Things are getting stranger and stranger. If you would have told someone ten years ago that Dennis Rodman would one day be helping to negotiate peace between North Korea and President Donald Trump, they would have assumed you were describing some weird movie cooked up in the mind of Mike Judge or the South Park guys. But in this timeline it’s an actual news story.

Everything about the last few years has been weird. The mass media’s behavior has been weird, Russiagate was weird, Ukrainegate is weird, a former presidential candidate accusing a current presidential candidate of working for the Kremlin was weird, people constantly accusing strangers on the internet of being Russian agents is weird, factions of the US government constantly leaking information against other factions of the US government is weird, the DNC getting caught rigging their primary was weird, Hillary Clinton losing the election was weird, the Skripal poisoning was weird, US government officials openly tweeting about their Venezuela coup is weird, the breakdown of the entire mainstream Syria narrative is weird, Assange’s arrest was weird, the campaign to censor the internet is weird, and this is just stuff off the top of my head from the areas I’ve been looking at in my own narrow spectrum of focus. Anyone else could list dozens of other weird new developments from their own slice of the information pie.

I often hear people in my line of work saying “Man, we’re going to look back on all this crazy shit and think about how absolutely weird it was!”

No we won’t. Because it’s only going to get weirder.

It’s only going to get weirder, because that’s what it looks like when old patterns start to fall away.

The human mind is conditioned to look for patterns in order to establish a baseline of normal expectations upon which to plan out future actions. This perceptual framework exists to give us safety and security, so disruptions in the patterns upon which it is based often feel weird, threatening, and scary. They make us feel insecure, because our cognitive tool for staying in control of our wellbeing has a glitch in it.

When you’re talking about a species that has been consistently patterned towards its own destruction, though, a disruption of patterns is a good thing. Our ecocidal, warmongering tendencies have brought us to a point that now has us staring down the barrel of our own extinction, and that is where we are surely headed if we continue patterning along the behavioral trajectory that we have been on. Only a drastic change of patterns can change that trajectory. And we are seeing a change of patterns.

Sure it’s sloppy as hell. Pattern disruption always is. Show me someone who recovered from a severe addiction to hard drugs who enjoyed a smooth, easy transition into sobriety with no major changes in their life besides the absence of substance abuse. Show me someone who left an abusive long term relationship whose life wasn’t drastically upended by it. People see safety in patterns, even unhealthy patterns, and they build their own patterns on the patterns of those in their lives. When any of those patterns disappear for anyone involved, it can feel unsafe for many people around them.

When patterns first start vanishing, it can look like things are getting worse. Because a disappeared pattern is an absence of something and not a thing in itself, people don’t see it, because the human mind is naturally drawn toward things and not the absence of things. So their attention will be drawn toward whatever things start to happen in the absence of the old pattern, which won’t necessarily be a pleasant or attractive thing, and they’ll say “Oh no! Things are getting worse now!” No they’re not. An unhealthy pattern disappeared, and in its absence something unappealing fell into place for a bit. But the absence of the old unhealthy pattern is a good thing, and in the long run will lead to good results, in the same way that leaving an abusive marriage may lead to financial hardship and stress in the short term but will lead to thriving in the long term.

I have become convinced in my personal life that humans are far more capable of breaking patterns than they realize. There’s an intelligence running things below the loud thinky noises of our inner narrative generators which most of us aren’t aware of, but which I’m convinced is disappearing old behavior patterns in our species, both collectively and individually.

We’re all mentally aware that things need to change away from the patterns we’ve been collectively engaged in, but we’ve been unable to bring about those changes in patterning because our efforts to do so arise from the same conditioning patterns that got us into this mess in the first place. Our patterns have led us to violent revolutions, but those just lead to governments which end up perpetuating the same old patterns we were trying to end. Our patterns have led to nonviolent political movements, but those end up being co-opted and their energy fed into the same collective patterning. Despite being told in movement after movement that the real enemy is the King or the Emperor or the aristocracy or the Jews or the Communists, over and over again the real enemy behind the curtain has ended up being our own conditioned tendency to keep repeating the same collective behavior patterns.

That’s what seems to be evaporating. Not because anyone came up with the Ultimate Political Ideology in their thinky brains, not because some clever revolutionary came up with the Ultimate Plan for Toppling the Status Quo, not because some adept killers killed those in power and replaced them with themselves, but because this mysterious guiding intelligence running the scenes far below the level of verbal thought has been disappearing our patterns in a way we don’t notice because we’re not conditioned to notice absences.

The observation of the obvious fact that humankind is deeply conditioned is what has led to philosophical debates throughout the ages of the existence of free will. How can a species so beholden to its preconditioned patterning have freedom of choice in its actions? In my experience the answer is that there is something at play within each of us which provides the potential to discard old patternings. We don’t have any free will as to how a given conditioned behavior pattern will play out as long as we’re still holding them, but there is something in all of us which is capable of opening the door to relinquishing a mental habit altogether. This is the only extent to which free will may be said to exist.

Sometimes I wonder if the world as we knew it really did end in December 2012 as so many mystics, psychics and psychonauts predicted. Not in a nuclear holocaust or giant meteor obviously, but in the beginning of an unravelling of the glue that holds human behavior patterns in place. There certainly hasn’t been a normal US presidential election since that date, and there doesn’t seem to be one on the horizon in the foreseeable future. Things have been getting stranger and stranger ever since, and this trend appears to be accelerating rather than slowing down.

Things are weird, and they’re only going to keep getting weirder. Buckle up, buttercup.


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72 responses to “Things Are Only Going To Get Weirder”

  1. Patterns. They aren’t “vanishing”. Old patterns merely fall away (as is natural) and new patterns emerge. These new patterns are fearsome.

  2. Patterning, Programming…all in the genes, the DNA ones as primary and the cultural ones as secondary, and yet those genes can be altered (epigenetics) and we can adjust our behaviors, learn, in response to new environmental situations, and yet our most fundamental core programming remains, with only some changes in the coding details to better support the fundamental drives. Our fundamental drive? Nietzsche identifies this: The Will to Power. Power supports Life. Life supports Power… The two become one…Life is the Will to Power. (Power is essentially the ability to control resources, human and earth, the ability to play God and our basic desire is to be God…See the good ol’ Genesis story of Man’s Fall on that.)

    The weirdness we see today, and it is going to get weirder…weird and weirder compared to what we all grew up with and with the false-incomplete histories we all were taught in school/culture. is really nothing weird at all on the grander scale of history, and if one does a bit more research and thinking into histories of “civilizations” before ours, one can see that. It’s all deja vu all over again.

    The general pattern I see now working out, but it will have some weirdness variations of its own: Think 1920-1940. We’re somewhere close to 1929 about now. There’s an added “kicker” or two this time though: We’re also close to empty on the earth resource tank, have a lot more people onboard, and we’ve got all kinds of new-fangled weapons, especially nuclear ones.

  3. Buckling up will not help on this wild ride. Throw your arms up and shout Whee! Or simply relax and take it a it comes, it won’t really matter…..

  4. On weird: Consider the shape of human ears. Some seem more beautifull than others. But other than attractivness, what are they for? They do not improve hearing at all. Weird; but we accept it as normal. Cut a woman’s ears off, and she would not be apropriate for a porn site, right? Perhaps some day when our junk DNA has been ‘turned on, activated,’ we will all know and understand that we humans were made to forget the proper use and power of our external ears. We might then understand and comprehend the reasons for their weird shape. It is very weird to me and most of us, how seemingly sane good people can do such strange imorral irrational evil things and use rediculous arguments to falsly justify such bad actions. I do hope some day we will all understand the natureS and originS of evilS and be able to heal, cure or kill it if nessesarry. Untill we understand… yes thankyou Caitlin Johnstone for pointing out the wonder of the increasing weirdnessesesess. We hear you. J B saith: “To we who have ears… let us understand.” Does anyone hear;
    do you read me? Indicate that you do by commenting at least “u-hu, J B”

    1. testing…testing… One..two… infinity. u-hu, J B

    2. OLD AM Radio joke: “What? you say if you had no ears, you couldn’t see?” “Of course.” “That’s weird you would think that… why wouldn’t you be able to see if you had no ears?” “Well, because If I had no ears, my hat would fall down over my eyes.” LaL Hmmmm….

    3. Spatial hearing is depending on the shape of our ears, for some frequencies the folds that are in the upper rear are necessary. Cut those off, or the entire ear, and your spatial hearing is near non-existent.
      I agree that parts of our morphology have no apparent benefit, but ears definitely have 🙂

  5. “Despite being told in movement after movement that the real enemy is the King or the Emperor or the aristocracy or the Jews or the Communists, over and over again the real enemy behind the curtain has ended up being our own conditioned tendency to keep repeating the same collective behavior patterns.”
    Those were all the real enemies, when they were sociopaths, and they almost always were. Our collective behavior patterns are being manipulated by the sociopaths via guile and deception. So is it our fault we are deceived and manipulated, or is the fault of the deceivers and manipulators? It is universally recognized that the con-artist is the criminal party, not the duped victims. Sociopaths are still the root problem that has to be managed. Until that happens, insanity will be the norm. How could it be otherwise, when sociopaths were originally described as “the morally insane”? They trick us into believing they make the best leaders, and then they lead us right down the path of insanity. It is their collective behavior patterns that are the problem, not ours.

  6. I think your optimism is misplaced.

  7. Was the whole thing a ” fake “? One never knows in today’s world whether anything can be believed that is said by any government. The Russians are claiming a fake:

  8. Even more weird news just today, November 1, this time from the United Nations: The United Kingdom is a lawless country now.
    “‘However, what we have seen from the UK Government is outright contempt for Mr. Assange’s rights and integrity,’ Melzer said. ‘Despite the medical urgency of my appeal, and the seriousness of the alleged violations, the UK has not undertaken any measures of investigation, prevention and redress required under international law.’ . . .
    “‘Despite the complexity of the proceedings against him led by the world’s most powerful Government, Mr. Assange’s access to legal counsel and documents has been severely obstructed, thus effectively undermining his most fundamental right to prepare his defence,’ said Melzer.
    “‘The blatant and sustained arbitrariness shown by both the judiciary and the Government in this case suggests an alarming departure from the UK’s commitment to human rights and the rule of law. This is setting a worrying example, which is further reinforced by the Government’s recent refusal to conduct the long-awaited judicial inquiry into British involvement in the CIA torture and rendition programme.’ . . .
    “In his urgent appeal to the UK Government, the Special Rapporteur strongly recommended that Mr. Assange’s extradition to the United States be barred, and that he be promptly released and allowed to recover his health and rebuild his personal and professional life.”
    OHCHR | UN expert on torture sounds alarm again that Julian Assange’s life may be at risk | 1 November 2019

    1. Thank you for posting that, JMG. What’s been done to Assange is completely unethical, immoral, unjustifiable, and illegal. Let’s hope they manage to get him released.

  9. I would hope so.

    But the reality is that the sun busts a pattern and moves to the Spring Equinox in March, thence to the summer Equinox in June, thence to the Autumnal Equinox in September and … GASP! … back to the SAME PLACE AGAIN in December. Perceptual, of course, since both the solar system and the Milky Way are also moving, but in a rather imperceptible way for humans gravity bound down on the ground.

    Same with the moon and stars, seasons, lives, etc.

    Solomon is said to have written Ecclesiastes in which the author writes that “Vanity, vanity, all is vanity. There is nothing new under the sun.”

    Is it possible that our “thinky brain” using its conditioned perceptual framework and inner narrative generation (great terms!) — along with the human capacity for delusion, illusion and outright derangement — isn’t a match at all for the Climate Catastrophe humans are causing with fossil-fueled Global Heating … leading to multiple, cascading ecological crises and species extinctions including Homo stupidus stupidus … let alone the potential for non-stop nuclear war until the last dog dies in Boris Johnson’s ditch?

    Six million years since Australopithecus and 6000 years since Sumer and about 150 years burning up 500 million years of carbon-based energy doesn’t look so good.

    But we humans really have no more choice than to continuing doing what seems best at this time, like imagining new social arrangements, despite the evidence that humans in previous civilizations also saw old patterns falling away into weirdness and then poof! Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Only this time there quite probably won’t be no “new boss.”

    I continue to be so grateful for your writing and thinking because hope DOES spring eternal in the human breast when nurtured by people like you.

  10. “Despite being told in movement after movement that the real enemy is the King or the Emperor or the aristocracy or the Jews or the Communists, over and over again the real enemy behind the curtain has ended up being our own conditioned tendency to keep repeating the same collective behavior patterns.”

    And now, in the USA, we are asked to believe that Liz is the same as Bernie, except with permission to be president from the people who run things. And Tulsi is a Russian asset because she – what? – resigned as Vice Chair of the DNC to protest its treatment of Bernie, and selecting Hillary as the candidate despite the peoples’ choice. Obviously Hillary hates Tulsi, and would rather give Donald a second term than to see Tulsi treated fairly by the MSM (first names used for the purpose of mirroring the coverage int he MSM – calling Dems by first name and Repukes by Mr. Lastname.)

    Shoot, what was I gonna say? I don’t remember!

  11. When I was a young man, in 1963, my world was stripped of rationality by 3 assassinations (president John Kennedy, his brother and potential successor Robert Kennedy, spiritual leader Martin Luther King) engineered by powers hidden from view inside and outside of the official government structures.
    (Those who believe Oswald killed Kenndy will be detained after class : you did not do your homeworks)
    Strengthened by their impunity, the criminals (some of the same people, some of the same crowds, some of the same corporations, some of the same power sructures) struck again in 2001, destroying The World Trade Center, making almost 3000 victims, creating chaos in our minds. Chaos, it seems, is their goal.
    Weird is simply the World I have lived in most of my life.

    1. “When the going turns weird, the weird turn pro”
      — the late Hunter S. Thompson.

      1. And, if I was picking dates, November 23, 1963 would be the date I picked for when the public was told that everything had changed. It had changed before then, but that was the date that the change was unavoidably put on display to the public. The democracy had passed and society had crossed the line where the Jannisaries killed the Sultan, the line where the Praetorian Guard chose the Emperor.
        By the end of the decade, the world had changed to the point where an album called Surrealistic Pillow as on top of the charts, because the entire world seemed so surreal to so many. And ever since the going has been getting weirder and weirder.

  12. “Everything about the last few years has been weird.”
    IMHO, things have been weird for awhile!
    After destroying Iraq’s infrastructure (sewers, water treatment plants, power plants, etc.), the UN, in respnse to pressure from the US, placed draconian sanctions on the Iraqi people from 1991 thru 2003 which resulted in the deaths of an estimated 500,000 children due to a lack of food, medicine and safe drinking water. During a “60 Minutes” nterview, then Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. when asked about the resulting deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children said “We think the price is worth it.”
    In 2003, Ellen’s and Michelle O’s cuddly buddie, W, oversaw the unilateral invasion of Iraq based on the lie of WMD’s, which resulted in the deaths of probably one million Iraqi innocents.
    Now, we, the US, via sanctions, are starving and killing the people of Venezuela, because, their elected leader will not give their oil away to Western transnation interests.
    …and major Tulsi Gabbard is called a Russian asset for wanting to end these practices! Baby Jesus might forgive us but the universal God of karma won’t!

  13. More weird news, from two former CIA directors (John E. McLaughlin and John Brennan), this just in:
    “‘Thank God for Deep State’, ex-CIA boss says. Still think it’s a conspiracy theory?
    “In just a few short months, the US political establishment has gone from denying the existence of the ‘Deep State’ and calling it a conspiracy theory, to praising it as the bulwark of the Republic against President Donald Trump. . . .”
    “Under normal circumstances, these admissions would be rather earth-shattering. It isn’t every day that former bosses of the intelligence apparatus basically admit that yes, they are meddling in the country’s politics, because they feel they have a ‘higher loyalty’ – to borrow a phrase from ex-FBI boss James Comey, another member of this merry cabal – than to the chief executive elected by the American people. . . .”
    ‘Thank God for Deep State’, ex-CIA boss says. Still think it’s a conspiracy theory? — RT USA News — 1 Nov, 2019
    So conspiracy theorists were right about the Deep State, CIA’s domestic meddling, CIA having its own policy not obeying the elected President, etc.
    But the CIA site still says in “Top 10 CIA Myths”: “Myth 1: The CIA spies on US citizens . . . Myth 6: The Agency operates independently and is not held accountable to anyone . . . Myth 8: The CIA makes foreign policy . . .”.

  14. YES! I am right here with you on this one, Ms. Caitlin Johnstone.
    I’ve thought a lot about how we may very well have passed through the “novelty singularity” in Terence Mckenna’s timewave… his precise date may have been off, as our expectations of precisely how it could manifest in our shared reality. But “weird” is right. Unprecedented interconnection of human consciousnesses, awareness of the multiverse and higher dimensionality of spacetime, unprecedented capability in persisting minute physical details far into the future (high resolution photo, video). This is all new territory; we’re in for a fucking ride!

    1. I suppose its kinda build into it that people on one side of a singularity can not have any possible idea of how things will manifest once they pass through. 🙂 And come to think of it, its not exactly clear how long the passage through the singularity might be perceived by those passing through?

  15. I regret, but think Feb. 2020 the UK will send Assange to the Biggest War Criminal State/Torturer of the World (Fighting for freedom etc.? Vote often?). What will you do? Off to ask crystal ball more. Keep on…Free Assange and others…

  16. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    It can’t be otherwise because we are in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus.

    So people have to be weird.

    The days of Noah were days of complete rebellion against God and nature. And those days are back so people are completely off track, so obviously weird.

    I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus because I have really seen enough bullshit.

    1. God is Dog spelled backwards. Peace is good. Jesus!

    2. Would you believe we are in the days following the return of the spirit of Christ? Roman civilization continued to collapse while Christianity took hold around the world. Jesus walked in the garden of Gethsemane and discovered three times that His followers were asleep. While Christianity was going through the Dark Ages, His spirit returned in the teachings of Mohammad where middle eastern countries enjoyed discoveries in science and mathematics. Christian reaction was the crusades to stamp out the infidel with no positive outcome. Similarly, His spirit returned in 1844 and 1863. Three times Christianity has remained asleep awaiting a magic resurrection.

  17. During periods of spiritual dispensation we watch in awe at the unfolding of purpose. The weirdness forces each of us to take note that significant change is at hand. School’s out. The classes are over. The tests have more-or-less been taken and we’ve graded ourselves. Those who have made the mark, have officially expanded their conscious awareness into the next density where heart-centered-ness is the primary mode of experience. Having learned the required lessons of love, kindness, and compassion during the long-suffering time of the Age of Pisces, they they are upgrading. In this sense, the chaos perceived around us is a school bell ringing out loud and clear and the students spilling out of the doors, with each one heading in their own direction. All who have completed the polarity program will move out and forward with the rest of the graduating class — the spiritual community calls this the Ascension. Most of the Starseeds who volunteered to be here specifically to raise the light frequency at the end of this Kali Yuga cycle, will return to their respective homes with their own degrees of mastery in hand — these, the new Ascended Masters. The rest will return to a world of polarity where they can pick up where they left off and since Earth Herself is also Ascending at this time they will not be returning here. While this is a crazy time, to be sure, it is also an important and an incredible time to be alive, so be extra conscious of your moments with others now, be grateful especially to those who have been conducive to your growth because that moment may very well be your last test.

  18. (Synopsis) The proper job of a normally functioning human mind is to filter out the “too much reality” in which we exist. This filtering action allows us to create and perceive a subjective reality in which we might survive – at least long enough to reproduce. To the extent we as a species can form a consensus around our subjective realities, such is deemed “True” for survival purposes. To the extent there becomes an overload of seemingly discordant information, this may be deemed “weird”. One interesting corollary… “we” may be evolving into differing species as evidenced by how different species process, filter and thus perceive reality.

    It has long been said that “you are what you eat”, but it would be more correct to say “you are what you can digest”. For a change of perceptionary diet, try digesting this:

    The Death of SpaceTime & Birth of Conscious Agents (Don Hoffman) (YouTube)

    This video begins with “The probability that we see reality as it is… is zero”. Why do I not post a direct link here? If you cannot, or care not enough to pull it up yourself, such would probably be a waste of your time and there is plenty of pap to be had elsewhere .

    1. A part of a species evolving into a higher form is not always a sure thing. There was no guarantee that the Neanderthals wouldn’t wipe out Cro-Magnon because the Cro-Magnon threatened the entire Neanderthal tradition, heritage and way of life.

    2. Excellent book! Mind-expanding! FBT (Fitness Beats Truth) in evolution has been proven mathmatically. Dr.Donald Hoffman is a true scientist, who welcomes the testing and questioning of his hypothesis and is unafraid of being dsproven. Because his IRT (Interface Theory of Perception) posulates that what we perceive is not the truth of the world or objective reality but, is, instead, useful icons on a desktop guiding our actions to attain fitness, I am sure Dr. Hoffman will receive a lot of pushback from the centers of power whose continued reign relies on us believing in the status quo. All we need to do is take off our VR headsets to see that the TPTB are full of shit. Easier said than done, however!

  19. The root of the problem is that we’re not allowed to talk about the problem. A supremacist tribe of chosenite elites with the protected status of eternal victims that can never be criticized by anyone, have taken over everything. We are forced to treat these psychopaths as innocent victims, the truth about who they really are has been rendered hate speech, and so any serious discussion of geopolitics and history is now impossible.

    1. Whoa, now there’s the blinding light of truth! And from a Freeman to boot. I am impressed.

  20. I’m not sure things are getting weird. They have been for quite a while. It may just be that more and more of us are now aware of it, thanks to the difficulty the supreme weirdos have concealing it now. Forty years ago, not only would Julian Assange have been unable to do what he’s done, but none of us would know anything about it. Anyone doing something similar, given the technology then available, would likely have been summarily disposed of without our being the wiser. Perhaps our perception of accelerating weirdness since 9/11 merely coincides with the accelerating increase in our ability to expose and learn of the weirdness. We’re in an avalanche of information.

    1. JWK wrote:
      > It may just be that more and more of us are now aware of it, thanks to the difficulty the supreme weirdos have concealing it now. Forty years ago, not only would Julian Assange have been unable to do what he’s done, but none of us would know anything about it.
      Yes, for example, some of the weird — or rather shocking — things that whistleblowers have uncovered these recent years via WikiLeaks:
      WikiLeaks Top 10 (2006–2016) — TheWikiLeaksChannel

      1. Over forty years ago Daniel Ellsberg had the Pentagon Papers exposed after he copied them and had them published. There were many activists that worked to stop the war in Vietnam. The Berrigan brothers did much to stop the war. Assange has done a very brave thing but he is not the first to expose the U.S. Government. All they had to do was press a few buttons and download incriminating material and then publish them on the internet. Patriots of Peace from the past had to surreptitiously gain access through brick and mortar buildings and look through file cabinets and then convince the newspapers to publish them. That was a very tall order. The Supreme Court ruling that upheld the printing of that material was a landmark freedom of the press decision. Sadly, that would probably not happen in this era.

    2. Forty years ago would be the late 70s. The fact that the US government was spying on its own citizens was pretty well known by then, at least by people who wanted to know. It was a weird idea then, but now it’s pretty run of the mill.

      The only weird thing I can remember from 2012 is that the Maya Long Count ran out on Dec. 21 of that year, which gave the purveyors of woo something to write and sell books about, but of course otherwise did nothing. The collapse of the financial system which occurred between 2005 and 2009 was far weirder, when you think about it — the people running the world at the time were supposed to know how to do it, and didn’t. The election of a Black president in 2008 was fairly weird, given the American racial system.

      The two unusual things going on now are (1) a factional struggle in the Ruling Class has broken out into the open, making mild populist insurgencies possible in both major political parties, and (2) the Internet, in spite of great effort on the part of the said Ruling Class, has not been brought under control. We don’t know how those things are going to turn out. The factional struggles and insurgencies may become more intense, and newer technologies may be applied to the Internet which will make it even less controllable.

  21. Pull back guys, widen your gaze. The allegedly false Protocols of Zion were hidden in plain sight within touching distance of the rise of Marxism. At about the same period we had Blavatsky and many others) praising the Externalisation of the Hierarchy. One of the capstones of that was the OWO and One World Religion directed by the UN. During the next century the people who hide behind the word “Jew” and the abortion called “Talmud” proceeded to milk people and planet of money, which brings us up-to-date. All that remains is for the residue “meat” to be harvested. A well hidden clutch of legislation in the US has affected the affairs of the world since the Balfour Agreement (1917, same window as Marxism and Protocols !?) and has worsened since. The great celebration was doubtless the coup legislation referred to as “AIPAC” (have any of you looked it up?). This gives, at least, oblique control over Congress to the so called Jewish hide-outs. The post from yesterday revealed to me and the world that the coup d’etat is the ‘pusch’ by the aforementioned hierarchical group, of Illuminati/ Masons/ Jews & FA’s manipulating those we foolishly refer to as Democrats (a massive misappropriation of ideals as well as reality). They are attempting to establish the OWO – again, in plain sight. The consequences, either way, are pretty awful. Ill post Caitlins recent “weirder and weirder” piece later today, but close this one with her words: “Buckle up, buttercup”!

  22. There is a guiding intelligence that speaks to us every night. It is in our dreams. When we awake we invariably dismiss them as silly stories. But if you look very carefully you will find great wisdom there. C G Jung was on the right track.

  23. There really isn’t any debate about the existence of free will. For instance: a man is driving to a stadium to watch a football game. He doesn’t know the way and is close but still lost. He comes to a stop light and looks to his left and is relieved to see the stadium. He turns toward the stadium and on his way he realizes that he has turned the wrong way on a one way street. Fortunately nobody else is coming and he arrives safely. Sometime later he is going to another game at the same stadium. He comes to the same stop light and looks to his left and there is the stadium. He knows the correct way but it is much longer around. He has a choice and the free will to make a decision. The first time was a mistake, the second time would be a choice. He is exercising his free will. And, our free will is the gift that we have been given during this dimensional incarnation. Again, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Why we are having this experience is not the question now. The patterns that we recognize and are driven to are the animal side of our existence just as all animals recognize patterns for their existence and survival. I think mankind’s problems are the individuals that understand man’s inclination to patterns and exploit them. Remember that not all of us are as eloquent or high thinking as others. Actually when you look at the masses of humanity, it will be quick to ascertain that deep thought is rare. And, most times it will be ridiculed. During most of our modern existence deep ponderable thought has been dumbed down to symbology and rote patterns for the answers to the reason for our existence in this plane. You mentioned 2012 and the end. Well if wasn’t for Cortez the Maya may have been able to finish the calendar. Since the last Great War, souls have been entering this world to help usher in the next era of enlightenment. (Dawning of the Age of Aquarius wasn’t just a song) Obviously you are one, given your talent of writing about your observations. I don’t mean to suggest we may not experience a geo-physical (black swan event) cataclysm beyond our imagination. That may happen. You are correct in that it appears that we are patterned toward self-destruction but that is where our destiny comes in to play. We have the free will to change our destiny if we recognize it. It is clear to me. I am glad that I happened upon your writings because if individuals such as yourself continue to bring the light to the world maybe change will come in a more peaceful manner.

    1. There is really only one way to learn and that is through empathy. An empath has the ability to see that we are all one and feels another’s pain. The psychotics and sociopaths that are running the world will be repeating the cycle of life until they learn to feel the pain of others, until they learn we are all one.

  24. Brexshit in the UK and Russiagate/Ukrainegate/impeachment in the US are psy-op soap operas that are concocted to keep the public distracted, away from the fallout of perpetual political austerity. Like the forever wars in Afghanistan and the Meddle-East, they are an end in themselves, waged to be dragged on indefinitely without resolution.

  25. I reckon there an end game plan. All starting with 9/11.
    They want catastrophe and population reduction IMHO.

  26. Nice essay! But none of the things you mention is really and truly weird, just as Halloween is only play-weird. They all have fairly rational explanations as long as you remember that the US is actually a sharply class society that is the center of a world empire largely inherited and partly ripped off and expanded from the Brits and other European colonialists. Maintaining a world empire requires a ruling class that is dissociated from the vast majority of people and whose activities are not transparent — activities that are therefore shocking and disorienting if they are suddenly revealed. Given that our MSM are all controlled by holding companies, is it weird that they attempt to distort reality and manufacture consent? Caitlin, given that neoliberalism and neocon expansionism are the main ideologies and thought-cages the world ruling classes use to create post-truth virtual realities, calling these various forms of kabuki simply weird and focusing on cognitive struggles seems a bit tepid and unlike your usual get-to-the-heart-of-the-matter approach. A frontal, no-nonsense approach would be more helpful IMO. Down with Daddy Warbucks! Where is Janis Joplin when we need her?

  27. I’m choking on my information pie.

  28. Were things this weird and surreal 30 years ago? Where did all the certifiable pyscho’s come from? Were they always amongst us?
    Is all this nuttiness a result of the Empire beginning to implode, as all Empire’s eventually do.
    Is all this nuttiness a result of those at the very top pyschopathically craving power and wealth, regardless of the consequences for humanity?
    Rather bemused that some Americans equate Socialism with the Neoliberal, Neocon loving Democrats!

  29. Ms Johnstone, the Universe works in mysterious ways; the only certainty is that none of us will ever have any control over it. So buckle up, indeed.

  30. The world has been weird for a long time but in recent years the satanic cabal has been ramping up their NWO agenda realising that more and more people are in fact waking up.Their transparent false flags have lost their impact,mandatory vaccinations(now also including RFID chip delivery),geoengineering,5G,fluoridation,global warming etc are exposed to discussion and people are rising up.Mother nature in the form of the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum may well have the final say.

  31. Ultimately it’s been weird and confounding to me since I was 10. But this new level of nightmare bizarre started with 911. Ever since then I’ve had my mouth open in astonishment about one thing after another that was happening and the public just taking it, even liking it, feeling safe. Masses of people actually wanting the Iraq war was the tipping point of ultimate weirdness. Justifying war, demolishing a whole sovereign country, pouring $trillions of hard earned money, because of 14 terrorists from a totally different country, not part of or supported by any country. Blaming a whole region of the world on a handful of independent agents. That that happened and people weren’t appalled, then add the TSA and oppressive authoritarian levels of search just to travel around. That to me was the beginning of completely beyond sensibility and what I consider the decent into an insidious deceptive fascism. Openly telling the people we’re violating the constitution, we’re violating international law, we’re mass surveilling every phone call everyone makes, and we’re telling you that’s what we’re doing. Then the icing on the cake of weirdness, nobody bats an eye, the media acts like it’s normal, tells us “of course, it’s the obvious, safe, and normal thing to do”, masses of people agree. That already was incomprehensible weirdness. Then to nail the coffin fully and irreversibly shut, our new reasonable, charming, wise, witty, intelligent constitutional law scholar, signs the NDAA allowing killing of people, foreign or domestic, based only on suspicion, with no trial, not even physical presence. AND people are not rioting in the street, they’re not minding, they’re feeling safe. All that set the stage for Trump, grab them by the pussy, openly authoritarian, publicly racist, disgustingly misogynist, Steve Bannon, open white supremacy, all right out loud in public. That was because it was already normalized that the oligarchs can do what ever they want and people won’t object and the media will justify and normalize it. Trump and all the whole shitshow and pizzagate, and Russiagate and white supremacy, and war on women, and the never ending weirdness is not any weirder than international war criminal George Bush recently sitting in a special box being hailed at a football game.

    1. Pat K California Avatar
      Pat K California

      Well said, Vayu. I myself didn’t wake up to any of this until 2002 when I was 50 years old. And then it was like a knife to the gut when I realized that, “Oh, hell … we really ARE going to attack and destroy a whole damn country based on lies. We really ARE going to do this. Damn.”

      Nowadays I research the weirdness daily, rigorously … watching the patterns flow and change. I can’t say yet that I feel that glimmer of hope that Caitlin does. But I realize now that that is indeed what I am searching for. Deep down, somehow, I know that glimmer is out there.

  32. Read the book, the fourth turning. It explains everything happening today. This has happened before and will happen again. Just because we are in the middle of it we think it is new and unique. Nope. Been there done that.

  33. our “institutions” are being challenged in new ways, demographically and constitutionally. It was bound to occur and has been, but is now showing itself in obvious ways with the outlandish behavior of Trump(ism). Here’s a guy, Trump, whose last election (in the electoral college) won by less than 100K votes. His tiny, threshold victory is pressing recklessly against the whacky neoliberal tide and making serious waves in the social-political fabric. If there is an effort to retake control and reinstate institutional sanity — and it is successful — then it will be the next generation of progressives and centrists who have responsibility for our future. If not….I can’t and don’t want to imagine the consequences.

  34. Every aspect of human life has been weaponized and turned on the masses in an effort to overwhelm us with chaos: false flags, weather control, vermin, germs, wildfires, media-induced panic, consensus enforcement, propaganda,….all to induce chaos, fear, panic, and ultimately…compliance. It’s important not to buckle now…these happenings are all extinctions bursts from a dying pattern of behavior and belief. We’re winning.

  35. The United States appears to be sinking into a third world banana republic and the Dems want the govt changed to socialism to complete the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. They hope to be part of the central planning committee that tells the rest of us what we can and cannot do as well as how much the change will cost us financially. All of the Democratic presidential hopefuls seem to want a disarmed subservient peasant class to rule over while they lie and tell us how much better life will be with them in charge. Bravo Sierra on that Bull roar. And unfortunately, there are plenty of ill-informed gullible sheeple that will believe the lies and vote for them thinking the rest of the country is made up of racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic deplorables that aren’t worth saving. As for me, I plan to keep my guns and not comply when they decide to confiscate our “weapons of war” since they may actually be used that way by civilians if those idiots decide that a civil war is a grand way to solidify their control.

    1. The United States Government already has been converted to Socialism serving the Rich, only the poor haven’t woken up to that yet, and probably never will.

      1. The masses not knowing the difference between, socialism and oligarchy, anarchy and authoritarianism is the direct reason why we’re here. If everyone were on the right page this could all be over in a blink.

        1. If you read history, you won’t find 9/11 or the invasion of Iraq all that weird and mysterious. If you want a real glimmer of hope, though, you’ll have to make it for yourself — the product on sale is fake.

  36. “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” – HS Thompson

    1. … I may be hungry… but I sure ain’t weird… DV Vliet

    2. Beat me to it…

      1. The origin of weird is from the Old English wyrd. It meant the ability to control destiny; the Weird Sisters and the witches of Macbeth. In a sense we all have our own weird. When I am called weird, not unusual, I always say thank you.

  37. George Bellarious Avatar
    George Bellarious

    The problem with things getting weirder is that’s also moving us closer to what was formerly too weird for a few generations now to even imagine – wars, genocides, slavery, “cultural revolutions”, communism.

    Our shared principles used to shore us up against that fate.

    Thanks for the writing and thoughts, as usual Caitlin.

  38. You are a lifeline in Facebook withdrawal. Thanks so much.

  39. You worry too much.

    1. I’m sincerely asking you to do a google image search on simply “iraq syria buildings”. Look at that page. If that’s in any way ok, normal, not your problem, or you have any kind of justification then… I have nothing to say.

  40. Here’s the soundtrack playing in my head while reading this:

    “It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.”

  41. Brian Frederick Avatar
    Brian Frederick

    Is it patterns of human life that are unhealthy and need to be changed? How do we distinguish good patterns from the bad? How do we know what would be a better pattern? Or is human nature itself that is ill, and the ill human nature and generates the harmful patterns? If this is the case, the questions becomes one of healing human nature. How to do this? And what does healthy human nature look like? How do we know?

    1. You worry too much.

      1. Brian Frederick Avatar
        Brian Frederick

        I’m not worrying. Only asking questions.

        1. Compassion is a function of intelligence, criticizing or disregarding feelings is a form of oppression.

    2. A few smart, observant people concluded after years that it is almost impossible to be human in civilization. Human nature is not ill, it is the human out of nature that is ill. When all the wierdness is done let us hope that a few isolated groups survive to restart.

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