Juan Guaido: I would like to be regarded as the interim president of Venezuela because the current president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, stands opposed to the interests of the political bodies with which I have aligned myself. Also, he stands opposed to my own personal ambitions of becoming powerful.

Washington, DC: We too would like for Juan Guaido to be regarded as the interim president of Venezuela, because the current President of Venezuela is too cozy in policy and practice with our geopolitical opponents. We would not mind this so much if Venezuela didn’t sit atop the world’s largest proven oil reserves. If we can’t control what happens to those oil reserves, we won’t be as dominant on the world stage as we otherwise would be.

US allies: We too would like it if Juan Guaido were president instead of Nicolas Maduro, because that’s what the United States wants and it is in our interests to go along with whatever they say. If we go along with Washington’s dictates we are treated favorably, whereas if we don’t we’ll end up getting treated the way the Venezuelan government is being treated currently.

Donald Trump: I’ve been told by the neoconservatives who I have appointed to guide my foreign policy that it would be good for America’s resource control agendas if I apply more sanctions to Venezuela’s economy at this time. This will force the Venezuelan civilians, and more importantly their military, to overthrow Maduro or else see their loved ones die of malnutrition and lack of healthcare.

John Bolton: I too encourage Venezuela’s citizens and military to turn against their government and begin inflicting violence upon it until Nicolas Maduro is either dead or removed from power. If you do this, you won’t have to starve and die because of our steadily increasing sanctions, and we’ll get to control the oil that your country happens to sit on top of. As an added benefit, hurting large numbers of human beings gives me sexual gratification.

CIA [via bullhorn]: Umm, excuse me, Venezuelans? This is the CIA. Will you all please start having a civil war now to overthrow your government? That would make us very happy, thank you.

Mainstream media: The US government, and of course the powerful unelected individuals who run it from behind the scenes without any accountability or oversight from the public, is attempting to topple Venezuela’s only recognized government using starvation sanctions, CIA operations, and an open campaign to delegitimize the sitting president of that nation. They are doing this because controlling as much of the world’s oil supplies as possible helps them to control the world, and controlling the world is the thing that they want to do. These are the things we would be telling you if we weren’t owned by the same plutocratic class which owns the US government.

Wealthier Venezuelans: We would like to see Nicolas Maduro replaced with a government installed by the United States and its allies, because we feel that that would benefit us financially.

Marco Rubio: I am highly beholden to the powerful groups that have elevated me to the position that I am currently in.

Juan Guaido: I am now standing here with Leopoldo Lopez and a handful of military personnel in an attempt to persuade Venezuela’s military to turn against Nicolas Maduro and begin killing anyone who stands in their way. I went to university in the United States of America.

Leopoldo Lopez: I too went to university in the United States of America. Also, I would like to be the regular president of Venezuela when Juan Guaido is done being the interim president of Venezuela.

Venezuelans: This is awful and we hate all of this.

Mike Pompeo: It is good that all of these things are happening. Definitely keep doing all of these things everyone.

Elliott Abrams: I almost certainly torture small rodents.


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75 responses to “If The Agenda To Oust Maduro Was Honest Instead Of Dishonest”

  1. The list only ridicules one side of the story. Is this an implicit statement that the Maduro side gives no reason for satire? Is he that pure and well-intentioned?

  2. I am so done with the press running those handsome-young-man photos in an attempt to persuade us that good looks equals good politics. Always photographed from slightly below, nicely lit, against either a clear sky or a (scanty) crowd of adoring supporters.
    Guaido, Lopez – it’s all the same. (Also Macron, Trudeau – though the glitter is wearing off for those two.) It’s a depressing sign of how shallow and stupid the propagandists of neocolonial capitalism think we are.

  3. The ” coup plotters in the U.S.A. ” are probably already considering that Mr. Juan Guaido’s stock has expired and that he needs to be replaced!!! Mr. Juan Guaido gets killed and the U.S.A. blames it on ” the dictator” and sends U.S. troops there to ” restore order ” and ” liberate ” all of the oil!!!!

    1. The real danger will come when the US coup plotters run out of plots and in desperation stage a phony 911 attack blaming Maduro. Like what about a phony missile crisis? They will stop at nothing.

    2. And the people shall prophesy on the streets. The masses are WOKE. We KNOW their tactics don’t we.

  4. Newly elected United States Congresswoman Omar continues to surprise me and shock the ” status-quo “!!!
    As far as I know no other elected official in Washington, D.C. has told the truth about this ” regime change operation “!!
    Article here: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/05/01/rep-ilhan-omar-united-states-bullying-led-to-collapse-of-socialist-venezuela/

    1. I like her. I think she has the guts to speak the truth to power that the rest of the Congress lacks. There is a lot of room for improvement here in the US and somebody has to call the rulers out. Did you see the hate-filled comments on Breitbart? OMG! Is that the Breitbart audience? They’re all a bunch of antediluvian knuckledragging pre-civil rights white supremacists. I thought we got rid of people like that in the ’60s. Fuck them.

  5. In response to an attempted overthrow of the government, the Venezuela “oppressive” regime arrested fewer people than the London Metropolitan Police did when facing protests against extinction. And its not even close, the numbers appear to be 83 versus over 1000.

  6. morneau@shaw.ca Avatar

    Agent Orange cannot come right out and say that the reason that the US wants to topple the Maduro government is to allow US corporations to suck the profit out of Venezuela’s oil reserves while the native people can go straight to corporatist hell. Put differently, he can’t say “we want it and they got it, so we’re going to steal it”. The bewildered herd in the US might not support that truthful reason, although considering what the US bewildered herd has evolved into, I might very well be wrong on that.
    So, instead, the usual, tried and true, we’ve-heard-it-a-thousand-times-before, “narrative” is created about a dictator oppressing his people; his forces are bayoneting babies in the incubators, etc. Now, THIS is something the oil/perpetual-war-dependant US voters can “get behind”.
    Again, the US Elite are incapable of stopping themselves from robbing the rest of the world blind at the point of an ICBM. An outside power is going to have to stop them. Mr. Xi, Mr. Putin, Mr. Rouhani, Mr. Erdogan, Mr. Diaz-Canel, Mr. Kim, Mr. Ortega and Mr. Morales are biding their time, building their forces and alternative currencies and payment systems for what is inevitably going to come.

    1. Satans Child Avatar
      Satans Child

      Caitlin, I must have made a mistake and written my email twice rather than my username and email. Would you be kind enough to delete the above post? Thanks.

    2. Satans Child Avatar
      Satans Child

      And BTW, Satans Child is not my normal username. Thanks.

    3. Oppression is what happens every time right after the US goes in to root out bullshit oppression in a so-called socialist country.

  7. BRILLIANT. All the EDGE of “satire” but, too damn TRUE. Sad to say most Americans are CLUELESS about U.S. foreign policy. They are IGNORANT of the DECADES-LONG pattern of OVERTHROWING democratically-ELECTED governments that the U.S. Government & its Corporate-Sponsored do NOT like. You’d think after The Big LIE about IRAW & WMD coupled with almost 18 YEARS of the Endless War, more Americans would educate themselves or at least, CARE. We need to tell them that if they are SO “concerned” about refugees at the Southern Border coming from Latin American countries, then, the U.S. MUST STOP INVADING other countries, STOP creating COUPS against governments the 1% doesn’t like. Maybe since Americans are ONLY care MONEY/Taxes, if we told them over HALF of U,.S. taxes are SPENT on such Military “Adventures” that do NOT make us any safer (quite the OPPOSITE) that would have an impact?

    1. Upton O'Goughd Avatar
      Upton O’Goughd

      You’d think, wouldn’t you? But sadly, it appears being born a USian means coming into the world with the capacity for remembering that Gaia gave goldfish.

    2. There is a FAIR article up (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) detailing how there have been ZERO anti-regime change commentaries in the primary corporate media outlets during this coup attempt. That of course is a Soviet level of thought control. Unless they go looking on their own, what Americans receive as ‘news’ consists of 100% one-sided opinion.

  8. LMAO this is one of your best ones yet! Thanks!

    1. Haha, that’s hilarious.That KFC lookin c..t, John Bolton what a joke. Even funnier…..fancy using Elliot Abrahams. If there ever was the typical poster boy for the greedy hand rubbing money sniffing evil Jew, it’s him. LMAO, big BIG mistake.

  9. Jimmy Roberts Avatar
    Jimmy Roberts

    For Venezuela 2019 read Chile in 1973 (minus the oil). This is yet another stage-managed US plot to overthrow a democratically elected Government, and instal a puppet regime that will allow US oil companies unfettered access to the largest oil reserves in the world.

    Guido is a US stooge and traitor, who has been plucked from obscurity to play the lead role in the US plot. He is virtually unknown to the mass of Venezuelans, and what support he does have is either bourgeois or petit-bourgeois, eager to get rid of what they see as “a Socialist Government.”

    The US first attempted to starve the Venezuelans into submission through swingeing sanctions, asset seizures, and a trade embargo. Now they have moved to Plan B by arranging a coup. The problem Trump, Pompeo, and Bolton have is the coup has negligible support within the Venezuelan population, or the Venezuelan military.

    Plan C will be to invade the country either with an army of US-financed mercenaries, posing as “freedom fighters,” or with regular US troops.

    The world working class must resist the latest criminal, gangster, bully-boy manouevres of US imperialism, and its puppets. The Maduro regime is far from perfect, but its overthrow by US stooges would be quickly followed by a bloodbath and military/police dictatorship like in Chile in 1973. The world’s working class must support their Venezuelan brothers and sisters in their hour of need. DOWN WITH US IMPERIALISM!! HANDS OFF VENEZUELA AND ITS OIL!! FORWARD TO THE VENEZUELAN AND WORLD SOCIALIST REVOLUTION!!

  10. The 43 times US has used veto power against UN resolutions on Israel
    Last year outgoing US president Barack Obama abstained, allowing a vote against Israeli settlements to pass

    The United States vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution on Monday that rejected President Donald Trump’s move to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, marking the 43rd time the US has used its veto power against Israel-related UN Security Council draft resolutions.

    As Israel’s biggest ally – the US gives Israel around $3bn in aid annually, largely military, each year.

    1. I’m old, and rode my tricycle around in the old, pre-civil-rights, American South. Thus, I’ve heard from a very young age from the guys in the white sheets about how the Jews run and control everything. Along with of course the great commie plot to destroy America by the Fluoridation of water to prevent tooth decay. Thus, whenever I hear one of these rants, I get a mental picture of a guy in a white dunce cap calling himself a grand wizard.

      1. Yet the KKK was founded by a bunch of Freemasons and like then it is today where the Trumpanzees who are thought to be mostly white nationalist while their leader Trump is the most pro-Israel/Zionist president since Woodrow Wilson.

        You are never too old to learn something new.

      2. Funny how the “Rebirth” of the Klan in 1915 coincided not only with the film”Birth of Nation” but also the plans for creating the Federal Reserve and the creation of the “income tax” and build up for the US to enter WW1. The Anglo-Zionist thrive off the confusion created in American public’s consciousness.

        1. Dam straight, these wars have everything to do with masons. My late uncle 33 degree mason joined in Egypt WW2. My grandfather was gutted and absolutely disgusted by this. I must be like my grandfather, I HATE them.

      3. The Anglo-Zionist are not that sophisticated, they use “guilt by association” alot and you have proven through your association fallacy it works quite well on the minds of the masses.

      4. The Jews make convenient patsies for the dangerous criminal WASP elitists, to keep their impunity going, because it works on the masses every time.

      5. Jimmy Roberts Avatar
        Jimmy Roberts

        I think you had better see a Doctor about your “mental pictures.” The US/Israeli alliance is a political and historic fact. Under madman Trump, it has simply become more overt and incontrovertible, and less covert and clandestine. US imperialism leans on the Israeli client-regime as a base for its geo-political plots and intrigues in the oil-rich Middle East. Like its unequivocal support for the medieval, blood-soaked dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, US economic, military, and political support for Israel turns a blind eye to mass murder of Palestinians, and a denial of their legitimate rights.

      6. Bravo, Billy Bob. I’m with you on that. I remember how sick our country was with all those haters running around in bedsheets. It reminds me of Gene Hackman in “Mississippi Burning.” These White Supremacist assholes have no idea how bad things had gotten especially where you grew up in the South. I was so proud of my America when we grew out of that era with all that effort in the 60s and started to become unified as the enlightened country we were always meant to be, and now they’re back. I can hardly believe that. It’s guys like Orlando that need their heads examined. We saw it and it was not good. This is embarrassing.

  11. In late 1917, the British Government asked President Wilson to support a declaration of sympathy with the Zionist movement.
    “And he did. Wilson supported the Balfour Declaration – ‘the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.’ He did so despite the advice of his most trusted confidante, Col. Edward House, who acted as America’s first national security adviser. You must remember that, at the time, the U.S. was an extremely anti-Semitic country, so expressing support for the Balfour Declaration was a very courageous act.
    “Wilson was the most Christian president the U.S. has ever had. He was the son and grandson of Presbyterian ministers; he prayed on his knees twice a day and read the Bible every night. But he was also the most pro-Jewish president the U.S. has ever had. He appointed the first Jew to the Supreme Court, Louis Brandeis, a fervent Zionist, who counseled Wilson about the Balfour Declaration, and who would go on to champion an individual’s right to privacy and free speech. He brought the financier Bernard Baruch into government, and he appointed Henry Morgenthau as the ambassador to the Ottoman Empire during the First World War.

  12. Who Was the Most pro-Jewish U.S. President? Woodrow Wilson, Obviously
    A new biography of the 28th American president depicts him as an idealist Democrat whose moral and political influence still reverberates today. Haaretz talks to its author, A. Scott Berg.

  13. Few knew Churchill as well as the late British historian Sir Martin Gilbert. Besides his many works on Jewish and modern European history, Gilbert served as Churchill’s official biographer from the 1960s onward, producing countless volumes covering all aspects of Churchill’s rich and complex life. Among Gilbert’s noteworthy achievements is Churchill and the Jews: A Lifelong Friendship (Henry Holt & Co.), in which he meticulously and persuasively details Churchill’s commitment to the Jewish people, while documenting Churchill’s important contributions to Jewish survival and Jewish self-determination – a Zionist state carved out of British Mandate Palestine.

  14. Winston Churchill never spoke of the Jews in the same disrespectful terms that he sometimes applied to Negroes, to whom he would refer scornfully as ‘blackamoors’ or ‘niggers’, or to Arabs and Indians and others whom he would just as scornfully call ‘baboos’ or ‘Hottentots’. Not too much should be read into these terms: they indicate merely that he was an all too typical son of his class, generation, and background. Although naturally subject to the anti-Jewish strains that permeated western Christian civilization, there is no evidence that Churchill related to Jews on terms other than of tolerance and equality. The Balfour Declaration, and the British mandate for Palestine that sprang from it, were among the most extraordinary acts in the history of Britain’s foreign policy. They raised problems that proved beyond the wit of any British statesman to solve satisfactorily, Churchill included. Yet few Englishmen have a better record on behalf of Zionism, and few can equal Churchill’s high reputation among Zionists.

  15. Jewish supporters of Winston Churchill are to unveil a bust of the British wartime leader in Jerusalem this weekend in what they say is a long-overdue recognition of his staunch and unwavering support of the Jewish cause and their desire for a homeland.

    “As a passionate Zionist all his life and a philo-semite, Churchill has been under-recognised,” says Anthony Rosenfelder, a trustee of the Jerusalem Foundation, which is behind the project to commemorate the British leader. He “combined a historical understanding of the Jewish people and what the promised land meant for Jews … with realpolitik”.

  16. Pompeo suggests God sent Trump to save Israel
    “As a Christian, I certainly believe that’s possible,” the secretary of state said when asked whether the president had an explicitly divine mission.

    1. The sooner Pomeo gets raptured the better for all of us.

    2. Orlando, you are a very sick puppy.

  17. Ah the evil empire continually snakes its way through all of humanity as well as this planet!! We Are Doomed!!!

    1. Don’t be so negative. A few of us could always move to Mars — if we had radiation shielding space suits.

  18. Here’s what’s going on. It finally dawned on me what this is all about.

    US neocons desperately want to have a war on Iran right away, Probably Saudi Arabia blackmail, because of the Shiahi (Iran)-Sunni (Arabia) sectarian war. If Iran blockades the Straits of Hormuz in a war so no oil gets through, the US MUST find oil somewhere else or we will be economically strangled and we don’t have fuel for our ships, tanks and planes. Russia might get Venezuela’s oil.. There goes the entire geopolitical ballgame. If we don’t go along with the Saudis they have a different rope around our necks.

    So we have to get the oil from Venezuela. Except we don’t want to have to pay standard prices for it. So in order to invade Iran, we have to invade Venezuela and do it quickly. The rest is just optics.

    Everyone get it now? It almost makes sense.

    1. Echoes of Iran-Contra!!!

    2. Israel is the one who wants war with Iran more than anyone else.

      1. Not all jews are IsraHELLi. This is where we MUST be very careful. Others ALOT of Jews in this world that have heart and good intention. And then there’s the famous PROTOCOLS OF ZION, well what can one say about this except that if it reads walks talks and pans out like a Zionist plot…it probably is one. One things for sure, if they wanted to bring down good ole USA they’re doing a f…..g good job. I’ve never ever hated America soooo much. And in the eyes if the WHOLE world we now see them for everything that is truly disgusting. How dare the even blurt the word GOD, who’s GOD word this be one must ask. Protocols even rekon they started the French revolution, so u must ask yourselves who’s behind this next one and why. I just can’t work out for the life of me why they don’t just take Saudi Arabia. They take everything else, maybe they’re waiting for the Saudi’s to build pay for Neom/mystery Babylon then come in and steal ALL from under their feet. Remembering that the jews, in IsraHELL are imposters…real haters of all things beautiful and humane in every way. He’ll bent on Iran’s destruction, Iran has its own problems but doesn’t export them worldwide like the US war hawks. Oh and by the way, when gangs take out and threaten each other’s tattoo shops and the likes of, it’s called racketeering. America you are the biggest Mafioso in the world, and Pompeo…a fantastic poster boy with Abraham’s up there as the epitome of the money sniffing evil Jew.

      2. So who is the more responsible Orlando? Israel or the US? It seems like you’re painting the US as Israel’s bitch. It’s the US that is pursuing this policy. It’s the US that should take the primary blame. Who is the principal and who is the agent? That’s what matters. You’re obsessed with this bullshit.

        This is your consistent screwy method. If the UK does something wrong, it’s presumed the Jews that made them do it. The Brits couldn’t help it, according to you. Don’t blame the Brits, you say. The cunning Jews made them do it. The Jews are cleverly playing Dr. Mesmer to the Brits Trilby, who cannot resist their perfidy. If President Wilson did something bad, it was the Jews fault. The Jews are the WASP’s favorite patsy. Nonsense.

        I’ve heard enough bullshit from you Orlando. I’m sick of it. If you want to bring Nazi Germany here to the US, go suck on your thumb or any other protusion that’s available.

    3. This lying Zionist parasitic hoard are up to their necks in shit. Let’s take a look at the Prince with the bone saw fetish. Neom/Bablyon the great, THIS is where Moses really took the ten commandments. Google Jabal all Laws, it’s fenced of and fully guarded. Nothing new to those in the know. Lee Carol fake Zionist Kryon “channel” has tours in Egypt to My Sinai. He also “channelled” in Tel Aviv to the U.N. in the year 2000 that there will be a new ground zero. In 2001 he says we now know what this means. Pffft, I bet you do. The men and women running this world are true psychopaths.

  19. laughter is the best medicine, although never a good time to drop your guard. As Dr Muhammad Jarvid Jarif calls the ‘three Bs’… bibi, bolton and bin salmon will not easily give up on their plans to rule the world through the total control of oil. using useful idiots like gweirdo, rubio and lopez. remember the empire of kaos has everything to lose and will always resort to even further below the belt tactics.

    1. Google Jabal al Laws, it’s the REAL Mt Sinai in Saudi Arabia. Right next to…you guessed it IsraHELL. Fenced of and guarded.

  20. seriously, if you haven’t checked out the “oppositional leaders” backed by the US of Israel, you should. all your questions will be answered instantly.

    educated guess is always much closer to the truth than any stunted “facts”.

    a more explicit comment of mine about this was censored and deleted. even this blof is censored by the same “people”.

    1. Probably a good thing that your more explicit comment was deleted since from seeing this new one it was probably just as much garbage. Blaming Israel or the Jewish people for the crimes of the criminal WASP oligarchs that hide behind the curtain is a centuries-old sad joke. A pure distraction to divert your attention from the real guilty parties. And I see it still works fine with some morons. Do we have to change the subject to Israel every time we try to talk about something else? Bolron and Pompeo are not Jewish and there is no allegation they are owned by Israel. Adelson contributes to every party.

      1. “Bolron and Pompeo are not Jewish and there is no allegation they are owned by Israel.”

        No allegation? That’s a real knee-slapper. I thought “no evidence” was pretty brazen, but you even stepped it up from that.

        Thanks for a grin.

      2. Neocons is a euphemism for Christian Zionist.

      3. The Anglo-Zionist empire came into fruition by creating WW1.

        WW1—Balfour Declaration

        WW2– Creation of the state of Israel

        WW3– The erecting of the 3rd Temple?

        Note the Al Aqsa mosque set on fire while the media focused on Norte Dame.

        1. Oh, I get it now. It was the Brits that did it then. The British oligarchy, hiding behind the Zionists. I’ll buy that. Webster Tarpley discusses that a lot. So blame the Brits, the heirs of the medieval Venetian Empire (which wasn’t Jewish either). It doesn’t matter. Somebody still needs to attack Iran and to do that they have to attack Venezuela. You’re obsessed with Zionism. You have a one-track mind. Everything you say goes back to the Jews in some fashion. They’re just there to distract you.

          1. Really, how obtuse can you be? Go learn about who really got Churchill to rise to power.

            1. But Churchill WAS British, right? You’re not saying the Brits were mere puppets of the Zionists. They were involved. They weren’t blameless. The BritsAnd anyway what did the Zionists have to do with the British Empire in colonial India three centuries ago? I think the Indians were in there somewhere. You’re unhinged about the Jews.

              1. It is called the Anglo-Zionist empire for a reason.

              2. If you truly want to know why go research it instead of being a willfully ignorant buffoon.

  21. I would sponsor a kickstarter, to get this done as a comedy sketch.

  22. Well said Caitlin.

  23. Have you noticed the two headshots the TV networks are putting on the screens? (The NYTimes did it too.) Random Guy Dough looks like a college frat president (zits blurred) and Maduro looks like he’s getting ready to bite the head off of one of the rodents he stole from Abrams. These asses are so transparent…

  24. RC - Garrs Avatar
    RC – Garrs

    Hey John, look how close China has put their country to our military bases.

    That’s nothing, Mike, look what Venezuela has done; they’ve put their country right on top of our oil.

    What do these people think they are, sovereign or something?

    We can’t let them get away with that.

    1. The gist of this article is, you can’t make this stuff up.

    2. RC - Garrs Avatar
      RC – Garrs

      Guaidó is an anti-semi bomber.

  25. You gotta understand… Maduro is illegitimate because he bought votes to get nearly 70% in the election his opponents boycotted.

    Could there be three slimier dirtbags than Pompeo, Bolton and Abrams to run a policy? I know little of Maduro, but these three behave as though they want him and Putin to be our heroes.

  26. Donald Trump: I’ve been told by the neoconservatives who I have appointed to guide my foreign policy that it would be good for America’s resource control agendas if I apply more sanctions to Venezuela’s economy at this time. This will force the Venezuelan civilians, and more importantly their military, to overthrow Maduro or else see their loved ones die of malnutrition and lack of healthcare.


    Should say:” I am Sheldon Adelson’s puppet and the billionaire Zionist class. Netanyahu tells me I need to get that oil for Israel. My son in law is the potential Messiah/Antichrist, I guess it depends if you are Chosen who cares I like watching myself on tv.”

    Marco Rubio: I am highly beholden to the powerful groups that have elevated me to the position that I am currently in.

    It should say “I am beholden to Sheldon Adelson just like Trump. I am beholden to the strong Zionist lobby that runs the US government whether Democrat(Haim Saban) or Republican(Sheldon Adelson) we us politicians march to their drum made of money.”

    Mike Pompeo: It is good that all of these things are happening. Definitely keep doing all of these things everyone.


    Should say” I am proud christian zionist and Trump is a biblical sign of the so called apocalypse therefore I must do everything in my power to make that happen.”

    It is called the Anglo-Zionist empire. Euphemisms are tools of propagandist, i.e. ” Right to protect” , “Spreading democracy”, “Humanitarian intervention”, “Deep State”, “the Blob”.

  27. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/51518.htm
    Venezuela – Random Guyaidó’s New Coup Attempt Turns Out to Be A Dangerous Joke
    by Moon of Alabama

    1. “Random Guyaidó’s New Coup Attempt …”

      Oh, is that how you spell it? I thought it was Random Guy Dough.

    2. Thanks Palloy I enjoyed that!!!

  28. If being honest….. US Government: “We want the oil! We are taking it! Its the law of the jungle!”

  29. As usual your comments r most certsinly “right on”….just now read your bio, and am just so sad that we did not know of you, way back when we were in Melbourne 4 a week of “miss saigon”, as my filipina better half was one of the finalists to appear on the original production of same, which we have seen at least 15 times, Seattle, Honolulu, and Melbourne of course as, well as Manila, where we now live. We most enjoyed Melb..lovely hotel, lovely sights, and the show was MAGNIFIQUE!. We also purchase many, many aussie products here, and most certainly enjoy all! If ever you & family ever chance it over to the Phils, kindly let us know. Jing (nickname 4 better half) is a superior hostess, and nothing would thrill her more than 4 us to show Manila to you. Dr. will not alow me to travel, as I am on oxy 24/7,,and therefore my travelmdays r over, and just as well, even tho I am, unfortunately, stillmanbAmerican cit., even tho I shall never return to that tsa, goon cop, horrid so called “justice system”, even more horrid health system..enuff!,,
    NEVER MISS 1 OF YOUR WRITINGS, AND THANK U 4 MAKING ME AWARE OF “MEDIUM”. GREAT SITE, kindly keep up your wonderful work! Most, most enjoyable!!! Expat tom

  30. Christopher Marlett Avatar
    Christopher Marlett

    Wonderful insight!! How does a girl down under have such clarity of thinking about the operators of two countries she doesn’t live in?

    1. She does her best thinking upside down. Try it yourself sometime.

      1. All the blood rushes to the brain when upside down.

  31. Venezuelan Ruling Class:
    We colonial whities don’t understand what our niggers are complaining about. We’ve always run our segregated country to benefit ourselves until that upstart commie Chavez insinuated himself illegally into power and gave them all education, health care, and other big ideas. The only reason they have usurped the natural social order of our country is that those outside Chinks and Russkies have agitated them to grab our oil and made them unhappy. It’s time to kick them out and return to the way things were in the good old days when we ran things from our exclusive country clubs. We need to make Venezuela great again.

    1. Besides, if those Putin pupoets control our oil supply, Russia could start to sanction the US instead of the other way around!

      I’ll bet you never thought of that.

  32. Perfect! It’s as if you had tapped their ‘phones. Though you have left out the expletives these kinds of uglies use so frequently in their “private” conversations!

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