Hunter Biden’s former business associate Tony Bobulinski has given a lengthy interview on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, testifying about corrupt international business practices within the Biden family involving China and other countries, and allegedly involving Joe Biden himself while he was vice president.

Toward the end of the interview came the really important part, the part we were all meant to see.

“What are the implications of this going forward?” Carlson asked. “If Joe Biden is elected president, which could very well happen, how does this constrain his ability to deal with China?”

“Are you asking for my personal opinion?” Bobulinski asked.

“I am,” Carlson replied. “I’m asking for your opinion, as someone who’s worked with the Chinese.”

“So, I think Joe Biden and the Biden family are compromised,” said Bobulinski.

And that is it. Beneath all the partisan noise and electoral implications, that is the message we were meant to take away from the interview. Not that the Biden family is corrupt, not that Joe Biden lied about being uninvolved in his son’s business enterprises as vice president, but that Joe Biden is compromised in favor of China. That is the story that’s going to keep resurfacing.

We are being played.

This would after all be the same Tucker Carlson who has been pushing ridiculous conspiracy theories about Democratic Party officials being secret Chinese intelligence agents and Covid-19 being a lab-made virus deliberately released by China, and just generally whipping up anti-China hysteria in his viewers at every possible opportunity. This would also be the same Tucker Carlson who tried to join the CIA after college. The same Fox News that reliably propagandizes its right-wing audience into alignment with imperialist agendas that resonate with rightist sensibilities.

I don’t know how or at what level, but we are being played. A narrative is being aggressively rammed down our throats about China in exactly the same way it was being aggressively rammed down our throats about Russia four years ago; two unabsorbed nations the US government has long had plans to attack and undermine.

Russiagate was never really about Trump. It was never about his campaign staff meeting with Russians, it was never about a pee tape, it was never about an investigation into any kind of hidden loyalties to the Kremlin. Russiagate was about narrative managing the United States into a new cold war with Russia with the ultimate target being its far more powerful ally China, and ensuring that Trump played along with that agenda.

The strongest evidence against Russiagate was always the one fact neither Democrats nor Republicans ever wanted to look at and acknowledge: that Trump has in fact spent his entire term advancing many dangerous cold war escalations against Moscow in the form of sanctions, shredded treaties, a much more aggressive Nuclear Posture Review, NATO expansionism, arming Ukraine, attacking Russia’s allies and other measures which directly threaten the Russian Federation and undermine its interests.

If Biden gets in we can expect the same thing: a president who advances escalations against both Russia and China while being accused of the other party of being soft on China. Both parties will have their foot on the gas toward brinkmanship with a nuclear-armed nation, with no one’s foot anywhere near the brakes. Biden is corrupt, but he is not “compromised” by China.

You simply cannot become the presidential nominee of a major party in America if the powers that be aren’t confident you will advance their most high-priority agendas. Barack “Pivot to Asia” Obama would not have interfered in the Democratic primary to install Joe Biden if he believed Biden would interfere in the militaristic agendas against he’d initiated against China. If the US intelligence cartel had had any suspicion that Biden might obstruct their agendas in the eastern hemisphere, his presidential campaign would have been capsized over a year ago.

Those with power in the United States know that Biden will play along with their planned cold war rollouts against China, so you may be sure of it as well. Obama’s escalations against China were picked up and carried further by Trump (who just announced a planned $2 billion weapon sale to Taiwan), and if Biden wins the election we may be certain that he will continue and expand those aggressions even further.

This will happen. If you don’t believe me, watch and see. Disconnect yourself from the narratives and get out of your partisan echo chamber as much as possible, and just watch the actual information about what’s really happening. If Biden is elected you will with absolute certainty see his administration rolling out hostile cold war escalations against China, regardless of accusations by Tucker Carlson et al. about secret loyalties to Beijing.

All signs indicate that Americans are being prepped by the US intelligence cartel and its stenographers in the mass media for an increasingly hostile relationship with China, regardless of who wins the election. A new report by Newsweek warns that 600 community groups in the United States are covertly working to foment US unrest under the direct guidance of the Communist Party of China. Newsweek sources its report in an analysis by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, which is a think tank explicitly designed to manufacture anti-China sentiment that is funded by the US State Department and numerous arms manufacturers. These are the nice friendly people who we’re meant to believe just want to tell us the truth about what’s going on for our own good.

We’re being bombarded with more and more such psyops by increasingly forceful narrative managers alongside statements from US intelligence agencies warning us that both Russia and China are working to interfere in the US election. There’s a virtual press conference scheduled a few hours from this writing by the DOJ and FBI reportedly on a “China-related national security matter” as well, and it’s hard to imagine that will go in any other direction than all the other narrative-shaping we’re being subjected to.

After Carlson prompted him to share his opinion that Joe Biden is “compromised” regarding China, Bobulinski was then asked if he thinks all this information is going to just be repressed and forgotten about by the liberal media for the next four years.

“I think the American people should be demanding that this is investigated and I don’t know what the right party to do that is. Is that the DOJ, is that the FBI, is that Congress, is that the Senate? But there absolutely should be no scenario that this isn’t investigated,” replied Bobulinski.

Sure Tony, sounds great. Hey maybe the DOJ should appoint a Special Counsel to ensure an impartial investigation into this urgent matter over two years while Biden’s political opponents circulate endless viral conspiracy theories about the president being dragged from the White House in chains once the investigation is complete. Hell, why not just use Robert Mueller again? If we’re going to recycle the whole script we might as well go all in.

But of course, as far as America’s spies and cold warriors are concerned, if it ain’t broke why fix it. Partisan hacks bought into the Russiagate narrative hook, line and sinker, so there’s no reason not to use it again. This one will actually be an easier sell now that Republicans are looking for retaliation and Democrats have lost any moral leg to stand on in “have you no shame” objection. It worked once, so they’ll just do it again.

Ignore the narratives, watch the data. Watch where the weapons are moving, where the money and resources and people are moving. You will see a much, much different picture than the one you’re being told to see.


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51 responses to “Biden Will NOT Be Soft On China; He’ll Continue Trump’s Aggressions”

  1. Hypothetically, is there anyone here who is against the idea of the US and China working together for the benefit of everybody?
    Taking that to the next level, then the US and China would be lacking wisdom if they didn’t realize that Russia has so much to offer and so much history regarding the human condition. So, obviously, Russia and the US and China should all get together to make a push for peace. Equal partners in this objective and accepting of new members with wisdom to add to the Confederacy.
    (spooks be damned)
    What say you
    This ain’t no dream because it has been imagined and here it is in front of your face. It could be.

    1. “the US and China would be lacking wisdom”
      At least one of those two states lacks any vestige of wisdom. Much of its recent foreign policy consists of sowing chaos in the hope of preventing power centres outside its control from growing or uniting.

      “Russia and the US and China should all get together”
      Great idea, but is it likely to happen under current US leadership, Bump or Triden?

  2. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “I don’t know how or at what level, but we are being played…A narrative is being aggressively rammed down our throats…”
    We are always being played. We are not human beings worthy of respect but resources to be used and mined. Resources have no rights. They are possessions. They are things, not precious living beings. For the Predator Class, they consider everyone and everything their possessions. Watch everything that takes place in the world and it always boils down to this.
    “You simply cannot become the presidential nominee of a major party in America if the powers that be aren’t confident you will advance their most high-priority agendas.”
    It’s amazing and sad how the American people buy into this nonsense that by voting they have a choice in anything. You get a choice of two pre-screened and pre-selected and pre-approved lackeys who sole job it is to carry out all of the pre-screened and pre-selected and pre-approved agendas handed to them. Two wolves wearing different sheep’s clothing.
    “If Biden is elected you will with absolute certainty see his administration rolling out hostile cold war escalations against China…”
    National leaders are always doing things to show everyone the size of the their…uh… to prove that they can wave around the biggest…uh… let’s just call it “toughness”. This sends a message on the World stage (oh, he or she is such a bad mother!…) and it keeps the influential warmongers at home happy. And you always have to keep the warmongers at home happy.

    1. Hey Shaman, for sure, yeah it is true.
      But regardless, the US and China are gonna get together and you would be amazed how quickly things are going to get better.
      Call it a vision, call it wisdom, call it what you want.
      Some of us are sick and tired of prophets of doom and those who seem to think things will always get worse.
      Sorry you have had a bad life I suppose, but please, stop spreading your misery.

  3. China and the US of A will do just fine. We will sense the benefit to both of us when it comes to acting in the interest of humanity.
    Australia would be advised to get their act together.
    New Zealand is a place I’d like to visit sometime.
    South Africa has a treacherous history and this should be studied before any decision is made on Julian Assange.
    The “world” has gone crazy without a doubt, but some of us, especially those from the recent generations are going to hold our shit together and we will come out of this for the better. Some old folks might die with visions of grandeur and if they do, I’m happy for them if they go naturally. Some of them, might have to meet the gallows – don’t you think?
    That is my vision!

  4. ***Breaking***
    Trump offers to send troops to Philidelphia
    Biden offers the violent looters a scolding.

  5. Like an aging oil field the freedom that the Internet offered to the common man across the planet is drying up. “Deplatforming” has become a mainstream expression for describing the growing number of individuals and organizations who have lost their ability to use big social media because of their beliefs. Facebook is now acting like a Ministry of Truth putting up warnings/blocking for posts which its administration feels are fake or harmful. Which would sound reasonable if there was not such a great degree of opinion as to what is fake or harmful.
    This article can be read here:
    The PS5, Social Media and Mass Censorship – What Can Be Done? by Tim Kirby

    1. Facebook and Google in that order are monopolies that should be broken up in the interest of everyone worldwide.
      The next to go aren’t quite a clear, but probably they include microsoft, amazon, at&t, and a few chinese companies as well, but maybe that won’t be necessary after facebook and google are turned into many smaller entities in the interest of their communities.

      1. Good/Bad checklist
        Another item where Trump beats Dementiacrat Biden.
        Trump and the Republicans will decimate Twitter/Google/Facebook if they come out ahead in the elections.
        Biden and the Dementiacrats will protect Twitter/Google/Facebook if they win. Why mess with a good thing? And know this for certain
        Twitter/Google/Facebook has been very good to Dementiacrats this election season.
        Very good for Dementiacrats, bad for free speech.
        Watch Live: “Who The Hell Elected You?” – Sen. Cruz Crushes Dorsey During Heated Section 230 Hearing

  6. Joseph Mirzoeff Avatar
    Joseph Mirzoeff

    I agree with your contention that we in the USA have been ruled by one two-headed murderous monster. I call the two heads the Bush Crime Family and the Clinton Crime Family. I also believe in the “conspiracy theory” that 9/11 was an inside job, meant to manufacture consent for the permanent war, and the consequential spending flow and the freedom stealing and controlling Patriot Act. My best guess is Bush Crime Family was responsible. Where are you on 9/11? Similarly our lack of a real investigation of 9/11 has led to the current Covid-19 operation by the Clinton Crime Family, with goals of medical dictatorship, global government, vaccine profits, and greasing the skids for voter fraud. What makes you so sure that it is merely a ridiculous conspiracy theory? It is also interesting that in my model, both heads apparently hate Donald Trump and want him ousted.

    1. This is why there should NEVER in the future be so much power in the hands of a few.
      Enforcement of restrictions is best if it is diffuse.

    2. I’m with you on the World Trade Center Atrocity being an inside job, Like Ed Curtin, I try to stay away from calling it 9/11 because of the intentionally manipulative association with the highly-valued emergency phone number. I’ll put that Curtin link below. If I remember correctly, Caitlin says somewhere in her background material that she does not talk about the WTC Atrocity because the official version is so firmly entrenched, that trying to reopen that subject would sap time and energy from other battles that still have a chance to be won. I think she’s wrong about this and wish she would get into this atrocity bigtime, but it’s her (wonderful) blog. I’m not with you, however, on the pandemic being another plutocratic plot. I think that many on the left have instinctively (and understandably) opted to see most everything harmful or evil these days as just another psyop in the long series that began with the assassination of JFK, another inside job. But by viewing the pandemic through that familiar lens, I think that many miss how catastrophic this pandemic might prove to be, in the longer run, to the entire oppressive, ecocidal system of global neoliberalism. The evolutionary/revolutionary potential of this pandemic and its consequences are thus overlooked, and this would be a tragedy of epic proportions if I and those who think like me are right. Of course, the plutocrats are grabbing everything they can to preserve and enhance their elite interests, including making obscene profits from the pandemic. That’s simply what they do. But milking something is not tantamount to starting it, especially when that “it” has the potential IMHO to bring the whole goddamn global neoliberal system crashing down. Here’s that link (by the way, Curtin agrees with you, not me, when it comes to the pandemic):

    3. Bushes and Clintons are just pawns in the game,,although the Bush family did have some real power,,,9-11 was planned out 30 years before it happened,,,,,,If you would like to know the truth read “Solving 9-11” by Christopher Bollyn,,,,

    4. 911 and Covid -19 are both false flag operations.
      Although, I think it was carried out by the global crime syndicate which controls the Bush’s and Clinton’s.

  7. right the military that probably can’t beat iran without nukes is going to beat an alliance of china and russia. good plan. f/n idiot warmongers.

    1. Nobody will beat anybody if they use their nukes. Or rather, we’ll all be beaten. Back to the stone age, if we’re lucky.

      Nuclear Winter May Bring a Decade of Destruction

    2. Nobody will beat anybody if they use their nukes. Or rather, we’ll all be beaten. Back to the stone age, if we’re lucky.
      The danger is the idiots might think they can win.

      Nuclear Winter May Bring a Decade of Destruction

    3. Hey PretzelA
      I’m guessing you already know that after the immoral, illegal, and so wrong assassination that occurred to “kick off” 2020, that one country (which to its credit has maintained its sovereignty) responded in a way showing the precision of its missiles. That sent a message.
      I have some theories regarding the sequence of events after the illegal assassination, and I’m not alone. It is documented, and I suspect well known.
      The strongest warrior is humble before the battle and absolutely ruthless once the fighting starts in earnest. Kill or be killed I suppose, so how stupid it would be to start of fight in this day and age? Just repeating what you already said….ha, ha.
      I can’t believe there are dumb ass bullies thinking they are running the country.
      Hard lessons on the way.

  8. One element that is strangely absent from the discussion is whether the USA has what it takes to defeat China and Russia.
    Mike Pompeo clearly believes that China will take his insults and bullying as if that great nation was wholly intimidated, and nobody is telling him different.
    China has been aware of USA agenda & methods, and preparing strategic countermeasures since the hot war in Korea. Their strategy and its implementation of the Great Leap Forward was documented by Wilfred Burchett in the early 1960s.
    I have seen no indication that the USA can admit to itself that war with China will be anything but a walkover. The hostility towards Burchett says the decisionMakers do not want to know about China’s strength … as if positive thinking beats self-repairing distributed manufacturing and technical depth throughout all the provinces.
    If it comes to a hot war, it will be China who overwhelms USA’s hyperSpecialised military tacticians with resilience and financial depth. These lunatic Strangeloves are picking a fight they cannot finish.

    1. America is horseshit at shooting wars as opposed to bombing wars. The exceptional nation has repeatedly been unable to defeat far less “exceptional” nations, although it can easily blow any country on earth back to the stone age (as Russia and China can do to it). Perhaps the best outcome of this Russiagate/Chinagate madness–this constant tightening of the political and economic screws bored into both rivals to American hegemony–would be for the American military to engage with that of Russia or China in a significant battlefield confrontation, which providentially avoids morphing into all-out war. My hunch, echoing yours and that of many others, is that America would have its ass handed to it in relatively short order, and with that humiliating defeat, the whole idea of American hegemony would go “poof” to the immense relief of the rest of the world. And then, also, we could begin to clean the crap out of our pants put there by watching this nightmare confrontation unfold. Does it really have to come to this?

      1. Honestly Newton Finn, if it came down to a fight in earnest old-fashioned style, then I would NEVER want to fight against the US of A because we are a country of immigrants only trying to get somewhere better. Sometimes we forget our own history, and god-knows we’ve caused so much misery, but the reality is that you NEVER want to fight against us.
        So lets be clear on that.
        Still, Facebook should go down first followed by Google and then lets kick the spooks out of power.

    2. China will not have to fire a single missle. A few keystrokes and everything in America will stop functioning.

  9. I was so hoping that Dementiacrat Biden would wet himself in public, but I guess that won’t happen in time to affect the election. Should be a pool somewhere. A betting pool, that is, on when Dementiacrat Biden will make a pool.

    If Biden wins all the acts of treason, re Russiagate, will be swept under the carpet.
    *That* would be soooo American – we will never know for sure what really happened re Russiagate. Or at least, never all agree, never get closure.
    We remember the JFK assassination, but are divided multiple ways in our opinions about what really happened. Same with the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty, Saddam’s WMD, the Kiev Coup, etc, etc.
    Always a measure of darkness on what we can believe.

    I always wince with the sting of irony when I hear or read:
    “Never forget 9/11, always remember”
    Remember WHAT exactly?
    How can you remember something if you don’t know what it is you are supposed to be remembering?
    “Always remember, you will never know 9/11”
    And THAT is sooo American.

    1. Unfortunately, all too many will ‘remember’ that Russiagate was obviously a scandal involving Russia. Job done.

      1. Good point.
        No politician wants to be accused of “defending Russia”. As empty as the supposed Russian involvement in our 2016 election was
        no (or few) politicians will dare make a peep against the McCarthyist narrative.
        The politicians have little to gain (except for their soul and honor) in challenging the McCarthyist narrative. So why, dear politician, do it and be accused of “defending Russia”?
        It would happen, as sure as day leads to night, that a politician would read with his morning coffee and newspaper, “Senator X defends Russia”.
        And that is why I have to disagree with Caitlin that Russiagate was **only** about influencing foreign policies. Yes, the immediate count of Senators showed that it would be difficult to affect an impeachment of Trump over Russiagate, but, McCarthyism is a powerful fist. And the headlines would scream, “Senator X supports Russia and Trump” if Russiagate had reached a point where the collusion charges were made to stick.
        Russiagate, which probably, in origin, should be labeled Britaingate, was “two mints in one” – Impeachment AND/OR shaping Trump’s foreign policies.

  10. Besides, if you want to see compromised, just disregard everything that any government officials have said at all, and…
    1 – Look up their campaign contributions (current will do) and,
    2 – Look up their ‘stock portfolios’.

  11. Yes, the funny looking guy on the other side of the planet (whom you will never actually meet) (plus he totally talks funny) is totally why we all ran out of toilet paper, duh…
    This message is approved by the invisible nut job on the other side of the television screen.
    Just sayin’, that’s how smart our elected felons and their masters actually think we are.

  12. The power of the Military Industrial Complex, which includes the intelligence community, is far greater than any particular politician, and perhaps all of them. JFK found out the hard way. I can imagine that the Zapruder film is often played to any politician that bucks them too much. A national “enemy” must always be in play to insure their continued funding.

  13. A couple thoughts popped in my mind as I read your accurate assessment.
    1. Just how incredibly powerful Bill and Hillary Clinton are to successfully squash their corruption which far exceeds anything Joe Biden and his family have done over the years.
    2. It is obvious to me that Joe Biden has reached rhe end of his usefullness and has become a patsy of the deep state.
    3. Last, you need to start talking about Kamala Harris, the true danger to the world. If Biden wins he will be quickly be shunted aside for harris. A true dictator in the making.

  14. There is a competition between the Western Empire and Chinese Empire. Russia is it’s own agent. Iran is Iran. The EU is whatever, an imperial construct in disarray…
    Here are 4 articles looking at geopolitics going forward. There is a battle over 5G standards, because 5G is emerging as the Ring Of Power to control people. their minds, their transactions, what they know, all that they do, and to banish them from all economy, if necessary, individually, or by the billions.
    5G will directly feed AI, which will know us, each ant, and all of our anthills and ant ways, and will direct our thoughts and movements in a lovely symphonic dance orchestration.
    Alastair Crooke , a British diplomat, presents:

  15. Christian J. Chuba Avatar
    Christian J. Chuba

    Out Intel / State Dept is thuggishly dumb. It took them waaaay too long to figure out that it was China and not Russia that stands in the way of us dominating the world.

    I think the clarion call came when we tried to destroy Iran with a trade embargo. All of the dominoes fell, the EU, India, Japan, and even Russia cancelled trade agreements with Iran and their oil exports went from 4M down to 400k per day but the one country that would not bend their knee to us was China. This got the zionists and all of the neocons in full agreement that we must break China.

    Me, I’m a Christian. China reminds me of Shadrack, Mishak, and Abednego, the men who would not bow down and worship a false god. I’m a very lonely Christian.

  16. Was it always the plan to attack China? Why would we attack China if they make 99.9% of our shit? Can’t China easily disrupt the U.S. with an embargo? Why did we send all of our manufacturing jobs to China if we’re going to attack them? Wasn’t that very shortsighted capitalism shooting itself in the foot? Doesn’t China really have more leverage? This is the part I don’t understand.

    1. Not to “attack” China in a direct hot war per se, but to halt its rise and roll back its power.

      1. … and start a new “defensive” arms race which will make millions (of US taxpayers’ money) for Boeing, General Motors, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and all the rest of the military-industrial complex and also feed Pentagon-contractor funded think tanks who will “reveal” to us on a daily basis that bloodthirsty murderers of the Chinese Communist Party are swimming in shoals across the Pacific with knives between their teeth to come and slit our throats while we’re asleep. Yummie :o)

      2. I agree, Caitlin, but what’s the endgame here? A China that decides to turn tail and run? Russia didn’t so respond to Russiagate, despite all the pressures and sanctions it brought, so why would China act any differently? Russia is still here, as strong as ever, and so will China be when all of this BS is over. Even the most rabid neocon knows that a nuclear exchange with either country (likely with both at the same time) would be lights out for humanity and most other living things. So I can’t help but view this whole Russiagate/Chinagate thing as merely a bizarre and diversionary game, albeit a damn dangerous one. Frankly, though it’s entirely your call, I don’t think this BS game is worth the time and attention you’re giving it on this extraordinary blog you’ve gifted to us. Especially when there’s MUCH bigger fish to fry; i.e., the extraordinary evolutionary turning point we’ve reached and which you’ve repeatedly noted: end-stage global capitalism suddenly paralyzed by a global pandemic, which has thrust us into uncharted waters, a roiling sea of uncertainty where the human race will either sink or, in sync, learn to swim with each other and the ecosystem. I love it–and need it–when you talk about THAT.

      3. The idiot starting a fight does not get to choose when or how it stops : that decision belongs to the victor, the country which can take damage and keep on fighting … like the People’s Republic of VietNam did for as long as it took.
        It would be a mistake to assume that China cannot be provoked into a first strike. Pearl Harbour may have been an unintended mistake ; but i find it hard to believe that the USA did not expect consequences to embargoing Japan’s fuel supplies while they were looting the mainland and setting up as an occupying power.
        Japan’s prime minister at the time could find no way of living with USA interference ; to him, the USA was making war unavoidable … so he ordered that the USA be rendered temporarily powerless in the Pacific.
        That small country put up more fight than the USA had bargained on. And since the USA is so bad at learning from its past failures (eg the prohibition of alcohol) starting more war than they bargained on … is a mistake they are liable to repeat.
        The only up side to this Stupidity is that a cull of the human population will buy the survivors more time to get back into harmony with our role as earthKeepers.
        Worst possible method for making a necessary adjustment, but.

    2. Christian J. Chuba Avatar
      Christian J. Chuba

      There is a schism between our business interests vs our need to dominate world affairs.

      When the U.S. wants to isolate a country like Venezuela or Iran we can force every other country to stop trading with them. For example, if a Greek shipping company wants to ship gasoline (or anything else) to Venezuela we can do all the following …
      1. If Mr. Greek Tycoon (or any of his companies) has any U.S. bank accounts – freeze them or impose a $1B fine.
      2. We can do the same thing to anyone who does business w/Mr. Greek Tycoon, like say a company that provides insurance for the tanker.
      3. We can impose fines on any bank that lets Mr. Greek Tycoon transfer money.
      Net result, Mr. Greek Tycoon will not bother shipping oil (food or medicine) to Venezuela.

      Getting back to China. China has the only economy that is large enough that they can defy U.S. sanctions. The people that want the U.S. to dominate the world have to take out China so that the world if filled with small fish like Mr. Greek Tycoon that we can bully.

      But yeah, people like Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank (I do like him) are fine with China.

      1. I totally get this explanation. Thanks

      2. I appreciate this comment as well by “CJC”.
        Moreover, I think it is not only “Mr. Greek Tycoon” trying to make some serious dough… fact, there are probably many whose dough making opportunities are threatened by continued conflict between the top two economies (based on stupid GDP), and if the spooks go this way, they may discover they have more enemies than those individuals who have been just blowing in the wind……They, may have enemies with subtle but most impressive means.
        When two enemies of “means” start scratching at each other, there is real opportunity for change.
        A bully thinks there can only be one winner, but a wise entity has friends, and knows how to rebuff a bully any day of the week. Bullies always get their due in the end. You get what you give.
        Myself, lately, if I encounter a bully, I just metaphorically make an attempt to poke out their eyes and/or befuddle their mind. The time for “playing around” is over, and if you are full of fear, then I pray that you overcome this. At bottom most bullies are just fearful kids.
        Lots of mean storms out there today…..

    3. Hi David. What do you mean “we”?

      1. I live in the U.S and said we meaning the U.S.. I understand Ms Johnstone has an international following. My bad.

    4. “Wasn’t that very shortsighted capitalism shooting itself in the foot?”

      Capitalism is shortsighted. It shoots itself in both feet with the climate catastrophe and the ongoing mass extinction.

      1. Totally. What a sick, twisted system

  17. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    China bashing …

    Target: China: How Washington and Wall Street Plan to Cage the Asian Dragon – F. William Engdahl – 2014

    Chapter Five: “Military wars—South China Sea, Indian Ocean and Pentagon’s ‘String of Pearls’ Strategy”

    “The new US military posture against China has nothing to do with any aggressive threat from the side of China. The Pentagon has decided to escalate its aggressive military posture to China merely because China has become a strong vibrant independent pole in world economics and geopolitics.
    During a Presidential trip to the Far East, while in Australia, the US President unveiled what is being termed the Obama Doctrine.

    Obama: “We see our new posture here in Australia.”

    The centerpiece of Obama’s visit was the announcement that at least 2,500 elite US Marines will be stationed in Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory.“

    Download and read on here:

    Target: China: How Washington and Wall Street Plan to Cage the Asian Dragon – F. William Engdahl – 2014

    1. Australia – and this is SO obvious I can’t believe I even have to type it would be well advised to make friends with those who are nearby.
      If you study WWII, you must know, 2500 elite marines honestly will make no difference if it comes to that.
      I have a lot of hope for Australia and New Zealand, but lately it seems their citizens are not as tough as I thought they were in my imagination.

  18. Biden is a thug.
    An imperialist thug who’s loved all the wars the US has been waging on the world, except perhaps the war on Yemen, and we might see how much he really opposes that if he wins.

  19. Yep, so true. We have only one political party in the United States and it has two heads; like a birth defect, a fetus with two heads. Usually those kinds of creatures don’t live long, but this one has been around a while now, until it leads its masked sheep to the slaughter house.

    1. There are other parties, but how the hell can they get any votes when it is a rigged system?
      One time I actively made efforts for a 3rd a party, but after awhile it seemed pointless.
      The system is rigged now and we need a Constitutional Convention as anticipated in Article V.

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