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Secret, Invisible Evidence Of Russian Hacking Is Not Actually Evidence

The Communist Party of China has been covertly sending arms to extremist Antifa militants in the United States in preparation for the civil war which is expected to take place after Joe Biden declares himself President for Life and institutes a Marxist dictatorship. The weapons shipments include rocket launchers, directed energy weapons, nunchucks and ninja throwing stars.

Unfortunately I cannot provide evidence for this shocking revelation as doing so would compromise my sources and methods, but trust me it’s definitely true and must be acted upon immediately. I recommend President Trump declare martial law without a moment’s hesitation and begin planning a military response to these Chinese aggressions.

How does this make you feel? Was your first impulse to begin scanning for evidence of the incendiary claim I made in my opening paragraph?

It would be perfectly reasonable if it was. I am after all some random person on the internet whom you have probably never met, and you’ve no reason to accept any bold claim I might make on blind faith. It would make sense for you to want to see some verification of my claim, and then dismiss my claim as baseless hogwash when I failed to provide that verification.

If you’re a more regular reader, it would have also been reasonable for you to guess that I was doing a bit. But imagine if I wasn’t? Imagine if I really was claiming that the Chinese government is arming Antifa ninja warriors to kill patriotic Americans in the coming Biden Wars. How crazy would you have to be to believe what I was saying without my providing hard, verifiable evidence for my claims?

Now imagine further that this is something I’ve made false claims about many times in the past. If every few years I make a new claim about some naughty government arming Antifa super soldiers in a great communist uprising, which turns out later to have been bogus.

Well you’d dismiss me as a crackpot, wouldn’t you? I wouldn’t blame you. That would be the only reasonable response to such a ridiculous spectacle.

And yet if I were an employee of a US government agency making unproven incendiary claims about a government that isn’t aligned with the US-centralized power alliance, the entire political/media class would be parroting what I said as though it’s an established fact. Even though US government agencies have an extensive and well-documented history of lying about such things.

Today we’re all expected to be freaking out about Russia again because Russia hacked the United States again right before a new president took office again, so now it’s very important that we support new cold war escalations from both the outgoing president and the incoming president again. We’re not allowed to see the evidence that this actually happened again, but it’s of utmost importance that we trust and support new aggressions against Russia anyway. Again.

The New York Times has a viral op-ed going around titled “I Was the Homeland Security Adviser to Trump. We’re Being Hacked.” The article’s author Thomas P Bossert warns ominously that “the networks of the federal government and much of corporate America are compromised by a foreign nation” perpetrated by “the Russian intelligence agency known as the S.V.R., whose tradecraft is among the most advanced in the world.”

Rather than using its supreme tradecraft to interfere in the November election ensuring the victory of the president we’ve been told for years is a Russian asset by outlets like The New York Times, Bossert informs us that the SVR instead opted to hack a private American IT company called SolarWinds whose software is widely used by the US government.

“Unsuspecting customers then downloaded a corrupted version of the software, which included a hidden back door that gave hackers access to the victim’s network,” Bossert explains, saying that “The magnitude of this ongoing attack is hard to overstate.” Its magnitude is so great that Bossert says Trump must “severely punish the Russians” for perpetrating it, and cooperate with the incoming Biden team in helping to ensure that that punishment continues seamlessly between administrations.

The problem is that, as usual, we’ve been given exactly zero evidence for any of this. As Moon of Alabama explains, the only technical analysis we’ve seen of the alleged hack (courtesy of cybersecurity firm FireEye) makes no claim that Russia was responsible for it, yet the mass media are flagrantly asserting as objective, verified fact that Russia is behind this far-reaching intrusion into US government networks, citing only anonymous sources if they cite anything at all.

And of course where the media class goes so too does the barely-separate political class. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin told CNN in a recent interview that this invisible, completely unproven cyberattack constitutes “virtually a declaration of war by Russia on the United States.” Which is always soothing language to hear as the Russian government announces the development of new hypersonic missiles as part of a new nuclear arms race it attributes to US cold war escalations.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald is one of the few high-profile voices who’ve had the temerity to stick his head above the parapet and point out the fact that we have seen exactly zero evidence for these incendiary claims, for which he is of course currently being raked over the coals on Twitter.

“I know it doesn’t matter. I know it’s wrong to ask the question. I know asking the question raises grave doubts about one’s loyalties and patriotism,” Greenwald sarcastically tweeted. “But has there been any evidence publicly presented, let alone dispositive proof, that Russia is responsible for this hack?”

“Perhaps they have information sources they can’t describe without compromising sources and methods?” chimed in Ars Technica‘s Timothy B Lee in response to Greenwald’s query, a textbook reply from establishment narrative managers whenever anyone questions where the evidence is for any of these invisible attacks on US sovereignty.

“Of course they can’t show us the evidence!” proponents of establishment Russia hysteria always say. “They’d compromise their sources and methods if they did!”

US spook agencies always say this about evidence for US spook agency claims about governments long targeted for destruction by US spook agencies. We can’t share the evidence with you because the evidence is classified. It’s secret evidence. The evidence is invisible.

Which always works out very nicely for the US spook agencies, I must say.

Secret, invisible evidence is not evidence. If the public cannot see the evidence behind the claims being made by the powerful, then those claims are unproven. It would never be acceptable for anyone in power to say “This important thing with potentially world-altering consequences definitely happened, but you’ll just have to trust us because the evidence is secret.” In a post-Iraq invasion world it is orders of magnitude more unacceptable, and should therefore be dismissed until hard, verifiable evidence is provided.

Isn’t it interesting how all the Pearl Harbors and 9/11s of our day are completely invisible to the public? We can’t see cyber-intrusions for ourselves like we could see fallen buildings and smoking naval bases; they’re entirely hidden from our view. Not only are they entirely hidden from our view, the evidence that they happened is kept secret from us as well. And the mass media just treat this as normal and fine. Government agencies with an extensive history of lying are allowed to make completely unsubstantiated and unverifiable claims about governments long targeted by those same government agencies, and the institutions responsible for informing the public about what’s going on in the world simply repeat it as fact.

Sure it’s possible that Russia hacked the US. It’s possible that the US government has been in contact with extraterrestrials, too. It’s possible that the Chinese government is covertly arming Antifa samurai in preparation for a civil war. But we do not imbue these things with the power of belief until we are provided with an amount of evidence that rises to the level required in a post-Iraq invasion world.

These people have not earned our trust, they have earned our pointed and aggressive skepticism. We must act accordingly.


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Latest comments

  • SolarWinds Hack—Are the Russians Back?

    • (22:38) “You could look at this shit and see it’s fake. And now you look at this SolarWinds thing and you want to tell us that it’s Russia hacking our shit again?! Meanwhile you got ties to Obama, Clinton, and Dominion. These people were ‘looking in’—they were doing what they wanted to do…”
      “We’re talking about the marriage of the security state with the MIC and Silicon Valley getting their hands in there with the Biden Administration coming in. We’re seeing our civil liberties be completely under attack while Julian Assange…”

  • Why blame the Ruskys? I thought we wanted war with China…or is it Iran, whatever. Any hacking was likely done by the CIA or a Middle Eastern “friend”.

  • If a government claims a right of secrecy in its affairs then lying will become policy.

    Is the US guilty of similar actions? If so, STFU.

  • The more things change the more they remain the same as the saying goes ,only thing is they are getting worse .It is almost laughable if it was not so serious.

  • Klaus Schwab: “We all know a comprehensive cyber attack could bring a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospitals, our society as a whole. COVID-19 would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyberattack.”

    Here is Klaus Schwab a month ago telling us this in advance that this is how it’s going to be courtesy of your new global masters.


    On a lighter note, more damn foolishness from the same evil tyrants-elect.
    If they let you live, by 2030 you will get 3D printed organs and trips to Mars.


  • Jackass-in-waiting promises retaliation against “Act of War” by Russia against the United States.
    President-elect Biden on Thursday said that a suspected Russian cyberattack on multiple government agencies and U.S. companies “is a matter of great concern” and promised to impose “substantial costs” to those responsible for the attack.
    I think the psychopaths in Washington would rather blow up the world in an apocalypse of their own making than be held accountable for the looming economic and societal collapse imminent in this country. Hence the latest fairy tale which tops even the worst versions of the totally confected “Russiagate” nonsense. The world should hope that some form of a civil war in America impedes Washington’s grand plans for the world war which their rhetoric is virtually ensuring. These warmongers need to be thrown out of office and tried for treason.

  • Must… control… autistic impulse to share irrelevant trivia… that… ninja and samurai are Japanese traditions, not Chinese… and… ninja are from the peasant class, making weapons from farm tools, and observing no rules of war… and samurai are from the ruling class, with expensive weapons, armor, and horses, and an elaborate code of honor for war rules…
    … argh… don’t click send… inappropriate… red alert…

    • I think that when Caitlin tells it to you… Like when the CIA tells it to you… You’re just supposed to ignore all of the obvious contradictions, implausibilities and impossibilities…

      “If the CIA says it was Chinese Ninjas… Well, then it was Chinese Ninjas…”

      “Nixon said it. I believe it… And that’s all there is to it”.

  • And yet Chomsky himself, and Hedges and Cockburn and Zinn and other prominent leftists all ran like cowards from serious engagement with THE defining crime of the 21st Century: the World Trade Center Atrocity of September 11, 2001. Let’s give ourselves a holiday present and watch the new documentary entitled “Seven” before it disappears like the building itself.

    • I agree, Newton. The rampant cowardice around the 911 issue, by people who should have asked questions, by people we expect to ask hard questions, is extremely disheartening. Including Chomsky, who I quoted below. Doesn’t make the quote any less true, I don’t think.
      Thankful for AE for 911 truth. I haven’t watched the video yet, as I don’t subscribe to those platforms.

      • Shocker, my comment was supposed to be made in response to yours, but somehow it ended up as a standalone. Glad you picked up on it.

        • Respect to you, Newton.

          • Bless you both… AE911truth are doing the Lord’s work.

            Yeah, as an early member of the “9/11” Truth Movement (and a founder of 911truthLA), I can assure you that we all saw what was going on, and who was who – when it came to that subject. The Foundation-funded left wasn’t just derelict – it was demonstrably complicit.

            After months fighting to get Mike Ruppert an opportunity to share his work and video tape on the subject “The Truth and Lies of 9/11” on Pacifica Radio’s LA station, we thought that we’d finally succeeded – only to find out at the last minute that he wouldn’t be going on alone to make his presentation…But instead he was paired up with Norman Soloman – who was there to attack him, without even having seen the tape. It was entirely ad hominem criticism, and based mostly upon an errant reading of Ruppert’s copvcia.com website… “You see he quoted Oliver North…” – “I quoted him because he’s full of crap!”.

            “Ruppert spoke before the Conservative Citizens’ council…” – “Yeah – I’ll speak to anyone, anywhere, at anytime, if they’ll have me. This information is just that important, and it NEEDS to get out there!”.

            “Well CHOMSKY says-…” – “Who is Chomsky – THE RISEN CHRIST!?!?”

            It was pretty funny/tragic…

            In fact – some of the folks that I was in contact with started a website – leftgatekeepers.com

            If you want to see what it was like – use the wayback machine – and aim back to 2005 or so…




            And while I have severe disagreements with Mark Robinowitz, on a wide array of topics – I will include this as well: http://www.oilempire.us/gatekeepers.html

            As for Chomsky – if you go back to Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK” (a great movie, if not the full and final word on that ‘hit’) – you’ll find Chomsky amongst the chorus of voices attacking Stone. It is very telling.

  • You rock Caitlin !!

  • Honestly, I’ve long held serious reservations about GG.
    “Journalist Glenn Greenwald is one of the few high-profile voices who’ve had the temerity to stick his head above the parapet and point out the fact that we have seen exactly zero evidence for these incendiary claims, for which he is of course currently being raked over the coals on Twitter.

    “ ‘I know it doesn’t matter. I know it’s wrong to ask the question. I know asking the question raises grave doubts about one’s loyalties and patriotism,’ ” Greenwald sarcastically tweeted. “ ‘But has there been any evidence publicly presented, let alone dispositive proof, that Russia is responsible for this hack?’ ”
    It’s not that I actually disagree with what he says here. I just feel that he constantly focuses on issues that the MSM permits to be debated. My feeling is that if they’re entertaining debate on an issue, then both sides of the debate are part of their narrative.
    As Chomsky said in the “The Common Good”:
    “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.”

    • Waiting for the, obvious, and well known, paid operatives and trolls to pounce on this to discredit this site with their propaganda, disinfo and confusion.
      Not my intention to open that door.
      The stand Caitlin takes on freedom of speech is priceless.

  • I can’t speak for anyone else, but I rejected the claims of hacking as soon as I heard of them. Such claims fit in nicely with the story of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf.’ When you’ve caught anyone – whether a real person, a government agency, or anything else, the only intelligent response is to turn to that entity and say, ‘Prove it.’ if it is the government and it’s response is, ‘It’s classified,’ my reply to that would be ‘Why?’ I trust the government when it sends my social Security benefit to my bank. I don’t trust it when it makes unfounded, unexplained accusations against a country it is at odds with and which threatens to prevent the U. S. from growing its Empire.

  • It all just shows once again that stupid has no limits.

    • Putin offered Biden an olive branch in recent comments recognising the man’s official election to the highest American office. This latest accusation is basically the incoming Biden regime doubling down on the existing animosities first trumped up by Obama. It says, stuff your words of peaceful coexistence. We can never do business with you. It’s consistent with the threats that Biden made against Russia throughout his campaign which absolutely disqualified him for the presidency in my view.

  • “Secret, Invisible Evidence Of Russian Hacking Is Not Actually Evidence… all the Pearl Harbors and 9/11s of our day are completely invisible to the public…”
    Evidence? “We don’t need no Stinkin’ Evidence”, or so the saying goes. The Hidden Hand writes the fictional narratives, the paid whores in the media deliver them, and We the People swallow them fully and deeply with great vigor and begging for more. Yum, yum.
    Look, They make it very clear that We The People are worthless and count for nothing. They used to put in a bit of small effort and at least construct a story of lies to sell to us. Now these days they don’t even both much with that. Why should they? They know They will have their way with us and we will allow it.
    Frank Zappa famously said that at the point where the illusion of “freedom” becomes too expensive to maintain, they will take down the scenery, pull back the curtains, move the tables and chairs out of the way and you’ll see the brick wall at the back of the theater. That is now the age in which we live. It sucks big time, but at least it’s all in the open now. No more fooling around with pretense and empty visions of a clean and tidy and open house theater. People who care to and want to see don’t have to look very hard to see the “evidence” of what is really going on and how we are slowly being escorted out of the theater by abusive ushers to an even darker abode.

  • Whats funny is they consider a phishing email to be hacking. You know like a positive covid test with no symptoms means another infected pandemic tally. Even though the test is not all that accurate to begin with. Not only out right lies but hyped nonsense to fit the narrative.

  • If I was Putin, I’d be me laughing my ass off.
    While some are fabricating false enemies, he is growing his country almost as if the guy is another George Washington. Hell, it is so ironic that I’m now laughing my ass off……………………….
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha , ha, ha, hee how haa, ha hoo how ha whoa.
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha , ha, ha, hee how haa, ha hoo how ha whoa. ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha , ha, ha, hee how haa, ha hoo how ha whoa. ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha , ha, ha, hee how haa, ha hoo how ha whoa. ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha , ha, ha, hee how haa, ha hoo how ha whoa. ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha , ha, ha, hee how haa, ha hoo how ha whoa.
    Whew….hold on. Man (and Woman especially), sometimes you have to catch your breath. This joke is coming to an end. I thank my Lord for that!
    Happy Holidays to everyone who wants things to get better for all of US.
    If you don’t want that, then shove it up your ass.

    • You have proven that you are an asshole.

      • Ah tit-tot on that. Back at ya angry bitch! Talk hateful to me and my response will be accordingly. I know you heard first-hand the speech from the man about putting his body into the machine, and now I advise that to you because you are striking out at the wrong person. I have the same goals as you, but if you can’t recognize that, then it is not my problem.
        I put forth I’m not an asshole, but you think I am and that is your prerogative. Who is it that you are working with? I reckon it won’t be me. Later baby….

  • …well, you know, “Evil Uncle Vlad DID IT AGAIN..!”, LOL. Kind regards, Caitlin.

  • This would seem a good time to recall that U.S. ally Israel (and quite possibly the U.S. itself) has been responsible for multiple cyberattacks on Iran. Cyberattacks are more than simple hacks, they disable whole systems. Not to mention the open secret that U.S. intelligence agencies hack into the governments and institutions of almost, if not, all of the countries in the world. So it appears that hacking by our side is good but by the other side is bad. Talk about a double standard.

    With that said, taking U.S. intelligence agencies at their word is a perfect example of failing to learn from past experience. And the past, in this case, is quite recent, as in the fabricated Russiagate narrative, which many Democrats still believe is true. There is only a small space between them and the Republicans who remain convinced that the election was stolen from Trump.

  • What about getting off computers and the internet as a solution? No network, no hacking.

    • Sorry, the clock cannot be turned back. The world now runs on computers, just as it runs on electricity. Only an event on the level of a nuclear holocaust that destroys our industrial and technological infrastructure could get people off their computers.

      • A hurricane and gross mismanagement did it in Puerto Rico. Complex systems have a way of collapsing from even too much load. Ask California how electricity and their computers are working out.

  • “[A] declaration of war by Russia[!!]” No, it’s not a PsyOp from 1950.

    “Secret, Invisible Evidence Of Russian Hacking[!!]” Well, what is “Reality?”
    The aide said that guys like me were ‘in what we call the reality-based community,’ which he defined as people who ‘believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.’ […] ‘That’s not the way the world really works anymore,’ he continued. ‘We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.’

      • Who presumably channels the “truth” to this crackpot? Next he will tell us that Dr. Evil is the brains behind Putin’s plans to take over the world. Moreover, he can prove it if only Congress investigated. This guy is loonier than some of the characters he’s played on the silver screen.

      • Committee to Investigate Russia – go ahead and get a good look at who that is exactly… Several of them helped to propagate the lies that falsely claimed to justify the illegal invasions, overthrow and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. These are arch-Cold Warriors, NeoCons, Spooks, and BIPARTISAN stooges for the war machine. It makes me wonder if they have Kompromat on Morgan Freeman, if they just offered him a big pile of money…or if he’s stupid enough to believe all of that nonsense.

    • You almost make me nostalgic for Karl Rove. How quickly America’s arch-fiends can slink off the stage and be forgotten.

    • Rachel Madcow is a paid shill for the warmongers and war criminals. She is a cunt supporter of American imperialism and should be treated with the same scorn as shit on your shoes.

      • The American federal government, especially its Democratic Party component (in which I am sadly still enrolled), is the biggest nest of murderous lying hypocrites on the face of the Earth. They keep pounding home to us, the citizenry–especially the white variety, that we are just a bunch of sexist racist bigots and must learn to love and make sacrifices for the welfare of our fellow “minority” Americans whom we offend with every breath we take. Meanwhile that same government is constantly drumming up routine “10-minute hates” against our fellow humans in Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, all Islamic countries except the tyrannical Saudis, and most of the Middle East except the land of the Palestinian-murdering Israelites. I can’t take any more of these authoritarian directives to “hate your repulsive selves,” “love these officially privileged internal groups” and “just absolutely loathe with a genocidal passion these foreign clusters of other human beings.” Cui bono re that shit?

    • Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy…(n = infinity)…crazy, crazy, crazy, totally whack.

  • If only Russia or China or a genuine American patriot could hack into our nationwide computer network and take out the MSM, leaving us only with alternative, principled, authentic media like this blog, whether leaning left or right. But even if someone doesn’t give us this gift, we can give it to ourselves by turning the MSM off, at this very moment and for the rest of our lives, on our screens and in our minds.

    • This is why I got rid of my television 9 years ago.

  • This all seems so obvious to anyone who is not asleep at the switch. It’s amazing that so many swallow this load of crap.

    • Maybe they consume it in mixed drinks. Shaken, not stirred. “Old Faecals” are back in fashion.

  • What amazes me is the number of people will say, the government lied on this, but they are telling the truth about that. They are lying about Russia or China but telling the truth about Covid and the new vaccines. How do people process such illogical situations. Never ever believe a known liar. Assume they have an agenda which is not for your benefit.

  • You are so wrong Caitlin. Everyone knows its the Russians not the Chinese.

  • And you can’t discount the additional motivation for this by the spooks, in that it pushes for a more “collegial” transition from Trump to Biden by creating a faux crisis that they must deal with together.

  • A thing not mentioned about this “hacking” is just exactly who failed to keep up security of the network supposedly hacked? If Russia can walk into the Treasury Departments network, any notion of any governmental cybersecurity is null and void. Apparently, even with virtually unlimited funds to pay for cybersecurity, the Treasury Department could not maintain such security against the brilliant hackers Russia employs. The war is lost. No point in blaming Russia for the complete and utter ineptitude of US cybersecurity. Russia isn’t the guilty party.

    • You’re buying into an absurd narrative and then trying to turn it against the bastards that concocted it. Like a dog chasing its tail, this line of thinking goes nowhere. It’s similar to using the World Trade Center Atrocity (WTCA) as an indictment of the American government’s failure to prevent the massacre, when in fact it was an inside job from the start. This the kind of safe criticism, well within the Overton Window, which the bastards absolutely love, because it allows them to maintain the appearance of the freedom of speech and the right to dissent.

      • No I’m not buying it, just pointing out one of the many absurdities contained in this psy op that no one else is pointing out.

    • I get Newton’s point about using their own absurd narrative and turning it against them. I’ve done it myself, it does seem like a trap/pitfall. It gives the absurd narrative legitimacy that it doesn’t deserve.
      Still, it is tempting to point out the obvious; they’re making the argument for us, that computers are absolutely insecure. Why in the world would we rely on them so much?
      They have been brainwashing us for years that computer systems are, or can be, secure enough to put our finances on them, to use them to fly airplanes and drive cars, to run electrical grids and water systems . . . even secure enough to allow AI to fight wars. We all know the technology is compromised. It’s absolutely not secure. There’s really no argument that we shouldn’t be relying on them in the way we do. There are mountains of evidence that points to this fact.
      We shouldn’t need to legitimize their propaganda to prove it, though.
      Tempting to write more about this, but the more I think about it, these are such sneaky, psy-op, Machiavellian so and so’s, I’ll stop here.

  • Assuming the CCP did want to arm Antifa, why would they send weapons? Far simpler and cheaper to wire them the cash, so they could pop out to their local Walmart and stock up on assault rifles, pistols, ammo, body armour and all that. Or if they wanted to stay below the radar or thought they might be on some kind of blacklist, send someone else to a gun fair, or use the black market.
    ‘The Small Arms Survey stated that U.S. civilians alone account for 393 million (about 46 percent) of the worldwide total of civilian held firearms. This amounts to “120.5 firearms for every 100 residents.”‘ – Wikipedia

  • I cannot recommend this article highly enough.

    Who Is Creating A New Chinese Boogey Man? (An Examination Of Modern Psychological Warfare)


    and also … Jeff J Brown’s “Big Red Book on China”

  • There are also divisions of Chinese troops preparing to invade the US. They are living and training in secret tunnels beneath Canada. The secret tunnels run all the way from Canada to the southern States of the US. I guess they are the sane tunnels the adrenochrome drinking satanists hang out in. One day soon Chinese troops will be popping up out of the ground to take over the US.
    I have this on the authority of a guy called Charlie Freak on Youtube.
    The China done it hoax is currently being installed to replace the Russia hoax. America will lap it up.

  • When I read nonsense such as is being discussed the application of the smallest bit of common sense leads me to the indubitable truth of the matter that Washington operatives seriously hacked Russian classified files yet again. (Probably the same day they stripped top-secret communication devices from the Russian equivalent of AF1.) Their blatant projection, in evidence once again, is their favored way of rubbing it in.
    The only meaningful question remaining is why American leadership from both parties seems bound and determined to provoke and goad Russia until a major military confrontation with them breaks out? Is it supposed to take our minds off the endless series of major policy fuck ups both foreign and domestic since the start of calendar year 2020?
    Like some frenetic juggler are they trying to impress us with how many foreign countries they can simultaneously keep up in the air poised between sour relations and absolute Armageddon? Just what is their deal, man?

    • Right on about blatant projection. CIA/Big Tech and their Israeli counterparts are old hands at corrupted software/backdoor access.

  • After the Harris/Biden gang takes office, Russian hysteria will go through the roof. There is no rational discourse possible among the U. S. political class; Russia is concerned. The U. S. power class changes its enemy image like its underwear. China won’t be the bogyman because Joe Biden is in the pocket of the Chinese. His criminal family had business dealings with Chinese intelligence.

    • The message the maniacs in Washington seem to be telegraphing to Moscow is you’d better make the first strike, and make it an overwhelming one because, whatever you do to appease us, we’re still taking you out.

      • THAT is the real danger, isn’t it. That Russia and China, in tandem, would feel threatened and pressured enough to risk that their supersonic nuclear weapons, which some experts deem superior to ours, are in fact superior enough to take out the American military in one fell swoop, removing the capacity for equivalent retaliation. That would certainly be the end of America and the death of millions and could well be the end of the world. So this isn’t foreign policy we’re talking about here but UTTER INSANITY, as Caitlin and some others have been telling us for a long time. I lived through the excruciating tension and almost unbearable stress of the Cuban Missile Crisis, when we went to bed not knowing whether we’d wake up the next day or whether there would be a world to wake up to. Who in their right mind would want to again dance at the edge of that abyss?

  • The information age has proved that information alone is not enough, America has MacDonaled itself to death, fat-soaked soporific stupidity

  • The aspect of this that concerns me, which you didn’t touch on, is that from Russia / Putin’s p.o.v. if you are repeatedly unjustly accused of dastardly deeds and your protestations of innocence ignored / ridiculed, it would be understandable if you eventually decided you had nothing to lose by actually doing the deeds of which you were accused – previously unjustly. An inevitably self-fulfilling prophesy – which may well be the spooks’ and militarists’ aim all along.

  • Oh my God, Morgan Freeman has declared war on Russia! – AGAIN!!
    I have a couple of questions:
    1. Why can’t they just ask ISIS the moderate rebels in Syria for some of those weapons back and save China the trouble.
    2. Why can’t they just put in some security software … like Kaspersky, say?

  • You did go on. I thought you were never going to stop. Let me help you out so you might not upset yourself so much in the future. You are not an American Caitlin. Let me explain.
    No evidence of Russian wrongdoing is ever needed in America. We were raised from the crib to hate the red star. It is anti-social not to demonize Russia whenever given the chance. It is a test. You will not be a ‘winner’ if you don’t say shit about Russia. If you are in the spotlight you better not take too long to do say shit too. It is an intelligence test where speed matters. Say the wrong thing and you are beyond stupid. Say something even neutral and you might as well have a neon sign around you neck blinking ‘commie loser’.
    We had crazy uncles who built fallout shelters in their back yards when we had the nukes to smoke Russia over10 to 1. That part was hush hush. There was that Cuba thing. Then totally off script the Soviet Union Collapsed. American rich boyz went ape-shit. American Bizness saw $$$$. Raw materials beyond their wildest dreams and fresh new markets to sell shit in. With American Capital just about run out of things to invest into anywhere else in the world, the timing was perfect.
    Then came Putin. Like he was cruising US highways on an Old Honda 750 talking the panties off of every smiling teen-age girl in the Midwest he met. Putin, but for him American Capital could be building a road from Moscow to Yakutsk right now. But no, Putin wants to spoil the party with the quaint notion that Russia should run Russia.
    But for Putin Americans would even know where Yakutsk is. Maybe.
    I know where it is but I’m weird.
    Money is smarter than people are. It has them fooled. It makes Americans hate Russia with an all consuming passion. On no evidence at all. Just so money can grow in deep rich pockets. Like a fungus.

    • It wasn’t all that different in the UK when I was there, and from what I gather, it still isn’t. And I think the same goes for Australians in general.

    • This is perfect, and saved me from making a similar comment.

  • Anyone desiring to massively expand their minds on what is actually going on today might want to try this on for size;

  • ‘Worst hacking in US history’:
    Agencies said to fear nuclear networks accessed

    ‘They got into everything,’ one official says, as federal authorities express growing alarm over breadth and depth of intrusion into government networks, likely by Russian actors.

    Lead story in the ‘Times of Israel’ today.

    Things are about to get ugly !

  • Im waiting for my brass knuckles made in Israel.

  • This is pretty much how the Iraq war started- a media blitz that included secret “evidence” of WMD’s that weren’t there. It’s almost like the people in charge have no memory at all.

    • I think they rely on others having no memory of anything contradicting their national ideology. An alarming percentage of US citizens, I forget the exact numbers, still believe Iraq did have WMD.

  • Catlin: Never evidence, at least not before days, weeks and months of suggestions, declarations, announcements, insinuations, vows, breaking news, etc. The Chinese, Iranians, Bosnians, Taiwanese, Bostonians, and assorted others may well spend time, money and enthusiasm threatening, hacking, challenging the good ole USA. All the bullshit that we are offered thru the media, and web sites demands that we deny our reason, ethics, morality and teachings of my Mom and Dad. There was a time when on Flag Day, July Fourth, and the death of a President, the American Flag was flown. Now the flag drapes every mail-box, totem pole, church steeple , and gravestone. What are we about? What the fuck are we about? I understand why your commentary is often full of outrage, and pathos. By the way, do you think there are some American genius internet game playing teens, that can hack the hell out of the Russians? What is the likelihood that they are working day and night for the government, under the guise of studying Russian, Chinese and Bostonian dialects? In the big picture, we can be comforted by knowing with all our heart, soul and some guts, that God is on our side. God bless America, and our fighting men and women all over the globe and even those spinning around the galaxy looking for sites for our intercontinental missiles.

    • The feds are, in fact, recruiting the most talented young computer programmers in the country to do the kind of dirty work required in this particular arena of world warfare. A woman I knew had a son in college recruited to do these things for absolutely immense sums of money. A 19 year old kid, he was able to buy his own high rise condo in downtown Chicago along with some outrageously expensive foreign sports car on which he never paid the numerous traffic tickets he accrued. But it’s likely a losing game Washington plays in the long run as China and India alone have many times the talented Wunderkinds we have home-grown. Moreover, the kid in question was of Middle-eastern descent. Who knows, by now he might have realised that he wasn’t doing the moral thing by lavishing his talents on Washington’s corrupt demands.

  • They’ve (as in everyone on all sides) taken fake news so far beyond fake that now there is no actual news.

  • There is nothing tangible about ANY claims anymore – and they all originate from ‘anonymous’ sources !

    * “Suicide Bomber” – oh – the perp killed themselves – NO need to investigate !!
    * “Claimed Responsibility” – NO need to investigate – we ALREADY know who did it !!
    * ” Source close to ” …………fill in the blanks !!

    As Solzhenitsyn said – ” The perpetrators of these abhorrent crimes – OWN the media “

  • Could always shift the security threat to my favourite Martian

    • The idea is to enhance fuzzy, not focus, but we do appreciate that Jupiter currently aligns with Saturn, so why not blame Mars? Mars has forever been the original red menace. Personally, I’m blaming the AAI running rampant across the WWW. That’s at least as credible as blaming red Russians. Besides, didn’t they already pay off all the appropriate US political leaders even if not to the degree as the red Chinese. Hey, isn’t red also symbolic of the GOP? The plot thickens!

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