John Bolton is out as President Trump’s National Security Advisor. Trump says he fired Bolton, Bolton says he offered to resign first. Both suggested that the departure was due to disagreements over foreign policy, which independent reports seem to confirm.

Personally, I do not care. I don’t care if Trump fired Bolton over an argument about which Sesame Street characters would win in a bare knuckle boxing match. I don’t care if Bolton was carried bodily out of the White House by a strong gust of wind. Trying to sort out the specifics of the drama in an administration packed with lying sociopaths is always an exercise in futility, and in this case it’s even more pointless, because all that matters is that John Bolton is gone now. That is an intrinsically good thing, by itself, regardless of what events led up to it.

Trump says he’s going to name a new National Security Advisor next week, and the good news is that it is literally impossible for whoever he ends up picking to be worse than John Bolton. They might not be any better, but there’s no way they can be more of a bloodthirsty psychopathic monster than their predecessor, because Bolton is without exaggeration as bad as it gets in terms of sheer drive to start World War Three. Right now Bolton’s acting replacement is a neocon ghoul named Charles Kupperman, who analyst Jeffrey Kaye describes as “a Reaganite neanderthal Islamophobe, a creature of the defense industry, and a very close associate of Bolton himself,” and there are rumors that another vile neoconservative Bolton ally, former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz, is among the top possible picks. So we can’t be confident that Bolton’s replacement will be any better, but we can absolutely be confident that they won’t be any worse.

It is an indisputably positive thing that the former PNAC director who is so psychopathic that he once threatened to murder the children of an OPCW official for inconveniencing his attempts to engineer the Iraq invasion is no longer in the most powerful foreign policy advisory position on planet Earth. That is clearly and obviously an intrinsically beneficial thing for all of humanity. So of course the leaders of the Democratic Party are objecting to it.

“John Bolton’s sudden departure is a symbol of the disarray that has unnerved our allies since day one of the Trump Administration,” tweeted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “Steady leadership & strategic foreign policy is key to ensuring America’s national security.”

“Today’s action by @RealDonaldTrump is just the latest example of his government-by-chaos approach and his rudderless national security policy,” tweeted Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. “When Ambassador Bolton’s extreme views aren’t enough for you, the U.S. is headed for even more chaotic times.”

“I’m legitimately shaken by the grave instability of American foreign policy today,” tweeted Democratic Senator Chris Murphy. “I’m no Bolton fan, but the world is coming apart, and the revolving door of U.S. leadership is disappearing America from the world just at the moment where a stable American hand is most needed.”

These “I’m no Bolton fan, but-” comments are plastered all over Centrist Twitter today, showing just how mainstream the mass media propaganda machine has made Bolton’s demented bloodlust. They are being enthusiastically waved on by neoconservative propagandists like Max Boot, who just published an article for The Washington Post titled “John Bolton was bad. His departure might be worse.”, as well as imperialist comedy propagandists like The Daily Show.

I’m not going to get excited and buy into the popular idea at this time that Bolton’s termination marks a turning point for the already blood-soaked Trump administration. His absence isn’t going to bring the tens of thousands of Venezuelans who have been killed by Trump administration sanctions back to life, nor is it likely to have any impact on this president’s consistently collapsing pledges to withdraw the US military from Syria and Afghanistan. But it can’t possibly make things any worse, and it could, maybe, perhaps make things a bit better.

The political/media class which freaks out every time this president pays lip service to the possibility of scaling down foreign interventionism and embraces any time he advances it would of course oppose the abrupt termination of the most virulent warmonger in Washington, DC; the forever war has been so normalized that any move to rein it in is always portrayed by the narrative makers as abnormal and freakish. Their response to Bolton’s removal tells you everything you need to know about what these so-called “centrists” really are: violent extremists whose ideology threatens our entire world.


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48 responses to “Democrats Somehow Frame Bolton’s Exit As A Bad Thing”

  1. Joe Van Steenbergen Avatar
    Joe Van Steenbergen

    You likely have followed American politics closely enough to realize that, for Democrats, NOTHING positive about Mr. Trump’s administration can be uttered in public. Mr. Trump is the enemy and will be give no quarter. That sentiment, alone, explains why Democrats would find the firing of Bolton to be a problem. It has nothing to do with the issue; it is ALL about the politics.

  2. I have no words…. I dread the day should come when I look back and think ‘Bolton would have been smarter and less dangerous that this guy’.

    BUT in the time of Trump and Pelosi, evil surely stalks the land.

  3. “Trump’s appointment of Bolton in March 2018 came as damning evidence of the President’s abject surrender to the neocon and liberal interventionist lobby in Washington, all under the pressure of Russiagate.”

    — jon wight, RT, 09/11/2019

    the Russiagate is designed to handcuff Trump so that his anti-imperialist-war foreign policies will never be implemented. of course the Damn-o-craps are apoplectic about Bolton’s firing. and the Russiagate will intensify. read Wight’s incisive analysis.

    1. and this momentum, if maintained, will get Trump reelected in 2020. people need to rally behind any anti-war push.

  4. I am hoping for Mike Flynn.

  5. Should be a parade on Pennsylvania Ave.!
    Step in the right direction.
    I feel sure it will have positive impact on diplomacy and continued war mongering.
    The key will be: Who is the replacement.

    It’s that day again, 9/11.
    18 years ago the global deep state, comprised of US and Israeli deep state elements, and high finance, complicit US military, and shadow-president Dick Cheney at the command console, murdered 3000 people, and demolished the World Trade Center. The WTC contained massive evidence of financial fraud and criminal conspiracy (and a lot of gold in the basement). They also destroyed the area of the Pentagon where financial fraud investigation was taking place.
    “Ragheads with box-cutters did it”, was the official story, despite the laws of physics having been as violated as a 13 year old virgin visiting Epstein’s island.
    No plane parts were found at the Pentagon, or Shanksville “crash sites”.
    The Pentagon had a through-and-through hole, like cruise missiles with penetration warheads make, and so on.
    Paul Craig Roberts has this:
    ​ ​Patrick Pasin, a French author, provides additional evidence of Mueller’s misuse of his office to protect an official lie. An English language translation of Pasin’s book, The FBI Accomplice of 9/11, has been published by Talma Studios in Dublin, Ireland.
    ​ ​Pasin’s book consists of his organization of the known evidence, which has been suppressed in order to perpetrate a false story of 9/11, into a compelling account of how a false flag attack was protected from exposure. He details the plan “through which the FBI tried to prove the government conspiracy narrative—no matter the cost.” Keep in mind that Mueller is the one that the Deep State set on President Trump. Dirty business is Mueller’s business.
    ​ ​Pasin collects the evidence and weaves it into a compelling story. It is all there. The insider trading in advance of the airliner hijackings, the impossibility of cell phone calls from airliners in 2001, the anthrax letters sent to senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy which paved the way for the PATRIOT Act, the effort to blame American military scientists for the letters once it emerged that the anthrax was unique to a US military lab, the total implausibility of finding an undamaged passport in the rubble of the twin towers where fires allegedly were so hot that they melted steel.

    1. Thank you for bringing back this subject.

      Awful people devoted to the statu quo were behind that sad event on 9/11, which event brought to us the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Christ.

      Just looking the way the world has been since 9/11 is proof that we are in the return of the days of Noah. More and more people are of bad faith, similar to the days of Noah when Noah was the only man on earth to be of good faith.

      The good news is that the return of Jesus could be any day now and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I have really really seen enough bullshit.

      Thank you!

  7. I have a candidate for the new National Security Advisor:
    Tim Foley.
    I probably no longer qualify, as I got rid of my US citizenship years ago.

    1. advisor to whom? tim foley will be wasted on Warren or Sanders, never mind the rest… Tulsi’s only claim to her anit-war fame is her trip to Syria. her pro-war actions are well documented. it’s a long game, and tim foley should continue what he has been doing very well, for a while. timing is everything. i know you were half joking, but still my point stands.

  8. “Sorry, John, but your services are no longer required at the White House. But if you could apply your ‘scorched earth’ mentality to the problem of weeds, I could use you as a gardener at Mar-A-Lago.”

  9. Caitlyn, Love your posts, but I’d like to believe that you were a little off-base believing Democrats hated to see John Bolton leave the administration. I think they were commenting on the chaos and disarray of the Trump presidency. And I HOPE they realize just how bad Bolton really is…

    I know both parties are corrupt to the core, but there are, I hope and believe, individual politicians with with some integrity. And those MUST be happy to see John Bolton fade into insignificance.

    All the Best, Steve

  10. But you will have more of the same forever.

    Because we are in the return of the days of Noah and people are of bad faith and agree that lies govern the world:

    The good news is that it means the Second Coming of Jesus is very very near and I pray the Rosary to hasten His glorious return because I have really but really seen enough BS.

    1. Because today is the 18th anniversary of our servitude to the System’s elites behind 9/11, a little article on that matter should be appropriate.

      There is a strong spiritual side regarding that sad event. It is probably on that day that the days of Noah returned as it was written it would.

      Fortunately, it means the return of Jesus is near and it could be any day now. I pray the Rosary for His return to be as soon as possible.

  11. Hmmm

    What are the odds, given Trump’s recent “hires” that the next individual will be yet another rabid, far right wing, militant, dual citizen zionist israeli with close ties to NutenYahoo? Given that Trump’s administration is littered with them and many of his nominations for posts outside the White House are cut from the same cloth, wouldn’t it be nice to see a plain old fashioned moderate Protestant with ZERO ties to Israel fill the role? I realize this is a radical idea considering that despite all the “evidence” to the contrary constantly being rammed down our throats by the media and Washington, White Christian Protestants are still the largest single group in America. Imagine a key government advisor that actually comes from the majority……Oh and Jewish Americans still represent one of the smallest minority groups……

    Oh dear, is this me being a racist, white Supremacist again? If this line of thinking defines that label, then count me in……………

    1. sunlight (transparency) is the best antidote to the bedbugs. let them label the sunlight anti-semitic. nobody cares.

  12. Whereas the EU take down of Boris is most certainly not. Typical Etonian style, Bercow Buggery, staged/ arranged by Dominic Grieve. So, if its not a replay of the Dutch or the Irish the bastards will wreck an entire Constitution if needs be, and DID!

  13. Quote, ” Right now Bolton’s acting replacement is a neocon ghoul named Charles Kupperman, who analyst Jeffrey Kaye describes as “a Reaganite neanderthal Islamophobe, a creature of the defense industry, and a very close associate of Bolton himself,” and there are rumors that another vile neoconservative Bolton ally, former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz” Unquote. Are not BOTH these individuals DUAL citizens of Israel and the U.S. ? So let me guess which feces pile in the M.E. they will place FIRST on their concerns ????

  14. There is no question that Bolton is a piece of shit and a horrid war criminal, but never underestimate the capacity of Americans when it comes to bloodletting for money. As bad as Bolton is, somebody out there is worse. Trump will find that person.

    1. Violence (and greed) have been an American disease pretty much from the time the “Pilgrims” landed on these shores.

  15. Great opening pic! If a simple picture can be said to tell a thousand words, this Democrat Leadership mug shot of poster children for term limits tells us that each pixel shown here is worth some serious soul searching.

    Public servants from New York and California! Go figure.

    1. Soul searching ???? In America ??? You’ve got to be kidding. They have no souls.

      1. …and other Anglo-Saxons do? Or only the ones on your continent/island?

  16. “Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11” > VeteransToday(.)com > WTC vaporization declassified
    After nuking us into Afghanistan and Iraq, the US coated the Mideast with tens of thousands of ‘depleted’ Uranium artillery shells. Baby Bush gang are war criminals.
    ATF Fast & Furious armed drug gangs, killing hundreds (thousands?) of Mexicans. CIA Operation Zero Footprint armed the big Mo hood in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Libya and Syria killing over a million. The Obombie & Reptillary gang are war criminals.
    Prince and Princess Kushy keep placing war criminals in the MAGA cabinet. Orange man is becoming a war criminal puppet.

  17. I can not fathom anything good ever coming from ” The Evil Empire “. These people are all ” kill em all nuts “; they hate all the rest of humanity with a fanatical fervor way way beyond bloodthirsty. I really hope that I am wrong; but my gut tells me these demons are going to ” nuke some country real soon “!

  18. How badly do you need another reason to worry and fret ? I am absolutely embarrassed to recognize that the like of Trump and Pelosi are saying the same things I am. Pollyticks makes strange bedfellows. And it is politics – not prophecy. I loved this snark – get it before it’s pulled. Global Cooling :Inconvenient History ( right and rude ! )
    I have lots more on my sidebar and on file at Is it all a hoax – even with a ‘scientific consensus’ ? Well, the scientific consensus is nonsense. Future conditions have no data – they have not happened. No confirmation is possible. Since when does a situation like that become a ‘scientific truth. ? ROFLMAO

  19. Col Jack D. Ripper Avatar
    Col Jack D. Ripper

    I do like the fact that the linked tweets I followed all appear to have mass crowds of people objecting to the message. I checked the Daily Show tweet, and that went over like lead balloon with his audience. I checked the Nancy Pelosi tweet, and loved the response from her primary challenger and that I had to go all the way down to a Warren supporter (a Warren button is their icon) to find someone saying that Pelosi was correct in expressing love towards Bolton.
    That’s what gives me still a little bit of hope. Not a lot of hope, as I still think the human race is doomed. But at least a little bit of hope.

  20. Col Jack D. Ripper Avatar
    Col Jack D. Ripper

    I cracked up laughing earlier today when I saw a headline on the Democrat-tilted financial site Boomberg about how the world was now a more dangerous place with Bolton out of a position of power. I don’t see that exact headline now, but there are several more writers on similar themes. Boomberg is quite upset that Bolton is at least a step further away from being able to order people’s deaths.

    Note, I’m really talking about the site of the former Democratic mayor of NY who is a billionaire with his own ‘news’ site. I call it Boomberg because it follows the Democratic Party line of “We want nuclear war and we want it now.” The billionaire Democrat’s version of business news is strongly in support of anything that might cause a war. Thus, I have bestowed it with the name Boomberg.

    1. bloodbug would fit that pompous parasite too…

      1. Col Jack D. Ripper Avatar
        Col Jack D. Ripper

        Wall Street of course always supports a war. As the famous Vietnam anti-war song put it…..
        “Come on Wall Street, don’t be slow,
        Why man, this is war au-go-go
        There’s plenty good money to be made
        By supplying the Army with the tools of its trade,
        But just hope and pray that if they drop the bomb,
        They drop it on the Viet Cong.
        And it’s one, two, three,
        What are we fighting for ?
        Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn,
        Next stop is Vietnam.
        And it’s five, six, seven,
        Open up the pearly gates,
        Well there ain’t no time to wonder why
        Whoopee! we’re all gonna die. ”
        — Country Joe and the Fish “Vietnam Song”

  21. hahahaha… Trump has been doing a great job in making a big fucking mess out of the Deep State and wall street’s narratives. i prefer another zionist monster in that position so that everyone is very clear who owns and runs the USA

    1. WBUR, the NPR flagship in Boston, was counting all the places Bolton disagreed with Trump: Iran, Syria, North Korea, Ukraine, Venezuela, Afghanistan, and on and one. i was wondering how the presstitutes at WBUR would spin this, and then realized that they were actually gloating. that is, Bolton never intended to achieve anything other than bring chaos, mayhem, and misery to all those places, and he did succeed. Chaos is the optimal condition for the ghouls to loot and rule, always. exhibits A and B: 911 and 2007. he has done his job for his wall street masters, and turned the baton over to the next neo-con in the wings. the end game is for the ghouls to put the blame on Trump for chaos and mayhem and come out on top. watch.

  22. The MICS is so desperate for an enemy that Bolten was their head cheerleader! Would love to see him in a short dress and a pompom!

    We have no real enemy except climate change, and we’ve so prepared to fight the last war, we missed the most dramatic threat there is!

    I say again, 9 million sq miles of permafrost, an area the size of china, the US and most of Canada combined, is MELTING! We should be freaking out about this, not all this other crap flying around! The melting permafrost is releasing CO2, methane and anthrax FFS! Enough carbon to double the amount in the atmosphere. And the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet, causing more melting, etc.

    When the Corp Media owns 90% of mass media, what they tell us limits our ability to think, react, and demand.

    Bolten will be missed. OK, that’s over!

    1. Col Jack D. Ripper Avatar
      Col Jack D. Ripper

      We may actually be witnessing the end of human civilization as we know it as we read and type tonight. The Amazon is burning. The lungs of planet Earth as we know it are being destroyed. The really bad news is that a rain forest like the Amazon is that it requires a large area of vegetation to create its own climate which in turn is what actually makes a rain forest. You don’t recreate a rain forest by planting three trees in a park. It takes a large area such that the climate system creates the evaporation of waters to in turn create the common rains that give a rain forest its name. I saw an estimate that said if 20% of the Amazon is destroyed, the rest will just fade away into a Savannah, and the same article said about 18% was already destroyed before Bolsonaro’s friends put a match to the place for their own greed.
      Notice of course that none of the great humanitarian military powers are talking about bombing Brazil in due to their responsibility to protect civilization as we know it and keep a major remover of CO2 and a major source of O2 from being destroyed. Nobody has threatened bombing raids and missile strikes. Nobody is threatening sanctions. The destruction of Earth’s lungs doesn’t get near the response of a White Helmets video. And of course this is not the reason Bolton has been fired by Bolonaro’s best friend.

  23. I wonder whether Jobo’s departure offers some insight on what might happen, across the ditch, to Bojo.

    1. Bojo’s doing a great job of messing up that little shit hole aka UK. i’m grabbing more popcorn and enjoying the freak show on both sides of the Atlantic.

  24. you can vote for the evil Republicans , , ,
    the more effectively evil Democrats , , ,
    both are
    war-mongering, predatory capitalist, political parties.

    that’s the only choice you get in U.S. ‘ ‘democracy’ ‘

    1. Col Jack D. Ripper Avatar
      Col Jack D. Ripper

      The Soviet Union used to hold elections. You had to be a member of the Communist Party to run for office. Thus, I grew up being filled with propaganda that the Soviet 1 party system was evil. In the USA there are 2 parties instead of one. Otherwise, its very similar.

      You have to be a member of one of the two wings of the Wall Street War Party to run for office in America. The Democrats using trickery and authoritarian rules to push Rep. Gabbard off the debate stage is just another example.

  25. Cause for celebration! Trump has fired his outer Bolton; is he not one step closer to killing his inner Bolton? Say what you will, the man missed his calling – he has a face made for radio, and was overall bad for ratings. Tip of the hat to Tucker Carlson for stating the obvious in terms the POTUS could understand – Hope springs eternal! I will take it!!!

    1. hope achieves nothing. BDS will.

  26. Nice Thought of Day:
    Tulsi Gabbard might take the job, if offered.

    1. Tulsi stillhas been serving the Council On Foreign Relations, the den of the bloodsuckers, has voted to fund all wars, and also swore to support the demon-crap candidate no matter who. yes, i know she may be a slight improvement from Bolton, bleh… i prefer another zionist monster in that position so that everyone is very clear who owns and runs the USA.

      1. Col Jack D. Ripper Avatar
        Col Jack D. Ripper

        I love the way any decent candidate gets flamed and attacked on the internets. Anyone who might actually make a difference is nitpicked to death over anything that can’t be shown to be absolutely perfect. Usually right alongside all of the messages that try desperately to tell people not to bother voting. What passes for the American Left has the best chance since FDR to elect a President. Will that magically change the world into utopia, no, not likely. But it obviously has people scared.

  27. Sorry, I read all those comments as a criticism of the “chaos” of the administration, not as any ambivalence about Bolton.

    1. You read ’em right, Dan. That’s like, the point.

    2. the demon-craps hate the chaos in the evil empire. people inside and outside the US love it. clear not?

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