In what Shadowproof‘s Kevin Gosztola calls “a not-so-subtle effort to criminalize the journalism of an adversarial media organization that the United States has spent the last decade working to destroy,” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been hit with another superseding indictment by the US Department of Justice.

Shadowproof, WSWS, and Consortium News all have solid and informative write-ups on this new development. The indictment adds no new charges, is riddled with inaccuracies, glaring plot holes, and amateurish errors, relies heavily on testimony from a literal convicted pedophile and diagnosed sociopath, and appears to be little more than a feeble attempt to legitimize the injection of the words “hacking” and “hackers” into the prosecutorial narrative.

To quote Assange’s partner Stella Morris, “They didn’t throw the book at Julian. They threw bits of paper found crumpled up in the discard pile.”

The persecution of Julian Assange is a transparent and iron-fisted attempt by the US government to globally criminalize the publication of leaks which embarrass the US-centralized empire, thereby drawing a firm line which journalists all around the world know never to cross.

This is the inverted totalitarian oligarchic empire at its most overtly tyrannical. The imprisonment of Assange was the part of the movie where the villain finally reveals their true face for the monster they’ve always been, where it became clear to anyone paying attention that the US power alliance is as authoritarian and intolerant of real dissent as any tin pot dictator.

But this is the rarest form of imperial censorship. Normally, wherever possible, the power structures which dominate human civilization prefer to do so out of sight and out of mind, ideally having the inmates of the prison serve as their own wardens.

Aaron Maté, who as my regular readers already know is one of my favorite journalists on the planet right now, has an interesting new post on Twitter which reads (emphasis my own): “It’s incredible to see book after book churn out the same discredited Russiagate hype. When I talked to an editor at a major publisher about doing a book — you know, based on actual facts — they told me their friends would be mad at them if they published it, so that was it.”

This is a perfect example of the soft tyranny which does most of the key oppression of speech in the empire today. There are no laws prohibiting the publication of Maté’s award-winning journalism on the subject of the mass psychological operation known as Russiagate. Nobody who published such a book would be tortured and facing a 170-year prison sentence like Julian Assange.

Yet the speech remains restricted. Major publishers won’t touch Maté’s work. You won’t see him as a guest panelist on MSNBC or CNN. Not because those platforms are forbidden from doing so, but because they don’t choose to. As former MSNBC host Krystal Ball explained last year, an attitude of conformity has been manufactured from the top down to ensure than those who rise to the top of the most influential platforms are the ones who know how to toe the establishment line without being told. People are hired from the same conformity-enforcing universities by executives who were selected by media-owning plutocrats based on their willingness to protect the status quo their plutocratic kingdoms are built upon, and only those who play ball within that system ever rise to major positions of influence.

I am reminded of a famous contentious interview between Noam Chomsky and British journalist Andrew Marr in which Chomsky derided the false image mainstream journalists have of themselves as “a crusading profession, adversarial, we stand up against power,” saying it’s almost impossible for a good journalist to do so in any meaningful way in the mass media.

“How can you know that I’m self-censoring? How can you know that journalists are-” Marr objected.

“I’m not saying you’re self-censoring,” Chomsky replied. “I’m sure you believe everything you’re saying. But what I’m saying is that if you believed something different, you wouldn’t be sitting where you’re sitting.” 

I am also reminded of a quote from the movie My Dinner with Andre:

“I think that New York is the new model for the new concentration camp, where the camp has been built by the inmates themselves, and the inmates are the guards, and they have this pride in this thing that they’ve built—they’ve built their own prison—and so they exist in a state of schizophrenia where they are both guards and prisoners. And as a result they no longer have—having been lobotomized—the capacity to leave the prison they’ve made or even to see it as a prison.”

Did you know that depending on what country you live in, so-called “free-range” eggs are often anything but?

In the USA, for example, all that is required for chickens to be considered “free range” is for them to have “access to the outdoors”. In practice what this means is that thousands of birds are crammed into tiny, unhygienic, multi-platform barns designed to fit as many animals as possible, and then a tiny door is opened on the far end of the barn leading to some small porch area which most of the chickens never even find their way to.

The USDA imposes no requirements that the chickens ever go outdoors, or even on what “outdoors” technically needs to look like, so in practice what you get is a bunch of “free range” hens never venturing anywhere near the door, and having no reason to try to do so.

This is exactly what the much-touted “free speech” of the western world looks like in practice when it comes to platforms with major influence. The door is technically open for The New York Times or CNN to elevate voices which dissent from the official imperial narrative about what’s going on in the world, but they choose not to, because a system has been designed which disincentivizes them from doing so.

Mass media outlets are the factory farms of speech. Nothing is free, humane, or organic about either such construct. A healthy world, which we will hopefully we one day see, will have neither.


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80 responses to ““Free Speech” In The US Empire Is As Illusory As “Free-Range” Eggs”

  1. Jerry Fischer Avatar
    Jerry Fischer

    Truth Is In the Air
    Inaccurate Public History Is the Issue, Not the Statues
    Posted on June 26, 2020 by John Grant

    The conquerors of America glorified the devastation they wrought in visions of righteousness, and their descendants have been reluctant to peer through the aura. – Francis Jennings, The Invasion of America: Indians, Colonialism, and the Cant of Conquest.

    An angry mob recently tore down a public bust of Ulysses Grant in San Francisco. It makes one wonder whether whoever did this was able to discern that while Grant may not be Che Guevara, he did lead Lincoln’s army against the Confederacy, who are the bad guys in this fraught street soap-opera moment. I’m not an expert on Grant, but from childhood he had a way with horses; he was a famous alcoholic and while he was said to be a gentle man who hated the sight of blood, he oversaw and managed the killing of many tens of thousands of people to end slavery and bring the Confederacy to its knees. As The Band song goes: “The night they drove ol’ Dixie down.” He’s the guy who did it. And as president he put up a valiant fight during the Reconstruction Era to do justice by freed slaves and to crush the Ku Klux Klan. He also appointed the first Native American to be the federal Commissioner of Indian Affairs. He avoided public expressions of religion and did not seek to humiliate those he’d conquered.

    Yes, in the end, Reconstruction failed and Jim Crow grew, leading to lynchings and, if you like, all the realities of institutional racism down to the murder of George Floyd. And, of course, the chronic problems that persist in our “Indian reservations” remain one of America’s marks of shame, hidden out of sight from most comfy white Americans. But it’s off base to blame Grant for all this; he did his best. Frederick Douglas — who history-buff Donald Trump honored for doing “an amazing job” — eulogized Grant at his August 1885 funeral, saying: “In him the Negro found a protector, the Indian a friend, a vanquished foe a brother, an imperiled nation a savior.” Grant’s funeral march in New York City stretched for seven miles and included 1.5 million people.

    [The defaced Grant statue on and off its pedestal in San Francisco. A colorized photo of Grant from the History Channel, and Grant suffering from throat cancer writing his memoir. He died four days after completing it.]

    Was Grant a slaveholder? Technically, yes. The 1850s were not a simple time. His father Jesse was an abolitionist, but when Ulysses married Julia Dent, much younger than himself, and took over her father’s Ohio farm when “Colonel” Dent moved to St. Louis, slaves lived on the farm. Neighbors reported that Ulysses was an especially hard worker and labored hand-in-hand with these slaves, who he treated well. He chose to free a 35-year-old slave named William Jones through the court at a time he needed money — when he could have sold the man for over $1,000. Grant was a man who kept his emotions and thinking to himself, though he eventually did take sides against his slave-holding father-in-law. It seems reductive and simplistic to damn Grant for this . . . as it seems unrealistic to expect rage in the streets in 2020 to be interested in complexity and nuance. (From American Ulysses: A Life of Ulysses Grant by Ronald C. White.)

    I’m indirectly related to Ulysses Grant, so maybe I’m a bit sensitive. But only ignorance of history can explain knocking his statue down at a moment ripe with the potential for positive revisions to cases of racist and imperialistic public history. It also seems extremely boneheaded politics to knock down and deface statues willy-nilly, when it can only add fuel to the brewing backlash. But some people may want to encourage confusion; and, of course, we can’t discount the possibility right wing provocateurs might see insulting a statue of Ulysses Grant as a way to incite people like me to write essays like this critical of the rabble on the street. Knocking down an MLK statue would be ill-advised for a right-wing provocateur — but someone more ambiguous like Grant just might be the ticket. These are volatile and interesting times.

    The fact is there are statues that should be brought down from where they’ve overlooked us for decades from public pedestals. City leaders just took down a very prominent statue of the racist polemicist John C. Calhoun in Charleston, South Carolina. Lots of Confederate statues are coming down in the south, many of them erected in the 1920s during a resurgence of racism. Philadelphia finally took down the statue of our bellicose Mayor Frank Rizzo, famous for saying he was going to clear the city of protesters and “make Attila The Hun look like a faggot.” The list is growing.

    In Connecticut, in the early 1990s there was a statue controversy connected to Grant clan history. The struggle was between the family of John Mason, a military man who led the 1637 Pequot massacre in Connecticut, and the modern Pequot Tribe that had gained local power due to the huge Foxwood gambling casino. This struggle is instructive, since the real issue was not so much the statue itself but the greater view of history the offensive placement of the statue symbolized. To the Pequots, the massacre site has been sacred ground since 1637. The statue of Mason grabbing for his sword was erected in 1889 on the site of the grisly massacre on a hilltop within sight of the modern Mystic Seaport tourist attraction, where the nearby site of the nation’s first major Indian massacre was never mentioned; the only memento was the Mason statue. After a long public squabble, the statue was moved from the Mystic massacre site (now a middle class residential intersection) north to a park near the original palisaded fort of Windsor in central Connecticut where Mason lived.

    [The John Mason statue on the massacre site in Mystic in 1889.]

    [The Pequot Museum in the woods near its Foxwood casino in central Connecticut. Gambling gave them the power to have the Mason statue moved and to tell their story and the story of the 1637 massacre]

    The real issue was, and still is, whether the story of John Mason’s slaughter of the Pequots is something to glorify or something to be regretted or ashamed of. The Mason family member who fought hard to keep it at the massacre site insisted only God could judge his ancestor. Either way, the bloody facts should be taught in our schools since the 1637 surprise attack on the Pequot fort is important as the first example of White Europeans massacring Native Americans in what became the long westward expansion known as Manifest Destiny, a movement that went on to include so many massacres it earned the label genocide. Let’s not kid ourselves: For Native Americans, it was a holocaust.


    Ulysses Grant and I are both related to an English couple — Matthew and Priscilla Grant — who sailed from Plymouth, England, in 1630 on a ship named the John & Mary headed for the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Grant mentions them on the first page of his memoir, which was written as he was dying of throat cancer and is considered one of the finest ever written; it was published by Samuel Clemens. I’ve read accounts of Matthew and Priscilla’s passage, and it was apparently quite miserable; the ship they contracted to make the voyage had been used to carry fish — so it stunk terribly in the hot sun. When his ship reached Massachusetts, the captain of the John & Mary lost his nerve and, afraid of the rocks, let his passengers off on a spit of land. Then he waved, “Godspeed!” and turned his ship back to England.

    The only good thing one could say about the passage was it was light-years better than the passage forced on Africans delivered to America as slaves.

    Matthew and Priscilla and others on the ship, including John Mason, were all scared. Where had they been left? Where was the Massachusetts Colony? Obviously, they didn’t have cell phones and GPS. So what did they do? They did what any intelligent person would do: They made a camp and tried to figure out where the hell they were and how they might sustain themselves until they found the English settlement.

    What happened next occurred to other immigrant English people in the early 17th century; the story has been told over and over so much it was turned into a national holiday, Thanksgiving. The English set up their camp and no doubt set out sentries; they did what they could to feed themselves and their kids with what they’d carried with them. Then, one dark night figures began to appear cautiously out of the dark forest. Natives of the area walked in carrying fish and corn and other life-sustaining food. That’s the account I read from Matthew and Priscilla, very vulnerable people at the time and very grateful for the aid and comfort. They might all have been slaughtered — men, women and children! But they weren’t. They were fed and, thus, welcomed with kindness to what was for them a “new world.” With the help of the natives, they soon built a settlement near where they landed in what is now Boston’s Dorchester area.

    But life in the Massachusetts Colony was, by this time, very busy and gaining population. So, eventually, my people decided life was too hectic where they were — too many hoops to jump through set up by old hands who had been there for some time. So Matthew and Priscilla, John Mason and the rest lobbied and got permission to move west into Connecticut, where they remained under the rule of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It was a rugged and dangerous time to say the least. It was one of the first moves west in what became known in American history as Manifest Destiny: A powerful compulsion to keep moving westward to carve out one’s “destiny” in the open spaces beyond the reaches of civilization and settled communities with rules to obey and people to pay fealty to. Those with an adventurous spirit wanted raw frontier, land to tame and develop. In this process they established the town of Windsor, Connecticut, a settlement protected by a surrounding palisade of cut-down-trees. Matthew Grant worked as a surveyor and was the town clerk. John Mason lived a few doors away.

    The problem was this was territory fought for and controlled by the powerful Pequot Tribe. Other tribes feared the Pequots, who were fierce and not to be trifled with. Incidents began to happen; people were killed on both sides. Tensions grew. I recall years ago reading of Pequot braves huddling outside the English fort challenging the men inside to come out for various tests of manhood — likely the source of the term “Indian wrestling.” Study has shown that due to the proximity of barnyard animals and things like chicken and other poxes, the European was much shorter in stature than the Native American, which had only lived in proximity with dogs. So the men challenging these English immigrants were large and imposing. / The tensions grew until the English in Windsor decided something had to be done. It was agreed John Mason was the man, since he had been trained in warfare by the Dutch, had fought in combat and had already successfully dispatched a pirate plaguing the settlers in the waters off Connecticut. He established a raiding party and sailed down the Connecticut River, passing the Pequot fort so as not to alarm them. He met with leaders of other tribes and made a pact; some Mohegans men joined in the raid, though they generally staying in the rear behind the English. –>> {{The only news organization in the US to be labeled a threat by the Department of Homeland Security}}

    ORIGINAL video

    1. Excellent analysis and personal family engagement. Thank-you.

    2. Grant was also second in command to Lincoln of the first western army to directly assault non-combatants. The North did not want to abolish slavery for any racial justice purpose. In fact, racism was just as rampant in the North as it was in the South. The industrial North didn’t want blacks competing with whites for work. They wanted them gone. In fact a number of Northern states had law prohibiting their immigration. There were no saints on either side. The historical record of the “Civil War” is chock full of inaccuracy, right down to its very name. It was not a civil war, since the South had no intention of overthrowing the US federal government. It was a war of aggression fought by the North to deny the South the right to self-determination, a fundamental aspect of any democratic republic.

    3. No doubt you’re right but you’re totally missing the point; truth doesn’t have jack to do with anything. Everything worth anything is run by the Mafia including the Supreme Court all our taxes parking fines etcetera goes to the Mafia all our billionaires made their money via the Mafia. The only truly respectable people in the US are felons everyone else is part of the Mafia machine. I include in the list the archbishop of Chicago who made clear from day one that blacks would be accepted into the Church only under suspension, aka second class citizens of the Church.

    4. During cultural changes in societies statues come down, history is rewritten and truth a little further from actual historical events. Similar to how we prove historical events wrong through archeological discoveries. If not they fade to myth.

  2. Thank You Caitlin.

    You make my Day. Between Jon Rappaport and you I get all the news I need.

    New York City was not always like this. I can tell you first hand. I have been around the block you can say as well. Lived in prison in a very foreign country and I tell no lies, I was often more free while I jail then I feel today here. I live less than 2 miles from the Empire State Building as a crow flies. Since I don’t fly it can take 3 hours to get there.

    Afghanistan is the country I spent a year in jail in. The Afghans are beautiful people. Truly beautiful people. This is 1978 and I watched the Russians invade.

    It was still a happier place then New York City is today.

    I returned to New York and I made a promise to whoever I was talking to and I am so sorry I was so anxious to get back now. The promise was I would work every day for the rest of my life.

    1980s in NYC were living. The 90s were pretty good. That is when it all turned to shit.

    I have no clue who was the fucking mayor or what was going on until Rudy Juliani was made head moron. 911 was the most disgusting nonsense I thought I would ever see.

    Stupid me. I did know they were not done but it used to be the Republicans were the bad guys. That’s what they told us as kids though nothing they said was meaningful to me. As far as I was concerned the world and New York was fucked. Drugs helped a lot I believed. Well nothing last forever.

    To believe that planes flew into a building and it fell down, not once but twice, into itself no less, and I am the crazy one.


    Covid is 911-2. There is no question about it. Cuomo is the present flaming asshole destroying the people who thought everything was fine. I work with others, remotely thankfully, that believe every bit of this nonsense.

    I could not believe it was happening again. My wife has moved to higher dimensions as my Dad and I have said this many times, I am so glad they did not see this. Especially my Dad. He always had faith in the US. Best country in the world he would always say. I would fight with him because he lived no where else.

    I would rather be in jail in Afghanistan then in jail in the US.

    As an aside on the flight over I met an Afghan businessman on the plane. He took me to his home and sat me at a table on floor with his family to serve the stranger a meal. There was a heater under the table.

    They are beautiful people I repeat. They are Humans that still understood what it meant to be Human. That is gone here. Americans are mostly nasty people it seems but that is wrong. It’s only these places like New York, New Jersey, California and I am sure several more. Go to parts of Georgia and other southern states and people were nice. Today it’s much harder to be nice.

    I am babbling, sorry.

    I don’t know what to do anymore. People are so fucking stupid. The masks. It’s insane.

    One guy shows how the masks are causing all kinds of illnesses. The oxygen levels while wearing a mask are decreased by 10%. This was shown with a meter.

    After the test they had comments. Even though it was very obvious and logical that you would get less oxygen earring a fucking mask then not wearing a fucking masks these blastbrains are arguing that it’s only his exhalation they are testing. Huh? Isn’t that the fucking point dickbreath?

    Keep doing what you do. Remember 99.99% of everything you hear from New York City is a lie. It has to be that way. They took away the Garment Industry. They gave it to China I guess.

    It was gradual people say.

    Yes fuck those people. It was not gradual. Yes it started slow but when it went it was fast. The South lost as much as the North. We ordered raw cotton sliver from mills in the South. As a born and bred New Yorker I spoke like a monster by default. The Southern accents were heavy back then. They were so kind when you would call. Slow but they got the stuff delivered.

    So much is gone. I still cannot believe what they are doing.

    This is the good against the bad. We need you Caitlin. We need more like you.

    Stay well.

  3. Today I learned that all countries are “totalitarian” because they would also press charges against anyone who committed the crimes Assange did.

    And it is also unfortunate for this narrative that he is hardly the freedom fighter you are making him out to be. Guy went from promising immanent leaks on Russian government to forgetting about releasing them and appearing on RT.

    Supports autocratic oppressive Russian regime + rapist = freedom fighter. USA is totalitarian! Illusory free speech!

    Moving along…

    1. You should have left out the ‘rapist’. Gave you away.

  4. we need a list of patsies: here goes.
    Oswald, he screamed out at us, “I’m just a patsy.” Teeling the wold what that word meant.
    Ruby killed him. THey kled Ruby. wipe out. in Dallas. Booth may have killed Lincon–how can anybody know, but it was not for his anti-slavery actions, it was about the Greenback. Who killled Prinz idunno of Austria and so what? the dancing ISraelis on the NJ turnpike–the 19 so-called hi-jackers. HA! only 2 other nations had thermate or thermite at that time, UK and Isreal. the place closed for two straight weekends. the planes were not hijacked they were all replaced. with fuel tankers and the passengers put on buses to wherever CIa pro go to party. OR die. wedunno. the Maine was blown up from inside. Tonkin never happeded.
    who killed Epstein?
    who likked Lumumba, Arbenz, Torrijos, Allende, tried to kill CAstro 20 times. who killed RFK–no Sirhan Sirhan he could not shoot straight. too neurotic to depend on. the lady with the polka dot dress? she was probably an eye-catcher distracion. MLK was not shot by the guy they arrested. nor did the bulet kill him. the DR. killed him. but the bullet came from another room. no name is still in jail.maybe he even thinks he did it.
    no way. it pays to have a patsy to take the blame for many reasons–and one pro to put th ebullet in da hole.
    how good was the Bolivian coup? ANez is a born again who hates Pachamama, who is what the world needs now. Los Indios (the In-gods) know it for sure. Morales was a good man–but he sold the lithium to China. not the US. because the colony wants to be free.
    Bubble up is all. it is bubbling up more than ever. the Trickle Down is not dripping anything but blood.

    1. Jimmy—you touch upon something Mr. Engdahl elucidated in a book I recommend (others by Engdahl are well worth the read as well).
      “The Greenbacks allowed Lincoln to finance war costs independent of London or New York bankers who were demanding an exorbitantly high interest rate–as high as between 24% and even 36%. Lincoln’s Greenbacks financed the war and avoided entangling the Union in large war debts to the private bankers, something that made him bitter enemies in London and New York banking circles.
      The influential Times of London reacted vehemently to Lincoln’s Greenback issuance. In an editorial clearly written on behalf of the City of London bankers, it declared, ‘If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.’
      On April 14, 1865, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, shot down in cold blood in a Washington theatre just five days after Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Court House, Virginia. As with the assassination of John Kennedy almost a century later, a ‘lone gunman,’ John Wilkes Booth, was blamed. There was no serious Congressional investigation into the issue of conspiracy and who might have been behind the assassination. Though the truth may never be provable, persuasive evidence suggested that Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth, had been hired for the job by Judah Benjamin, Treasurer of the Confederacy. Judah Benjamin was a close associate of Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881), British Prime Minister and an intimate of the London Rothschilds. After the murder of Lincoln, Judah Benjamin fled to London, becoming the only member of the Confederate cabinet who never returned to the United States.”

      — Gods of Money by F. William Engdahl

    2. Yeah you so right, nothing but criminals in the US. Maybe it’s justice, Zionists murdered or had murdered on their behalf almost all the indigenous peoples of the Americas. The indigenous people gave the Zionists of the world tobacco still killing in the payback to this day and don’t forget the coca leaves and all so much more that they gave us that is still killing to this day and may it keep on killing those filthy murderous things that think so highly of themselves and let us not fret of the deeds of the many Inquisitions those too were committed by Zionists disguised as Cryptojews.

  5. There is not even the illusion of free speech in the U.S. The owners of the media decide what the “news” is and everyone just runs with it. Truth has nothing to do with it, as Julian Assange well knows.

  6. Coming this fall!
    The big heavy-weight matchup!
    Its Dementia Joe vs. Dementia Don for all your marbles.
    Does COVID-19 cause brain damage? We know Trump had COVID-19, because he was taking chloraquine. Its main use was early in cases to keep them from worsening, at least according to its supporters at the time.
    Now Trump is acting Brain Damaged
    See the link below
    Trump gets asked an easy question by a friendly interviewer in front of a crowd of Hitler Youth, and Trump flubs the answer.
    To realize the magnitude of this flub, he was asked the number one question of any political campaign. Why do you want to win election to this office? Its standard question number one that any interviewer is likely to ask. Tell us why you should be elected. If anyone wants to think about running for office, step number one is to answer that question to yourself about the office. If you can’t tell yourself why you want to be on the School Board, then you are going to have a hard time convincing others to vote you onto it.
    So, here’s Trump, who’s been running for President for a year and a half, and he can’t answer the world’s easiest, softball political question from a friendly interviewer in a friendly environment. This is something that any politician can rattle off even if they are so drunk they are nearly asleep. Trump didn’t just mess up by giving the answer from the campaign four years ago. Trump couldn’t answer the question.
    The writer of the piece below misses this point. He talks about campaign strategy and organization, but the real question is about brain damage?
    This fall’s big contest….. Dementia Joe versus Dementia Don.
    The good news is that only one of these people wants to kill me.

    1. Are you drunk or did you paste the wrong video.

      Just to fucking hear yourself comment.

      Which is a it dick?

  7. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Free Speech” In The US Empire Is As Illusory As ‘Free-Range’ Eggs”

    In today’s world, we have Humpty Dumpty Free Speech…
    Free Speech once sat upon our wall,
    Free Speech took a grand fall.
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Made sure Free Speech never comes back again.

    Free Speech got Cracked wide open. It’s remnants now gush out into our past.

    Free Speech was Poached by World Posers With Grand Titles and technocrats hiding behind distorted algorithms and purchased politicians.

    Free Speech was Fried, Basted, Baked, and Broiled until nothing of it remains in a Toxic World Omelet of corporate and governmental newthink, newspeak, thought-crimes, and social-mob-action-shaming.

    Free Speech was Scrambled deliberately and Charred until becoming something completely unrecognizable.

    Free Speech was destroyed with Hard-Boiled attacks from Soft-Boiled empty-heads that have that no reverence for its Divine origins. You might say, it was Deviled.

    Sadly, there is no Sunny Side Up to this.

    Free Speech? In short, it was Over too Easy.

    1. Free Speech, an early casualty of World War II.
      Some Berkeley hippies tried to revive in a couple of decades later, but all they got for their troubles was to be kicked, beaten and imprisoned after they were called a bunch of damned commies.

  8. Ms Johnstone honestly telling the ” whole truth ” takes courage and humility. This author and this website, as well as yours and many others, make the Internet an wonderful invention.
    Inaccurate Public History Is the Issue, Not the Statues by John Grant!

  9. Calamity Jane Avatar
    Calamity Jane

    It seems to be the very same mainstream ideas here.
    The media deal in propaganda , primarily used for mass mind control.Operation mockingbird the CIA have infiltrated and used media for a very long time.
    And it is global.
    The world has been westernized.
    The media has branched out into multiple smaller blogs catering to both left and right .
    And there is social media and smaller ” alternative” blogs .
    Global media has been spreading emotionally laced viral ideas so people believe and become obsessed with Oligarchy puppets Trump and agent Assange .
    Least they remember who they are and stop eating the media’s garbage.
    Least they have an inner revolution that is needed at this time instead of looking to the world to tell them who they are or for the truth of their BEing.

    1. The weakness of the mind control machine is that they need you to turn them on to give them access to your brains. Breaking free is as simple as pressing an off switch. For me, the internet is far more interesting as a tool for listening to recorded live music performances on UToob than for letting people I don’t respect or like let get inside my head.
      Step One is breaking free, because its only after you leave the Matrix that you can see the world for what it is. With experience, you can probably tolerate some small exposure to both social media and big media, but it is highly recommended that you begin by a completely cutting off of all contact. A recommended method is time in a cabin with no cell phone signal and other wise complete media isolation.
      Once you’ve done that, you’ll find you build a natural immunity to media, because you see that large parts of it are both nonsensical and highly manipulative compared to the media-free world you’ve been living in.
      Free your minds from mental slavery.
      Be very careful around all media.
      Remember that almost all people who are misled and addicted to media will swear to everyone around them that they are neither misled nor addicted to media. This is why a complete cutoff is the best course, because only then to you begin to see all the ways and methods by which you’ve been misled and addicted. You’ll be surprised by the ways some of them are very subtle once you can see clearly.

      1. Pretty easy for me. I automatically assume everything the media says is a lie. They only tell the truth when it’s convenient. And even then, you can be sure it won’t be the whole truth.

        1. Hmmm

          At this late date, any other approach is surely folly….

  10. Paranoia strikes deep
    Into your life it will creep
    It starts when you are always afraid
    You step out of line, the Man come, and take you away.

  11. What a powerful analogy with the chickens. I forget which French writer wrote about the tragic lives of coal mine horse, sent into the mines as foals and kept there all their lives to haul sledges of coal around. (In the US, they were called “pit ponies”.) It was a powerful analogy the lives of the human miners, and for our media lives now. Thanks Caitlin.

  12. When humans use their brain to read, the effect that the words have on them is something that they are willing to pay for to experience again. There is a market for words that elicit emotion. For some reason, people want to do this to themselves, so words are a commodity.

    One professional journalist is paid to write an article explaining why X is good, and another is paid to explain why X is bad. The question is whether this is a bad setup if the journalists do not personally agree with the position they express. If so, what is the problem with them presenting the argument against what they believe? Who knows the argument better than one who has been forced to fend it off?

    But there is a problem, because what matters with both articles is the effect that the words have on the reader – the effect must be something that the reader is willing to pay for to experience again. This result is much easier to achieve if the requirement for truth/honesty is removed, and if the subject matter is not too complex or nuanced. People think that cheap journalism has close to no requirement for truth, and no depth. Maybe the opposite applies today.

    If someone has invested a big chunk of their life developing an elaborate theory, the feeling that they experience when they read words that make it clear that their theory is wrong, is not the type of effect that people are willing to pay for to experience again, in most cases.

    Imagine if people liked and would pay for the effect of discovering that they have been wrong, and if they were not willing to pay for words just because they elicited emotion. The result would probably be more honesty, truth and art.

    But as things are, the picture of the chickens crammed into the building is free, and the paid $tory is the one that explains how the chickens have an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. All that the chickens have to do, is push a few thousand of their neighbors out of the way, just like with humans. The fact that the chickens do not erupt into total warfare, is proof that chickens do not have a winning attitude. What happens to them is their own fault and eating eggs is good for you, just as you suspected.

  13. Good analogy. I’d like to comment on the hidden power structures dominating civilization by using the inmates themselves. You have to admire their cleverness. They manage a bunch of mostly well-meaning people, somehow steering them to trick, lie, censor, and otherwise deceive to keep the masses ignorant and compliant to their evil master plan. I think they do an incredibly masterful job!

  14. Great observation! Very true – we don’t have free speech or a free press!

    Along these lines, today I was given a “timeout” by for responding to a threat against my life.

    I wrote a comment that it was funny watching the US Empire collapse. In response, someone wrote: “You need to be eliminated.” (I interpreted this as a threat). In response to this threat against me, I wrote, “Well, you have a small penis.”

    A few hours later I was notified that I had been placed on “timeout” for 2 days. LOL!

  15. As I said debate and dialogue is dead. You gave several excellent examples.

    1. Harry McNaugh Avatar
      Harry McNaugh

      Yip debate and dialog is dead here .Only one left media narrative here anti american and pro agent assange wrapped up in a Oligarchy truth.

    2. Yep, coming form the guy who makes assumptions about commentors he knows nothng about. Khatika YOU are an example of that which you write.

  16. The CIA started infiltrating and subverting news media in the US almost 70 years ago. This is not news .

    Free speech on the other hand, is under an avalanche of destruction. There is no more destructive aspect than the eruption of the classification called “hate speech”. Somehow, it has been determined that one has a right not to be offended regardless how oversensitive they may be, and another’s right to speak is justifiably restricted to accomplish such. Personally, I prefer to see where the bigots are. How can one debate or discuss with those of a hateful bent if they can’t even speak? How is it that one must accommodate another’s view regardless how distorted it may be?

    For example, and I’m prepared to receive an “avalanche” of hate because of it, how is it that a tiny fraction of the population, far less common than psychopaths, that suffer what I propose is a mental disorder, must be accommodated. One’s belief that they are not actually of the gender their genetics imply. If any other such sexual conduct was inflicted on a child, the perpetrator would be jailed. Islamic Clitoridectomy for example. But somehow, chemical and surgical abuse of children is justified in this case. I do not hate those who suffer what I consider to be an affliction, I just don’t think it should be encouraged or facilitated. Indeed, I suspect a great many who proclaim such have found an easy way to garner a great deal of attention.
    Yes, this is a test. Can you tolerate it? Or will you insist I be lynched?

    1. comment above meant for you.

    2. Harry McNaugh Avatar
      Harry McNaugh

      As long as you stick to the blogs narrative you will be fine JWK but don’t mention Agent Assange or debate or even question the media’s propaganda releases of him or half a dozen shills here will jump on you and peck you and call you a troll.
      Its like ” Free speech in a chicken pen”. Don’t mention truth keep to the narrative.

  17. Hmmm

    Every time someone quotes Noam Chomesky my alarm bell goes off. Noam Comesky is a devote zionist. A man who in his younger years spent a lot of time in Israel. And like Bernie Sanders, he too worked on a Kibbutz in Israel. He opposes the BDS Movement. He viciously attacked Walt and Mersheimers book outing the dangers of the israeli lobby. Chomsky opposes the right of return for the descendants of the Palestinians expelled by jews in the 1940’s. (he does now support the right of the original Palestinians expelled. The fact that they are now far too old or dead is of course mere co-incidence) Etc. Etc.

    When you stop and take an honest objective look at what groups are behind the attacks on our Constitutional Rights, the zionists are front and center every single time. Particularly when it comes to our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights…..

    Interestingly enough you never read much about the zionists in either the Main Stream or the major alt media. Considering that States have openly violated the Constitution and even the President has issued unconstitutional executive orders to protect jews/zionists/israel from public criticism one would think that the “media” would be all over the them. Instead, the media and “our” government protects them. It is these groups that are the root cause of so many, many problems in America today. It is these groups and their lobbies that must be the focus of our attention if we want to save the Republic. Make no mistake, they are waging war against America, Americans and our basic way of life.

    Oh wait so sorry! I keep forgetting, we the people are no longer allowed to boycott israel, or publicly criticize jews or zionists or israel. In the land of the free and the home of the brave, no matter what evils they are doing against us or treason they are committing against our Country for israel, we are being coerced and threatened into silence subservience. They only thing they haven’t stolen are our guns. And once they have our guns, they will have destroyed the Republic…

    Ops! Am I allowed to speak these truths? No? sorry, won’t happen again. No wait, please! but, but, I need my job! You just wait, I am going public and tell the American people the truth………………………………………

    “Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) was a prominent Lutheran pastor in Germany. He emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps. He is perhaps best remembered for his postwar words, “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out…”

    1. pretzelattack Avatar
      neither of these articles supports your comments about chomsky.
      aipac is one of quite a few powerful lobbies. claiming it is all powerful is propaganda. if it were, we would aleady attacked iran.

      1. Hmmm

        There has been universal agreement inside the beltway for decades that by far the most powerful group in Washington are the jewish/zionist/pro israeli lobbies which act in concert as agents of israel, particular with regard to foreign policy.

        Did you actually read the entire articles you cited from BDS Because if you pay closer attention they both support my position not yours…

        “While I have some tactical differences with the BDS movement” And he has publicly used those “tactical differences” to repeatedly if subtly attack the BDS movement.

        Chomsky has also repeatedly railed against the idea that these lobbies control foreign policy. Frankly, only a complete idiot or a liar can claim otherwise in light of that has happened since israel attacked America on 9-11.

        “All powerful” are your words, not mine and is nothing more than a strawman argument at best. A dishonest tactic that is stock in trade of propagandists the world over. The term I used was “root cause” which is of course a far cry from your piece of fiction.

        1. Totally agree Noam is controlled opposition.
          Keep to the FED reserve and not the global banking cabal .
          The exposure of the economic monopoly we all have is not part of the narrative.
          It makes me cringe fake leftys are like little CIA honeypots.I often question and my alarm bells go off on this blog as to the information and ideas it spreads .

    2. At the opening of the Zionist Congress of 1897 at Basie, Dr. Mandelstein, emphatically stated that: “The Jews will use all their influence and power to prevent the rise and prosperity of all other nations and are resolved to adhere to their historic hopes, i.e. to the conquest of world power “. (Le Temps, September 3rd, 1897.) And 120 years later and what do we see? The last eight chairmen of the Federal Reserve Bank, the CEO’s, Presidents and VP’s of all the major media networks, the wealthiest donors pulling the purse strings of both Democratic and Republican parties, and the neo-conservative warmongers still driving US foreign policy in the Middle East – they all come from the same tribe… And to cap it all off, these racist, supremacist, Zionist elites who make up the top 1% of the top 1% have designed for themselves a world whereby they have total immunity from criticism, because anyone who dares to associate the word “Jew” with the mass violence and systemic injustice of unaccountable power at the top is automatically accused of being a vile anti-Semite Nazi sympathizer akin to the Satanic evil of Hitler himself, and immediately relegated to the status of a non-person to be banished from polite society and shunned by everyone forever.

      There is no more disastrous omen for the imminent total enslavement of humanity under the global fascist dictatorship of an Orwellian dystopia than the terminal naivety of even the most self-aware dissident voices in alternative media vigilantly rushing to the defense of their oppressors by subjecting anyone who dares to utter the name of our high priests of endless of wars for profit, international banking fraud, presidential assassinations and false flag terrorism to a vicious smear campaign of vitriolic and irrational hate. We’re doomed because even the very best of us would rather die than tell the truth about Jewish power.

    3. Agree DDearborn there are lots of small left controlled opposition sites nowdays too… hmm you can find them when you see only one limited mainstream message repeated
      The Extension of CIA’s operation mockingbird to create a media monopoly so all narratives and minds can be ” controlled” .
      Right now the medias harping on about Assange, identity politics ( used to divide and conquer ) and Trump.

    4. Really. I can’t believe most of this attack!

  18. Westley W Wood Avatar
    Westley W Wood

    Does anyone not know
    Udo Ulfkotte’s PRESSTITUTES?
    corrected spelling

    1. I would like to read his book Bought Journalists (do I have the correct title?), but of course it has been suppressed in the U.S. His book points out that many of the journalists doing the filthy work of that criminal conspiracy the CIA were slowly corrupted then had little choice but to continue doing what they were paid to do. So I don’t even buy into the notion that these so-called journalists believe in what they are doing, just that they know what side their bread is buttered on.

  19. Westley W Wood Avatar
    Westley W Wood

    Does anyone not know
    Udo Ulfkotte’s PRESSTITUITES?

  20. James Doorbell Avatar
    James Doorbell

    Caitlin, you have been a huge inspiration to me for the last several years. However, I’m quite perplexed by your reporting in 2020. From what I can tell you have not mentioned or questioned the wild inconsistencies, contractions (this is an understatement) in the mainstream Codid19 narrative. Also, there are independent journalists, whose recent work has been very sceptical of the mainstream COVID reporting and who I know that you follow their work. Why are you not talking about it? Why are some many otherwise credible journalists who were sceptical of Russiagate, US imperialism etc (like the ones you sited in this article), totally silent on this? What gives?

    1. They want to keep their job.

    2. Controlled opposition keeps to the narratives.
      B.S US imperialism when the world is westernized and the empire is the Crown,pro Russian & Chinese, Assange, race cards, rinse and repeat.
      Maybe she’ll grace you with some psyop COVID.

  21. Lili-Ann Berg Avatar
    Lili-Ann Berg

    To me anyone who do not stand up for Julian Assange is a heartless self-serving coward. Only one problem with chicken analogy – it’s an insult to the poor birds.

  22. So, I like to read science, but lately it’s becoming very disturbing, one article is about how plants protect themselves from pathogens, and then how to genetically modify the pathogens so that they can defeat the planet’s defenses. Why? To cause widespread starvation? Why is this course of study even legal? And, we all know that these killers like the Rothschilds’, Rockefellers’, etcetera want total control of our food supply, so is it any coincidence that our insect population is crashing beyond recovery so that even if some should choose to grow their own they would have to either buy or rent one of their tiny robotic pollinators to be able to do so? I doubt it very much. But, yet this sort of freedom, to work toward total subjugation of the human species is fine, but talk of freedom from tyranny is not. So, porn is bad, but death and slavery are good.

  23. Assange is the Pole Star. And there’s only one. True Mariners will set their course on him and his organization for centuries. For Mike Pompao tampon and Jeff Sessions it means the scabbed over and infected root canal they call a brain will be eaten by maggots; just like the ones you choose to live with. For Gina Haspel it means that sacred weeping rotting peat bog you have between your legs will give birth to that spike in your heart. Whose name is bitterness. Your name is vindictiveness.

  24. In an age of universal deceit such as our own, the truth is not hard to find, it’s just very easy to ignore or avoid. But If you want to know the truth, save yourself a lot of time and simply listen carefully to those people who are prosecuted and persecuted for what they write or for what they say.

    Julian Assange and Wikileaks, Holocaust revisionists, Israel did 9/11 Truthers, Sandy Hook hoaxers, Kennedy assassination researchers, despised anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan, David Duke, David Icke, Pizzagate researchers, and an assortment of banned YouTubers, deplatformed dissidents and conspiracy theorists, are all revealing disturbing, discomforting and devastating truths, and they are universally proved to be correct by the reaction to their revelations of a world gone mad – the freedom of speech of the truth teller is always the first the cancelled. The heretical taboo breakers are the tormented truth tellers in our post-truth age and knowing the powers that are against them and the consequences they face for speaking out, their efforts are truly heroic…

    1. pretzelattack Avatar

      the sandy hook hoaxers revealed the truth that a lot of people will lie about anything and attack the parents of murdered children if it helps their agenda of defeating gun control.

      1. No one has ever attacked the parents of murdered Sany Hook children, that’s just a media fabrication. But its sure weird how everytime these parents sue a hoaxer, its always the parent who loses their nerve and failes to show up in court. There’s still zero evidence of any real deaths, people have to take the official story on blind faith under massive pressure to conform because no one wants to be stigmatized by the “hoaxer violently atacking greiving parents” narrative.

        1. But where are the Sandy Hook children? From what I have seen, and maybe I need to look closer, they are in cemetaries with headstones, and not walking among us. If you could show me otherwise, that might be more convincing.

          1. We have no reason to believe there was any such thing as the SH children. I’m no expert on this one, but as far as I can tell the family photos of the so-called murdered children are just old pics of the so-called parents when they were kids…

  25. Ah, the Buddha Ms Caitlin speaks the truth again. The United States of America is a ” complete charade “; an immence ” hollowgram ” of slogans and pious beliefs held out in front of the ” jackass humans ” known as taxpayers to keep them herded along as they sleep. Ms Johnstone, and others on the Internet, keep trying to nudge some of these people awake but they like sleeping because it requires no effort. May the heavens bless you, Ms Johnstone, keep the faith and push ever onward.

  26. Charles Andrew Robinson Avatar
    Charles Andrew Robinson

    Save her belief in Christianity, though I was raised as a Episcopalian, I am no longer a Christian. An aside, there is a great video on YouTube “The Gospel of Caesar”, here: This German guy takes Julius Cesar’s death and then correlates / cross references the event with the passion rituals of Jesus’ crucifixion. A very compelling proposal. But anyway, I don’t believe in the Jesus myth anymore. But I can still respect those who do. So that being said. I think Catherine knows what is really going on.

    1. Faith is a tricky thing. Those without see one thing those with another. The chasm between can only be leapt with it. The truth of one is a lie to the other. I think most think they have faith but live as if they do not. Sort of a self imposed fog that makes them fill better.

      1. Faith (T-trust) fills the void between “knowing” and “believing”, two mutually dependent and self-reinforcing waste products of human brains fighting the good fight for survival against the infectious onslaught of excessive grey matter. Yes, Will Robinson, you can have too much of a good thing! In infinite universes, both inner and outer, each of us is the center of the universe.(You, sir, can choose which is which). Uncertainty is a bitch far out. It’s okay with me if you assume (have faith) that this truth is peer reviewed. Don’t bogart the joint

  27. Thank you for remembering Julian. And may Australia never forget its guilt at letting him rot in prison.

    1. Rudolf Don’t you mean thanks for obsessing about him and for pretending hes not a CIA agent instead telling readers hes what the media say he is.. a ” hero” . For what ?
      How do you know he is in prison, did the media tell you that too.
      A photo shoot of him in prison.Hes a celebrity.

    2. D’accord! Itsumo wasurenai! Danke schön!

  28. I feel so sorry for Julian Assange, scapegoated by such a nasty evil and corrupt state that seems to have totally abandoned any pretence at all the ‘american dream’ values that used to pop up so often. It must be obvious to anyone with any brain matter at all that there is ZERO chance of justice for him anymore. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like for him, what he must be feeling – apart from despair, terror and utter hopelessness. He is living his death sentence.

  29. I agree with you about western media but I am confused why people are concerned about it. We freely accept that Russia and China media is totally controlled by the state. Why should it bother anyone that western media is just as controlled. Maybe it is because Russia and China openly admit their control where the West pretends it is a free press. I dont think it was ever free to be honest.

    1. That is exactly why!

      The US act like it’s the greatest place going. Our shit does not stink.

      I know so many that truly would eat their own shit then a Foreign food.

      It had to come to this. I have been waiting and everyone said I was crazy.

      The real horror is even now after it’s obvious the US is a walking Turd they still think it’s the greatest Country.

      God help us all

  30. First, Aaron Mate is regularly featured on Tucker Carlson’s show. Enough said.

    The second thing is, if you really want free range chickens, don’t let the State write the rules, under the influence of the industry itself. There should be no definitions, except what consumers want and expect. Suppliers who don’t meet their expectations will lose customers. That’s the way it’s supposed to work, not come up with some dumbed-down and least common denominator rule that gives the public no actual information. This applies to every situation in which there are government rules. It’s like the friggin’ EU.

    The State ruins everything it touches.

    1. And for-profit mega-corporations don’t? Anarchism is an attractive state of mind (I can’t call it a theory since it doesn’t rise to that level), but the only power capable of curbing the relentless corporate destruction of people and planet is the state. That’s precisely why the plutocrats have bought it and now control it. Our only hope is that the people will somehow find a way to reclaim the state, which means that anarchism is not only hazy but harmful. One of the most important books out there right now lays this out with utter clarity and cogency:

      1. WTF.

        What kind of idiot are you?

        Do you have any idea what MMT is doing and has done?

        Here is a quote from the IMPORTANT book. Ass

        ==> The insights provided by Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) show how such an alternative strategy is possible for countries with their own sovereign currencies, but is not available for. <==

    2. “Enough said”. Why would the venue (one through which Aaron can reach millions) discredit the content of ideas?

      1. Apparently, you misinterpreted my comment.

        I mentioned this precisely because Tucker Carlson is doing a great service. My intent was not to discredit Aaron Mate, but to credit Tucker Carlson for having the integrity to have people who would not necessarily agree with him on everything on his show when they are making an important point.

        Precisely the opposite of the way you took it. Maybe the fault is mine for not being precise enough.

        1. My apology. The fault lies in my assumption of an aversion to Carlson and FOX in general. Though I must admit my own somewhat general disagreement with, and sometimes aversion to Carlson, I have found him, on limited occasion, to yes, have integrity.
          I appreciate, and agree with, your meaning.

    3. And they touch everything.

      Another one who has all the answers but oddly they are all the wrong answer.

      Am I supposed to not call you idiots out?

      1. Why are my answers wrong? Why am I an idiot?

        You don’t have many friends, do you?

    Fear in the JFK Assassination, Part 1
    (The mystery of how the USMC taught Lee Oswald Russian and Communism)
    ​ ​One of the fascinating phenomena in the JFK assassination is the fear of some Americans to consider the possibility that the assassination was actually a regime-change operation carried out by the U.S. national-security establishment rather than simply a murder carried out by a supposed lone-nut assassin.​..​
    ​ ​ Indeed, if you want a modern-day version of how the U.S. national-security state treats suspected traitors and betrayers of its secrets, reflect on Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Chelsea Manning. That’s how we expect national-security state officials to behave toward those they consider traitors and betrayers of U.S. secrets.
    ​ ​Not so with Oswald. With him, we have what amounts to two separate parallel universes. One universe involves all the Cold War hoopla against communists. Another one is the one in which Oswald is sauntering across the world stage as one of America’s biggest self-proclaimed communists — a U.S. Marine communist — who isn’t touched by some congressional investigative committee, some federal grand jury, or some FBI agent. How is that possible?
    Later​, when Oswald ended up in Dallas, his friends were right-wingers, not left-wingers. He even got​ a​ job at a photographic facility that developed top-secret photographs for the U.S. government. How is that possible? Later, when he ended up in New Orleans, he got hired by a private company that was owned by a fierce anti-communist right-winger. ​ ​Why would he hire a supposed communist who supposedly had betrayed America by supposedly joining up with America’s avowed communist enemy, the Soviet Union, and to whom he had supposedly given U.S. national-security state secrets, just like Julian and Ethel Rosenberg had?

    1. Yes, and what started with the JFK assassination continued with the series of assassinations of progressive politicians and social leaders in the 60s and 70s and culminated with the mass murder of 9/11. All played a part in setting the stage for endless imperial war. Anyone who becomes effective in revealing this hidden history of The Exceptional Nation (Julian being a prime example) will be neutralized one way or another. Caitlin’s comparison of “free-range” chickens to “free” American citizens is brilliant…which means she best be careful if her blog continues to grow in popularity. Right now, it seems, the PTB are content to try to control her by a concerted effort to troll her.

      1. Mike McDonnell Avatar
        Mike McDonnell

        Yes, the trolling of Cait is quite obvious. The various entities trolling here even use the same phrases. They are not trying very hard to hide. I have a list of people commenting here whom I want to read, and I skip the others for the most part.

        1. Maximilien Robespierre Avatar
          Maximilien Robespierre

          Thats real open minded and spiritual Mike calling all the people with opposing opinions to yours and CAItlins trolls .its the mark of one eyed propaganda …. and didn’t the Nazis make a list too?
          I guess as I don’t agree with you or CAI tlin ideas/memes you’ll now call me names .

          1. If the troll shoe fits….

        2. Hmmm

          The truth is that the use of arbitrary labels that are targeted directed at the individual personally nothing more than ad hominem attacks. As is so often the case, comically transparent attempts to deflect rather than offer legitimate rebuttal. The irony is of course that those that stoop to such dishonest tactics never seem to catch on that they have done nothing to impeach the original commentary. Instead, all they have done is outed themselves as people of questionable character and integrity……

      2. “Newton Finn ” why do you think your country’s citizens are freer ?
        What makes you free?
        Such nativity to believe you are better than and more free than its all ego, ignorance and nativity . I am wary about all the ignorance and anti American sentiment here.

    2. Oswald was a patsy. Read Mark Lane’s story of the trial in Miami federal court. [PLAUSIBLE DENIAL]. The jury came back with the verdict that the CIA did it. The prime witness was Margarita Lopez that was one of the CIA team led by Frank Sturgis [you heard that name at Watergate ?] Another book [ACT OF TREASON] by John Groden concluded with the digital analysis of the police open-mike before the congressional rehearing that located the sources of the gun-fire shots. None came from the book depository. The Zapader film, when put together right, shows the fatal bullet came from in front of the car.

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