Consumerism is unsustainable. Competition is unsustainable. Imperialism is unsustainable.

Our species is standing on the brink of an extinction-level event due to ecosystemic collapse or nuclear war, and it is because of the way that we have lived on this planet up until this point. If we keep moving in this direction we will go the way of the dinosaur in the not-too distant future and take most terrestrial life with us. Maybe even all of it.

The imperfect and immature nature of our newly evolved capacity for language and abstract thought, combined with our social nature as primates, has caused our species to consistently organize according to the will of the very worst of us–the most sociopathic, the most foolish, the most irresponsible of humans. The one who is the most willing and capable of doing and saying whatever it takes in order to exert control over other humans has throughout our history been the one who ascended to leadership.

So now we find ourselves in a society that has been built from the ground up almost entirely at the direction of sociopaths, for the benefit of sociopaths. Nations point armageddon weapons at one another as a vast globe-spanning empire works toward total planetary domination. Mass-scale human behavior is driven predominantly by the pursuit of profit, and all the most profitable behaviors involve inflicting trauma of some sort: war, militarism, monopolism, usury, strip mining, fossil fuels, factory farming, ads convincing us we’re deficient, etc.

And we’re on track to traumatize ourselves right out of existence very soon.

What this means is that, while on paper we are a successful organism in terms of population and domination of the food chain, we are actually as spectacular a failure as any life form can possibly be. The only species which could arguably rival our failure might be the prehistoric cyanobacteria, which, like homo sapiens, became too populous too quickly for the ecosystem to sustain and caused a mass extinction.

We are not going to consume our way out of this mess. We are not going to compete our way out of this mess. And we are most certainly not going to imperialism our way out of this mess. Those who think we will are delusional. Our old way of doing things has failed.

The path out of this mess can only lie in the exact opposite direction of the path which led us into it. This doesn’t mean ripping apart the earth searching for magical forms of renewable energy and sending rocket ships into space to warehouse all the excess humans so we can keep doing what we’ve been doing. It means turning around and moving into a collaborative relationship with each other and with our ecosystem. That is the only way.

What this means for you, personally, is that you have no responsibility toward any of the old mechanisms which have led us to the brink of extinction, because those mechanisms have failed. Utterly and indisputably.

As a human being, you may safely flush your loyalties to any system which has been a part of humanity’s march to extinction right down the toilet. The political systems, the mindsets, the religions, the culture. It has all failed, so you owe none of it any loyalty.

In fact, you may feel free to reject anything that your society regards as “normal”, because your society is as sick and insane as a society can possibly be. “Normal” has led to a world that is dying and a society that is insane. So be happy with your weirdness.

A wild divergence from our current trajectory is the only hope our species has for survival, so as a member of our species it is your duty to participate in that divergence in any way that looks healthy to you. Our civilization as it exists today is a dead man walking. Do not dance with dead men.

Reject the norms. Let the zombies think you are weird. The values they are criticizing you for diverging from are the values that are choking us all to death.

Leave your crappy marriage. Leave your crappy religion. Change your career. Change your entire lifestyle. Change your name. Change your gender. Change whatever you want. Change things just for the hell of it. If drastic change is what we need, then baby, be the change.

Wherever you see light, move there. Don’t let any inhibitions hold you back, because those inhibitions are imposed by a culture that is an omnicidal maniac. Dismiss all its arguments, because it is insane.

Be you, and don’t let any part of the dead man walking tell you it’s wrong. Your own best guess is better than the “normal” of a society that has signed off on its own obliteration.

Step off from the old patterns.


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93 responses to “Normal Has Failed. Be As Weird As You Like.”

  1. David Schonbrunn Avatar
    David Schonbrunn

    I saw a film premiere yesterday that speaks directly to where Caitlin is leading us with this piece. It was about the philosopher/physicist David Bohm, who devised a theory of wholeness that explains non-locality: how all things are connected at a level deeper than the material. It’s how physics addresses consciousness, Oneness and non-duality. What makes the film really special is the interaction between Bohm, the Dalai Lama and Krishnamurti. It is available at

  2. That’s just silly, Caitlin.
    And in the spirit of silly:

    The true revolutionary is normal. Be like your dog.

    1. I mostly like the constant use of mostly. And, yes, I disagree that people just need to change. People need to get in touch with reality and stop living in fantasy worlds engaging in constant magical thinking (like Joe Biden will bring change to the U.S. government). I have spent my life trying to grapple with and face reality, and I’ll admit it’s not fun, but it’s the only path if one wants to mature emotionally and mentally.

  3. Acting weird as you like is alarmingly bad advice, unless one’s idea of normal is never strive to be one’s best self.

    The problem we have, is that people don’t act normal anymore. Politeness and sense of responsibility have given way to territorial self-expression.

  4. Very nice Caitlin, I really enjoyed reading that.

  5. What Caitlin has written does not describe what transformed, healthy-thinking people would/should DO to change the whatever-you-want-to-call-it system or Matrix in which we live. Presumably, these healthy-thinking people would indeed want the present arrangement to change, right?
    Let’s exercise our human imaginations a bit. Let’s assume for the moment that every single voter in the US becomes a healthy-thinker. Just exactly HOW these people BEHAVE after such a transformation? What do they DO that will be different than what they USED to do, BEFORE their transformation?
    What tool does every American already have at his/her fingertips to literally transform the world? US citizens live in a system in which they are allowed to vote every four/two years.
    In the past, BEFORE their recent transformation into healthy-thinkers, the vast majority of voters voted for Rs or Ds for public office. These now-transformed voters are able to see the results of electing R or D presidents and congress-people in the recent and distant past. These transformed voters can now see with new eyes that BOTH of those parties are to blame for the present day situation of perpetual war, perpetual bail-outs of Elite corporations and banks, people having to hold more than one job to barely eek out an existence, people getting beaten or murdered by the Elite’s pit-bull police for maybe no reason, etc. etc.
    Therefore, with all of the above real-life experience of being ruled by Rs and Ds fully in their transformed minds, just exactly WHAT DO THEY NOW DO? Do they once again vote for ANOTHER R or D?!
    Qutie obviously, if these transformed voters want change, they are NOT going to once again repeat their mistake of voting for another R or a D candidate for POTUS OR CONGRESS in the upcoming election!
    These transformed people know that Real change will be obtained ONLY by voting for candidates from OTHER parties.
    These healthy-thinkers now also realize that beneficial change will NOT be obtained by shooting dead a bunch of Elite in their Manhattan or DC or Arlington mansions.
    What exactly is it that these healthy-thinkers know now that they didn’t know and appreciate before their recent awakening?
    These healthy-thinkers now realize that there are only 435 members of the house of representatives.
    That there are only 100 senators in the senate.
    That there is only ONE president in the white house.
    Therefore, they now realize that the entire elected federal government consists of only 536 human beings and that these 536 people are the people who maintain the present whatever-you-want-to-call-it system in which a microscopic percentage of the population owns or controls the vast majority of LARGE SCALE capital equipment, wealth and land (upon which the vast majority of the population vitally depends), for their own astronomical profit. These healthy-thinkers know that the Elite essentially own those 536 R or D human beings.
    What other important things do these recently awakened thinkers know?
    They now realize that the aforementioned microscopic percentage is spending literally billions of printed-out-of-thin-air “dollars” to accomplish one, and only one, thing — to make absolutely sure that when voters walk into a voting booth in November, they will vote for an R or a D candidate for POTUS and R or D candidates for both legislative branches.
    These healthy-thinkers suddenly realize that the Elite do not care one iota WHICH R or D candidates they vote for because ALL R or D candidates for public office will MAINTAIN the present system exactly as it is, just as they always have.
    These healthy-thinkers know that by supporting illegal war against the world, and unconstitutional acts against American citizens at home, these 536 R and D human beings have proven themselves unfit for office. But just exactly HOW can these healthy-thinking people remove these 536 psychopaths from office?
    These healthy-thinkers now realize that ALL of these 536 can be removed from office only one way — and that is if they DO NOT vote for an R or a D in the upcoming election and the mid-term two years down the road.
    These healthy-thinkers suddenly realize that doing that simple thing is really all it will take for them to literally change the world for the better. What each and every one of them has to do is step into the voting booth in November, and in their 4 minutes of true, absolute poltical power, NOT vote for an R or D!
    These healthy-thinkers can already imagine how the world would be the day AFTER they vote all the Rs and Ds out of office.

    1. Unusual, useful, and thoughtful post (although you may get crapped on). Edward Bellamy, unlike Karl Marx, thought that the great revolution overthrowing the immemorial rule of the rich would come via a massive political/spiritual awakening of the American people, expressed at the ballot box, not via a class war in the streets between the working class and the plutocrats. While massive protest and civil disobedience would play a significant role in raising the consciousness of the citizens, bringing economic oppression into the open and bringing it to a head, the “national capitalism” that Bellamy favored (a system more radically egalitarian and socialist than that envisioned by Marx) would be achieved primarily by choice and consent instead of chaos and violence, something along the lines of the “healthy thinking transformation” you imagine. Again, I urge Caitlin’s readers to check out Bellamy’s two major works–“Looking Backward’ and “Equality”–both free to read on the net. And I’m also going to sound like a broken record by linking to an introductory essay to Bellamy’s thought, an essay which hits the high points but utterly fails to do justice to the originality, intricacy, and cogency of his work. Small wonder in these neoliberal days that few have even heard of an author who saw the plutocratic nightmare coming well over a hundred years ago and told us how to end it, how to wake up.

      1. Newton Finn, please tell me how the R and D 536 psychopaths that are presently holding elected office in the federal govt. can be removed from office by any other means than by being voted out of office and replaced by NON R and D candidates who would behave vastly differently than the psychopaths they replace.
        The microscopic Elite’s greatest victory is amazing similar to the (non-existent) devil’s — making people believe that he did not exist. The Elite’s victory is one over logical thought — making people believe that NON R and D candidates do not exist; or, for those rare few that are vaguely aware that NON R and D candidates exist, making them believe that to vote for any NON R and D candidate is a “wasted vote”; or that NON R and D candidates “cannot win”; that national health care is “too expensive” even though the Fed can print a literally infinite number of USD; that the US is constantly “being attacked” by opponents with weapons that are never described; that the US is the one and only “exceptional”, “indispensible” nation on planet earth and, therefore, that it must conquer the world by whatever means necessary; that war must be never-ending and always intensifying, Etc.
        Again, Newton Finn or anyone else, please tell me just exactly HOW the R and D 536 psychopaths that are presently holding elected office in the federal govt. can be removed from office by any other means than by being voted out of office and replaced by NON R and D candidates who would behave vastly differently than the psychopaths they replace ……………. and have some hope that the world will be a better place they day after they are removed. Please, tell me.

        1. Tell you how to get a new government, how to get the psychopaths out of office? military coup

  6. Hey Caitlin,
    I really liked your poem about the bone puppet and think it should replace “New Collosus ” as Lady Liberty’s message. I suppose someone can be a great poet and also an excellent essayist, but it’s a different market.
    The only way you would be able to state as a certainty that ” The path out of this mess can only lie in the exact opposite direction of the path which led us into it.” Would be in hindsight. It wasn’t only evil and stupidity that got us to where we are to today, it was also, cooperation, curiousity, love and insight. You may disagree with A.E.’s tenet that Optimism is the Highest Wisdom, but I’m at a loss to think of any great remedy that was authored by pessimism.
    It may be true that Imperialism is Unsustainable, as you say, but imperialistic life forms, ants for instance, existed for millions of years before we had gotten as far along as being tree shrews. Ants “bow up” when they recognize a non-colony ant by scent. They take over other nests and make slaves out of the larvae from stolen eggs. Did we copy ants in this regard, or just come to a similar solution independently?
    I would say the path out of the excesses of our rotten society would be more likely to emerge from taking a stand on accountability of leaders. Ninety day probationary period for elected officials, quarterly referenda on items of public concern, etc. Oh, and a coalition government.–XY1reyn96YMabcmIgzW2y6R59G-PpH_M/edit?usp=sharing

    1. We are not ants. I can see some parallels but I don’t know. Ants are good at communism, we are not. I don’t know the solution, hope it’s not a military coup.

      1. Hope it isnt a military coup? What better way is there? They take those evil corrupt criminals out of office forcefully and place good people in office to make a better country. What possible solution could beat that? Otherwise, the only solution is war and carnage in the streets, as the politicians have pirated the government to themselves and for whom they choose to rule with them.

      2. ants are blind. yet they clean up after themselves.

  7. Alas, Ms Johnstone I am just too old to change who I am; but thanks for the thoughts.

  8. Donald Trump is Soooooo Stupid ….
    (response) How Stupid is He?
    Donald Trump is soooo stupid, he didn’t even buy the domain name for his campaign slogan.
    (drums play rimshot)

  9. “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro” — Hunter S. Thompson.

    Almost Cut My Hair, by David Crosby
    “I almost cut my hair
    It happened just the other day
    It was gettin’ kinda long
    I could-a said, it was in my way
    But I didn’t and I wonder why
    I feel like letting my freak flag fly
    And I feel like I owe it to someone

    Must be because I had the flu for Christmas
    And I’m not feelin’ up to par
    It increases my paranoia
    Like lookin’ at my mirror and seein’ a police car
    But I’m not givin’ in an inch to fear
    Cause I promised myself this year
    I feel like I owe it to someone

    When I finally get myself together
    I’m gonna get down in that sunny southern weather
    And I find a place inside to laugh
    Separate the wheat from the chaff
    I feel like I owe it to someone ”

    1. Get together with a few other weird friends, and who knows what you can create. Maybe even more than three days of peace and music. 🙂 Wouldn’t three days of peace sound good right about now?
      If nothing else, you can have a whole lot of fun!

      1. That was fun! Grace Slick has a smile for the ages.

        1. The irony in your choice of musicians is that without medicals science both Ms Slick and Mr Crosby would be long gone.

    2. Yeah, I immediately thought of this song, too. It’s a kind of landmark in my life and probably in yours huh?

  10. The world has become completely surreal.
    I just saw a clip of Donald Trump praising the Great American Hero Wyatt Earp.
    Wyatt Earp is famous for instituting and enforcing a gun control policy.
    No Guns Allowed were the signs at the city limits of both Dodge City, KS and Tombstone, AZ where Wyatt Earp was a law enforcement officer.
    In fact, the famous Gunfight At The OK Corral occurred because Marshall Earp and his deputies were trying to enforce the no-guns rule on a local gang.
    America does need to get back to authentic American policies like the No Guns Allowed policy which Wyatt Earp used to enforce.

  11. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Normal Has Failed. Be As Weird As You Like.”
    There’s nothing particularly admirable about “normal”. Normal just means a certain behavior or thing has reached a critical mass of wide uniformity. That doesn’t automatically mean that the thing is “good”. Normal is in fact bad when it demonizes differences or unique ways of doing something. We were all born as different, and there is nothing wrong with celebrating that. In fact, we are expected to be different.
    …“While on paper we are a successful organism in terms of population and domination of the food chain, we are actually as spectacular a failure as any life form can possibly be.”
    This presupposes that there is some standard that we are to be measured against. Maybe there isn’t such a standard and never was. Maybe we’d like or wish humanity to be or live a certain way. But maybe we’re just here to see “what happens next” without any expectations from the other life forms or deities looking on at how we’re doing. We’re told by many that we’re supposed to evolve and make Earth a better place. Well, maybe. Or just maybe we’re here to share more nonsense on social media, get stirred up over some new daily outrage, consume too much pizza, and just waste another precious day.
    “…You have no responsibility toward any of the old mechanisms which have led us to the brink of extinction, because those mechanisms have failed.”
    This includes other people and ineffective ways of thinking and feeling and to anything that takes away from our Experience of Living. Joseph Campbell said, “I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.”
    Who is going to find the right way to feel “alive”. Only you can do that. No book, no media person, no guru, no educator, no politician, and no one in religious robes can tell you the best way to make YOU feel alive.

  12. Unfortunately, my preferred mode of weirdness is to ditch clothing entirely and dress as nature intended. The clothing industry is hyper-consumerist, environmentally deleterious, and exploitative of laborers. If I, a middle-aged white dude in Texas, were to declare myself a clothing-optional zone and appear skyclad in public wherever, whenever, I’d be jailed and possibly labeled as a sex offender for the rest of my life. Sadly, I can’t afford to move to Portland OR, where such lack of apparel is tolerated.

  13. Your best on consciousness & institutional standards, with the exception of one obvious omission-change your mind. Doing that forces humility, and allows a greater perception of the world around oneself and knowledge has implied responsibility, as opposed to the willful blindness more common among our species. Unfortunately, for all the reasons cited (and others), only those least invested in the established paradigm(s) are willing to be objective about their (long-term) value and danger.

    Everyone else wants their “obedience” cookie, even if it’s in your hand.

  14. From chapter 7 of ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH
    Today’s civilization has evolved to the peak of “superior” society. We have enough weaponry to annihilate the entire planet’s population a hundred times over. We have submarines, planes, trains, electrical cars, automatic driverless trucks, no need to use our legs except to kick the dog. We can spend hours a day watching videos and programs on television that are not only useless, but that impose harmful desires, mindsets, worldviews, and values on us- through deliberate propaganda, and most people take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to do so. Eating has become a simple habit. Fast-food restaurants, pizza delivery, frozen dinners, and prepared packaged food has made it a convenience. Mass production makes professional craftsmanship unnecessary and superfluous, so we have nobody taking effort to make something that they can be proud of. Scanners and automatic cash registers minimize effort in retail. Riding lawnmowers make landscaping easy. Diet pills, blood pressure pills, sleeping pills, Ritalin, insulin, antidepressants, and tranquilizers make proper nutrition and exercises unnecessary. Communication can be, and is done, by texting emojis, making real communication antiquated. In other words, the miracles of science have developed “ideal” civilization. Life is easy. That is what success in Roman civilization is all about. Work is for inferior slaves. The pinnacle of life and perfection is vegetating in luxurious comfort and entertainment. No exertion, no challenges, no accomplishments, no activities, nothing but relaxation for as long as you live. Doesn’t that appeal to your intellect (do you take the effort to think?). That is the superior Roman civilization that has been advancing and destroying everything in its path. And having been indoctrinated by the media into conforming to the modern lifestyle as promoted by the media, it is “bought” (pun intended) by the populace. The people have purchased their own destruction. And it is the poor who the rich class call “lazy” for living on minimal allowance of welfare as the alternative to slaving in factories and warehouses for minimum wage to make the wealthy man richer.
    Mankind, with all his self-proclaimed intelligence, is the only species that develops means to annihilate billions of his own kind, who puts many of his fellows in cages of torture for years, who collects worthless (but values them greatly) trinkets, and steals from one another and kills for them (gemstones), who breeds other species and keeps them in warehouses to butcher them because he finds flesh to be tasty (although mankind is not naturally carnivorous), who kill one another over real estate. Must I go on? Is mankind, or to switch back (because these behaviors are not natural to other races), the white man, superior, because he is the dominant animal on the planet? Should he rule the planet? Is that a natural order of existence, and a justification for what he does?
    You can believe in Jesus, in evolution, or any other bullshit. You are taught by professors who claim to be smarter than you because you can’t understand all their jargon, and have not been schooled as they have. Or you can get off your lazy ass, stop being naïve and gullible, turn off the television, (including the useless news) and read. Educate yourself. Research for yourself and skeptically analyze everything to cut through the bullshit. The planet has been hijacked by scheming evil deceiving entities who are plotting our destruction. It is not only in the realm of religion and education. Every aspect and system of society has been infiltrated and corrupted by their deception, manipulation, corruption, exploitation, and oppression. This book will prove that, as well as provide do-able solutions, simple and outside the boxes. Read on as I state my case and deliver a manifesto.

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

  15. Caitlin, thanks for your efforts. I would like to help you connect you positions into a structure that describes a viable civilization and a path to make the transition. Here is what I have to offer 600 word summary

    Pull on this thread and see if it helps . Questions, I am here for you. call — zoom, skype, whatever you use to do face to face.

    Jack Alpert

    1. Jack, you wrote (in your linked essay):-

      “Why are we having trouble explaining it to the 7.6 billion people who are in control?”

      The answer to that is simple:- Because 7.6 billion people are not in control. Most of us are not in control of anything. I can’t even be in control of the environment inside the council flat where I live because there are so many rules and regulations, including a ‘tenancy agreement’ that tenants have never been asked whether, or not, we agree with it.

      I have just spent four sleepless days and nights in a hospital, where I went in for a simple routine test. Then they blocked my bladder, whilst filling me up with diuretic infusions (tea and coffee) and water, and connected me to a saline drip, because my blood pressure was slightly low (but not dangerously so). Then I was in agony all night long, sitting on a commode because it was the only place I could get half comfortable. When I told the nurse that I was in agony, she refused to take me seriously. When I asked her to disconnect me from the drip, because I suspected that it was causing the pain, she told me I had to wait until it had emptied it contents into me. She was a more junior nurse than the one who originally hooked me up to it, so she was afraid to take any initiative. I realize now (too late) that I should have disconnected myself, and thrown the bag out of the window.

      In the morning, when the new shift came on at the hospital, a surgeon and a male nurse inserted a catheter up my penis and into my bladder (which was very painful, but it did immediately stop the pain from the blocked bladder) and drained off several large catheter bags full of fluid. So, now I am attached to a bag of pee for the next two weeks. They might have damaged my kidneys, too. So, we can’t even be in control of our own bodies.

      As for the political control. There is no real democracy. The same small elite, who control the politics, also control the establishment media. That is why we can’t explain anything much to all of the 7.6 billion people who are NOT in control. The small minority who ARE in control are not really interested in our opinions, other than to use the knowledge to further control us, anyway.

      1. I hope you feel completely better soon, Clive. What an ordeal you’ve just been through.

    2. Jack. Read my book EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE- I state that there is much unused land in every continent which has not been utilized anywhere near its capacity. Many millions of acres of unfarmed land, as well as millions of acres of non-fruit bearing trees, that could be replaced with fruit bearing trees. By planting fruit trees everywhere, and starting to farm more vegetables in our backyards and even indoors by windows, we can accomplish two ends. First we can feed ten times the world’s population, and second, we can resolve global warming (climate geo-engineering), as animals breathe in oxygen, and exhale carbon monoxide, and plants breathe in carbon and out oxygen. In addition, by farming by hand instead of machinery, which is comparably equal profit, there is more employment.

      1. Issac Asimov wrote science fiction in the 1930’s of a future where the cities had moved underground, thus freeing the surface land for farming.
        Thus, not only is there current unclaimed land, but vast areas can be reclaimed. In fact, the very fact that we have to learn to survive on less energy will mean the death of the suburbs. Living separately and far apart only works in a world where energy is seen to be cheap and plentiful. This will have to go away now that we enter a time where energy is neither cheap nor plentiful once we stop destroying the earth with fossil fuels.
        A couple of notes however. We already can produce enough food to feed everyone. It is distribution that fails, especially in capitalist societies. And, we need to decrease population anyways, because every person burns energy every day, and if you want to ‘resolve global warming’, we have to cut way, way back on how much energy we consume. The greener earth will help, but if we want to save human civilization, we need to attack the problem from all directions.
        You are quite correct that mechanization becomes harmful when it leads to people being told that they are useless since their job has been replaced by a machine. Much of the problems with today’s cities do originate with the population being forced off the land.

  16. The “big brain” of humans has become our downfall, along with the big ego. Thinking we can conquer nature rather than living in cooperation has doomed us.
    It could have been so different.

    1. And the future looks even worse.
      For several generations now, we have been using large breasts and large penises as the primary determination of who successfully breeds the most.
      Thus, while evolution and natural selection used to favor those most suited to survive and prosper in the world, we are now steering a course towards a society of entirely large breasts and large penises and nothing else. So far, we’ve only seen the effects of a few generations of this in the modern age after people had to really survive out in the world. Even as recently as the 19th century, this was not the norm.
      Are we already seeing in just a few generations the effect of breeding for elements entirely disconnected to survival? I suppose I’m just old, but kids today seem to be really, really stupid.
      This current pandemic is interesting, because it definitely kills the people who lack common sense and are foolish enough to believe what weird, outlandish stuff they see on their screens. The ability to feel and work for the common good has suddenly become a more important survival trait, while believing Donald Trump increases your chance of death and will show up in fewer people with that faulty set of genes in future generations.

  17. hell yea. for 20 years the US govt goes around spreading gossip about me, gets me fired from jobs, infiltrates my circle of friends and destroys all personal relationships, etc. now? ive learned to embrace being an outcast. i can now live an authentic life. i don’t conform. i follow my own path. i walk alone. im my own man.

  18. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Normal will come back when you will get a syringe in your b… as a vaccine to return to normal.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

  19. Fortunately I have been living the above description for the last 40 years. But it’s nice to rub shoulders occasionally with someone who agrees with my analysis and understanding.
    Current Programmed Normal is clearly SUICIDAL, under present circumstances.

    1. ‘When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.’ — Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

  20. This is the best piece you’ve ever written, Caitlin. Awesomely done.

  21. I don’t blame primates. Bonobos are primates, and they must be quite close to us on the evolutionary tree, via a common ancestor. Bonobos are very sociable.

    I believe Antonio Damasio has the answer to this conundrum – see ‘the Feeling of What Happens’ and ‘Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain’. The chemical limbic (hormone) system started evolving from the origins of single celled life (prokaryotes), to maintain homeostasis. Some single celled organisms got incorporated into bigger single-celled organisms (in the same sort of way as coronavirus infections happen) and became mitochondria, and, in plants, chloroplasts. This is endosymbiosis – see Lynn Margulis, ‘The Symbiotic Planet’. Thus, multiple-celled organisms (eukaryotes) evolved. Much later, some eukaryotes developed nervous systems and brains, with the cortex – the outer brain layer – being the last to evolve.

    This enables feelings, thought, reason, logic etc. It has complicated feedback loop connections to the limbic system, which is largely located deep in the interior of the brain, in the brain-stem, near the top of the spine. Because the cortex would make it difficult for us to be born, most of it doesn’t develop until after we are born. It develops throughout childhood and can be deeply influenced by any childhood emotional traumas. There is no distinction between mind and body. It is all in the physical brain. But it is both ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’. The underlying physical mechanisms are genetically mediated. But the process by which the nervous pathways become ‘hard-wired’, or adopt ‘neuroplasticity’ (creative thought), are epigenetic and respond to the ‘numinous’ (in Jungian terms) – emotions, emotional memory, etc.

    I believe this is the answer to all those who say that we are ‘born bad’ (as in ‘Natural Born Killers’ – Oliver Stone)

  22. Classic lunatic thinking : JWK now claims to have solved the world’s problems with oneAnswer.
    This time the magic bullitt is getting rid of debt.
    Only an accomplished imbecile would publicly propose that other factors (such as the ignored mudShadows) have nothing to do with mankind’s disgraceful moral duplicity and cruelty to those who differ in any noticeable way.
    All aboard JWK’s Lunatic Train of thort.

      1. JWK is the author of the bizarre comment to which my reply was addressed.
        The meaningless anonymous 3letters are not of my choosing.

  23. Oh thank you so much for writing this. Really needed to see this today.

  24. […]Consumerism is unsustainable. Competition is unsustainable. Imperialism is unsustainable.[…]

    The elite knows that too for a long time. That’s why they plan (among other things) “The Great Reset”[1] – Yes, that’s another jigsaw piece for your covid1984 puzzle.
    Even the profit from the war[2] / arms industry is coming to an end, sooner or later, but the pharmaceutical industry is already standing by to fill the gap. Not only with novel RNA vaccines (in reality this has nothing to do with vaccination in the classical sense), but also with the treatment of all side effects or vaccine damage (these gene modifications in humans, or better said these human experiments – Dr. Mengele sends his regards, you know what Project Paperclip was and is – have the potential to severely damage the human immune system, even to paralyze it completely! ) there is the prospect of horrendous profits and, in Gates’ and others tradition of eugenics, the decimation of the population. It will be easy to control the rest with medical treatment combined with new digital technologies.

    The only thing that I think can really help is to abolish the current monetary system (not the money itself), which is ultimately the cause of all evil, and replace it with something better, like Silvio Gesell’s “Natural Economic Order”, and thus break the current balance of power.



    War is the most generous and effective ‘cleaning crisis to eliminate over-investment’ there is.
    It opens up tremendous opportunities for new additional capital investment and ensures that the accumulated stocks of goods and capital are thoroughly consumed and worn out, much more quickly and thoroughly than is possible during the usual periods of depression, even with the most artificial assistance.
    Thus war is the best instrument to postpone again and again the final catastrophe of the entire capitalist economic system.

    Ernst Winkler – Theory of the Natural Economic Order, 1952

    Covid1984 is the equivalent of WW III

    1. I agree that the current economic system needs to be replaced with something more civilised and egalitarian. Donut Economics provides a good navigational starting point.
      However, i cannot agree that money is the root of all evil ; that’s propaganda . . . intended to make the poor feel lucky and holier-than-rich. Not a good benchmark for clear thinking.
      People in debt are going to be dispossessed of their dreams before those who prepared for the worst.

      1. Agree. The problem was never money but debt which made us slaves to money.

        1. Indeed, the perpetration of perpetual debt as a reasonable economic model is the fundamental cause of ALL our malady. Without debt, there would be few, if any such things as corporations. Without debt to finance it, we would be in no danger from technology outrunning our ability to manage it. Without debt there would be no financing available for the preposterous magnitude of military adventure. Without debt, governments in general would be “those strange people over there who claim authority over our lives” but are unable to finance that authority. Money is NOT the root of all evil, debt is.

          1. Money lends itself to scare-city AUTOMATICALLY.

      2. I was talking about the monetary system and not the money itself! Money itself is a good medium for exchange, at least better than menhirs! 😀

        You write about a good benchmark for clear thinking, but you are not even able to carefully read and differentiate before you comment? Excuse me if I laugh there for a moment – HaHa!

        I won’t start a discussion about the monetary system here either, because I can hardly know how the level of knowledge about it, including the history, is among the individual people here – senseless waste of time and as I suspect an unnecessary fight against deep indoctrination anyway.
        But please, if you don’t already know, first learn something about Silvio Gesell[1] and his natural economic order[2], maybe it will make things clearer for you. A good introduction would be, for example, “The Wonder of Wörgl”, which the elites quickly forbid when they realized the danger it posed to them.
        But yes, it has something to do with debts, accordingly something to do with interest, but also with land ownership etc.

        Oh, and if you look more closely at the monetary system and the world, especially at the problems, then you can attribute almost everything, or at least most of the bad things, to the monetary SYSTEM! But maybe you also think that if everyone has enough to eat and to live, there would still be so much suffering and crime m(
        A tip – have just a look at the prison industry in the US of A and how many people, even whole communities, depend on it for their livelihood.

        Have a nice time!


        1. “You write about a good benchmark for clear thinking, but you are not even able to carefully read and differentiate before you comment? Excuse me if I laugh there for a moment – HaHa!”
          You write like a woman : no nouns, no adjectives.
          How the fuck am i to know what topic you are stabbing me with .?.
          I know it’s hard for women to be accountable for what they say,
          but Caitlin does a fine job of proving it’s possible.
          Since you had a little laugh about a secret subject, maybe you could share the joke instead of being snide.
          Then maybe i might find it excusable.
          Funny, i already doubt.
          Funny don’t go with pretentious superiority.
          Why do you have no answer to my critique of “money is the root of all evil” ?
          Changing the subject, while pretending i need to read economics theory is not responsive to what i said.
          I certainly am not going to waste good thinking time on following your patronising instructions.
          And i had hoped with a name like Lucid, you might be worth a conversation. Silly me. What an untrustworthy imagination i have . . . it will think anything.
          So keep your “Have a nice time!”
          I’m certain you wish me no such thing.
          Reminds me of defeated jesusBeggars wishing me luck with their God-of-Love’s eternal punishment ; of me being tortured by Jehovah’s obedient demons in a volcano of molten lava.

          1. LOL rofl pmsl !!
            A fuckin’ psychic vampire internet troll in ad hominem (as you do it above with JWK ) “cry like a baby” mode – YOU ARE NOT WORTH dealing with yourself at all! But OK, one thing you might accept.

            I have never wished you anything – neither something good, nor something that you hallucinate bad!
            That exists only in your imagination, since I do not believe in wishing, nor do I believe in praying to any kind of god or in wishing or ordering from the universe!
            To have a nice time is up to you and how you do it and not to the wishes of others – but hey, I even agree with you – I can’t stand the falseness of most Christians either. I have no sympathy for religions and gods, it is your mistake to assume that I am one of them religulous.

            Oh and just by the way. My mother tongue is not English and I am writing here with the help of a translation program – it is you, the arrogant judge with a kind of sexist chauvinism!

            So then – have a bad one! LOL

            1. YOU ARE NOT WORTH dealing with yourself at all!
              So why all the dealingWith ?
              You contradict yourself so you can wish me bad.
              As dealer with Peter Mann, Lucid’s self-contradiction is beneath the superiority of foreigners.

              P\She’s probably USAian. They don’t speak English and are full of deceit and self-importance.
              It’s the fake LoL that gives their origin away.

          2. Something else incomprehensible, strange – maybe.

            You’re right. It’s all my fault. Please forgive me!

            Volatility is not only a privilege of women.

            The Post-Larval Must Be Very Cautious in Communicating with Larval Humans.
            Exo-psychology holds that the human larval exists in a reality defined by the four survival imprints. Although the brain receives 100 million impulses a second, mundane consciousness is limited to signals which have been conditioned to one of the four imprinted game-boards.

            Unconditioned sensations, the raw swirl of an unfiltered reality, exist as background noise.

            — From The Eightfold Model of Human Consciousness by Dr. Timothy Leary Ph.D

            Disclosure – White Noise ft. AlunaGeorge (Official Video)

      3. Oh, one more thing. It doesn’t really matter which free money system finally makes the run, but Silvio Gesell with his natural economic order had irrefutably shown how it (economy) really works for everyone and what has to be done to make it work.

        But this is also largely hushed up in schools and universities, instances of deep indoctrination – yes indeed. They prefer to have economists working non-stop to do what is required of them in an obedient manner[1].


  25. Some very beautiful thoughts Caitlin, and I wouldn’t be the least surprised if not right on. In the last week I’ve witnessed some incredibly horrible things which tend to cause me to believe that whatever it is, it’s already here and will come and go without anyone noticing. What is it? Only the state of mind will ever know.

  26. Yay, anarchy! We know that always ends well and helps everyone. Thanks for the permission to be our own god. Don’t mind the problems when everyone demands their own worship from others…. Kinda like the phony MSM supported messaging on behalf of street thugs performing acts of intimidation and violence while hiding under the skirt of what could have been a noble cause and being done by those out for none but themselves. So, who gets to be the mob boss in the end?

    1. What a nasty twist to put on Caitlin’s latest masterPiece.
      No wonder Martin hides is name in shame.
      Anarchy is a measure of how civilised a people are.
      Only barbarians need creeping legislation, whose natural endPoint is “whatever is not Forbidden is Compulsory”.. This reductio ad absurdum was coined by Robert Anton Wilson in the 1970’s, so Martin is taking a long time to catch on.
      Civilised human beings can be trusted to be decent and disciplined, to do what needs to be done.
      The fact that USA foreign policy (as disclosed by their threats & historical piratical activities) dominates global human culture . . . is proof aplenty that civilisation and government regulation are not even slightly interDependent.
      Where does Matin’s reasoning lead his believers ?
      No wonder Martin has one eye and red worms coming from his mouth ;
      his parasite needs feeding . . . by blood sacrifice preferably.

      1. FWIW: Robert Anton Wilson: “Communication is only possible among equals.” A wise elder, deceased, unfortunately.

        1. Hi Composer,
          Bob had a knack for getting to the crux of a subject, a talent i regard highly. Oddly enough, we both worked as ambulance medics, and he inspired me to make Engineering my third career with his observation that applied science had done more for human welfare than doctors of medicine.

  27. The best idea I have for stepping off the old patterns is to raise smarter children, and we already know how: Use the time when their brains are growing and developing the fastest to teach them more than talking and use of a toilet. (Google “brain growth”) With loving attention and mutual pleasure (not pressure!), also teach them the vital thinking and communication skills of reading and basic math. By the time our ordinary formal schooling starts, the brain growth has slowed markedly and big opportunities are lost.

    I know this first-hand because I experienced the reading part, and ended up with a 160 IQ entering 1st grade. But with zero exposure to even elementary math before skipping into 2nd grade, the best I could do at age 27 on the GRE quantitative skill level was 93rd %ile, though combining that with my verbal raw score of 830 (99th %ile needed just a 780) was still the equivalent of an IQ of 160, according to . (As based on number of standard deviations from the mean)

    But please don’t make the mistake of doing this alone! Children need to grow up in the company of others to become normally and happily socialized, and I can testify that not having that is personally crippling in several unpleasant ways. So get together with other parents of toddlers and form a pleasant social group with a fair amount of interaction. Don’t waste those vital years of the speediest learning ability that Nature could provide. Think about the evolution of other mammals, and humans, and the length of childhood, and the reason it takes so long, and how serious the payoff must be, and recognize that baby brains would be even bigger at birth if what we humans already grow wasn’t at a maximum limit (ask any mother) and things will become clear.

    1. Being a remarkably lucky fellow, Tom Parsons has yet to experience the unpleasant ways of being crippled by being socialised. Socialised people are even worse off, because they think artificial psychoses are normal human behaviour, and conform without considering the harm it does to live ruled by people who think themselves entitled to punish dissent wherever it comes to their attention.
      To show that i am not using a psychiatric term inaccurately, i remind the reader that the core characteristic of psychotic behaviour is denial of verifiable realities. This is what sustains delusions against all advice and even coercion.
      This offensiveness was starkly demonStrated by early Christians, who believed that being murdered by a nonBeliever was the easy entry ticket to Heaven. This is where the offensiveness of jesusBeggars has its origins and momentum. An offensiveness that theologically justifies murdering Doctors of Medicine who terminated an unwanted pregnancy in accord with their patient’s private reasons..
      As Terence McKenna famously warned those who bothered to listen : Society is Not Our Friend.

  28. Consumerism is unsustainable. Competition is unsustainable. Imperialism is unsustainable.
    Essays like this are so rare and valuable that i transcribe and collect them as educational references.
    This is why i occasionally send some money to this brave and relentless investigative journalist.
    She earns a living by her writing, whereas i write from the relative comfort of an agePension which is too small to rent an adequate home for an innovator with an engineer’s mind.
    The one who is the most willing and capable of doing and saying whatever it takes in order to exert control
    over other humans has
    throughout our history been the one who ascended to leadership.
    This is because History erases dissent. This erasing dynamic is most explicit in the burning of the libraries which contradict the toxic monoTheism which has destroyed the memory of mankind about who we can be.
    We have had fabulous leaders. Of these the most famous is Geronimo, who is grotesquely misrepresented in the surviving commentary. Forrest Carter documented the Apache traditional stories of the person named Geronimo after he and 200 warriors annihilated the town who housed the garrison responsible for slaughtering their women and children. Their war leader chose his attack for the compulsory celebration of Saint Gerome to gather all the local collaborators, and slaughtered the every last jesusBeggar.
    This delicious piece of writing from a traditional Cherokee storyTeller has been characteristically attacked by misrepresenting the author. WikiLeaks, which Caitlin recently exposed as politically compromised, has for years hosted a systematic libellous allegation that his books are puerile and not worth reading because they were written by an organiser of the KKK. Never corrected noR replaced, permanent poison in a strategic place.
    This is a foul sabotage of one of our most important authors, a man who managed to publish 4 books of nativAmerican values and social dynamics, describing how whites can live by the highlyEvolved values which prevailed throughout the preColumbian Americas.
    Anybody who contributes a perspective which disCredits the Biblical narrative attracts the same attacks from the same kind of People, all of like intent .:. make us look crazy and inconsequential .:.
    Caitlin mentions her attackers occasionally, and my remarks have attracted an example of the dismissive contempt which projects from their hatred. This consistent theme becomes cumulativeEvidence of an influence which nobody “instinctively” wants to think about.
    How convenient for a predator who relies on stealth & disinformation to avoid alerting their human prey. This dynamic explains why Materialism dogmatically insists that 95% of spaceTime’s mass is lifeless, defying abundant evidence from biologists . . . that lifeforms entirely permeate our home planet.

  29. 50 years ago, my fellow university students often said: “The world is crazy, so let us go crazy and no one will notice us.” Is Caitlin telling us to go crazy?

    1. No Dopey. Read her more carefully. Until it makes proper sense.
      You embarrass yourself with a question like “is Caitlin telling us to go crazy”
      You are old enough to know whether that insulting question is an intelligent interpretation of an investigative journalist of Caitlin’s calibre & sobriety.
      Still pretending to be a counterfeitRevolutionary, living down to your name.

      1. Caitlin repeated what I have been saying for years:

        “safely flush down the toilet your loyalties to any system which has been a part of humanity’s march to extinction.”

        I also advised: “Change your entire lifestyle: collaborative relationship with each other and with our ecosystem.” But “Leave your crappy marriage” contradicts forming collaborative relationship with each other. I would urge people to “Restore your crappy marriage” and if your partner does not want to restore then move on and “Do not dance with dead men.”

        Yes, I agree: “Wherever you see light, move there.”

        But this is crazy to my mind:

        “Change your gender. Change whatever you want. Change things just for the hell of it.”

        “divergence in any way that looks healthy to you.”

        Does Caitlin really mean we should all do whatever looks or feels good to us? Following those directions will lead to chaos which will not be any better than the chaos we currently live in..

        1. Tired plainly cannot accept that i understand both Caitlin and his disingenuously misleading question as to whether we should all go crazy. Why else reiterate both, as though i were an imbecile child.?.
          Wait ! I already know the answer to my own question : you think EverybodyElse is imbeciles to be lied to and patronised . . . as if we cannot tell the difference noR stand up for a sane realityMap.
          So try to come up with something original next time.
          It’s a better look than advocating randomStupidity.

          1. Peter I think you simply like being contentious

            1. Tired is too dumb to notice when i am not being contentious.
              Always, Tired portrays me as StupiderThanHim.
              That is industrial strength insult.
              Refuting insults is an obligation of a gentleman.
              What a pity they made Duelling illegal.

  30. does this guy know Ralph Nader? Weak unions…are u kidding? i just saw the police union take over the revolution!
    i think tha’s over…
    warm and fuzzy in Minn and Wisc. and Flint. hunky dorry. nice. memphis is in….
    so do we vote for Trump and make it worse so someone besides you and me will notice?
    CAN Dump make it worse?

    1. This refers to lee camp who is right on funny and bitchinly good & sarcastic.i’m too tired or drunk to be paying with my commuter.

  31. now WAIT one minute! THIS is your BEST one. i insist. all the others were fine. you are more than fine. excellent. great writer, but his one is best.
    and not just because i agree or because it is the most recent. although isn’t it nice to find out that your latest is your best?
    of course it is. you STILL got it, avenging angel! i see so much greatness in this one i can’t stand myself. but BRAVO!
    i said this ten years ago and also in ’69…and in ’65 when i first took acid. lookit my success rate since then. same side baby! love the new team same as the old team. but we gotta love ourselves for trying! OK?! and it’s heart-warming to realize we were right all their time.
    i want some targets not people either. i target the FED. the CIADODIRSDNC AND the ripuglican party. what’ve YOU got? there are more. i know, but if we get those targets we have a chance. we need to feed the .GOV. i suggest an ASSET tax on all property: exempt homes–one only– for first 250,000. then 2%. you’ll see. it works. also by defunding the DOD we’ll save 2 trillion i bet. i’m not her to do math. but e.g., if you take the GNP and call it ROI, and say that is 5% of assets then assets will be 400 trillion. nice pile there, huh. who do you think owns it?
    wanna see that again? 20trillion is GDP so times 20 (which is 5% duh.) makes 400 tr.
    2% of that is uhmmm/…don’t bother me! $8 trillion dollars for our very own government we used to own. right? this will bring down the wealth gap. i guess. it we can keep it going about 10 years. our current GOV share of GDP is 20% or 4 trillion. see what i’m saying.
    of course interest rates and Return On Investment are not @ 5% right now but who cares. we deal in plain numbers from now on not percentages. not to be fooled again we’ll just keep it simple. got it nice and simple. (this is me being weird.}
    when i was born i just could not imagine myself wearing a mask to go out in 2020–
    i thought we’d be flying around on jet skis into palaces floating in the clouds. and every place on Earth except pretty ones would be free and the pretty ones would be for everyone to visit only for restoring harmony. the entire ocean would be considered pretty.
    the Sioux for one tribe did not believe in property except for horses your pet after all and your bow and arrows. they had no concept of fences….do you think that is still possible?

  32. I Love Lee Camp. Trump/ Biden-same same.
    And Lee is RIGHT about Human caused Climate Change too!

  33. Just read Diana Johnstone’s nod to you on the penultimate page of her Memoirs. Yes, you are carrying on her tradition of truth seeking, wherever it leads. Both of you provide plenty to question, plenty to dig deeper into.

    Today’s piece should be the clarion call. More of the same, or back to the utopia, are not going to cut it…each, indeed, have got us into our present impasse…as you say. Just endeavoring to extract us from our manipulated state is a very tall order, requiring much dedication, persistence, energy and intelligence. Thanks for putting your shoulder to it!

    1. Let me second the suggestion that readers of Caitlin’s blog check out Diana Johnstone’s “Circle In the Darkness.” She’ll walk you though history since the Second World War, offering a sensitive, incisive, intimate, independent take on the people and events that “made the news,” cutting through the propaganda as cleanly and clearly as Caitlin. If you love Caitlin’s work, you’re likely to also love Diana’s. Bless these two Johnstones, sisters in spirit.

  34. How can I “be weird and be me” when the world becomes a technological factory of slaves? Top health officials, politicians and news media, all puppets of the ruling class, have created enough fear of COVID-19 to intentionally cause irreparable global economic distress. Conflict, mistrust and war games will soon be orchestrated and increased until international cooperation and trade is so badly stifled that the global economy will be at risk of total collapse. Big banks are now providing more loans to big corporation to pay interest they cannot afford to pay for their already massive loans. Corporations in countries at war do not repay international loans. Such risks will then prompt central banks to significantly curb extension of loans and demand systematic repayment of debts. Global credit worthiness will evaporate and confidence in continued payment of interest on loans will justify creditors demanding that governments transfer ownership of assets in exchange for cancelling their debts. This means that central banks, which are owned by the global elite, will slowly but surely take control of the world’s assets and resources. This in turn means they will control the distribution and use of the world’s assets and resources instead of national governments. Then the world will be one global technological factory of slaves with no control over their lives. Then propaganda and religion will no longer fool all the people all the time. Then some people will wake up and realize that Yeshua is the Great Liberator He claimed to be. Then He will lead a secret, underground, subversive, non-violent but ultimately successful liberation movement. That time is slowly approaching.

    1. Subversive and nonviolent, and still successful? We can always hope. As for slowly, it’s going to be far far too slow for us who have lost our country, family members and friends thanks to the pure greed of the elite. Still, nonviolent and successful sounds good.

      1. Hope for what sounds like a pacifist’s wishful thinking ?
        How realistic is thjs ?
        What matters is preparing for the worst,
        which if we are the lemmings of our myth,
        is an early death from appliedStupidity..

        1. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

        2. God, the pessimistic, defeatist, dystopian thinking that pervades so many comments on this bold, brave, defiant blog. You read Caitlin, get pumped to take on the bastards even harder, find yourself entertaining the possibility that Caitlin is right, that we can actually beat the bastards, overwhelm them, take their oppressive, ecocidal system down and build a better, more beautiful world…and then you hit something like this.

  35. Beautiful Caitlin! Straight to the point. Take the quantum leap — the old paradigm is going down with all hands. Our basic mistake is to try to be halfway radical. Go all in. Bet it all. What you try to hang onto will spoil your whole trip.

  36. A wild divergence from our current trajectory is the only hope our species has for survival, so as a member of our species it is your duty to participate in that divergence in any way that looks healthy to you. Our civilization as it exists today is a dead man walking. Do not dance with dead men.

    With a population of near Eight Billion wild divergence is the correct prescription; but a vital ingredient COURAGE is missing. Wisdom justice courage with temperance could foster the needed vital wild divergence, but wild divergi don’t just happen.

    1. Wild divergence happens when individuals recognise that they are under mortal threat.
      Remind you of anything in recent conversation ?

  37. Against popular opinion, we are the center of the universe. The world does not revolve around mankind. There are things bigger than us. We do not make the rules. We are not free to do whatever we want. One day justice will be dispensed and most will be very shocked.

    1. More empty threats from troll heaven.

      1. Hi Peter. I can find nothing in Khatika’s comment that is not true. I agree with each and every one of those statements. There is much more to Khatika than trolling. Most will be shocked, because they live in a fantasy. If you prefer, read “justice” as “natural cause and effect”.

        1. Glen “can find nothing in Khatika’s comment that is not true. I agree with each and every one of those statements.”
          we are the center of the universe : jesusBeggar narcissism/b>
          We do not make the rules
          : Who makes them ? Glen.
          We are not free to do whatever we want : says who ? A mental cripple ?
          One day justice will be dispensed and most will be very shocked : oooh Judgement Day. The mudShadows are coming to harvest mankind and reward their proxies, Trumps and Billionaires, with traitor’s deaths.
          If nothing else, his endorsement of my serial hater reveals the mental calibre of Glen is well short of understanding the topics on which he pretends superior expertise.
          Vernon Howard said that “like attracts like”.
          Glen reinforcing Khatito’s nonSense is empirical evidence that Vernon was onto something. Vernon also said “Unpleasant people are their own punishment” which must be tough on people like Glen.
          Poor Glen. To be both stupid and unpleasant at the same time is very unfortunate. Are you ugly with bad breath as well ?
          What did Glen do ? to deserve That. ?

          1. To clarify the first sentence should have said we are not the center of the universe.

          2. Peter you are always angry. Let us speak civil words of discourse as we discuss subjects which we have no control. Let us consider other viewpoints. I believe you think judgement means God. Why could not judgement also refer to the future we are assigning ourselves to by our actions. Hubris led to the flat earth theory and the belief that the sun revolved around the earth. The hubris of man today thinking we cause climate change. I speak of the hubris of man which is destroying everything in its false self confidence believing they are the masters of the universe. A reckoning is coming, perhaps God, surely mother nature and from our fellow inhabitants of this planet.

            1. Khatika,
              You always say bullshit. Bullshit is an aggressive Stupidity ; you exhort everyone to be a believer in the Wisdom of Katika, as though we don’t have enough difficulties of our own to clarify. Your posts offend me both spiritually and intellectually. I despise your sly way of cutting at people while pretending to be one of us.
              So my responses to your posts reflect my feeling about what you intend for participants in this forum. You deceitfully label it as Anger, because everybody is socialised to disapprove of anger. You want the readers of Caitlin to disApprove of Peter Mann, and now you suggest we should be friends. I think Not.
              A competent observer will notice that i mostly treat others as they treat me. It’s a corollary of “Do unto others what they intend for you”, a principle which helps to keep our responses appropriate and proportional.
              I do not suffer from your disgusting affliction, partly because my immune system is exceptionally robust and effective when it comes to bullshitters. Since others are less well-protected, i am obliged speak on behalf of those who see subterfuge less clearly, and write to point out examples of how mind-damaging deceits are camouflaged.
              Part of the information i impart in replies to obnoxious posts . . . is how i feel about what you do.
              Whether deliberate or unwitting makes no difference to the harm malicious disinformation does.
              I care about the welfare of my fellow-humans ;
              i believe they are capable of being brave and astute and generous.
              So seeing somebody telling others they are trash . . . motivates me to express my dissent in the strongest of terms.
              Whether you pretend to be an idiot, misinterpreting my commentary to make me look like demented as part of an agenda beyond your horizon, oR you are genuinely oblivious to your poisonousStupidity . . . makes no difference to the harm intended with your weasel words.
              I am writing what i think ; there is no concealment of my agenda nor hiding embarrassing weaknesses.
              Truthfulness has been deValued by tolerating liars, by expecting flattery instead of sobriety.
              I am an example of what truthfulness does to a person.
              With tolerating liars (a treacherous quirk of Christianity), we have permitted psychopaths to infiltrate and hijack the administration of the USA. Ever since WorldWar2, operation Paperclip has infected USA ‘intelligence’ with Hitler’s demonic anythingGoes nihilism. Controlling the administration of USA has been a strategic priority of the farmers of mankind since Lincoln determined on war to prevent secession.
              Individuals like Glen and Katika feel impulses of dislike and resentment when they read my words.
              They mistake these feelings, believing them impulses from their trueSelf . . . only because the idea of a mindParasite is peculiarly unpleasant to think about.
              Not only do they mistake the origin of some impulses, they act upon them with glee, thinking they have found somebody they can attack with impunity.
              Usually passivAgressive attackers get away with this, because cowardice is a core theme in our socialisation. Nobody is surprised when a weakling turns the other cheek, or contradicts, or complains to mummy.
              What surprises is a refutation with logical integrity and an open-ended conclusion.
              The typical evasion is to cling to misunderstanding and denial, as is exhibited by all of my self-appointed detractors. Strange that they all choose the same evasion ; it suggests they express a single agenda.
              Should i develop this topic further ?

          3. Peter, you own mentalParasites distort your perception, and you project your own chosen fantasies into Khatika’s comments. In doing so, you fail to see what Khatika is saying, and then you respond negatively with attacks. This is not the work of a healer. I am not attacking you, I’m intervening on your behalf, which I choose to do because it feels appropriate. You can pick Khatika’s comments apart word by word, but that doesn’t help, because you re-interpret the words according to you own realityView rather than trying to understand what Khatika meant by those words. We are all three taking on the role of healer, we just have different styles and viewPoints. The world needs your unique contribution, and the saner you can be the better it is.

  38. Caitlin?
    Do you mean become a vegan, anarchist (rules WITHOUT Rulers), songwriter, living in a solar passive, owner built home, surrounded by a Permaculture system and Mother Nature in all her glory?

  39. Charles Andrew Robinson Avatar
    Charles Andrew Robinson

    Save the bullshit human caused climate change narrative, he nails a lot of points. Red and blue makes purple.
    Just call it the Lords purple party and end the two party farce in the US.

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