policy.

  27. Bless you for writing this fine piece, every one should know the truth about what is happening to Venezuela and its citizens at the hands of the Imperial U.S. Government! As I see it, the people of Venezuela have a very intelligent leader in Maduro, I wish ours here in the U.S. had even half of his intelligence!

    1. … and Maduro was rightfully elected by the people of Venezuela in a legal and democratic election. Honesty and Truth has become obsolete in the kingdom of oligarchy and needs to be stamped out quickly before it will grow into resistance. Since Vietnam mass protests have become divided thorough opposing propaganda before taking place. A great sport for the usual rapists, looters and murderers and so much excitement for eternal onlookers of (in)justice and (un)worldly peace to fight among themselves.

    2. OOPS, sorry for butting in Katherine, but you do realise, the U.S. does not stand alone in this ILLEGAL WAR it’s waging against the people of Venezuela.
      Our Australian Government, BOTH sides of the house stand by their masters in Washington in SUPPORT of these ILLEGAL actions against the people of Venezuela CONTRARY to the Charter of the United Nations of which Australia is a signatory.
      So if we’re going to point fingers at anyone, as Australians, we need to voice our disapproval at the place where it should to the most good, our local members. Clearly advising them as long as they support America in it’s ILLEGAL actions contrary to the U.N. Charter of which Australia is a signatory, you will not be voting for them at the next election.
      We need a ground swell of such notices to all Federal M.P.’s hopefully burying them under thousands of such emails.

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