With overwhelming bipartisan support, the House Armed Services Committee has added a Liz Cheney-spearheaded amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which throws severe roadblocks in the Trump administration’s proposed scale-down of US military presence in Afghanistan and Germany.

As The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald notes, both parties advancing the amendment cited in their arguments the completely unsubstantiated intelligence leak that was recently published by credulous mass media reporters alleging that Russia has paid bounties to Taliban fighters for killing the occupying forces in Afghanistan. Yet another western imperialist agenda once again facilitated by unforgivably egregious journalistic malpractice in the mass media.

Every aspect of this development is enraging.

The mass media have continued to add to their mountain of Gish gallop fallacies promoting this narrative with a new Daily Beast report citing former senior Taliban figure Mullah Manan Niazi who asserts that “The Taliban have been paid by Russian intelligence for attacks on U.S. forces—and on ISIS forces—in Afghanistan from 2014 up to the present.” The Beast’s own article admits that its source has severe conflicts of interest and is believed to be a CIA asset by Taliban leadership, and that Niazi provided no evidence of any kind for his claim or any further details whatsoever.

These flimsy, poorly-sourced allegations are being hammered into mainstream liberal consciousness on a daily basis now in the exact same way the discredited Russiagate psyop was, and just like with Russiagate the narrative they are being used to shape helps advance military expansionism and new cold war escalations which just so happen to fit perfectly into pre-existing geostrategic agendas of planetary domination.

The way mainstream news outlets consistently refuse to account for a fact so obvious and indisputable as intelligence agencies being known liars should by itself be enough to discredit the entire institution of mass news reporting. Yet here we are with these reports being treated as established fact throughout the entire political/media class and down through the entire population of propagandized rank-and-file citizenry.

The Afghanistan Papers established conclusively that the occupation has been unwinnable and without a clear picture of what winning would even look like from the very beginning, and that this fact has been hidden from the world by systematic deceit for two decades. The revelation was in the news for a day and then quickly memory holed without having any meaningful impact on the dominant narrative about Afghanistan, and now the mainstream consensus is that even trying to reduce the number of troops there is a hazardous and outlandish notion.

This is because the mainstream consensus is shaped not by facts, but by narrative. We see this in the way the fact-filled Afghanistan Papers have played no role in shaping the dominant narrative about what should be done about the nineteen-year occupation, and we see it in the way the fact-free “bounty” narrative is shaping public opinion and determining US foreign policy. The propagandists who manufacture consent for imperialist agendas understand that truth and facts play far less of a role in what the propagandized consider important than does mindless repetition and emotion.

The Empire Files has an absolutely phenomenal mini-documentary on the Afghanistan occupation which came out the other day, and everyone should watch it. Abby Martin quickly breaks down the geostrategic, resource control, and military-industrial complex agendas which are advanced by this interminable war, the deceit and depravity which went into initiating and maintaining it, and the devastating toll it has taken on the Afghan people. I strongly encourage my readers to give it a view when you get the chance.

The continued Afghanistan occupation is like if the police stormed a house, shot a bunch of people, realized they got the wrong house and they’d never find the guy they were looking for by staying there, stayed anyway, moved in, and then years later said they can’t move out because they heard a rumor that the neighbors are trying to make them leave.

In a sane world it would be the violent invasion and occupation of sovereign nations which elicits outrage and opposition from elected officials and intense skepticism and critical reporting from prominent journalists. In today’s propaganda-maddened society we get the exact opposite: the invasions and occupations are treated as the normal default position and any attempt to end them is regarded as outlandish.

This cannot continue. We must find a way to awaken from the brainwashing and force it to end. Anyone who works to prevent this from happening is an enemy of human progress.


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71 responses to “Seriously, Get The Hell Out Of Afghanistan”

  1. Thanks for sharing Max Blumenthal’s and Abby Martin’s spot-on analyses.

    From a simple, factual view, Russia has been paying (aiding) the Taliban since 2014 as their proxies to fight ISIS, the CIA’s (and thus America’s) proxies in both Syria and Afghanistan. (Joe Biden seems to have forgotten these Russian “bounties” while he was in office?) Clearly the Intelligence agencies on both sides wage war through proxy mercenaries, thus with few casualties of their own.

    It is also obvious that since the pedigreed Chosen Establishment figurehead Hillary Clinton was unthinkably dumped by the Electorate, that the Establishment, the MICIMATT, the DNC/CIA/MSM/ NeverTrumpers, however you define it, has been working non-stop to invalidate the 2016 Election. When you accept George W Bush, Dick Cheney and his daughter, and John Bolton into your #Resistance, it is clear that the DC Elites will stop at nothing to Dump Trump. While he is not much of a President, he was elected, and we all know the Forever Wars will start anew under the aegis of Biden and the Establishment. Moreover, the next Trump (inevitable) will be brighter and more competent.

  2. Reminds me of Vietnam, without the draft to push it to a head. This empire needs to fall and the criminals at the top need to be hauled into the Hague, especially Cheney, Rice, Bush and Rumsfeld. Absolute monsters.
    Mark Twain, William James and the other members of the US Anti-imperialist League have been proven right.
    Thank you for this piece.

  3. These people did 9/11 to get us into Afghanistan, Iraq, and the rest. I’d say the bounty con to get us to stay is letting us off easy. In my opinion you won’t get out of Afghanistan until you get the people that did 9/11 and got us in there, and Liz’s dad Dick is the top suspect.

  4. Lithium, Opium, Natural Gas, Oil, fabulous gemstones. Lapis Lazuli mined for 5000 years in Badakshan. All these backward countries with OUR resources.

  5. “Bitter Lake explores how the realpolitik of the West has converged on a mirror image of itself throughout the Middle-East over the past decades, and how the story of this has become so obfuscating and simplified that we, the public, have been left in a bewildered and confused state. …”


  6. Papaver somniferum been used & documented since Sumerian times … money for jam

  7. In Afghan fields the poppies blow
    Between the corpses, row on row,
    That mark our place; and in the sky
    The larks, still bravely singing, fly
    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

    We are the Dead. Short days ago
    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
    Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
    In Afghan fields.

    Take up our quarrel with the foe:
    To you from failing hands we throw
    The torch; be yours to hold it high.
    If ye break faith with us who die
    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
    In Afghan fields.

    They also fought, long days ago
    with many sword and spear to throw,
    that opium might quench the pain,
    so they might rise and fight again
    All hail their mighty King and Queen
    and all the pretty flowers seen.

    Apology to John McCrae

  8. To understand how the parties which currently control mainstream narratives for vile purposes will ultimately be defeated see the discussion of Saying 23 of the Gospel of Thomas in Chapter 3 of Part 3 of “The Tomb in the Garden.” As I mentioned a few days ago, this ebook can be acquired at no charge at the Amazon online bookstore for 5 days beginning tomorrow, July 4.

  9. Yeah Russia for a decade in there and you said that to them too.(NOT)

    1. That’s right … but shame about those ten years. One of the few imperialistic, empire building adventures that went against the Russians. Whatever whoever could have lured them into the Tomb of Empires … ?

      1. The government in Kabul invited them in due to our funding of Islamist extremists known as the Taliban. Duh.

        1. @Susan – Not so. The Afghan government did not invite the Soviets in. They USSR was alarmed by rising unrest in the country, caused by hard-line policies by the then-government, including the execution of thousands of political prisoners. There were also concerns that the Afghan president might be trying to strengthen links with the US, and the USSR did not want unrest, or a US-friendly state, on its doorstep. It invaded, executed the Afghan president, and installed its own figurehead.

          It was after that, that the US began supplying the mujahideen.

    2. BEFORE USSR “invaded” Afghanistan, Afghanistan was a thriving democratic socialist-communist country where women were equal to men. Zbig and your ilk had to upend that, of ccourse, so recruited, funded, trained, armed, and sent taliban to Afghanistan, which turned that country into chaos and forced USSR to withdraw from Afghanistan. you ghouls have been bragging about that crime, how you made USSR fall with that war crime. there’s a special place in hell where you and your ilk belong. Zbig has been waiting for you there.

  10. James O'Neill Avatar
    James O’Neill

    The invasion and continued occupation of Afghanistan had little or nothing to do with OBL. The key to the invasion and continued occupation boil down to two key factors. The first is location. Just look at Afghanistan’s neighbours to understand the first. The second is the fact that Afghanistan produces 90% of the world’s heroin. 5% is used by the Taliban; 20% goes to local war lords and the balance is exported by the CIA for world wide distribution and profit for the CIA that is not accounted to Congress. Those two factors are the reason the US and its lackeys such as Australia are still there and will continue to remain there.

  11. In Here Hitler had had the hypnotic and ubiquitous powers of modern, mainstream media, we would all be speaking German.

    1. Ja. Das ist richtig.

  12. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    I’m all talked out about the Russia nonsense, with this one exception. Any one who believes it is a fool akin to one who believes that farts are nutritious.
    I do have a different take that Caity on her final two sentences.
    “This cannot continue. We must find a way to awaken from the brainwashing and force it to end. Anyone who works to prevent this from happening is an enemy of human progress” is very close to the truth. However, since the word ‘progress’ has many different meanings to many different people, I would drop the final word and simply say, ‘This cannot continue. We must find a way to awaken from the brainwashing and force it to end. Anyone who works to prevent this from happening is an enemy of humanity.’

    1. We need to completely shake ourselves free of the poisonous mythology of progress. The only useful meaning of “progress” is where you are measuring progress from a known starting point to a known ending point, as in “we are half-way home”. If you can’t say what the end-point is, or what the start-point is or how to measure progress, then there is no progress. The poisonous mythology of progress is the myth that all reality moves in a nature-ordained path from worse to better. So we talk about human progress, consciousness progress, spiritual progress, technological progress, scientific progress and progress of civilisations, cultures and species. None of this is supported by reality. (If you think scientific and technological progress is a given, you haven’t been paying attention). Evolution is not in any particular direction, it is just the species and formulations that survive in the current conditions. Progress is a narrative, not a truth. New Age spirituality, being a product of this civilisation (despite the trappings of Eastern tradition), is permeated by the mythology of progress, but it’s an illusion.
      For many centuries, the mythology of progress has enabled the west to grow in strength and power, with subsequent benefits to some, and dreadful consequences for others, including the environment and spirituality. Like all mythology it’s a mental/conceptual technology which is useful in certain circumstances, and a civilisation will tend to adopt the mythologies that work well when the civilisation is developing.
      We are now in a reality where the falseness of the mythology of progress is becoming apparent. The mythology of progress is peculiar to the west and only for part of its history. It is a transitory thing, and will be dropped when it becomes not just impractical, but deadly.

      1. Thank you, Harry and Glen, for your rational words about progress.

  13. It looks like Liz Cheney was somehow allowed to get involved. Maybe it’s a pilot for a new series- “celebrity warmonger”.

  14. “If you go looking for the truth, make sure you get the whole thing.
    Its like a good fuck. Half is worse than none at all.”
    — Maive, sex-bot, “Westworld”, American premium TV.
    All good lies are based on the truth.
    Thus, all propaganda is based on half-truths. Enough to make it believable.
    Half-truths are very dangerous.
    Its how you spot propaganda. Always half-truths. Always just enough truth to sell the lie.
    But never the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Never a thoughtful discussion showing all the truths and this complex world in all its complexity. Just quickie half-truths to sell the lies.
    It is like a good fuck. Half is worse than none at all.

  15. That you for this. I watched Abby Martin’s documentary from start to finish. It made me sick to be a citizen of this horrible Empire.

    1. Please do go even deeper in truth of said conflicts, with Adam Curtis’, BBC historical, “The Power of Nightmares”:



      “The Power of Nightmares, subtitled The Rise of the Politics of Fear, is a BBC documentary film series, written and produced by Adam Curtis. The series consists of three one-hour films, consisting mostly of a montage of archive footage with Curtis’s narration, which were first broadcast in the United Kingdom in late 2004 and have been subsequently aired in multiple countries and shown in several film festivals, including the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. Part 1: Baby It’s Cold Outside Part 2: The Phantom Victory Part 3: The Shaddows in the Cave The films compare the rise of the American Neo-Conservative movement and the radical Islamist movement, making comparisons on their origins and noting strong similarities between the two. More controversially, it argues that the threat of radical Islamism as a massive, sinister organised force of destruction, specifically in the form of al-Qaeda, is in fact a myth perpetrated by politicians in many countries and particularly American Neo-Conservatives in an attempt to unite and inspire their people following the failure of earlier, more utopian ideologies.”

  16. Saying that the “CIA” or the “Deep State” is moving against Trump right now is exactly the same logic that says that Assad uses chemical weapons every time he’ about to win his war.
    If the CIA wants Trump gone, all they need to do is to cook some popcorn, crack open a couple of beers and sit back and enjoy the show as Trump loses in one of the biggest landslides in history. It makes zero sense that at this time they would conduct an operation to attack Trump. Why?

    1. I’m not sure I understand your comment. Are you saying you actually believe that “Russians paying bounties” nonsense?
      It’s not just and operation to attack Trump. I’s a twofer. It’s a concocted story to further discredit Trump but also continues to demonize the “Evil’ Ruskies and ramp up the cold war. The MIC needs enemies to keep the war profiteers raking in the cash.

      1. Saying the CIA would mount this operation now makes no sense.
        It is exactly the same as saying Assad uses chemical weapons when he’s winning.
        The CIA is winning. Neither of your goals is really accomplished by this operation. Trump is already losing. Russia is already demonized. Why take risks to do yet more of the same? And there are risks in such an operation. It can boomerang on you if exposed. It partially reveals assets. Why bother? Why now, when neither of your goals is really changed or accomplished by this move.
        If Trump was cruising to re-election, if peace was breaking out with Russia, then perhaps your hypothesis makes sense. But, neither event is even hinted at on the horizon.
        This is exactly like the idea that Assad uses chemical weapons when winning the war? Why?

        1. Dante Pastrana Avatar
          Dante Pastrana

          “It is no coincidence that the Afghanistan “bounties” story has surfaced just at the point where the Trump administration is visibly reeling in the face of the twin crises of the coronavirus pandemic and the popular upsurge against police violence. The American ruling class has been deeply shaken by the outraged protests by large interracial crowds, particularly of young people, that have swept virtually every American city and town. And the financial aristocracy is well aware of the deep-seated popular opposition to its drive to force workers back to work under conditions where every large factory, warehouse and office is a potential epicenter for the ongoing resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

          The response to this crisis by the political and media representatives of the ruling elite is twofold: seeking to split the working class along racial lines and seeking to divert domestic social tensions into a campaign against foreign antagonists, particularly China and Russia.”


          1. Thanks for the reference to WSWS. It is exactly what I was going to reply to this line of questionable questioning.

      2. ..see – hear..

    2. Though I agree with Caitlin about the nefariousness the U.S. is engaging in concerning Afghanistan, I refuse to give Trump the benefit of the doubt by agreeing that the bounties are a #Hoax! This Lowlife Dirtbag Scum must must be removed. I consider him to be the essence of hatred, so any animosity on my behalf is unavoidable.

      1. Blaming trump is like blaming the charmin bear for the toilet paper being lousy. He is just a figurehead. If you cant see that the propaganda machine is working very well..

      2. If that is what passes for logic these days no wonder we are in such deep doo doo.

  17. “Yet here we are with these reports being treated as established fact throughout the entire political/media class and down through the entire population of propagandized rank-and-file citizenry.” No question about the first group, the so-called elites, but there remains a substantial question in my mind about the second group, the masses. I think that many if not most of the second group sense the false news being fed to them but simply ignore it at this point, along with the war crimes it sets the stage for, because the war crimes and things in general have not yet impacted their personal lives directly enough to make them care. I believe, however, that all of this is about to change when the post-Covid depression wreaks havoc on the lives of countless numbers of average American citizens. If I’m right, then the civil disturbances that followed the Floyd murder were only mild precursors of what is coming as the American social order falls apart in ways that cause excruciating pain to the vast majority of American citizens. Civil anarchy, open rebellion, potential revolution, are likely just around the corner, and no one has a handle on how it will play out, what it will bring. Could be 1984, could be the Age of Aquarius, could be something entirely different–some startling new evolution or devolution of American civilization, Western civilization, and HUMAN civilization. Only one thing is certain at this pregnant point: if you think you know what’s coming, you don’t.

    1. Agreed. Increased social disorder is coming. Not sure where it leads. Would not be surprised if we end up with martial law. Of course that will only happen when it personally impacts those with the authority to implement it. Isnt that what china and russia are, a veiled iron fist that all know is just out of sight. Then again america may just collapse into chaos.

    2. Exactly Mr. Finn, what an incredible mess this nation has become.

    3. It couldn’t be more obvious that “America” is a farce, a failure, and the sooner it transforms into something else the better. There’s no telling what that might be since the level of awareness in most people is very low. The response to the George Floyd killing is somewhat encouraging; it shows that there is still some consciousness and humanity out there.
      Whatever happens, the present situation is certainly unsustainable and something has to give. The ruling class has to go.

  18. This is what a President is.
    I know Austrailia doesn’t give a damn about protecting Americans. Its easy to sit on the other side of the world and try to tell people to give themselves four more years of hell.
    No, electing Joe Biden is not the same as electing Dr. King. But its a hell of a lot better than Trump as President for Life, probably with Jerod named heir.

    1. I think that in view of his habitual warmongering, militarism and imperialism, Biden has become a very dubious proposition.

    2. So you choose cancer as Caitlin would say.

    3. Joe Biden is not in any significant way different from Donald Trump. He is owned by the same people. He has already promised his elite donors that he will not change one thing from what Trump is doing now, just like Trump hasn’t been allowed to change anything from Obama, who also wasn’t allowed (he didn’t even try! See healthcare, torture, expanding the wars, etc.) to change things from Shrub. But keep drinking that propoganda kool-aid.

  19. An Afghan tribal leader once said: “You Americans have your watches but we have time”.

  20. It is extremely upsetting how the scum of our species control the minds of the ignorant populace with lies and limitations on the information served up by mass media. How to break through this massive brain washing operation and replace it with an effective movement based on reality and truth is the great problem for those few seeking a better world for all. Our fate depends on solving this problem. Small groups dedicated to addressing this dilemma may be the answer, but time is short now to form and nurture such alternative education groups. The healthy reformation of a large number of our minds is the necessary goal — but will we do it?

    1. One clear, obvious, and eminently doable place to begin is to simply break up the media monopoly. The 1996 Telecom Act eliminated ownership caps on all mass media, and what one were scores if not hundreds of independent, competing media companies suddenly fell together under the ownership of six oligarchic megacorporations which now control virtually every bit of information that reaches the American public. This is the manufacturing of consent, the creation of a dominant narrative, and the reason for the dumbing down of America. The original FCC charter set firm ownership limits on mass media. Reagan began chipping away at it, but Bill Clinton finished the job with the 1996 Telecom Act.

      An essential first step toward getting our country back is to break up the media monopoly.

      1. Edit — “what ONCE were scores if not hundreds of independent, competing media companies suddenly fell together under the ownership of six oligarchic megacorporations … ”

        Also, I strongly second Joshua’s recommendation of Lee Camp’s brilliant piece, “US MEDIA USED TO STOP THE ‘THREAT’ OF PEACE” at https://popularresistance.org/media-used-to-stop-the-threat-of-peace/ and, originally, Consortium News. Good read, much truth-telling.

    2. Havent times gotten complicated. They used to rule with a sword now they have to use propaganda.

  21. Well Gee, who’s going to manage the CIA’s poppy crop if US forces withdraw? Oh, yeah, the Taliban don’t allow drugs.

    Seeking “good government” is like seeking the best means of suicide. It does not come in that model.

  22. Afghanistan……You don’t belong there. Nor; it appears; in the US .

  23. Ms Johnstone the ” owners and the masters ” worship money and power; absolutely nothing else even enters their minds. Weapons, war, and illegal narcotics are money making enterprises the world over. Jewelry and precious metals are also highly profitable and in the pursuit of them, too, absolutely nothing is out of bounds. The United States is in Afghanistan for the money it makes from narcotics. That is also why our government is in Columbia, Bolivia, and Peru. Oliver North and Ronald Reagan financed their agenda with arms and narcotics; thus negating any need to go to the U.S. Congress to beg for tax money. The death, mayhem, and suffering caused in the pursuit of money does not deter them from anything. We will leave Afghanistan when the drug money dries up!

  24. Note to self: Never again watch videos or read materials that contain Cheney & Rumsfeld before bed.

  25. Shoeless Pete Avatar
    Shoeless Pete

    Good writing, and a wonderfully horrid video on the Afghanistan war, which was a war crime from the start of the US and British bombing.

  26. Michael P Goldenberg Avatar
    Michael P Goldenberg

    Where Cheneys go, death and profit follow.

  27. Graveyard of empires indeed.

  28. Cara MariAnna Avatar
    Cara MariAnna

    Ray McGovern, writing for Consortium News, lambasting one of the New York Times’ deep state stenographers: https://consortiumnews.com/2020/07/01/ray-mcgovern-new-york-times-deploys-heavy-gun-to-back-intel-on-russian-bounties/

    You’ve got to wonder just how many mainstream journalists are directly working for the spooks.

    1. I think we’ve got to wonder just how many AREN’T. Any at all? Doubtful.

  29. This is why you are both right and wrong about narrative being all-important. Right about its importance, but 100% wrong about awareness being in any way able to counter such false narratives when they are backed by the military, governments, corporate media. They are simply too powerful, not because we imagine them as such, but because they are, having limitless resources at their disposal, armies of technicians, writers, anchors, and so on.

    1. Absolutely correct. ONLY the brilliant, exceptional and powerful revolutionary strategy and tactics which the Great Liberator taught His supporters will precipitate a global crisis that will end up eliminating the all-powerful sociopaths and psychopaths who own and control the world. But His strategy and tactics are way above the mental abilities even for highly intelligent and well-educated people who fail to grasp what he said and meant.

    2. Blair Schirmer Avatar
      Blair Schirmer

      Probably so.

      The people with the highest IQs I went to high school and college with and who therefore have the wattage to persuade others of the falsity of of all this, instead buy wholeheartedly into the empire’s narrative. In conversation they simply cannot believe all the corporate outlets they grew up with are lying to them, and are doing so almost in unison.

      Customary tools of persuasion don’t cut it with this group.

      1. I have the same experience. And these are people who lived through the assassinations of the 1960s, the Vietnam War. Watergate, Iran/Contra and so on and so on. They should know better. They are willfully ignorant in my opinion.

        1. You’re talking about my generation. And this aging, ailing Boomer is ashamed of most of it. So many of us saw through and condemned “The System” and “The Man” when we were young, THEN turned around and spent our adult working lives strengthening and expanding the very things we had said we despised and rejected. Never let it be forgotten that nation-based Fordist capitalism, itself evil, morphed into the global nightmare of oppressive, ecocidal neoliberalism ON THE BOOMERS’ WATCH.

    3. First, all empires fall.
      Second, the more complex a system becomes, the more fragile and costly it becomes. It eventually reaches a point where the cost of maintaining it outweighs the benefits of having it, OR a breakdown in one part of the system causes the collapse of other parts, and the collapse can’t be repaired. A non-functioning system is not powerful. “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold”, to quote out of context.
      Awareness might just be the stress that breaks the system. Military force is, of course, the fallback option, but even the military relies on supply lines. For example, the ability of the USA to finance its military flows directly from the status of the petro-dollar and confidence in the $US as a reserve currency. Even so, it has proved unable to win a war against insurgents. The CIA is slightly different, because it has its own sources of (illegal) revenue, and its own agenda – cue the discussion about Afghanistan.

  30. Looks like people are starting to notice a few discrepancies in the ‘storylines’ of our mind control monsters, err, I mean, our fine elected and/or unelected public and/or not so public servants…
    These f@$#£? guys….

  31. Soon the world will move away from the dollar as the reserve currency. When that happens America will retreat from the world stage similar to Great Britain. The question is will America throw the world into WW3 in one blast of carnage trying to maintain control. Until then they are still the bully, I mean, policeman of the world.

    1. Not so soon. America is a tool of elite globalists, as is the United Kingdom and European Parliament. Current depressing economic and political conditions with the Plandemic are part of their strategy to tighten control of the world’s population and confuse dissidents.

      1. True. Soon to me is during the current generation. This whole covid nonsense is too coordinated among too many countries to be other then a planned event. When I ask anyone they say yes we dont have a problem here but 1000 miles away or in so and so country it is terrible. We just went under mandatory face masks indoors and my daughter who works the ER is still waiting for her covid patients. Also notice how all reporting is now on positive tests vs actual people sick or dying. Plus ICU is 87% full. That is normal. They dont say why they are in there. It is so easy to scare people. Remembrr the Duck and Cover campaign in the 50s to make you so afraid of Russian Nukes that people built bomb shelters in their back yards.

        1. Masks are the new Duck and Cover. About as effective.

  32. Obviously these people never get tired of shitting and peeing on themselves. I was on a busy downtown corner one day with dozens of people waiting for the walk signal and there amongst us was a woman changing her underwear, but she didn’t shit or pee on the sidewalk like these people don’t seem to have any problem with.

    1. So your saying you live in NYC, LA or SF?

  33. The U.s. is a terrorist state that Israel and others support. BDS, Boycott u.s..

    1. Free Assange and too many others, and thank you Caity. Be well. Keep on.

      1. The Australian govt. has no backbone to assist Assange rotting in UK prison. It is little known that John Howard’s Government offered for two Queens Counsel to work on Schapelle Corby’s case in Bali.

        Foreign Minister Alexander Downer confirmed the Australian Government had already committed a substantial amount of money to her defence, and would consider further assistance. What help from Morrison and Ms Payne for Assange?

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