In an attempt to contain the Covid-19 pandemic the president of the United States has just announced a 30-day travel ban between the US and Europe, the super-rich are flying off to disaster bunkers, and the NBA has just suspended its season.

If this is the first you’re hearing of this, go ahead and read it again if you need to.

This is all news that came out minutes prior to this writing. There may have been many other immense news stories by the time you read it.

This is a level of disruption that the world hasn’t seen in generations. Normal things that had been a routine part of people’s entire lives are just not there for them now, whether it’s normal socializing, watching the basketball game, or buying toilet paper at the store.

I said the following last month in an article titled “2020 Is Going To Get Much Crazier. Prioritize Your Mental Health.“:

“As I said back in November, things are going to get weirder and weirder throughout the foreseeable future. We’re coming to a point in history where the only reliable pattern is the disintegration of patterns, and 2020 has come storming out of its corner swinging for the fences working to establish this pattern with extreme aggression. We’re not going to hit a point of stability or normality this year, we’re going to see things get crazier and crazier and crazier. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know it’s going to be nuts.”

And by Jove if that isn’t proving true in some bizarre and unexpected ways. I certainly wasn’t expecting the coronavirus to play a role in that unpatterning at the time — in fact I was dismissive of it when it first emerged — but we’re seeing a disruption in collective patterns and routines like nothing most of us can even recall.

Here’s what I said back in November:

I often hear people in my line of work saying “Man, we’re going to look back on all this crazy shit and think about how absolutely weird it was!”


No we won’t. Because it’s only going to get weirder.


It’s only going to get weirder, because that’s what it looks like when old patterns start to fall away.


The human mind is conditioned to look for patterns in order to establish a baseline of normal expectations upon which to plan out future actions. This perceptual framework exists to give us safety and security, so disruptions in the patterns upon which it is based often feel weird, threatening, and scary. They make us feel insecure, because our cognitive tool for staying in control of our wellbeing has a glitch in it.


When you’re talking about a species that has been consistently patterned towards its own destruction, though, a disruption of patterns is a good thing. Our ecocidal, warmongering tendencies have brought us to a point that now has us staring down the barrel of our own extinction, and that is where we are surely headed if we continue patterning along the behavioral trajectory that we have been on. Only a drastic change of patterns can change that trajectory. And we are seeing a change of patterns.

This great unpatterning is going to continue, in many wild and unexpected ways. And things are going to keep getting stranger.

All of humanity’s problems are the result of our collective conditioning patterns throughout history. Where there is pattern disruption, there is the opportunity for pattern divergence. Where there is movement, there are gaps. Where there are gaps, there is an opportunity for light to get through.

The clear-eyed rebel’s job, therefore, is to watch for opportunities to help lead us as a collective along a brand new, healthy trajectory. There’s no way to know in advance what those opportunities will look like, because predictability is premised on pattern consistency. But they will appear, from unpredictable and unanticipated new directions. Wherever you see a gap, your job is to pour as much truth and wisdom and health into it as you can possibly muster.

Watch for gaps in the armor of the establishment oppression machine. Watch for gaps in the deluded nature of our society. Watch for gaps in the patterns, and use your wisdom and creativity to assist them in unpatterning as the opportunity presents itself.

2020 is still just getting warmed up.

Eyes wide, beautiful people.


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87 responses to “The Great Unpatterning Continues. Make Sure You Take Advantage Of It.”

  1. The 2011 movie “Contagion” is a story about how a bat in China infected a pig that infected a person who started a worldwide epidemic. What I find especially interesting is that one of the producers of this movie, Sanjay Gupta, is the chief medical correspondent for CNN. Though he is a neurosurgeon, not a virologist, the network is employing him to scientifically explain to us that coronavirus originated with a bat in China that infected a pig that infected a person who started a worldwide epidemic. Does art imitate life, or what?

    Thank goodness that BSL-4 lab at Wuhan university had nothing to do with it. Simple coincidence one of the fifty-odd facilities on earth that stores deadly pathogens is twenty miles from the market where COVID first appeared.

    Gupta was a White House fellow in the Clinton administration, also…. interestingly.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      What I find really interesting is how damn unoriginal the narrative of the perpetrators is. Money gives them access to weapons of mass destruction but it has not given them brains. Every atrocity the elite has committed is covered by a stupid simple minded story that is easy to pick apart by intelligent people.
      The simple stories tend to hold fast: AIDS or HIV came from monkeys, box cutters were used to hijack planes then those planes brought down two steel skyscrapers, the president of America has power, etc, etc

  2. Timewave Zero +7 Avatar
    Timewave Zero +7

    What is the real crisis behind the global Covid-19 psy-op?
    Why is there so much fear?
    We are living in the most significant times ever, because it is a time of great collapse.
    Either humanity disappears or a totally new way of life arrives.
    These moments are very critical, it is the greatest crisis humanity has ever encountered.
    The end of the old mind.
    Timewave zero +7
    All that was up will come down, and all that was down will go up.
    All the values will be reversed.
    A one hundred eighty degree turn.
    All the old structures will go topsy-turvy and chaos will intensify.
    Such a chaos has already appeared.
    In it, all criteria of morality will crumble, all old concepts will be destroyed.
    Times of crisis are both dangerous and immensely important.
    Dangerous for those who have no courage to explore new dimensions of life.
    These were the people who had enjoyed the obedience of the mind, and these are going to be the sufferers.
    The danger is for all those who have enjoyed the times when the society was settled, when there was no problem, everything was at ease, they were honored, respected.
    They are bound to disintegrate into different kinds of madness, because their mind was made by the society.
    Now the society is disintegrating, the mind cannot remain, its roots are in the society.
    It is constantly nourished by the society, now that nourishment is disappearing.
    All that you have been doing is writing your name on the sand.
    Time is just sand and nothing else.
    Time cannot give you any taste of the eternal, and without that taste one remains frightened of death.
    The invented self is always afraid, continuously afraid.
    It lives in fear, it lives in paranoia, it lives in neurosis.
    The discovered self knows nothing of the abnormal, perverted, neurotic mind.
    It becomes simple, it becomes ordinary, but that ordinariness is luminous.
    And these times of crisis are of tremendous significance for those daring souls who have never bothered about society’s respectability, its honors, who have never bothered about what others think about them, but have done only that which they felt right to do, who have in a certain way been always rebellious, individualistic.
    For these people the times of crisis are just golden, because the society is disintegrating.
    The daring individual can use this opportunity to go beyond mind, because now the society cannot prevent them, cannot hinder them.
    Now they are free.
    Just a little intelligence and it is impossible to remain part of the old mind.
    It has lost credibility, and not in one place, but all over the world.
    The people who will go beyond mind will create the new humanity, the new intelligence.
    And the most special thing to be remembered about this new awareness is that it will never become a tradition, that it will be constantly renewed.
    If it becomes a tradition it will be the same old mind.
    Consciousness has to become continuously new, every day new, every moment new, ready to accept any unexpected experience, any unexpected truth, just available, vulnerable.
    It will be a tremendous excitement, a great ecstasy, a great challenge.
    So I don’t think this crisis is bad, it is good.
    “What is intelligence?”
    If it can be existentially answered by you, here-now, authentically rooted in your own experience, it brings a transformation of life.
    Intelligence is nothing but wakefulness.
    Intelligence is an awakening to life itself.
    Being present within each and every moment.
    Living life with full awareness, gratitude, love and respect.
    Intelligence comes only when you discover yourself.
    Intelligence is the shadow of that discovery, the great exhilaration that happens when you have stumbled upon yourself face to face, when you have encountered yourself, when you know who you are.
    Suddenly you are rooted in existence, suddenly you are beyond time.
    Even death cannot kill you and fire cannot burn you.
    You are eternal.
    In that eternity all fear disappears.
    And when there is no fear there is freedom.
    So the question is of seeing, the question is of understanding your life, its unconscious motives.
    The question is to understand the darkness in which you are living.
    And the miracle is that if you can understand the darkness in which you are living, suddenly there is light, because understanding is light.
    If light, wisdom, intelligence can prevail in the world then life can become an enlightening process.
    And enlightenment will not be something rare, that it happens once in a while to somebody very special, it will become a very ordinary human experience, that only once in a while some really idiotic person misses.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      Thanks for those words. Related to what you are writing: My current work is outside, taking care of 5 acres. I love every moment of it. Sometimes a kind friend (who is difficult to communicate with because of language) wants to help me in my work. His take on work is to complete the job as quickly as possible then use the ‘saved time’ go and do something more enjoyable like sleep or sit down and smoke a pipe. I prefer to take my time and enjoy the work because if life is eternal there is no need to hurry!

    2. Thank you so much for your true words! Set me straight again

      And as for @ Step
      Good gone, mate. You can’t be here and now while in a hurry.

  3. I love you Caitlin.Thank you so much for making me feel sane again.

  4. Joie Bourisseau Avatar
    Joie Bourisseau

    Straight talk ~ “I say what I mean and I mean what I say” ~ that’s my way, and I LOVEloveLOVE when I meet other souls who speak to their own unique truth, unfettered by outer experiences of others &/or Society’s patterns. So glad I found you, Caitlin! Thank YoUS for yOUR honest communications. I also greatly appreciate your use of the term, “patterns”. I had been searching for how to express that overall breeding ground!

    Next week, I’ve felt inspired to speak to the residents of my Assisted Living Facility. I’ve received permission from the Administrator. Great Spirit had already given me a lineup on the topic of “Fear and Its Relationship to Illness” Your offering, here, gives some additional support. Oh yeah, I’ll be speaking to over 100 people whose average age is 85 yo! Prayers UP as we Indians like to say!

    Sharing the Blessings of US ALL, who are willing to keep leaping off the cliffs and opening to and exploring our personal relationships with our New Earth, founded with LOVE. Love is All ~ All is Love

  5. The best news of the day for me. Ms Manning to be let go.
    But on Thursday, the court dismissed the grand jury that Manning was being compelled to appear before, as its business had concluded. As a result, Judge Anthony J. Trenga in the Eastern District of Virginia ruled that Manning’s confinement should end.

  6. The Owners and the Masters of the universe at work.
    Old Ideas in New Bottles By Philip Giraldi
    A new front group preaches restraint while embracing interventionism.

  7. Chelsea has been released from prison. However, she’s still on the hook for $1,000 per day ransom by the State, which adds up to around $256,000. The Intercept has an article about Manning within which there is an embedded link which, when clicked on, leads to the following web site:
    I’d like to contribute some money to assist Chelsea in leading a hopefully normal life (although I no longer really know what “normal life” means nowadays). Anyway, does that above website look like a legitimate site that will transfer funds to Chelsea? Thanks.

    1. She should not pay those ******s a dime, but rather seek asylum in some country without any extradition treaties with the Great Satan. Maybe she should escape TO Cuba. All these Cubanos dancing to the Mavericks in this video look perfectly happy with life to me.

      You did your best to try to save America, Chelsea, no need to sacrifice any more for an ungrateful nation. Save yourself.

      1. Good suggestion. Chelsea would as well be afforded pro bono professional medical services and likely find a supportive societal “family” as well.

    2. What we’re looking at here is 25,600 people kicking in $10 a head. I like the idea of 51,200 people kicking in $10 to give the kid some cushion for the fall that he’s taken for every one of us.

  8. “The clear-eyed rebel’s job is to watch for opportunities to help lead us as a collective along a brand new, healthy trajectory.” Sounds good; but who does the leading? And how do we become part of a collective? Do collectives have leaders? Or does everyone do their own thing and hope for the best? I recommend that dissidents should study, understand and collectively put into practice the revolutionary strategy and tactics which Yeshua trained His Ambassadors to teach and practice. Unfortunately, His revolutionary strategy and tactics are so brilliant, exceptional and powerful that this is way above the mental abilities even for highly intelligent and well-educated people who fail to grasp what Yeshua said and meant. Read more of this here:

  9. Well they got everyone exactly where they what us, crippled with fear, isolated in our cubicles. No longer allowed to attend cultural and sporting events. Very limited social exchange. Schools closing. All information now only via the narrative managed internet. The financial engineers are deliberately crashing the economy and will pilfer everyone’s savings and super. The trap is closing fast.
    How can we get angry at a virus?
    The perfect crime.

    1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
      Michel Bélisle

      This gentleman is of a similar opinion:

      In our days which are the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus, everything is possible. We have to pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus.

    2. “No matter how cynical you get, it’s impossible to keep up.” – Lily Tomlin

  10. Vis-à-vis the putative – and much touted pandemic – an old bumper sticker springs to mind: KILL YOUR TELEVISION!

  11. When times become chaotic and revolutionary, there is always a struggle over what comes next. Such struggles shape generations to follow.
    There’s a chance (slight) that human civilization can be saved if the forces that want peace and cooperation among humanity prevail (for once) over the forces that want division, hatred and war.
    Good luck out there!

  12. Doc, reaching out to you through Caitlyn’s blog. Please review and comment on this article. Sorry to have go to you this way bit this could be helpful to all.

    1. Meant for john day

    2. Ah, the Right and their hatred for science. Amazing if that ends up causing the collapse of civilization. Nihilistic hackers used to dream about crashing the one system that causes the other system to crash and crash all of civilization. This virus has that potential. Not because it causes everyone to die from the disease, but because it crashes other systems which trigger more dominoes. Human Kind has forgotten that there really are Existential Threats that sometimes need to be fought off, so instead the humans squabble among themselves when they need to be working together to survive. But then again, the Right has done much to undermine the idea of working together as a community, which itself is crippling America at a key moment.
      I do love the propaganda technique of assigning an enemy and somehow implying that its only the CDC that’s trying to warn of the dangers, which itself gets smeared with the word “fearmongering”.
      The Chinese are amazed and worried that few seem to want to learn the lessons they had to learn so hard and at high cost.
      Read about how this “no worse than the common flu” overwhelms even countries that try to provide health care, making people die because they can’t be aided in overflowing hospitals and others die because the hospitals can’t cope with anything else. When it gets loose in the nation which views health care as a profit source and thus restricts access, all heck can break lose.
      “WHO has been assessing this outbreak around the clock and we are deeply concerned both by the alarming levels of spread and severity and by the alarming levels of inaction,” the WHO director Tedros Adhanom said.

      “We can expect the number of cases, deaths and countries affected to increase” in the coming days and weeks, he added.
      Alarmed by the spread and alarmed by the level of inaction.
      This is from an organization that usually downplays other crisis like Ebola, and its a far leap of right-wing conspiracy theory to say that they are out to get Trump like those evil scientists at the CDC. I think Trump and MBS took the same Crazy Pill. Both are paranoid and see Enemies coming out of the woodwork. Of course, its not hard for the paranoid to belief that the whole world is out to get them. But usually they don’t control nuclear weapons. But now Trump is so Crazy that he even sees conscientious doctors who believe its their job to work to prevent millions of deaths as Enemies Out To Get Him.
      People now use the term “Fiddling While Rome Burned”, in reference to Emperor Nero and yet another big fire. In coming times, the phrase will be “Tweeting While the Virus Spread”. President Trump will earn his immortality in the same fashion as Emperor Nero. Except with a lot more dead bodies than that even a crazy Roman Emperor could fantasize about.
      The new right-wing slogan …. Make America A Morgue Again.

  13. In many ways we have crystallized and our social crystal is quite literally breaking at the seams to let the energy in, where we need a more all inclusive amorphous approach we have a simplistic symmetrical exclusive approach easily broken by too much energy. I see the above article and the below link as related:
    This actually segues with what we know macroscopicly, ordered arrangements break macroscopicly along seams while disordered arrangements have no seams to break along. When a stone block wall with consistent stone sizes in orderly arrangement is pounded with cannon balls it gives way because it has consistent seams, but when rubble is pounded with cannon balls it remains mostly as is because it has no consistent seams, when we try to resonate individual objects of the same size they can be displaced easily, such as a pyramid of champagne glasses all of the same size all can break at once utterly destroying the pyramid with a single frequency of relatively low energy, but when we fit together glasses of differing sizes to make a pyramid it is much harder to destroy the whole pyramid, it requires many frequencies and so much more energy. We can tear cloth which has orderly seams but not leather which does not have such seams. Concrete with consistent grains is easily broken with little energy but with inconsistent grains is much harder to break, it takes a lot more force, wood with consistent grain is easier to split than metal without consistent grain
    I think perhaps all glass contains a member of the oxygen family in its chemical make up, this family having much to do with resolving chemical energy issues of all kinds, if not I’d love to know!
    The last bit suggests that quantum mechanical assumptions may break down at a certain point.

    1. Rubble pounded by artillery fire bounces and then lands in new patterns. Its more a chaotic thing than an unchanging steady-state.

  14. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle


    You are kind of a prophetess.

    Yes the Super-Rich are going to their bunkers waiting for the storm to pass to return to their “business as usual” i.e. what Sir Thomas More describes like this in his famous book “Utopia”:

    “I can have no other notion of all the other governments that I see or know, than that they are a conspiracy of the rich, who, on pretence of managing the public, only pursue their private ends, and devise all the ways and arts they can find out; first, that they may, without danger, preserve all that they have so ill-acquired, and then, that they may engage the poor to toil and labour for them at as low rates as possible, and oppress them as much as they please”

    What is very very depressing is to observe that there is no crisis that can change the mindset of the wealthy ruling elites.

    But this behavior was also prophesied by the Apostle John:

    “And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk:” (Revelation 9:20)

    No doubt we are in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I more than ever pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because He is the only Hope for mankind.

    1. Off-topic, but the bible brigade just knocked on my door and woke me from a pleasant dream. Leaving me with the question …..
      If there is a God, why does She need missionaries?
      God is all powerful, and all knowing. So first off, shouldn’t someone on a mission from God already know my name when I answer the door?
      But more basic, why does God have to go around door-to-door telling people of Her existence? If God is all powerful, shouldn’t she have designed this little universe such that everyone automatically knew of Her existence?
      Some would say She did, describing moments of beauty and peace that prove the existence of God. Does anyone ever notice that almost all of these moments involving getting far, far away from other human beings. People never describe being stuck in a giant traffic jam as an experience that proves the existence of God.
      Everyone who believes in God has one even deeper belief, and that is that the creation of human beings marks the pinnacle of God’s design. Human beings are said to have been created in the image of God. So, why is it that one must get far, far away from God’s greatest creation to feel the presence of God in the world?
      Ahh…. just thoughts the missionaries left behind.

  15. “When the world turns weird, the weird turn pro.”
    — the late, great philosopher, Hunter S. Thompson.
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    Think about it. Who is more likely to be able to adapt to their comfortable box being taken away? Those who’ve cringed inside the box refusing to acknowledge any reality outside that box …. or the psychonauts who’ve been exploring outside the box all of their lives?
    Remember to be kind and gentle to the non-freaks who are sure to be totally freaked out by all of this. Give them a hand, show them kindness …. show them that’s there’s always been a better way outside their rigid box.

  16. Agree, I wasn’t going to post till I read the comment, Mr. Day’s ‘Don’t panic!’ Ever read ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ by Douglas Adams, Ms Johnstone? It’s a brilliant book and right before the hero ‘hitchhikes’ on to a spaceship, he has to watch his house be bulldozed for a completely irrelevant thru’ way; in a parallel way, planet earth is ‘bulldozed’ for a planetary thru’ way and there is great writing about the bureaucracy of inefficiency in government. The book is such a great metaphor for what is happening, as you say, patterns are changing. Everything is literally falling down. The guide in question literally begins with the phrase ‘Don’t Panic’ and that is such a great epithet for what we’re all about to go through. I totally agree it’s about to get weirder.

    Case in point, India. It is a developing country with a BILLION people. And, home of the largest public health system in the world. Coronavirus has certainly struck it with people going to hospital, but NO ONE DYING. In contrast, the US, a first world country with 330 million people has 38 dead with THOUSANDS anticipated. No public health. Bit of a fiasco with virus testing kits. A ban on all flights from Europe. Closure of all public meetings. Anticipated school closures. Yeah, things are getting weird, and money, obviously, not buying everything

    1. Small Correction ….. the ban is on all flights to Europe EXCEPT for countries with Trump Resorts.

    2. Ah ….. and Thank You. 🙂
      Those five books might have to be added to my self-isolation reading list. Its been a few years since the late Mr. Adams made me laugh. Time to take off with my Infinite Improbability Drive and my “Somebody else’s Problem” field which makes me invisible because everyone sees me as somebody else’s problem.

    3. Are you serious. India is poor, underfed, with poor hygiene. They are simply not testing people. No test, you are not counted as dying from virus. Common sense tells you that is happening.

      1. Actually, I am serious. Common sense, I think, went out with the bathwater. Like Abbie above says, the EU travel ban except for American citizens coming back from European holidays and bringing gifts–they’re somebody else’s problem.

        1. Of course people are dying in great numbers in Africa, India and China. China covers it up and the others are ignored. Not weird. It is the selective reality of the media. It is the reality of the world today. False reality but still reality. We come back to the old adage if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, did it fall. Of course it didnt fall per our MSM. Just as i know that i will never catch this flu because i dont intend to get tested.

          1. The most realistic criticism of media, in general, is the idea of American exceptionalism. There is presumption that things are better in America compared to every where else. Like what you said about India, its water, people underfed etc…Flint is one of many communities in the States where water is toxic and the average age of dying in the States is falling. People survive on foodbanks there, maternal healthcare is crashing; for a first world nation, things aren’t good. I am sure you’re right that every country is lying about its statistics, including the States. I figure India is doing better than the US because of public health. The fact it is still counting the same sort of patient numbers as the States is positive; its got 700 million more people.

            1. I think we are in agreemrnt. Today Indis just had thrir first death. No coincidence hexwas at a private hospital that hr paid for which tested him. I am pretty sure india is not wasting money on testing kits for the grneral population.

  17. Sometimes just the title of an article can cause a person to read the entire article before developing an opinion about it. I have read this article but I have no opinion about it.
    Here Are Nine Big Lessons That Sanders Needs to Learn From Trump
    by Joaquin Flores!

    1. Wow, so now the Russians want Sanders to be like Trump.
      As a long-time observer of American politics, I’d say the one thing that Sanders forgot to do was to become a billionaire before seeking the Presidency. If Sanders had spent his life robbing people and becoming an oligarch, then he’d have the power to do what he wants to do. Then he could have the power of Right-Wing Today behind his movement.

      1. Enough with the Russian-baiting already. If Trump can appoint a Venezuelan president, Putin can damn well appoint an American president. Those are the rules of the game now.

  18. People are like moths. We flock to the biggest light. When the light goes out we wander off looking for another dimmer light. When the big light comes back on we flock back to it. Thus our patterns only change until the status quo continues. Human nature. If you want human patterns to permanently shift you must ensure the large light stays off.

  19. Hmmm

    Just think if Washington had spent even a tiny fraction of the 10+ Trillion it wasted on israel’s war for empire protecting America by securing our borders by building walls and placing some of the troops on our own borders to protect Americans instead of israeli jews.

    One of Trumps biggest campaign promises along with cheaper prescription drugs and pulling our troops out of the totally unnecessary wars in the Middle East that failed to deliver. In fact, he more or less had done the exact opposite. Drug prices are up. War in the Middle East is now a powder keg waiting to explode and our Southern border has a sum total of only couple of miles of additional fencing…..

    How did Israel react to this new crisis? Why they sealed their borders and are keeping their citizens behind the safety of border walls bought and paid for by US tax dollars courtesy of the Congress and White House going back decades… It is high time we call it what it is: TREASON.

    And the Democrats are equally guilty in putting israel’s welfare ahead of America’s and denying the American people the protection they paid for with their hard earned tax dollars…….

    1. Notice what you are not hearing:
      -We heard that Trump’s Big Great Construction Boondoggle was a National Emergency and billions of dollars had to be taken from the military to build it because it was such an emergency.
      -I’ve not heard a single voice saying that in this emergency we must immediately divert money from the Pentagon to health care.

    2. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      The expensive protection of the terrorist state of Israel is indeed bizarre when infrastructure in the USA is deteriorating. It must be very upsetting for members of the Jewish diaspora who believe that Israel should not even exist. The psychopathic and barbaric behaviour of the Zionist is slowly but surely turning the people of the world against Jews yet again. Are ordinary Jewish people unable to differentiate themselves from the dangerous Zionist ones?

  20. Don’t Panic!

    Change everything you habitually do.
    Become hyper-aware of everything your hands touch: your face, all surfaces that other people touch, other people’s hands and faces.
    Stop Touching all that!
    Fastidiousness is not neurotic this year. Fastidiousness is is helping preserve society this year.

    Stay home!

    1. Doc, reaching out to you through Caitlyn’s blog. Please review and comment on this article. Sorry to have go to you this way bit this could be helpful to all.

  21. So Tom Hanks, actor, and his actress wife now confirmed diagnosis of covid-19 and in isolation in Gold Coast, Qld., hospital.

    1. Its the jet-setting rich that are going to kill us all.
      A new virus hotspot in America is in Aspen, CO where a group of rich tourists brought in the virus.

      1. Tom and wife were shooting a movie there that has stopped production

  22. Disclaimer first: I’m not going to discuss whether or not astrology works. It works for me. If it does nothing for you or raises your heckles, that’s perfectly fine.
    The Heart of Weirdness is set for midwinter 2020. That’s the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Those conjunctions have all been in Earth signs for the past two hundred years or so and will all be in Air signs for the say 200 years to come. All in all, that’s a 800-year cycle. That’s what the growing pangs are about.
    So in the words of Hunter S. Thompson, if the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, so if you get any chance, it’s good to get some of those precious sun rays on your skin. And if you must hunker down in place for the pandemic, I suggest Eugene Ionesco’s “Rhinoceros” with the great Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel for your viewing pleasure. It seems more apropos than ever right now.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      Astrological influences may in some cases overlap seasonal circumstances. Terms such as midwinter 2020 don’t really have an astronomical or astrological context because winter and summer only effect latitudes 23 degrees through to 90 degrees north and south alternately.
      I agree sunlight is very important, along with a healthy diet and healthy microbiome. The panic associated with the virus hype is probably more dangerous than the pathogen released in Wuhan.

      1. Yeah that was sloppy. I meant December 21st.

  23. One of the things I admire about you is that you can see these patterns. I saw them too and if I’d written down things like my suspicions when the Seth Rich murder was first reported or my ideas about why 9/11 happened, I’d maybe be a respected thought leader like you. Just knowing I’m not the only one who’s seen them makes me feel less like a miscreant and more like an enlightened human.

    1. It takes a lot of hard work. That’s one reason I admire what Tim and Caitlin have accomplished. I tried having a blog and writing down my thoughts which are very much in line with this effort. I had about 3 readers. Thus, I know from experience that a lot of hard work goes into building a readership.
      🙂 😉 🙂 😉
      And yes, it is wonderful to find out or remember that you are not alone in thinking such thoughts, and that its the philanthropic centrists on corporate TV who are really crazy.

      1. To be fair, it is not just Ms. Johnstone, but also her other readers, like yourself, that prove to me I’m all too sane!

  24. A most empowering post Caitlin. Thank you.

  25. Well, all this chaos is a major change of pace to those of us in the West and in the developed East. But the fact is that we have long been a major dispenser of chaos and woe both to millions of individuals and entire societies. Why do people call the United States the “Empire of Chaos?” Nature is finally giving the empire a taste of its own medicine, which I don’t wish upon us anymore than I gloat about the carnage we’ve wrought across the globe. All I’ve ever wanted for everyone is tranquility, mindfulness and ever expanding awareness which I accrue through pragmatic study and analysis of the environment into which I’ve been thrown. Some of you practice other disciplines to achieve enlightenment for yourselves. In the cruel real world it seems we also need to cultivate a good measure of stoicism because circumstances are always changing, often in less than beneficial ways.

    1. Well, Boeing seems to be crashing. (See At present, the stock price crash seems to have more to do with the MAX disaster and the company’s financial mismanagement. COVID-19 has yet to weigh in. No doubt there will be an effort to provide a bailout for the rich.

  26. Seamus Padraig Avatar
    Seamus Padraig

    Welcome to the Age of Kali!

  27. I think “medicare for all” in AmeriKKKa is about to become much more popular.

    1. That would be a “normal” panic response. Panic is only useful in an immediate physical confrontation, where adrenaline and primitive response is necessary. Detrimental when reason and logic are required.

      1. ‘Reason and logic’ don’t work with the American electorate. (Or maybe any other.) Therefore, if people want Medicare for All, they might as well use the crisis to push it. The crisis will be mismanaged anyway, but maybe some good will come of it by chance.


  29. Chaos Theory is the mathematics that most successfully models the behavior of dynamic systems, such as those found throughout nature, including our bodies and brains, but also including the formations of ferns, coastlines, snails, galaxies, and just about everything else. The cool images of infinite, self-similar patterns revealed in fractal geometry reveal visual reality of this, and underscore the old alchemical dictum, “As above, so below.” (Go watch a “fractal zoom” or two on youtube if you haven’s seen one yet.)
    In Chaos theory, patterns repeat and repeat, with tiny “incremental” variations, until at unpredictable points the whole array collapses into “chaos.” When that happens, minuscule new patterns (called Chaotic Attractors) become the seeds of a whole new set of patterns, which expand and go on indefinitely.
    I think the point here is that this is going on right now in the human world. We are seeing old patterns collapse into chaos, and this can mean that units as small as individual people can become the Chaotic Attractors for new kinds of patterns to form. So, if that’s true, it gives sanity a chance to emerge and prevail, especially if some of us are resilient enough to hold steady in our own balance and mental and bodily health.
    This is why I love to read what Caitlin writes. She can slug it out politically while remaining a clear and compassionate human. Good on ya’!

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      You may have already seen this YouTube clip Robert. If not, I think you will like it.
      Sorry I don’t know how to paste a clickable URL

  30. The alleged coronavirus pandemic is, in reality, a “pandemic live exercise” following Event 201, the “pandemic tabletop exercise” in October last year.

    “Live exercises” (of which COVID-19 is just one on a very long and broad continuum that includes big terror events or just a little axe-wielding thing up the road in your local shop) have certain rules. Two overarching golden rules are:

    — Obvious anomalies are deliberately introduced to undermine the reality of the story.
    — Nothing is faked so well that a believer of the story can brandish it in support of its reality.

    Two simple, golden rules that are NEVER broken.

    They could give us a real dead body (say, taken from a morgue) to throw a complete spanner in the claim of fakery, but they never do.
    They could have a griever cry in a convincing manner, but they never do.
    They could make their discrepancies less obvious, but they never do.

    They implement their “live exercises” by the book and really go out of their way to ensure lots of signs of fakery without anything convincing with which to back their story.

    They implement their hoaxes with blaring signs and lack of reality flawlessly while our analysis pathetically ignores, glosses over, does not accord correct significance to and even denies the evidence they push in our faces.

    If you haven’t noticed a few anomalies in the COVID-19 story then you really haven’t been paying attention. If you have noticed some, please give a better rationale than “live exercise” with concomitant deliberate anomalies and absence of convincing evidence.

    I so wish there were an anglo person like Vittorio Sgarbi, Italian art critic, art historian, politician, cultural commentator and television personality, who tells it like it is. Virus of the asshole, who the fuck is this person, who the fuck is that person to say this or that? He asks, “I am the only person telling the truth?” Go Vittorio.

  31. Thanks for this, Caitlin! You are an inspiration!

  32. I love you. I needed this. Inspiring. You put light in the cracks angel! Sending you a big hug from my heart to yours.

  33. Yes, the old patterns are breaking down, and I hope this weirdness seems to be a search for new ones (with a few people clinging to old ones that worked in the past.

    We like to be comfortable, and feel we have some control. Stocking up on toilet paper (or hoarding anything) feels we have some control, even though it does no good. Same as claiming that emission control/not burning fossil fuels gives us change over climate change because we can’t control the variation in solar output (and even go so far as refusing to believe the solar radiation figures the authorities collect each day.

    Crichton’s 2004 thriller, State of Fear, ostensibly has a plot involving eco-terrorists doing what the climate extinction fake ecologists are doing now before escalating into mass murder. But the real theme was that everyone who wants to control the population tries to generate a state of fear and offers a solution that makes us feel comfortable while naking the fearmongers a profit.

    1. Actually, the patterns breaking down, those of world wide tyranny and constant war, are relatively new. Their breakdown could return us to more peaceful patterns with more liberty, or it could result in the Sociopaths In Charge going full tyranny, on steroids. I pray for the former.

    1. Early reports said that COVID-19 virus actually weakened the adult immune system to such an extent that “harmless” bacteria we normally carry are having a severe affect. Since infants have a different but temporary immune response, they are less susceptible. So it makes sense that antibiotics may work on those bacteria they can target.

    2. Lawrence Broxmeyer had his medical license revoked in the state of NY in the mid 90s, was unable to reinstate in OH after multiple attempts and later NJ rejected him as well. It is illegal for this man to practice medicine which is why he writes books like how AIDS, Autism, Parkinsons and Alzheimer’s were all caused by bacterial infections. Apparently, COVID-19 is too! Shocker.

  34. Interesting. Huh. Some individual citizens have been saying this a couple years. Just cause you and yours are just waking up though only means y’all have a job to do. Aside from y’alls egos.

  35. Ah, the shit is not about to hit the fan; the shit is about to wipe out your house and your entire neighborhood. The Cosmos is about to take its revenge. Cities are going to fall apart and crumble. The store shelves will be empty. At 75 there is nothing that I need to prepare for; this is it! Ah, the Buddha Ms Caitlin speaks the truth!

  36. excellent, painful, and what the fuck!!! We do not take to the streets. We do not burn tires, and block roadways. We eat our corn flakes, and drink our Tropicana. Fortunately we still have clean drinking water, at least for the moment. You and I have never lived in such idiocy. I am going to my farm tomorrow. Several hundred miles from Hoboken. I think I will be safe, at least from the virus, but not from the angst we feel every moment, regardless how many miles from nowhere. Thanks again. tom golden, ph.d.

  37. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
    Step O’Rafferty

    Glad you see it that way Caitlin. A paradigm shift is what we have been waiting for. Who knows what will happen over the next few months. I hope people will co-operate with each other and take care of each other. Most of the people who I speak with understand that the virus is no worse than the flu but with spanners thrown in the works such as travel bans the political and economic impact of the virus are going to far exceed the effects the virus has on community health.

  38. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn Zaremba

    Also, Chelsea Manning tried to commit suicide today. Dreadful news.

    1. I know..she’s had enough, bless her.
      “Why am I, who simply revealed the truth about US war crimes, in prison after Obama pardoned me?”

      1. “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
        — unknown (sometimes attributed to Orwell, but apparently not actually found in 1984)

    2. Seamus Padraig Avatar
      Seamus Padraig

      I didn’t know that, Carolyn. Thanks for the update. Let’s all say a prayer for Manning … and Assange.

    3. Not surprised. A victim of a Kafkaesque “legal” system, where truth is punished and lies rewarded. Bound to put a lot of psychological pressure on any reasonable person.

    4. I realized after reading about Manning’s attempted suicide yesterday that I or anyone could send a short, loving message to her twitter account. We all should, as I don’t know how else to help her.

  39. So much yes! ❤️

  40. Beautiful ! thanks so much Caitlin

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