Plutocratic propaganda outlet MSNBC has just run a spin segment on the breaking news that the medical examiner’s determination of the cause of Jeffrey Epstein’s death is “pending further information”.

“Our sources are still saying that it looks like suicide, and this is going to set conspiracy theorists abuzz I fear,” said NBC correspondent Ken Dilanian. “NBC News has been hearing all day long that there are no indications of foul play, and that this looks like a suicide and that he hung himself in his cell.”

Dilanian, who stumbled over the phrase “conspiracy theorists” in his haste to get it in the first soundbyte, is a known asset of the Central Intelligence Agency. This is not a conspiracy theory, this is a well-documented fact. A 2014 article in The Intercept titled “The CIA’s Mop-Up Man” reveals email exchanges obtained via Freedom of Information Act request between Dilanian and CIA public affairs officers which “show that Dilanian enjoyed a closely collaborative relationship with the agency, explicitly promising positive news coverage and sometimes sending the press office entire story drafts for review prior to publication.” There is no reason to give Dilanian the benefit of the doubt that this cozy relationship has ended, so anything he puts forward can safely be dismissed as CIA public relations.

When I mentioned Dilanian’s CIA ties on MSNBC’s Twitter video, MSNBC deleted their tweet and then re-shared it without mentioning Dilanian’s name. Here is a screenshot of the first tweet followed by an embedded link to their current one (which I’ve archived just in case):

Up until the news broke that Epstein’s autopsy has been unable to readily confirm suicide, mass media headlines everywhere have been unquestioningly blaring that that was known to have been the cause of the accused sex trafficker’s death. This despite the fact that the FBI’s investigation has been explicitly labeling it an “apparent suicide”, and despite the fact that Epstein is credibly believed to have been involved in an intelligence-tied sexual blackmail operation involving many powerful people, any number of whom stood plenty to gain from his death.

So things are moving in a very weird way, and people are understandably weirded out. The response to this from mass media narrative managers has, of course, been to berate everyone as “conspiracy theorists”.

Jeffrey Epstein: How conspiracy theories spread after financier’s death” reads a BBC headline. “Epstein Suicide Conspiracies Show How Our Information System Is Poisoned” reads one from the New York Times. “Conspiracy Theories Fly Online in Wake of Epstein Death” warns The Wall Street Journal. “Financier Epstein’s Death Disappoints Victims, Launches Conspiracy Theories” reads the headline from US government-funded Voice of America.

These outlets generally match Dilanian’s tone in branding anyone who questions the official story about Epstein’s death as a raving lunatic. Meanwhile, normal human beings all across the political spectrum are expressing skepticism on social media about the “suicide” narrative we’re all being force-fed by the establishment narrative managers, many of them prefacing their skepticism with some variation on the phrase “I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but…”

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist but there are an awful lot of very powerful people who would like to see this Epstein thing go away. Is anyone investigating the guard on duty?” tweeted actor Patricia Heaton.

I am not into conspiracy theories. But Epstein had destructive information on an extraordinary number of extraordinarily powerful people. It is not easy to commit suicide in prison. Especially after being placed on suicide watch. Especially after already allegedly trying,” tweeted public defender Scott Hechinger.

Journalist Abi Wilkinson summed up the silliness of this widespread preface very nicely, tweeting, “‘”I’m not a conspiracy theorist’ is such a weird assertion when you think about it, the idea there’s a binary between believing all conspiracies and flat out rejecting the very concept of conspiracy in all circumstances.”

Indeed, I think it’s fair to say that everyone is a conspiracy theorist if they’re really honest with themselves. Not everyone believes that the official stories about 9/11 and the JFK assassination are riddled with plot holes or what have you, but I doubt that anyone who really sat down and sincerely grappled with the question “Do powerful people conspire?” would honestly deny it. Some are just more self-aware than others about the self-evident reality that powerful people conspire all the time, and it’s only a question of how and with whom and to what extent.

The word “conspire” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or an act which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement”. No sane person would deny that this is a thing that happens, nor that this is likely a thing that happens to some extent among the powerful in their own nation. This by itself is a theory about conspiracy per definition, and it accurately applies to pretty much everyone. Since it applies to pretty much everyone, the label is essentially meaningless, either as a pejorative or as anything else.

The meaningless of the term has been clearly illustrated by Russiagate, whose adherents react with sputtering outrage whenever anyone points out that they’re engaged in a conspiracy theory, despite the self-evident fact that that’s exactly what it is: a theory about a band of powerful Russian conspirators conspiring with the highest levels of the US government. Their objection is not due to a belief that they’re not theorizing about a conspiracy, their objection is due to the fact that a highly stigmatized label that they’re accustomed to applying to other people has been applied to them. The label is rejected because its actual definition is ignored to the point of meaninglessness.

The problem has never been with the actual term “conspiracy theory”; the problem has been with its deliberate and completely meaningless use as a pejorative. The best way to address this would be a populist move to de-stigmatize the label by taking ownership of it. Last month Cornell University professor Dave Callum tweeted, “I am a ‘conspiracy theorist’. I believe men and women of wealth and power conspire. If you don’t think so, then you are what is called ‘an idiot’. If you believe stuff but fear the label, you are what is called ‘a coward’.” This is what we all must do. The debate must be forcibly moved from the absurd question of whether or not conspiracies are a thing to the important question of which conspiracy theories are valid and to what degree.

And we should probably hurry. Yahoo News reported earlier this month that the FBI recently published an intelligence bulletin describing “conspiracy theory-driven domestic extremists” as a growing threat, and this was before the recent spate of US shootings got establishment narrative-makers pushing for new domestic terrorism laws. This combined with the fact that we can’t even ask questions about extremely suspicious events like Jeffrey Epstein’s death without being tarred with this meaningless pejorative by the mass media thought police means we’re at extreme risk of being shoved into something far more Orwellian in the near future.


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70 responses to “Everyone’s A Conspiracy Theorist, Whether They Know It Or Not”

  1. “Conspiracy Theory” is just another term to mean “something the elites don’t want to have investigated.” It has become a way to swat away any idea that runs counter to the generally-accepted narrative of real events. In other words, the lazy person’s answer to something he doesn’t want to understand or admit.

  2. Whitney Webb of Mint Press spells out my educated guesses and much much more, in three installments. read them before it becomes illegal or missing. all the rest is just mountain of trash designed to bury the entire truth.

    1. sorry Caitlin, didn’t mean any slight to you and your brilliant work.

  3. Of course, I do not know what happened to Epstein.
    But, working with that limitation, my options are:
    A) He committed suicide, in prison after having already tried (we are told) once.
    B) He was killed – made to look like suicide.
    The investigation was more than idle scandle-mongering. There is some reason to believe that there was underlying corruption, manipulation and (sorry) collusion. May have been important for reasons of security and national interest.
    So option (A) represents something beyond incompetence, appears as dereliction of duty to the point of mafeasance – as in harming national interests (as oposed to the interests of the individuals who work for the government). We are close on the heals of the real “enemies of the state”.
    Option (B) leads to pretty much same conclusion as option (A), except we also learn that these people (EoS), are 1) Prepared to kill to protect there interests, 2) Don’t care that it is obvious – don’t care the publics imprresion of it. That is maybe an even more dangerous stage of corruption. It would serve thier interests if the public are affraid of thier “protectors”.

    And that brings us to the american public. Well at least they still have cool smart-phones. No pride but definitely some cool swag compared to the poor bastards in Yemen for example. The us public suffers from battered spouse syndrom. They do not wish to confront the fact that thier partner in this relationship is a lying scumbag. Because the partner provides them with some things that they want and gives them the appearance of a good life.

    And then there is the media… They were never (in recent times certainly) anything more than a propaganda tool but maybe in the past they may have been able to claim they were not aware of the extent to which they had sold-out. Now it is an open and confirmed secret.

    Sorry to be posting link but the attached is a mind-blowing and succinct summary of the state of western media. Browse it and despair:

    1. what happened to 3) he’s alive? who pays you? that was a rhetorical question. don’t flatter yourself, no one reads beyond the first two lines of yours.

      1. joseph mirzoeff Avatar
        joseph mirzoeff

        Yes!! It is quite amazing how everyone mainstream only gives you choices about his death, as if he couldn’t be alive. his death staged. I think he is he alive. Was he escaped? Or are they protecting him to testify?

  4. The capitalist system is an organised conspiracy against the working classes of the world. Whatever political form this system takes in individual countries (“democratic” or dictatorial), the State machine is run in the interests of the capitalist class and against the interests of the working class. As Marx and Engels correctly pointed out in their epoch-making “Communist Manifesto” in 1848 :” The Executive of the modern State is but a Committee for managing the common affairs of the bourgeoisie.”

    Epstein was murdered. No question. He posed too much of a threat to too many rich and powerful capitalists, and their political agents, like Trump and Clinton. He could not be allowed to go to a public trial that would have incriminated many of his fellow members of the American and international capitalist jet-set.

    The venal, prostituted, and mendacious capitalist press and media, ALWAYS brands anyone who exposes the ugly reality of the profit system “a conspiracy theorist.” So the rule of thumb to be followed is that whenever Murdoch-owned newspapers or TV outlets like Fox News, or the British Brainwashing Corporation, et al, tell you someone is “a conspiracy theorist” you should listen VERY INTENTLY indeed to what they are saying, because nine times out of ten, they are telling the truth.

    Capitalist purveyors of lies and misinformation are STILL TELLING THE WORLD TO THIS DAY that “patsy” Lee Harvey Oswald was the “lone assassin” of JFK in 1963.

    These venal whores of the pen and microphone have the same relationship to truth as the Earth has to Pluto, or the Catholic Church has to the Jesus Christ of the Gospels.

  5. Is it just me? Am I the only one concerned that the people who DO believe the official story are out there driving cars and operating heavy equipment, not to mention voting in our upcoming Selection.

  6. I am not getting anywhere arguing with myself over posting a link here on Ms Johnstone’s platform that might upset some people. Reality and truth however have a place here:

  7. A pity that Wonder Woman (whose Golden Lasso forces you to tell the truth), Doctor Strange (with his Eye of Agamotto) and the Blue Fairy (who can make your nose grow longer and longer with every lie you tell) never existed in real life. If they did all conspirators in high places would be put out of business forever. No telling how much evil in the human would would be eradicated as a result.

  8. …..also suspicious.. little or no focus on child victims of gilead’s blackmail crimes by way of Epstein, also no sign of G Maxwell. The Dr. P video is noted.
    Countless facilitators —pilots crew staff servants janitors repairers—are silent.

    1. silent….. and, as usual, suppressed by MSM corruption. imho.

  9. Let’s cut the crap and stop pussy footing around bullshit questions of bureaucratic incompetence, everybody knows what happened: there was a bipartisan consensus among Washington’s ruling establishment to commit state-sanctioned murder so that corrupt politicians compromised by sexual blackmail could keep the truth about their criminal depravity a secret, because at least some of them are into raping kids…

    The etablishment globalists are losing their footing in the mad scramble to convince a politically awakening humanity that they’re batshit crazy for noticing their insidious machinations… It looks like we’ve entered the last stage of collapse of a flash-in-the-pan empire.

    1. i like your style! speak your mind and you never have to pop pills, LOLOL. fvck polite societies!

    2. I am inclined to believe that ” the real Mr. Epstein ” is already in Israel getting his new face and identity papers. The ” body ” that was in the cell is not really him. I could be wrong; but I could be right.

      1. on can only trust one’s own reasoning and informed / educated guess. that is, every one think for oneself! that’s the only sane thing one can do.

  10. with all the conflicting stories about time of death, when and how he was found in his cell, how and when his body was removed, etc, i’m betting he is still alive…

    1. epstein is one of them. why would they kill him when they can spirit him away????? makes no sense whatsoever.

  11. Thanks much for this, Caitlin. You’re preaching to the choir as far as I’m concerned, but the pernicious history and use of the term “conspiracy theory” can’t be repeated too often. I strongly believe that everyone who is familiar with the enlightening information you’re disseminating would take care to avoid carelessly or insidiously promoting it by recklessly using it in public discourse.

    It is a source of considerable distress to me that various independent and/or muckraking journalists have taken to using this rhetorically “weaponized” term casually. I’m not too surprised that older journalists like Chris Hedges and Matt Taibbi (a notorious 9/11 “trutherphobe”) glibly and routinely employ it in their writing and commentary.

    But it bugs the hell out of me that younger journalists, e.g. Aaron Maté, Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton, and Michael Tracey loosely throw around this fraught expression. They should know better.

    I say “loosely” because at times they use it derisively or sarcastically, i.e. at least tacitly acknowledging or affirming that it is an untrustworthy, tendentious cliché. But they will also use it non-ironically and straightforwardly. I doubt that they’re intentionally attempting to rehabilitate the term, but that’s what they’re doing. I wish they’d stop!

    So thanks again for pushing back on this Orwellian newspeak term.

  12. Empty shelves at the supermarket, gas for your car at $100.00 a gallon; chaos is coming.

    1. grow, make, recycle, repair, share, and most of all, simplify! nothing to worry about. don’t buy into the fear-mongering.

      1. I wish that it was fear mongering. The most efficient way to get rid of ” poor people ” world wide is to make them kill each other. That is the “plan ” and it is going to work.

        1. there you go, another fear-mongering idea … “fear your neighbors!”

  13. The one crucial element that is never talked about so far is what did he supposedly use to hang himself? And how did it find it’s way into the cell of one recently on suicide watch? They will need a fall guy to cover this one.

  14. There have been many “Suicides” related to ANYTHING Clinton.
    Hands tied behind their back, bullet hole to the back of the head, jumped through a plate glass 30 story building window etc……. etc….. but all were deemed “Suicides” of course.
    Follow the money, follow the blood trail, follow the hidden agenda’s, follow the obvious.
    If you’re not aware of “Conspiring” people, then being a “Conspiracy Theorist” is a mute point.

  15. No one has mentioned that it was reported … he had a cell mate … an x cop who was a murderer.
    Where was his cell mate during this supposed suicide? Why is this not being talked about, is everyone’s memory really that short. Suicide watch indeed, a cellmate means eyes 24/7 … did it happen while the cellmate was in a comatose sleep? So, as usual, here we are … trying to make something solid out of smoke and mirrors ………

    1. His cellmate was moved out a few hours before he died.

  16. I am a conspiracy realist. Most of our leaders are sociopaths, and sociopaths conspire to deceive and manipulate people in the pursuit of greater power and control over others. It’s what they do. This behavior is a function of their psychology, and they cannot behave otherwise. As a result, conspiracies dominate human affairs. To dismiss conspiracies as theories is the ultimate in gullibility. None are more deceived than those who falsely believe there are no conspiracies.

  17. John Allen aka Ol' Hippy Avatar
    John Allen aka Ol’ Hippy

    There is a concerted effort underway by the President to issue an EO(executive order) to censor certain aspects of the ‘net’s social media outlets. As these various people and outlets speculate how Epstein was whacked,( of course he was whacked), this will only add fuel to the FBI’s and the Preze’s want to censor the ‘net. The autopsy was conducted and as yet, 12:02 MDT, US, no report has been forthcoming. I have many theories(non scientific, there is a difference) on all sorts of things but I’ve never conspired with anyone to draw my own conclusions. Peace, The Ol’ Hippy

  18. In brief, we’re all being played by a group of thugs who invented Propaganda [Bernays] and now drink the blood of our children. Listen to Dr. Pieczenik [40 years in very high level intelligence] describe what the Epstein fantasy is all about:

    We have gone way past “conspiracy” to “myth”– or more to the point: The creation and maintenance of public myths which serve the interests of the controllers.

    The best example is 9/11. Phillip Zelikow [dual-Israeli citizen] as Executive Director wrote the 9/11 Commission report–after co-authoring [Rice] and publishing his book, “The Creation and Maintenance of Public Myth”, in 1998. His prescience on the 9/11 event and aftermath–have been duly noted.

    See below for an Wikipedia excerpt on Zelikow and his craft:

    According to Wikipedia:

    “Prof. Zelikow’s area of academic expertise is the creation and maintenance of, in his words, ‘public myths’ or ‘public presumptions’ which he defines as ‘beliefs (1) thought to be true (although not necessarily known with certainty) and (2) shared in common within the relevant political community.’ In his academic work and elsewhere he has taken a special interest in what he has called ‘searing’ or ‘molding’ events (that) take on ‘transcendent’ importance and therefore retain their power even as the experiencing generation passes from the scene. . . . He has noted that ‘a history’s narrative power is typically linked to how readers relate to the actions of individuals in the history; if readers cannot make the connection to their own lives, then a history may fail to engage them at all.”

    Miller Report: “Isn’t that the same as saying there is neither history nor truth; that what is really important is the manipulation of epochal events so they serve the interests of society’s managers?”

    Can you say Doublethink?

  19. Want a conspiracy? How ’bout this:

    Jeffrey Epstein is not dead. He was spirited out of prison by some combination of billionaire oligarchs, the CIA, the Israeli government & Mossad to a secret location (a secure kibbutz in Israel?) to spend the rest of his life in solitude… aside from the occasional kidnapped Palestinian girl for his pleasure.


    1. Epstein is anything but a remorseful suicidal type, for sure. neither is he a naive beginner who prepares no insurance policies in anticipation of such a situation. most of all, “they” do NOT want to send the message to their moles, operatives, cells, etc that they will be suicided when caught in service. suciding this guy serves not their interest in any way.

      1. Exactly, Cut. I’ve been looking for the first person to say, “Wait, isn’t Epstein smart enough to foresee this coming? As an insurance policy, wouldn’t he set up an information drop in the event of his death?”

  20. How do we, as individual human beingss, “know” absolutely anything about anything? What exactly IS “truth”? How do we know “truth” when we see, hear or read it? WHOM do we “trust” to tell us the “truth”? How do we determine for our own individual selves “historical truth”? WHAT is the ultimate “gold standard” of truth?
    I sit at my computer and read an article on the NYT internet site which claims that there is going to be a solar eclipse on December 1, and that this eclipse will be visible from certain locations on the surface of Mother Earth. The writer of the article lists several sources of astronomical information — observatories, university departments of astronomy, etc.
    No longer trusting the NYT to report truth, I read this same information on several diverse web sites, newspapers, MSM and alternative media. After observing all of this, I believe with 100% certainty that there will be an eclipse on December 1 and that it will be visible from certain locations on Mother Earth.
    I know a “truth” — something about an event that will occur in the future with absolute certainty! Yippee! I report this “truth” to other human beings that I know. They will remember what I have told them, and when that eclipse occurs they will remember that what I told them turned out to be “true” (accurate). If I tell them more and more of these things, they will INEVITABLY come to “trust” that what I say about the future will turn out to be almost certainly “the truth”.
    I believe a local weather forecast with FAR LESS certainty than the forecast of the eclipse…….. unless I happen to be living in the Atacama Desert, where the average rainfall is about 15 mm PER YEAR and TOMORROW’S forecast is sunny and no rain at high noon.
    Even further, there was a time when the NYT and the WaPo, and the “respected” MSM TV reported a fair amount of “truth” OTHER THAN solar eclipses. That time is long gone. “History” has proven their unreliability or outright lying time and time again, especially during the last 29 years and even more especially since 9/11.
    So now it is much more difficult for me to determine “truth” — an accurate description of reality, past, present or future– of almost ANY kind. I now read a long list of sources of information every day before I arrive at what I believe “the truth” to be for that day.
    Here’s a bit of truth that I know with eclipse-like absolute certainty. The US Empire and the transnational US ELITE (the microscopic percentage of the human population that owns or controls the vast majority of wealth, land and LARGE SCALE capital equipment for its own astronomcal profit) are today in a state of absolute panic. They are panicking because they know with 100% certainty that unless they very soon get total control over absolutely EVERYTHING that their bewildered herds of voters can possibly see, read and watch every single day of their lives, the literally insatiable Elite parasites will not be able to maintain the lifestyle to which they feel that they are entitled.
    This Elite does not DO “running down the street, screaming at the top of their lungs” panic. They realize, in panic, that what they MUST do is COMPLETELY ELIMINATE all sources of information over which they do not have complete control. This is EXACTLY what we see happening today – formerly trusted, respected MSM spitting out near 100% lies – PROPAGANDA – about ANYTHING of great economic or geopolitical importance, and trying like hell, doing whatever it takes to get alternative/competing sources of information being either outright eliminated or brought under total Elite control.

  21. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Paul Craig Roberts and Chuck Baldwin are spot on about the real conspirators:

    So, pay no attention at all to political, Financial and media elites. They lie all the time.

    So fed up.

    Fortunately, prophecies are telling us the Second Coming of Jesus could be any day now.

    I am praying the Rosary to hasten the Glorious Return of Jesus because it has become unbearable.

  22. Mossad has every reason to assure its operatives, moles, and cells that they will NOT be suicided but protected and rewarded when caught in service to the Greater Israel project and the health of the neo-liberal neo-colinialist NWO.

    Robert Maxwell, who was a lot worse than Epstein, was received as the biggest national hero by Israhell. Epstein is most likely to be treated the same. he has multiple insurance policies against being suicided. he’s no beginner in this game.

    now they announce his body is dissected for info, the coffin will be shut in his funeral. that’s how they roll.

  23. Joseph Mirzoeff Avatar
    Joseph Mirzoeff

    Why did it take so long? They were negotiating the details of his exile and the plastic surgery. He’s likely still alive, see Ken Lay for details. I am a conspiracy theorist. David Icke, Alex Jones, Stanley Kubrick, more right than wrong.

  24. This does not surprise me. What is new is the open handed way they are going about eliminating Epstein. They have enough power in our society that their actions can now be an open secret. Next step will be to just kill people outright instead of acting like it was something else.

  25. Black out tonight on talks about Epstein’s death on The Project tonight. Coincidence?? Carrie Bickmore and Peter Helliar looked bewildered. No proper explanation.

  26. I theorise that powerful people conspired (talked together, planned) to take out Epstein. I’m pretty sure they did that. Whether they achieved it or not is the issue.
    I don’t know who’s on that gurney, but it didn’t look like Epstein.
    I think they were pre-empted by a “switch out” and that Epstein is probably in Tel Aviv by now getting a new face.
    This was one smart guy. I have no doubt he had a “dead man’s switch” wired to an atomic bomb of info that would have blown the DS to bits. No doubt whatsoever.
    And where’s Ghislaine? Waiting in Tel Aviv?

  27. I read somewhere that it was the CIA themselves that parlayed “conspiracy theorist”, in a negative fashion, into the common vernacular. Life is nothing more than a long line of personal conspiracies. I’ve always liked to say I am a conspiracy theorist as opposed to a coincidence theorist.

    1. Yes, they did. It was for the JFK assassination.
      If you didn’t believe the one bullet that changed direction, by one shooter in the Book Depository, you were a “conspiracy theorist” …

  28. The idea that all allegations of a conspiracy are false is ridiculous, and implies that there are no real conspiracies. Only brainless non-thinkers accept such a notion – which means that most of the American public is easily fooled by this nonsensical meme.

  29. In her fascinating three-part series of articles for Mintpress, Whitney Webb reveals the history that made pedohile pimps like Jeffrey Epstein possible. It goes back to the years of prohibition when the mob rubbed shoulders with the people paid to protect us from people like, well, uh, the mob. Webb reveals eye-opening connections between big business, big banks, intelligence agencies and organized crime throughout the West and beyond. Epstein is revealed to have been a very useful tool as much as anything, who was paid handsomely for his work in obtaining blackmail material gained through satisfying the criminal perversions of those who masquerade as our protectors from evil. Conspiracy theories these aren’t.

  30. If there really has been a conspiracy to murder Epstein, and given the difficulty so many are having accepting the official suicide story, then the NEXT step will be to find/create/buy a patsy to take the fall. Likely a guard or other prison official.

    Someone getting blamed for “negligently allowing the suicide to happen” creates the impression that it really must have been suicide after all, and anyone saying otherwise must just be a “conspiracy theorist”.

  31. How convenient is it that Epstein dies(?) early on a Saturday morning giving the scum overseeing it all the rest of the weekend to get their story straight? Supposedly, the cameras monitoring the environs very conveniently ‘malfunctioned’ at exactly the wrong time. Don’t make the mistake of expecting the truth to come out. You might hear promises, ala William Barr, that the investigation will continue so as to get to the bottom of it all. At most, they’ll go through the motions with the intention of stalling until it is eventually forgotten by the hoi polloi.

  32. Even a bigger bombshell:
    Who killed Antonin Scalia?

    1. Here’s an even bigger question: Why did it take so long?

  33. When investigating what happened to Epstein it is imperative to remember that narcissist never self harm. There is zero chance that this monster would have taken his own life.
    I suspect that the rapist Epstein has been rescued by his Mossad handlers, they never abandon their agents. He’s probably in an apartheid hospital somewhere having his features altered while some other corpse is filling his casket.
    For the record; Narcissist

    “a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.
    “narcissists who think the world revolves around them”.

    1. Aardvark-Gnosis Avatar

      After many years of propagated media miss direction and journalistic complacency in all edited formats… AKA… the truth is a kabalistic duality of fact and fiction in a maze of magic and mystery, of which, the likes of, are Rabbinic in nature.

      When the humanist think they are god’s gift to the rest of the living spirits on plant hell… and special favors are given these elitist, then the truth becomes nil and the fantasy becomes real, we have entered an environment created to control all narratives within the spectrum of lies that are given the status of truth.

      The CIA coined conspiracy theory during the Kennedy CIA-Mossad assassinations to keep the eye off the Israel mafia and their counterparts. (remember the USS Cole)… They have different names across the planet of a horrific self-made hell of death and war. If the rest of the near-do-well uninitiated in Kabbalistic religious magic illusion and prima facia runaround, get educated, about how we have been conditioned to believe almost anything media and education have to sell, we need more conspiracy minded folk to unravel the official narrative… At some point, the truth is in the cognitive desistance of the mind and the duality of missing truths. If not questioned on any level of what if, the blind will continue to lead the blind as the story is told and be believed as truth… When in fact, the lies are the rational of truth-telling, covertly packed in a vacuum of dystopian elitist cultural controls of official narratives. These elite are man gods that cannot be questioned without punitive measures taken against the political combatant working to emancipate the minds of the deluded and conditioned spirits of men.

      At some point we will get a larger lobster infested dialog, here reason, and the manipulation of the latter, sells the truth as a lie and the case is officially closed… Theory… Epstein has a new face, and is once again the bulwark illusionist of the masonic order, and the cabal of religious dualities is functioning to allude and escape justice, (oxymoron)… Someone should write a book, or guide, called “political religion for dummies”, the head fake and the runaround-the-end fake out, we all face as serfs on the plate of the illusionist elitist powerful worshipers of mammon, aka…the (Banksters) and their sycophant merchants of same.

      Follow the money and the yellow brick road to the middle east, where gold is black, and all things lead to Jerusalem… The soothsayer’s den of the Sanhedrin, the 70 gods of mythological franchise, and 2500 years of Babylonian double speak. History will ferret out the corrosive episodes of fiction and non-fictional delusion and bondage driven into the minds of the believing masses… Ergo, these demigods fashion as the will of men and the will of god, all in a complete narcissistic bubble and infallibility of khazarian hypothesis for the week minded in a futile society of Zombies following the pied pipers of Orion cultist and astrology superstitionist fermented lies…

      Epstein is mammon and mammon is the god they follow… Usurers, blackmailers, double speak… the reality is omnipotent and infectious as we rely on the god called money and fiat, back by nothing as an illusional urban myopia. East meets west, and east concurs west, and the American dream of our forefathers doing their best to escape age old tranny and injustice of kings and priest of the devil’s own! Epstein is one of them, along with those controlled by his pornographic ring of sexual favors and hidden cameras that compromise the will of the people, that believe in those they elect, will do the will of the latter… Nuff Said!

  34. Speaking of Merriam-Webster, it’s “hypothesis”, not “theory”.
    Speaking of rapists, Bubba Bill is a Rhodes Scholar.
    Speaking of Rhodes Scholars, Rachel Madcow was Voice Of America.
    Speaking of Voice Of America, Sam-pronounces-it-Seeder (self-hating, much?) nuts every time Chris Hayes throws him a Milkbone.
    Speaking of self-hating fauxgressive YouTubers, migraine Michael Brooks can’t stop punching up at Jimmy Dore.
    Speaking of The Jimmy Dore Show, it sides with rogue journalist Caitlin Johnstone, while MSDNC wannabe The Majority Distort sides with FBI informant Marcy Wheeler.
    Speaking of CIA mockingbird James Clapper, I’m too cute by half!

    1. I’m just reading this extremely well researched conspiracy analysis, which is a three-part series on the close ties between the mafia, high ranking government leadership, organized religion, politicians, media and entertainment. I hope Caitlin gets a chance to read it and work her magic on it! Thanks for all your hard work CJ❤️

    2. Haha—yes, you are!

  35. Of course the Russians did it. You’ve heard he hung himself in his cell. Russian intelligence assets were able to gain access and administer ROPACHOK on Epstein.

  36. I had to chuckle when when I read Patricia Heston’s, question, “What about the guard?” Lincoln’s assassin Booth was close friends with the vice president of the Confederacy, who in turn was close friends with the Rothschild’s; same as Epstein. After Booth’s trial(no he didn’t die in a barn) was supposedly killed by a guard in the prison court yard and buried either under the prison lunch room floor boards(official version of events) or the corner of the prison walls; another story though says that he escaped to Cuba, and presumably from there to Europe.

    As for the threat of conspiracy theories, supposedly the Messiah will be revealing himself to the world within the next few years,(according to the Rothschild’s)and that anyone who doesn’t accept the Zionist version of the truth will be killed by having their throats cut. Just another one of those conspiracy theories though, supposedly put out their by the Rothschild’s. But then does anyone really care?

  37. I had to chuckle when when I read Patricia Heston’s, question, “What about the guard?” Lincoln’s assassin Booth was close friends with the vice president of the Confederacy, who in turn was close friends with the Rothschild’s; same as Epstein. After Booth’s trial(no he didn’t die in a barn) was supposedly killed by a guard in the prison court yard and buried either under the prison lunch room floor boards(official version of events) or the corner of the prison walls; another story though says that he escaped to Cuba, and presumably from there to Europe.

    As for the threat of conspiracy theories, supposedly the Messiah will be revealing himself to the world within the next few years,(according to the Rothschild’s)and that anyone who doesn’t accept the Zionist version of the truth will be killed by having their throats cut. Just another one of those conspiracy theories though, supposedly put out their by the Rothschild’s.

  38. Notice of course that the whole thing tends to attempt to steer the story away from who ordered the suicide watch cancelled. That’s been the most interesting question so far. Seems similar to an assassination where someone just happens to order the bodyguards to take a nite off. Thus, of course, MSNBC acting as the CIA’s sock puppet wants to steer the story away from that.

  39. It is getting to the point were the words “conspiracy theorist” are being weaponized the same way the words “antisemitism” and “anti-Semite” have been weaponized to de-legitimize and demonize those who dare to criticize or doubt the official government (or is that regime?) narrative. In the one case it is a government (regime) with a wrap sheet of lies and corruption a mile long, and in the other case it is criticizing the fascist regime that rules Israel. The objective is to shut down any and all discussions on important subjects at a time when the global state of affairs is in an extremely delicate balance economically, financially, environmentally and in imperial aggression.

  40. Leonard Michael Ross Avatar
    Leonard Michael Ross

    Of course to claim that his death is anything more than suicide will be considered a conspiracy theory. Just because a man who has been tied to major politicians and figures such as Bill Clinton, ex-gov. Bill Richardson and Prince Andrew, who originally was placed among general prison population as a pedophile, who “attempted” suicide weeks ago and placed on suicide watch, now is found dead makes any theory otherwise than suicide an Epstein-truther theory. All of MSM, speaking “truth” to cash…er, power are going along with this. They are upset that there were no clear ties to Trump and very clear ties to neo-liberal politicians so they can’t spin the story to fit their own agendas and will now claim that it was an act of desperation.Very true!!! It was an act of desperation by the rich and powerful on both sides of the political spectrum who, along with screwing us, enjoy a little underage action on the side to relieve the tensions of being the elites that they are, burdened with ruling over the rest of us gullible scum, er, people.

    1. What is interesting is the Epstein appears to be connected to people who are far more powerful than Bill Clinton, Richardson or Prince Andrew. Surely by now people have figured out that Presidents don’t run the show. A former governor and energy minister is even less powerful. And the British Royal family only matters in tabloid headlines.
      The WallStreetOnParade blog was digging for awhile into what they could see about how Epstein actually made his money. For instance, he got to buy hot IPO’s before they went on sale to the public, giving him the easy money to make when they popped. That’s takes major inside connections on Wall Street. And that’s getting closer to the real masters of the universe than errand boys like Bill Clinton or Donald Trump.

  41. But like when reporter Garry Webb who uncovered intelligence collusion in the United States crack cocaine epidemic shot himself in the head – twice! Do not ask questions! Even when things are staring directly into your face you are expected to continually deny the reality of The Evil Empire! There is no corruption going on. There is nothing to see here; so shut up already. The Masters have spoken.

  42. The MSNBC report is strange. Of course, its MSNBC, so that’s no surprise. But, first, I would not expect an autopsy to say whether anything is suicide or not. The autopsy could show that someone died of strangulation. And also point to what it was the person was strangled with (bare hands, rope (with samples of fibers found to identify), bed sheet, etc). But it would seem to be for other investigators to determine the circumstances of the strangulation to say whether it was self-inflicted or not. Unless maybe it was Dr. Harrow doing the autopsy, then of course he cracks the case himself.
    Secondly, the whole story is just MSNBC saying that the medical examiners office didn’t say anything. That’s a news story? I suppose so in this age of wall-to-wall propaganda, when its the spin that’s more important than any actual facts.
    BTW, these days I’d expect any “National Security Correspondent” or similar job title to be very close to the CIA and the like. Its always going to be that way, at least in this system. Because if the correspondent pisses off the CIA then they freeze them out of the stories and before long the once aspiring fake news artists is doing tv weather reports in Alaska.

  43. The FBI proposition is that ‘fringe’ conspiracy theories are a potential threat to national security. This then excuses mainstream conspiracy theories like ‘Russia-gate’ etc. Apparently these theories no matter how wrong, are NOT security threats because they’re backed by mainstream media. So everything would rely on the definition of ‘fringe’ if the FBI proposal works it’s snake-like way into the law. The subsequent catastrophic impact on the !st Amendment would be incalculable. It simply can’t be allowed to happen.
    As for Epstein…is he alive, or dead ? If dead, how did it happen, and who did it ? Simple questions. Simple answers, with proof, would give no room for conspiracy theories. But…what are the chances ?

  44. That being said it is not crazy to label Trump as a conspiracy theorist for his wild rants about the Clintons.

    1. As the article stated, the point is to evaluate whether the Clintons are dirty or not, and to what extent. You have to admit there’s a lot of dirt there. There is no question in my mind they are corrupt opportunists, representing the worst elements of elite profiteers (watch this video: ).

      The question is, do they stoop to murder? Child rape? You can’t dismiss these accusations out of hand. If they are murderers and rapists, obviously they will not advertise it. Bill Clinton was on the Lolita Express 24 times? I heard this from Jimmy Dore. Is it true? I don’t know, but Clinton is known to have done some seriously below-board shit, and to be sexually compulsive (ask Monica and Hillary)–so I think it’s very reasonable to look into it.

      Saying that because Trump says it, it must not be true is a problem. Trump lies, he’s ignorant, he’s an outright bullshitter–but he’s not alone in being corrupt. When corrupt people accuse each other of being corrupt–they’re both right, even if in many ways they are each full of shit.

      You have to look at the evidence.

      1. Dirty. Yes, indeed, all of those whom you name.
        However. imho. The more focus there is on the puppet criminals… the less attention is paid to the puppet controllers.

        The standard coercive and criminal MO is, in fact, inherited and learnt from the previous (actually the same) global empire.
        Offshore, anyone?!!

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