“We are led by the least among us – the least intelligent, the least noble, the least visionary. We are led by the least among us and we do not fight back against the dehumanizing values that are handed down as control icons.
~ Terence McKenna

The term “super-spreader” has been popping up a lot in mainstream news media and Democrat-aligned partisan rhetoric in reference to President Trump and his habit of hosting of events without social distancing precautions which led to a spike in positive Covid-19 tests throughout the White House.

It’s an interesting phrase, because it highlights not just the way America’s plutocrat president conducts himself in the midst of a novel coronavirus, but the way he and his ilk live their lives generally as well.

In our society, those who are uplifted, rewarded and applauded are those who make it their sole focus in life to obtain as much influence over as many lives as possible. That’s basically how our insane society defines “success”: having a whole lot of employees, a whole lot of subservients, a whole lot of consumers, a whole lot of fans, a whole lot of people who listen to you and think you’re important. The more lives you affect, the more successful you are considered to be.

What this means is that those who wind up having the most influence over the most people are the ones who made doing so their highest priority in life. Not to become a better person, a good parent, a good spouse, a good friend, a good caregiver, a good listener, but to getting promoted, growing the business, crushing competitors, becoming famous, becoming influential, becoming powerful, becoming president.

That’s what the most influential human beings in our world have poured their life’s energy into, generally speaking. Not into personal maturity and healing, but into conquest and power. Everything in our society encourages this, from the esteemed universities that wealthy go-getters attend to the movies and shows we all watch as we are trained in what to value.

Which causes a lot of problems, because what our society really needs above all else is healing and maturity. Being a small human in our world is a highly traumatic experience; we’re surrounded by confused giants who move in scary, unpredictable ways and unwittingly pass on to their children a lot of the trauma they picked up from their own childhoods, and it leaves us with a lot of unconscious mental habits which govern the way we relate to the world in an unconscious and unhelpful way.

Everyone carries trauma and delusion with them. Nobody gets to skip past this reality. We would live in a much healthier society if people prioritized becoming a healthy human being: healing their past trauma, becoming conscious of their inner processes, emotionally maturing, learning to love themselves, and learning to see life with clear eyes.

But our society does not value this. Someone who prioritizes their own movement into psychological health instead of chasing what our society defines as “success” will very often be regarded as a nobody, a disappointment, a loser, a slacker, a black sheep, especially if they come from a family that has built a strong identity around “success”. The pressure to join in the race toward conquest and domination instead of healing and lucidity is very high.

Which of course results in the most unconscious, unhealthy people having the highest degree of influence over everyone else. It results in a kakistocracy, where we are as Terence McKenna said “led by the least among us”. Where the world’s most miserable and dysfunctional people are elevated to positions which enable them to spread their misery and dysfunction to as many people as possible. Where miserable people are made into super-spreaders of misery.

And so you wind up with the most powerful government in the world being led by a man who Gabor Maté once described as “the clearest example of a traumatized politician one could ever see.” A profoundly traumatized and traumatizing man who because of where he placed his emphasis in life has been elevated to the optimal position for spreading trauma throughout the entire world.

In a healthy society it would be the exact opposite. We would be encouraged to prioritize the journey into health, consciousness and compassion, and our institutions would provide an abundance of support in that journey. People who are unhappy and dysfunctional would not be looked to as leaders but encouraged to become psychologically healthy, and those who are looked to for leadership (if a healthy society had any leadership at all) would be those who have made the journey into a harmonious way of functioning in our world.

Here’s hoping we find a way to collectively move out of super-spreader kakistocracy and into health.


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113 responses to “‘Successful’ People Are Misery Super-Spreaders”

  1. Human Behavior… it is what it is and it aint changing a hell of a lot no time to soon! Wanna change something, learn how to influence, learn how to SELL!!! Find the savvy and serenity to accept the things you cannot change, and muster the Courage to change the things you can, and develop the Wisdom to know the difference.

    3 Chords & The Truth!
    Griffinheart @ Patreon Etc.
    All Questions On Life & Human Behavior Answered!

  2. The pandemic is over.

    The article forgets to mention that not only did Trump survive COVID-19, he survived it easily. Those who surround him, without PPE, do so willingly and with full information.

    The treatments are there; Regeneron, Remdesivir, Dexamethason. Anyone now recovered from COVID-19, is probably relieved not to have to worry about getting sick (at least by COVID-19) deeper into the flu season.

    The pandemic is over. We can have our civil rights back that should never have been taken away, let alone further rolled back out of COVID-19 hysteria.

    Vitamins C, D, K and zinc are hardly disproven, for those who want better odds against this cold/flu/COVID season.

    Off Guardian and Unherd report that the real lethality of COVID-19 is 0.1%, in other words, no worse than a a bad flu year. This is without a vaccine; this implies COVID-19 is less lethal then the flu unless one is of the age or condition to die of such things anyway.

    Infections are up, as the testing has never been more frenetic, but hospitalizations and deaths are lower than the first wave.

  3. Boris Johnson and co-conspirators, what the hell have you done!
    In the coming months, it will become more obvious that you and your global death cult, the so-called leaders from W.E.F., W.H.O., U.N., etc., with all your corporate collaborators, your Nazi scientists and doctors, are all directly involved and responsible for the coming holocaust of over two hundred million deaths and murders, through starvation and all other criminal actions of various governments throughout the world.
    By implementing your elitist and wholly unnecessary collective fascist policies on humanity with the greatest health fraud every perpetrated in history.
    These death cults have no eyes.
    No intelligence!
    To establish the global control grid for the organization of human enslavement, which has nothing to do with enhancing humanity’s freedom and intelligence at all.
    They didn’t think we would figure out their criminal intentions?
    Their death cult is just a business.
    Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that for every action, there is an equal and violent (sic) opposite reaction.
    When the public fully wake up to the full horror of your crimes against humanity that you have all masterminded and committed together against the people, their retribution will be murderous and swift.
    I fear you all have wildly underestimated the level of anger, the physical and violent attacks that you may have exposed yourself and your families to in the coming years.
    You will neither be forgiven nor forgotten by most citizens of your own countries, and your names will go down in history in infamy and disgrace, as treacherous and psychopathic criminals.
    Even now full lists of all your names, your crimes, your locations and your assets are been recorded with that of all your death cult collaborators.
    I feel the only way to begin to save yourselves, the few hundred thousand of you and your death cult around the world, is to immediately reverse all your criminal actions and fraudulent policies, by each separately begging for forgiveness on live TV from the people, and then each of you to hand yourselves over to the Hague for full criminal prosecution by independent and publicly elected judges, for your crimes against humanity.
    If any of you all do not wish to comply with this friendly advice before this coming Halloween, you will see a global uprising of such ferocious magnitude, that you will lose all capacity to ever sleep comfortably again, from the sheer terror that your nightmares will induce!
    The future is coming fast for you and it is very bleak, it is better to see it for what it is, and try to change the public’s reactions right now.
    The sooner you do this the better for you, because something might still be able to redeem you.
    I don’t think that doing nothing on your part is the answer, this ostrich-type mind which avoids seeing it will not do a thing to save you.
    The situation is bad, but I am an optimist.
    I have hope that something can be done.
    And maybe these are the moments when countries change, when people change!
    When a crisis comes, the very challenge can become a conscious breakthrough.
    This opportunity has to be used and with full intelligence.
    To face the future and not to be destroyed by it needs courage, it needs intelligence and new orientations of the mind.
    We were perfectly happy, until you forced your Marxist totalitarian B.S. revolution on us.
    Your medicine proved more dangerous than the invented disease itself!
    To create the new we will have to demolish your old outdated fascist ideas, but not out of anger, just out of necessity.
    To impose these retarded mental ideas on people is very dangerous.
    You have to understand people’s psychology.
    People should never be used for any ideology.
    Marx said, “It is not consciousness that determines the conditions of society.
    It is society and its conditions that determines consciousness.
    It is not great men that create great societies.
    It is great societies that create great men.”
    He is mostly right.
    Great, open, honest, free societies based on truth create great men.
    Marx mostly had no psychological insight, he was absolutely blind about the psychological and spiritual experiences of the individual.
    His whole approach was purely economic.
    But the individual is not just money.
    People are much more.
    People are not just what they possess, they are much more.
    But what they possess has a certain value as far as their individuality is concerned.
    Everybody is born innocent, peaceful, loving, knowing nothing of the cut-throat competition in the world, knowing nothing about the nuclear weapons that are being prepared to welcome them, knowing nothing about the dirty politics that have been torturing humanity for millennia.
    But before their peace, their love, their trust can become a rebellious force, society starts destroying all that is beautiful in them and replacing it with all that is ugly.
    That’s what our parents unconsciously have done to us, so we repeat the performance.
    Generation after generation, the same disease goes on being transferred from one hand to another hand.
    With all the good intentions in the world parents, teachers, leaders and priests, all go on forcing ideas of competition, comparison and ambition, in their understanding they think they are preparing every child for the tough struggles that they are going to face in life, in other words, preparing them for violence and aggression.
    They decide that unless you are aggressive you will be left behind.
    They decide that you have to learn to assert yourself, and assert forcibly, and you have to compete as if it were a question of life and death.
    All this is the framework of our educational system.
    Is this the way to live!
    It is a very strange world.
    First, you make people poor and force them to become criminals, and then you have courts and the police and judges to punish them.
    First, they are exploited, and then they are punished for becoming criminals.
    Poverty is the mother of all crimes.
    These politicians are all slaves to the death cult or to other oligarchs.
    They go on promising the poor a better future, and they know perfectly well that a better future is not going to come, because first the poor will have to repay all the loans that have been given to them.
    These politicians are themselves slaves to their masters.
    The MSM media and newspapers are now controlled and used by your governments for propaganda.
    You cannot write an article criticizing any policy of the government, because it will not be published anywhere.
    It has become so criminal that even if you write about it and it gets published, you are likely to be put behind bars.
    Your writing may never be published, but you will go out of existence!
    They have started controlling even scientists.
    Before their papers are published, government bureaucrats go through them to see whether they are right or wrong according to the permitted narrative.
    Government bureaucrats have no idea of science, no idea of philosophy, no idea of poetry or of music and the arts.
    If they did have any idea of poetry and science and literature and philosophy in the first place, they would not have become parasitic bureaucrats!
    That is the ugliest thing in the world.
    To be a government bureaucrat means you have become part of an ugly machinery and you have lost your soul.
    You don’t exist anymore as an independent, intelligent thinker.
    Day by day, the West is going mad, totally insane.
    And through insanity, much will happen.
    The western mind has become more anguished because of scientific achievement.
    The ego is strengthened more.
    It is strengthened because western science has taken the attitude of trying to conquer nature.
    It is a very egoistic attitude, to conquer nature.
    For the last three centuries we have been constantly conditioned through science.
    Everywhere, but especially in the West, the mind is science-oriented.
    It thinks in terms of conquering nature, in terms of competing with others.
    And the more science has progressed, the more the western mind has stalled.
    In the West death is still a taboo.
    One taboo has been broken, the taboo about sex, but the second taboo, which is deeper than the first still exists.
    Now death has become the taboo.
    They don’t talk about death.
    This taboo of death is now being fully exploited by government psychological warfare agents to create maximum paralyzing fear in the public!
    It seems as if we need some taboo or other.
    The Victorian society was a society rooted in the taboo of sex.
    Now the modern society, Western society, is rooted in the taboo of death.
    Forget all about it.
    Live totally, be fully aware, awake and the fear of death will disappear.
    But the unconscious mind remains in a constantly feverish state.
    This is basically because we have got identified with the periphery, and the body is going to die one day, so death haunts everyone.
    People don’t talk about death, or even if they do, they talk euphemistically, that this person has passed away, they have gone to god, to heaven, they have gone to eternal rest.
    Science has just become a fight with nature.
    How can you conquer nature?
    How can a wave conquer the ocean?
    It is patent foolishness!
    A part cannot conquer the whole, and if the part tries, the part will go mad.
    The whole will not lose anything, the part will lose everything because the part exists within the whole, never against it or without it.
    Science has become destructive because of this attitude of conquering.
    Their ultimate goal can never be anything other than Hiroshima, and if they can help it, it will be reached, the whole earth will be vaporized.
    Fighting leads to death, and conflict ultimately leads to death, science is leading everyone towards it.
    There is only one thing to be followed and that is your nature, wherever it leads, trust it.
    But people are afraid to follow nature, not because nature is bad, but because of the moral teachers, because of the poisoners of the very source of life.
    You are afraid to live, you go on postponing, planning for somewhere in the future when you will live, always missing life in the present.
    You seek truth but in your life you are always untrue.
    How can an untrue person meet the truth!
    Nature is truth, and there is no other truth than nature.
    Remember one basic thing always.
    There cannot be anything more than nature, nature is the whole.
    Do you see the strange logic of the world?
    When you have lost contact with a living experience, then of course you are as dead as they are, and of course dead people don’t argue.
    And one dead person pays respect to another dead person, it is just courtesy, a simple mannerism.
    How can the dead people be respectful to a living person?
    They are dead, that hurts them.
    They don’t know, that hurts them.
    They have only beliefs and narratives, who knows whether those imaginary beliefs are true or not?
    There is no need to make any effort to discriminate between imagination and reality.
    You simply remain aware of yourself.
    And whatever is imagination will slowly disappear, and whatever is real will remain.
    A Christ is always awake and rebellious.
    No situation will extinguish his rebellion, because his rebellion is not against anyone.
    It is because his consciousness is free.
    Anywhere he feels a barrier, he will feel rebellious.
    The rebellion is his spirit.
    So if a Christ comes today, Christians, politicians will not be at ease with him.
    They are part of the establishment now, they have become settled.
    If a Christ comes into the marketplace again he will destroy everything they have.
    The Vatican, the church, the fascist state, these are not possible with a Christ.
    Only without a Christ is it possible.
    When he is living, he is a rebel.
    And he is a rebel because he is free.
    Beware, he walks now the streets of William Blakes ‘New Jerusalem’.
    I want that our eyes should be focused on the future.
    Forget the past, it is gone and gone forever and there is no point wasting time with it.
    Don’t go on continuously repeating the old, because it is not going to help in the future.
    A free person can live in a prison and will be absolutely free.
    An un-free person may feel free under the sky, absolutely free, but will remain un-free.
    Freedom is freedom from yourself.
    Freedom is an inner dimension, it is an inner quality of being.
    Meditate over it.

  4. The ” Evil Empire ” and its proxies are not invincible. Thank goodness the Internet is still able to convey the truth to the world.
    This editorial can be read here:
    Russias Strategic Intervention in Syria Five Years On – An “Unpardonable Blow” to the United States Empire!

  5. Absolutely nothing can shame the Evil Empire!
    Less than a month away from the November election, Trump administration officials are reportedly rushing to implement the president’s recent proposal to send $200 prescription drug discount cards to nearly 40 million Medicare recipients—an $8 billion plan that would be financed by dipping into the Medicare trust fund.
    Politico reported Thursday that the administration is “seeking to finalize the plan as soon as Friday and send letters to 39 million Medicare beneficiaries next week, informing seniors of Trump’s new effort to lower their drug costs, although many seniors would not receive the actual cards until after the election.” While the design of the cards has yet to be finalized, officials are reportedly discussing ways to put Trump’s name on them.
    “It’s a shameless stunt that steals billions from Medicare in order to fund a legally dubious scheme that’s clearly intended to benefit President Trump’s campaign right before Election Day.”
    This article can be read here:
    “Shameless Stunt”: Trump Reportedly Attempting to Raid Medicare Trust Fund to Pay for Drug Discount Cards With His Name on Them by Jake Johnson!

  6. “It results in a kakistocracy, where we are as Terence McKenna said “led by the least among us”. ”

    —I suppose that makes us feel better, being a slightly more sophisticated version of “they suck,” but it’s not helpful and it’s not accurate.
    In truth we’re led by sociopaths and psychopaths, thanks to economic and political systems that reward sociopathy in particular.
    McKenna’s summary lacks reference to the how and why, and if you fail to grasp that those systems will always, always push not the least but rather the *worst* among us to the top of their pyramidal heaps, then you won’t have any idea how to thwart and change them.

  7. Just think of all those other animals that live in large colonies; termites, ants, bees, wasps, hornets, etcetera. One woman lands the dream job of a lifetime; a job consisting of primarily having a train pulled on her 24/7, 365 days a year. The animal kingdom has much to teach us.

  8. WHO made an announcement that COVID-19 patients DO NOT need to be isolated or quarantined.
    yes, more zionist scum!

  9. “‘Successful’ People Are Misery Super-Spreaders”. You mean like the FIVE EYES too?
    U-turn? | ‘Five Eyes’ has no evidence COVID-19 emerged from Wuhan lab
    Recently, Washington has been claiming that COVID-19 originally emerged from a Wuhan laboratory – though it has failed to provide any evidence. But here comes the rhetorical shift: one of the US’ top generals reported that the virus’ origins are yet to be discovered, and it’s probably natural rather than human-made – a belief now being repeated by the infamous ‘Five Eyes’ network.

    Deceitful lying criminal scum! Run by the CIA no doubt! Fuck off zionist scum bags

  10. Terence McKenna is wrong. We are led by a tiny group of intelligent, financially powerful, scheming, psychopathic, generally reclusive elements of society who hand down rules and regulations which they don’t follow but which cripple those who try to fight back. Yeshua, the great Liberator explained the nature of oppression and provided a strategy for fighting back but for over 1700 years the Roman Catholic Church twisted and corrupted His lectures and brilliant revolutionary strategies through translation errors and/or massive censoring of relevant ancient records. The coming technocratic surveillance and control system will oppress the world even more but eventually collapse to prepare the way for survivors to build a new and glorious civilization in the age to come. Read more of this here:

  11. Excellent point of view, with a clear and accurate analysis.
    Thank You, Cailin.

  12. Coronavirus: Crushing and Silencing Doctors of Conscience
    “Looking back, I can see that we have a situation which I compare with the Third Reich…Joseph Goebbels, he was the Minister of Propaganda, and he said “if you repeat a message long enough, loud enough, hard enough, at the end everybody believes it.” And I think the crux of the problem is in the media.” – Doctor quoted in this interview.”

    With the weather getting colder, people in Canada and all around the globe are witnessing a rising incidence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

    Prime Minister Trudeau was quoted as saying during a speech to the people of Canada the following:

    “The second wave isn’t just starting, it’s already underway.”

    Children are going to school in masks, just as everyone is forced to wear masks anywhere that’s indoors in some places. As the struggle worsens, people fear the return of spring-time lock downs and all the hardship springing from it.

    Provoked by daily reports by politicians, chief public health officers, and the mainstream media, people might be understandably terrified. On the other hand, there are rational voices singing from the hymn book of sober second thoughts.

    These voices belong to people called doctors.

    As we reported in our last show, Doctor Sucharit Bhakdi in his book, Corona, False Alarm, laid out how the evidence of the panic was unreliable, how the COVID 19 was in fact no worse than a typical flu virus, and how the lockdowns cause more difficulties than the disease itself.

    There are many, many more doctors also raising their voices calling for their nations and the world to rethink their COVID strategy. They are particularly effective in Europe. These include a petition signed by 2662 doctors and medical practitioners in the Netherlands, a public conference made up of 400 doctors in Spain, a Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee made up of about 500 Doctors and scientists in Germany, and a public letter from Belgium signed by over 1500 people in the medical and scientific community.

    Sadly, these people cannot get their voices in regular media.

    This week, on the Global Research News Hour, we work to give these experts some space, and possibly assuage the out if control panic sweeping our society.

    Our guests for the hour are two doctors with the group: Docs 4 Open Debate. For most of the program they speak about the unreliable test numbers, unreliable masks, the WHO’s role in this, and the determination to not just ignore but punish those in the profession who speak out.

    Docs 4 Open Debate is a group in Belgium doctors and health professionals intent on demanding more critical analysis of the pandemic fight, relaxation of the extreme emergency measures, and freedom to express their positions on mainstream media. They crafted an open letter to this end which has so far been signed by 515 physicians and 1767 medically trained health professionals. Their site is docs4opendebate.be


  13. John Solomon: Haspel Blocking Declassification Of Russiagate Documents To Protect CIA’s Reputation

    Investigative reporter John Solomon said in an interview Thursday night with FOX Business host Lou Dobbs that CIA Director Gina Haspel is blocking the release of requested classified documents to protect the agency’s reputation like Christopher Wray is doing for the FBI.

    “Let’s start with the reports that Gina Haspel, the director of the CIA, is personally blocking, blocking the declassification of a number of important documents and refusing to permit their release. Your thoughts?” Dobbs asked.

    “It’s a continuation of the slow walk that she and [FBI] Director Wray and other deep state bureaucrats in the State Department have done over the last two years,” Solomon said. “They have tried to stop this Russia case from unraveling, the Ukraine case from unraveling, the carefully-crafted false story they gave the American people. But it’s a very simple fix.”

    “I think what’s really going on here is protecting the CIA’s reputation just like Chris Wray’s been protecting the FBI’s reputation,” he said. “The American people deserve accountability. This is one of the greatest scandals in American history.”

    SOLOMON: The president of the United States has the ability tomorrow to tell Gina Haspel, ‘I’ve heard you, I’ve overruled you. I’m ordering the release of these documents.’ It’s in President Trump’s hands. He’s the ultimate declassifying authority, and hearing that she’s objecting doesn’t mean anything. If the president wants to overrule her, he can get this done in the stroke of a pen, and we can get these documents out.

    DOBBS: Is it your judgment that the DNI can overrule her and move himself to declassify these documents?

    SOLOMON: It is under the law theoretically Gina Haspel reports up to the ODNI. I think when a CIA Director herself is involved in raising it personally as these reports indicate and what I’ve heard personally it’s probably getting to get escalated to the president for a final decision. But, yes, John Ratcliffe could do it too, but the president could short-circuit this. If he wants these documents out, he could sign a document tomorrow ordering their release, and they’ll be declassified.

    DOBBS: Do you believe that Gina Haspel will follow orders? Do you believe the CIA, which has played a central role in Obamagate for over four years, will follow orders? Where are we right now as a nation? This is fundamental to the, to this entire election. Is this government under the control of the man we elected president, or is it the deep state, is it the Obama White House and the shadows it’s cast over our government and our politics and this president for the past almost five years?

    SOLOMON: Listen, there’s, there are people, political plants in all of these agencies, there have been for a long time. We’ve dealt with this. I suspect that the CIA’s concern in some part deals with sources and methods. That’s a legitimate thing, you don’t want to give that up. But there’s a way to declassify these documents and protect sources and methods.

    I think what’s really going on here is protecting the CIA’s reputation just like Chris Wray’s been protecting the FBI’s reputation. The American people deserve accountability. This is one of the greatest scandals in American history.

    1. What is with dumping articles from other authors into the conversation ?
      Sadd Stephen appears to have nothing of his own to say.

  14. Nothing wears so heavy as a crown.

  15. I did not watch the recent TV presidential debate. However this author has opinions that I read and respect. Here is his view:
    Pundits of Right and Left alike would always prefer to stick to their dead clichés rather than bothering an even switching on a TV or a podcast, let alone going anywhere to see things for themselves. In the current U.S. presidential election it is happening again. Anyone who has bothered to actually sit through any of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign speeches over the past week since his nationally televised debate with President Donald Trump should have seen several obvious points immediately.
    This relevant article can be read here:
    The Race Tilts to Biden by Martin Sieff!

  16. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “‘Successful’ People Are Misery Super-Spreaders… we’re surrounded by confused giants who move in scary, unpredictable ways… Which of course results in the most unconscious, unhealthy people having the highest degree of influence over everyone else…”
    Who defines these “people” as being “successful”? Why, THEY do. And then their bought-and-paid-for propaganda media convince gullible people that they are in fact “successful”. Once again, who would take the word of a liar? Who cares about an opinion voiced by an unreliable source?
    “People who are unhappy and dysfunctional would not be looked to as leaders but encouraged to become psychologically healthy, and those who are looked to for leadership (if a healthy society had any leadership at all) would be those who have made the journey into a harmonious way of functioning in our world.”
    We can’t stop miserable people from gaining positions of power. They are the Vulture Class, the Predator Class. The bully always rules the playground. What we can do is learn about them, learn from them, learn exactly how NOT to think and treat people and live our lives. We can use them as personal inspiration and a way to refine and embrace our own improving sense of self and our quest to be better creatures than they will ever hope to be. As for those in the Predator Class, let The Almighty sort them out. They are beyond human redemption, and they do not even seek that.
    What’s the antidote to Misery Super-Spreaders? Some might call it our being a “Love” Super-Spreader but for many that term is a bit too sappy. So let’s call it a “Respect… or Caring… or Empathetic” Super-Spreader. In other words, being the opposite of what these Miserable Lost Souls are. We are ALL Super-Spreaders of something every single moment. We need to get in touch with what we are spreading!

    1. Fauci Email Stonewall?

      Judge Rejects Stonewall — Orders Initial Production of Fauci Emails this Month

      The Deep State has been circling the wagons around Dr. Fauci, but that’s coming to an end – after an unnecessary delay.

      A federal judge has ordered the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to begin producing communications and other records of National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci and Deputy Director H. Clifford Lane about the World Health Organization (WHO), China, and the coronavirus.

      U.S. District Court Judge Dabney L. Friedrich on September 22 ordered HHS to begin producing 300 pages of potentially responsive records per month beginning on October 21. In a September 21 court filing, HHS said the agency could begin producing 300 pages of responsive records to the Daily Caller News Foundation beginning on November 30, eight months after receiving the Daily Caller’s request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The total number of responsive records is approximately 4200, which would push off the full release of the records until at least 2022. HHS also alleged that Fauci must personally review each one of his emails before they are released.

      The judge’s order came in response to a FOIA suit we filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on behalf of the Daily Caller News Foundation (Daily Caller News Foundation v. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (No. 1:20-cv-01149)).

      We sued after HHS failed to respond to an April 1, 2020, FOIA request seeking:

      Communications between Dr. Fauci and Deputy Director Lane and World Health Organization officials concerning the novel coronavirus.
      Communications of Dr. Fauci and Deputy Director Lane concerning WHO, WHO official Bruce Aylward, WHO Director General Tedros Anhanom, and China.

      The time period for the request is January 1, 2020 to April 1, 2020.

      “People have every right under the law to see the communications between our government agencies (including Dr. Fauci), China and the WHO at the outset of this pandemic that has killed so many Americans and destroyed our economy,” said Daily Caller News Foundation President Neil Patel. “We are happy that Judge Friedrich agreed with our position that the government should not be able to keep this information secret. However, the fact that the document production doesn’t have to start until over six months after our lawful request — and that the production will not finish until 2022, is a sad joke. It’s amazing people still wonder why the American people have lost trust in our national institutions.”

      The NIH seems to be playing politics with the Fauci emails. The FOIA request at issue here concerns records that are likely to shed light on the China and WHO disinformation campaign on coronavirus – the stonewall seems calculated to undermine President Trump and protect WHO and China.”
      FACEBOOK IS YOUR ENEMEY :https://www.newstarget.com/2020-08-18-childrens-health-defense-sues-facebook-and-fake-fact-checkers-collusion-censorship.html

  17. “Everyone carries trauma and delusion with them. Nobody gets to skip past this reality. We would live in a much healthier society if people prioritized becoming a healthy human being: healing their past trauma, becoming conscious of their inner processes, emotionally maturing, learning to love themselves, and learning to see life with clear eyes.”
    As I was reading the above I was immediately reminded of a scene from the movie “Ghandi”, starring Ben Kingsley. I’ll provide a video link to it in a “reply” to this message. The relevant portion of the video begins at approximately one minute, 30 seconds into the video and ends at two minutes and 30 seconds, during which Ghandi says, in part, “….in the end, 100,000 Englishmen cannot control 350,000,000 Indians if those Indians refuse to cooperate”. But, unfortunately, the scene in the video is cut off before Ghandi leaves the meeting and one of the formerly-fearful-but-now-relieved generals says “I thought that they were actually going to DO something!”. And that is exactly what the members of the Oligarchic Transnational Elite Collective (OTEC) are going to say after reading Caitlin’s paragraph. “I thought that they were actually going to DO something!” BTW, the members of OTEC already love themselves way too much and already see “life” (how the present system actually operates) with amazingly clear eyes.
    The question I have for the non-OTEC members of humanity after reading this article is the same one I always have after reading Caitlin and Tim’s many other similar articles. After healing their past trauma, becoming conscious of their inner processes, emotionally maturing, learning to love themselves, and learning to see life with clear eyes, what are they actually going to DO to change the system that has enslaved them from the day of their birth? Are they going to quite their jobs working in the MIC and start begging for food? Are they going to march to the sea and make salt? Are these lovebirds going to pick up firearms and start killing the OTEC? Are they, like the Yellow Vests in France, going to march in the streets for month after month after month, demanding that the OTEC behave better? Or are they going to vote for healthy people like themselves – people who have healed their past trauma, become conscious of their inner processes, emotionally matured, learned to love themselves, and learned to see life with clear eyes (but what will they actually DO literally the day after they take office)?
    The steps to real systemic change – WHATEVER THAT CHANGE IS – in the US are simple to understand because the constitution spells them out. Carrying them out would be very difficult.
    First and foremost, millions of Americans would have to resist the 24/7 propaganda machine paid for by the OTEC and march into voting booths every two or four years and vote for candidates running for public office who promise a REAL alternative system to the fatally flawed present system (the latter of which, btw, MUST inevitably lead to either WWIII or environmental catastrophe) even though these voters absolutely believe that they are wasting their votes.
    Unfortunately, getting these candidates elected would only be the first step toward accomplishing meaningful systemic change.
    Second, because private ownership of LARGE-SCALE capital equipment and the “freedom” for owners to do with it what they please are allowed by the present constitution, there would have to be enough of these like-minded candidates elected to the federal and state legislative branches to amend the US constitution in a way that would allow or mandate any alternative “system” to come into being. The constitution would have to be amended because without those amendments the Supreme Court would declare any attempts to institute such systemic change through, say, new laws, to be unconstitutional, which they would in fact be. So, again, the constitution must be amended.
    AFAIK, this is the one and only legal way to bring a completely different economic/social system into being in the US. Again, IMO, the toughest part of all will be somehow getting masses of people to understand that if they want such a new system, they must vote for candidates who explicitly promise to bring it into being, even though they absolutely believe that they are wasting their votes. (The election results will necessarily be a total surprise to the electorate, the newly-elected candidates and, most of all, to the OTEC who will fully expect yet another crop of R and D slaves to be elected.)
    One thing is certain. If you want four more years of what you’ve been witnessing for at least the past 30 years, only ever-increasingly worse, again, inevitably leading to nuclear war and environmental catastrophe, just vote for more Rs and Ds in November; makes no difference which.
    (The OTEC don’t care about war or environmental catastrophe. They’d rather be dead than have to live in any system that would require them to get their hands dirty helping to produce something in a factory or harvest food from a field. Let’s give them the opportunity to commit suicide rather than willingly allow them take us all down in their fatally-flawed system that we’ve voted for time and time again.)

    1. Below is the video I mentioned in my commet.

  18. This is the best article about the current cultural situation I have ever read. I have been trying to articulate what’s going on and what’s been going on, and you totally nailed it. I feel like we’re living in some kind of fun house where everything is exactly the opposite of the way it’s supposed to be if humans and nature are to survive and flourish. Every cultural institution, with the exception of public libraries, is designed to degrade us, trap us, skew our values, take the little money most people have. It’s insane. Thank you for figuring it all out and spelling it out clearly and beautifully.

    1. Now what needs to be figured out is why ‘we’ support these institutions and practices and policies and arrangements, and what to do about it. Name-calling doesn’t seem to do the trick.

  19. Seems to me that since humanity developed agriculture and thus what we call civilisation, in the sense of permanent settlements and cities etc, sociopaths have tended to gain the upper hand and become dominant. Sociopaths can out-compete normal empathic humans in hierarchies and rise to positions of power and control. Sociopaths have played an enormous part in human history and they continue to; in politics and business and military and religion etc.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Quite right. I have often wondered where human evolution took this wrong turning from being a cooperative species into a competitive species. I mean, was this selected for? And why? When mammals were in the minority on the planet they worked together in order to survive. They had to. Somewhere along the line this survival adaptation either went awry or became recessive through the millennia.

      1. I have read that chimpanzees are pretty competitive and have actually been known to form gangs for warlike purposes. Regardless of our social evolution, however, we’re going to have to learn to get along with each other and the world, or die. Obviously. Hopefully the infantile sociopathy observed in our Great Leaders will prove to be just a stage.

        1. We (people) are excellent problem solvers when we want/need to be. Guess what? We need to be.
          More problem solving, less hand wringing, please.

      2. @ CAROLYN
        I dont think civilisation was a wrong turn. It was and is inevitable and even our destiny as a species. Human nature is complicated and challenging and human evil is a reality no matter what; even in idyllic circumstances. As a species we will have to face the reality of human evil in the form of sociopathy in our hierarchies and begin to adjust and adapt to that reality in ways that will minimize the damage these individual can do. Otherwise we will not make it to a sustainable planetary civilisation. We have to learn how to screen out sociopaths. Today quite the opposite is the case. Hierarchies and power elites actually select for sociopathy.

    2. Sorry, I can’t accept that. Sounds hopeless. Any positive suggestions, to offer, that could help improve the situation?

      1. @ SHOCKER
        Truth often is difficult to accept….but not necessarily a reason for hopelessness or despair. Seeing the truth can empower us to actually do something about it. Any successful species has to have faced and found ways to deal with the truth. In my opinion in order for a species like humanity to become a truly planetary species we will have to face up to the reality of human evil and find ways to deal with it.
        So dont be disheartened by the fact of sociopathy or human evil. Face it in yourself and in the world and find solutions.

      2. Reply to David Eyre:
        Sociopaths have control of our planet and hey have out-competed normal empathic humans. I’m an advocate for facing the truth and I’m also advocate finding solutions.
        “Seeing the truth can empower us to actually do something about it. Any successful species has to have faced and found ways to deal with the truth.”
        I agree, David. It is important to identify the problems, as clearly, completely and as succinctly as possible. If we (people) can’t find ways to identify the problems (the truth,) together, we will, obviously, not be able to find solutions. I think we are capable of doing that. We will need trust and the ability to communicate, in a positive way, with each other, though. We will need to find ways to stop the sociopaths from keeping us divided, isolated and afraid of each other.
        While I don’t always do it, I do think it’s important to try to talk about the problems (hard truths) in a way that inspires some hope that we (people) can find solutions solutions together. As you did here. Thank you for that.

    3. Toltec historians date the arrival of the mudShadows at 10,000 years ago, which corresponds with the development of agriculture … as well as explaining the origin of psychopathy in humans.
      Considering that the mudShadows treat us like livestock, while agriculture maximises Earth’s carrying capacity of their unwitting human hosts … then the mudShadows’ Armageddon agenda makes sense as harvesting mankind at peak population.
      USA foreign policy is accumulating stress and resentment worldwide, increasing the risk of fulfilling the Armageddon prophesies of mudShadow spokesmen like Saul of Tarsus and Mohammed.
      Fundamentalists of islam (submission) and christianity (jesusBeggars) both believe that Armageddon brings salvation to obedient worshippers of mankind’s mindParasites … despite seeing the other religion as the enemy of their self-proclaimed “God”.
      Turning mankind against each other is a standard mudShadow feeding strategy.
      “Know thine enemy” has been sound strategy throughout history, yet learning about the mudShadows is strangely exempted … by today’s materialist disBeliefs.
      disBelief is a corollary of Belief, involving the same process of disregarding dissenting evidence, while not being the opposite of belief. Absence of belief is the true meaning of being an aTheist … ridding ourselves of inadequate & misleading ideologies, and becoming freeThinkers.

      1. I realize you’re replying to David Eire, I just wanted to say that, while I appreciate you’re intellect, this is a bit over my head. I’ll have to research “mudshadows.”
        I don’t consider myself particularly religious, but given my own perspective, experiences and circumstances, I can’t imagine a life without hope.
        Maybe this is not the context you intended about “absence of belief,” but I can’t imagine life without belief. Belief in humanity, belief in human values, belief in our ability to put our self interests and egos aside and come together to achieve common goals and overcome common challenges.
        I will continue to try to do whatever small things I can do, in my own life, to contribute to those beliefs.

        1. Hi Shocker, thanks for a responsive reply.
          Getting rid of belief is not death to hope.
          On the contrary, it liberates our ability to think.
          My hopes are far grander than yours
          because i don’t believe priests, politicians, or public moralisers … who all say we are too stupid and irresponsible to decide what is important or to run our own life. Believing those unconscionable thieves of self-respect leads to small hopes and timid ambitions.
          Instead i take care of my self-respect.
          By being trustworthy, i get to trust myself …
          instead of believing opinions i had no part in formulating.
          Like gravity, all of the aspirations you name as valuable still exist without being believed. The still have the ability to guide our decisions. When we use human values without believing, we are ready to to consider alternative perspectives when things don’t go according to plan. Believers need someone to blame when things go wrong.
          Look at the dynamics of belief : belief is a counterfeit of knowledge.
          Belief is a cognitive shortcut which has disBelief as a corollary.
          disBelief is the essential dynamic of Denial, it rejects dissent without investigating the merits. Rejecting dissent without due diligence is a form of stupidity … yet this is what believers do. Again and again.
          Nobody can convince “Tired” there is a better option than waiting for Jesus to rescue mankind because he believes in a religion which says we are all sinners. He is blind to the silliness and irresponsibility that he inflicts on this forum, because he believes he has insider knowledge from a divine being.
          Denial of observableReality is the core of insanity, the refusal to be corrected when beliefs bury Sobriety. Religiots hate freeThinkers whenever we don’t reassure them by agreeing with their self-harming beliefs. Doing my own research and thinking independently makes it easy to like and trust myself, a comfort which no jesusBeggar can allow themselves because they believe they need divine salvation to avoid eternal punishment from a god of love.
          Researching the mudShadows won’t go well because it is a forbidden topic. John Lash is wrong when he equates them with the archons. The archons are part of the semitic reality map, and carry all the primitive baggage associated with mistakling Jehovah for the Creator. This sneaky species of parasite has become a specialisation in my investigating sources of mass Stupidity.

          Nobody has improved on the original description by the nagual Juan, published in the Mud Shadows chapter of The Active Side of Infinity, a book which is readily downloadable free of charge.
          If you want clarification on this difficult and obfuscated topic, i am willing to answer questions in depth and detail.

          1. Thank you, Peter, for this reference. I am very interested in learning more and The Active Side of Infinity sounds like a good place to start. I enjoy your posts. They resonate, just as Caitlin’s essay here does. Psychopathy does seem to reign at present. How do we break its hold on so much of society worldwide? Dr. Robert Hare of the psychopathy scale fame, has recommended sequestering them in a place where they can’t hurt others. Seems like a pipe dream though.

            1. Hi ML
              “How do we break its hold on so much of society worldwide?”
              Yes, This question has bothered me for a long time. Sequestering is
              asking for trouble. “Death for the First Proven Lie” prevents them from establishing hooks in people around them, until they test our defences against lying.
              My own observation is that the flow of energy can be reversed, so that we feed on them, but we are up against professionals and it’s a skill i don’t want.
              MudShadows can be killed during an attack, like the one described by Florinda Donner in the Mexican hotel, in the early chapters of Being in Dreaming.
              The only large scale method i have come across was in Conversations with the Nagual, where Carlos mentions a collaboration to shift Earth’s assemblage point to a position where the entire planetary consciousness is inedible. Armando Torres attributes this strategy to nagual Juan, and says that there are groups working on it, but i have not encountered any allies in this endeavour. Moving my own assemblage point happens as needed, rather than at will, so i’m still bringing this idea into focus.
              Perhaps the most useful information is that they have little stamina ; in a battle of wills … they last about 3 minutes. If they have us on the run, that is a different matter. I am convinced the mudShadows play a decisive role in most suicides and murders.
              Interesting that you resonate with my comments. A seemingly rare phenomen.

              1. LOL the Bosses who in fact are pretty much all 3rd World Russian fellows by DNA, now British, Americans & Israelis by Nationality of course, that through decades of obsession with material gain by whatever means, control at the very least in America & U.K. the MIC: Money, Media, Medicine, Military & Govt etc they would be and are laughing like hell about flakey shit like this as it is just the kind of adversaries they enjoy ie harmless ones. If you want to change things you will have to do as they did which is purchase, own or somehow control enough of the MEDIA & Publishing so you can Socially Engineer and Psychologically Program (ie BRAINWASH) the poor helpless dimwitted voters to believe your notion of reality as it certainly could not be worse than theirs!!! LOL! Dream On! You can’t fight fire with flake and preaching to the converted choir is as useless as it has always been for change! You have to preach to and change the minds of the BRAINWASHED and BLINDED which I doubt are hanging around this intellectually sophisticated and yet IMPLEMENTARY CHALLENGED!!!

                “3 Chords & The Truth!”

                Griffinheart @ Patreon

                Make The Connection!

                “The Evolution Connection!”

                1. Fighting Stupidity with Stupidity is not the answer,

                  1. elaborate please… as i really need to know if i have received false information and am appearing stupid…

                    1. “i really need to know if i have received false information”
                      Joe Griffin makes it seem like most information is trustworthy, which strikes me as disingenuous.
                      Fighting Stupidity with Stupidity is not the answer
                      is as simple as thinking gets.
                      What is there to misUnderstand ?
                      Without giving a specific example for me to explain,
                      Joe has posed a question which looks like a boobyTrap.
                      My point is that we need to get real,
                      By not saying what difficulty he has,
                      Joe’s question does the opposite …
                      it leads away from sobriety.

                  2. Elaborate please, as it is crucial for me to know if I have been misinformed on facts whilst producing a Web Series titled “3 Chords & The Truth!” Thank you. jg

                  3. Could you please elaborate as it is crucial for me to know if I have received incorrect facts and information in that I produce a Web Series named “3 Chords & The TRuth!”  Which better be or I am in the deep…MAN i HOPE i HAVEN’T SENT SEVERAL OF THESE BECAUSE IT KEEPS MAKING ME DO IT AGAIN!

          2. Hi Peter I’m interested in the topic of mudshadows and I’d like to know how you derived the date of 10,000 years ago for their arrival?

            1. Hi Jon, thank you for your interest.
              I got this timing from nagual Juan (Castaneda’s informant for his Masters and Doctorate degrees as a field anthropologist). Nagual Juan took an
              active interest in the history of the toltec lineage, studying their artifacts,
              and by accessing silentKnowledge.
              This is not formally stated anywhere in Castaneda’s reportage of his apprenticeship, but 10,000 years is the date Juan gives for a transition
              from anarchic shamanism (when shamen were pure individualists)
              to an hierarchical role … in which mesoAmerican sorcerors held great
              social influence and worked collaboratively in teams, like today’s astrophysicists and aeroSpace engineers.
              Because this topic is so repellent at first, Juan spent years dropping hints
              to his strange apprentice, preparing the temperamental Carlos for a huge ontological impact. So my conclusion is built from fragments and insinuations collated from his 12 volumes of reportage.
              I find significance in the worldwide beginnings of agriculture at 10,000 years. The preceding time is something for which it is easy to feel nostalgic. Recent research has endorsed this lifestyle because a hunterGatherer typically maintained a good life on 3 hours work a day,
              leaving the rest for fun. So the transition from egalitarian leisure
              to peasants and warlords was a comparably pivotal cultural change.
              For this transition to happen worldwide needs some explaining,
              so the coming of an influence which profits by larger human population
              fits both of these seemingly-simultaneous radical changes.
              One of the most explicit disclosures says that it was the ‘old sorcerors’
              (there was a reformation about 1300CE, which began a new emphasis)
              who negotiated an agreement with the mudShadows, an experiment which engaged their nation in symbiosis with a species of longLived inorganic beings.
              Being relative newcomers with short lives, the oldSorcerors got swindled.
              Much like the stories of 3 wishes, where they outcomes are not what
              the ‘beneficiary’ envisages, these wannabe deathDefiers agreed
              to having an implant : a piece of the mudShadow mind.
              The payoff the oldSorcerors wanted is a long lifetime
              like the inorganic beings with whom they conversed.
              To engineer this … these adventurers thought they needed a different kind
              of knowing ; of how things work (as distinct from their existing skills,
              with perceiving what’s going on and how to do.)
              Until then, the native human mind was wordless and direct.
              We knew what we needed to know by intending it : by moving
              our assemblage point to the position of silentKnowledge.
              With an accurate intent, everything knowable becomes available.
              The inorganic mind has been around a long time, in that it makes sense
              for awareness to preDate the bigBang … as a minimum time scale.
              Having studied and worked with awareness, i conclude that the bigBang
              and its spaceTime aftermath was/is an act of awareness.
              In this context, awareness means a sentient force with an innate potential
              for negEntropic manifestation, including persistent artifacts like spaceTime.
              Having been around for 14Billion+ years, some of these guys can be
              pretty impressive. As a thinking man, perhaps i’m overSensitive about being totally outclassed, but it makes a lasting impression when meeting
              one of the kindly ones.
              Presumably, the oldSorcerors were suitably impressed by having friends
              who would tell them interesting facts and useful techniques of heightened awareness. What could possibly go wrong ?
              So a binding agreement was made .:.
              which the mudShadows have been enforcing ever since,
              even though today’s mankind are not parties to the contract.
              →Deceit is one of the mudShadow characteristics.
              And almost nobody questions our being how we are :
              we already have an answer in 2 words ‘human nature’.
              Except that’s no answer at all … it’s more like an insult.
              The upshot is that we have 2 minds ; our original pragmatic observer accessing direct knowledge, plus a mind which uses symbols, like a
              La Place or Fourier Transform, in which a mathematical model is manipulated in a space of different rules, then reCoded back into the
              original mathematical form.
              With the mudShadow implant, we encode sensations and ideas
              into words and platitudes. Then our internal dialogue animates this abstraction (usually with ourSelf in the starring role.) When we convince ourselves of something … we act out the resultant course of action.
              Back then, this was a whole new frontier of experience, an intriguing
              unknown of endless unknowns, adventure spiced with power and danger.
              And, as with any predator … it’s a lot easier to get acquainted
              than to stop being dinner.
              For programming us when we are young (ie before discernment develops),
              we are seeded by believers … with cognitive software specifically designed to optimise our profitability as mudShadow livestock.
              A wellKnown example of such software is theBible, which tells us
              we are so defective that we cannot fix ourSelf, so the only way we can
              avoid the cruellest punishment imaginable … is to be obedient to God.
              Despite the intent of the Constitution, toxic Christianity has defined
              politics and the evolution of USA culture ; despite the sexual revolution,
              they are so uptight over there that they cannot spell words like arse,
              let alone mean what they say … oR understand a fresh idea.
              Infulenced by fundamentalist jesusBeggars, the USA is headed back to
              the darkAges, and like all puritans … wants to take the rest of the world
              back to hell, so we don’t miss out on Jesus’ nonExistent mercy.
              Where but a darkAge are we going ? with endless wars, censorship,
              and a privatised punishment industry.
              The so-called Enlightenment got Trumped by Descartes and Materialism,
              which officially takes the magic out of our realityMap
              based entirely on a spurious negative proof that demons do not exist.

        2. Reply to Peter Mann:
          I suppose I am conflating hope and belief.
          “Like gravity, all of the aspirations you name as valuable still exist without being believed. The still have the ability to guide our decisions. When we use human values without believing, we are ready to to consider alternative perspectives when things don’t go according to plan. Believers need someone to blame when things go wrong.”
          This is good. I have to give it some more thought, though. I do appreciate the stand you’re taking here.
          Religious belief is a huge part of the problem. It has been used, by sociopaths to wage wars and divide people for thousands of years.
          How do we go about putting our self interests, differences, egos . . . and beliefs aside and support each other to join together to find solutions to the common problems we face?
          I am going to look into mudshadows. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

          1. “How do we go about putting our self interests, differences, egos . . . and beliefs aside, and support each other to join together to find solutions to the common problems we face?”
            Dear Shocker, the answer to this key question is in the values we hold. We have been raised in a culture obsessed with obedience and punishment, a direct consequence of the religion which set out to conquer mankind with “convert oR die”.
            We have been given a fake realityMap, in which only the obedient and ‘forgiven’ have a chance of avoiding eternal punishment.
            This is a deliberate strategy … to make everyone except psychopaths timid and docile.
            It is this learnedStupidity which enables the voters of USA
            to tolerate being insulted & bullied by lying politicians.
            By consenting to obedience, USAians are defeated
            without having lost a single battle against “City Hall”.
            Finding the fault is the easy part : what do we put in its place ? has been obfuscated by jesusBeggars who insist that cultures with sane values … are savages in league with the Devil.
            However, the phobia towards cultures of self-respect and consideration for others … provides a poignant clue : the things they condemn most heatedly are where to start looking for alternatives.
            The annihilation of knowledge about the nativAmerican democracies that developed during America’s isolation from semitic monotheisms (pre 1492) should draw our interest.
            Some reliable testimonies have survived the inquisition. One of the most significant of these was documented by a field anthropologist and two others, who were each uniquely apprenticed to a lineage of the ultimate science : the engineering of Awareness.
            The books of Carlos Castaneda are riddled with pragmatic values, plus effective countermeasures to the thieves of sovereignty. Of these, the pruning of self-importance is of essential value in stepping away from the thrall of self-obsession. ControlledFolly restores our ability to make decisions that endure. 50 years after first reading The Teachings of Don Juan, i am still stimulated by the ideas in the 15 authentic books on the toltec body of knowledge. It’s not an instant answer ; some of the Toltec ideas take a lifetime of experience to understand.
            Ruth Beebe Hill recapitulates comments from Standing Bear of the Lakota, setting out the social values and linguistic heritage of the plains tribes from her 30 years of engagement with the best of the grandfathers. Again, these values and social dynamics take time to understand because the ignorance innate to monotheism has made the alternatives unthinkably alien to our expectations.
            It takes real scholarship for a whitey to make sense of the nativAmerican realityMap.
            Some succeed, including the author of Dances With Wolves.
            The values that dominated before the invasion were chosen for their ability to maximise personal growth and to provide immunity from the stealth of mudShadow infiltration.
            So the most esteemed personal qualities are Wisdom and Generosity ; almost a polar opposite to the self-Concern of the believer in personal salvation by Jesus, and the prosperityGospel from which Trump gains “divine” approval.
            In a society ruled by “Death for the First Proven Lie”, we find the extraordinary luxury of being able to trust our neighbours. The solidarity that once marked mankind was destroyed by cynicism, after Christianity abolished the old ways … with tolerance and forgiveness.
            Deceit is one thing which no high civilisation can afford to tolerate. The natives were astonished and horrified by the whiteman ways, often using their word for spider to refer to them.
            Armando Torres’ book “Conversations with the Nagual” provides a chapter dedicated to self-importance and the horrible consequences when it’s left undisciplined. (downloadable from https://b-ok.global/s/armando%20torres ). The whole book provides a portrait of Castaneda as a mature toltec (an implicit comparison with nagual Juan), along with a collation of the main ideas in the Toltec realityMap.

          2. Many thanks for the kind words and great discussion, Peter. Alot to process. I have fairly recently started commenting on blogs, after a long hiatus, but this is the kind of interaction I missed, instead of a bunch people “talking” past each other. I’ll look forward to your comments in the future.

        3. Reply to Peter Mann:
          Sorry for the late reply, but I’ve been offline for a couple days.
          Thanks for your response. I did look into Mud Shadows a bit at “the activation project.” Heady stuff. I realize the dark side of our nature is something that exists in all of us and it’s surely a good idea to understand it. It’s just not a place I have ever, intentionally, wanted to go. Much to consider and learn.
          Agree about the “fake reality map” and the culture of obedience and punishment.
          I’ll have to consider your thoughts on tolerance and forgiveness more. Not sure I’m on the same page as you are. We should absolutely not tolerate, or forgive, the global crime syndicate, for example, I do think we should be more tolerant of, and patient with, those who don’t think like us, look like us or act like us. I do think we should be more forgiving of individual mistakes which are often the result of the conditioning this culture has imposed. Often the result of simply existing in a sick society.
          In any case, much to think about and consider. In the mean time, I will continue to try to do what I am able to do, in my own life, to improve myself and my planet. Peace.

          1. “It’s just not a place I have ever, intentionally, wanted to go.”
            Very much so : there is a real reluctance to get past …
            which in retrospect becomes a step in facing something
            which seriously does not want to be held to account.
            The evasiveness and persistence of the mudShadows
            is an education in itself … i kid you not.
            The upside is that they exploit every weakness ;
            in so doing, they oblige us to innovate countermeasures,
            one breakthrough at a time.
            Each breakthrough requires utilising dormant faculties ;
            defying the mudShadow agenda spurs us to go beyond our past
            … to seize the use of our dormant faculties.
            A death versus life struggle is one of the few things potent
            enough to fuel impeccability and controlledFolly,
            both core techniques in taking hold of our Sovereignty
            and living from the Totality of the Self.
            The battle to take back our sovereignty
            is a fabulous way to invest our creative energy …
            because the knowlege gained paves the journey
            into heightened awareness … the most valuable and durable of riches.
            Eventually we become comfortable with self-reliance
            and grow confident in our abilty to survive outrageous predicaments. 🙂
            I tdisrupted ideas of tolerance and forgiveness to shake up the familiarity
            of accepted ideas ; it took me a long time to figure out
            that these are fake virtues … because i had to work them out for myself :
            nobody told me that tolerance requires condemnation before it can exist
            as self-Harming internal conflict.
            Everybody thinks forgiveness is good …
            but forgiveness nihilises consequences !
            forgiveness renders moral integrity worthless when cruel bastards
            get the same rewards as discipline and generosity .:.
            Nobody says these things, even though the reasoning is straightforward
            … because the mudShadows profit from cynicism and the stupidities.
            When someOne tells me i’m stupid & worthless … it wounds my spirit.
            As an empath, this happens whenever somebody presumes my best effort
            is incompetent and untrustworthy (this is a standard expectation
            amongst boastful liars ; they all assume that i am as superficial and trivial
            as themselves … because inadequacy and cowardice is all they know of
            themselves. Freud was a fool, but he was exactly right about projection.)

            To awaken our fellow dreamsters, we must engage them with reality.
            Only authentic meaning is more sobering & self-fulfilling than
            fashionable opinion (which usually has sly self-aggrandisement built in.)
            For example, any white with neither pride noR skill …
            can believe they are superior to men with flat noses and different skin.
            Tolerating racists is a tacit deceit … of pretending that their values
            are not harmful. Forgiving injuries they inflict on vulnerable individuals
            is betraying them … by acting as though their cruelty does not matter.
            The injured parties are never repaired when perpetrators beg
            forgiveness from Jesus or Allah (after embarrassing themselves.)
            The abbos hate whitey (ie: their words of self-pity and ‘reconciliation’
            are a social ulcer)
            because it is whitey who robs them of self-respect
            and roaming free. No matter whether i act in good faith,
            they’ll hurt me when they can. They were not always like that.
            I’m favourably impressed by your sobriety and truthfulness, Shocker,
            and your rule of thumb (to improve myself and my planet)
            is a sound navigational principle. Thank you for treating me with respect.
            I don’t mind elapsed time between posts.
            What matters is working at understanding, which is evident in your replies.
            You are welcome to continued conversation.
            Best Regards, Peter

          2. Many thanks for the kind words and great discussion, Peter. Alot to process. I have fairly recently started commenting on blogs, after a long hiatus, but this is the kind of interaction I missed, instead of a bunch people “talking” past each other. I’ll look forward to your comments in the future.

            1. Thanks for finding value in my work, Shocker.
              I’ll read your posts here, to see how you are travelling.

      2. I’m interested to know where the date of 10,000 years ago comes from. For example I know that several important things in Mexico are dated by the Mexican calendar which has so called sun cycles of 6.5k years, each with a name. For example the oral tradition states that the pyramids of teotihuacan were built in the Jaguar sun which was the cycle before last, i.e. more than 12,000 years ago.
        For context, we are now in the transition from the tecpatl sun cycle of 6500 years to the quetzalcoatl cycle. I forgot the name of the previous cycle,, (I could look it up) but the previous cycle was the jaguar sun.

      3. @ PETER MANN
        Thanks for that.
        I think it is possible there are things like mud shadows; spooks that feed on negative emotion etc. But I think we also need to take responsibility for inherent human evil; in ourselves and in others; not just project it on to spooky others.
        (I was forced to do 4 of those bloody picture puzzles this time. It feels abusive)

        1. Hi David Eire,
          It would be a mistake to think that i advocate not taking responsibility for evil in our own thoughts.
          All along, i draw attention to the need for discernment about what seems to be our own mind and its sometimes-insistent impulses. It is to your credit that you can allow yourself to think about the mudShadows at all, for this topic (among others) they actively disrupt.
          And it is not only negative emotion they feed upon, negative is just easier and bloodier.
          Why don’t we ask where the intensity and sensitivity of childhood goes ?
          And the glorious intoxication of sexual romance slips out the back door, when our attention is diverted ? A theft which nobody investigates … is the perfect crime.
          We are not permitted to think in ways that expose the thieves, because (like all parasites) this species is weaker than its host. They depend on us not opposing their impulses and scrambled logic.
          So in the struggle with this cunning and intimate adversary i am obliged to alert the social immune system, despite the indignities of being trolled for defying the rules of forbiddenKnowledge. I have been actively working against this influence since 1998, yet i’m still alive, and in full possession of my faculties.
          This is why i advocate for reinstating the old tradition Death for the First Proven Lie. (which Christianity forcibly replaced with lies … like Jesus telling us that “Justice is Mine”. Some fucking justice we get !)
          Our ancestors knew that this predator depends on deception, and enforced this strategic countermeasure … makes truthfulness a social duty.
          We are the lucky ones, speaking the language of the nation which dominates all others (for government is a strategic place to infiltrate. Likewise the excessively rich are prime strategic targets in the manipulating of our conformist beliefs and priorities. Both politicians (and their Police enforcers) plus the Monty Burnses are strategic groups who are notable for their lack of empathy and personal engagement.)
          It is the absence of empathy which enables cruel laws, like stealing Opium (our antidote to pain) from the public domainf, where she traditionally belongs.
          Go figger.

    4. Read Paul Shepard’s book Nature and Madness, sir. He delineates the historical progression to which you intuitively infer. He points to increased retention of juvenile characteristics as necessary to the organization of civilization beginning from the first episodes of agriculture to the exponential mass neoteny gone rampant in our present age. Progression demands this to enable functioning. The more complex the world the more juvenile its inhabitants. There is significant personal discomfort in the recognition of these assertions which is probably why such a seminal work has remained relatively unknown.

      1. While i agree with “There is significant personal discomfort in the recognition of these assertions, which is probably why such a seminal work has remained relatively unknown.” Many of history’s best thinkers have not had the influence that their insights are worth.
        However, with “The more complex the world the more juvenile its inhabitants.” there is no causal link comes to mind. The life of a hunterGatherer is as complex as Nature herself ; anticipating the behavior of prey and being there for the various seasons of ripening … is often embellished with a philosophical overlay.
        The imposition of hierarchy is a more potent vector of infantalising the general population than changes in complexity. The structure of a hierarchy leaves only one person free of being at the mercy of superiors.
        By contrast, the egalitarian values of hunterGatherers make everybody in the village accountable for the tribe’s welfare. It takes maturity, courage, and discipline to be an equal.
        We see hierarchy imposed by religion and government. The infantile malaise of voters in today’s political bullshit storm is attributable to the helpless and powerless situation of the common man at the bottom of power’s pyramid scheme,

  20. ‘In a healthy society it would be the exact opposite. We would be encouraged to prioritize the journey into health, consciousness and compassion, and our institutions would provide an abundance of support in that journey. People who are unhappy and dysfunctional would not be looked to as leaders but encouraged to become psychologically healthy, and those who are looked to for leadership (if a healthy society had any leadership at all) would be those who have made the journey into a harmonious way of functioning in our world.
    “Here’s hoping we find a way to collectively move out of super-spreader kakistocracy and into health.”
    Nice. This feels like solutions to me. To the entire alt media: More of this please.

    1. “Here’s hoping we find a way to collectively move out of super-spreader kakistocracy and into health.”

  21. Fantastic article and content Caitlin !!!

    Very excellently stated,…both the problem and the solution.

    Yep,…if this planet would just meditate and love ourselves more deeply and more compassionitely,…

    as Louie Armstrong sang “What a wonderful world it would be.”

    You are one of the truth mouthpieces of this generation. Keep it flowing.

  22. Thanks for the lead to Dr. Mate. He has some very interesting videos.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      I recommend his book, “When the Body Says No”. I also recommend the video of him being interviewed by his son, the journalist Aaron Mate.

      1. The book you recommend focusses on stress caused by neurotic beliefs. How does this relate to misery superspreaders ?

  23. im not rich but im very successful wit’ the ladies & i spread lots of love.

  24. Finding our own woundedness and healing ourselves is one of the most important things we can do. We are fortunate to live in a time when there is a lot of information available to us to help us on this journey.

  25. Then there are those who become “successful” for writing humongous rants, pointing all this out !
    So just remember that if you ever do anything in the least useful you can stay happily lost in ignominity !

  26. I was wondering when or if you would expose your view of COVID. So tell me, are you a coronaphobe, with irrational fear, or are you a coronavirtue, subject to belief in the absence of fact or evidence, as in a religion? Since the “facts” keep changing, a thing facts simply cannot do, you must be one or the other if you view it as a major threat.

    1. Where do you stand, Jay?

      1. I stand on the premise that there is no more dangerous plague than the state, which has never demonstrated it is competent at anything other than killing people. It exists only by the insane notion that constant armed robbery (taxation) is proper behavior. Every single thing it does is counter to rational humane and human virtue. It is the perfect expression of exactly what Caitlin chastises in this article. Only the psychotic can achieve any level of influence in it. What other organization proposes that holding a gun to people’s head and forcing them to comply with whatever insane edict it produces is proper? Yet most often the debate revolves around which psychopath is in charge of the heavily armed insane asylum called government. As if the correct lunatic could somehow make it a sane institution.

    2. Reality changes, and therefore perceptions of reality change, and therefore facts, which are what we call perceptions and organizations of reality, also change. If a thought or idea is unchanging, one must question its connection to reality and its relevance to the material world.

  27. Theresa McNeill Avatar
    Theresa McNeill

    Every human being on earth should read this. Thank you for writing this and thank you for being!

  28. These one-size-fits-all assessments are idiocy. Learn some Jungian psychology, learn to appreciate each personality types plusses and minuses and you will be in tune with reality. Until then you are just raising the noise level.

    1. You just exposed who you are.

      1- you undoubtedly can’t read and comprehend what is being conveyed,
      2- you make your case by making someone else wrong so you can feel right
      3- you suggest to learn some Jugian psychology,…a one-size-answers-all approach. how about Freudian or other approaches ?

      One of the dysfunctional and closed minds you are mr. MAX.

      Time to grow up and accept others persepctives. Or is that too much of a challenge ?

      As the saying goes,…”What you are speaks so loud I can’t hear what you say.”

    2. The unreadable Jung’s essays are nowhere near an adequate realityMap.
      Max contradicts himself/herself by wanting us to believe
      that Jungian ideology is not a one-size-fits-all assessment.
      As Freud noted, Max’s allegation of “just raising the noise level”
      is precisely projecting what Max is doing, and
      bears no relevance to the meaning of Caitlin’s excellent portraits of social dynamics.

  29. Man, that was one hell of a good article. You have expertly written exactly what I have been trying to say to people for years but never as well as this.

    You have shown me that you are an exceptional thinker.

    Keep it up and God bless you.

  30. Krishnamurti sums it up perfectly.
    The disease is ambition:

    1. Ambition is a mental disease. It is often equated with industriousness. They are not the same. Ambition is the desire to obtain high position, in either wealth or influence. Industriousness is a desire to produce something, anything. Any wealth or influence it generates is a byproduct.

      1. Ambition brought us the technology that makes our lives easier, more interesting, and more comfortable.
        Proposing that ambition is a mental illness and the root of evil … sounds like an excuse for not having worthwhile aspirations.

        1. Creativity, curiosity and/or inquisitiveness brought us technology, art, music etc.
          Ambition is uncontrollable lust.
          Creativity is Power.
          Ambition is force.

          1. You malign ambition, Fair.
            Like all virtues, ambition has its counterfeits.
            Ambition can apply to creativity as effectively as you condemn it to mere dominance and theft.
            Gary Moore became the greatest guitarist in recorded music by investing in his ambition to be the best and fastest. In doing so, he created a trove of masterpieces. He outplayed Hendrix on Blues for Jimi, outplayed Peter Greene on Blues for Greenie, and outplayed Clapton in BBM.
            Without ambition, what motivates us to overcome Stupidity ?

            1. Moore, Hendrix, Greene, Clapton, Williams, Bream, Reinhardt, Segovia, du Pre, Gould et al, did it for Love.
              Ambition STOMPS on heads.
              Ambition is cold and calculating.
              Ambition is a dead end.

    2. Then there are those who become “successful” for writing humongous rants, pointing all this out !
      So just remember that if you ever do anything in the least useful you can stay happily lost in ignominity !

      1. Gerard, this sounds like an attack on Caitlin’s work.
        If anyone deserves staying “lost in ignominity” it would be those who have nothing but interpersonal poison to add to this conversation.

    3. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      I know that Krishnamurti is out of fashion these days, but I went to a lecture of his once many years ago and he talks a good deal of sense. Thanks for the reminder. He was also very clear on the difference between facts and opinion. That idea is lacking in most public discourse today.

  31. Are the ” Donald Trumps ” of this world destined to bring about ” Hell on Earth “?? Our species is mostly dysfunctional; our behavior is mostly dysfunctional; our species worships money and power; our species worships the killing ” of the others “! Ethics and morality are deemed ” to be weaknesses ” and an obstacle to success. Ruthlessness rules our species; nice people finish last. ” Good humans are locked up or crucified; they are not allowed to lead our species. Donald Trump has the means at his disposal to make all of humanity and this entire planet as miserable as he is; he can kill all of us as he kills himself. Misery just loves company.

    1. Thank you for your words.The planet needs to abolish kakistocracy, load up all these hateful clowns, take them to an uninhabited island drop them off, they will soon kill each other off and society as a whole can breed out or eliminate any of the future bully’s from being able to be born. End Greed Now.

  32. I’m out Caitlan, love your work but you’ve completely lost it. Your refusal to see what is happening is pathetic in the extreme. What a loser.

    1. Since you don’t want to tell the rest of us exactly what you mean, please don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba


    2. Let us know where you go … it will be of great interest, I’m sure. Thanks

    3. Don’t let that proverbial door hit ya….

    4. Good riddance to Kaya3.
      Never said one useful word.
      Don’t come back.

  33. “We are led by the least among us – the least intelligent, the least noble, the least visionary. We are led by the least among us and we do not fight back against the dehumanizing values that are handed down as control icons.”
    ~ Terence McKenna

    I’m critical of Terence because I have compared to him by people who know me personally. Terence and I have some common ideas and I feel that gives me license to be critical.

    Terence applies wax so I’ll buff it smooth. Success by any means necessary disregarding the rights of others when necessary are deep western values. Sick values. Particularly in America. Intellectual achievement is little valued and physical prowess is worshiped. This dichotomy defines America. I think this is what Terrance was getting at. Every American High School has a football team but not every high school has a debate team.

    In the Sodom and Gomorrah fable leaders were corrupt and evil but no more than the people who consented to their rule. More and more I see America as the new Sodom.

    Knowing our leaders are flawed and then not taking action against them does not make our leaders the least intelligent or the least noble among us. We are. If I do not own inaction and acquiesce to tyranny there is little good that can be said about my intelligence or character.

    It is easy to be critical and simply being critical of leaders buys into the common bullshit. The same bullshit that made them leaders to begin with. This culture tried like hell to turn me into a machiavellian competition machine which is the common mold and it still tries. I will continue to fight the banality of false values. In the meantime the most capable and intelligent in the arena of raw competition, those most empty of character, will continue to lead.

    Stop being lead like a farm animal and grow some spine. Stand up for what is right and fight injustice. You don’t have much time. Don’t be spending all your days trying to improve yourself. If you don’t spend some time trying to improve the world you live in and the lives of the other people in it you are a zero no matter how good you become inside. The inside has to be brought outside or all the lessons and knowledge you gain are wasted.

    Was Terrance a zero? No. Terrance tried to spread his truth to others and he wanted a better world. He was a good man and he tried to take action. Had Terrance lived longer he would have done more. He was on the path to do more. I accept his quote as an emphatic emotional expression and it is not without value. Butt is not his final word, he had more to say.

    I am not seeing that his quote is calling anyone to stand up against the least capable and least intelligent whom we elect to be leaders with any courage or determination. If you don’t like our leaders, stand up and be a better one. If all you want to do is take mushrooms and bitch about leaders I’m not interested. Anybody can do that. It is a very popular pastime.

    To know and not to do. That is a crime. Don’t be stuck signalling virtue to yourself. If you want an control icon start carving one. The ones you get from others are overpriced and have little value.

    1. Rereading I see the same typos you do. I wish we could edit.

    2. Another gem of an article from Caitlin. “What this means is that those who wind up having the most influence over the most people are the ones who made doing so their highest priority in life. Not to become a better person, a good parent, a good spouse, a good friend, a good caregiver, a good listener, but to getting promoted, growing the business, crushing competitors, becoming famous, becoming influential, becoming powerful, becoming president.” Caitlin’s observations are borne out in a book I’m currently reading: “Evil Geniuses” by Kurt Andersen. He documents what Caitlin explains, how average citizens (in America, in this case) bought into the “greed is good, selfishness is cool” message, which the elites had worked for decades to package in appealing form and to put ALL the pieces in place to take it into the public arena, soon to be privatized once average Americans took the bait.

  34. Just watched the debate…..the evil of two lessers

    1. I can’t agree. Pence was far more evil. He was 95% lies compared to a mere 35% for Harris. Pence exudes elite privilege and complete and absolute disregard for the common man and future generations. Harris at least thinks the farm animals should have some decency in their lives. And if you know anything about climate change there was a clear difference between the two.

      The only thing good about Pence is he obviously thinks Flies Lives Matter!

      Those watching the debate will know exactly what I mean.

      One of the lessers was clearly lesser than the other. Both are of course cheerleaders of capitalism and both had to go out of their way shit on COMMUNISM. Both said the ‘C’ word with Harris peddling the Putin is under your bed myth.

      Thinking they are equivalently evil is a big mistake and likely to get America four more orange years.

      1. Oops, I did not close the bold tag. My bad.

      2. The lesser of two evils is still evil. I will not authorize the ascendancy of either by voting. Neither party poses anything resembling a solution to any cultural problem we suffer. They both are in fact the source of such problems. The only difference being the speed of the handcart to hell we are riding on. Take your pick which one you think intends to drive it more slowly. It really doesn’t matter in the passage of time.

        1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
          Carolyn L Zaremba

          I always vote. I always vote for the Socialist Equality Party. One cannot be serious about saving the world without working to overthrow the capitalist system. Take no one seriously who advocates “lesser evilism”. Both U.S. “official” parties are parties of the ruling elites and support war in their struggle to achieve global hegemony.

      3. And we all know what flies gravitate to…

      4. I agree. There is a relativity of evil, and Pence’s fundamentalist allegiance to the Koch’s plutocratic agenda is even worse than Harris formerly prosecuting USA’s lying laws.

  35. Anything that will successfully develop as alternative finance will need to stand on its own within the current financial structure..
    A transition to Community Banking, as Ellen Brown advocates, with postal banks or city credit unions, would be a workable transition.

    It is necessary to keep the wealth local. When money goes in and is taken out of a community, it is an extractive solvent. There is not actual “investment”, just resource-extraction. That process is very far along in financial capitalism. All the productive systems are sickened by it, and many will soon collapse.
    Lending at interest, with all risks born by the borrower, is the imbalance that extracts.
    It extracts if the borrowing enterprise survives, and it extracts all of the assets if the borrowing enterprise fails, after it has been extracting wealth for a while already.

    The alternative model is that of Islamic Finance. There needs to be a sharing of risk and benefit between lender and borrower, “skin in the game” for the lender. If the enterprise fails, the lender needs to also take losses, so the lender is inherently interested in the success of the enterprise of the borrower. To that end, there is not “lending at interest” as we know it, in Islamic Banking, but a sharing in costs and rewards of each enterprise. This is like buying stock in a company and getting quarterly dividends, the way stock-investing used to be. It is “Equity Investing”.

    1. Oops, how embarrassing. “cacastocracy”, now that I check the spelling of the slang for “feces” in Spanish and several other languages.

  36. The way to do this is to simply opt out. However we cant seem to just turn it all off and go a different way. Turn of our phone, our TV, our internet. Let it all go and seek the better way. Because we dont want to be s!ne or healthy. We love it all.

  37. Are you sure you don’t mean “kaka-stocracy”, Sister?

  38. A very graceful way of putting all that.

    1. Indeed. But even Trump survived COVID-19.

      There is no justification for further medical police statism.

      The pandemic is over.


      A lot of people were harmed and died, that shouldn’t have had the economy been kept open, civil liberties defended, and money targeted at the problem – health care for all – not lockdowns.

      We had all summer to prepare for a so-called second wave, but no, somehow we’re completely unprepared again.

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