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Questions for the next Q&A article

In the comments below (or email admin@caitlinjohnstone.com), ask me any questions about anything whatsoever and I’ll point my brain at them and turn my answers into a Q&A article. Politics, propaganda, writing, advice, stuff you’ve wondered about me, anything. Questions will be published anonymously.

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  • Net neutrality is almost but not quite dead – I believe it’s hanging by a thread in the U.S. Congress. So much of the media has been so silent on this issue for so long; could you help raise a ruckus, and maybe motivate more people to hound their Congresscritters?

  • Hi Caitlin,
    Thanks for continuing to challenge my conventional thinking with creative argument from the flip side.
    Regarding Assange: I’ve had quite a few conversation with colleagues about him (I’m a cameraman, they’re journos) and the bottom line about which we have agreed is that he may well be a journalist, but he’s a bloody irresponsible one because he has wilfully endangered life. Take the issue of revealing gay IDs in societies where it’s forbidden – yeh, I get your point that the govs already knew but, according to Pink News and others, the families, friends, workmates etc did not necessarily know. You don’t do that. I’ve carried an NUJ card for 40 years now, he did wrong there and it must be acknowleged. Secondly, and I admit to not knowing much about this, but did he not reveal the IDs of security personnel (spooks) working overseas before they had a chance to pull out? Again, that’s endangerment and a big no no. Why the hell did he not edit the output? Some libertarian ideal that everything should be out there?
    I’ve spent so much effort defending him and the principle for which he stands regarding extradition to the US, but I cannot defend him for being a crap journalist some of the time just because he has done some great work at other times, that undermines the core principle of responsible journalism (caring for those who’s lives your work might impact).
    I look forward to your thoughts on this.

  • In my ideal world Dems in 2020 would run a ticket of Tulsi/Warren who would have complementary strengths on international politics an Wall Street politics. Bernie bothers me because he won’t stand up strongly to the corrupt DNC establishment, he won’t take a position on Assange, and is not sufficiently anti-MIC. At any rate he and other left wing candidates are still being setup to be screwed by DNC superdelegates because this is going to the 2nd round for sure. It is hard to see not ending up with a corporate Dem being selected.
    Perhaps you could cover some of this as it unfolds. Of particular importance is following the direction of corporate money contributions which tells us how the candidates will govern, as was amply demonstrated by by the fake populist Obama.

  • Caitlin,
    I mentioned this elsewhere. Could you analyze the current state of Wikileaks? Has the government campaign against Wikileaks thusfar negatively effected their ability to operate.
    Are they receiving less leaks, and if so what is the cause of that? Who is running the organization now and what are its prospects going forward without Assange?

  • Do you approve of Elizabeth Warren’s recent proposals entitled
    Accountable Capitalism Act –
    Real Corporate Profits Tax —
    Universal Child Care —
    Family Farm Plan —
    Public Lands Plan —
    Housing Plan —
    Anti-Corruption Legislation —
    Too Big To Jail Act –
    Breaking Up Big Tech –
    Eliminating the Electoral College —

  • Hi Caitlin,

    When I watch stations like MSNBC or CNN, all that comes to mind is Operation Mockingbird and the infiltration of the corporate media by assets of the intelligence agencies. What are your thoughts on the fact that the Smith Mundt Act was “modernized” under Obama, and what that means in relation to the corporate media now acting like they are mostly in the business of “perception management”? Would a boycott of corporate media have any effect on their bottom line, and help push them toward journalism rather than perception management.

  • A few questions to ponder:
    1. We now have absolute, irrefutable proof that 9/11 was a highly coordinated multi-government conspiracy and false flag attack on the American people. Why do you completely avoid the topic and refuse to challenge the government narratives that protect the perpetrators of that horrific crime against humanity?
    2. There is no avoiding the fact that the central banks of the world have enslaved all mankind with their debt-based monetary systems, while consolidating their wealth and power behind an impenetrable wall of pervasive secrecy, government force and deep state-controlled media obfuscation. It’s not that complicated to understand and explain the structure and operation of the global central banking fiat money system fraud. Why do you avoid the subject? What issue that affects and the ultimate health, happiness and security of humanity could be more important?
    3. You assumed the self-described handles “Bogan Socialist” and “Rogue Journalist” for purposes unknown. Perhaps you have specifically defined what you mean by those terms, but I have missed your related work product on the issue. Your readers debate the common definitions of political identity on your site, but you do not expose your own convictions about the meaning of the political identity terms. For example, how do you think human organization based on socialist political ideology produces a higher form of self-actualization, health and happiness for the masses? What examples of such a structure have influenced your thinking on the subject? Why not reveal your thesis for the design, function and effect of the preferred socialist system for public examination and constructive debate?

    • Don’t know much about Caitlin’s political leanings, except that she’s described herself as “socialist” in some sense of the word (which is a pretty broad definition IMO), but, as for myself, I’m a proud and committed — moderately conservative liberal.

  • In your Q&A, I would like a list of books that you have read and that help to explain how the world works.
    Probably, with links to possible reviews that you could write on those books. Also a link list of all your articles by topic or tag would be nice.
    Books that I can suggest are for example:
    – The Untold History of the United States, by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick
    – How the World Works, by Noam Chomsky
    – Killing Hope, by William Blum
    – The Secret Team, by L. Fletcher Prouty
    – The Devil’s Chessboard, by David Talbot
    – JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters, by James W. Douglass
    Oliver Stone: The Untold History of the United States
    Chapter 10: Bush & Obama: Age of Terror

    • Would to add to your list:
      — Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time, by Carroll Quigley, Ph.D.*
      — Who is Running America (Series), by Thomas Dye, Ph.D.**
      *Harvard Ph.D. and history professor at Georgetown Univ., W.J. Clinton was one of his students in the early 1960s.
      **Who is Running America is a long-term sociological study, published as a series of books (one for each Presidential administration), spanning the years between Nixon’s resignation and Shrub’s administration.

  • The alchemist’s dream of turning base metal into gold has just been a dream. Central banks and countries are stockpiling gold as fast as they can with the imminent demise of the US dollar. But just suppose that a way of manufacturing gold was found. Where would the tangible wealth of the world go?

    • The reason the “alchemist’s dream” was never realized, is lead is the end of metals, it is what uranium becomes in the end, gold easily can turn to lead, manufacturing gold is no less a task than gathering the water vapor, carbon dioxide, and returning it to gasoline, or diesel fuel.
      Gold is what it is, because it has reached its most stable state, from a less stable. Gold is the product of great release of energy, heavy radioactive elements finding the end of their radioactive nature, and to turn lead to gold, one has to “go backwards”, something we can only do at great costs of energy.
      Central bankers have always kept to gold, because they are who manipulate currency, and steal by inflation, when it is not real. Their every, constant effort, is to push fiat currencies on “the Hoi Poloi”, to take their every single transaction, inflation tax, at every turn, and secure it by investing the gain in gold.
      Many Bibles use the words “money lenders”, or “traders” with regard to Jesus’, scourging of “the buyers and sellers on holy ground”, but it was “money changers”, in original language. Lenders are true in collecting interest, on money loaned, as long as it is not overwhelming, it can’t equal the portion owed to God. “Money changers” were there to convert different coin to money of Israel, and they profited on their exchange, far beyond a “nominal fee”, and stole from those intent on making sacrifice in the Temple, but failed to provide for their sacrifice, so Jesus drove both the “money changers”, and “the buyers” from the temple mount, each for their own sin of omission.
      None had fulfilled God’s command regarding “Holy sacrifice”, both were evading principle, the buyer, not setting aside his best, for sacrifice, the money changer, for profiting from what should be a Holy transaction, above mere profit.
      As to the question that never will come, look at diamonds, now more easily found than ever. The majority of “gem quality diamonds” are crushed, for industrial use, because their entry in the diamond market would cause the bottom to fall out. I use diamond lapping paste at a tenth the cost it was forty years ago, in real terms, and the diamond mines profit well from that as well as gems. “Gold doth not rust or corrode”, it is special precisely because it remains despite being worked, left outside, made into leaf, and impressed in wood, it retains its value because it is. More gold is used in electronics, than money, today, and this will continue, as long as we continue our technology, but it will revert to its old place, the moment we wage another world war.
      Semper Fidelis,
      John McClain
      GySgt, USMC, ret.
      Vanceboro, NC

  • Caitlin, I am interested what you think about direct democracy! In my opinion it can fix our broken world but really I am very interested what do you think about it. Of course I do not expect that in a direct democracy world people will immediately start voting wisely but they will start to evolve – taking some decisions/voting and then seeing the results will make us gradually take wiser and wiser decisions and vote more responsibly. The best thing about direct democracy is that it will educate people to be responsible and wiser. Currently we have some infantile hope that choosing the right person once in 4-5 years is enough and meanwhile we can go sharing pics on fb and complain that the chosen person screwed everything again.

    Thank You!

    • Without unbiased and honest sources of information, not to mention a completely transparent government, direct democracy would be no better than what we now suffer as governance. (IMO)
      Simply put, manipulation of the public mind, or as Chomsky describes it, “manufacturing consent”, makes it nearly impossible to make fully informed and rational choices… even for those of who know (or think we know) what the score is…
      “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.
      “We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.” ~ Edward Bernays, 1928, Propaganda

  • Caitlin, does Israel have much direct impact on Ozzie foreign policy, or is it only secondhand through the US filter (Some filter… I should have said “escalator.”)

  • Thank you for your effort writing about the great importance of narrative and other overarching issues. I’m sure you have addressed my question before, which is what should/can we infer about what was Julian Assange’s intent regarding Donald Trump’s candidacy; why did Wikileaks release emails day by day approaching Nov 8, 2016; was it solely to conform to a policy to set free any pertinent information to the public in a way that would have maximum impact regardless of consequence? If you have addressed this, a link or links would be appreciated. If not, what is your view?

  • I am going to assume I can ask more than one question per comment and I understand that it is like throwing stuff at the wall….what sticks?

    1. Fortune has been reporting the richest 500 for decades now; how come there is not a Fortune 500 trust funds of the world reported with their ownership?

    2. How come there is so little public clarity about the social contract that those in the West live including fealty to the God of Mammon (global private finance) as a default?

    3. How come there is so little public understanding of the brainwashing capabilities of TV and other mass media tactics? Why isn’t Edward Bernay’s taught about as a social safety class in school?

    4. How is a society, with a social contract that includes being controlled by those that own/run the God of Mammon religion, going to address that private/public jackboot of control on the lifeblood of social economy while addressing all the proxy wars, identity politics and mythical arguments about all the “ism”s that may/may not exist?

  • Kathleen, I don’t see your site in Firefox lately. There’s just a blank page when I open it.

    • Works just fine in Firefox

    • This site wasn’t loading for me in my Chrome browser, and someone suggested I clear the cache. That fixed it. I guess it may have been a benign tech problem, but I still find it odd I didn’t have any issue loading this site until Assange was arrested.

  • Cait, the main goal is to defeat the US Monster and her allies without a nuclear bullet being fired. How do we achieve such a goal?

    Secondly, the parasite that controls this monster is Capitalism. How do we cure/ control/destroy this parasite? Is China the answer? I’m inclined to think a one world government is the solution, simply because it’s easier to overthrow one government than 200…

    Love your work.

  • Why is the right making as much if not more NOISE about Russiagate?

    • Because the right is more attached to Israel and to the joys of foreign military adventures — and their financing — than most on the left.

      • The effect of Israel is simply that Russia is supporting directly or indirectly to various degrees Israel’ Enemies #1, 2 and 4: Iran, Syria, Hezbollah.

  • How do you feel about the fact jeremy corbyn has abstained for over 5 years on every policy the tories have instituted to break the backs of the poor and the vulnerable with austerity while the SNP have voted against these measures – do you think it is worth mentioning?

  • Caitlin, In the hardest, most realistic terms you can imagine, how can we, the enlightened few, even begin to wake and shake the people into positive action? We need to be united en masse against the bastards, yet in real terms there’s nothing at all happening. Yes, some of us like to “list the steps we need to take” but, so far, there is not one that has a realistic chance in hell of succeeding. Our rulers have us in a strangle-hold from which we can’t escape. When one of us resists too hard, they have every means to take us out. What we see is that they are ever so gradually tightening the noose. We are the “boiling frogs”. “Love is the answer.” Yeah, good luck with that. Gandhi’s non-violence? Hasn’t ever done much good. Technology is the one thing humans do well, but human behavior has hardly improved at all in over 2000 years. So, what can we do? Really.

  • Thank you for the work that you do.
    I am on the same page with you well over 90% of the time and I live in the middle of the US.
    A most interesting question you have asked that I appreciate very much.
    I am struggling with the application of the values of the Green Party of the US.
    The deeply deliberated values are absolutely the right way to go in a political arena.
    However, we as a people, deeply indoctrinated in imperial colonialism do not have example of how those outstanding values are applied in our everyday lives.
    How to step out of the grooves of fear and hate and into the light of knowledge and community?
    I will be looking forward 🙂

    • We are all here looking for those answers Cathi.

  • Ms Johnstone, like a lot of people, I really wonder about a lot of things; but I have one ( unpleasant ) hope!!!
    I am hoping that United States President Donald Trump lets loose his most vindictive attacks ever against the Washington, D.C. establishment that went after him for the last two years!! I am hoping that as a result of that turmoil our government falls apart and a new one is formed that is the opposite of what we have now!!!

    • I just wish Trump would do as promised and drain the swamp instead of just stirring it up more

  • Look after yourself, don’t take it too seriously and have some fun.
    It’s a long road, pace yourself.

  • In your previous Q&A you radiate an idealism that we will one day awaken to truth and when that happens the power of evil will be neutralized. Do you see evil as a constant in human nature, problematic for eternity, perhaps even a cosmological given, like yin and yang? Or can it be cleansed from our universe?

  • What is your favorite song? And/or if no one favorite song, a few of the songs that are most meaningful to you.

  • Peace & Love & Life vs War & Hate & Death
    How best to present these realities to the brainwashed
    1. Poetic
    2. musical
    3. factual
    4. Spiritual
    Love from Oregon

  • How will Mr. Putin respond if the US imposes a no-fly zone over, and naval and terrestrial blockade of, Iran that is intended to prevent anything from entering or leaving Iran?
    What will the US do if Russia and China break US sanctions on trade with North Korea and install defensive weapons systems, including nuclear weapons systems in North Korea in order to prevent the US from attacking North Korea?
    What will the US do if Russia and China defend the legitimate government of Venezuela by sending a large military force and installing defensive weapons systems, including nuclear weapons systems in Venzuela in order to prevent the US from attacking Venzuela?
    Ditto Nicaragua.
    Ditto Cuba.

  • I love your journalistic integrity! You don’t notice your drinking sand until you get a sip of water!

    Others have mentioned it already so I will second it, on the media smears on Tulsi Gabbard, the media blackout to her name not even on the lists posted of the undemocratic D-party nominees.

    I want a harder LEFT than Bernie or Tulsi can pull off but I will be damned to see Creepe Joe Biden “win”.

  • The U. S. system of Government appears to be without hope for the masses ( the 99 % ) and has dramatically and steadily rotted since 1913 a la Federal Reserve Banking Act and the Income Tax Act brought in by ” the Elite , et al “. Is there absolutely no hope for the country to be a Democratic Republic again , follow the Constitution and International Law short of another 1776 ? How do we rid ourselves of the Oligarchy when the people are apathetic and brainwashed ? The oligarchs will deflect our attention from the horrendous economy and take us to another World War that could end civilization or continue multiple wars forever. Is there an answer ?

  • Is there any news on the Mueller criminal case against the Russian company that showed up in court and demanded the production of the evidence Mueller allegedly had against it? The last I saw was that the defendant appeared in court, asked for production of the evidence, Mueller tried to stall by claiming the defendant wasn’t “properly served” (something the DNC tried to pull in the Beck lawsuit) and the judge rejected that argument. Have you heard or seen anything since that courtroom farce?

    • Now that is a good question

      • Amen

  • In the US media there are three Rhodes Scholars that are mentioned: Bill Clinton, Rachel Maddow, and the latest is the mayor running for president as a democrat. I believe Chrystia Freeland in Canada is another one. I have looked at the info on Cecil Rhodes, who privatized a lot of Africa (Zimbabwe was formerly called Rhodesia) and considered blacks as inferior. However, these scholarship winners are held up to us as if we are to think of them as superior beings, having attended Oxford and all. We have the Five Eyes now, all of the English-speaking nations hanging together, which is something Rhodes apparently wanted. Any way to help us understand more about how these might be related?

    • In a related question, care to comment about the interconnections between the Royal Institute of International Affairs (UK), the Counsel on Foreign Relations (US), Institute of International Affairs (AUS, CAN, NZ), the Rhodes Scholarships and scholars mentioned above?
      As well, what about Tulsi Gabbard’s membership in the Honolulu chapter of the U.S. Counsel on Foreign Relations and how that might influence her appointments and policies were she to be elected President of the U.S. …

      • This is such a great point, I’ve wondered about the Rhodes scholar questions, too. I wonder about Cecil Rhodes’ influence and the corollary that social justice in the world MEANS equality; a lot of leaders associated with the Black Leadership in the U.S. (like Martin Luther King Jr) recognized to have equality we cannot recognize colour differences, like on a hierarchical scale. I am only beginning to see the relationship between the American Social Justice (led mostly by Blacks) and Socialism, and equality. The role of privilege correspondingly is connected to Rhodes; maybe neoliberalism, altogether? Did Rhodes and Hayek live at the same time? There is an article in here, somewhere. I think.

      • I consider it sad but true that you have as good a chance of being elected President of the US as she. But I hope she will get enough support to stay aggressively in the race to say what she and a lot of us are thinking.

      • In reference to my earlier question about Rhodes Scholars and your related list of English-language countries’ foreign relations groups, I didn’t think of those, but it seems to me there are likely connections between them all. The media mentions the groups and the people in them in such a way that makes them all seem that they exist in rarified air that we mere mortals would only be able to know about, but that would be the end our ability to participate. The name Rhodes Scholar implies to me that great efforts go into choosing candidates that fit the Rhodes model and that they are required to be scholars of Rhodes’ thinking.

        The “news” that informs us of these various groups and scholars only tells us the name, and further implies that these are “experts” whose pronouncements deserve our respectful attention.

        In an aside, I have decided that if I do vote again (not sure it’s worth it with machines in charge) I will not vote for folks who appear to exist in a separate and superior sphere by their background and pedigree. Politicians who have attended elite private schools and elite colleges and universities, have family members who have been politicians, are otherwise wealthy and in positions of power because of wealth, and who have no prior experience in ground-level politics ( and I mean school boards, city councils) are to be avoided, it seems to me.

        I am interested in Tulsi Gabbard, and have heard she is a member of that council. Yes, we should know in advance the people she knows from that group. I am not prepared to again have any outside group choose any cabinet members, as was done for Obama and who knows which other presidents.

  • The REAL “Fake News” is the Mainstream (i.e., corporate) Media. Richard Dolan did a Youtube, entitled “Media Control & Mockingbird Today. Richard Dolan Intelligent Disclosure.”, and you can see it all at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIA7sl827iQ. I would love to see you hammer at this again and again. I have been working on improving our elections for over a decade but realize what good is it if we get everyone to vote and elections are perfectly honest if a majority of Americans are totally misled by all the CIA and corporate lies that parade as “The TRUTH”?

    • It’s worse than that. Anywhere in the Western world that electronic voting machines are used to record and tally votes, there is the ability to hack from outside or to simply modify vote totals on the inside sufficient to change the outcome of any reasonably close race.

  • Do you think that your recent pro-Assange articles are why your website doesn’t work on Firefox anymore? Really, since about 3 days the e-mail links don’t work in my default browser. I have to copy to Chrome to read.
    I don’t believe much in coincidences.

    • Still works just fine in Firefox for me. Just because you’re paranoid it doesn’t mean no one is after you:)

      • Working fine for me too

        • Fine for me too. Try reinstalling Foxfire, Jack. I think you have a wonky browser there.

  • Another good article topic would be debunking the establishment smears against Tulsi Gabbard. I’ve never seen that done all in one place either.

  • I’d like to see a column addressing all the sham claims of Russiagate and why they are ridiculous, and why nothing is proven, but mere assertions. The recent release of the Mueller Report has all manner of credulous beings claiming it “proves” Russiagate. I have a cache of articles I use to debunk this, but it would be nice to see all the claims laid out and debunked in one place.

  • I am wondering why you dont write about issues pertaining to Australia? As an outpost of the empire its kind of a proving ground for the eite…

    Vaccine Skepticism In Australia Now Punishable By 10 Years In Jail

    Penty other examples I could provide…certainly with GMOs as wel

    Just curious

  • i just wanna say how much i appreciate the amount of work you put into your essays. yes, the summary piece on Assange was long for this time-challenged attention span reader, but because you put in the effort, i told myself i gotta finish the article. it was thoughtful, cogent, on-target and illuminating. i greatly appreciate your work. your efforts remind me of another favorite author, Naomi Klein. love her work “The Shock Doctrine.” and i consider myself right of center. so it is important for me to “see the light.”

  • What would you suggest to effectively protest the persecution of what remains of whistle-blowing, investigative reporting, and a free press as personified by Julian Assange? From my place in this world the most powerful people seem as if born without ears.

  • Do you ever write about Australia? You seem pretty much obsessed with the United States, which I sort of understand. (I’m writing from Canada.) But I’d like to see more from the Down Under POV. That’s all. Even when I disagree with you, by the way – which is fairly frequently – I love the way you stir things up. Keep up the good work.

  • What are your thoughts on armed revolution Caitlin? We seem to be in a time when Evil is really ascendant in our world, like the period of the battle of Kurukshetra in the Bhagavad Gita. Time for spiritual warriors? “The heart of the true revolutionary is filled with love”. (Che Guevara) Is nonviolence the only way to peace?

    • Hi Mike; Love is the answer. Not More War.

      Active revolutionary war against the United States Military as it stands currently is not winnable by the American population and would level cities and massacre 10’s of millions. The population would be split and civil war would rage. The new small nukes would be used against population centers. Pure Evil has hold onto the American military and government.

      Currently the American population has No Say in government, elections or War.

      • How about a major program of sabotage and asymmetric warfare? Underground cells and hit and run tactics? Cyberwar and hacking. What Caitlin and others are doing on their websites can already be defined as warfare, a truth versus propaganda form of warfare against the Deep State and American Empire. How about defections from the police, military, and other essential services. Would the government feel under real assault if a large segment of the population became militantly opposed to it? Of course it would. Deep Green Resistance (Derrick Jensen et al.) is a program like that. Nobody can know if such measures would “work”. My question to Caitlin is whether she would approve any or all of this warfare against the State, or if she considers nonviolent resistance the only valid path to peace.

        • And of course Love is the ultimate answer to all our self-created problems, but how to get there is the question. The Empire is not going to fold just from a Love offensive.

          “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

          (Frederick Douglass)

        • First I gotta say I’m not doing anything violent and don’t suggest it, but I often wonder why people usually seem to think first of attacking the tools of the “evil doooers” rather than the doooers.

  • Wondering how you deal with subtle condemnations for your beliefs when socializing? Many in the States (I would imagine) are experiencing what I am for living in a sanctuary city (Syracuse, New York) filled with zombified current and former students from schools like Syracuse University, State University of New York, Colgate, Cornell, who all seem to think that their PC worldview is superior to mine.

  • What are your thoughts on Tulsi Gabbard’s “Securing America’s Elections Act”?

  • Should the United States be able to dictate to the rest of the world that they are not to buy Iranian oil?

    • Should you give me your school lunch money becauseI’m two grades older, taller and heavier than you?

  • Hello Caitlin, and thanks for doing all the work you do.
    I am stunned by the fact that Julian Assange has been allowed no attorney visits. Are there international lawyers working on this…seems like a stupid question, but how can the UK justify NOT allowing him to see his attorney? What reason are they giving for not allowing it? I am perplexed because this all seems to be too quiet in the press, and even when I talk to other people about Assange I am getting shrugs instead of outrage.

  • China’s Bridge and Road – and the world’s pivot to the East

    • Could I recommend “Wealth and Democracy: A Political History of the American Rich” by Kevin Phillips…

  • I’d love to have more examples of how the corporate media has lied to us. Iraqi WMD is the best example, then there’s Iraqi soldiers pulling Kuwaiti babies from incubators, and of course Russiagate. What else can we point toward to explain to people what’s happening?

    • How about TWA Flight 800?
      Its Wikipedia entry provides a textbook case of mis- / disinformation (IMO).
      Why were NTSB investigators conducting explosive swabs of the aircraft fuselage barred from re-entering the facility housing the re-constructed wreckage?
      Why did the CIA produce a video depicting the accident for national broadcast on the television news?
      Why did investigators, identifying themselves as FBI agents, attempt to convince many eyewitnesses that they did not see a bright light and contrail arc up from the water’s surface toward the aircraft immediately before it exploded, but rather flames and debris falling from the aircraft after its explosion?
      Was there a covert CIA operation which sought to recover all unused MANPADs (Stinger shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles) from those provided by CIA to mujahideen rebels in Afghanistan after the Soviet occupation ended? Was that operation completely successful?

  • Its not clear to me that given all the differences that happen between individuals and nations that we all can survive on the same planet.

    • We are here on Earth to answer that question John. Failure to do so will entail our extinction as a species. As Rodney King, after being mercilessly beaten by police thugs, famously said, “Can we all get along?” The answer is, “Yes, but it is going to take a lot of work.”

  • Caitlin, I would love to hear your thoughts on Tulsi Gabbard’s saying she is a “hawk on terrorism but a dove on regime change wars”.

    Thanks, Jim

  • WHAT ABOUT ALL THE DOMESTIC (in the U.S.) UNSOLVED MURDERS (and botched murders) [and “suicides”] committed by or commissioned by our unelected national security state (or still “unsolved”, but how serious is there any effort)? Do we not live in “Murder Inc.”?
    JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, (Governor George Wallace)
    Senator Paul Wellstone (small plane crash), Judi Bari, Rajneesh or Osho,
    JFK Jr.(small plane crash),
    Karen Silkwood(car forced off road), [Phillip Marshall (9/11, Saudi connections)], [Gary Webb (CIA,drugs,LA)], Michael Hastings (fiery car crash in LA),
    Mike Connell (IT expert for Karl Rove), many witnesses of JFK assassination, people who knew too much re. the Oklahoma City Murrah building bombing, people who knew too much and wouldn’t stop talking re. 9/11, [a rash of middle-manager bankers who all “jumped” off of high buildings], [a large rash of alternative medicine practitioners who were actually curing cancer and other maladies via cheap alternatives to Big Pharma medications], DNC staffer Seth Rich,
    Sharon Tate (Charles Manson, ended hippie, anti-war movement), John Lennon (anti-war), 9/11 (led to wars destroying Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc.; fascist shifts domestically),
    the Branch Davidians, Ruby Ridge incident, OK City Murrah building bombing

    • Dorothy Kilgallen, George de Morenschildt, Don Boles, Danny Casolaro, Lee Atwater, William Casey, Vince Foster, Ron (Ronald Harmon) Brown, Terrance Yeakey, Seth Rich

  • Cait – I’m curious about your views on whether Dem Enter/Dem Exit is a false dichotomy. IE: can progressives labelled either (D), (G) or otherwise act in synergy – or is a binary choice the way to go?

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