Team D: Hey! Hey you over there! Come here and play with us!

Random stranger: Me? No thanks. I’m busy picking up garbage, this beach is filthy.

Team D: Come on, our team is one short. You have to play.

Random stranger: Not my problem, lady. I don’t even like volleyball. Your game doesn’t represent my interests at all.

Team D: What are you talking about?? We both want the exact same thing: for Team R to lose!

Random stranger: No, what I want is a garbage-free beach. I don’t have any interest in your game or who wins it. It’s got nothing to do with me or the things I care about. If you guys would have decided to do a beach cleanup instead of play volleyball, we would have some common ground to work with, but you’ve chosen to do a completely different thing than the thing I’m interested in, and no matter who wins your game I know you’re going to leave a big mess behind for the rest of us. Good luck though.

Team D: Well it’s your fault if the other team wins then!

Random stranger: What?? No it’s not! Look around you, this whole beach is full of people, many of whom are doing nothing at all. Ask them to join your team; literally anyone you pick will have more in common with your interests than I do.

Team D: No. No, it needs to be you. You need to play on our team, or our loss will rest solely on your shoulders.

Random stranger: No. Find someone else.

Team D: Refusing to play for us is the same as playing for Team R! You have to play for the lesser of two evils. If you don’t play for us we’ll spend the next four years shrieking about how you made us lose!

Random stranger: I didn’t though. You’re over there playing volleyball, and I’m over here picking up trash. We’ve got nothing whatsoever to do with each other. You’re picking on the one person on this beach who has less in common with you than anyone else you could possibly pick.

Team D: If Team R wins, this beach is going to be a lot messier than if we win. We’re just planning on leaving a moderate amount of garbage behind, while they’re complete pigs! Other people want to enjoy this beach too you know. You should check your privilege.

Random stranger: You’re both going to be making a mess regardless of who wins. Anyway why are you planning on making any mess at all?? If you actually cared about having a clean beach you’d be over here helping me instead of choosing to play a stupid, irrelevant game that doesn’t ultimately make this place any nicer!

Team D: The official beach cleanup is over anyway! You have to play volleyball now.

Random stranger: I don’t just pick up garbage during the city’s official beach cleanup day; I do it year-round. That’s what I choose to do with my life, volleyball is not. That remains the case whether there’s a city-sponsored beach cleanup or not.

Team D: Well I’ve just spoken with Bernie, the chief beach cleanup organizer, and guess what? He just endorsed our game. You hear that? Your leader says you have to play volleyball now!

Random stranger: Seriously? Did you seriously just try to call the manager on me, Karen?

Team D: Do as your leader commands!

Random stranger: Bernie isn’t my leader, he’s just an event organizer who got a lot of people interested in beach cleanup. No matter what he says, my interest will be in beach cleanup, not volleyball. If you guys want to win you should play as well as you can, and see about getting one of those undecided sunbathers to join your team or something. You’ve got a much better shot at convincing them than you do me.

Team D: Okay, you all hear that? It’s that random stranger’s fault if we lose, okay? Not the fact that none of us have been training, or the fact that our team is made up of deflated boomers with no enthusiasm, or the fact that none of us are particularly interested in winning. Let the record show that it’s the fault of that random stranger who has nothing to do with us at all!

Random stranger: Well, have fun losing I guess. I’m gonna get back to work.


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85 responses to “If The Democrats Were A Beach Volleyball Team”

  1. I can’t understand, after living in such a confused nation as the United States, why the powers of political control always seem to swing back and forth like a pendulum. Why would any nation that wants to lead the world pick a system of choosing its leadership that allows for this pendulum to work this way? And as philosophically divided as the nation is, the result is that 51% decide how to control the other 49% of the population.

    Here, the volleyball team leader’s main goal is to be a part of the 51%, since it’s all about control over someone else.

  2. How I wish Walter Cronkite had been more like you, Caitlin. We might never have ended up totally hypnotized and mind controlled by the ruling sociopaths, as this coronavirus psy-op clearly demonstrates.

  3. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    I pray the Rosary that I will see people playing volleyball on the beach this summer (summer being so short here in Canada) while listening to the beautiful music of Neil Diamond:

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

  4. Peter in Seattle Avatar
    Peter in Seattle

    Biden 2020! Come for the jomentum, stay for the jomentia!

  5. Caitlin, a prayer for you. As a huge fan and Patreon supporter – I think most of your readers already know the Dems are useless, a category that now includes Sanders. He took us as far as he could go and totally exposed the Dems, maybe without meaning to. We Know we need to move beyond electoral politics. I would love to read what your beautiful mind comes up with that we could do. I know you say fight the narrative, but it’s so hard; their outlets are so much bigger and better funded, with brillian soulless people working them. What nonelectoral stuff can we do? This might include electoral action too. Maybe some mayors or state legislators could lead something, I don’t know.

  6. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    Team D would never play beach volleyball. Here’s why:

    The sand court is divided by a net. Team D does not believe in borders of any kind. The net has to go.

    Sand volleyball is played by two teams. Team D believes in “diversity”. That means, at least thirty teams have to play all at once.

    You put the ball into play by one server delivering the ball. That’s not inclusive enough for Team D. One ball each must be served by every sub-tribe within Team D so that everyone is represented equally at all times. The other team is not allowed to return any of the serves because that would be insensitive and triggering.

    The object of sand volleyball is to ground the ball within your opponent’s territory. But if a point appears to have been won, you cannot log the score anywhere because keeping score creates divisions between winners and losers and we all have to equal all the time and we don’t want to harm the self-esteem of the losers.

    Team D believes in Climate Change. Therefore, you can’t play in the sand. You have to wait for sea levels to rise so that the court is deeply covered by seawater.

    Team D will never put true reformers out on the court. Therefore, retread ancient Team D hacks only get to play and Team D reformers must always allow themselves to be pushed off the court and then “endorse” that decision made by Team D Elites.

    But on second thought, maybe just maybe we could get Team D to want to play. First requirement: that the ball must be Orange and filled with a lot of Hot Air.

  7. The problem is that cleaning the beach does no good at all when the winner of the Volleyball game gets the authority to permit an oil company to build a refinery on the beach.
    Volleyball might seem like a pointless game of bouncing a ball around. But when the system is set up such that the winner of the Volleyball game gets real power to change people’s lives, kill people, or destroy a pretty beach with an oil spill, then sometimes one has to learn the rules of Volleyball.

  8. The Democrats have been mad at me for a long time. Ever since I volunteered for and voted for Nader.
    It was quite fascinating to watch after that. While the Dems were telling everyone just how evil and awful and nasty Bush and his supporters were, I was watching the Democrats be evil, awful and nasty towards us who voted for Nader because we couldn’t vote for the pro-war, pro-banker, pro-corporate, pro-torture Clinton regime.
    That said, it is clear that there is a difference in this election. I don’t like Biden at all. But I don’t think this country can withstand four more years of Trump. We’ve seen that every time he gets what he thinks of as a win, he escalates every nasty, unconstitutional thing that Trump is doing. So, while I don’t like Biden and the corporate Democrats, this country can’t stand four more years of Trump. That doesn’t mean that I’m joining Team Blue, but I will vote for them for President, Senate and Congress in this election.
    The number one thing that anyone to left of Attila the Hun needs to do is to start a new party on the Wednesday after election day. Its useless to do so now. But by starting the day after this election, that new party will be able to fight the next elections Assuming of course that people are willing to do the work required. We know by now what seemed apparent at the time of Nader. That trying to change things from within the Dem party is useless. For now, its too late to change for this election. But for elections going forward, we must start a new party.

    1. “For now, its too late to change for this election. But for elections going forward, we must start a new party.”
      The above has been the R or D pre-election slogan for at least the past 60 years. Will this ploy “work” this time (and by “work” I mean to get the “final” R or D elected, and only AFTER that “final” R or D is elected, “start a new party”) as it has for the past 15 elections, in which 15 “final” Rs or Ds have been elected?
      No, it is defnitely NOT “too late to change for this election”. Vote for the person that YOU think is the best candidate, not the second-best, third best, or the gotta-vote-for-him-or-the-other-guy-wins candidate.

    2. So in ‘16 did you cast your pearls to swine like you are about to do again, or did you think like a grown-up and campaign for Jill Stein?

    3. I find it difficult to understand how Barack Obama, Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders, Noam Chomsky, et all can seriously recommend voting for Joe Biden. Never mind that he has been a horrible neoliberal politician, but how about the fact that in the last few years he has become not only incompetent but now has dementia. He is incapable of governing anything, anywhere! I cannot take seriously any person or any party that tells me that Joe Biden should be President of the United States. In fact, I think that the DNC will finally realize this and find a way to deny him the nomination.

    4. Hey Bernie! Is that you herding the sheep?

  9. Futility is in our future – there is no way to avoid it!-
    Perhaps there exists no close historical precedent for understanding what the outcome of that would be. If there instead turn out to be Republican billionaires continuing to make the decisions, then there will be massive bloodshed, and increasing defections from the Government, and an increasingly unmanageable revolution, which will be a hell for any predictions. Prease read this great article here:
    Why at Least America Will Be in Another Great Depression by Eric Zuesse!

  10. William Hennigh Avatar
    William Hennigh

    CJ has become a Russian troll

    1. Accusing CJ of being a Russian Troll? How original! I don’t think that has EVER been done in the last 4 years!!!

  11. William Hennigh Avatar
    William Hennigh

    Thanks everyone for helping Mango Moron! 4 more years WTF

    1. The first person you should thank is Pelosi. Then watch four more years of reeling in campaign donations (for supposed “resistance”) and bribes (for actual conformity) while she passes more obscene budgets, acquiesces to more obscene war powers, supports more obscene sanctions, fast-tracks more obscene judiciary appointments, and doesn’t resist or say a damn thing about Trumpian deregulation. Any number of other important issues like the sanctity of our Bill of Rights and the general welfare of our population are jokes to wealthy sellouts like her who would rather have the relatively easy faux role of “resistance” to Trump than the real and actually difficult role of leadership within an ethical framework for, by, and of the people.
      The supposed two-party system has completely devolved into a duplicitous duopoly of rank hypocrisy and fascistic corporatism.
      Cue up Porky Pig.

      1. That’s true. But I’d still prefer Biden (or Pelosi) to be President over Trump. No contest. There is clearly a difference. The Democrats are not great. But Trump is truly, horrifically awful and must go. Trump clearly wants me to die. His last budget proposal said that very quickly. Trump must be stopped. Trump must go.
        What we’ve seen over the 16 years of Clinton and Obama is that the Democrats at least seem to be minimally competent at running the country. What we’ve seen over the 12 years of Bush and Trump is that the Republicans are incompetent and regularly lead the country into major disasters that kill Americans. We saw it with Katrina and Bush, and now we are seeing it with Trump and COVID. Republicans are too dangerous to be given power.
        I wish there was a different choice. But, I must accept the system in which I live, and operate within that. I can’t just sit on the sidelines and say “oh, the system sucks”, and let a truly horrible human being have great power (and the power to kill me personally) when we have at least Dementia Joe as a better alternative.
        I always work to change that system. But when it comes to elections, I do vote, and I do vote for the best possible outcome that I can obtain. And right now, that’s Dementia Joe as President, along with getting rid of my corrupt Republican Senator and trying to get rid of my Republican congresscritter.
        Sitting on the side and holding your breath until you turn blue because you are throwing a temper tantrum won’t do any good at all. It didn;t work when you were four, it won’t work any better today.
        There is an election. Americans get to vote. There is a difference between the two candidates.

        1. Really?? There is a difference? Where??!!! Either way you get economic, societal, and environmental collapse leading to your death and the extinction of the human race and you see a difference? Try your sheepdogging elsewhere. The rest of us don’t have much time left to live, and plan on making the best of what is left to us while trying to survive.

      2. The Man from Hope, The Hope-and-Change Charlatan, and their band of New Democrats were competent, alright. Competent at misdirection and wholesale deceit.
        Clinton’s repeal of Glass-Steagall and the Tellecommunications Act are just two of many telling examples of his “leanings”. He kept Poppy’s Iraq ball rolling and helped sucker the “liberal” Establishment into a Fools’ Crusade (see Diana Johnstone) of so-called “humanitarian” NATO interventionism (bombs away) in Yugoslavia, teeing up Junior for the “good guy” adventures to come.
        Obama escalated every nasty unconstitutional thing that Junior did while setting needed health care reform back a decade with a Republican policy.
        Clear differences my arse.

      3. Shahid Buttar is running against Pelosi in SF and gaining a lot of support.

  12. Don’t vote for an R or a D. I recommend you vote for Joseph Kishore or Howie Hawkins for POTUS.

    1. Howie Hawkins

      1. Yep, I’ll be doing that. Go Howie

    2. In the last election, the SEP got just over 400 votes. Total. Nationwide. Highly concentrated in Louisiana for some reason. Not even on the ballot in most places, not even in the states where it is easy to get on the ballot. If they were credible, I’d support them. But, in a winner-take-all system, this is the ultimate in wasting your vote. OK to do if you live in a state like CA which is non-competitive. But very dangerous in a state that might make the difference.,_Socialist_Equality_Party

      1. ……..this is the ultimate in wasting your vote.”
        No vote is ever “wasted”. Unless voters ignore the almost-every-day polls from today to election day and vote for the person that THEY feel is the best candidate, only Rs or Ds will be elected from here to eternity; which is exactly why there will be very expensive almost-every-day polls from today to election day that will be paid for by oligarchs and their MSM slaves whose goal is to direct/funnel the bewildered herd into a voting booth to vote for an R or a D from here to eternity, etc., round and round, forever. Put a defferent way, in order for a candidate that is not an R or a D to be elected POTUS, voters will somehow, some way have to vote for them. So, again, no vote is ever wasted, no matter what the polls “predict”. There is only one “poll” that matters — the one on election day.


      3. Only to be repaid in vicarious association with the victorious brand-management agency that considers voters a dumb resource to exploit? If I must be paid for my vote in symbolism because universal concrete material benefits are off the table, then let it be by watching the Karens suffer, which will be gratifying, or brunching happily as if nothing were wrong, which will be telling.

  13. Awesome! Nailed it. I love it.

  14. We mourn the passing of John Prine, who has recently died from the novel coronavirus.
    In this song, he wrote one of the beautiful songs about where I was born …
    “Paradise”, by John Prine.

    1. The socialists wrote a wonderful tribute to John Prine, containing links to several more of his songs.
      But, they left out the song that was a theme song to my youth.
      “Last time I checked my bankroll, it was getting thin
      Sometimes it seems like the bottom
      Is the only place I’ve been
      Chased a rainbow down a one-way street, dead end
      And all my friends turned out to be insurance salesmen

      Ah, but fortunately I have the key to escape reality
      And you may see me tonight with an illegal smile
      It don’t cost very much, but it lasts a long while
      Won’t you please tell the man I didn’t kill anyone
      No I’m just trying to have me some fun”
      “Illegal Smile” by John Prine
      Happy Trails to John Prine!! Gonna miss having you around this neighborhood.

  15. Nice article. I really enjoyed it. I have been thinking of how we vote. I am quite sure if we all quit voting, they would institute a voting system we could not verify and say we voted anyway.

    1. I’d have thought that the Please Do Not Vote propaganda had ended once Dementia Joe defeated the People’s Champion on Super-Duper Tuesday? I suppose they are starting early on the “Lefties, please do not vote” propaganda for the fall.

  16. The volleyball game analogy is really good. It shows that the current two party competition is irrelevant to the welfare of most of us, while emphasizing the “there is no alternative“ of Team D’s manipulations to try and force people to join their side.

  17. Trump derangement syndrome has been eclipsed by Covid derangement syndrome. Exhibit A of my argument is the majority of comments below. At this moment, for the first time in my long lifetime, we have a political opening to make sure that average citizens, and those struggling even harder to survive, are taken care of by the system. If they created trillions out of thin air to take care of the plutocrats, then they can create additional trillions to provide everyone with adequate housing, health care, education, employment, etc. If they tell us to stay home, then they can pay us to stay home! No longer is there a legitimate issue concerning how society will pay for this. It will pay for it in the same way that it paid to bail out the bigshots, the same way that it has, ever since the gold standard bit the dust, created all money in the first place: by spending it into existence. If you don’t get MMT, the truth of which has just been demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt, spend an enjoyable hour or so watching this video presentation by Bernie’s former econ adviser, then nose around on Bill Mitchell’s excellent MMT blog. Unless you get this fundamental stuff, you will have no grasp whatsoever of THE issue that this pandemic has put on the table.

    1. I should hasten to add that MMT also shows the way to saving not only people but planet. Yes, we CAN afford to reverse neoliberalism’s ecocidal trajectory and rescue ourselves and all living things.

    2. Mike McDonnell Avatar
      Mike McDonnell

      The bailout shows, if we needed proof, that the much-reviled Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is not only accepted by the establishment but is acted upon regularly. Now the cat is out of the bag and we know that “they” could make as much money as they want to help average people out as they have been helping the rich and the corporations. Never again should we let them get away with the question “How are we going to pay for this?”.

  18. The rapid and unquestioning acceptance of the panicdemic narrative is a proof that the big herd still is in the thrall of celebrity media. Actual numbers are irrelevant to people bought in, and fortunately for the spinmeisters, solid data on coronavirus will take time (if ever). The innumeracy of most political analysts leaves it wide open for sceptics such as our hero CJ to get suckered.

    1. 20k dead in a month is an actual number. there can both be a crisis, and there can be looting done on the basis of that crisis. which numbers do you think are fake, and why?

      1. You cite 20K like it is a huge number. More people die driving cars. Do we abolish driving. We have death everyday. This is not anywhere near panic level. Take off your mask and gloves and continue with your life.

        1. car crashes aren’t contagious. moreover, there are lots of regulations in place to minimize car crashes–traffic lights, speed limits, tickets for driving the wrong way down a 1 way street, stop signs, etc. etc.
          i am citing 20k in a one month period like it is a significant number, not a huge number. but from what i’ve read, covid-19 is one of the leading causes of death in the u.s.; again, this has transpired over a one month period.
          again, there is no doubt big corporations are using this to expand their influence and loot the public. and there is no doubt governments will use it to expand their control of citizens. both things can be true.

        2. How about when it reaches 10 million?
          This virus is killing people at a 10% fatality rate once it got to the failed capitalist states. In America, there is no hope of containment due to an incompetent government that says only profits matter and people don’t even get on the radar. So, 330 million people at 10% rate is 33 million dead. And then there is Europe, also at 10% fatality rates.
          NYC is losing at least 1000 souls a day. That’s people in hospitals, who’ve been tested. No one is counting the people who die at home. That 20k number is going to be far in your rear-view mirror very, very quickly.
          BTW, the correct number world wide is 120,000. The 20k number is only for people who think America First and don’t care about the rest of the world. But, even that number is going to change very quickly.

  19. Why are you not talking about the biggest scam that has the gravest consequences for us all and future generations.
    You always talk about attacking the narrative but you are no attacking the thing they try to distract our attention with. Politics. Unless you expose how the politicians use this lockdown to install a police state it is not helping.
    To know true nature means you love freedom and truth no matter what.
    Fear is only within the illusory field of the senses.
    The silence knows no fear.
    If we now not push back against the narrative of a dangerous pandemic threatening us all we are painting ourselves in a jail cell from which we can never escape again.
    Anyone talking about anything else but this scam is NOT helping.

    1. You got the wrong blog, my friend.

    2. Are you sure you are on the right blog? Have you actually read any of CJs work?

  20. When they are saying if you don’t play with us it is the same as playing for the other team the other team is getting ready to spike the ball.

    1. Actually, if they are already playing for the other team.
      Just revealed today …. Corbyn lost because of sabotage from within the Labour Party, who obviously preferred a Tory government even though they collected paychecks from Labour.
      Democrats are obviously the same. They prefer Republicans over Sanders or any alternative that dares to put people over profits.
      That said, if its close, I’ll vote for Biden. Trump is too awful, too corrupt, too dangerous. There is a difference between bad and horrifyingly awful.

      1. speaking of sabotage, rising did a segment on obama’s influence on the democratic primaries today.

      2. Wow! You are gonna vote for Biden! I am sure it will make a huge difference in policy…………….. Seeing as I will be dead within 10 years due to lack of health care, hunger, or lack of shelter like the majority of Americans will be, I am sure voting for the better executioner will really make a difference. You could instead try to rally the people to refuse to recognize and dissolve their corrupt and dysfunctional government. But, no. Trump is so much worse than the equally evil Biden and Democrats.

  21. Sure , but this is our senior volleyball team and we’re only playing as a matter of form. The gentlemén’s agreement is that they win two matches and then we win two matches unless of course we have a real goysche schmuck like Jimmy Carter somehow getting in on the game. You need to focus on our junior team as they are set to win the next game.
    BTW be careful with that metal detector during the cleanup. There’s a lot of unexploded shells and depleted uranium buried under the beach.

  22. William Hennigh Avatar
    William Hennigh

    You lost me on this one Caitlin.
    This is my first comment/reply to one of your posts/articles.
    This isn’t a game.
    I’ve been a staunch Sanders advocate since 2015.
    Yes, Biden is just another hack/bafoon.
    But this is our country burning down.
    Stow your beach clean up analogy. It sucks

    1. it’s a very high stakes game that has been rigged and is being forced on us. come up with a better analogy if you can, but that point remains the same.

    2. I think that is part of the problem. Everybody thinks beach cleanup sucks. All people want to do instead is worship heroes.

    3. Until you can realize it is a game played for the masses nothing will happen. We must take action outside the system to improve conditions, aka, clean the beach.

    4. Looks like someone needs to get work on one of those sunbathers or so it would seem…

  23. GodlessNihilist Avatar

    I just heard Noam Chomsky on Democracy Now urge everyone to join team ‘D’ as it was imperative we get rid of team ‘R”s orange manager. We can fix the beach later. It is the exact same thing he said about Obummer versus McCain. Noam, Noam, Noam, time to STFU and fade away.

    1. seriously; I mean, it’s imperative we install a former corrupt rapist whose mind is in the process of being wiped??? looks like chomsky is now in the manufacturing consent business.

      1. Look at the bright side. In a few months the mind won’t be the mind of a corrupt rapist anymore. It will be as blank as a fresh page of typing paper. Women won’t have to worry about Biden if they carry a little squeeze toy like a rubber duckie. A toy you might get for a cat or a dog or a two year old. Biden gets frisky and women whip out their toy and squeeze it. Then they hand the toy to Biden and while he grins and makes the funny noise women run away. As old as he is Biden won’t be able to overcome their head start.

        No problem.

        1. I think we need to cut Biden a little slack. He doesn’t seem, on a personal level, to be a corrupt rapist. Possibly a corrupt gropist, but this is also questionable. As the MeToo ladies are now reminding us, we should take accusations of sexual misconduct with a grain of salt. Maybe he just likes to sniff little girls.

          1. her story is far more credible than kavanaugh’s. and his corruption is long demonstrated, over 30 years or so.

    2. Add to that his “lesser evil” Queen of Chaos (see Diana Johnstone) endorsement, And his one-sided bashing of Assad while displaying absolutely zero insight or moral sensitivity regarding the heinous terrorism inflicted upon the Syrian people by “the West” is unforgivable, particularly as he had correctly analysed that playbook as it pertained to Central and South America. Also disturbing is his gaslighting insistence that Kennedy’s assassination was more or less irrelevant in terms of American prosecution of the war on Vietnam and his equally egregious “nothing to see here” attitude toward 9/11.

  24. Excellent capture!!!
    And in this analogy, I am the Random Stranger just wanting to clean the beach up! Factually, I am 78 y/o, just 3 months younger than Bernie, and I have been following him since he was first arrested in a protest in Chicago in 1963, because he has always been ‘right’, by my values, on the ‘issues’ . . . It is about the issues not the man, but now he has given up too easily, and we are stuck being coerced into a volleyball game, not of our choosing, and I am lost in monumental disappointment . . . .

    1. bernie voting for the latest giant theft bill in congress just floored me. and lately aoc has been looking like she has been turned, too.

      1. Mike McDonnell Avatar
        Mike McDonnell

        Too true. Jimmy Dore has a good take on all of the “lefties” within the democratic party and how they have let us down. We must either vote for a third party like the Greens (whatever they are; there are two of them in the U.S.) or, better, start forming a good socialist third party.
        I am too old to start party building, but I will support people who dare to do the work.

  25. Sounds good. Maybe they should drop the political thing and take up volleyball–with referees, though.

    1. They tried that with softball a couple of years ago and look what happened.

  26. You forgot to mention that the beachgoers get to pick via a popularity contest who gets to play on the volleyball team. And that the volleyball players make a lot of money playing volleyball – some of it through enforced ticket sales (i.e. taxes) and some of it through deals with other team members and beachgoers around the world. Volleyball players also love cheating; some of them will do anything to win, even killing other players and even beachgoers. Volleyball can be a ruthless game.

    1. Yep. The “game” is exposed.

  27. everyone should divide the deaths caused my covid-19, by the 7 billion people in (ooops) on EARTH…

    like this:
    120,000 by

    good luck with trying to find pandemic with that.
    want help? lop off 4 zeros from each one. use:
    like this:

    12 uber
    700 000. =. wha?!

    AAAAARGH….we’re ALL gonna DIE !!!

    1. I’ll guess you are under 50 years old. I’d put money on it.

      My amusement is that a year ago XR was asking, would you get on a plane that had a 10% chance of crashing? The answer is no you would not, so why the fuck don’t you worry about global warming then?

      The answer has to do with the denial of death. The human critter can’t deal with its own mortality. It is afraid to die. The human critter will ignore existential threats if they are not of an immediate nature. COVID is a existential threat which is of immediate concern and the brain has anti-virus software that defeats the normal impulse to ignore issues that cause a person to think about their own mortality mortality.

      If you are over 50 years old your chances of signing the big paycheck is more than 10%. Romans found executing every tenth soldier seemed to fix moral problems instantly. Especially when the soldiers had to do the executing.

      Some mentally ill people complain that COVID is not potent enough and they want more dead. Such is the angst of the deranged mentally ill doomer. Lost in anger and frustration because they are not even asked to play volleyball. Some learned the truth at 17 that volleyball was made for beauty queens and high school girls with clear skinned smiles. They don’t even get to play.

      Their anger is so strong that they don’t see that while they want more COVID is quite effective enough to cross the fear threshold.

      Now that you understand, what do you say?

  28. I refer to CNN as the “other” Fox News.

    1. Or the “other” white bread.

  29. Great analogy!

  30. The Democrats have an Ass as a mascot; that says everything one needs to know about them. As I aged I realized that giving everyone the right to vote was not a very bright idea. It may have been the ” fair ” thing to do; but it makes sure that the ablest among us avoid running for ” public office ” because the public is so completely brain dead.

    Pepe Escobar asks, as we should always do, “Who benefits?”
    ​ ​ And the winner is BlackRock—the biggest money manager on the planet, with tentacles everywhere, managing the assets of over 170 pension funds, banks, foundations, insurance companies, in fact a great deal of the money in private equity and hedge funds. BlackRock — promising to be fully “transparent” — will buy these securities and manage those dodgy SPVs on behalf of the Treasury.
    ​ ​BlackRock, founded in 1988 by Larry Fink, may not be as big as Vanguard, but it’s the top investor in Goldman Sachs, along with Vanguard and State Street, and with $6.5 trillion in assets, bigger than Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank combined.
    ​ ​Now, BlackRock is the new operating system (OS) of the Fed and the Treasury. The world’s biggest shadow bank – and no, it’s not Chinese.​..
    ​ The price? A meager $1,200 check per person for a month. Anyone knows that, based on median salary income, a typical American family would need $12,000 to survive for two months. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, in an act of supreme effrontry, allows them a mere 10 percent of that. So American taxpayers will be left with a tsunami of debt while selected Wall Street players grab the whole loot, part of an unparalleled transfer of wealth upwards, complete with bankruptcies en masse of small and medium businesses.

    But wait, There’s MORE! That was just the indebtedness angle. There is also physical coercion from the completely unsupervised global industry, which cannot be sued, has captured the CDC and WHO, and has staged plans to keep you in the house forever, unless you get a little electronic thingie that says you are in compliance.
    Here is Robert F. Kennedy Jr (with croaky voice from spasmodic dysphonia, but readily comprehensible) with a very clear explanation. Thanks Anthony.

    How can this possibly be true? What planet?
    ​ ​For the past 70 or so years, the US government waged a war against its own citizens, a reprehensible history of illegal, unethical and immoral experiments exposing countless US civilians to deadly procedures and pathogens.
    According to a US Congressional investigation, by the late 1970s:
    “at least 500,000 people were used as subjects in radiation, biological and chemical experiments sponsored by the US Federal Government on its own citizens”

    1. Thanks John Day. I like Pepe Escobar. Humans likeky will erase themselves.
      Good for whats left.
      I am anticipating something positive from the final of the Democratic convention. The Wisconsin election had a positive judicial election despite the attempt to murder voters.

  32. Absolutley we should NOT play ball with the Democrates! “This Ball”, needs to be thrown back, right into their face! They are coming for your Health Records too!

  33. LOL. Very good, very funny, I just wonder why you still act as any of those people are human. Our government is in the process of waging a full scale genocide against its own citizens, and we’re still talking as though there’s a rat’s ass of a difference between the left and right? It’s all about effecting a massive death toll on Americans. No different than the smallpox infected blankets that we gave the indigenous peoples whose land and culture we stole

  34. Thank you for being you. Thank you for putting up with the asses of the world. Their shit will only ever stain them.

  35. Peter Lilienthal Avatar
    Peter Lilienthal

    Yesterday I realized how anyone can vote in the U.S. election by not doing a damn thing! I mean absolutely nothing! I know this sounds crazy but as you probably already know our electoral process is nothing if not insane. To be perfectly clear I want you to understand this is not absentee voting, and one has to do absolutely nothing to get this vote. The way they count these votes is counterintuitive, too, and relies on who I am not voting for.
    Here’s how it works: If I stay at home and don’t vote for Biden then that is the same as a vote for Trump, (save to have my mental intentions about that vote, how very zen). This being so clearly logical and sensible means the exact opposite must also true, and that if I stay home and don’t vote for Trump that should be the same as voting for Biden then, right? So far so good, but why stop there, for it means I can actually get two votes, one for not voting for Trump/Biden whoever, and then a second one if I actually go out and vote for the candidate of my choice, thus getting two votes!
    What a great country!
    Peter Lilienthal

    Peter Lilienthal

  36. Yes! Precisely!

  37. refreshing perspective Caitlin. thank you!

  38. too true a funny analogy if the situation wasn’t that tragic . with the bullies around trying to kick sand in our face ! they’ll have to clear the rubbish before they can do that.
    love your tenacity Caitlin

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