Hi all, just wanted to let folks on my mailing list know I’m taking a few days off but I’ll be back before long. Something bizarre and deeply disturbing has happened with my husband’s family and we’re both still reeling from it, so our whole delicate thing’s been thrown through a loop and our creativity’s gone into hibernation while we process stuff. I know if I try to write something now it will be very sub-par and uninspired, but it shouldn’t be too much longer. Thank you so much for reading my stuff and supporting my work; I appreciate you all so much.


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119 responses to “I’ll Be Back Soon”

  1. I’m so sorry that you & your partner are going through this, Caitlin. Best of luck!

  2. For those of you that like to know just what is going on ” behind the curtains ” there is this bit of enlightenment:

  3. All the best from Taiwan.

  4. Sorry to hear it, Caity. I hope everything will work itself out soon and that your energy and creativity will return full force. I can’t write or create when I am going through shit either. Much love, take care. See you on the other side!

  5. leave lots of hard evidence around, Caitlin, as that’s the only thing that will keep you safe from the goons…

    1. I hope to God this has nothing to do with the goons, particularly those that have it in for truth tellers. It is reassuring that Caitlin has been active on her Twitter account.

  6. Clearly we wish you well, Ms Johnstone!

  7. Today’s extradition hearing in London:
    “Assange ordered to court for extradition hearing
    . . .
    “Agence France-Presse
    “Published 10:46 PM, October 11, 2019
    “LONDON, United Kingdom – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was ordered Friday, October 11, to make his first in-person London court appearance to determine whether he can be released from prison as he fights extradition to the United States. . . .
    “London’s Westminster Magistrates’ Court judge Tan Ikram ordered Assange to appear in person for a case management hearing on October 21.
    “The final extradition hearing has been scheduled for February 28 next year.
    “Assange used WikiLeaks to publish classified military and diplomatic files in 2010 about US bombing campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq that proved highly embarrassing to the US government.
    “He has been making periodic appearances by video-link at administrative hearings as he tries to prove that he is no longer a flight risk and can be set free on bail due to poor health.
    “Assange looked gaunt and moved with caution as he walked into a prison holding cell and slowly seated himself to face the camera at Friday’s hearing, an Agence France-Presse reporter in court said.
    “He gave his name and age in a halting and slightly croaky voice while swaying back and forth with his shoulders slumped. . . .
    “Assange and his international supporters view all cases against him as political and his treatment as inhumane.”
    Assange ordered to court for extradition hearing — October 11, 2019

    1. “I am sure that the whole House will welcome the news this morning that the Metropolitan Police have arrested Julian Assange . . . This goes to show that in the United Kingdom no one is above the law.”
      — Theresa May, April 11, 2019
      That is, no one who reveals government crimes is above the misapplication of the law, e.g. their unlawful classification. Those who committed the crimes are above the law.

  8. ‘Modern mainstream feminism means flushing mothers and caregivers down the toilet while loudly celebrating the women who succeed in elevating the most toxic elements of patriarchy. Turns out “gender equality” really meant we’d be allowed to facilitate the worst inventions of men.’

    Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am, that you exist in this world, Caitlin? You earned yourself another donation, C.J.

  9. Wishing you both strength, grace and hope through the complication, whatever it is. Of course looking forward very much to your return, but take whatever time you need to not only sort things through, but to look after yourselves as well.

  10. All the best Caitlin, to you and you husband!

  11. Best wishes for yourself and your husband’s family. Stay safe.

    Rogue journalist safe, of course.

    1. amazing story. thank you very much for the link. everyone should read and share it. Udo Ulfkotte published his book, “bought journalists” in 2014, gave this “lecture” in 2015, and died in 2017… yeah… makes you go hmmm…

  12. As always, best wishes to Tim and Caitlin!!!! 🙂
    Here’s a DIY project on monitoring media bias. Look for whether the news outlets you follow are reporting on the crisis in Ecuador. The president, the same one who sold out Assange, has ordered big austerity measures and fuel price hikes. People are revolting. A large indigenous peoples march has reached the capital. The President has fled the capital. The public radio station that was reporting on the protests has been seized and taken off the air, and its director has a detention order out for him. Another leftists parliamentary deputy is also now threatened with arrest. Both charges are for essentially disagreeing with the government, but in modern Orwellian language it is said the are causing ‘discord’.
    So, how is this being covered? I checked one American site, and while it is full of the Hong Kong protesters (every day for weeks now) and is reporting on Navalny being called a foreign agent in Russia, Ecuador appears to be completely missing from the coverage. Likewise, the Guardian’s International section also completely omits any coverage of these protests, again after weeks of massive coverage of every little thing the protesters in HK do.
    Just more examples added to a very long list that says if you are letting corporations tell you what is really news, then you are being misled.

  13. Floyd Churnside Avatar
    Floyd Churnside

    Don’t let the Turkeys get you down as the old saying goes to you and your family, let the enlightened ones and mother nature takes it’s course. Take care!

  14. I am so sorry to hear about problems with your husband’s family. We are all thinking of you during this tough time and take your time coming back. Family should always come first!! Take care to both of you and our thoughts are with you.

    1. We, all of the readers of this wonderful site, hope all of the best for YOU, and that this too: Shall Pass, and it all works out in the end: “This too, shall pass.” I also am going through a “Broken Heart” Stage, so I spend that time playing my “Tongue Drums”, I just invested another $800.00 + in a new one, hoping against hope that my lost Love would deign to hear this song of Love, that I am playing Now, Maybe she will, and maybe she will not, I cannot Make Her Love me, that has to come Naturally, or it is not there at all, so all I can do, is play my heart-out, and hope she is there to Listen…..

  15. Just to let you know that someone in Heidelberg is thinking of you and I wish you and your husband, better days. Thank you Caitlin for the wisdom and clarity you share with us all.

  16. so lovely to know you are (both) putting self at the top of your ‘list’. Well done. All blessings to you both/ all

  17. Hope all goes well for family and you.
    Thank you for your work – it helps us to digest and make sense of today’s volatile world.

  18. Love and healing vibes to you and Tim, Caity, and the rest of the in-law clan who might have been affected.

  19. Wishing you both all the best and hope whatever it is gets resolved. Thank you for all you do, I regularly share your articles on a Facebook page I co-admin – you and other real journalists like you are rare gems in a flurry of shit that is the mass media! Be well.

  20. Take care and as much time as needed. Loved ones come first.

  21. Love, protection, sustenance to you both.

  22. Sending hugs from Oregon. You two are wonderful.

  23. Sorry for your troubles… here’s hoping for a happy resolution.

  24. Russell Baldwin Avatar
    Russell Baldwin

    Sending you metta healing.


  25. Wishing you love and all the best to you and yours. Hope you can keep your chins up. Take whatever time you need. We’ll all still be here. Xxx

    1. Shirley Ann Madeira Avatar
      Shirley Ann Madeira

      MUCH Love & Light. Be safe take the time you need.

  26. Katherine Schroeder Avatar
    Katherine Schroeder

    Wishing you and your family all the best. Take all the time you need.

  27. So sorry you and yours are going through a hard time. Take all the time you need and be safe out there.

  28. Take care Miss Cait!

  29. Sorry that you and your husband and your family are going through a tough time. Hang in there. Come back when you’ll up to it; we’ll all be waiting.

  30. Hope that whatever predicament your husband’s family is experiencing resolves to a better outcome. Best wishes …

  31. Alan McThredder Avatar
    Alan McThredder

    Well, we’ll just have to try and get by without our daily fix of insights and intellectual stimulation.

    Hope everything is okay for you guys.


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    Turned into hempcrete blocks means it will not rot back to the atmosphere
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  34. Divide and conquer mentality is such a virus! It takes so much energy. There seem to be so many forces at work upon us to give up our morale, and our solidarity with each other. You have been like the musicians on the Titanic. I pray we hear you again soon. You are family with us all. You do not have to be perfect. Write poems from your pain, if you want or whatever, it helps us know where you are at internally. No thing you share is unworthy if It’s what’s real for you. It doesn’t need to be graceful or witty. It’s understood. Write what is. Please, if you can, stay in touch with us. If the system is messing with you, tell us about it. There are so many ways they try to mess with our angels. Fly high! Rise up! Keep sending us postcards!

  35. Solidarity Caitlin. Hope your family problems will be sorted soon.

    1. I want to thank all of the people on this site who posted their comment wishing You the best, You have a lot of People who really Love You out here on the Net, so we all, I think wish you strength to get through whatever is troubling You. “There is here, in Immensity, a quality of Loneliness, Unspeakable, a loneliness so Great, it must be shared, as company is shared by lesser beings, So know, by this, that there is one out there, lonelier, than thou……

  36. The dark cloud will pass away in a day , and you both will glow again.

    Any service you think I can be of, I am an email away.

    1. The Future of this World, is to just make Music, and like all, just to Play along, like a Grand Orchestra, all, playing along, as One, that is how it will all come together, No More Work, Wage, Slaves, Just people singing along together One song, One People, Do not worry, it will all work out in the end, or perhaps; in the Beginning, this is My Prayer, and My Hope, that we can all Come Together, Right Now! The House of Mankind is built on all of us, we cannot build it alone, it takes all of US, building it together. This building together results in US joining together in a Universal Song, so why not Try to do this?????

  37. I hope that things work out as best they can for Tim’s family, and strength to both of you – although you are probably two of the strongest people I know of!

  38. My thoughts are with you both. These are indeed troubling times. I hope this gets through as there seems to be a problem with captcha. Much Love

  39. My thoughts are with you both. These are indeed troubling times. Love

  40. Keeping you both and your families in our hearts. <3

  41. All strength to you and yours Caitlin.

  42. Best wishes to you & your family.

  43. Best to everyone in your close circle

  44. Sending you and your family love and light ✨✨✨

  45. Goran Bozickovic Avatar
    Goran Bozickovic

    I will keep (all of) you in my thoughts. Lots of love!

  46. You, of all people, will know when it’s time to return. ‘til then, know that for every wellwishing post here, there are 100x as many with good thoughts for you both.

  47. So glad you got in touch, I was beginning to get very paranoid about my phone. Positive thoughts for a resolution to your problems. Your daily dose of sanity is greatly missed.

  48. Take care!

  49. Family comes first Caity and Tim…take as long as you need

  50. I hope it all turns out as well as possible. Thank you for all you do and thank you for handling this like a human being and not trying to be super-hero.

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  52. “Bizzare and deeply disturbing”

    Hey, stop talkin’ bout my sister-in-law.

  53. Dear Caitlin,

    Prayers for you and your husband’s family. May you safely negotiate these roiling waters and be back to normal soon!


    Sean Hogan

  54. Bizarre and deeply disturbing are my fields of expertise, my stock in trade. Reach out, if you need to.

  55. Bizarre and deeply disturbing are my stock in trade, believe me. Reach out if you need to.

  56. Wishing for You & Yours… Love, Support, Comfort!

  57. Many good thoughts and well wishes for your family’s healing and the return of creativity.

  58. You’re not allowed… regardless of your situation you’ve set us up to be as we are and we need you… I can’t say what I want or I’d be hunted down… your correctly bombastic remarks should not be stopped for any reason… please forgive me if this involves a personal tragedy but you chose your fight… come back now.

    1. Hey, Randell Frye, this is all trapped in time, it will all work out in the end, How could you possibly know what Caitlyn is going through, unless You are there? You seem to only want some-one to satisfy YOU, but You are not the only person in this world, other people are not here here to alleviate your feelings, or maybe make You feel a bit better for a moment in time, She speaks only for Her-self, If you dig these feeling’s you will follow along, If you care about Her, You will sit back and let itself work itself out. This also, shall pass, Patience is the watch-word Here!

  59. We will miss you, hope all works out well!

  60. wishing you and yours the best!!!

    But so as to keep the process moving how’s this for an incestuous gaggle of snakes: https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2019/10/the-epstein-mega-connections-3701625.html

  61. Please take the time you need to deal with what you need to. If, and when, you’re ready to write again we’ll be here. Until then, do what you need to.

  62. Your writing keeps me sane. Praying for the best for you and your family.

  63. Sherry R Bonner Avatar
    Sherry R Bonner

    So sorry to hear! Sending positive thoughts and good energy for peace, healing, and resolution. Please take all the time you need to. We’ll be here when you return.

  64. Joe Van Steenbergen Avatar
    Joe Van Steenbergen

    I would be lying if I said I had not been worrying about you; I sincerely hope things turn out the way you both want them to.

  65. Take your time, Caitlin. We love you!

  66. Diane Lipartito Avatar
    Diane Lipartito

    Oooo…”bizarre” and “deeply disturbing” are some of my least favorite words. Sorry they have come in as descriptors of your and your loved ones’ life. Hope they retreat soon and stability can return as best as possible. Sending good vibes.

  67. We are so lucky to have you in our (cyber) community, Caitlin!

  68. Charles Edward Fitzsimmons Avatar
    Charles Edward Fitzsimmons

    Dear Caitlin:
    Thinking of you. Praying, too. Sorrows are like furrows. The deeper they go, the richer the harvest.
    Much love,

  69. So sorry to hear about the family troubles. Take as much time as you need, and we’ll be waiting right here when you get back.

  70. Janice McKinley Avatar
    Janice McKinley

    Prayers for you and your family. Thank you for the amazing work you do helping us keep woke.

  71. I’ll admit I’ve been missing your words. Thanks very much for the explanation and know you and your loved ones are in my thoughts.

  72. Wishing you grace & strength in this process. You are wise to take the time you need. XO

  73. Sorry for your unexpected trouble. Will wait patiently until you’re back on track with much appreciated insight!

  74. Dear Caitlin,

    Ever since I first discovered you and your commentary/essays/poetry I have been struck by the brilliance (I am not being hyperbolic) and lucidity of your mind. I am lucky to have happened upon you.

    Wishing that you, your husband and family get through this time with grace. Thank you for touching so many of our lives.
    Take care,

    1. Goran Bozickovic Avatar
      Goran Bozickovic

      Yes, indeed … thank you Caitlin. And, thank you, Gina, for putting it so well. Much love.

  75. Behind you 100%. Hope things come around for you shortly.

  76. I wish you well.
    It’s hard being human sometimes.
    You’ll be back to this work, when you are almost done with that work, I suspect.
    We have to do the work that’s in our face each day.
    Peace, Sister

  77. Best wishes for dealing with your family emergency. Your words of wisdom will be missed.

  78. Wishing you and your husband all the best. You never know what is around the corner. Keep up the good work and follow your heart. It will never lead you astray.

  79. Collective punishment is a standard MO.

  80. Best wishes to you and your family.

  81. Sure hope it’s not the deep state, but it almost always is.

  82. Seeing into darkness is clarity,
    Knowing how to yield is strength.
    Use your own light
    and return to the source of light.
    This is called practicing eternity.
    Lao Tzu

    1. Be strong by being weak, if that’s what is needed. All will turn out how it needs to.

  83. Wishing you the best as you move through life’s challenges. Please take care of yourself, each other.

  84. I can’t thank you enough for being a (sane) voice in the wilderness. May your present challenges be short lived and lighter than they seem. You are loved. ❤️❤️

  85. Wishing you and TIm strength to get through this – take your time, be well!

  86. Take your time. We’ll be here when you you’re ready to write again. If you need If you need anything, support, kind words, etc. you know where we are.

  87. just started to wonder what was going on… trying hard to keep a lid on my imagination going into overdrive… take good care of yourselves and each other, Caitlin, safety is most important… everything else can wait.

  88. Sorry that you and your hubby are going through tough times. Hoping both of you will get back in a good soon.

  89. Wishing you all the best. No worries on the time off — you write faster than I can read anyway!

  90. Sounds like life has gotten pretty serious. Wishing you two the best possible outcome. Thanks for what you do, and the porch light will be on.

  91. Swetik Korzeniewski Avatar
    Swetik Korzeniewski

    Hope things work out and get better for your family. Enjoy your posts and analysis of the many situations we face. Such a contrast to the dreary propaganda posing as news back here in OZ. Best wishes, Swetik

  92. be back as soon as possible and good luck by clearing what has happened. And many thanks for all your good inspirations.

  93. Here’s hoping all goes well in coming to terms with the matters you refer to! We will always be ready for your essays whenever you (both) are able. Sincerely, Jim

  94. So sorry to hear this! I hope things are better soon.

    Please take care.

  95. So sorry to hear that. Take care of yourself and loved ones. See you when things settle down.

  96. Hope things get better, and wishing you the best! Take the time you need. Your loyal fan base will be waiting for you

  97. Love you, Caitlin. Wish I could send some strength and resilience to you both as you cope with your family’s ordeal.

  98. Sending you peace and love. Your post is scary; hoping you are ok.

  99. I hope you’re able to make your way through what is happening in your personal lives as well as possible. Best to you and yours.

  100. Hi Catlin, do whatever needs to be done, knowing this too will pass.
    Know too, you have our love and support and deepest appreciation for standing up and being the powerful voice that you are.
    With love and gratitude,

  101. Wishing you all the best as you cope. Rooting for you to work things out soon. Much love!

  102. I’m sorry to hear of your difficulties, sending good thoughts to you both

  103. Wishing you well. Looking forward to your return.

  104. I hope it all works out well for your family.

  105. Doesn’t sound good. I hope you’re all back on a even keel very soon!

  106. Andrew Thompson Avatar
    Andrew Thompson

    Good luck, you two! ❤️

    1. right back atcha — be well

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