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Regime Change The Media: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

America this is serious: if you re-elect Trump, you’ll be trapped in a fascist dystopian oligarchy which will keep robbing you of your rights and wellbeing for the benefit of the powerful and the wealthy.

And it gets even worse: these things will also be true if you elect Biden.


People often ask me for suggestions on how they can learn to understand the world better. Here is a link to an article full of tips on how to punch through the obfuscations of propaganda and make sense of things, and here is a link to a Twitter list of my favorite news-gatherers and dot-connecters which you can bookmark and scroll through daily. Those should get you started.


Mainstream media reporters have a much higher body count than all serial killers and terrorist organizations combined. They do not deserve respect, and their institutions should not exist.

You are infinitely more qualified to report the news than all the scumbags in the mass media who are paid by billionaires to parrot government lies. I mean that 100 percent literally. If you’re not being paid by the wealthy to lie to the public, you are more qualified to report the news than those who are. Doesn’t matter if all you have is a smartphone and a Twitter account; you are set up to be a better news reporter than them.

You know all that space mass media reporters take up in society’s awareness proclaiming what’s true and what’s going on in the world? That’s your space. They usurped it. Take it back from them. The MSM have betrayed humanity to an unforgivable extent. We must become the media.


Mainstream media opinion segments are toxic and shouldn’t exist. Not because expression of opinion is wrong but because they only ever platform (at most) two mainstream ideological positions arguing over the specifics of how, not if, the agendas of oligarchs and government agencies should be advanced.

Mass media “news” segments tell you what to think. Mass media “opinion” segments tell you how to think. It’s a complete training program.

Mass media “news” parrots government lies about what’s happening in the world and only gives you information which benefits establishment power structures, then mass media “opinion” segments train you on how to incorporate that extremely distorted information into your ideological belief system.


There’s basically only ever one international news story: “Globe-spanning US-centralized empire tries to grow larger by absorbing more countries, and those countries resist.” All news about global politics is just different manifestations of that one story, seen from different angles.


There’s little or no relation between what the mass media direct people to care about and what actually matters. If you get all worked up about the Hot Topic of the Day like everyone else you’re usually just clapping along with a plutocratic puppet show made for stunted children.


The last few days I’ve been tripping harder and harder on how bizarre and immoral and freakish it is that we’re not all talking about Yemen constantly. If there were any relationship between what is newsworthy and what gets into the news, the mass atrocity in Yemen would have been all we talked about from the moment it started and the public outcry would have ended it years ago. Instead, Yemen has remained almost invisible.

The correct response to every accusation the US government levels at a government it doesn’t like is, “Yemen”. Yemen, in and of itself, is a complete and total refutation of the US-centralized power alliance and the “liberal world order” it purports to uphold.


It’s clear that “Russia paid bounties to Taliban fighters” is one of those narratives the propagandists decided to ram into mainstream consciousness until they force it to become consensus orthodoxy by repetition and sheer force of will, with zero interest in facts or evidence. Soon it will be accepted so widely and thoroughly as an established fact that if you say there’s not actually any proof that Russia paid Taliban fighters to kill occupying forces you will be called a crazy conspiracy theorist, despite the fact that there is in fact no proof.


The US will keep engaging in these aggressive provocations against China, then when China responds they’ll say it was unprovoked and their media stenographers will repeat it as a fact. You don’t need to be a Nostradamus to know this; they’ve been doing it for years.


I object to establishment China hysteria not because I think the Chinese government is awesome, nor because I hate America. I don’t. I object to it because I never signed up for a world where governments wave armageddon weapons at each other whilst battling over planetary domination.

When you clap along with the cold war hysterics about China and/or Russia, that’s what you’re doing. You’re saying you support the US government in its endless fight to absorb all nations into its globe-spanning power alliance and destroy all who resist. That’s crazy. Stop it.

There’s no legitimate reason we can’t live in a world where at bare minimum nations just use their militaries for actual defense from actual invasions and stop trying to dominate the planet. Don’t cheerlead for the State Department; demand a healthy world without this crazy bullshit.


Dominating the planet with violent savagery on the vague suspicion that if you don’t, someone else will, is just a planetary-scale version of imprisoning someone for a crime you imagine they might commit in the future. That’s called “pre-crime”, and it’s a dystopian horror genre.


Life is so very, very much more beautiful and boundless than the flat, finite and predictable world we’re told about by those who’ve been appointed by the powerful to describe reality to us.


Money is pure narrative construct. Debt is pure narrative construct. These things only exist to the extent that we all collectively agree to pretend that the stories about them are true. We are free to collectively end that agreement and create a whole new system at any time.


They can’t arrest us all, and they can’t kill us all. They know it and we know it. That’s the whole reason for all the propaganda, censorship and surveillance. And no amount of propaganda, censorship and surveillance will be enough when it’s time to force real change.


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Latest comments

  • Great insight — the mass media news tells you what to think and theMSM opinions tell you how to think. Brilliant!

  • Again, great, powerful writing, Caitlin! Excellent ideas, and I agree with them all. And you provide ideas for action to change the world, which is very good to include in writing about the horrors of the US Empire and the world. Thank you.

  • Its literally Caitlin Kin’s who are running Mainstream Media, its not humans, its Nordic Female Mostly….Caitlin is an Amazing writer we all can agree upon, equally so are Nordic Aliens writing for Mainstream.

    Ever Wondered why 90% of reporters are FEMALE on TV, they go deep into your soul – Caitlin will soon be the top most alternative writer online if she isn’t already that is.

    Only problem is Caitlin and we do not have Time Travel tech and they do..otherwise, we are kinda equal.

    I think Caitlin mostly has Irish-Scottish DNA

  • Caitlin, I agree we can refuse to use fiat currencies, bank loans and can barter to avoid paying taxes. But can you provide details on how to “create a whole new system at any time.” I assume you mean “a whole new economic system?”

    • Most alternate systems are not created. They appear spontaneously from applied tyranny. Thus barter and home gardens just become status quo. Govts then will spend resources trying to fight the new system.

  • You are right Caitlin, we did not sign up for all this madness. I have tried with no avail to guide this world by casting my vote for the right people. I have decided to take my hand off the tiller and let the world go where it may. No more voting for me. Besides I am pretty sure the world could care less if I signed up for all this anyway.

    • Then you miss the fun of voting for seriously marginal candidates. Sometimes they get a lot of votes and disturb people. Sometimes they encourage people who ought to be encouraged. David McReynolds led to Bella Abzug.

    • Voting accomplishes nothing but to legitimize their insanity. What if they held an election and nobody voted? From what source would they then justify their authority? They would have no choice but to shut up and sit down, or go full tyrant. Of course going full tyrant would not be beyond their nonexistent ethical standard, but would be much more obvious even to those who stopped educating themselves once they got their certificate.

      • “Voting accomplishes nothing but” repaired roads and bridges, effective sewers, other infrastructure. Ask Flint Michigan leftists what non-voting did for them and their “clean” running water.
        Do you have a realistic solution? Convincing every single person not to vote is as likely as convincing them of any other universal agreement.

  • If you get all worked up about the Hot Topic of the Day like everyone else you’re usually just clapping along with a plutocratic puppet show made for stunted children.

    Add to your list that we all want leaders. Leaders who will do our thinking for us. Not me we say. I think for myself we all say. But it is not so hard to admit we want leaders to show the way. Admit you are lazy. We all are it is not so hard. Those who get paid to do our thinking for us by other people do not have our best interests at heart. Mental laziness leaves the front door to you consciousness wide open and any foul wind can blow in.

    • When it comes to social change, even the best of us–the most thoughtful, the most courageous, the most enthusiastic, the most determined–must have leadership to plan long-term goals and short-term strategies, to bring us together, to coordinate things, to get us pulling in the same direction, then finally to push the momentum home. Genuine leadership, of which we currently have NONE, is essential, because, without it, essentially nothing happens, nothing works. How far, for example, would the Cuban revolution have gotten without the indomitable Fidel? Had that revolutionary movement fallen for the postmodern myth of horizontalism, Batista’s grandchildren would now have the island by the throat, making sure it continued to service its “neighbor” to the north. Merely one small example among countless others going back to the dawn of history.

      • Quite right, Newton, leadership is essential. Do we have to choose leaders who are still living on earth today?

        • “Don’t follow leaders,
          Watch th’ parkin’ meters!
          — Robert Zimmerman

      • How would Fidel have accomplished the Cuban revolution without the people?
        That we look for leaders to solve our problems for us is a part of the problem. We need to awaken from that particular narrative.
        We can all become leaders. We already are if we just awaken. A leader in this sense is just someone who awakens to their own potential for action, someone who trusts their own thinking, and is not driven by a desire to be liked, but from integrity and purpose. A person like this is humble enough that they can respect the thinking of others, and can choose to accept someone else’s “leadership” in a given context.
        Some people are good at thinking and planning, some at inspiring, some have specific practical skills. Everyone can do something even if they’re not the world champion. If everyone acts as a leader, then the components of the revolution come together spontaneously and moves forward like a river flowing.
        Don’t stand around waiting for instructions.

  • “America this is serious: if you re-elect Trump, you’ll be trapped in a fascist dystopian oligarchy… And it gets even worse: these things will also be true if you elect Biden.”
    But remember, put on your clumsy facial cloth, stand in line six feet apart from each other, yell at everyone not wearing masks while you’re waiting in line, get inside a smelly building after having your temperature taken and your body slowly patted down (security, you know)… then push a rigged voting machine screen icon, and leave feeling moral superiority because you VOTED!
    “Mass media ‘news’ segments tell you what to think. Mass media ‘opinion’ segments tell you how to think….”
    State-sponsored education teaches you NOT to think. Group peer pressure discourages even low-level thinking. Organized religion forbids thinking entirely.
    “Dominating the planet with violent savagery on the vague suspicion that if you don’t, someone else will, is just a planetary-scale version of imprisoning someone for a crime you imagine they might commit in the future. That’s called “pre-crime”, and it’s a dystopian horror genre.”
    This is also a massive jobs program that governments need to keep hormonally-charged-up males and females from directing all that energy towards something useful.

  • we’re beginning to get saturated with stuff that is wrong. all the problems are well-known.
    at last by everyone who cares to know. lotsa peephole are not worried. oblivious by choice. the don’t “Like” politics. to them i say usually “if you don’t get into politics, politics will get into you. yeah but what for?
    so i think it’s about time for some solutions in defacto terra officialis. ie., on da ground.
    like: vacuum and burn the CIA, kill da FED, end the Senate as we know it, and replace it with a female house of 2 per state. do not expect a drastic change there as we already have DiFi and Kamala oh joy! then Eat the DIA DEA And the useless vestigial ornament to slavery called the dis-Electoral Collage. and go with the pop vote, counted accurately under penalty of death by stoning. then destroy or alter the IRS, switching from income tax to ASSET TAX. those who made it under our Corruption Inc. ought to pay for it and let peephole all keep their personal income. eliminating deductions for anything. net worth in AMerdRica is about 400 trillion and a 2% tax on that would be 8 trillion. so look: GDP is 20 tr. and US GOV = about 20% (usually) for 4 trillion. so 1% would be enough but we should start stronger because of the huge debt crises we have: we’ll need to pay off–or cancel– al student loans, install free health are for all. then pay off our national debt which is gonna be double GDP soon…like Japan’s has been for years. and free public schools cradle to senior should be set up ASAP.
    Then we shod also cut Defense spending by 20% immediately, AND pull out our troops from everywhere outside the US. let them all go to hell on somebody else’s dime. also nationalizing arms manufacturers would be great. no way we should arm the MercenaryPlanet Earth and their fanatic subsidiaries.
    i’m sure i left something out. i’m just tossing stuff on the wall of respect to see if it sticks. oh yeah, defund police everywhere. we still got people in jail for pot. i can’t stand it, but i don’t think it should be illegal. grow yer own. i used to. it does make you dumb. but who cares? we’ll have HEW and no more soldiers, unless we have enough purpose and meaning to DRAFT some.
    {doing all this might just raise some consciousness as a by-product.}
    oh i forgot: your home if you own, should be asset tax free up to 500,000 or so. but oly one home. no free vacation homes. AND as far as houses go…no house may be kept empty for more than 90 days except for renovations or repairs. inspected for veracity. Blackrock owns 45,000 empty homes in CA and Mnunchkin, evicted over 100,000 home renters so might have some vacancies. not to mention the other Wall St. titans. If Covid 19 puts and end to offices and the need for office space, all that could be FORCED to switch to inner city housing.. AND should be anyway. so it’s all there. let’s do it!
    it has been said we are gong to evict 40 million people this month in good ol’ USA…look forward to a revolution.

    • revolutions tend to spin out of control. i’d prefer to avoid that. general strike first.

  • “… and here is a link to a Twitter list of my favorite news-gatherers and dot-connecters which you can bookmark and scroll through daily. ” — What list? I clicked on the link but … no list. Where is the list? I’d love to see it. BTW, wherever your list may be, it really should have the brilliant, daring, absolutely necessary Eric Zuesse on it. Thanks.

    • I always look forward to what Eric Zuesse has to say. He, like Caitlin, is a treasure. Another favorite of mine is Chris Hedges.

      • Agreement on all three counts, Mike.

  • I love Caitlin’s writing and I don’t like criticizing people for one thing they say, I actually feel that part of the problem is that we take everything people say so literally and when we’re criticized for it we have to dig our heels in and defend ourselves to the death. However, I do feel strongly about this and write in the spirit of respect and problem solving.
    I agree that the media institutions don’t deserve respect. I do believe all people deserve respect. Hard for me to see where solutions are going to come from if we keep blaming people, and yelling at people, and dividing people, and disrespecting people. Hard for me to see where solutions will come from if we can’t forgive each other. Do we disrespect everyone who works in and supports the MSM? How about PR, marketing and sales people? Aren’t these a form of propaganda as well? How about everyone in the military and those who work in the defense industry supporting the cause? Or is it just reporters?
    Hard for me to see where solutions are going to come from without showing all people dignity and respect, compassion and forgiveness.
    Most (all?) people’s livelihoods, whether directly, or indirectly, come from the global crime syndicate. Caitlin calls it the U.S. ‘centralized empire.’ And it is probably true that most of it is the U.S. centralized empire. I read somewhere recently that the U.S. has 25% of the worlds billionaires and China has 12%. It didn’t say the total amounts each are worth, though. That leaves 63% of the billionaires from other countries.
    I really don’t know who is most responsible for this global crime syndicate, what I am sure of is that all these global billionaires have shared interests. They do business with each other every day. And they have shared interests in keeping the populous (us) in line and under control.

    Even though, you’re probably right in calling it the “U.S. centralized empire” I think we’re not giving enough credit to all of the oligarch’s. In a speech JFK talked about the “national crime syndicate.” It is now a global crime syndicate.

  • So I am just an old man that always says ” It is always about the damned money! ”
    A recent off-hand remark by one of the United States of Americas oligarchs points toward a new methodology for undermining what is left of international law and order. Speaking in earnest or in jest, nobody really knows, but smart money would certainly bet on the former, when admonished that the Bolivian coup that toppled President Evo Morales last year “was not in the best interests of the Bolivian people,” Elon Musk, the Tesla electric car magnate, brazenly tweeted: “We will coup whoever we want. Deal with it!” This article can be read here:
    The Privatization of Global Chaos by Stephen Karganovic!

    • Thank you for the article.

      Earnest or in jest. There is only one answer EARNEST.

      If not then somebody needs to tell Musk that Tesla cars use lithium batteries.

  • In the article it states:
    “Dominating the planet with violent savagery on the vague suspicion that if you don’t, someone else will, is just a planetary-scale version of imprisoning someone for a crime you imagine they might commit in the future. That’s called “pre-crime”, and it’s a dystopian horror genre… [and] … use their militaries for actual defense from actual invasions and stop trying to dominate the planet.”
    I generally agree with the concept of using the military for self-defense but the concept of self-defense is difficult to understand.
    For example, given what you know now, if you were a Native American when the first European settlers arrived at the shores of what is now known as North America would you welcome them, kill them or do something else? Assuming the same scenario above, and you had the stronger military, and you knew Europeans would be coming to North America would you:
    (a) do nothing,
    (b) increase your military strength / form alliances,
    (c) attack the Europeans in Europe and kill them,
    (d) try to keep them weak through sanctions,
    (e) fund their internal opposition parties,
    (f) fund their external rivals,
    (g) rig their elections,
    (h) implement a blockade,
    (i) build a wall and destroy all ladders and shovels,
    (j) surrender,
    (k) commit suicide,
    (l) pollute the land so badly that no one would want it,
    (m) sell or rent the land to them,
    (n) establish a reservation (on unproductive land) for the Europeans and force them to live on it,
    (o) put them in detention camps and separate them from their families,
    (p) enslave them and give them pretty jail house tats,
    (q) invite another government in,
    (r) leave and try to find other land or join another country,
    (s) self-medicate and hope they don’t notice you,
    (t) learn a new language, change your dew and wear it high in a bun, put on hoop skirt and wear some large buckle shoes and try to pass as a European,
    (u) other?
    Maybe the reason the US Government is so fearful of other governments is because the US Government knows some other governments (run by psychopaths or people seeking revenge for the atrocities they have suffered at the hands of the US Government) will copy their tactics that have work so well for the US Government and try to use it on the US Government? Are the governments for China and Russia psychopaths? I do not know, but I certainly will not assume this based upon the assertions of the US Government or the MSM that are known for not telling the truth and doing other unspeakable things.

    On a going forward basis, maybe the first step is for everyone to make sure they are not a psychopath. Thereafter, clean your own house and government of the psychopaths and make sure they stay out. Thereafter, assume all other governments and people are run by sane and reasonable people and treat them with respect and form alliances with appropriate parties. At the same time get prepared for the psychopaths because they exist, and if necessary be proactive with the psychopaths. Thereafter, apologize and attempt to make some type of reparations for the past harm caused to the sane and reasonable people. Just a few ideas for kicks and giggles.

  • My past is pure narrative construct. Your past is pure narrative construct. Our pasts only exist to the extent that we all collectively agree to pretend that our memories about them are objectively true (they aren’t, and sometimes they’re flat-out false).
    What I’m getting at is that all of human existence is narrative, because that’s a function of time and how all human senses experience its passage. That there’s “narrative” to propaganda is not what damns propaganda.

    • You go to far. There is a thing called reality. The past has defined reality regardless of the fiction you think it is and that reality is real. Like it or not.

      • “Defined reality” is only what people agree it is. Sure, reality is real, but observers of reality interpret and evaluate, construe and misconstrue what reality is in relation to their/our biases.
        That’s why we have the adage “There are three sides to every story.”

    • No, what damns propaganda is that it’s false narratives. It is a pack of lies. We live our lives in narrative. We are actors in our own play about ourselves. This is not a bad thing, it is rather a human thing. If we are true to ourselves and are aware of false narratives, we are living a good life. May we all live good lives.

      • Disagree with your first two sentences; agree with the rest. We do indeed live in narrative, as I said. But some parts of your/my narrative is true, and some is not, because we are not objective observers.
        Propaganda is merely the popularization of information in order to convince a large number of people to behave in a way they didn’t before. Non-liar examples are groupthink-influencing messages like boil-water advisories, dental hygienists who go into schools to teach kids proper brushing techniques, and advising mask-wearing while a potentially-deadly respiratory virus makes the rounds.

  • vague suspicion that if you don’t, someone else will? Love your writing, I agree with 90% of your points, but I’m sorry I do think that someone else will, it has throughout history.

    The Chinese government is not just scary because people there are terrified to even think about politics, let alone discuss it, not just because 996 is open market modern slavery, not just because forgetting to bring your recycling out last week resulted in your travel privileges being revoked but because they represent everything that western sycophants wet dreams are made of.

    • With more than 1 civilian firearm for every man, woman and child in the US, I’m pretty sure we don’t need any military mass murderers to keep us safe from China.

    • Just to let you know, you are quite misinformed about life in China. Seems like you have absorbed a lot of MSM News and opinions.

      • Like what, is 996 not slavery?
        Do people openly discuss politics in China? Do people lose social credit for jaywalking? Does the Chinese government destroy churches and burn bibles? Please provide some specifics about how I am misinformed

  • Hieronymus Bosch: The Harrowing of Hell (Or USA Election 2020)
    The other index of the Democratic Party’s desperation is the ongoing emperor’s-new-clothes charade posing the effigy of Joe Biden as a serious candidate for a rather important position in government. Everybody knows that they know — and we know that they know that we all know — that Mr. Biden is sailing into a fog-bank of senility, and more measurably each day! His every staged performance is an obvious embarrassment of fumbled phrases and things forgotten. They are going to have to find a replacement. It really comes down to two figures: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. What a predicament! This excellent article can be read here:
    A Glimpse Towards November by James Howard Kunstler

    • I’m not impressed.

      Who else is there? Andrew Cuomo, a longshot with that rap hanging over him about sending thousands of geezers to certain Covid-19 death in infected nursing homes, and Michelle Obama, a fairytale possibility that would have all the optics of an outright coup d’état.

      Kunstler has gone full Trumptard. Some can see problems and still have no answers.

  • Hey Caitlin – thank you. I don’t know how you keep this stuff coming, but it’s more awakening by the day, as we all are. This is helping. You’re like a midwife supporting our consciousness through a birthing process.

  • A somewhat bizarre and prime example of cognitive dissonance style article ? The covid panic is the current monstrous lie being forced down the throats of the masses by big media , big pharma , and big government . These other issues are at the moment secondary to global authoritarians who have found common cause with this particular fraud.

  • Thanks for the links! Always looking for resources.
    Went to one of your links: ” a Twitter list of my favorite news-gatherers and dot-connecters ”

    The first entry was disappointing.
    Joe Cirincione:
    “75 years ago after the bombing of Hiroshima, Black poet Langston Hughes asked, “How come we did not try them [atomic bombs] on Germany…They just did not want to use them on white folks.” ⁦@BulletinAtomic
    ⁩ explores the racism of the Atomic Bomb.”
    That quote by Langston Hughes strikes me as racist, perhaps when he wrote he was working with limited information. The Trinity Nuclear Test – the first test of a nuclear bomb was in mid July of 1945, Germany had surrendered (twice, yes, twice) in early May of 1945.

  • The mainstream media is a tool of the rulers. They are owned by them and will always do their bidding. If they try anything different, they will end up marginalized, imprisoned (Julian Assange) or dead (Gary Webb).
    The best we can do is support alternative media and try to educate everyone we know about the reality of the “free press.”

  • Caitlin – again – nails the “gatekeepers of the news.” If anyone really wants to “drain the swamp” they better drain the newsrooms of all the mainstream media “news” organizations while they are at it. Here’s a piece I just wrote that I didn’t even bother sending to these “fair and balanced” news organizations.

  • I love these snippets of yours. They point up powerfully how ‘less is more’. Keep up the fight Caitlin. You inspire me.

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